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October Meeting, “Our Welcoming We t l a n d ”

Come learn about AoMC efforts to untangle the inva-

sive pest plants and create the welcoming wetland, we
now call “A. G.’s Pond,” at the Possum Long Nature
Center. Kevin Henderson, project coordinator from
Evergreen Engineering, will join Pam Hopkins and Greg
Braun to describe the year long effort to relieve the
Nature Center of its huge Mahoe trees plus innumer-
able other invasive plants and the (cont’d page 2)



October 20
“Cleaning Up Lake O+ Rivers” Vo l . 21 No. 1 772-288-2637 OCTOBER 2010
Lakeside Ranch STA + more
Field Trip to Several Stormwater Treatment Areas:
October 21 Lakeside Ranch STA, Taylor Creek STA and Lemkin Creek HWTT
“Our Welcoming Wetland”
11am hospitality
11:30 program
On Wednesday, October 20, anticipate a busy
12:30 tour the pond site field trip to Martin County’s Stormwater Treatment
Meeting at Audubon Office
Area-in-progress, Lakeside Ranch STA.
We will meet SFWMD Education and Program
ANNUAL ASSEMBLY specialist Niki Spencer along with scientists and field
October 22-23 managers there at 9 am. This 2700-acre wetland is
St Petersburg, FL
see designed to use emergent vegetation to remove
also page 3 this newsletter phosphorus from contaminated water flowing into
Lake Okeechobee from farmland around the
NOVEMBER Okeechobee-Martin County line.
At 10:30 am we will then be escorted to exam-
November 18 ine Taylor Creek STA, located north of Okeechobee.
Drs. Richard and Juanita Baker This will be followed by a tour of Lemkin Creek, Top of page: Aerial view of Lakeside Ranch area at the Martin -
“Blue Cypress Lake”
an HWTT (hybrid wetland treatment techology). Okeechobee county line at Lake Okeechobee.
Photo above: Work underway to create the STA.
This hybrid facility combines both wetland and photos courtesy SFWMD
November 20 chemical treatments by incorporating the use of
Kayak trip on Blue Cypress Lake lime rock beds and aquatic vegetation to maximize We will be leaving the Knights of Columbus,
nutrient removal. Kanner Highway, at 7:30am. The fee for trips is
Volunteer help welcome! Our hosts will join us for a brown bag picnic $5 for Audubon members; $10 for non-members.
Possum Long Nature Center Proceeds go to our local chapter. Sign up and
Every Wednesday afternoon lunch at Okeetantie Park on Lake Okeechobee.
Bring your lunch. These tours will be highly educa- re s e rve your field trip space by emailing Mary and
Watch for Grand Opening Party tional and bird friendly relative to the evolution of Kathy at or
Date TBD Nov-Jan
each individual STA area. calling 772-221-9953 (home) or 772-233-2820.
Get Ready for
April 8-9, 2011
See field trip flyer enclosed in this newsletter for more information. Save for future reference.
Executive Director - Greg Braun
561-575-2028 Office
561-575-0042 Fax
Message from our President by Lisa Fiore
Welcome to the new season! The Board
of Directors has been hard at work over the
Managing Director Pam Hopkins 772-285-1445 summer. We're looking forward to the comple-
Volunteer Coordinator Debbie Clark 772-545-2404 tion of the Stormwater Retrofit Project, as well as
grand opening event to showcase it in January.
BOARD MEMBERS T h e re have been many changes in the
Board of Directors, and I would like to take
President Lisa Fiore 772-528-9707 this opportunity to thank everyone who has
Vice President Fran Stewart 772-245-8180 stepped up to fill vacant positions, and make
Treasurer Robert Gordon 772-546-2206 this season a success.
Secretary Carol Newton 772-209-0789 The Field Trip Committee has put together a wonderful schedule
Past President Laurie Odlum 772-486-2837 of field trips, and we're looking forw a rd to seeing all of our members
Director Curt Wood 772-546-5435 throughout the season.
Director Susan Whiting 772-220-1992 There will also be many other opportunities for volunteerism and
Director Susan Smyth 772-692-3489 involvement on our properties, so please be on the lookout for a calendar
Director/Garden Louise White 772-283-4416 of events and join us when you're able.
Conservation Tony Chatowsky 000-000-0000 Lisa
Education Linda Wishney 772-486-1935
Field Trips Mary Starzinski 772-221-9953
Legal Bob Matheson 772-485-0944 Pam’s Blog: News from Possum Long
Membership Bev Poppke 772-286-0061
Programs Ed Fielding 772-286-6131 Our thanks to the dedicated Wednesday Habitat Creation Team, Ralph
Properties Greg Braun 561-575-2028 Mallery, Jim Stewart, Mary Ann Gans and Mike Pascarelli. They have
Possum Long N. C. Pam Hopkins 772-285-1445 made substantial progress, working regularly through high temperatures
Publicity Joan Bausch and humidity. Over the summer the group concentrated on the area
Resource Dev. Debbie Clark 772-545-2404 next to the chickee to create a tropical coastal hammock. This group,
Youth Liason Jessie Green plus others, will be what makes Possum Long Nature Center a wonder-
ful place to visit.

