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POLICE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLY, COUNTY OF. BERKS We Gree TagstraiDamet tuner 20-300 JoereNoanr (AWE and ADDRESS) Mod Nar: Hon KIML.GAGENSTOSE | Liga RACHELLE SNYDER es S1N.3RD ST ae HAMBURG PA 19528 inane aoe Tam =, 2a R143, i Telephone: 610.562.4366 KEMPTON Pa 19520 NEI ESTRADTION CODE TYRE [Eira rn TJetewn boa (Ce MadencinerSurondre Se Oar [Cl teoor ua Cletecn ren exasionouimm — CJoatsevearr ne Eeaduan [E)sratnySurouningsiier — CJadtcomener ra { eatconenar Peng een Kobe Che ataenean ie GFatasereno Peng Etetton Deen [DEFENDANT IDENTIFICATION INFORMATION Fingerprint Classification: Poca tambar Pais Figd—OTWveScan Humber [complandinadent Nomar |Request ab SOE? Oo. 331-14 ‘ifala Urtudses.3 | Palo tires Zo enocr [poe 121730 [pos PENNSYLVANIA Taaai008: [cosseenaania) a ek Firs Name: ‘Wide Narse Tost Nare Gen, RACE Swe nies Tae Tinea Dus ERGY [Tn Cnortepane Cita HAIRCOLORDeavioay Tpra/aumy Cece Cowan Cireaupe Bano po Ceci Blonctosees Geta Cxxxta.vausy —Connoee) Clem tony a. tone/Suaeenn EECOLOR Canis) Quam Ejano tem Dlamracen Daven a L WEIGHT (Ibs.) (om es Eko ONA Leeation 250 [rainter [Ober FTE Th [Beton Fngersond Eves Eno S| 0 L ‘DEFENDANT VEHICLE INFORMATION Plate # [State |Hazmat | Registration Sticker (MM/YY) ‘Comm! Veh. Ind. Sail Ney Pe NCIC Veh, Code Reg. VIN ‘Year [Nake [Model je l Color wou Office of the Aitomey {ar the Commonwealth GuAporoved Tidisappraved because: — se cn Maraaret aC Ilum a fee) Margaret Moly lien eS Pe 1 TeR, a kecx vorisszbsr Se ven ease papeeason ot emma Sia ene nbn do ery Chea spe bt) TG) late he seemed onan who esate aos th eve 1 faerie edo wore ane nigonto me bu wo eed 1 acne eet wore ae and popu desenatn fea doer areDem 08 osm covey Jn BERKS. County Toren ‘name is unknown to me and whom I have therefore designated 2442 ROUTE 143, ALBANY TOWNSHIP. Eben cass Por nes Beda fon or about 09/03/19 AT APPROX 1128 HRS TO 09/23/19 AT APPROX 1630 HRS | | | | POLICE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT [ docket number | Date Filed: | OTNtiveScan Number Complaintincident Number | u Pazota-1274741 amo | First: Middle: Last { Defendant N LISA RACHELLE SNYDER - | The acts committed by the accused are described below with each Act of Assembly or statute allegedly violated, if appropriate. When there is more than one offens@, each offense should be numbered chronologically (Setonh sbi sonmay tines uit avi te dtm he nat eee cared. on oh ales) alae se, we nos na srry at, yu ul ee se ec) and subcontract aga ole, incon age [Ey Sovetauon I} Conoaay Ea iinia ined tomo Number of Victims Age 80 or Older: 0 ga u 1_[2502 |@ ofthe [Title 18, PA Crimes Cove ]2 | nurder4 O1A8A, renee # Saston_Sunsacion Pa Sau 76) Counls Gado NCICOtewe Cole UCRNIBRS Goss PennDOT Bale Tema (i appteabie amber Certo satay zone Dito zone Statute Description (Include the name of statute or ordinance). Murder of the first degree ‘Acts of the accused associated with this Offense: IN THAT, on or about said date, THE DEFENDANT did commit murder of the first degree by an intentional kiling etane roa Taos Tenney eae Padme face fees ] [rember vt Age 8 or Oar 0 eaer 2 [aso4 [or | ime [tue is, PA crimes cove |r _|ra occ Ommah__ecl_Babrn Paani ots_Ciae_ NGO Of ame UCRINSRS Com amor Daa 7a (tappese veer Dita Dist ne Cerizene Statute Description (include the name of statute or ordinance): Endangering Welfare of Children ‘Acts of the accused associated with this Offense: IN THAT, on or about said date, being a parent, guardian, or other person supervising the welfare of VICTIM 1, child under the age of 18 years of age, THE DEFENDANT cid knowingly endanger the welfare of said child by Jviotating a duty of care, protection or support, namely, by violating cuty of care and protection by causing the [death of VICTIM 4, in violation of Section 4304(a) of the PA Crimes Code. AOPC 412A Rev. 7/18 Page _of __ Sey, eee