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rom the beginning of the “Raw” movement with Ann Wigmore and Victoras Kulvinakas, Excalibur has been the Dehydrator of choice of Leading Raw Foodists.

“Raw” Mexican Wild Rice
1/2 C Wild Rice • 3 Cups Purified Water Place rice and water into a jar. Take out all the trays in your Excalibur Dehydrator, set the sealed jar into the Dehydrator, and place the door. Warm at 105 degrees for 24 hours. Drain Well. In a blender, process: • 3 T dehydrated tomato power • 1/2 T Lemon juice • 1/2 T Tamari • 1/4 T Olive Oil • 1/4 tsp Flax Oil • 3/4 tsp Mexican chili power • 1/4 tsp ground cumin • 1/4 T sea salt • 1/2 clove of garlic, crushed Add in • 1 green onion, finely chopped • 1 C diced Roma tomato • 1/4 C chopped cilantro, plus additional for garnish In a large bowl, toss the rice with tomato paste mix and add-ins. Mix well. Store in airtight container for up to 4 days.

Chef Steph's Featured Recipe

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• Create Sprouted, Seasoned Snacks – like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, tamari almonds and more • Create Crispy Crunchy Flax Crackers and chips • Create Pizza Crusts, pie crust, cookies, cakes and more! • Speed Up Marinating of vegetables • Thicken Sauces • Warm Food to above body temperature • Slow “bake” sprouted breads • Soften Coconut oil gently “As far as I am I know concerned, there is only one dehydrator -- I will get the Excalibur. We use it exclusively at all our the results Living Light Culinary I need! Arts Institute trainings Cherie Soria and Healthy Lifestyle Celebrations. I trust the integrity of my Excalibur dehydrators and I know I will get the results I need! Thank you Excalibur for creating such a quality product!”

4 Major Reason why Raw Foodists choose Excalibur
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CHERIE SORIA is the founder and director of the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute where she instructs and certifies raw food chefs throughout the world. Author of Angel Foods: Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies.

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Autumn 2008

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Raw Spirit Festival in pictures Can fruit make you fat? Ask Alissa! Choosing the right kitchen equipment Say goodbye to night-time binges Clean on the inside? Colonics – the key to healthy detoxing A week on juice Challenging your raw beliefs Can’t gain weight on raw? A Day In The Life Of Kris Carr


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My grandmother turned 90 this August but she has the skin of someone much younger. Despite her advanced years, she is not completely grey either: her hair retains more than a smattering of her original brown colour. It is remarkable considering that few reach this age, let alone look so well on it. So what is my grandmother’s secret? Well I like to think that good genes play a role, since I inherited them. But I believe the main reason is that she has always eaten healthily and – just as important – lightly. Moderation is something that previous generations were very good at, but that is much harder for those of us born in the age of cheap food and supersized portions. I’m very excited to introduce our rejuvenation issue, packed full of articles on achieving the benefits we associate with youth – chiefly: being healthier, feeling better and looking younger. This is not about pretending to be an age you are not, but simply about being the best you can be whichever age you are. Much of what we associate with aging – including lack of energy, declining strength, “middle-aged” spread, arthritis and Alzheimer’s – is either solely or primarily caused by certain lifestyle choices. And a great many of those choices have to do with what we put in our bodies day after day. This kind of aging only looks normal because so many people are making the same choices. But make no mistake – there are “aging” symptoms people in their 40s commonly suffer that are perfectly avoidable even to those in their 80s as long as they are living a healthy lifestyle. Our beauty writer Tonya Zavasta turned 50 this year and it would be hard to find a more radiant, glowing and youthful-looking advertisement for this lifestyle. Starting on page 20 she shares her secrets. We are also excited to bring you an exclusive interview with leading living foods expert Viktoras Kulvinskas, who reveals that he feels better in his seventieth year than he did in his twenties. Finally, on the subject of grandmothers again, in an article entitled “The Way We Used To Eat,” new contributor Charlie Wilson takes a look at the valuable lessons we can learn from previous generations when it comes to eating healthily and living naturally. To your rejuvenation and vibrant good health!

Sarah Best Editor


later graduating to vegetarian. and real life stories and interviews with those living a raw and living foods lifestyle. who lives in Exmouth. 5 . but perfect” apartment in Key West. six dogs. Pete Vincent is the CEO of Raw Humour and calls himself the “main discoverer of Vitamin L12. or are already living the lifestyle. Norfolk NR11 6SZ editorial enquiries sarah@fresh-network. I have travelled around the world but eating raw food opened doors to places within that I had never travelled to before. what is the first thing you would change? I would eliminate vaccinations for humans and animals and make it illegal to kill animals or eat their carcasses. no spirit and emotions. The future of food needs to be focused on ecological farming methods and the support of small-scale farmers worldwide to avert the current food crisis. Get Fresh! is for you! Disclaimer All recommendations featured in Get Fresh! magazine are for information purposes only and not intended to replace appropriate care from a qualified practitioner. especially among men – excessive weight loss. Florida where she is about to open a whole foods restaurant. has worked in the raw and living foods field for over seven years and is a trained live blood miscroscopist. Health feels like love. the laughter Vitamin”. ❥ How old are you and how old do you feel? I have 34 years of knowledge and life experience behind me. The Fresh Network. The Get Fresh! philosophy. living more consciously. what is the first thing you would change? The agricultural system. on all levels – mind. Autumn 2008 Published by Charlie Wilson writes about how we have lost touch with real For her first appearance in Get Fresh! magazine. Arizona. learn and discover what works best for them as an individual. body. An accomplished chef. Charlie first trained in traditional French cuisine. where he also has a clinic called An Oasis of Healing. a cat and lots of chickens in Mesa. ❥ What is the best thing about raw rejuvenation? I haven’t had to consider botox yet ❥ If you were elected US president. ❥ If you were elected US president. Pete. Devon. what is the first thing you would change? I would change the SAD (Standard American Diet) diet for the ACE (Accepting Conscious Eater) diet. If you’re interested in including more raw foods in your diet. drive and thirst for life than ever before! ❥ What is the best thing about raw rejuvenation? The opening of the mind. Thomas Lodi. ❥ How old are you and how old do you feel? I am 57 and feel like the “me” that I have always been since childhood. while retaining a rational and realistic worldview. and I have more energy. Originally from England. vegan and then raw. Aylsham Business Estate. When he first went raw he encountered a common problem. Its aim is to advertising enquiries +44 (0)845 833 7017 Printer Warners Cover istockphoto.Meet our contributors food and says her mission is to change the way people think about what they put on their plates. 13-year-old daughter. ❥ If you were elected US president. He combines extensive training and experience in both orthodox and holistic medicine. while focusing on diet. motivate and inspire. suBsCriBe CALL +44 (0)845 833 7017 SEE PAGE 9 FOR DETAILS OF OUR SPECIAL OFFERS AND GIFTS. Unit 4. Thomas lives with his 15-year-old son. featuring viewpoints. In this issue he shares his experience and offers insightful advice for those encountering this problem. teaching and philosophies from some of the most prominent natural health authorities in the Contact details Get Fresh! magazine. plenty of energy… ❥ What is the best thing about raw rejuvenation? It is the only path to health – very narrow but very wonderful. Aylsham. she now lives in a “small. It encourages each reader to seek. No aches and pains. acknowledges that true health is about much more than food. MD appears in the Consulting Room slot in Get Fresh! answering readers’ health and nutrition questions. The Get Fresh! Philosophy Get Fresh! is the international voice of the raw food movement. thefreshnetwork Director Cary Kikis Editor Sarah Best Design MarcusMacaulay. having more energy. ❥ How old are you and how old do you feel? I recently turned 40 but I feel like I am This magazine is printed on environmentally friendly paper produced from a sustainable source.

