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Political reality

While electioneering an elderly couple seemingly in the eighties came past and the male
commented, something like “We have enough problems about trying to get proper services and I
have more important things to do then politics”.
Another woman also in her eighties commented something like “I have voted whole my life for this
party and so my parents and while I don’t like the candidate I cannot change”.
An elderly man asked me blunt “What is your position as to the freeway” when I responded I was
against the freeway” his comment was “You lost me”. As he was waiting for his wife to return
from the shops I took the opportunity to explain what I was about and then he commented; “I will
vote for you because you provide the solution we need.” The problem is that while this man did
accept what I stated was actually a better solution one cannot talk to every person at great length on
an individual basis and writing it down will be of little effect because people simply do not like to
read it all. What the media has done is to entrench a kind of USA style election where they are all
about voting for a major political party’s leader rather then to provide a real choice. Many therefore
consider there are just two parties and that is it. Also because the word INDEPENDENT is not
permitted to be stated on the ballot paper it means that electors simply do not realize I am an
INDEPENDENT. Not uncommon I am ask for which party I stand. I did complain to the VEC
(Victorian Electoral Commission) about the deceptive kind of media reporting only to receive
response that this is out of the hands of the VEC. Well, when it comes to publishing material, that is
what I publish then somehow they are responsible and I am held accountable.
What we need is election reform where it would be prohibited to publish the kind of material that
may deceive the electors. For example the daily newspapers are all about the leaders of political
parties and as such portray that the election is about them whereas in reality they are no more but as
like other candidates standing for certain seats only.
Australia’s political system doesn’t permit to elect a leader on any level of government. A leader is
selected or disposed off (such as Kevin Rudd) by the party and not by electors. It can very well
eventuate that a particular leader of a party succeeds in gaining government and then is disposed off
for another Member of Parliament for whatever reason.
Our democratic system rest upon the basis that the Queens representative the Governor/Governor-
General chooses the person who he/she believes is the best person to lead the government of the
day, however we find this has been hijacked and now the Governor/Governor-General is dictated by
convention (albeit unconstitutional) to who can be appointed.
Constitutionally, if I were elected as an INDEPENDENT the Governor could commission me to be
the Premier as I do not need the majority in the lower House of Parliament. All that is needed is for
me to get sufficient number of Members of parliament together to form a government, even if they
are from opposing political parties. For sure a majority in the lower house can have advantages to
have bills passed but is not a pre-requisite for forming government. Edmund Barton didn’t have any
majority of Parliament and still governed with another 6 Ministers!
What we have is a brainwashing of the nation where people are slowly brainwashed to accept that
the current rot is appropriate.
What is now eventuating is that the political parties in power have created an election timetable and
complex system that it undermines INDEPENDENT candidates to have a reasonable opportunity
to campaign and to succeed. Less then 14 days is provided after closure of nominations, the filing of
the how-to-vote-card and correcting the same until an election is held and this means that by the
time an INDEPENDENT candidate can request a printer to print the how-to-vote cards the printers
are generally already engaged for major political parties and have no time to print then for the
INDEPENDENT candidate.

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We have that political parties well aware that the payment per primary vote will net them perhaps
ten or twenty million dollars each they can pre-spend on this during the election campaign while the
INDEPENDENT has no such monies to count upon and so is robbed of any fair and proper
What it also has come to is that political parties candidates can stay at home and do not campaign as
most people are having the habit to vote for a political party (such as the women referred to above)
no matter how they may dislike the candidate of that party, whereas I have been out slogging it out
to try to get across to people.
As electors why they voted as they did and often they will comment because they always voted for
that political party. Now those are the very people who then complain that never anything is fixed
and so they might as well vote for a party they always vote for.
This is why we have the problems because the electors are neglecting the importance of being part
of a democratic system to elect the best candidate irrespective for which party, if any, the candidate
stands for.
Not uncommon a pre-voter tells me they voted for a particular party but don’t know what the
candidate is about and can’t even remember the candidate’s name as it was on the ballot paper and
that was enough.
Compulsory voting therefore is not that we have a better voting system and/or achieving a better
democratic elected Parliament, we do not elect a government!) but that compulsory voting is driven
to ensure that political parties in general optimize their income of payment per primary vote. It is
anti democratic as it forces people to vote for candidates they may in fact disapprove of and then are
told afterwards that they elected them!
As I now also discovered that political tuggery is the order of the day where my election material is
stolen, etc, and as I understand it to be the opponent councilor now uses his position with council to
harass me, etc, while his own conduct is in question.
The VEC is not at all about providing fair and proper elections, rather purport to be so but I view
participate and seems to me to condone in this kind of conduct in its own manner.
Whatever the outcome might be of the election to me we do not have democratically elected
representatives because the electoral legislative provisions do not permit for this. The major
political parties have used the Parliament to prevent true democratic elections to be held but have
formulated the legislation as such that for an outsider it might not be noticeable that it is all stacked
up against the INDEPENDENT candidate. What we now have is political leaders making all kinds
of promises (basically using your money for it) and well aware most of those promises will come to
nothing. Regretfully the electors take it as gospel instead of going on track records and say “Enough
is enough” and vote for an INDEPENDENT so at least if anything the political parties do not get
the payment per primary vote and when you hurt them in their pocket then they might finally learn
a lesson. The question is when will electors themselves do so or are the gullible to continue the
same rot?
As a CONSTITUTIONALIST I have my concerns that our constitutional embedded “Political
Liberties” and “Civil Rights” are eroded slowly more and more and electors simply take the easy
way out rather then to show their disapproval at the ballot box, yet then soon after they complain
and expect people like me to provide free services to assist them because the very person they
elected couldn’t care less about their problems! The irony is that it is so to say self inflicted harm
and the issue is therefore that as much as you check out a motor vehicle before you purchase and
check out a house for the same then why not check out the candidates what they themselves stand

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for because taxes is more expensive during once lifetime then anything else. If electors themselves
are not willing to act responsible and as informed electors to “bother” about reading election
material which in time is far less then they would spend in trying to get better systems in place such
as health, education, etc, then a lot of currently existing problem may be no more.
So the elderly man making known his complaints about health services but considering he has more
important things to do then to bother about elections may just have to realize that if he had, as
others also should do, spend more appropriate time to consider what each candidate stands for, even
if this might cost him in total say half an hour of his time then he could perhaps avoid spending
numerous hours on the phone or otherwise to try to achieve the very services he desperately desires,
as by electing the right candidate a lot of problems can be avoided.
It is not that I should request any elector to vote for me but rather they make an informed decision
wanting to vote for me because they understand I am the right person for the job and have the
knowledge and experiences to do so and not some young candidate who still has to learn what life is
about and who may just want to get elected as to secure after 12 years in parliament a $3,000.00 a
week life pension! I am too old for that and so have no focus on some elaborate pension rather I am
in for the real deal that is to represent the electors but regretfully find that the electors themselves
far too often are ignorant to reality and just vote as a habit for a political party and again by this
suffer the consequences of self-inflicted harm. The message is therefore then whenever you vote, no
matter where you are, consider that your first vote will be a financial benefit to that candidate (if
exceeding 4% of the votes) and do you really accept that candidate worthy to get your tax dollars?
Do you really want to put up with the antics of that candidate’s political party rather then have real
representation that reflects why you voted for that candidate?
Mr Gerrit Hendrik Schorel-Hlavka INDEPENDENT candidate for the Seat of IVANHOE

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A 1st edition limited special numbered book on Data DVD ISBN 978-0-9803712-6-0
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