POLICE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT Docket Number Date Filed: | OTNILiveScan Number Complaintincidont Number uw Pazotg.t27474t if First: Middle: Last iBofonaeneemee Mitea [Mite | SNYDER aa ‘The acts committed by the accused are described below with each Act of Assembly or statute allegedly violated, if appropriate. When there is more than one offense, each offense should be numbered chronologically (seta bor smmay ta ue ase erate sue tars chgn. Acne sda alee Woe wt meet un. aa summary eave, yu msc he ner ecb) and seca) he ats) er edraeat ege vod fnhoate Atari encatcn Conapaey ees ahaa iva Ee ‘Number of Victims Age 60 or Cider: 0 o baer 3_|2502 | fe) cote [Tite 18,PACrmes Code [2 [Murder O1AI098 Oferce# Seton Subsacion PA Sse (Te) Coun Gage NCIC Oferee Gade UCRAIBRG Gove PeanDOT Oa Testa 6 appticaiey inte Dinterstte Cisetry zone Dork zone Statute Description (include the name of statute or ordinance): Murder of the third degree ‘Acts of the accused associated with this Offense: IN THAT, on or about said date, THE DEFENDANT did commit murder of the third degree by committing any ther kind of murder, Inenoate P ‘iene P Sotztanes —|E] Conan ] 2 | (i Ber |g Jasoe fio | aeue [te acres code [1 [ra seamen ‘Statute Description (include the name of statute or ordinance): Endangering Welfare of Children Acts of the accused associated with this Offense: IN THAT, on or about said date, being a parent, guardian, or other person supervising the welfare of VICTIM 2, ka child under the age of 18 years of age, THE DEFENDANT did knowingly endanger the welfare of said child by }iolating a duty of care, protection or support, namely, violating a duty of care and protecting by causing the death| lof VICTIM 2., in violation of Section 4304(a) of the PA Crimes Code. AOPC 412~Rev. 718 Page_of Docket Number, | Dato Filed: | OTNiLiveScan Number Complaintincident Number A2019-1274761 First Middle: Last. [Defendant Name {isa RACHELLE: i [ee _ J The acts committed by the accused are described below with each Act of Assembly or statute allegedly violated, if appropriate. When there is more than one offense, each offense should be numbered chronologically. (Secon it sana ee es suber o aise ula fe a ene) arp, san a ett lsd) ve wd mar Lin in surnary a, ou mes ch eer sors) an ns oe else) eevee inchoate Atak Sottaton Conaiany some 140A ima joes Number of Vitins Age 69 oF Older: 0 a Goa 3129 ofthe [Tile 18, PA Crimes Code 1__|wa 170 Otanae# Sesion Sibeacion PA Sate (ie) Cant Gade NOG Ofer Gale UERNIERS Gate PennboT Bate “int Reena ene Cintra seit zone Werk zone Statute Description (include the name of statute or ordinance): ‘Sexual Intercourse with an Animal ‘Acts of the accused associated with this Offense: IN THAT, on our about said date, THE DEFENDANT did engage in any form of sexual intercourse with an violation of Section 3129 of the PA Crimes Code. janimal, Lena? 6 }4910 | (iy “| ctthe | Title 18 , PA Crimes Code 1 M2 100/250 Sa soe | ene Bia ‘Statute Description (include the name of statute or ordinance): ‘Tampering with or Fabricating Physical Evidence ‘Acts of the accused associated with this Offense: IN THAT, on or about said date, THE DEFENDANT believing that an official proceeding or investigation is pending or about to be instituted, did alter, destroy, conceal or remove any record, document or thing with the intent to impair its verity or availabilty in such proceeding or investigation in violation of Section 4910(1) of the PA ICrimes Code AOPC 412A ~ Rev. 7/18 Page of __ rept, ie POLICE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT [Detondan name | Fit fate Sivocn The acts committed by the accused are described below with each Act of Assembly or statute allegedly violated, if | appropriate, When there is more than one offense, each offense should be numbered chronologically | {Geto ra uy he acto a wen fh nat est ee Alan te si bev el ere et | | anna cae youmsl ele waste an suescta| e atns) rare