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HISTORY of the 7-Zip


Version 4.44 beta 2007-01-20

- Speed optimizations for LZMA, Deflate, BZip2 and unRAR.
- 7-Zip now supports file pathnames longer than 260 characters.
- Some bugs were fixed.
- New localizations: Bangla, Bashkir, Nepali.

Version 4.43 beta 2006-09-15

- 7-Zip now can use multi-threading mode for compressing to .ZIP archives.
- ZIP format supporting was improved.
- 7-Zip now supports WinZip-compatible AES-256 encryption for .ZIP archives.
- New context menu items for .ZIP archives creating.
- 7-Zip now uses order list (list of extensions) for files sorting for
to .7z archives. It can slightly increase compression ratio in some cases.
- 7-Zip now restores modification time of folders during .7z archives
- Some bugs were fixed.
- New localizations: Armenian, Marathi.

Version 4.42 2006-05-14

- Compressing speed and Memory requirements were increased.
Default dictionary size was increased: Fastest: 64 KB, Fast: 1 MB,
Normal: 4 MB, Max: 16 MB, Ultra: 64 MB.
- BZip2 compressing / decompressing now can work in multi-threading mode
- Multi-threading mode now is default for multi-processor systems
- 64-bit version now supports 1 GB dictionary
- 7z/LZMA now can use only these match finders: HC4, BT2, BT3, BT4
- Compression ratio in Zip/GZip/Deflate in Ultra mode was increased
- 7-Zip now can unpack ISO archives and some installers created by NSIS
- Optional "Flat View" mode in 7-Zip File Manager
- 7-Zip File Manager now can calculate CRC checksums for files
- -x switch with relative paths now affects files specified with absolute
- New switch for 7za.exe (console version): -slt.
"l" (list) command with -slt shows technical information for archive.
- New switch: -scs{WIN|DOS|UTF-8} specifies charset for list files.
Default charset for list files is UTF-8 now.
- Some bugs were fixed
- New localizations: Albanian, Kurdish

Version 4.32 2005-12-09

- Bug was fixed: 7-Zip 4.31 didn't work in Windows 95

Version 4.31 2005-12-04

- Small changes
- New localization: Basque

Version 4.30 beta 2005-11-18

- Files 7zFMn.exe, 7zGn.exe, 7-zipn, 7za.exe, 7zC.sfx were removed from 7-zip
- 7-Zip now uses uncompressed SFX: 7z.sfx
- Sfx modules 7z.sfx and 7zCon.sfx now use msvcrt.dll
- Speed optimizations in LZMA maximum/ultra compressing.
- LZMA now supports word size up to 273
- 7-Zip now reduces dictionary size for LZMA, if you compress files
smaller than specified dictionary size.
- 7-Zip now can use large memory pages:
GUI: 7-Zip File Manager / Options / Settings / Use large memory pages.
Command line version: -slp switch.
This feature allows to increase speed of compressing.
But 7-Zip can make some pause at starting of compressing for allocating
large pages.
Also Task Manager doesn't show real memory usage of program, if 7-Zip uses
large pages.
This feature works only on Windows 2003 / XP x64 / Vista.
Also you must have administrator's rights for your system.
Recommended size of RAM: 1 GB or more.
To install this feature you must run 7-Zip File Manager at least once,
close it and reboot system.
- Some bugs were fixed

Version 4.29 beta 2005-09-28

- Bug was fixed: 7-Zip 4.28 beta worked incorrectly in Windows 95/98/Me

Version 4.28 beta 2005-09-27

- Bug was fixed: 7-Zip 4.27 beta created incorrect multivolume archives.
- "Duplicate filename" collision problem between names with ligatures was

Version 4.27 beta 2005-09-21

- 7-Zip can unpack CHM/HXS (MS HTML HELP) archives
- 7-Zip can unpack multivolume CAB archives
- Now 7-Zip deletes files to the Recycle Bin by default.
Shift+Delete deletes files permanently.
- Some bugs were fixed
- New localization: Tatarish

Version 4.26 beta 2005-08-05

- LZH format support (extracting only)
- Some bugs were fixed
- New localization: Ido
Version 4.25 beta 2005-07-31
- 7-Zip now doesn't interrupt the compressing when it can not
find specified file as in version 4.24 beta. It just shows warning.
- 7-Zip now supports standard selection mode in the file list
- Some bugs were fixed

