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C 278/10 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 5.9.


by the Hellenic Republic (Agents: I. Chalkias and By orders of 25 May 1998, the Court (Second Chamber)
I. Galani-Maragkoudaki) and by Koinopraktiki ordered:
Tyrokomikon Monadon Ioanninon Pindos AEBE, the seat
of which is at Ioannina (Greece), represented by N.
Korojiannakis, of the Athens Bar, with an address for The Court has no jurisdiction to answer the questions
service in Luxembourg at the office of Brown Holding SA, referred by the ASVG-Landesberufungskommission für
310 Route d'Esch, L-1471 Luxembourg Ð application for das Burgenland.
annulment of Commission Regulation (EC) No 1107/96 of
12 June 1996 on the registration of geographical
indications and designations of origin under the procedure
laid down in Article 17 of Council Regulation (EEC)
No 2081/92 (OJ L 148, 21.6.1996, p. 1) in so far as it
concerns registration of the name feta' as a protected
designation of origin Ð the Court, composed of: G. C.
Rodríguez Iglesias, President, C. Gulmann, H. ORDER OF THE COURT
Ragnemalm, M. Wathelet and R. Schintgen (Rapporteur),
Presidents of Chambers, G. F. Mancini, J. C. Moitinho de (Third Chamber)
Almeida, P. J. G. Kapteyn, J. L. Murray, D. A. O. Edward, of 25 June 1998
J.-P. Puissochet, G. Hirsch, P. Jann, L. Sevón and K. M.
Ioannou, Judges; A. La Pergola, Advocate-General; R. in Case C-312/97 P: Augusto Fichtner v. Commission of
Grass, Registrar, made an order on 25 May 1998, the the European Communities (1)
operative part of which is as follows:
(Officials Ð Action manifestly inadmissible before the
Court of First Instance Ð Appeal manifestly unfounded or
1. Case C-82/97 is referred to the Court of First Instance.
(98/C 278/18)

2. The costs are reserved.
(Language of the case: Italian)
( ) OJ C 108, 5.4.1997.

(Provisional translation; the definitive translation will be
published in the European Court Reports)

In Case C-312/97 P: Augusto Fichtner, an official of the
References for a preliminary ruling from the ASVG-Lan- Commission of the European Communities, represented
desberufungskommission für das Burgenland by decisions by Vincenzo Salvatore, of the Pavia Bar, with an address
of that tribunal in the cases of Rouhollah Nour, Margarita for service at 6 Via Orrigoni, Varese Ð appeal against the
Karner and Arthur Lindau v. Burgenländische Gebiets- order of the Court of First Instance of the European
krankenkasse Communities (Fourth Chamber) of 9 July 1997 in Case
(Cases C-361/97, C-362/97 and C-363/97) T-63/96 Fichtner v. Commission [1997] ECR-SC II-563,
seeking to have that order set aside, the other party to the
(98/C 278/17) proceedings being the Commission of the European
Communities (Agent: Gianluigi Valsesia, assisted by
Alberto Dal Ferro) Ð the Court (Third Chamber),
(Language of the case: German) composed of: C. Gulmann, President of the Chamber, J. C.
Moitinho de Almeida and J.-P. Puissochet (Rapporteur),
Judges; G. Cosmas, Advocate-General; R. Grass, Registrar,
made an order on 25 June 1998, the operative part of
Reference was made to the Court of Justice of the
which is as follows:
European Communities on 21 October 1997 by three
decisions of the ASVG-Landesberufungskommission für
das Burgenland (Social Security Appeals Board for
Burgenland), Austria, for preliminary rulings under 1. The appeal is dismissed.
Article 177 of the EC Treaty in the proceedings pending
before that tribunal between Rouhollah Nour (Case
C-361/97), Margarita Karner (Case C-362/97) and Arthur 2. The appellant is ordered to pay the costs.
Lindau (Case C-363/97) and Burgenländische Gebietskran-
kenkasse, concerning essentially the method of calculating
the remuneration of the President of the Landesberufungs- (1) OJ C 331, 1.11.1997.
kommission and the relationship between the Paritätische
Schiedskommission as first-instance institution and the
Landesberufungskommission as appellate body.