age ld jnchoste JE] Atemer IO Sonetanor Conapaey oni a a a Number of Vielims Age 60 or Older: 0 Gas 7_|s633 |) ote [Title 18 ,PA Crimes Code! ids 1 tora? Sscton_Subeeaon PA Sau 6) Gena Grace NCIC Oneen Cote UCRNIBRS Come PennDo Bate Teton (apptcatie) nnner Dimers saat zone Wan zone Statute Description (include the name of statute or ordinance)’ Cruelty to animal Acts of the accused associated with this Offense IN THAT, on or about said date, THE DEFENDANT did intentionally, knowingly or recklessly iltreat, overload, lbeat, abandon or abuse an animal. AOPC 412A Rev. 7/18 Page_ of _ ae POLICE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT Dackst Number’ | Date Filed: _] OTNILveScan Number: “Complainneident Number fs me Pazore-ta7a7at Fist ide Last faecal Defernsant Naja: Lise Rachelle SNYDER | AFFIDAVIT of PROBABLE CAUSE Your affiants, Tp. lan KECK and Tpr. Daniel WOMER, are members ofthe Pennsylvania State Paice with Troop L, Criminal ‘vestigation Unit (On 0923/18 at approximately 1630 hours a.911 call was received at Berks County Communication. Pennsyivania State Polics Hamburg was notified ay Berks County Communication ofa report of two juvenie VICTIMS, a four (4) year old female (VICTIN 1) and tight (8) yaar old male (VICTIM 2) found hanging and unresponsive inthe basement of 2442 Rout 143, Adbany Township, Berks County, by the DEFENDANT, Lisa Rachelle SNYDER. The DEFENDANT was dented tobe the mother of the VICTIMS At approximately 1641 hours, two Kempton Fire Department EMTS arrived on scene. The VICTIMS were located in the basement of 2442 Route 148, Albany Township, Berks County. The VICTIMS ware observed hanging approximately three feet apart from a single wired cable dog lead with vinjl coating and ends containing swivel eye snap hooks. The wire was wrapped around the main supzott beam of the basement and each end ofthe wire wrapped around the VICTIMS’ necks. In the area of the VICTIMS were two ‘wooden bar height ining room chairs knocked over on their sides, Both VICTIMS wore airited by Medavac to Lehigh Valley Hospital, Cedar Crest. The VICTIMS were admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unt on full He eupzort, Prior to arving atthe hospital both VICTIMS wera in full cardiac arrest and were resuscitated, (On 0972609, both VICTIMS were pronounced deceased by Lehigh County Coroner's Office, ‘The residence was secured by members ofthe Pennsylvania State Poice Hamburg Patrol Unit unt a search warrant forthe residence was completed by ths affant. On 09/23/19 at approximately 2085 hours a search warrant was issued, and the scene was ‘Searched for physical evidence, As a result ofthe search, numerous items were seized from the residance and taken into custody for ‘evidence retention, including the vinyt covered wire te cut dag cable with two (2) pink plastic bindings at each and labeled “super’ and "250 Ibs", whichis he wice thatthe VICTIMS were hanging from, Acdltionally, seized during the search was a UMX Cellular telephone which was lying on a table in the oreezevay near the entrance to the DEFENDANT'S residence. A search ofthe phone revealed thet telephone number *""""-2280 is assigned to this phone. The 911 callwas made by telephone nurnber "2280. Two (2) Apole iPag and a Laptop were also seized ffor inside he residence, The DEFENDANT later related the [Pad and Laptop were used by the VICTIMS, Continue we, TPR. IAN KECK and Tor. Daniel WOMER, BEING DULY SWORN ACCORDING TO THE LAW, DEPOSE AND SAY THAT THE FACTS SET FORTH IN THE FOREGOING AFFIDAVIT ARE TRUE AND CORRECT TO THE BEST OF OUR KNOWLEDGE, INFORMATION AND BELIEF. WE CERTIFY THAT THIS FILING COMPLIES WITH THE PROVISIONS OF THE CASE RECORDS PUBLIC ACCESS POLICY OF THE UNIFIED JUDICIAL SYSTEM OF PENNSYLVANIA THAT REQUIRE FILING CONFIDENTIAL INFORWATION AND DOGUWENTS DIFFERENTLY THAN NON CONFIDENTIAL INFORIATION AND DOCUMENTS. TR SD Wine L Wi ee ee ee en sis 2ol4 io]i9 om Kaye Kad inaboy —— 1 My