Version 4.24 beta 2005-07-06

- 7-Zip now supports right-click Drag and Drop in Explorer
- Command line version now supports short file names (like FILENA~1.TXT)
- If there are no wildcard names and there is no -r switch in command line,
7-Zip now checks that specified files exist on disk before compressing.
- Some bugs were fixed

Version 4.23 2005-06-29

- Drag and Drop support
- 7-Zip File Manager now can copy files from one archive to another
- Some bugs were fixed
- New localizations: Extremaduran, Malay

Version 4.20 2005-05-30

- No changes

Version 4.19 beta 2005-05-21

- BZip2 code was rewritten. Now it supports 3 modes: Normal, Maximum and
Ultra. In Normal mode it compresses almost as original BZip2 compressor.
Compression ratio in Maximum and Ultra modes is 1-3% better for some files,
but Maximum Mode is about 3 times slower and Ultra Mode is about 8 times
slower than Normal mode.
- Console version now prints all messages to stdout by default,
and if -so switch is specified, 7-Zip prints messages to stderr.
- Some bugs were fixed
- New localizations: Azeri, Georgian

Version 4.18 beta 2005-04-19

- Bug in v4.17 beta was fixed: 7-Zip File Manager could crash
after some operations with archives

Version 4.17 beta 2005-04-18

- To increase protection from viruses, 7-Zip now does not open
files with more than 4 continuous spaces in the name.
And 7-Zip changes such long spaces in name to " ... " in the file list.
- Code size optimization
- Some files were moved from main package to extra package:
- Plugin for FAR Manager
- SFX modules for installers (7zS.sfx and 7zSD.sfx)
- New localizations: Asturian, Indonesian

Version 4.16 beta 2005-03-29

- Speed optimization (5%) for 7z / LZMA
- 7za.exe now supports .Z archives
- -r- switch in command line now is default for all commands
- Some bugs were fixed
- New localization: Uzbek

Version 4.15 beta 2005-01-25

- Z format supporting (extracting only)
- 7-Zip now can extract ZIP archives compressed with "Shrink" method
- 7-Zip now doesn't interrupt the compressing when it can not open file.
7-Zip just skips that file and shows warning.
- Some bugs were fixed
- New localization: Frisian

Version 4.14 beta 2005-01-11

- 7-Zip installer was created with NSIS.
Now it installs 7-Zip for all users (under Windows 2000/XP).
- Now 7-Zip can create multivolume archives
(switch -v for command line)
- Some bugs were fixed
- New localizations: Breton, Farsi

Version 4.13 beta 2004-12-14

- Switch "--" stops switches parsing
- Some bugs were fixed

Version 4.12 beta 2004-11-18

- Bug in v4.11 beta was fixed:
7-Zip created incorrect ZIP archives if file size was
from 3.75 GB to 4 GB.

Version 4.11 beta 2004-11-16

- 7-Zip now shows file names during compressing/decompressing
- 7-Zip now supports Zip64 extension of ZIP format. So now it's
possible to compress files bigger than 4 GB to ZIP archives.
- Some bugs were fixed
- New localization: Galician

Version 4.10 beta 2004-10-21

- Bugs in v4.0* were fixed:
- Some commands in command line with "-r" switch worked incorrectly,
so 7-zip could skip some files during compressing
- Some other bugs were fixed
- Small internal changes

Version 4.09 beta 2004-10-05

- Bugs in v4.0* were fixed:
- Renaming inside archives didn't work or worked incorrectly
- GUI SFX didn't show extracting dialog at start
- Small fixes in 7-Zip GUI (7zG.exe)

Version 4.08 beta 2004-10-04

- Bug in installer for v4.07 was fixed: when rebooting
is required, it rebooted without asking user
- Small fixes in 7-Zip GUI (7zG.exe)

Version 4.07 beta 2004-10-03

- Big amount of code was changed in this beta version.
So don't use it for important data compressing.
And test archive after compressing.

