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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 304/153

Answer given by Mrs Wulf-Mathies on behalf of the Commission
(30 March 1998)

The application for part-financing from the Cohesion Fund for the project for cleaning up the catchment area of
the Rivers Lis and Seiça is still being examined. However, the amount requested greatly exceeds that available
from the Cohesion Fund for Portugal until 1999. A final decision on the project will therefore have to await the
drawing up of priorities for the Cohesion Fund in agreement with the Portuguese authorities.

(98/C 304/232) WRITTEN QUESTION P-0737/98
by Werner Langen (PPE) to the Commission
(2 March 1998)

Subject: EU trade mark directive

The EU’s trade mark directive creates special legal protection for the producers of branded articles, permitting
them to keep the prices of their products artificially high. This rule seems very questionable in commercial law,
since it places the protection of branded article producers above international conventions and agreements. This
restricts the free movement of goods and acts against the interests of the consumer, who must ultimately pay the
inflated price. In view of the above:

1. In the Commission’s view, what are the consequences for competition and consumer policy of the
restriction of free movement of goods as a result of the transposition of the EU trade mark directive in 1995, and
how does it justify the de facto dominance of the interests of branded goods producers over those of free world
trade and the consumer?

2. What information does the Commission possess about the extent to which the EU trade mark directive
prevents the import of branded products at lower prices, and what effects has the directive had since its entry into
force on the level of sales prices for branded articles on international markets?

3. What information does the Commission possess about the practical application of the trade mark directive
in the Member States of the European Union, and can it confirm that a court in Belgium, for example, has
condemned as an abuse of the directive its application for the purpose of preventing parallel imports?

Answer given by Mr Monti on behalf of the Commission
(8 April 1998)

The Commission is conducting a detailed investigation of the problem raised by the Honourable Member and
will inform him of the outcome as soon as possible.

(98/C 304/233) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0743/98
by Richard Corbett (PSE) to the Council
(16 March 1998)

Subject: Law and order among tourists

As part of its work on Justice and Home Affairs, has the Council discussed the proper enforcement of law and
order when incidents arise between or among tourists visiting another Member State?

Does the Council agree that incidents such as violent assaults by one tourist on another should be dealt with by
appropriate action, including prosecution, rather than by simply deporting the offender without taking any action
or even by allowing tour operators to relocate offenders in another tourist location?
C 304/154 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 2. 10. 98

(28 May 1998)

1. Up to now, the Council has not received any proposal based on Article K.3 of the EU Treaty concerning the
specific problem mentioned by the Honourable Member.

2. However, the Council has addressed some problems arising from football hooliganism in a Council
Resolution of 9 June 1997 (1) on preventing and restraining football hooliganism through the exchange of
experience, exclusion from stadiums and media policy.

3. It has also considered the threat to public order from other types of international gathering in a Joint Action
of 26 May 1997 with regard to cooperation on law and order and security (2).

(1) OJ C 193, 24.6.1997, p. 1.
(2) OJ L 147, 5.6.1997, p. 1.

(98/C 304/234) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0744/98
by Glyn Ford (PSE) to the Commission
(18 March 1998)

Subject: Contravention of EU competition law

With both the Scottish and Irish Football Associations threatening to prevent Wimbledon FC and now Clydebank
FC from relocating to Dublin, does not the Commission feel that such action by those football associations is a
clear contravention of EU competition law?

Answer given by Mr Van Miert on behalf of the Commission
(31 March 1998)

The Commission would refer the Honourable Member to its answer to Oral Question H-200/98 by Mr Crowley
during question time at Parliament’s March 1998 part-session (1).

(1) Debates of the Parliament (March 1998).

(98/C 304/235) WRITTEN QUESTION P-0759/98
by Christa Randzio-Plath (PSE) to the Commission
(2 March 1998)

Subject: Information on the disbursement of EU funds for Hamburg from 1995 to date

What amount of EU appropriations, from which programmes and funds, has been disbursed for the benefit of
Hamburg since 1995?
1. to promote employment in Hamburg
a) from the European Regional Development Fund
b) from the European Social Fund
c) from the European Agricultural Guarantee and Guidance Fund (EAGGF) and other EU resources
d) special initiatives to promote women’s interests.
2. to combat long-term unemployment
3. to promote R&D projects
a) for the University of Hamburg
b) for the Hamburg Technische Hochschule (Technical Higher Education Institute)