commission expires first Monday of January, SYS.) “AOPG 4110 - Rov. 07/18 POLICE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT AFFIDAVIT CONTINUATION PAGE Dacket Number: | Date Filed) | OTNILiveSean Number: ‘Complainuincicent Number in PA2019-1274741 | irs Tada: ast Defendant Name: | Lisa Rachelle SNYDER AFFIDAVIT of PROBABLE CAUSE CONTINUATION ‘Members of the Troop L Hamburg Criminal invastigations Uni interviewed the DEFENDANT on two occasions, On those ceczasions, the DEFENDANT incicaied that VICTIM 2 had been bulied and that he fold her on multiple occasions that he wanted to die DEFENDANT related that she did not know much abou! VICTIM 2's buying. "He doesr't say much because he knows that | wil call the school." ‘He is overweight, has a speech delay, he needs the extra help, alitie slower to grasp things, Kids make fun of im ‘because he is fat. He has lost iwenty (25) pounds since school has started, because he was starving mse DEFENDANT slated "He tells me he hates school, every day he tells me he doesnt want to talk about school. | did not really see any problems till he told me about the kiss on the bus." She incicated thal VICTIM 2 has been having issues since fist grade, “He just ‘comes home and he's just angry. DEFENDANT was asked again whal happened, and she related that VICTIM 2 tried to kl himself, "we had a lite sitdown last week, And old him, honey ifyou ever fee ike hurting yourself please come fo me. He did say to me when we were talking, { woulda killed myself already bul | amy soared to ga by myself” DEFENDANT indicated tat she believed that's why VICTINI 2 had VICTIM 4 with him, so that they could go together During the course of the investigation, Troopers obtained video footage from VICTIM 2'S school bus security cameras. At ‘approximately 1549 hours VICTIM 2 is served on the school bus securly cameras gating off the schoo! bus and running up to his residence, VICTIM 2 showed no signs of distress, The DEFENDANT explained that when VICTI&A 2 got home from school he wanted to play on his iPad but changed his mind that he wanted to play on his laptop but could not find the charger. He eame dow from nis room when he could nal fing hs charger and asked VICTIM 1 If she warted to go “downstairs to build a fort; "he loves building fort, that's his thing. The DEFENDANT stated, "Thay play downstairs inthe basement all the fm." VICTIM 2 asked ifhe could take the kitchen chaics dawn and DEFENDANT related that she fold him ony if he takes them down himself and rings them back up. She was, asked if he wanted to take anything else down and she stated "Yes, he asked ifhe could use the dog lead | nad on the table I just bought it teday", meaning 9/23/19. She was asked what he cid with the dog lead and she stated "That's what they were hanging from...” DEFENDANT indicated that she go! the dog lead that day (0820/18) at the Hamburg Walmart and thal she cid the online pick Up around 0330 hours. She placed the order forthe dog lead online the day before (8/22/19). DEFENDANT racelled VICTIM 2 taking the chairs downstairs because they are heavy. He took the chairs down separately, one step at e time. DEFENDANT stated, “it tok him awhile, but he got them dawn there." She descibed hearing the “lump” of the chair fn the siep, then ‘creek’ ofthe steps as was a ‘slow go." He came rght back up, gota drink and took the second chair down and feturned for another drink DEFENDANT incicated that she was putting laundry away and always places her boys’ laundry on the table {or them to put away. She then took the dog outside and to have a cigarette, DEFENDANT mentioned that she is usuall outside for three @) to four (4) minutes but was throwing the dog's toy and believes she was outside for approximately ten (10) minutes. After ‘coming inside, she went downstairs to se2 ifthe kids wanted frozen pizza or Chef Boyardee for diner. She then observed both hanging, DEFENDANT related that she tried to