- Unified command line interface to GUI and console versions

- 7-Zip now can extract or test several archives in one command
- 7-Zip now doesn't interrupt the compressing when file is locked by
other application. 7-Zip just skips that file and shows warning.
Note: previous versions of 7-Zip had bug, so they can not unpack
non-solid and some solid 7z archives with such skipped files.
- Command line interface was changed:
- now it's possible to use absolute pathnames
- syntax simplification:
was: 7z a a Folder1\* Folder2\* -r
now: 7z a a Folder1 Folder2
- now it's possible to use complex wildcard commands, like *\*111*\*
- More smart detection of archive type for files with unusual
file name extensions
- Supporting for RAR archives with encrypted headers
- CPIO format supporting was improved
- For GZip and BZip2 formats you can:
- Compress from stdin (-si switch)
- Compress to stdout (-so switch)
- Extract to stdout (-so switch)
- 7-Zip File Manager:
- Split and Combine commands
- new list view options: Full row select, Show grid lines
- Internal reconstruction
- Some bugs were fixed
- New localizations: Friulian, Macedonian, Mongolian, Tamil, Thai

Version 3.13 2003-12-11

- Some small bugs were fixed
Version 3.12 2003-12-10
- Now you can select compression method, dictionary size
and word size in "Add to archive" dialog box. Also it
shows memory usage.
- 7-Zip File Manager now contains toolbars.
- New "Benchmark" command in 7-Zip File Manager.
It measures compressing and decompressing speeds and
shows rating values.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 3.11 2003-10-06

- 7-zip now use limitations for solid block size
for increasing the speed of random file decompressing:
- in Store mode: 0 B
- in Fast mode: 16 MB
- in Normal mode: 256 MB
- in Maximum mode: 1 GB
- in Ultra mode: 4 GB
- 7z.exe, 7za.exe and SFX modules now support Unicode
file names under Windows NT/2000/XP/2003.
7zn.exe and 7zan.exe were removed from package.
- Some bugs were fixed
- New localization: Afrikaans

Version 3.10 2003-09-27

- Drag-and-Drop from external application
- GUI version (7zG.exe) can compress files with absolute paths
- Compression dialog doesn't suggest bzip2 and gzip2 types when
there are more than one selected file
- Optional auto renaming for existing files during extraction
in command line version (-aot switch).
- Some bugs were fixed

Version 3.09.02 2003-09-20

- Optional limitation for solid block size for increasing
the speed of random file decompressing (-ms switch)

Version 3.09.01 beta 2003-09-06

- Automatic compression filter for executable files:
dll, exe, ocx, sfx, sys, (-mf switch)
- Compression levels in 7z now are:
- Fast: 32 KB dictionary, BCJ filter
- Normal: 2 MB dictionary, BCJ filter
- Maximum: 8 MB dictionary, BCJ filter, max settings
- Ultra: 32 MB dictionary, BCJ2 filter, max settings
- Updating solid 7z archives now is supported, if it doesn't
require repacking solid blocks
- -mhcf switch for 7z format now is default
- Some bugs were fixed

Version 3.08.04 beta 2003-08-24

- Favorites menu in 7-Zip File Manager
- Some bugs were fixed

Version 3.08.03 beta 2003-08-21

- Automatic adding of extension to archive name in Compress Dialog
- Some bugs in previous 3.08.* versions were fixed:
- Storing columns width inside archives in File Manager
- Opening archive inside archive
- Quotes in list files in console version

Version 3.08.02 beta 2003-08-20

- Some bugs were fixed

Version 3.08 beta 2003-08-19

- Compress dialog:
- Supporting fast compressing mode (-mx=1 switch)
- Multi-threading option for Multi-Processor systems
or Pentium 4 with Hyper-Threading
- Encrypt file names option
- New context menu items:
- Extract here
- Extract to <Folder>
- Compress and email
- Internal reconstruction, registry using was reduced
- New localization: Esperanto

Version 2.30 Beta 32 2003-05-15

- New features in compressing / decompressing window.
- "Show password" option.
- Some other small changes.
- New localization: Valencian.

Version 2.30 Beta 31 2003-04-29

- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 30 2003-04-19

- 7-Zip File Manager:
- Showing .. item.
- 1/2 Panels mode switching (F9).
- Supporting Bzip2 compression in ZIP archives.
- Some bugs were fixed.
- Some optimization recompiling for reducing code size.

Version 2.30 Beta 29 2003-04-07

- 7-Zip File Manager:
- "7-Zip" and "System" submenus in "Files" menu.
- Path history and "Browse" button in "Copy" dialog.
- RAR supporting was improved.
- Some bugs were fixed.
- Small changes in LZMA code.
- New localizations: Hebrew, Vietnamese.

