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9. 10.

98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 310/131

Answer given by Mr Van Miert on behalf of the Commission

(8 April 1998)

The Commission is conducting a detailed investigation of the problem raised by the Honourable Member and
will inform him of the outcome as soon as possible.

(98/C 310/176) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0793/98

by Wilmya Zimmermann (PSE) to the Commission
(18 March 1998)

Subject: Disbursement of EU funds to the district of Upper Franconia

1. In 1995, what was the amount of EU funds disbursed to Bavaria as a whole, and to the district of Upper
Franconia (Oberfranken) in particular?

2. In the context of what projects and funds were these appropriations disbursed?

3. What specific projects were carried out for the following target groups:
− women
− young people
− the long-term unemployed,

and what amount of aid was granted for each?

Answer given by Mr Santer on behalf of the Commission

(2 April 1998)

The Commission is collecting the information it needs to answer the question. It will communicate its findings as
soon as possible.

(98/C 310/177) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0798/98

by Nikitas Kaklamanis (UPE) to the Commission
(18 March 1998)

Subject: Trafficking in human organs and drugs

Shocking information and allegations about the illegal trade in human organs and dangerous drugs have
appeared recently in the European press.

In particular, the lawyer Marie-Gabrielle Kohler has given an interview in the Swiss newspaper, ‘Le Matin’,
alleging that consignments of drugs (which pose a serious threat to consumers) are being sent to Greece, and that
a German doctor, Michael Hummel (who is supposed to be the mastermind behind drugs shipments to Greece),
was interested in human organs originating from Eastern Europe and intended chiefly for German hospitals ...

Special companies have been set up to launder the revenue from these operations. It is also horrifying to hear
Valerij Sumakov, a Russian transplant surgeon, admit that he himself exports organs from Moscow using forged

Will the Commission give its official views on this daunting ethical problem and say what information its
services possess regarding exports of dangerous drugs and illegally obtained human organs to Greece?