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C 304/150 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 2. 10.


With regard to the budget, since the funding is allocated only until the end of 1999, does the Commission not
consider it essential to ensure from the very beginning that the programme continues until 2003, i.e. the end of
the envisaged period?

(1) OJ C 202, 2.7.1997, p. 20.

(98/C 304/227) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0707/98
by Amedeo Amadeo (NI) and Salvatore Tatarella (NI) to the Commission
(18 March 1998)

Subject: Injury prevention

This question concerns the proposal for a European Parliament and Council Decision adopting a programme of
Community action from 1999 to 2003 on injury prevention in the context of the framework for action in the field
of public health (COM(97) 178 final − 97/0132 COD (1).

With regard to product safety, could the Commission establish a solid link between injury prevention and
Directive 92/59/EEC (2) on general product safety?

We would stress the measures proposed (cf. the subject of injury prevention capacity) for the purpose of
developing the public health aspects of other Community policies aimed at preventing injuries, as in the
above-mentioned directive.

(1) OJ C 202, 2.7.1997, p. 20.
(2) OJ L 228, 11.8.1992, p. 24.

Joint answer to Written Questions
E-0704/98, E-0705/98, E-0706/98 and E-0707/98
given by Mr Flynn on behalf of the Commission
(16 April 1998)

The proposed programme on injury prevention aims at the systematic collection of progressively improved
information on injuries and their prevention, the sharing of expertise in the selection and adaptation of the best
prevention interventions and improvements in the epidemiology of injury. As such, it does not duplicate the
health monitoring programme, which seeks to establish health indicators in certain areas as a tool for the overall
definition and evaluation of national and Community health policy, but will complement the latter by providing
the background material on which appropriate selection of indicators can be made. Moreover, the programme on
injury prevention will support the evaluation and dissemination of best practice as regards protective measures,
and will promote the drawing up of effective policies. As regards the future development of health policy, present
activities judged to merit priority status will feature prominently in future proposals of the Commission.

On 3 November 1997 the Council confirmed its support for the continuation and improvement of the Europe
home and leisure accident surveillance system (Ehlass). On 11 March 1998, the Commission accepted, to a large
measure, the amendments of the Parliament in first reading related to the integration, development and extension
of the former Ehlass system in the proposal for a programme on injury prevention. The proposal of the
Commission on this programme is being modified accordingly.

The proposed decision provides that the Commission shall ensure consistency and complementarity between
actions to be undertaken under the proposed programme and those implemented under other relevant
Community programmes and actions. As such, an appropriate cross link with Directive 92/59/EEC on general
product safety (1) is already provided. Furthermore, as regards the injury prevention capacity, activities will be
supported to increase the use which public health bodies can make of other Community policies for injury

An amount of 14 MECU for 5 years will be proposed for the actions under the programme between 1999 and

(1) OJ L 228, 11.8.1992.