and remove dead skin layers. the UK’s leading manufacturer of nut and seed spreads. Cheese doesn’t get any healthier than this – even the herbs are fresh. 100% pure. Cilantro Habanero Macadamia. At $15 a pint. Order from Fresh-Network. all are organic. chances are it’s from Carley’s. light tahini and dark tahini. Both are 100% certified organic. dairy free or soy free. Choose from Herb and Garlic Macadamia. it is available from Raw Gaia at rawgaia. or as a tasty additions to salads. sun-dried and organic. cashews and macadmias).45 for a super-sized 750g). is made to order and then frozen overnight before shipping to extend shelf life. and sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. flax seed and dark agave syrup (and. We’re delighted to report that Grezzo is now shipping its fantastic ice creams and cheeses across the US. amino acids. It has a remarkable ability to draw out excess oils and impurities from deep within the skin. cleansing and detoxifying properties. organic almond butter (£ or call +44 845 833 7017. spread it on crackers and veggies. Lavender Blue and Carob Candy Walnut. both £3. The Fresh Network has recently started selling its fantastic range of raw products. £8. Dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve essential nutrients and enzymes.65 for a 450g jar. Whole Clove. Also new to The Fresh Network’s range: Carley’s raw organic pesto and rocket pesto.50 for 70g. as a substitute for bread or crackers. Going nuts The US is leaps and bounds ahead of the UK when it comes to the choice of packaged raw food products on offer. All of the above are now available from The Fresh Network’s online store. making them a world away from the regular version. com/togo or call 1-857-352-7288 to order.89 for a 250g jar. and has also teamed up with Carley’s to produce a gorgeous raw. unless it clearly announces that it is raw. Studies have shown that rhassoul clay helps to: improve skin texture. Enjoy it as it Their Olive Flats come in two flavours: Straight Up is a pure and natural Kalamata olive jerky while spicy sister Grecian Red comes with a lemon-pepper twist. Grezzo to go Two issues ago we announced the opening of Alissa Cohen’s Boston restaurant. Available from DragonflySuperfoods. Vanilla Chip. rhassoul is a light brown clay with wonderful exfoliating. Few UK health shops have caught on to the fact that nut butters are not really a health food if they are cooked. flavours include Mocha Brownie. a natural beautifier that has been used by women for hundreds of years. pumpkin seed butter. supplied daily to the restaurant by expert growers. creamy and spreadable. Other raw (and organic) products from Carley’s include Brazil nut butter. Grezzo’s ice creams are made with a base of young Thai coconut meat and are sweetened with organic raw agave. If you do find a nut butter that is raw on the shelf of your local whole foods store.WHAT’S NEW? Gourmet olive snack Regarded as one of the world’s most perfect foods. premium mixed seed butter. rainforest nut butter (a mix of Brazils. or use it in your favourite recipes. olives are packed with essential minerals. and through selected retailers in the UK and around the world. reduce dryness and flakiness. in the case of Grecian Red. hempseed and linseed butter. Grezzo’s cheese. Raw rhassoul radiance This new face pack from Raw Gaia contains organic rhassoul pecan butter. improve skin elasticity and firmness. and is also highly nourishing for the skin. and between £4. Curry Cashew and Miso Cashew. even if it doesn’t specify that on the label. apricot kernel butter. and contain just Kalamata olives. fatty acids and antioxidants. Remember. and they are a real bargain at between £2. Needless to say. Now you can enjoy them in the form of a gourmet vegetarian jerky from new US-based company Dragonfly Superfoods. Cape Cod Cranberry. Black Raspberry. Find out more at Grezzorestaurant. Grezzo’s house-cultured cheese is triple-whipped.95 for 450g and £14. due to its high mineral content.65 and £7. Black Olive Macadamia. spices).99 and £3. Pumpkin Patch.69 for 160g. Wild Strawberry. on 01273 311 476. Olive Flats come in easily portable compostable corn packaging. Eat them as they are. Dark Chocolate. premium mixed seed butter with barley grass. at $23 per pint. £7. 6 . leaving the skin smooth and glowing.35 for 250g. Mexican Chocolate. and nut butters are no exception. it isn’t. Grezzo.

mung bean sprouts and alfalfa sprouts. catalogues the physical. goji berry powder. and ships freshly-grown sprouts across the US. Charlotte Gerson. Tasty. indigestion and IBS – Fennel and Peppermint For immune support – Echinacea and Osha Available from NaturalSolutionsClinic. Andrew Saul. The point is.” Kris Carr talks us through her day on page 82. She is groovy! We curl up in my tropical-print Lay-Z-boy and chat over a large cup of ionized water with lemon. See interview on page 38. MD released a book entitled There is a Cure for Diabetes.WHAT’S NEW? Superfood protein powder First there were the cooked protein powders. dark expulsions during a retreat with me. making it very easy on the palate. minerals. I keep him busy. not desperate. wheat. more virile bodies. since last year. This movie offers solutions from world leaders in nutrition and natural healing including Philip Day. Sproutein is produced by Florida-based Sprout Living. longevity and increased quality of life. Since sprouts offer more easily absorbable vitamins. phytonutrients and enzymes than any other food. simplyrawmovie. flaxseed sprouts. yacon root powder and lucuma “My paper journal is my mind dump. herbalist and Get Fresh! columnist Dale Pinnock has launched a brilliant range of herbal remedies under his Natural Solutions Clinic brand. It also contains hempseed protein. “I’m about as far from “Desperate Housewives” as one can get. and let thy medicine be thy food. the blends are £12. Woody Harrelson. Yes…a juice fast. filling and full of high-octane nutrition. Michael Beckwith. amaranth sprouts. call it whatever you For more information see SproutLiving. healthier. foodmatters. Next came the raw protein powders. It is made with a base of sunflower sprouts. . Anthony Robbins. This great company also offers a number of freezedried sprout powders. juice feast. The documentary.” Sarma Melngailis remembers her week on retreat. sugar and indeed all cooked food for the duration. See feature on page 58. chlorophyll.” This famous quote from the founding father of modern medicine is echoed in this new documentary which lifts the lid on the trillion dollar worldwide ‘sickness industry’ and offers scientifically-sound solutions for healing disease naturally. “I finally did a juice fast. juice “Many people celebrate their large. my husband works for In this movie he proves it. black maca root powder. Herbal help Nutritionist. The message is simple: Take control of your health before someone else does. Sproutein delivers a great deal more than just protein. Rev. simply raw: reversing Diabetes in 30 Days Last year Gabriel Cousens. With nutritionally-depleted foods. quinoa sprouts. See feature on page 20. all carefully freeze-fried and powdered. chemical additives and pharmaceutical drugs being the standard diet of today. kale sprouts. dairy. He puts six Americans with the disease on a living foods diet at his Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia. which features appearances by Morgan Spurlock. They are: For liver support and detox – Milk Thistle and Shizandra For stress and insomnia – Skullcap and Wild Lettuce For depression – Rose.” Quotes of the quarter Tonya Zavasta on being compared to the actress Marcia Cross. And now we have the first ever raw protein powder made with a base of enzymatically active sprouts.95 each. If that’s a disease I want to have some of that disease!” Viktoras Kulvinskas challenges the over-use of the term “othorexia”. Arizona. mental and emotional breakthroughs brought about by this radical lifestyle change. and Joel Furman. and he’s happy. Get watching! Food Matters “Let thy food be thy medicine. It helps me fine tune my direction and connects me with my inner best friend. “Our so-called “compulsion” is creating younger. or at home using their herbal formulas. See feature on page 54. Fred Bisci. it’s no wonder that disease statistics continue on their upwards trend. just juice. without recognizing that the bulk of the material leaving them was just the psyllium that went in yesterday!” Dao Earl explores a little-known paradox regarding colon cleansing. I work twelve hours or more a day and. millet sprouts. Borage and Cardamom For urinary tract infections – Buchu and Uva Ursi For bloating. it’s the perfect snack or meal replacement. He proudly calls himself a househusband. David Wolfe and Victor Zeines. The subjects are hurled far from their comfort zones when they have to live without meat. The six unique liquid blends were formulated to address the most frequently seen conditions.

