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C 289/14 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 17.9.



Call for projects to promote and protect consumer interests in 1999

(98/C 289/08)

This is a call for the submission of projects capable of Top priority will go to the following subjects:
enhancing the level of consumer protection. The
submission, examination and selection of these projects —Ùfood safety
will be governed by the conditions set out below.
—Ùproduct safety (non-food)

Nearly 400 projects were sent to the Commission under —Ùfinancial services
previous calls on the same subject. The number of
projects selected for 1998 fell from 100 to 60 while the —Ùimplementation of (Community) rights for consumers
overall budget involved was markedly down and stood at
just over ECU 7 million. This trend reflects both the
overall context of budgetary restraint, but also —Ùnew maketing techniques (electronic trading)
substantial differences observed in the quality of projects
and interest in the themes handled. The Commission is —Ùcomparative tests
hoping that the new call will open up more incisive and
more effective action. —Ùstandardisation of products and services

—Ùinformation society.
This call falls within the general framework of
Community activities in favour of consumers (COM(97)
684 final). The funding for the activities envisaged by
this call for projects will depend on the approval of this 2.ÙRelevance for the Community
overall framework.

The main objective pursued by the Community is to
group together initiatives taken for consumers,
particularly by representative consumer organisations.
1.ÙThemes addressed Ideally, people and organisations working on behalf of
consumers should be able to work jointly on projects
designed to bring advantages to consumers as a whole.
For the purposes of the policy on the protection of
consumers and their health, the projects submitted will
be eligible only if they address the following theme: Priority will be given to projects submitted by groups of
consumer organisations established in several Member
States having a common interest.

3.ÙRole of European consumer organisations

The aim is to disseminate to specialised trainers (e.g.
consumer organisations) the expertise built up on European organisations have an essential role to play in
consumer protection. The subjects to be proposed must protecting consumer interests at the Community level as
obviously have a bearing on the priority areas of they are the Community’s principal talking partners for
Community policy on consumers as described in the purposes of assessing and implementing consumer
document COM(97) 684. policy.
17.9.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 289/15

Financial support may thus be granted to European 5.ÙConditions for the granting of funding
consumer organisations which:

—ÙAny natural or legal person or association of natural
—Ùare non-governmental, non profit-making organi- persons who/which is actually responsible for project
sations whose main objectives are to promote and implementation is eligible for Community funding,
protect the interests and health of consumers,
—ÙActions in progress or completed, projects for
research or studies, are not eligible,
—Ùhave been mandated to represent the interests of
consumers at European level by organisations that
are representative of the consumers of at least half —ÙCommunity funding will be exclusively in the form of
the Member States of the Community and are active a financial contribution, the amount of which will be
at national or regional level. determined as a percentage of the estimated expen-
diture which the beneficiary intends to actually use
for the implementation of the project; this amount
may not exceed 50Ø%,
Such organisations can thus submit annual action
programmes which are eligible for specific funding —ÙThe beneficiary will give a commitment to ensure
covering administrative expenditure set out within the cofunding of the project selected and will keep
strict framework of all or part of the action programmes specific detailed accounts for the project in question,
submitted, provided this action relates exclusively to
Community consumer policy.
—ÙOn completion of the project, the beneficiary must
submit a statement of expenditure and revenue
arising from the project and the final amount of the
Community contribution will be calculated applying
4.ÙProject selection criteria the percentage established, bearing in mind actual
expenditure and any other revenue used directly for
project implementation,

Eligible proposals will be assessed on the basis of the —ÙThe implementation of the project must commence in
following selection criteria: 1999 and be completed by 1 November 2000. The
detailed timetable of work must be attached to the
—Ùa satisfactory level of cost-effectiveness,

—Ùan added-value ensuring a high and uniform level of
representation of consumers’ interests,
6.ÙSubmission and preparation of applications

—Ùa lasting multiplier effect at European level,
—ÙThe application must be submitted in one of the
official languages of the European Community,
—Ùeffective and balanced Cupertino between the
different parties for planning and carrying out
activities and for financial participation, —ÙTenderers intending to submit several projects must
complete a separate application for each,

—Ùthe development of lasting transnational Cupertino,
especially by the exchange of experience to raise the —ÙThe application must be accompanied by a sheet
awareness of consumers and economic players and by setting out the administrative, technical and
joint utilisation of their results, budgetary details needed to assess the project,

—Ùthe widest possible dissemination of the results of the —ÙThe standard application form is available elec-
activities and projects supported, tronically at the following address:

—Ùthe ability to analyse the situations to be covered, the
means earmarked for evaluating the activities and —ÙFailure to include the requisite information may lead
projects and their suitability for best practice. to the application being rejected,
C 289/16 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 17.9.98

—ÙApplications must be submitted by 30 November 7.ÙSubsequent phases
1998 to the following address:
The granting of funding is subordinated to the budgetary
European Commission
authority’s decision to earmark appropriations for this
Directorate-General XXIV — Consumer Policy
B 232
Rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200
B-1049 Brussels After examination and selection and applications,
tenderers will be individually informed of the outcome of
—ÙAll the documents needed for each application must their application.
be sent in triplicate to the above address,

—ÙEach proposal must be sent by post, the date The Commission will publish the list of beneficiaries and
considered to be the date of submission being that the projects funded under this call, indicating the
postmarked. amount of financial support provided by the Community.

Operation of scheduled air services
Invitations to tender issued by France pursuant to Article 4(1)(d) of Council Regulation (EEC)
NoØ2408/92 for the operation of scheduled air services between Montpellier and Ajaccio, and
Montpellier and Bastia

(98/C 289/09)

(Text with EEA relevance)

1. Introduction Candidates may tender for the provision of services on
both of the abovementioned routes and/or any other
routes leaving Corsican airports covered by an invitation
to tender published the same day in the Official Journal
Pursuant to the provisions of Article 4(1)(a) of Council
of the European Communities, particularly if by so doing
Regulation (EEC) NoØ2408/92 of 23.Ø7.Ø1992, on access
they reduce the overall amount of the compensation
for Community air carriers to intra-Community air
requested. Tenderers must nevertheless indicate clearly
routes, France has decided, in accordance with the
the amount of compensation required for each route,
decision of the Corsican regional authorities of
adjusted where appropriate depending on how many of
30.Ø7.Ø1998, to impose, from 1.Ø1.Ø1999, public service
their bids are accepted.
obligations on the scheduled air services between Mont-
pellier and Ajaccio, and Montpellier and Bastia. The
details of these public service obligations were published
in Official Journal of the European Communities 2. Object of invitations to tender
NoØCØ289, of 17.Ø9.Ø1998.

Operation from 1.Ø1.Ø1999 of scheduled air services on
Separate tenders are invited for each of the 2 routes: the 2 routes referred to in paragraph 1 above in
Montpellier-Ajaccio and Montpellier-Bastia. accordance with the public service obligations imposed
on those routes and published in Official Journal of the
European Communities NoØCØ289 of 17.Ø9.Ø1998.
In so far as by 1.Ø12.Ø1998, no air carrier has begun or is
about to begin operating scheduled air services on either
of these routes in accordance with the public service 3. Participation
obligations imposed and without requesting financial
compensation, France has decided, in accordance with
the procedure laid down by Article 4(1)(d) of that regu- Participation is open to all Community air carriers
lation, to limit access to that route to a single air carrier holding a valid operating licence issued under Council
and invite tenders for the right to operate those services Regulation (EEC) NoØ2407/92 of 23.Ø7.Ø1992 on
from 1.Ø1.Ø1999. licensing of air carriers.