lft her forty (40) pound daughter, VICTIM 1, up however when her “anxiety spikes" she stars fo sweat profueely, and sha was unable to get the latch off. She thos ired to lit VICTIM 2 who weighed approximately one hhungrad fifty-one (151) pounds but was unable tot him. She then went upstairs and called 971 and never retumed back to the basement WITNESS 3, who lived in tho house, was interviewed on two occasions. WITNESS 3 related that twas not normal fo the VICTIMS ta play in the basement and that they would playin either VICTIM 2's room or inthe living room, WITNESS 3 related he knew of only cone fima when the VICTINS played inthe basement, which was to ride their scooters last Christmas, WITNESS 3 indicated that the VICTIMS usually but forts withthe couch cushions and chairs inthe living room, Continue ae. |. We ON (Signaler avrant) AOPC 411C- Rev. 07/18 Page Zof_ PO POLICE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT AFFIDAVIT CONTINUATION PAGE [ DocketNomber: _] Date Flied: _] OTWiLiveScan Number: ‘Complainifnckdent Number ee Bee is PA2010-1274741 Fist Wide: last Deterdant Mamet | tsa Rachelle [ SNYDER AFFIDAVIT of PROBABLE CAUSE CONTINUATION WITNESS 3 was also questioned about VICTIM 2 being bulied or having problems at school. WITNESS 3 indicated that VICTIM never mentioned being bullied. WITNESS 3 indicated he asked VICTIM 2 if he was getting bulled because the DEFENDANT ‘mentioned that VICTIN2 was being bullied. (On 09124119, Trooper vered CLUGSTON interviewed WITNESS 1. WITNESS 1 related on 09/46/19 she received a fext message from DEFENDANT stating thet VICTIM 2 Is suicidal and that Kids are bung him. WITNESS 1 indicated that she picked VICTIM 2 up fom school that day ard he was totaly fine, She mentioned that he was laughing and sting with his friends when she picked him up. ViCTIRt 2 never said anything about being bulieg or about hurting himself. Three weeks prior to this incident, DEFENDANT came over and told WITNESS 1 and her mother, azout how she is depressed and cannot get out of bed. DEFENDANT also made a siatement that she doas no! care snymore about her kids. 01 09/27/19 and 11/07/19, WITNESS 2 was Interviewed by Cpl, SLEBODA. WITNESS 2 js a certified occupational therapist ‘assistant and contracted threugh Kutztown School District. WITNESS 2 worked with VICTIM 2 during the 2018-2019 school year as Wall as curing the 2018-2020 school year. VICTIM 2 received occupational therapy due to below average visual motor kils, as well 2s, his perceptual vision. VICTIM 2 had law eye-hand coordination and dfcuty with his dexterity, using his index finger and thurs pitched together. WITNESS 2 was shown a replca of the dog lead and askad if she befeved VICTIM 2 would have been able to bperata the sass. WITNESS 2 related VICTIM 2 would have had diffculty operating the clasp due to his poor dexterity. WTNESS 2 as shown a cfene scene photograph of the dog lead weapped around the beam in te basement and asked if she belleved VICTIM 2 ‘Could have completed the task. In addition to the photograph, che was algo informed tht it would require VICTIN 2 to stand on a chair, WITNESS 2 indicated she believed it would have been extremely diftcl for VICTIM 2 to complete the task, asittakes him ‘ioe es long te do things compared fo chikien his aga. VICTIM 2 has dficulty with moior planning skils and has poer balance because of his weight and strength, WITNESS 2 was asked about VICTIM 2's eklls witha string or pe. WITNESS 2 indicated it VICTIN2 were to tie string one end would always be substantially longer because VICTIM 2 would have dificuty finding the middle Or center of the sting” WITNESS 2 offered the opinion that the lead around the beam was foo equal ir length end VICTIM 2 would ove had a dificult time fining the mile to have the ends at a similar height as observed inthe photograph. WITNESS 2 indicated that when she observed VICTIM 2 move a chair in @ classroom from one place to