walnut and thyme cutlets. If you’re in Brighton for the day. how you dealt with those challenges and any changes you made as time went on. and for all those who want to learn from the experiences of others. making it attractive to newbies and long termers alike and making it super-quick and easy to find what you’re looking for in the ever-expanding world of raw food. Aylsham. and Knowler’s intention is to make it the most comprehensive “one stop shop” for raw food resources that has ever including any supplements. Please send UK submissions to Jeni Cook. aromatherapy. Those who want to enjoy Gem water at home can make use of the low-cost refill service on offer. Norfolk NR11 6SZ. it is well worth the detour. Currently on offer is a mixed living salad plate. “This website will bring together the best of what raw food has to offer. The BalancedYou Health Centre offers a range of natural therapies including energy healing. food choices included nori wraps (we tried one with sprouts. On the day we visited. go to rawlifestylefilmfestival. with a busy program of talks and workshops and an upstairs holistic clinic. c/o The Fresh Network. Manna offers a selection of juices. For more information see DragonflyWholefoods. The Green Lifestyle Film Festival is now uK raw food writer and speaker Holly Paige is collating accounts of people’s experiences of bringing up children on raw food for a book which is. It is the receiving submissions for the 2009 event to be held from March 13-15 in Los Angeles (more details on page 12).com is the world’s first fully searchable online raw food directory. Brighton BN2 4EA.amazingly good). GalaxyOfVitality.Kyle Vialli and Andreas Demetriou of pioneering Brighton-based company Galaxy of Vitality .WHAT’S NEW? Raw bites at Highgate organic eatery Dragonfly Wholefoods. to submit an article or to place an advert. Also on offer: “gem water” (as in Gematria-activated). this international directory has all bases covered. Currently open from 10:30-18:30 Monday to Saturday. worldwide. raw chocolates and raw cakes. kombucha and herbal teas and a deli counter guaranteed to have any raw food fan salivating within seconds. 24 Coombe Road. cleansing and detoxification advice and life coaching. reflexology. Details Holly is especially interested in include specific diet. and a range of raw deli products including onion bread. cakes. in the last issue we reported on the new raw menu Manna from heaven We’re excited to report that a new raw cafe has opened its doors in Brighton. flax crackers. structured and energaetically-optimized water in all its teas. on a side street just off the Lewes Road (A270).uk. what benefits you noticed. Unit brainchild of popular Get Fresh! columnist and former Fresh Network director Karen Knowler. including those who can help with its running and/or promotion. “My dream has always been to bring raw food to the mainstream and this project plays a huge role in that. 8 . avocado and spirulina . raw relishes. cookies and ice cream (Booja Booja’s fabulous Vanilla M’Gorilla and Hunky Punky Chocolate were the choices of the day). Manna is located a five-minute drive or cab ride from the centre of Brighton. “For all raw parents who want to have a chance to share their experiences. or to find out for guidelines.” she says. anyone?). It is looking for new members and investors. If you would like to submit your movie for consideration. some innovative (and impeccable) salads. Aylsham Business Estate. smoothies. Tel: 01273 690540.” says Holly. any challenges. and a surprisingly spacious and well-appointed seating area in the back. ” Visit the site to find out more. food preparation and washing up.have a lot more than live food up their sleeves.To submit your account. massage. nutritional consultations. essene bread. Dragonfly has also set up shop at the Alexandra Palace Sunday market.” She is interested to hear from people who have fed their children high-raw diets as well as 100% raw. sun burgers. “The accounts can include whatever people want to share but I would ask that they focus on their own personal experiences and tell us their real names. Fancy a stint in spain? Ecoforest is a non-profit vegan permaculture project in the south of the country set up to provide education about living and working in for more information or call 02392 611607. I certainly wish I had had access to it when I got started. The owners of Manna . The cafe features a small store in the front selling goods related to the raw lifestyle. With listings from the obvious (raw food) to the more obscure (raw accountant. she says. Manna uses this purified. Also welcome: anyone who would like to run retreats or courses at this Andalucian paradise. live “sandwiches”. News this issue is that you can now sample Dragonfly’s delicacies at the Thursday organic market on London’s Portobello Road. sustainable and healthy Submissions are being accepted until Wednesday December 31. contact holly@rawcuisine. See ecoforest. rawFoodDirectory.

Tel. emotional and spiritual potential ■ the best raw recipes ■ useful contacts ■ and much much more! Get Fresh! is the magazine for those who want to vibrant living information and inspiration 48 great issues now online! Get Fresh! Your quarterly dose of Also available to download Save money GiFTs AND enjoy Free h £90 T our fabulous Wor FREE gifts Subscribe nowand you’ll receive our There are 3 WaYs To suBsCriBe.00 e-package of six hour-long MP3s (plus transcripts). Also covered: ground-breaking natural healing information and the tricks to making healthy food taste amazing. Please ensure you tick the box indicating your location. For subscription enquiries please call +44 (0)845 833 7017.25 Europe: £37.  Online at fresh-network.00 US and rest of world: £52. Norfolk NR11 6SZ.. Name on card . No. * By supplying your email address / mobile phone number. Please tick the following box if you do NOT want to receive these offers from us Ms / Miss / Mrs / Mr Forename Surname Address Postcode Home Tel. Email address * optional. also see terms and conditions. *Mob.. Aylsham Business Estate. Elaine Bruce. eco-friendly products and services ■ insightful and thought-provoking commentaries on our mental. Yes! I would like to subscribe to 4 issues of Get Fresh! receiving a 10% discount on the cover price! US and rest of world: £28. Talks by world-renowned authorities Victoria Boutenko.85 Your Credit / Debit card details Visa Mastercard Switch Maestro Card Number Start date Issue No. Total package worth £90 – but yours for FREE when you subscribe to Get Fresh! Please return this form to: Get Fresh! Magazine Subscriptions Department Unit 4. Please select ONE of the offers below.00 Yes! I would like to subscribe to 8 issues of Get Fresh! receiving a 20% discount on the cover price! I live in the: Your details (all details on this form must be completed in block capitals please) UK: £25. you are happy to receive information about products and services reflecting your preferences via email / SMS from or in association with Get Fresh! magazine or The Fresh Network directly.(Switch) Cardholder’s Signature Expires Security No. You’ll hear a selection of the world’s leading experts on raw and living foods and optimum health talking about the link between nutrition and achieving your potential – on all levels. either by post or by email if you have included your email address. Aylsham. Brian Clement and Paul Nison and raw chefs René Archner and Cherie Soria.25 Europe: £20. The offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other Get Fresh! or The Fresh Network subscription promotion. Subscriptions may be cancelled by providing 28 days notice on or after the first anniversary of your  Call +44 (0)845 833 7017  Complete the form below I live in the: UK: £14.Subscribe to Get Fresh! and save 20%! More and more people worldwide are discovering new levels of health and wellbeing by eating high raw or all raw discover and enjoy these benefits for themselves. The minimum subscription term is 4 issues / 12 months. No. Every issue is packed full of ground-breaking nutritional and holistic health information ■ news ■ reviews ■ inspiring true stories ■ advice on finding the most natural. All orders will be acknowledged and you will be advised of a commencement issue.