Bluebird Coordinator/ Librarian Bev Poppke

Eaglewatch Liason Jim Kearman
Cranewatch Coordinator Pam Hopkins P r o gram Meet ing ( continued)
Jaywatch Coordinator Pam Hopkins
Christmas Bird Count Liz Hailman on-going efforts to establish the new
Webmaster Jim Kearman wetland community and how nature is
already taking advantage of our work.
AUDUBON HOUSE DOCENTS Pam’s blog “News from Possum Long”
can be found online at our website
Dina Allison, Ed Fisher, Bev Poppke, Linda Wishney, LaWayne Niedzielski, or
ask her to include you in her emails Help the birds
Contact Your U. S. Senators of “News from Possum Long.” and their
Bill Nelson 202-224-5274 environment
Second seat is up for election in November.
Ask each candidate where they stand on conservation issues you care about. AoMC WISH LIST
Please consider a
Dollars toward taxidermy work on a bequest to Audubon
salvaged White-tailed Tropicbird.
of Martin County
Volunteers’ time to count toward our
A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of
Consumer Services toll-free within Florida 800-435-7352. Registration does not imply endorsement, share of grant for removing invasives.
Call Bob Matheson
approval, or recommendation by the state.
Volunteers at Possum Long Nature
The Scrub Jay is published seven times a year Center Wednesday afternoons.
By Susan B. Whiting
October is near the end of Passerine (dickey bird) Th e re is one warbler that spends the winter with
migration in Martin County. Passerines are perching us in Martin County that has two different subspecies.
birds and range in size from the smallest, the Ruby- This is the Palm Warbler. This tail wagging warbler is
crowned Kinglets (around four inches long) to one of the first to leave in the spring and one of the
American Crows at around seventeen inches in last to arrive in the fall. It does not breed in Florida,
length. They are considered by ornithologists to be but travels well into the North to breed in the land of
the most advanced of our birds. They all have two s p ruce and firs. The nest site is usually in bogs and on
toes forward and one back and have the ability to sing the ground in mossy hammocks.
beautiful songs. The Palm Warbler that is the most common win-
One group of Passerines that travel through or ter visitor is the called the We s t e rnPalm Warbler. It is
spend the winter months in Florida is the wood war- quite pale, having a streaked white breast, a white eye
blers. These small birds all have nine primary feath- stripe and a faint wash of yellow on it flanks and
ers, possess sharp bills and are insectivores. under tail feathers. Its back is an olive-gray. We also
Although the warblers are very colorful in the occasionally spot an Eastern Palm Warbler which is
photo credit: Susan Whiting spring, when they arrive for the winter in Martin very yellow from under its chin all the way to under
Palm Warbler County they have changed into their winter its tail feathers. Whichever one you spot it will usually
plumages. The males are traditionally more stunning be on the ground and bobbing its tail.
(Dendroica palmarum)
than the females, but during the winter they do not We issue Martin County birders a challenge to
have to impress the females. Nesting season is fin- d e t e rmine whether you are viewing an Eastern or
ished and the young have left the warbler couple’s We s t e rn Palm Warbler. This warbler is not hard to
care. One would presume that the warblers change find as it is in most of your yards. You probably can’t
“Look deep into duller tones to avoid being obvious. Dull colors miss this bird as it lives up to its nicknames of “tip up
blend into the environment more and provide more warbler” or “wag tail warbler”.
into nature, protection from predators.

