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This is a general list when filing a photo infringement lawsuit in California, for example in Los Angeles,
San Diego, Orange County, or San Francisco. This is general legal information only. Make sure to check
your local rules. May not be reliable or accurate. Photographers, we offer the best photo infringement
recovery services in California and Arizona. Call us to discuss our contingency recovery program.

 Complaint filled with exhibits (usually exhibits “A-C” which must

include the copyright registration certificate as one of the Exhibits)

 Complete and add for filing the “Civil Cover Case Sheet” (which lets
the Court know this is a copyright case). This also gets filed as an
Exhibit. Be detailed on this form.

 Please insert date of filing complaint:_______________

 Summons drafted and filed (you can only do this once you have the
case number). Once you get the case number – which is usually
immediately - file the summons as a separate document. YOU NEED
Note: The summons must MIRROR the heading (parties) in the
complaint TO A TEE. Spelled verbatim with how the parties are named
in the Complaint or we have to do it all over again including DOTS and
The Clerk will then send us (EACH) of the summons back stamped (and
that’s when we can file the summons and complaint on all defendants
who have been named in the action – see below)

 Please insert date of filing the summons:________________

 Please insert date the summons was issued by Court:__________

NOTE: We need to get all Defendants served within 30-days. Please
mark this deadline in CLIO. We need to do this immediately.

 Also file notice of copyright action (so the Copyright Office has
notice of the lawsuit):

 Mail notice of the (filed) copyright action form to the United

States Copyright Office (U.S.C.O.) in Wash. D.C. The address is on the
Indicate date this was mailed to U.S.C.O.:________________

 File pleading for 7.1. disclosure (certificate of interested parties).

This lets the judge know if there is a conflict of interest requiring

 Pay the required filing fee with credit card – [$400]

 Next, look for notice of assignment of judge (usually a couple

days later). This will come with an ADR notice from the Judge. Print
this out to be served with the summons, complaint and Exhibits. Case is
now rolling!!! This is what we need to serve on all Defendants, usually
by personal service.
 Send out package for service through Rapid Legal (summons
FOR THAT DEFENDANT and complaint with Exhibits and ADR
forms) this will advise parties of possible “alternative dispute
resolution” options and notify them they are being sued.

 Note that date that each Defendant(s) was served with summons and
complaint w/Exhibits and ADR Forms:
Def #1_______________________________
Def #2_______________________________
Def #3_______________________________
Def #4_______________________________

 Once a defendant is served, a proof of service must be filed with the

Court (for each defendant). Usually by us, but the service company may
also do it.

 Note that date that each Defendant(s) PROOF OF SERVICE WAS

FILED WITH THE COURT (Defendants now have 21 days to
respond). Please mark this deadline in CLIO.
Def #1_______________________________
Def #2_______________________________
Def #3_______________________________
Def #4_______________________________