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C 308/4 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 8.10.


Authorisation for State aid pursuant to Articles 92 and 93 of the EC Treaty

Cases where the Commission raises no objections

(98/C 308/04)
(Text with EEA relevance)

Date of adoption: 27.7.1998 Budget: Eligible project costs: FRF 261,2 million (ECU
39,5 million). The grant amounts to FRF 102,7 million
Member State: Sweden (ECU 15,5 million)

Aid No: NØ116/98 Aid intensity:

Variable, depending on beneficiary:
Title: Aid in favour of SMEs —Ùindustrial research: 52,03Ø% to 59,65Ø% for large
firms 67,69Ø% for SMEs
Objective: To promote the development of SMEs
—Ùprecompetitive development: 30,35Ø% to 34,8Ø% for
large firms, 43,52Ø% for SMEs
Legal basis: Förordning (1994:773) om småföretagsstöd
Duration: 1997 to 1998
Budget: SEK 500 million (ECU 57 million)
Conditions: Annual report
Aid intensity: 15Ø% gross

Duration: 1 January 1997 to 31 December 1998 Date of adoption: 29.7.1998

Member State: The Netherlands

Date of adoption: 29.7.1998 Aid No: NØ716/97

Title: Gamma Utility Centre Europoort
Member State: Austria (City of Graz)
Objective: Promotion of the protection of environment
Aid No: NØ611/97
Legal basis: Ministerieel besluit op basis van de kaderwet
Title: Ad-hoc aid for the project ‘centre of competence verstrekking financiñle middelen EZ
for bogies Graz’ Budget: NLG 50 million (approximately ECU 22,6
Objective: To promote an R@D project falling in the
stage of precompetitive development Aid intensity: 24Ø%

Legal basis: Subventionsordnung der Landeshauptstadt Duration: Three years


Aid intensity: ATS 10 million (ECU 0,72 million) corre- Date of adoption: 29.7.1998
sponding to an aid intensity of 8,27Ø%
Member State: Denmark
Duration: 1996 to 1998
Aid No: NØ449/A/97 and NNØ50/98
Title: Measures in favour of the natural gas sector in
Date of adoption: 29.7.1998
Objective: To limit the favourable treatment of the gas
Member State: France sector
Legal basis: Lov om afgift af naturgas og bygas
Aid No: NØ640/97
Duration: 2000
Title: Eureka 1711 adtt Phase II

Objective: Development of improved-quality digital TV

systems in two fields of electronic production: films and Date of adoption: 29.7.1998
video communications Member State: The Netherlands
Legal basis: R~gime d’aide { la filire ~lectronique Aid No: NØ135/98
8.10.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 308/5

Title: MEDEA T601 (Eureka)/Atlas project —ÙStimulus-clusterregelingen

Objective: To stimulate the participation of Dutch —ÙBesluit Technische ontwikkelingskredieten van 2 juni
companies in this international collaborative R@D 1994
Budget: NLG 198 million (ECU 88 million)
Legal basis:
Vier subsidieregelingen: Aid intensity: Maximum: 24,8Ø%, minimum 12,3Ø%
—ÙMedea-programma Duration: 13.11.1996 to 31.12.2000
—ÙBesluit bedrijfsgerichte technologische samenwer-
kingsprojecten Conditions: Annual Report

Authorisation for State aid pursuant to Articles 92 and 93 of the EC Treaty

Cases where the Commission raises no objections

(98/C 308/05)
(Text with EEA relevance)

Date of adoption: 16.12.1997 Objective: To compensate for loss of income due to the
temporary cessation of fishing activities in Moroccan
Member State: Ireland waters
Aid No: NN 121/97
Legal basis: Orden del Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos
Title: Enterprise areas (Finance Acts of 1995 and 1997) Sociales y Orden del Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y
Alimentaciön por la que se regula la concesiön de ayudas
Objective: Regional development por la parada biolögica durante los meses de marzo y
Legal basis: abril de 1998 en el caladero de Marruecos
—ÙFinance Act 1995, Section 35 Duration: Two months
—ÙFinance Act 1997, Section 26
Conditions: As provided for in Regulation (EC) No
Budget: For 16 certified projects it is estimated that total 3699/93 and in the guidelines for the examination of
tax loss amounts to IEP 6,6 million (ECU 9,01 million) State aid to the industry
which, discounted over 10 years, is approx. IEP 3,7
million (ECU 5,05 million)
Aid intensity: The incentives will always be cumulated
with regional aid; total cumulated aid will not exceed the Date of adoption: 8.7.1998
aid cumulation ceilings: 57,3Ø%, 71,4Ø% established for
the regions in question Member State: Spain (Galicia)

Duration: Aid No: N 265/98

(with regard to the possibility of establishment in the
Title: Aid for investment in aquaculture in Galicia
—Ù1995 Finance Act enterprise areas expire on Objective: To regulate the granting of aid for setting-up
31.7.1998 and modernising aquaculture plants and for bringing
—Ù1997 Finance Act enterprise areas expire on them into line with technological developments
Legal basis: Orden por la que se establecen las normas
para la concesiön de ayudas a inversiones en el `mbito
de la acuicultura
Date of adoption: 1.7.1998
Budget: ESP 2Ø081Ø200Ø600 (about ECU 12Ø462Ø279)
Member State: Spain
Aid No: N 219/98 Aid intensity: As laid down in Council Regulation (EC)
No 3699/93
Title: Aid for temporary laying-up of fishing vessels in
the framework of the agreement with Morocco Duration: 1998 and 1999