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C 278/28 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 5.9.


order to comply with Council Directive 93/65/EEC of financing for the sum of BEF 382 208 436 by way of
19 July 1993 on the definition and use of compatible expenditure incurred for the advance payment of
technical specifications for the procurement of export refunds;
air-traffic management equipment and systems (1),
alternatively by failing to take the measures necessary 2. order the Commission to pay the costs of the
to comply therewith, the Kingdom of Belgium has proceedings.
failed to fulfil its obligations under that Directive,
Pleas in law and main arguments adduced in support:

Ð order the Kingdom of Belgium to pay the costs.
The pleas in law and main arguments are identical to
those in Case C-242/97 (2).
Pleas in law and main arguments adduced in support:
(1) OJ L 163, 6.6.1998, p. 28.
(2) OJ C 271, 6.9.1997, p. 6.

The pleas in law and main arguments are analogous to
those in Case C-250/98 (2); the time limit laid down by
Article 9 of the Directive expired on 20 July 1994.

Reference for a preliminary ruling from the Tribunal de
The Commission asserts, in the alternative, that the PremieÁre Instance de Charleroi by judgment of that court
Directive confers on nationals of the Member States the of 2 July 1998 in the case of Tibor Balog v. ASBL Royal
right to respond to invitations to tender prepared in Charleroi Sporting Club (RCSC)
accordance with the standards laid down pursuant to
and in accordance with the Directive. For that reason, (Case C-264/98)
internal memoranda circulated by State ministries or (98/C 278/51)
administrative authorities do not constitute an adequate
transposition measure.
Reference has been made to the Court of Justice of the
European Communities by a judgment of the Tribunal de
(1) OJ L 187, 27.7.1993, p. 52. PremieÁre Instance (Court of First Instance), Charleroi, of
(2) See page 22 of this Official Journal. 2 July 1998, which was received at the Court Registry on
20 July 1998, for a preliminary ruling in the case of Tibor
Balog v. ASBL Royal Charleroi Sporting Club on the
following question:

Is it compatible with Article 85 of the EC Treaty and/or
with Article 53 of the Agreement on the European
Action brought on 17 July 1998 by the Kingdom Economic Area for a football club established in the
of Belgium against the Commission of the European territory of a Member State of the European Union to
Communities claim, on the basis of the rules and circulars of the
(Case C-263/98) national and international federations (URBSFA, UEFA,
FIFA), payment of a transfer sum' on the occasion of the
(98/C 278/50) engagement of one of its former players, a professional
footballer of non-Community nationality who has reached
the end of his contract, by a new employer established in
An action against the Commission of the European the same Member State, in another Member State of the
Communities was brought before the Court of Justice of European Union or the European Economic Area, or in a
the European Communities on 17 July 1998 by the non-member country?
Kingdom of Belgium, represented by J. Devadder, General
Adviser in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade
and Development Cooperation, and H. Gilliams, of the
Brussels Bar, with an address for service in Luxembourg at
the Belgian Embassy, 4 rue des Girondins.
References for preliminary rulings by Juzgado de Primera
Instancia No 35, Barcelona, by orders of that court of
The applicant claims that the Court should: 31 March 1998 in the cases of Salvat Editores SA and
Others and J. CompanÄ Calbuig and Others
(Cases C-265/98 to C-272/98)
1. annul Commission Decision 98/358/EC of 6 May
(98/C 278/52)
1998 on the clearance of the accounts presented by the
Member States in respect of the expenditure for 1994
on the Guarantee Section of the European Agricultural Reference has been made to the Court of Justice of the
Guidance and Guarantee Fund (EAGGF) (1) in so far European Communities by orders of Juzgado de Primera
as it disallows, in respect of the applicant, Community Instancia (Court of First Instance) No 35, Barcelona, of