it contains: a detailed analysis of what causes cancer and how it develops. Children grow at a rapid rate whereas adults just need to renew and repair. The Raw Food Formula For Health By Paul nison Healthy Living Publications. The programme consists of 30 exercises. Rawsome Flex By Tonya Zavasta e-book.” Impeccably researched. and also supplement your child’s diet. covering everything from co-sleeping to conscious communication. he shares his journey to vibrant wellness and goes back to basics and outlines the seven stages of disease. Paul Nison was diagnosed with a deadly affliction: inflammatory bowel disease (also know as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis).95 This little gem of a book is a compact yet comprehensive guide to a little-known rejuvenation secret. After trying almost every so-called cure to overcome his pain and suffering. B12. and how to achieve it. This book makes a great reference source for those who simply want to do all they can to stay healthy. but they didn’t have the answers he needed. The author studied every book ever published in English or Russian on facial exercises. to detoxing. In this. It is also a great introduction to natural parenting. it is a must-have guide. juices. special diets for cleansing.99 Evie’s Kitchen is part recipe book and part “A-Z of natural parenting”. And…she still has cancer.BOOK REVIEWS A Living Miracle By Pat reeves Pathfinder Paperbacks. DHA. The Rawsome Flex system combines the strengths of every program she studied. soups and sweeties – all vegan and all raw. and whether she could improve on it. you will be noticing positive differences in your reflection. £11. but for those who have cancer or are supporting a loved one through it. childbirth. K. along with her own innovations. Evie’s Kitchen combines hard science with a candid and engaging account of the joys and challenges of pregnancy. £16. and experimented with every single exercise to see if it did what it was supposed to do. We all know that we need exercise if we want to keep our bodies looking youthful and toned. find the diet and lifestyle that suits you. Yet the author. a wealth of information on the different treatments available and the criteria to use when selecting. believes that raising a healthy raw vegan child is more complicated than many raw authorities suggest. This easy-to-digest 120-page guide includes a four-step programme to: eliminate the cause of your health problems. transition and maintenance. but for some reason we are not told the same about our faces. one of the UK’s best-known raw food promoters. His search for a cure began with medical doctors. dips.99 Pat Reeves was diagnosed with “terminal” bone cancer 30 years ago. The promise: by the end of the 21-day plan outlined in the book. breastfeeding. dressings. Paul discovered the raw diet and lifestyle and he is now one of the leading authors and speakers on the subject. It also features 36 easy-to-prepare raw recipes. snacks. and she has won national and international powerlifting competitions. sleepless nights and single motherhood. As she writes. How did she achieve this? Through a tireless search for the very best natural methods for fighting cancer at its cellular level and now. and it takes just 20 minutes to perform each day. Facial exercises not only strengthen and tone muscles. and access the emotional and spiritual tools you need for success. EPA. the book contains the most comprehensive guide ever published to raising a child on a raw vegan diet. for the first time. yet she is in vibrant health and it is mostly in remission. Evie’s Kitchen By shazzie rawcreation. salads. which includes some of her favourite recipes. Today she is a busy practitioner of nutritional and functional medicine. explained and illustrated in the book. a mini guide to the living foods diet that the author has followed with such great success. but they are important. the recipes. $12. and a three-week meal plan. she shares her years of painstaking research. she counts marathons and triathlons among her hobbies. “The differences between an adult’s raw diet and a child’s raw diet aren’t great. ensuring even the fussiest eater will find favourites: breakfasts. and only possible if you have sufficient nutritional know-how. smoothies. There’s everything here. $23. He then provides an overview of everything we need to be healthy. to food combining.95 At age 20. giving more volume and tauter skin. his sixth book. which revitalizes the skin by drawing toxins to the surface. choline and calcium). The author has also included beauty tips and inspirational information to help keep you on track. First. mains. from raw nutrition. On page 44 of this issue: Paul Nison on the reasons to ditch that night-time snacking and TV watching habit 10 . iron. to the dangers of over-eating. including a section entitled “The ones to watch” (those being vitamins D. sides. but they also improve circulation. heal the damage you’ve done to your body. At 224 pages. and invaluable information about the importance of mental and emotional balance.

co. organic and including fresh-fillet Aloe Vera juice and pure raw Shea Nut Butter.TRANSPARENT TYPE ON BLACK BACKGROUND . freshest & cleanest raw-blended living ingredients the most nutritious life-loving hand made skin care available skin food is Live Native hand made organic THE RAW WAY OF LIFE and truly unique range of cleanly absorbing. They’re on vegan. Premium of the • naturkost@keimling.CMYK / 300PPI or simply call us on O1470 521 504.CREATED 23/03/07 Green Star Juicer � � � � � � � Raw Chocolate Coco Confectionery Raw Chocolate Raw Flax Krisps Raw Almond Butter Raw Coconut Butter Raw Cashew Nuts Raw Macadamias Raw Confectioneries Coupon for free catalogue Please send me your free catalogue Name 0870 850 7112 Or just call us at: GF Street.1 LINE @ 50mm WITH 0.1 LINE @ 50mm WITH 0. MASTER LOGOTYPE . Green Star Juicer Champion Juicer WaterWise Distiller Personal Blender Excalibur Dehydrator Stockli Dehydrator For more information about our pure living Skin Foods or to purchase on-line visit www.CREATED 23/03/07 MASTER LOGOTYPE .CMYK / 300PPI .3mm FEATHER EDGE . No. Town.TRANSPARENT TYPE ON BLACK BACKGROUND .com or direct from us at www. and nature intact made � � � � � � Some like it raw. Zip code Phone E-mail Keimling Naturkost GmbH Zum Fruchthof 7a/GF • 21614 Buxtehude • Germany Phone: Local rate 0870 850 7112 • Fax +49(0)4161/51 16 16 naturkost@keimling.3mm FEATHER EDGE .. sex lubricant & remedial balms. the Isle of Skye ~ all raw.moisturisers.

