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C 310/152 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 9. 10.


(98/C 310/210) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0984/98

by Eryl McNally (PSE) to the Commission
(2 April 1998)

Subject: UFO sightings within the European Community

One of my constituents has enquired about Europe’s position on Unidentified Flying Objects. In his letter, he
reports two witnessed sightings of UFOs in Britain and also in Belgium, both involving military personnel. When
he approached national ministers for their response, he felt it inappropriately lax, and this led him to question the
foundations of national and European security in these matters. He also implies the possibility of a cover-up
which may well be detrimental to European citizens and the notion of security in general.

In light of the above, what measures does the Commission feel are required to ensure that European citizens are
reassured as to their security in relation to Unidentified Flying Objects? Indeed, is there any European policy on
UFOs or room for elaboration on any existing policy?

Answer given by Mr Santer on behalf of the Commission

(15 April 1998)

The Commission takes the view that it has no jurisdiction in this matter.

(98/C 310/211) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0988/98

by Cristiana Muscardini (NI), Amedeo Amadeo (NI), Roberta Angelilli (NI),
Spalato Belleré (NI), Marco Cellai (NI), Sebastiano Musumeci (NI), Gastone Parigi (NI),
Salvatore Tatarella (NI) and Antonio Trizza (NI) to the Commission
(2 April 1998)

Subject: Pre-accession negotiations with Slovenia

Fifty years after the end of the war, Slovenia’s ambassador to Italy has stated that the time has not yet come for
reconciliation between Italy and Slovenia. As is well known, there are still outstanding issues in the field of
bilateral relations between the two countries (the return of property confiscated from the exiles forced to abandon
their homes in 1947 and recognition of the brutal massacres carried out in the ‘Foibe’ limestone chasms), and for
some time the two parties have been making diplomatic efforts to reach satisfactory solutions to these and other
problems. The ambassador’s remarks contrast sharply with these efforts, and are hardly consistent with his
country’s desire to accede to the EU, which stands for peace and harmony in international relations.

In view of the foregoing,

1. What is the Commission’s opinion of the statement in question, in view of the forthcoming opening of
pre-accession negotiations with Slovenia?
2. Does it agree that, regardless of questions that fall within the province of bilateral relations, this hostile
stance is incompatible with the friendly relations, based on mutual respect, that prevail between Member
States of the Union?
3. Does it agree that this imprudent and unacceptable attitude, which indicates contempt for human rights in
respect of the two unresolved questions referred to above, could jeopardize the smooth progress and
objective nature of the negotiations?
4. Does it agree that, as a useful and necessary preliminary to embarking on pre-accession negotiations with
Slovenia, that country should be asked to clarify its position with regard to reconciliation with Italy?