and then Volunteers Making a Difference Nancy Price, Stuart, FL

you will Calls come into the Audubon office regularly She would grab her camera and head out to
about baby birds, strange new birds, visiting birds, take a look. She has taken some wonderful shots of
understand and “what is it ???” baby Black-crowned Night-Herons in Palm City,
My first call is to Nancy Price. Many of our threatened Least Terns nesting near St. Lucie Inlet,
everything” volunteers know and like plants, trees and wildlife. White Ibis in their scarlet faced breeding stage off
Some like to work in the office, others would Cove Rd, Bluebirds on and around Fox Brown Rd,
– Albert Einstein rather work outdoors, but when you get someone and her favorite, Hummingbirds in her back yard.
whose passion is photography and wildlife, now It’s been a pleasure, and a learning experience,
you have someone who can help document nature. working with her. Thanks Nancy!
Bev Poppke, Membership Chair

Conservation Corner: Audubon of Florida Annual Assembly - October 22 & 23

This year’s Assembly will be held at the Hilton the passion and the volunteers’ energy into a force
St. Petersburg Carillon Park in St. Petersburg, for coastal habitat protection and recovery? Beach
THANK YOU Florida. Meet and work with others to chart the bird stewardship, colony management, working
SPONSORS course for Florida conservation. When we are with law enforcement, and connecting people with
together our voice is heard and we can save the nature – these strategies will make a lasting differ-
places and species that make Florida special. ence for our coastal birds.
Howard Petrie On Friday, Oct. 22, President Eric Draper will Save water, energy and birds with the same
share his vision of Audubon and its special role in actions? Listen to stories and write your own
Carol Newton Florida today and in the future. about how we are taking everyday actions to use
in recognition of Florida Forever, Everglades restoration, con- less and save more. Take the Conservation
her mother trolling exotic species, using prescribed fire, fresh- Challenge for water and bird friendly yards and
Betty McClure water flows, learn what tools are needed and avail- energy efficiency.
able to conserve and restore habitats for the bene- To learn more about speakers and workshops
fit of Important Bird Areas. for the Assembly, go on-line at www.audubonof-
The Gulf oil disaster focused public attention
on vulnerable coastal birds. How do we convert
U. S. Postage Paid
Permit #57
Stuart, FL 34994

621 S.E Palm Beach Road

Stuart, FL 34994

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Jensen Beach, Florida. 772-232-1384

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS! Education Corner:

Barbara Bedell Robin Wakefield Judy Olson
Birding Adventures
Virginia Brach Becky Dulin Sonja Warren
Linda Wi s h n e y, Education chair, is developing “Birding
C. Frederick Buechner Stacei Ankrom Jay & Gail Nelson
Maida J. Christner Susan Buys Mary Morett
Adventures for Children,” for middle school children (grades
Gloria A. Cioffi Melissa Dubois Laura Hauss 6-8) to take place at the Possum Long Nature Center.
Cecilia A. Cleveland Trisha Ebell Mark Vanderbilt Introducing children to the world of birding and how
Barbara Danielski Tara Zilly Barbie Sousa the environment affects birds and ourselves will be the
Helen M. Darling Debbie Trowbridge Janet Kempf focus. Habitats will be observed. Children will have the
Peggy V. Davidson Marti Sheckells Howard Petrie
opportunity to walk the trails and visit the new pond look-
Sue Garcia Cristina Smith Karen Miller
ing for birds, sketching in their journals. We will use our
Thomas Gerace J. Devivero Kimberly Thomas
Deborah Hogsten Dennis Killila Jeffrey Benario
new platform for ospreys to note nest size and material
David Husak Nicholas Keller Leisa Valerio used by birds for their construction.
Marion L. Hutchinson Hobe Sound Chamber of George Lowe Environmental concerns for the survival of birds will be
Robert & Joy Valle Commerce Marie Dube considered: natural impacts (weathers & storms), human
William Knapp Susan Trotman Jelene Dressler related impacts (growth of populations, housing, pesticide
Eleanor Lecollier Linwood Childress & Robert & Inge Owens
Paul Loveday Howard Snoweiss Lauretta Smith
Elvin Manges Arthur Janecki Line Rader
Carol Martin Leslie Hoffman Palmer Tuthill
To join Linda’s Education Committee please call or
Walter Moore George & Joyce Hickman Donna Kasprzak email her. See future newsletters for further details.
Carol Novak Cummings Library Regina Wood
Julie Orr Charles Gersbach Elaine Quinter
Harold E. Schafer Elaine Mossack

Elizabeth L. Slater Pauline Franke