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C 304/82 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 2. 10.


(98/C 304/121) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0343/98
by Amedeo Amadeo (NI) to the Commission
(17 February 1998)

Subject: Crisis on the olive-oil market

The crisis on the Italian olive-oil market, and the fact that final demand for packaged oil has fallen by 7.2% in the
last year, has prompted Assitol Oliva and Federolio to shed part of their work-force. The trend does not seem to
be halting and is thus causing increasing anxiety.

1. Does the Commission not consider such action ill-timed, given that the new ‘olive-oil’ COM has not yet
been approved at Community level and employees should consequently not be dismissed before new rules have
been laid down?

2. In view of the emergency, does it not believe that the maximum guaranteed production volume should be
raised and national production ceilings imposed?

3. Will it establish a genuine labelling system to preserve the quality of extra virgin olive-oil and afford
certainty on that point, since this might help more than any other measure to ensure that Italian oil, which has a
protected designation of origin, can compete on European and world markets?

Answer given by Mr Fischler on behalf of the Commission
(11 March 1998)

The Commission is aware of the reduction in the quantities of olive oil packed in Italy and enjoying consumption
aid, due particularly to the current relatively low level of this aid (ECU 12 per 100 kilograms).

This situation is being looked at in the context of work which should result in a proposal for reform of the current
market organisation for olive oil. As part of this work, the Commission is considering whether to abolish
consumption aid, a possibility which Parliament appears to view favourably.

It is therefore not surprising that the two principal associations of Italian packers to which the Honourable
Member refers should have to adapt their structures to the new situation, in particular by reducing the staff
working on the submission and checking of applications for aid by their associates.

As part of the preparatory work on the reform of the market organisation for olive oil, the Commission is looking
carefully at the suggestions made by the Honourable Member, including an increase in the maximum guaranteed
quantity and the fixing of maximum quantities for each producer Member State and the introduction of new
marketing standards to protect extra-virgin olive oils more effectively.

(98/C 304/122) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0344/98
by Amedeo Amadeo (NI) to the Commission
(17 February 1998)

Subject: Framework for Community action in the field of water policy

The Commission has drawn up a proposal for a Council Directive establishing a framework for Community
action in the field of water policy (COM(97)0049 − 97/0067(SYN)) (1). Will the Commission insert a new article
providing for involvement of the public and water management companies with a view to:
1. pointing out the need and laying down a requirement to set up advisory bodies to assist the authorities
concerned, which would have the tasks of assessing catchment area plans, supervising their implementation,
and pursuing additional information and social awareness campaigns;
2. compiling compulsory public registers for each catchment area, covering water quality and discharge
monitoring, supervision of concessions, and any other data that might be useful for the purpose of
implementing the standards specified in the framework Directive?

(1) OJ C 184, 17.6.1997, p. 20.