Version 2.30 Beta 28 2003-02-16

- Some bugs were fixed:
- Updating 7z archives that are larger than 4 GB.
- Using anti-items in 7z format.
- Compressing empty files with password to zip format.
- In max mode 7z now uses 8 MB dictionary instead of 4 MB.
- 7-Zip File Manager:
- Supporting file comments: Ctrl-Z.
- New key alias for folder bookmarks: [Shift]+Alt+Number.

Version 2.30 Beta 27 2003-01-24

- Two BUGs in two previous beta versions (Beta 25 and Beta 26)
were fixed:
1. Incorrect compressing to non-solid 7z archive
when files have some very big sizes:
4 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB, 16 GB, ...
2. Incorrect percent showing in 7z compressing
when files are bigger than 4 GB.
- Supporting multivolume RAR and SPLIT archives.
- Supporting DEB archives.
- Supporting old version of CPIO format.
- Some bugs were fixed.
- New localizations: Korean, Swedish.

Version 2.30 Beta 26 2003-01-12

- Supporting Deflate64 method in Zip archives.
- Supporting Rar 1.50 archives.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 25 2003-01-02

- Encryption feature for 7z format (AES-256).
- New optional archive header compressing mode (-mhcf).
- Archive headers now always are compressed with LZMA method.
- Updating non-solid 7z archives without -ms=off now is allowed.
- Folder creating and item renaming inside archive now is supported.
- Supporting encrypted Rar3 archives.
- Supporting Unicode names in Rar3 archives.
- Some bugs were fixed.
- New localizations: Lithuanian, Voro.

Version 2.30 Beta 24 2002-11-01

- Some internal reconstructions.
- -m switch syntax was slightly changed.
- Some bugs were fixed.
- New localizations: Catalan, Norwegian, Romanian.

Version 2.30 Beta 23 2002-09-07

- Encryption feature for zip format.
- Percent indicating for some operations.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 22 2002-08-31

- New program: 7-Zip File Manager.
- Command line version now doesn't allow absolute paths
for compressing files.
- New localizations: Belarusian, Greek.
- Bug in FAR plugin was fixed:
Incorrect updating when archive has no explicit
directory items for file items.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 21 2002-07-08

- RAM requirements for LZMA (7z) compression were reduced.
- Small bug in FAR plugin was fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 20 2002-07-01

- RAM requirements for LZMA (7z) decompression were reduced.
- New localization: Turkish.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 19 2002-04-11

- Supporting RAR 3.0 archives.
- New localizations: Danish, Ukrainian.

Version 2.30 Beta 18 2002-03-25

- Compressing speed in 7z format was slightly increased.
- New localizations: Estonian, Finnish.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 17 2002-03-03

- Supporting ARJ archives.
- New localization: Chinese Simplified.

Version 2.30 Beta 16 2002-02-24

- Supporting RPM and CPIO archives.
- New fast compression mode for LZMA: -m0a=0.
- New match finders for LZMA: bt4b, hc3, hc4.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 15 2002-02-17

- Compression ratio in 7z was slightly improved.
- New localization: Dutch.

Version 2.30 Beta 14 2002-02-10

- Speed optimization for multiprocessor computers (-mmt switch).
- New localizations: Czech, Japanese, Polish.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 13 2002-01-31

- New SFX module for installers.
- New match finder for LZMA: bt3.
- New localizations: Portuguese, Portuguese Brazil, Serbo-Croatian.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 12 2002-01-16

- Bug was fixed: memory leak in Beta 11.
- New localization: Hungarian.

Version 2.30 Beta 11 2002-01-15

- Archive testing feature for GUI version.
- Now 7-Zip can use more than 256 MB of RAM in all Windows versions.
- New localizations: Bulgarian, Chinese Traditional, Latvian, Slovak.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 10 2002-01-11

- Bugs were fixed:
- Updating 7z archives in Beta 8 and 9 didn't work.
- Unicode version in Beta 9 didn't work in Windows NT4.
- Some other bugs were fixed.
- New localizations: Arabic, French, Italian, Slovenian, Spanish.

