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C 314/2 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 13.10.



DURING THE PERIOD 28.9. TO 2.10.1998

(98/C 314/02)

(Text with EEA relevance)

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Commission the Council

COM(1998) 526 CB-CO-98-533-EN-C Proposal for a European Parliament and 28.9.1998 28.9.1998 32
Council Directive amending Council
Directive 78/548/EEC on the approxi-
mation of the laws of the Member States
relating to heating systems for the passenger
compartment of motor vehiclesØ(Ï)Ø(Ð)

COM(1998) 529 CB-CO-98-535-EN-C Proposal for a Council Decision the 25.9.1998 28.9.1998 9
Community position within the EC/Turkey
Association Council on the introduction of
common outward processing arrangements
for textiles and clothing

COM(1998) 533 CB-CO-98-538-EN-C Amended proposal for a Council Directive 28.9.1998 28.9.1998 50
on the marketing of seed of oil and fibre
plants (codified version)

COM(1998) 537 CB-CO-98-543-EN-C Commission report to the budgetary 25.9.1998 28.9.1998 60

authority on guarantees covered by the
general budget — situation at 30 June 1998

COM(1998) 541 CB-CO-98-548-EN-C Proposal for a Council Regulation (EC) on 28.9.1998 28.9.1998 25
a Community fleet capacity policy to
promote inland waterway transportØ(Ð)

COM(1998) 480 CB-CO-98-494-EN-C Proposal for a Council Directive amending 22.7.1998 29.9.1998 107
Directive 91/440/EEC on the development
of the Community’s railwaysØ(Ï)Ø(Ð)

Proposal for a Council Directive amending

Directive 95/18/EC on the licensing of
railway undertakingsØ(Ï)Ø(Ð)

Proposal for a Council Directive relating to

the allocation of railway infrastructure
capacity and the levying of charges for the
use of railway infrastructure and safety

COM(1998) 527 CB-CO-98-549-EN-C Communication from the Commission to 30.9.1998 30.9.1998 23

the Council and the European Parliament
microfinance and poverty reduction
13.10.98 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 314/3

Date adopted Date

Catalogue Number
Code Title by the forwarded to
No Commission the Council of pages

COM(1998) 542 CB-CO-98-553-EN-C Proposal for a European Parliament and 30.9.1998 30.9.1998 11
Council Decision amending Decision No
1254/96/EC laying down a series of
guidelines for trans-European energy

COM(1998) 547 CB-CO-98-555-EN-C Proposal for a Council Regulation (EC) 30.9.1998 30.9.1998 10
amending Regulation (EEC) No 1408/71
on the application of social security schemes
to employed persons, to self-employed
persons and to members of their families
moving within the Community and Regu-
lation (EEC) No 574/72 laying down the
procedure for implementing Regulation
(EEC) No 1408/71Ø(Ï)Ø(Ð)

COM(1998) 549 CB-CO-98-556-EN-C Amended proposal for a Council Regulation 30.9.1998 1.10.1998 10
(EC) on the registration and use within the
Community of certain types of civil subsonic
jet aeroplanes which have been modified
and recertified as meeting the standards of
Volume I, Part II, Chapter 3 of Annex 16 to
the Convention on International Civil
Aviation, third edition (July 1993)Ø(Ï)Ø(Ð)

COM(1998) 391 CB-CO-98-406-EN-C Trans-European networks — 1997 annual 2.10.1998 2.10.1998 70

report from the Commission to the
European Parliament, the Council, the
Economic and Social Committee and the
Committee of Regions

COM(1998) 548 CB-CO-98-550-EN-C Opinion of the Commission pursuant to 2.10.1998 2.10.1998 7

Article 189b(2)(d) of the EC Treaty, on the
European Parliament’s amendments to the
Council common position regarding the
proposal for a European Parliament and
Council Directive on in-vitro diagnostic
medical devicesØ(Ð)

(Î)ÙThis document contains an impact assessment on business, and in particular on SMEs.

(Ï)ÙThis document will be published in the Official Journal of the European Communities.
(Ð)ÙText with EEA relevance.

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