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98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 312/11

(Portugal), represented by Manuel Rodrigues, of the ORDER OF THE COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE
Lisbon Bar, v. Commission of the European Communities of 16 July 1998
(Agents: Maria Teresa Figueira and Knut Simonsson) Ð
application for the annulment of Commission Decisions in Case T-274/97: Ca'Pasta Srl v. Commission of the
C(96) 2554 and C(96) 2555 of 9 December 1996 reducing European Communities (1)
two Community aids granted by the European Social Fund
(Regulation (EEC) No 4028/86 Ð Common fisheries
Ð the Court (Fourth Chamber), composed of: P. Lindh,
policy Ð Community financial assistance Ð Procedure for
President, K. Lenaerts and J. D. Cooke, Judges; B. Pastor,
cancelling the assistance Ð Action for annulment Ð
Principal Administrator, for the Registrar, has given a
judgment on 16 July 1998, in which it:
(98/C 312/30)
1. dismisses the action;
(Language of the case: Italian)

2. orders the applicant to pay the costs.

In Case T-274/97: Ca'Pasta Srl, represented by Paolo Piva,
of the Venice Bar, and Guy Arendt, of the Luxembourg
(1) OJ C 166, 31.5.1997.
Bar, with an address for service in Luxembourg at the
latter's Chambers, 7 Val Sainte-Croix v. Commission of
the European Communities (Agents: Hubert van Vliet and
Alberto Dal Ferro) Ð application for annulment of a
decision allegedly contained in a letter of 4 August 1997
sent by the Commission to the applicant Ð the Court of
ORDER OF THE COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE First Instance (Third Chamber), composed of: V. Tiili,
President, and C. P. BrieÈt and A. Potocki, Judges; H. Jung,
(First Chamber) Registrar, made an order on 16 July 1998, the operative
of 7 July 1998 part of which is as follows:

in Case T-178/97 Albano Moncada v. Commission of the

European Communities (1) 1. The action is dismissed as inadmissible.

(Officials Ð Deputising for a hierarchical superior Ð

Action manifestly inadmissible and not well founded in 2. The applicant is ordered to pay the costs.
(1) OJ C 387, 20.12.1997.
(98/C 312/29)

(Language of the case: French)

In Case T-178/97: Albano Moncada, an official of the

Commission of the European Communities, residing in ORDER OF THE COURT OF FIRST INSTANCE
Luxembourg, represented by Jean-NoeÈl Louis, Thierry of 6 July 1998
Demaseure and Ariane Tornel, of the Brussels Bar, with an
address for service in Luxembourg at the offices of in Case T-286/97: Anthony Goldstein v. Commission of
Fiduciaire Myson SARL, 30 Rue de Cessange, against the the European Communities (1)
Commission of the European Communities (Agents:
(Action for failure to act Ð Obligation to act Ð None Ð
Christine Berardis-Kayser and Florence Duvieusart-
Action manifestly lacking any foundation in law)
Clotuche) Ð application for, first, annulment of the
Commission's decision of 12 August 1996 directing a (98/C 312/31)
colleague in a lower grade than the applicant to deputise
during the absences of his hierarchical superior and,
(Language of the case: English)
second, for damages Ð the Court (First Chamber),
composed of: B. Vesterdorf, President, and R. M. Moura
Ramos and P. Mengozzi, Judges; H. Jung, Registrar, has In Case T-286/97, Anthony Goldstein, residing in London,
made an order on 7 July 1998 in which it: represented by Raymond St John Murphy, Solicitor, 3
Kings Bench Walk, Inner Temple, London, against
Commission of the European Communities (Agent:
1. dismisses the application;
Richard Lyal) Ð application for a finding that the
Commission failed to act by failing to take a decision on a
2. orders the parties to bear their own costs. complaint (IV/34.824 Ð Goldstein/GMC) against certain
anti-competitive practices, lodged by the applicant under
Article 3(2) of Council Regulation No 17 of 6 February
(1) OJ C 252, 16.8.1997.
1962, First Regulation implementing Articles 85 and 86 of
the Treaty (OJ, English Special Edition 1959Ð1962, p. 87)
Ð the Court of First Instance (Third Chamber), composed