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C 314/22 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 13.10.



Notice of call for proposals 1/99
Support with promotion and access to the market of independent European productors and

(98/C 314/06)

1.ÙIntroduction Operators wishing to respond to this call for proposals

and receive the document ‘Guidelines for submitting
This notice of call for proposals is based on the Council proposals with a view to obtaining a financial
Decision 95/563/EC involving the implementation of a contribution in the promotion sector’ must send their
programme to encourage the development and request by post or fax to:
distribution of European audiovisual productions
(MEDIA II — Development and distribution 1996 to European Commission, Mr Jacques Delmoly, Unit
2000), adopted by the Council on 11 July 1995. Head, responsible for the MEDIA programme,
Among the actions to be put into application of the said DGØX/C/2, LØ102 7/023, rue de la Loi/Wetstraat 200,
Decision is the ‘improvement to the conditions of access B-1049 Brussels, fax (32-2) 299Ø92Ø14.
of independent producers and distributors to the
European and international market by means of The Commission undertakes to send the abovementioned
promotion, assistance and putting companies in liaison document within two working days of receipt of the
with one another, especially within the context of request.
commercial events (markets, fairs, festivals and other
forms of meetings) organised on a European and inter- Final dates for submitting proposals to the abovemen-
national level’. tioned address:

2.ÙObject —Ù23.11.1998 for events organised before 30.4.1999 and

Mipcom 1999;
This notice is aimed at European operators whose
activities contribute to the aforementioned action. It —Ù5.2.1999 for events organised between 1.5.1999 and
details how to obtain the necessary documents in order 31.7.1999;
to submit a proposal with a view to obtaining a
Community financial contribution for participating in —Ù4.6.1999 for events organised between 1.8.1999 and
events targeting the promotion and access to the market 31.12.1999.
of films and audiovisual programmes of independent
European producers and distributors.
Proposals concerning the organisation of thematic
The Commission service responsible for managing this markets and specialised professional events may be
call for proposals is the ‘Measures to develop the audio- submitted in time for an earlier deadline, provided that
visual industry’ unit of Directorate-General X, Audio- they can demonstrate that the necessary co-financing is
visual Media, Information, Communication and Culture. in place at the time of application.