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Download the Expression of Interest form and save the form to your desk top.
Enter information as required into the shaded fields.
 Check the boxes, as required.
Ensure that your Principal/Manager/RNL completes the Statement of Support section.
 Email:ʹ enter [Program/Module Name] in the Subject line.
  Hard copies of the Expression of Interest form will not be accepted.

To be eligible for selection in this program/module, the applicant must satisfy all the following criteria:
Current on-going employment with a Victorian Government School
Availability to participate in all workshops and program/module activities
Ability to meet any deposit/co-contribution costs
!"#c cc
Please select the program/module you are applying for:

LEADING PEOPLE: Developing Effective Communication

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$% 01589730 &'Leslee (&'Rees 
c%('&)!  *c'&)!
!+",) (',0439148887 % Female
 & -$c%($&  $  More than 20 Years  
(  (, & -)& $& 
Leading Teacher Specify Other...  .&$( (, & - Please Select...
$*) (', $*)
$*)* (', /Please Select...  01    
$&)"&&/"      c'&)
$*)& /.Please Select... Specify If Other Selected... & &)& * $*) Yes No
Please Select... Specify If Other Selected...
 c 2
#! c! c! ##c5cc !    6'& 70%8 

Describe how your participation in this program/module aligns with your personal and professional development plan, and your
aspirations for future leadership roles. The Developmental Learning Framework for School Leaders and iLead 360 Survey can
assist you to identify and articulate your capabilities and areas for growth.

9c c!#c +
+!c c  6'& 70%8
Describe a current leadership challenge in your workplace, and how the knowledge, skills and dispositions you expect to
develop through this program/module will assist you to address this challenge.

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+ + !c
! ! #
5c# #c c     6'& 70%8

Describe how your participation in this program/module aligns with the school strategic plan, the annual implementation plan
and the whole school professional development plan, and how it will contribute to high quality instructional practice as
identified in the  Instructional Model. V

;<c  cc
!         6'& 70%8 

Applicants will be selected based on:

V demonstrated leadership capabilities
V potential for future school leadership roles
V demonstrated commitment to the development of self and others
V enthusiasm and readiness for undertaking this program as part of personal and professional learning and system
Use this section to provide any further evidence as to how you meet these selection criteria.

! =  !cc 
Applicants must read and agree to the following terms and conditions for their Expression of Interest to be considered.
I have considered the scope of this program/module.
If selected for this program/module I agree to:
V participate in all aspects of the program/module, including workshops, project work, assessment and evaluation
V complete self assessments and feedback tools as required and use the data to improve my capabilities
V conduct workplace-based learning activities during the program/module and between workshops with support from
program facilitators
V share my learning with my employer, with other staff and with others in my professional community
V practise my leadership skills, and
V provide thoughtful feedback through evaluation processes for the improvement of the program/module.
I agree to the conditions of participation set out above. #&  

!" =  !cc   
Principal or Regional Network Leader needs to endorse this Expression of Interest. (Please check all the boxes below).
c'&) *  
I have read information related to this program/module and confirm that:
the applicant is a competent teacher practitioner
the applicant demonstrates strong leadership capabilities
the applicant demonstrates a willingness to engage in critical reflective practice
the applicant demonstrates an ability to contribute to school and system-wide improvement
the professional learning aligns with the applicant͛s development plan and the school and/or network priorities.
I will ensure the applicant is provided with opportunities to:
pV complete all activities associated with the program/module
pV practise his/her leadership capabilities.
I agree to the conditions of participation set out above. #& 

5!  !cc 
The personal information which is provided in this application form will be stored securely on Department of Education and
Early Childhood Development property in accordance with the requirements of the Public Records Act 1973 and the Information
Privacy Act 2000. It will only be accessed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development for the purposes of
participant selection, compilation and reporting on participation statistics, and to inform the development of leadership policy
for the school and early childhood workforces.