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Raw Spirit Festival 2008 in pictures.typepad. For details of next year’s event see page 12. Photos by Jeni Cook (top four) and Jeff Eichen (bottom six). great shopping. To read our full review of the event go to fresh-network. vendors. com. Thousands of raw food fans. speakers and chefs flocked to Sedona. Arizona this September for three days of great information. 14 . great food and great company.

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which wraps around their internal organs and causes pot bellies.” The fruit sugar in the ‘scientific study’ didn’t come from fruit at all. “Both groups put on the same amount of weight – 1. The intended target was also known as The Juice Master.’” If you only read the main headline and the subheading (as many people do). may the juice be with you.” (There are many in the medical profession who believe ‘intra-abdominal fat’ is the most harmful and is more linked to heart disease and diabetes. Which is why. you eat less and so lose weight if you need to. I felt a little further investigation was required to uncover the truth. nor any rationalthinking person. heard ‘fructose was bad’. confusion soon turned to utter disbelief. and nor will it make them fat. ”Experts point out that this does not mean we should stop eating fruit. as with most headlines of this nature. However. I would have. the same type which gets into many junk foods.5kg or 3. T he headline above is taken from the Daily Mail newspaper. Jason Vale 16 . The weighty rubber behind she had in her hands was to illustrate that this is the amount of weight a person would gain if they had just one smoothie a day. “But I thought smoothies were good”. However. it came from pure fructose. could ever know. If I thought somehow the items of furniture would somehow magically go through the TV and get to their intended target. none other than Janet “I have no idea what I am talking about” Street-Porter. a long way from the headline. bag of smoothies in hand and of course rather a large arse. Many people said. I know she is talking complete claptrap. I can guarantee the results would be massively different. this doesn’t mean that the small amounts of natural fructose found in fruit will do anyone any harm. Yes. But it does not reflect a realworld situation nor is it applicable to PepsiCo since pure fructose is not an ingredient in any of our food and beverage products. Janet decided to go on the streets of Britain. I would love to see the same experiment done with fruit and not a high concentrate of pure fructose. The Daily Mail reported that: “Scientists at the University of California put 33 overweight adults on a diet comprising 30 per cent fat. Until the next issue. perhaps. However. the same type which gets into many junk foods. the words. “Natural sugar in fruit is ‘fuelling the nation’s obesity epidemic. What possible evidence she had to back this up neither I.” Now. I think she read the above Daily Mail headline. Fresh fruit contains relatively low levels of fructose – and the risks are outweighed by the health benefits. heard smoothies contain fructose and so decided to go out and tell the world. as an example. you would be under the impression that some scientific study had been conducted which proved fruit was the cause of obesity. I would actually agree that high fructose corn syrup. It is interesting to observe at the very end of the article. “This is a very interesting and important study. It transpires that the study in question was sponsored by none other than PepsiCo. one smoothie a day will apparently make you gain shedloads of weight in one year. and 15 per cent protein for a fortnight. The sub-heading read. The lesson for all of us is always to read beyond the headline and be assured fresh raw foods are not only not fattening. is potentially more harmful than white refined sugar. is a best-selling author and one of the UK’s most sought-after speakers on the subjects of health and nutrition. or the like. it wasn’t a surprise when a spokesperson for PepsiCo said.3 pounds. to which Janet would reply. For more info see JuiceMaster. volunteers on the fruit sugar diet put on more intra-abdominal fat. I have seen many. as someone who was fat when I was eating sugar-loaded crap and am now slim by having at least one large smoothie a day and plenty of fresh juice.” Indeed. many obese people and worked with thousands from all over the world and I have never met one whose problem was caused by a fruit addiction! The F Word This wasn’t the only piece of fruit-related journalism that got my back up. Confused? So was I when I started watching. but many of their drinks and foods do contain enormous amounts of other sugar. not in her trousers. it came from pure fructose. And when I hear of a powerful sugarusing “soft” drinks firm sponsoring a study to see if the sugar in fruit made people fatter than the sugar found in their own products. For a further ten weeks they were moved to a diet in which a quarter of their energy came from either fructose or glucose. but because they contain genuine nutrition.) It is interesting to note that the fruit sugar in the ‘scientific study’ didn’t come from fruit at all. I am talking about the large arse in her hands. An episode of Gordon Ramsay’s ‘The F Word’ made me want to throw many things at my TV. I get just a little suspicious.Can fruit make you fat? Jason Vale gets on his soap box about pseudoscience and lazy journalism. 55 per cent complex carbohydrates such as bread and rice. This is true. ”No they aren’t and you will get fat if you drink them. In case you think I am being rude.


However. healed themselves of a myriad of diseases and swear by her simple and fun approach to fantastic health. ice cream makers and all the wonderful kitchen aids the raw food enthusiast can use. For more information visit AlissaCohen. Consider it an “insurance policy” towards the protection of your new healthy diet. you won’t be hungry. Juicing can be a bit overwhelming and not so much fun for some people at the beginning when they are confronted by some of the high-end juicers that are now available. I drink raw juice daily which I buy at my local natural foods store but that is working out pretty expensive. You are at an advantage. however. Having a food processor will make all the difference in the world. As important as being able to juice high vitamin and mineral greens and fruits is. or you’ll have a sudden desire for something more at night. Stock your refrigerator with healthy foods and have the ingredients available to whip up a dessert or something filling if needed. then I would say this should be your first piece of equipment. I like people to have a good experience when first going raw. You needn’t spend a lot of money on a food processor. The reason I do not suggest a juicer over a food processor is because many people who are just starting to change from an unhealthy diet to a healthy diet need more substance. dehydrators. I have a little money to spend on this. I would suggest a Green Star. food processors. “I have recently started experimenting with a raw diet and I’m feeling great. Most kitchens already contain the basic necessities for a raw and living diet: knives. spiralizers. if you haven’t learned how to make a few raw dishes you may begin to think that you can’t continue on the diet. if you like to juice. vegetable peelers. You will be able to whip up delicious gourmet raw food within minutes as opposed to not having a food processor and spending hours chopping. speaker and consultant on raw and living food. you don’t need to start off with all of them at once. Alissa is author of the bestselling Living On Live Food book and DVD set and is a regular on American TV. They begin to think that a raw food diet is hard to do because they try to make delicious dishes by hand and it ends up taking them hours instead of minutes with a food processor. people investing in an expensive juicer and no other equipment only to feel deprived within days or weeks because they are not able to make raw food meals and more filling foods. I’ve been reading about juicers. If you can afford both of these items. bowls.” and “unsatisfying”. fun and filling this diet is. There are many different brands of juicers on the market. This usually keeps the majority of people who are starting a raw food diet happy for a long. But. On other days. Having a good supply of raw foods. because it makes the difference between taking ten minutes to prepare a meal or two hours. is where I start most people. I tell them to invest 18 . Do not let a lack of any of these items stop you! When I first started eating raw. The trick is to identify what the most important aspect of this diet is for you. It sounds as though you already know that fresh juice is important to you. At that point. that there isn’t enough variety in it for you. strainers. It’s almost essential. high-speed blenders. Although it’s great to have certain pieces of equipment and there are some special tools and apparatus that can absolutely make it a lot easier to prepare raw foods.Alissa Cohen is an internationally recognized writer. this is important to you. Just make sure it has a large enough cup size. Don’t put off the diet until you’ve assembled all the gadgets. have been made using an inexpensive food processor that sells for under $40. Listen to your body! Be prepared to give it what it needs. you’ll need more food. or you’ll simply want something different to eat. it’s also important to educate yourself on the fun and filling dishes you can prepare. Alissa’s fans include hundreds who have maintained successful weight losses. blending. That’s brilliant! When people want to start eating a raw and living food diet. None of my clients ever say that! Not after they work with me and learn how to prepare food and balance out their diets. I want them to experience how easy. Now let’s get back to your daily Dear Alissa. dicing and blending. You’ll need one for all the grinding. This is a fantastic question and one that I get asked frequently. so I was wondering. It is wonderful that you have already incorporated having a juice every day. etc. I want you to have the same successful experience they’ve had. the better. Samson or Omega twin-gear juicer as these juicers do not get hot enough Kevin Dear Kevin. ranging in price from about $30 to $600. far too often. I’m a student and I don’t have much money so I’m wondering which equipment you think is necessary for the beginner? At the moment I only have a cheap blender. Even if you eat very simply – mostly fruits and salads – the day will come when you wake up really hungry. than I would say that is the perfect start! These are definitely the first two pieces of equipment I would suggest. mixing and shredding of nuts and veggies required for making recipes. Therefore. I have seen. Too many people – people who have heard about this diet from other sources – have told me they thought it was “boring. which do you think I should invest in now and which can I do without?” in a food processor. On some days. as you have already started eating raw. This diet is mostly about freedom! While it’s true that the easier you make this diet. If. Many people start off buying a juicer first. a juicer and a food processor. Almost all of the 300 recipes in my book. if you feel great from it and if this is more important to you than preparing meals. I just can’t afford all of them. You don’t need all of them. pie plates. Living on Live Food. long time. along with a food processor. to satisfy a craving. I strongly urge you to learn how to make a few different meals. all I had was a simple food processor and an inexpensive blender. chopping.

