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Agaricus Blazei - Immune Stimulant

1- Anti-tumor effect: Polysaccharides including beta and protein glucan decrease and
control cancerous cell proliferation.
2- Cancer inhibition effect: Steroids, nucleic acids, lipids and lectin restrain
cancerous cell multiplication.
3- Anti-cancer and metastasis inhibition effect: Agaricus blazei prevents normal cells
from becoming cancerous cells. The mushroom shows a remarkable cancer
prevention rate of 99.4%.
4- Reducing blood sugar: The mushroom is effective in fighting diabetes.
5- Controlling blood pressure: It lowers cholesterol level and eases arteriosclerosis.

Summary for Agaricus Blazei

Research studies over the last 25 years have shown Agaricus Blazei to stimulate the
immune system and promote natural mechanisms to battle infectious disease and
cancers. Agaricus Blazei stimulates lymphocyte T-cell and Helper T-cell production.
The polysaccharide contained in Agaricus Blazei stimulates production of interferon
and interleukin that indirectly function to destroy and prevent the proliferation of
cancer cells. Also, Agaricus Blazei turned out to be a very powerful antiviral agent
preventing viruses from entering tissues.

Normally, the polysaccharides found in fungus only affect solid cancers, however the
polysaccharide in Agaricus Blazei is effective against Ehrich's ascites carcinoma,
sigmoid colonic cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate, and
liver cancer as well as against solid cancers.

In Japan, Agaricus Blazei was found to eliminate all cancerous tumors in 90% of the
experimental mice. Additionally, when the mice were fed Agaricus Blazei as a
preventative and then injected with a very powerful cancer causing agent (Sarcoma
180), 99.4% of them showed no tumor growth. Conventional medicine has nothing
as powerful as this.

The studies in Japan showed Agaricus Blazei to be 80% more effective than the
world's number one cancer drug, PSK. It contains much higher levels of beta glucans
than the other medicinal mushrooms (Maitake, Shiitake, and Reishi). It stimulates
NK (Natural Killer) cell activity at a rate higher than MGN-3.

There are large numbers of patients for whom there are no effective allopathic
treatments or for whom the available therapies are either poorly tolerated or only
partially helpful. A physician who has the knowledge to help these patients is
working with a tremendous advantage.

Agaricus Blazei mushrooms: the following people may obtain beneficial results from
Agaricus mushrooms due to the active ingredient, Beta-1,3 / 1,6-glucan:

• People with an impaired or suppressed immune system from any cause.

• People with a high occurrence of infectious diseases, including colds and flu.
• People with allergies or skin conditions, including skin cancer.
• People undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation.
• People over the age of 40 when the immune system starts to slow down due
to the natural aging process.
• People affected by extra free radical production from external sources such as
UV radiation, electromagnetic fields, poor nutritional habits and toxic
• People with chronic diseases such as diabetes, chronic inflammation and
chronic fatigue.
• Professional and amateur athletes, or anyone who works out intensively.
• People under severe physical or emotional stress.
• People with arteriosclerosis. Agaricus Blazei helps draw extra cholesterol from
the blood, thus preventing further plaque formation on the arterial walls.