another he was clumsy and would bump into things. ‘Multipte school officials and famiy memlbere with close association with VICTIM 2 were interviewed about VICTIM 2 being bulled and suicidal and each incivicual Indicated that VICTIM 2 never expressed he was buled or suicidal. The enly individual who has indicated that VICTIM 2 was bullied or suicidal is the DEFENDANT. (0n 05/23/19, when the DEFENDANT was interviewed and questioned about her celishone which the DEFENDANT didnot have on her petson and was leftal te residence, _ This was the UMX cell phone that was seized during the intial search, The DEFENDANT 2280, On 03/26/19, the DEFENDANT had a new phone and provided this affant with the phone number ‘Avie further investigations, it was leatned that the DEFENDANT owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cellar phone. On 10/04/19 a search warrant was obtained for the Samsung Galaxy Note along with any olher electronic communications devices found at 2442 Routa 143 Albany Township. Upon serving tie search warrant cn the DEFENDANT, DEFENDANT incicated that she lost the Somsung Galaxy Note the day ofthe ineident vith her children and had no idea where iis. As a result ofthe search warant. five (3) cellular devices were seized, which dd not include @ Samsung Galaxy Note 9 During the invastigation, Troopers leamed thatthe contact number provided fr the orline order placed to WalMart on 922/19 was phone number "8419, Continue The — as (Signature of Afar) “‘ROPC 4116 - Rev. 07/18 Page: 2 POLICE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT AFFIDAVIT CONTINUATION PAGE Docket Number: Date Filed: | OTNiLiveScan Number: ‘Complaindincident Number | i hs Pazors-1274741 | | Fist Wide: a Tast Defendant Name: | Lisa Rachelle SNYDER AFFIDAVIT of PROBABLE CAUSE CONTINUATION The phones that were seized on 10/04/19 were sent lo the Pernsy'varia State Poice Central Computer Crime Unit and were foronsieally examined. Only ane of the phonis seized had the phone number ""-"™-8419 agsoclated with f, but the only activity on that phone was ater 923/13, (On 10/09/19, a search warrant for Google records associated with the account, as well as, the DEFENDANT'S Facebook account was signed and served on Google and Facebook, -ENDANT'S Facebook records she engages in a sexually On 10/28/19, Facebook records were received. During a review of ‘expliot message exchange about her dog performing sexual acis on her. (0n 09/02/19 at approximately 0909 hours DEFENDANT messages "He's eating my pussy daddy” ‘At 0305 hours: DEFENDANT messages “He keeps moving everytime the flash goes of. [At 1128 hours: DEFENDANT sends a photo: within hat photo isa picture ofa biack and white dog performing oral sex onthe DEFENDANT. (On 08/03/18 at approximately 2129 hours DEFENDANT messages "He did good. Up unti he started biting my Ubia" (On 09/15/19 at approximately 2329 hours, DEFENDANT messages “Sory..kid problems" ‘At 2330 hours, DEFENDANT messages "Major ki problem” 0n 09/17/19 at approximately 0721 hours, DEFENDANT messages "Things are bad. Buying issues n tells me he wants o de He's 8 Lost 26tbs in the fist 3 weeks of school, Breaks my heart, Ijust wanna cr ‘At 41414 hours, DEFENDANT messages "Oh dacdy...just look some goed pies for you. 0509/18/19 2t approximately 2310 hours DEFENDANT sends three (9) photos: 1A picture ofa black and white dog on his back and a hand laying ontop of the doo's penis. A picture of a hand spreading the DEFENDANT'S vagina area and a black anc! white dog performing oral sex on the DEFENDANT. [A third picture within the same message ie @ photo of DEFENDANT with a ball gag in her mouth wearing black lingerie, @ nipple lip and hold a cellular phone in ha left hand. 327 hours, DEFENDANT messages ‘He actualy went frit all on his own this time. Was lashing in bed in my ‘underwear and he started licking so want with i |At 2327 hours, DEFENDANT messages ‘Laying"™ (0n 09/18/19 t approximately 2124 