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C 310/50 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 9. 10.


Can the Commission provide me with a list of the Spanish MEPs who attended the meetings held in Spain with
EU funds provided under the Prince Programme?

Answer given by Mr Oreja on behalf of the Commission

(6 April 1998)

The Commission is sending the list of main events organised as part of the Information Programme for European
Citizens (Prince) direct to the Honourable Member and Parliament’s Secretariat.

However, it should point out that in some cases it has not been possible to state which Member(s) took part in
these events as requests for Members to attend had, in some cases, to go through the secretariats of the political
groups, in accordance with the cooperation procedure in force between the Commission Representation and
Parliament’s Office in Spain.

(98/C 310/62) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0325/98

by Per Gahrton (V) to the Commission
(17 February 1998)

Subject: Rules on organic farming

The USA is planning to introduce new rules for organic farming which allow irradiation, genetic engineering,
factory farming methods etc. which are not normally allowed in Europe in organic production.

What does the Commission intend to do to avoid problems in the WTO for those Member States, including
Sweden, which wish to maintain stringent standards for the classification of products as organic?

Answer given by Mr Fischler on behalf of the Commission

(2 april 1998)

The Commission will submit, under the arrangements provided under the World trade organisation (WTO)
agreement on technical barriers to trade, comments to the United States on their proposed regulation for organic

The Community has well developed rules for the production and labelling of organic products. Council
Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 on organic production of agricultural products and indications referring thereto on
agricultural products and foodstuffs (1), provides in Article 11 for a regime of equivalence for products imported
from third countries. This regime is managed either by the Commission (Article 11.1) or, as is currently the case
for products from the United States, by the Member States (Article 11.6). The Community requirements provide
that before organic products are imported into the Community from a third country, it should be adequately
demonstrated that the products were produced in accordance with production standards and inspection
arrangements equivalent to those applied to Community production. Similarly, the draft United States
regulations on organic farming include provision for equivalence with regard to imports of organic products
from other countries into the United States.

(1) OJ L 198, 22.7.1991.