Version 2.30 Beta 9 2002-01-08

- Program localization: English, German, Russian.
- Additional optimized versions of programs
for Windows NT4/2000/XP.
- Two new match finders for LZMA: pat3h and pat4h.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 8 2001-12-21

- 7-Zip now supports some zip archives that were not
supported by previous versions.
- 7-Zip now supports new state (-uw switch) for cases
when 7-Zip can not detect whether file is newer or the same.
- Supporting anti-items in 7z format for incremental
update (-u with action #3).
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 7 2001-11-04

- BCJ2: new converter for x86 code.
- Supporting tar archives with very long file names
(GNU extension to 'tar' format).
- Supporting multistream coders in 7z (-mb switch).
- More compressing parameters for zip and gzip
in console version (-m switch).
- Solid compressing option in Windows version.
- Compressing parameters option in Windows version.
- Auto renaming existing files feature for
extracting files.
- Overwrite mode switch for extracting (-ao).
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 6 2001-10-13

- Supporting 7z format in MultiArc plugin for FAR Manager.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 5 2001-10-02

- Creating SFX archives from explorer.
- 7zWin.sfx: Windows version of SFX module.
- Auto adding .exe extension to SFX archive name.
- 7za.exe now supports 7z, bzip2, gzip, tar, zip.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 4 2001-09-15

- Self extract capability for 7z format.
- 7z archive format is default for 7z.exe and 7za.exe.
- 7z in default mode now uses bt234 match finder
and solid compression.
- 7z in maximum mode (-mx) now uses 4MB dictionary.
Version 2.30 Beta 3 2001-09-10
- Bug was fixed: decompressing .7z solid archives
containing empty files.
- new 7za.exe: standalone command line version
(only for 7z format).
- Speed of compressing to Deflate format (zip, gzip)
was slightly increased.

Version 2.30 Beta 2 2001-08-30

- Supporting the new 7z format with high compression ratio.
- -bd (Disable percentage indicator) switch in
console version.
- Bug in console version was fixed:
previous versions incorrectly execute compression
commands with non-recursive wildcards in combination
with subfolders.
- Some other bugs were fixed.

Version 2.30 Beta 1 2001-05-07

- Speed of reading of archive contents was increased.
- Bug was fixed: incorrect showing file names with
national charsets in some zip archives.
- Now it is possible to compress files larger than 4GB
to GZip archives.

Version 2.24 2001-03-21

- Bugs in GZip and Cab decoders were fixed.

Version 2.23 2001-03-04

- Opening archive items in Explorer.
- Context menu for archive items in Explorer.
- Automatic adding extension to archive name in console version.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.22 2001-01-21

- Supporting Zip archives containing more than 65535 files.
- Speed of Plugin for Explorer was increased.
- Searching start position of archive now is limited by
first 1MB part of file.
- Some bugs were fixed.
- Packet now doesn't contain 7zip.exe, far7zip.reg and
far7zip2.reg files. There is new far7z.reg file.

Version 2.21 2000-12-21

- FAR Plugin was improved:

- Showing process box during opening archives.

- Viewing properties of file by Ctrl-A.
- Alt-F6 in archive now immediately extracts selected files
to current directory.

- Some bugs were fixed:

- Entering to archive's subfolders in Explorer by clicking

items in main window didn't work under Windows ME/2000.
- Decompressing solid Rar archives sometimes gave error.
- Console version 7z.exe during list operation incorrectly
showed file names with national (non-english) charsets.
- FAR Plugin didn't execute some operations.
- Showing percents during extracting ZIP archives sometimes
was incorrect.

Version 2.20 2000-11-20

- Supporting BZip2 and Cab.
- New program architecture with external
compression and cryptographic modules.
- Decryption support (Rar and Zip).
- New console client.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.11 2000-06-15

- Bugs were fixed:

- FAR Plugin incorrectly processed

names of subdirectories that use national
(non-english) charsets.
- gzip plugin could not compress empty files.

Version 2.10 2000-05-16

- First level 7-Zip Plugin for FAR Manager.
- GUI version with integration to Windows Shell.
- Compression and decompressing GZip and TAR formats.
- Decompression RAR.
- Install & Uninstall support.
- Some bugs were fixed.

Version 2.01 1999-09-19

- Small bug was fixed.
- Compression ratio was improved for some files.

Version 2.00 1999-07-18

- Release.
- Big bug was fixed: previous versions incorrectly worked
during compressing with files that were referred by
direct(without wildcards) paths, containing subdirs parts.
- Compression and decompression speed were improved.
- -mx switch (maXimize compression) was added.
- Small bugs were fixed.

Version 2.00 Beta 1 1999-01-02

- Original beta version.

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