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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 288/19


Amendment to the notice of invitation to tender for the reduction in the import duty on maize
imported from non-member countries

(98/C 288/13)

(Official Journal of the European Communities CØ279 of 8 September 1998)

On page 8, the text of point 2 under heading I ‘Subject’ is amended as follows:

‘2.ÙThe total quantity in respect of which the reduction in the import duty may be fixed is
250Ø000 tonnes.’

Operation of scheduled air services

Invitation to tender issued by France pursuant to Article 4(1)(d) of Council Regulation (EEC)
NoØ2408/92 for the operation of scheduled air services between Strasbourg and Dublin
(98/C 288/14)
(Text with EEA relevance)

1. Introduction the day before the start of the 2001 summer scheduling

France has amended the public service obligations 2. Object of invitation to tender
imposed on the scheduled air services operated between
Strasbourg and Dublin, as published in Official Journal of
the European Communities CØ385 of 19.Ø12.Ø1997 Operation from 25.Ø10.Ø1998 of scheduled air services
pursuant to Article 4(1)(a) of Council Regulation (EEC) between Strasbourg and Dublin in accordance with the
NoØ2408/92 of 23.Ø7.Ø1992, on access for Community air public service obligations imposed on that route and
carriers to intra-Community air routes, from 25.Ø10.Ø1998 published in Official Journal of the European Communities
to the start of the 1998/1999 winter scheduling season. CØ286 of 15.Ø9.Ø1998.
The details of these new public service obligations were
published in the Official Journal of the European
Communities CØ286 of 15.Ø9.Ø1998. 3. Participation

Participation is open to all Community air carriers

holding a valid operating licence issued under Council
Provided that no Community air carrier presents by
Regulation (EEC) NoØ2407/92 of 23.Ø7.Ø1992 on
25.Ø9.Ø1998 a schedule to operate the routes in question
licensing of air carriers.
as from 25.Ø10.Ø1998 in accordance with the new public
service obligations imposed, without requesting any
financial compensation and without requiring exclusive 4. Procedure
rights to the route, France has decided, in accordance
with the procedure laid down by Article 4(1)(d) of that
regulation, to continue to limit access to that route to a The invitation to tender is subject to points d), e), f), g),
single air carrier and once again to invite tenders for the h) and i) of Article 4(1) of Regulation (EEC)
right to operate these air services from 25.Ø10.Ø1998 until NoØ2408/92.