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Present Simple

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1. Complete this text about Anna’s daily routine using the verbs from the box in

the Present Simple.

Example: Anna _is_ a very hard-working boy.

Every day she __________ up at 7 0’clock but she usually __________ in bed until 7.30.

Then she __________ a shower and __________dressed. Meanwhile her mother

__________ her breakfast. They __________ a car so she __________ to school. There she

__________ classes from 8.30 until 1.30. She __________ English but he __________


She __________ lunch with her friends in the school canteen and afterwards they

usually __________ together. Then she __________ home, she __________ a coke and

__________ to music before doing her homework.

Anna __________ dinner at 8 o’clock and after that she and her parents __________ for

a while. At 10 o’clock she usually __________ to bed and she __________ asleep almost


Not Have Wake Talk Go (2) Make Get Walk Like

Have (4) Drink Fall Study Be Not Like Listen Lie

Por João Faria