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C 314/4 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 13.10.


Authorisation for State aid pursuant to Articles 92 and 93 of the EC Treaty

Cases where the Commission raises no objections

(98/C 314/03)
(Text with EEA relevance)

Date of adoption: 14.7.1998 Title: Modification and prolongation of an R@D scheme

of the Land Saxony: aid for the development of new
Member State: Denmark products and production technology
Aid No: NØ117/98 Objective: Promotion of R@D activities in the field of
Title: Measures to assist the training of persons experi- future technologies
encing difficulties in returning to the job market Legal basis: Förderrichtlinie des Sächsischen Staatsmini-
steriums für Wirtschaft und Arbeit über die Gewährung
Objective: Retraining of persons suddenly faced with the
von Zuwendungen für Projekte zur Entwicklung neuer
problem of returning to the job market
oder neuartiger Produkte und Verfahren im Freistaat
Legal basis: Lov om aktiv socialpolitik Sachsen
Budget: Budget:
—Ù1998: DKK 585,6 million (ECU 78,1 million) —Ù1997: DEM 59 million (ECU 29,5 million)
—Ù1999: DKK 643,4 million (ECU 85,8 million) —Ù1998: DEM 66 million (ECU 33 million)
—Ù1999: DEM 96 million (ECU 48 million)
Aid intensity: 50Ø% gross
Aid intensity:
Duration: Indefinite. Review in autumn 1998
Industrial research: up to a maximum of 75Ø% gross of
eligible costs for SMEs and 65Ø% for large firms. The
maximum aid is granted under specified conditions in
Date of adoption: 16.9.1998 conformity with the Community framework for R@D
(OJ CØ45, 17.2.1996)
Member State: Italy (Sicily)
Precompetitive development activities: up to a maximum
Aid No: NØ346/98 of 50Ø% gross of eligible costs for SMEs and 40Ø% for
large firms. The maximum aid is granted under specified
Title: Regional Law 39/97 — Article 13: assistance for conditions in conformity with the Community
the service cooperative CATA Høtels framework for R@D (OJ CØ45, 17.2.1996)
Objective: Financial restructuring (hotel and catering Duration: 1997 to 1999
Legal basis: Legge Regionale siciliana 39/97
Date of adoption: 18.9.1998
Budget: ITL 4Ø000 billion
Member State: Italy (Veneto)
Aid intensity:
Aid No: NØ77/98
—Ù35Ø% grant
—ÙLow-interest loan (4Ø%) Title: Leader II Veneto

Duration: Non-recurring Objective: Aid scheme to promote the international-

isation of firms
Legal basis: Leader II Veneto — PAL ‘Baldo-Lessinia’
Date of adoption: 16.9.1998 Budget: ITL 231 million (approximately ECU 110Ù000)
Member State: Germany Aid intensity: 65Ø% of eligible expenditure
Aid No: NNØ32/98 (NØ414/97) Duration: 1998 to 1999