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C 310/26 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 9. 10.


In a declaration marking the start of the year of the fiftieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights adopted in Luxembourg on 12 and 13 December, the European Council welcomed the implementation of
academic programmes by the European Commission for the fiftieth anniversary and said that the Member States
would be launching national initiatives to commemorate that anniversary.

The Commission will consider the possibility of other commemorative schemes, in line with the wishes
expressed by Parliament in its commentary on the 1998 budget.

(98/C 310/28) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0122/98

by Gerardo Fernández-Albor (PPE) to the Commission
(30 January 1998)

Subject: European articles of association

The recent call by the Commission for proposals to promote the development of international youth
organizations has once again highlighted the need for a set of European articles of association to govern
associations extending beyond the territory of a Member State.

The growing interdependence of organizations which maintain multiple cooperative links beyond the purely
commercial sector in different Member States, calls for a legal framework in the European Union in order that
such organizations may develop their activities safe in the knowledge that precise regulations exist.

Can the Commission say whether it considers it necessary for such European articles of association to be adopted
at a European level in order to facilitate cooperation between individuals, organizations and bodies from
different Member States and to provide the necessary regulatory framework for their activities?

Answer given by Mr Papoutsis on behalf of the Commission

(6 March 1998)

The Commission would inform the Honourable Member that in order to facilitate cooperation between
organisations that wish to operate at European level through a non-profit body, it has already submitted to the
Council a draft regulation on the statute for a European association (1).

The draft, which was proposed in 1992, was amended in 1993 (2) following the opinions of the Parliament and the
Economic and social committee, but has not so far been adopted by the Council.

(1) OJ C 99, 21.4.1992.

(2) OJ C 236, 31.8.1993.

(98/C 310/29) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0145/98

by Kenneth Coates (GUE/NGL) to the Commission
(2 February 1998)

Subject: Anti-poverty programmes

In 1996, the United Kingdom brought before the European Court of Justice a legal action concerning funding for
the Commission’s anti-poverty and other social programmes to help excluded groups.

What effect is this having on the Commission’s work in the social sphere and on the non-governmental
organizations which engage in it? How are programmes for the elderly and the disabled affected?