Next is the dehydrator. They can be pricey but they are well worth it. lasagne. that can be difficult to grind in a food processor. like real crackers. They are definitely worth the investment and once you use one it’s hard to go back to a basic blender. which you cannot do in the food processor. Do you love smoothies and blended items? Do you need to have more gourmet meals prepared for yourself or your family? Do you crave crunchy food? Do you love fresh fruit and vegetable juice? All of this will dictate what the most important pieces of equipment are for your specific needs. soups and simple recipes this could be it for you. There are a lot of raw ice cream recipes now which involve blending nuts. There are other pieces of equipment that you mentioned. like the spiralizer. zucchini. yams.” I use mine often to make all kinds of delicious meals. You can make beautiful salads with it as well. I suggest starting out with the highest quality raw and living food available to you. cookies and breads. It’s very inexpensive and it’s so worth the price just to be able to make fine. Of course an ice cream maker is wonderful if you are an ice cream lover but certainly not a necessity. especially when you’re first starting out. One lets you make very fine strands. Once you acquire a smoothie-like consistency. blended greens. they last a very long time! I know people who have had their original stainless steel ones for over 20 years. you pour that into an ice cream maker (like you would with a dairy-based mix for conventional ice cream) and you end up with a delicious raw ice cream that is truly remarkable in texture and taste. The basic blender you already have will do for many recipes and smoothies. I personally love this little gadget. and soups: they’ll come out very smooth and creamy. Alissa 19 . You can certainly eat raw food without any of these items. So as you can see. You can use your dehydrator to give foods a thicker. Though certainly not a necessity. This is a very fast and powerful machine that whips recipes together very quickly and gives foods a texture not easily accomplished with other appliances. You just need to be careful when using a Vita-Mix that you don’t leave it running too long. thereby preserving the enzymes. Most models without temperature controls have thermostats starting at 140 degrees or higher. It is used to make cooked soups and cooked products also and after a couple of minutes it begins to heat and then boil your food. A blender would be your next best bet. If you live on smoothies. Once you start a raw food diet and get a feel for what your specific tastes and wants are. therefore saving money on the amount of produce that is needed to juice. It is fun to have options but also just remember to keep it simple! If you have a lot of money to spend on fun and exciting gadgets and helpful appliances that’s fantastic. heavy-duty. But this diet also fits perfectly into anyone’s lifestyle. and other vegetables. you will have a better feel for what you need. pizza. including those who are on a budget. a dehydrator will allow you to prepare a much wider variety of items that will have the “taste” of having been cooked. A coffee grinder is great for grinding small seeds. dry texture. Although these blenders are expensive at $300-$400. Important: make sure your dehydrator features a temperature control to enable you to maintain temperatures below 112 degrees. Your dehydrator will be your “raw food oven. foods can take on a crispy. It can also grind nuts and seeds to a fine powder. So it’s difficult to make desserts such as nut heavy dishes in these as there will not be enough liquid and it will therefore cook your food before it gets blended properly. ripe. Again. Best. dips. It’s an expensive. This can be important. I also love mine for making potato chips and ravioli shells. coconut water and other items such as cacao and agave in a Vita-Mix. You can make delicious simple ice cream in your food processor or juicer with just frozen fruit. change it and create something new and exciting when a fresh. Some people swear by this as the only piece of equipment they need. Many of my clients love the Vita-Mix.while juicing to heat the juice. When left in your dehydrator longer. easy and fun. Not a necessity. These will destroy all the life-giving properties you are trying to maintain. There are two settings. firmer consistency and can have fun experimenting with nut burgers. like flax and sunflower. but it’s nice to have and can cost less than $10. We want to alter it. some of these tools are very helpful in going and staying raw. It’s great for making smoothies. high-powered blender. angelhair-type strands which can be used for beets. but the first few pieces of equipment can make eating raw foods simple. it depends on your goals and preferences. while the other setting is for paper thin slices. They extract more juice then a cheaper version juicer. You may find you don’t need too much equipment in helping this food taste its best! Sometimes it’s surprising to people how great raw and living food in its natural state can be. juicy mango can be better than any elaborate meal we can concoct ourselves.

“Many women who’ve “gone raw” have told me they stopped using make-up because it made them look older!” .