hours DEFENDANT massages "Youtl hopefully see Sunday” At 2125 hours, DEFENDANT messages “But | jus found out" [] “does work... ands an all day job. S0 gonna ty option B whieh is my mom 80 don't get your hopes up she's a bitch when it comes to babysiting” ata fb — Du te ent Ata Continue AOPC 4116 - Rov. 07/18 Page sof i | as POLICE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT AFFIDAVIT CONTINUATION PAGE. ‘Docket Number OTNILveScan Number: Tormpaiinedent Namber | Pagorg.t27e7at Fist Wale, ~~ Tast Defendant Name: | isa a Rachelle sNvoER AFFIDAVIT of PROBABLE CAUSE CONTINUATION (0n 11104119, Google records of account ess{ were received by this afiant: the folowing searches were located fn the account (09/17/19 at 2221 how's — "carbon monoxide in a car how tong to die" (09/20/19 at 1853 hours ~“almost got away with it“ almost got away with it best episodes” 09/22/19 at 1119 hours ="hanging yoursel” AL1419 hours - visited the website “chort drop/simple suspension | Lost All Hope: The webs feating..” Based on reviewing the content fom the wabsie, the narratve describes an effective way of hanging 2 person using a shart dropy simple suspension, (09/29/19 at 1127 hours ~ ‘do a hybrid car produce carbon monoxide" [At 1128 hours ~"does a hybrid car produce carbon monoxide while ding” ‘A forensic download ofthe electronic devices that were seized was conducted by Pennsy'vania State Police Central Computer (crime Unit. The forensic dawnload ofthe davloas dd not reveal any search history equivalent to the search history conducted inthe Google records account (On September 30, 2019 at approximately 8 aum., an autonsy was performed on VICTIM 1 by Or. Michael Johnson. Dr. Johnson determined the cause of death was a resut of hanging. The Lehigh Counly Coroner's Office determined the manner of death to be Homicide. On September 20, 2019 at approximately 11 am. an autopsy was performed on VICTIM 2 by Dr. Michae! Jenson, Or. Johnson determined the cause of death was a resul of hanging. The Lehigh County Coroners Office determined the manner of death to be Homicide. Based upon the above fects, | submit that sufficient probable cause exists to substantiate the charges contained within this criminal ‘complaint. Your Aftentrespectly wishes a warrant be issued for tne DEFENDANT ta answer to the aforementioned charges which wore againct the peace and dignity of he VICTIMS and the Commonweaith AOPC 4116 - Rev. 07/18, 2 POLICE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT f | [petenonnane | gk BStue Silocn 2. _Lask that a warrant of arrest or a summons be issued and that the defendant be required to answer the charges | have made, 3. I verify that the facts set forth in this complaint are true and correct to the best of my knowledge or information and belief, This verification is made subject to the penaities of Section 4904 of the Crimes Code (18 Pa.C.$.§4904) relating to unswom falsification to authorities 4, This complaint consists of the preceding page(s) numbered 01 through 07 | 5. _ | certify that this filing complies with the provisions of the Case Records Public Access Policy of ihe Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania that require filing confidential information and documents | differently than non-confidential information and documents. | ‘The acts committed by the accused, as listed and hereafter, were against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and were contrary to the Act(s) of the Assembly, or in violation of the stetutes cited (Before a warrant of arrest can be issued, an affidavit of probable cause must be completed, sworn to before the issuing authority, and attached.) DECEMBER 2, 2019 Y 2, 1914 AND NOW, on this date, d i A111 certify that the complaint has been properly i completed and verified. An affidavit of probable a ‘isi be completed before a warrant can be issued. LEQO sided» Forges 23-3- “Kuh @ Lab user fee applies. AOPC 412A ~ Rev. 7/18