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and for updating of the EAP. If a failure is imminent or has occurred. The chief of police is responsible for contacting the local media and public. and failure to respond to could result in a possible collapse of the dam. Also. certification. the onlooker is to contact EAP Coordinator as soon as possible. There are two levels to our EAP. an alert condition and a warning condition. An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) hasf been implemented in case there is ever a dam failure or collapse. or if failure is happening. The chief of police is also responsible for contacting the emergency agencies that are to respond in . The warning condition is if a failure is about to occur. evacuation routes have been arranged so there is a proper escape route. Engineers have surveyed the area to determine how much of the area surrounding the dam would flood. first responders and emergency responders will know what to do if such an incident were to happen. so they know to get out harm¶s way. who will then contact the local law enforcement.    Advance planning is one of the most important things to do to make sure that if our dam fails or collapse occurs. showing us which homes or businesses would be caught in the torrents of the flood water. testing. The alert condition is if there is a potential hazard. All homes and businesses in the flood region have been notified that if a dam failure occurs they are in that region and should evacuate immediately. They have provided us with a map of the flood region and a hazard area assessment. Annual training takes place to provide participants with periodic reviewing. The EAP Coordinator is the person responsible for making sure that participants are familiar with their responsibilities. The Coordinator is in charge of conducting a test simulating a dam failure or collapse annually.

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There is an immediate need to evacuate as more human life could be lost. proper barricades are being put in place to reroute traffic to the evacuation routes. Helicopters and ambulances are on standby at the command post. The major hydroelectric plant surrounding the river has been damaged. Because of the huge fireball seen at the dam. The Highway Commissioner has the responsibilities of initiating thesetupof proper barricades to reroute traffic. who have lost their homes. I have also contacted everyone on the EAP list. the city¶s police chief. as there have been reports of people drowning near the dam. There are very serious dangers that are present. Additional personnel are here to help evacuate the area. Emergency response personnel and emergency rescue teams have been implementedto rescue any people caught in the flood waters. There have also been reports of telephone and power outages. | this event. Since there have been several miles of roads wiped out due to flooding. I have reported to the media and public of the unforeseen disaster that has unfolded. Medical assistance personnel have come to the aid of injured people who are rescued from flooded waters. I. which runs through the city and has many residents and businesses in the region. have just received a call that the dam has collapsed due to an enormous explosion at the spillway. Shelters are being set up immediately for any displaced residents. the FBI Explosives Unit has been made aware and called in. . The command post has been setup approximately five miles out of the flood region. as 10 billion cubic meters of water have spilled into the river. Its flood region reaches approximately 20 miles on both sides of the river. and counselors are here to help any who may be suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

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. The FBI Explosives Unit is still investigating the explosion. The FBI and FEMA have been a tremendous help in making the process move smoothly. as they were unable to escape the swift torrents. with as many as 120-150 reported injuries. all on the account of terrorism. and personal items they may need. More than half of the city had to be evacuated due to the flood waters. clothing. They have found remnants of what seems to be an explosive device. Our local law enforcement and medical assistance personnel are still helping as this unfortunate occurrence has had a horrible impact on our city. | Several hours after the collapse of the dam. Quite a numberhave fallen victim to the rapid waters that approached. prior to when the dam was built. Emergency shelters are housing people who need shelter. all residents and business owners in the flood region have been evacuated. but have been unable to ascertain who may have planted it.There is an estimated loss of 30-40 victims. They are being provided food. This is the worst flooding we have had in over 100 years.