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C 289/12 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 17.9.


Notice of initiation of an anti-dumping proceeding concerning imports of certain stainless steel
heavy plates originating in Slovenia and South Africa

(98/C 289/07)

The Commission has received a complaint pursuant to 5.ÙProcedure for determination of dumping and injury
Article 5 of Commission Decision No 2277/96/ECSCØ(Î)
alleging that imports of certain stainless steel heavy Having determined, after consulting the Advisory
plates originating in Slovenia and South Africa are being Committee, that the complaint has been lodged by or on
dumped and are thereby causing material injury to the behalf of the Community industry and that there is
Community industry. sufficient evidence to justify the initiation of a
proceeding, the Commission hereby initiates an investi-
gation pursuant to Article 5 of Decision No
1.ÙComplaint 2277/96/ECSC.

The complaint was lodged on 3 August 1998 by the (a) Questionnaires
European Confederation of Iron and Steel Industries
(Eurofer) on behalf of Community producers of stainless In order to obtain the information it deems necessary
steel heavy plates, representing a major proportion of the for its investigation, the Commission will send ques-
total Community production of the products concerned. tionnaires to the complainants, exporters and
importers named in the complaint. At the same time,
a copy of the questionnaire will be sent to any
2.ÙProduct known representative association of exporters or
importers. The authorities of the exporting countries
The products concerned are flat-rolled products of will be notified of the exporters named in the
stainless steel, of a width of 600Ømm or more, not further complaint and provided with a copy of the ques-
worked than hot-rolled, not in coils, of a thickness of tionnaire sent to them.
4,75Ømm or more, containing by weight 2,5Ø% or more
of nickel (ECSC). Exporters and importers are invited to contact the
Commission forthwith in order to find out whether
The products under investigation are currently clas- or not they are named in the complaint, in which
sifiable under CN codes 7219Ø21Ø10 and 7219Ø22Ø10. case they should request a copy of the questionnaire
These codes are given for information only. as soon as possible, and not later than 15 days from
the publication of this notice, as all questionnaires
have to be completed within the time limit specified
3.ÙAllegation of dumping in paragraph 7 below.

In respect of imports from both Slovenia and South Any request for questionnaires must be made in
Africa, the allegation of dumping is based on a writing to the address mentioned below and should
comparison of constructed normal value with the export indicate the name, address, telephone, fax and/or
price of the product concerned when sold for export to telex numbers of the interested party.
the Community. On this basis, the dumping margins
calculated are substantial.
(b) Collection of information and holding of hearings

4.ÙAllegation of injury All interested parties, provided that they can show
that they are likely to be affected by the results of
The complainant alleges and has provided evidence that the investigation, are hereby invited to make their
imports from Slovenia and South Africa have increased views known in writing and to provide supporting
significantly in absolute terms and in terms of market evidence.
Furthermore, the Commission may hear the
It is further alleged that the volume and prices of the interested parties, provided that they make a request
imported products have, among other consequences, had in writing and show that there are particular reasons
a negative impact on the quantities sold and the prices why they should be heard.
charged by the Community producers, resulting in a
substantial adverse effect on the financial situation of the
Community industry. 6.ÙCommunity interest

In accordance with Article 21 of Decision No
2277/96/ECSC, and in order that an informed decision
(Î)ÙOJ L 308, 29.11.1996, p. 11. may be reached as to whether, in the event that the alle-
17.9.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 289/13

gations of dumping and injury are substantiated, the interest of these parties to contact the Commission
adoption of anti-dumping measures would be in the without delay at the following address:
Community interest, the complainants, importers and
their representative associations, and representative users European Commission,
may, within the time limit specified in this notice, make Directorate General I — External Relations:
themselves known and provide the Commission with Commercial Policy and Relations with North America,
information. It should be noted that any information the Far East, Australia and New Zealand,
submitted pursuant to this Article will only be taken into Directorates C and E,
account if supported by factual evidence at the time of DM 24 — 8/38,
submission. Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200,
B-1049 Brussels;
fax (32-2) 295Ø65Ø05;
7.ÙTime limit telex COMEU B 21877.
Interested parties, if their representations are to be taken
into account during the investigation, should make them-
selves known, present their views in writing and submit In cases where any party refuses access to, or otherwise
information within 40 days of the date of publication of does not provide, necessary information within the time
this notice. Interested parties may also apply to be heard limit, or significantly impedes the investigation,
by the Commission within the same time limit. This time provisional or final findings, affirmative or negative, may
limit applies to all interested parties, including the parties be made in accordance with Article 18 of Decision No
not named in the complaint, and it is consequently in the 2277/96/ECSC, on the basis of the facts available.