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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 304/143

(98/C 304/213) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0660/98
by Leonie van Bladel (UPE) to the Council
(16 March 1998)

Subject: The Netherlands obstructing the international hunt for a drug baron

1. Is the Presidency aware of the dismissal by the Netherlands Minister of Justice (who represents D’66) of the
Hague public prosecutor, Mr Arthur Docters van Leeuwen?

2. Is the Council aware of confidential and personal military intelligence report 913 of 21 January 1982 in
which the Netherlands’ former Minister of Defence and current Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr H.A.F.M.O. van
Mierlo (D’66) intended to provide training for the intelligence service of the then dictator of Surinam, Desi

3. Does the Council realise that a dictator’s military intelligence service is used solely for the purpose of
repressing the population?

4. Is the Council aware that the Netherlands Ministry of Justice has requested international assistance in
tracing Surinam’s ex-dictator Bouterse who is suspected of large-scale international dealing in cocaine?

5. Is the Council aware that ministers Van Mierlo and Sorgdrager made it impossible to arrest Bouterse in
Brazil last year?

6. Is the Council aware of the circumstances whereby Mr Charles van der Voort, the public prosecutor
responsible for tracing Bouterse, was removed from active service?

7. Does the Council realise that the Hague public prosecutor, Mr Arthur Docters van Leeuwen, is in fact the
only person willing to continue with tracing and prosecuting Bouterse?

8. Does the Council not feel that the dismissal of Mr Docters van Leeuwen is simply the latest in a series of
steps aimed at frustrating the prosecution of Desi Bouterse?

9. Can the Council make an urgent appeal to the Netherlands to allow Mr Docters van Leeuwen to resume his
work and to continue in his efforts to arrest and prosecute Bouterse?

(25 May 1998)

The questions posed by the Honourable Member of the European Parliament relate solely to matters that are
internal affairs of the Netherlands.

(98/C 304/214) WRITTEN QUESTION P-0662/98
by Nikitas Kaklamanis (UPE) to the Commission
(2 March 1998)

Subject: Installation of hazardous nuclear reactor at Akkuyu

In April 1998, Turkey is due to select the type of nuclear reactor to be installed in the region of Akkuyu, which is
particularly prone to the risk of earthquake and is also home to the rare, protected species of seal known as
Monachus Monachus.

Turkey reportedly intends to select the Canadian reactor ‘Candu’ which is capable (through a particular method)
of increasing the quantity of plutonium produced, creating a basis for the production of nuclear weapons.
Moreover, it is not a matter of chance that this type of reactor has been installed in sensitive areas of countries
such as South Korea, India, Pakistan and China. The quality and safety standards of these reactors have been
severely criticized in certain quarters in the USA and Canada, while Canada gave a commitment at the Kyoto
environment summit (last December) to close down seven nuclear plants of this type.

What action will the Commission take to prevent the installation of this type of reactor only a few miles outside
the EU’s boundaries?