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C 310/136 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 9. 10.


(98/C 310/183) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0826/98

by Lis Jensen (I-EDN) to the Commission
(26 March 1998)

Subject: Information budget of the Commission’s Copenhagen office

Will the Commission state how much money its office in Denmark has earmarked for information purposes in
1998 and what proportion of that amount will be used before 28 May 1998?

Answer given by Mr Oreja on behalf of the Commission

(2 June 1998)

For general information activities in 1998 the Commission representation in Denmark has been allocated
ECU 1 248 000 in commitment appropriations on budget line B3-300 (general information and communication
work concerning the European Union) and ECU 20 000 in commitment appropriations on budget line B3-301
(information outlets).

The general information activities of the representation, such as the publishing of a monthly magazine,
newsletters, fact sheets and organisation of conferences and seminars, take place throughout the year, both before
and after the referendum date.

On budget line B3-306 (information programme for European citizens ‘PRINCE’ − information activities in
connection with specific policies) ECU 295 000 in commitment appropriations has been allocated for
information by the Representation in Denmark on the Treaty of Amsterdam. At this stage it is difficult to
determine what proportion will be spent before and after May 28. Theses activities fall under the requirement of
the Commission to provide information for the general public (such as a factual guide on the Treaty of
Amsterdam) on important issues about the Community.

(98/C 310/184) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0832/98

by Jesús Cabezón Alonso (PSE) to the Commission
(26 March 1998)

Subject: Application of Cuba to join the group of ACP countries under the Lomé Convention

Can the Commission confirm that Cuba has officially applied to join the group of ACP countries which are
signatories to the Lomé Convention?

Is it appropriate that Cuba should wish to join the group of ACP countries signatories to the Lomé Convention,
given that two years ago the Commission stated that it was not possible to sign a bilateral cooperation agreement
between the European Union and Cuba?

Answer given by Mr Marı́n on behalf of the Commission

(7 April 1998)

The Commission has been informed that the Cuban government has formally applied for membership of the
African, Caribbean and Pacific group of countries (ACP) signatory to the Lomé Convention.

However, the ACP group must first give its opinion on this request. The Lomé Convention partners (ACP and the
Community) will then, where appropriate, examine the application jointly in accordance with the objectives and
principles laid down in the Convention and with the procedures in force.