but one character. This praise perplexed me. In fact. Bree. I keep him busy. Backto-back compliments on my 50th! I must be doing something right. whether they are housewives or professionals.. this one from my 27 year-old son. I work twelve hours or more a day and. “I love to look at your face.F Raw and beautiful at 50 Our raw beauty columnist Tonya Zavasta celebrated her 50th birthday earlier this year. You remind me of Degas’ paintings. You’ll not see me under  21 . Bree is in her late forties. I decided the lady was complimenting my complexion (and sincerely hoped I was not reminding her of one of his horse paintings). And he wasn’t bashful about pointing it out. just an idea. has skin like yours – poreless and porcelain-looking. My health. He liked to paint dancers and horses. i. Women. Looks. aren’t far behind – have you seen the statistics on the increases in cosmetic surgeries being done on men? I looked up Marcia Cross’s site and found stunning images of the 46 year-old. What a lovely 50th birthday! Eleven years of raw foods have changed everything for me. and he’s happy. since last year. Happy Birthday again!” Maybe your children dish out compliments regularly. He proudly calls himself a house-husband. Here she explains how raw foods combined with a simple beauty regime are the secret behind her youthful. rankly it’s embarrassing sometimes. Success. is my most demanding critic. truth be known. Looking at his work. Such a long life of misery lay ahead that I wished I were eighty. I remember thinking: I’m only 37 and I’m dragging like an old woman already. On my 50th birthday.. so at that moment I just felt grateful she didn’t say I reminded her of a Picasso. so my life would be over sooner. I was facing reconstructive hip surgeries so I could walk without excruciating pain. not desperate. I hated the way I looked and felt. and I owe it to other women to respond. I was thrilled to have such an enthusiastic compliment from my pragmatic son. Jr. Nick: “I think it would be a good idea to include a new banner on your website: ‘Tonya celebrates turning 50 years young this month!’ I just think 50 is a big milestone and you could make a big impact on people since you look so young and healthy at that age. glowing complexion.e. So I thought you guys might be doing something similar. Anyway. my husband works for me. there’s another thing I do differently. I googled Edgar Degas out of curiosity. Nick. but I would have to be living on an island not to know what Bree. Besides the fact that Marcia doesn’t eat raw. are all desperate to achieve beautiful complexions. I’ve never watched a complete episode of the show. Not to me…and not at fifty… Thirteen years ago. I might have dismissed the comparison as an exaggerated compliment. shielding herself from the sun with an umbrella on her way to the Los Angeles set of Desperate Housewives on Thursday. One caption read: Marcia Cross reveals how she maintains her porcelain complexion. just eleven years ago. Marcia Cross. a lady told me. when I gave up my PhD studies in mathematics. I don’t know whether you watch Desperate Housewives. Not mine. But just hours later. At day’s end came yet another email. And men. looks like. as I left my Bikram yoga class. I thought.” I was only vaguely familiar with the works of this famous impressionist. a reader sent me this email: “You have the most amazing skin. I was a complete loser in his teenage eyes.” I’m about as far from “Desperate Housewives” as one can get. It could not be happening. and I know she must be doing something and I don’t think it’s raw food! I don’t believe it’s all in the genes.

I welcome the sun. Reflection off smooth surfaces such as mirrors or calm water is what we call specular reflection – literally: glass-like. and even that old advice about faithfully drinking eight glasses of water daily. error and experience. But we face one impossible problem. Wrinkles react like shattered mirror pieces that do not reflect as much light because of their uneven edges. no exfoliation. skin takes on a dull cast. To reflect light truly well. I have reached the half century mark. of sending out rays of light. A good brush with natural bristles offers just enough friction to do the job. How long would such a “glow” last? Anyone whose house foundation has shifted and cracked the paint on the walls understands this concept.“i definitely don’t mind fifty. But this article is not about luck. For your skin to glow. Light appears to be coming from a point behind the skin. Consider – if they did. the surface of good skin wears a shiny or glossy appearance. But we all do – and we should – want to enjoy that “baby” glow. A person’s age is estimated by skin tone and radiance. the smoother your skin. Physics to the rescue again… Exfoliation is the result. after all. A raw foods regimen not only replenishes the muchneeded moisture. Some might call it old. For more information see BeautifulOnRaw. Cosmetic companies are labouring to produce makeup or foundation “glossy paint” that will give this glowing effect. One familiar example of the distinction between specular and diffuse reflection is glossy and matte paints used in painting interiors. ensuring better light reflection. And I’m delighted to know I look like I’m having a good time. Young skin has a luminous rosy or pinkish glow – the result of light both at its surface and in the sub-layers beneath absorbing colour from pigments such as melanin and haemoglobin. E and C. i’m having the time of my life. Hated it in school? No worries! This time it will be fun. What actually is this “glow” or “radiance” that we often use to describe good skin? To answer this question we need a refresher course on physics. I’m having the time of my life. Not me! I definitely don’t mind fifty. Your skin is not a wall you can just top off with a glossy finish – it is a living organ. necessarily. Marcia Cross might have luck. the more it behaves like a mirror. and the kind of knowledge that comes from trial. When your skin is healthy and vibrant. We vertically challenged folk sooner or later abandon our aspirations to be tall and leggy like runway models.” a parasol. no matter what its base colour. As a result. and the world is drawn to that light. it suggests an internal flame smouldering inside you. It’s about something every one of us can achieve. arming myself with raw foods research. and not a bit more. This effect will be completely destroyed by makeup. I try to spend at least 20 minutes in the sun every day during summer time. What we call “glow” really does deserve the name. Your skin is the largest organ in your body.” Radiance is the quality of being bright. And once you’re accustomed to the revitalizing effect brushing provides. No wonder we call a great complexion “spectacular. I gave up wishing I were blonde. Regular exfoliation removes skin-dulling dead cells.” Light from a single incoming direction is reflected in a single outgoing direction and it’s reflected at exactly the same angle. I do not advocate gouging or scraping – we’re removing old skin cells. vitamins A. When this kind of reflection occurs. you’ll miss it when you skip it. It has a lot to do with how light is reflected. Light striking a rougher surface is scattered in all directions. any surface must be polished. If your skin doesn’t reflect light optimally. Combining a thoughtfully-crafted raw foods regimen and surprisingly simple beauty techniques can give you the same joy for as many birthdays as you’d like. You need a measure of friction. The younger and healthier your complexion. Me? I took a harder road. of friction. Reflection off of rough surfaces – clothing. but also helps eliminate toxins. Who doesn’t long for the bright. That is the reason behind one peculiarity in the raw foods community: many women who’ve “gone raw” have told me they stopped using make-up because it made them look older! The most desperate beauty question posted on the internet is: Does anyone know a real skin supplement that makes your skin glow? Bad news: Supplements of omega oils. Would you have studied it harder at school if the teacher had told you it would help your looks? See…my knowledge of physics has come in handy. we tend to stop longing for certain things. It works. flexing and absorbing the paint you’ve rolled on it. No point now wishing for those high cheekbones. not shovelling a Milwaukee winter sidewalk. After 40. ■ Tonya Zavasta is the author of Quantum Eating: The Ultimate Elixir of Youth. it must be bright. and a measure of gentle forgiveness. Only the superior elimination and circulation that the raw foods lifestyle provides will create this effect on the outside. It’s there – acres and acres of 22 . A splotchy. radiant glow of youth? Now. you look older. Nothing says old quicker than a lack of radiance. Your Right to Be Beautiful and Beautiful On Raw. achieving skin balance and decontaminating skin tissue – all of which helps to retain the smoothness that creates “glow. Somewhere along the line. No friction. would glowing skin be so rare? Think about hydrating dried prunes. Try to imagine a wall in your house. let me point out: There is such a thing as a genetic predisposition for clear skin. I earned it through raw foods and an everyday beauty regimen. They will never look shiny and fresh-picked. I recommend face brushing for this reason. no matter how much water you give them. lifeless. Some people are born lucky. In my case. or wrinkles on aging skin – creates a diffuse reflection. before we go any further. are not going to bring any dramatic results. The good news: living raw foods will restore that fresh look. breathing. Now. sallow complexion tells your age like nothing else. plain to be seen. paper.

23 .

24 .

Many things. 25 . healthier and longer-lived? It all began with a 1934 Cornell University research study. It’s clear the world of calorie restriction could benefit from learning about raw nutrition. and destroys 70%-90% of water-soluble vitamins and phytonutrients and 100% of enzymes. they perish sooner. let alone a food diary which has raw foods as the foundation of the meals being painstakingly documented. But if you want to meet all of your nutritional needs in the fewest calories possible. Given these figures. Similar results have been observed in all species tested. Anorexics. So what. don’t try it on your offspring as it is also shown to stunt growth. Lara. Lunch is usually a chicken breast with half a cup of brown rice or pasta and a carefully-chosen selection of grilled vegetables. In all species studied. But the “optimal nutrition” part of the equation is just as important as the calorie restriction component. but the reverse is also true. life-span increases of up to 20 per cent have been observed in mice that began restricted diets as adults. Take breakfast as an example. Dinner is fish with different vegetables (this time steamed or boiled) and a side salad. and that now includes everything from insects to apes. Her daily total will come out at a carefully calculated 1.e. the most astonishing results are obtained if calorie restriction begins in infancy.400 calories. or a bowl of mixed raw berries. it denatures essential fats. Sarah Best investigates. Either way. and found that when the animals were fed all the necessary nutrients but the calories in their diets were drastically cut. some of the study animals lived longer than previously thought to be possible for the species in question. Yet you’ll E struggle to find a mention of anything unfired being consumed. A woman of her height should eat at least 2. nutritional supplements and a variety of drugs. Much is made of the importance of “nutrient-dense” calories and meals. it is the disciplined practice of calorie restriction with optimum nutrition. But there is no reliable scientific evidence that anything besides calorie restriction is capable of retarding biological aging nor extending maximum lifespan. that has been a mere side effect. Meeting nutritional needs on 2050% fewer calories will extend lifespan. or an infinite number of variations on the raw smoothie – any of these would be a much better choice than the combinations of wheat. Many raw fooders experience less than optimal health and energy because they consistently overeat. it interferes with the body’s absorption of minerals. But the results from many short-term studies are in and they are conclusive:  if you want to meet all of your nutritional needs in the fewest calories possible. if you are a parent. are claimed to be “anti-aging”. She is one of a growing group of hard-core health enthusiasts following a “Calorie Restriction with Optimum Nutrition” (CRON) diet. who is 43. human growth hormone. they lived substantially longer. Another interesting phenomenon observed by some researchers: calorie-restricted animals who were still bearing offspring even when all the regularly fed animals in the study had grown old and died. while meeting nutritional needs. one method shows more promise than all the rest put together. Still. it is hard to understand why those on calorie restricted “optimum nutrition” diets would be switching their ovens on at all. dessert will be no-fat yogurt with strawberries. prisoners of war and others who subsist on fewer calories than their bodies require over prolonged periods do not live longer. Since this science is relatively new. rule number one is to eat your food raw.000. Occasionally she rings the changes with a stir-fry of greens and beansprouts on soba noodles. is the evidence that restricting calories makes us younger. very morning Lara Williams sits down to a breakfast of cottage cheese on rye bread.Eat less. however. exactly. Study after study has shown it is not only the mean lifespan that increases but also the maximum lifespan: i. So from that point of view Lara and others on similar regimes are definitely onto something. dairy and pasteurized fruit juice favoured by most CRON enthusiasts. Clive McCay and Mary Crowell were researching the effects of calorie restriction on rats. It’s not a magic pill you can swallow nor a treatment you can be given. is the best thing we can do if rejuvenation and longevity are our goals. Why? Because cooking makes 50-70% of protein in food non-bioavailable. Nor is she on this regime for the weight loss. A big green juice loaded with nutrient-packed sprouts. live longer Despite many attempts by modern medicine to develop a drug or intervention that will turn back the clock. junk food doesn’t figure and red meat is a rarity. there are no human studies proving conclusively that calorie restriction will have the same effect on humans. and humans live so long. The average CRON diet is certainly streets ahead of the standard diet: empty calories are low to non-existent. A multivitamin tablet chased down with a 150ml glass of pomegranate juice (out of a bottle) completes the first meal of the day. But browse the many “CRON diet” journals posted online and you’ll discover a strange paradox. rule number one is to eat your food raw. is around 15% under her ideal weight but she is not anorexic.. There is a considerable body of scientific evidence suggesting that reducing calorie intake by 20-50% below the recommended amount. including stem cell therapy.

One way in which the body copes with the waste by-products of cellular life. This can interfere with the proper functioning of the cells and is thought to become a vicious cycle: slower autophagy = more rapid accumulation of junk = further damage to the functioning of the  How does calorie restriction turn back the clock? Every aspect of the aging process appears to be slowed by calorie restriction. and following such a diet himself. and the one that encompasses all of the others. but they certainly have a much longer life expectancy than average because they’re most likely not going to die from a heart attack. The damage continues to accumulate until it eventually manifests itself as some form of degenerative disease. alcohol and various beverages and processed foods. Those findings were reported in 2001 and currently researchers are using the latest analytical methods to determine what’s happening at the genetic levels in human calorie restrictors. The results were astounding. And the best news is that animal studies suggest that calorie-restricted diets have the potential to offset both kinds of aging. The group had to do everything needed for survival. However. Walford convinced his fellow inhabitants to adopt a calorie-restricted diet. since an earlier study found both traits in long-lived people. and that gene expression changed rapidly to a pattern associated with lower mortality and better health. But normal metabolism causes free radical production. In a human study by John O. the resident physician. But the most widely accepted wear and tear theory. the mitochondrial damage theory and the molecular cross-linkage theory. gerontologist Richard Weindruch and geneticist Tomas Prolla found that 70 per cent of the major changes in gene expression associated with aging were totally or partially prevented by calorie restriction. is the free radical theory of aging. 18 people who had been practicing calorie restriction for three to fifteen years showed dramatically reduced risk of developing diabetes or clogged arteries. which literally means “self-eating”. Holloszy. in fact the latest research suggests that aging is caused by a complex mix of internal and external factors. One of the eight. unsurprisingly a unified consensus about exactly how calorie restriction counteracts it has yet to be reached. one of the biggest generators of avoidable free radicals is overeating. For example. is by breaking them down and then recycling them. and that both theories are partially correct. Dr Stephen Spindler. such as oxidized fats and cross-linked proteins. Among the main findings was that calorie restriction led to decreases in insulin levels and body temperature. Another observed benefit was a decline in DNA damage. This in turn will benefit all systems of the body. These theories are not mutually exclusive. including growing all their own food. blood sugar. While antioxidants have been much touted for their ability to mop up these destructive molecules.000 age-related genes in animals. cigarette smoke. Modern aging theories can be divided into two main categories: wear and tear aging theories and programmed aging theories. Animals on calorie-restricted diets do not show the age-related drop in immune system strength seen in their counterparts on regular diets. which allowed no contact whatsoever with the outside world. until eventually we “wear out” completely. During the two years between September 1991 and September 1993 eight scientists lived inside this enclosed ecosystem. cholesterol and triglyceride levels all fell by at least 20 percent to extremely healthy levels. The team members also exhibited enhanced immunity and an increased capacity to fight off illnesses. Wear and tear theories are based on the view that aging is caused by damage done to our body cells and systems over time. with an average age of 50. Blood pressure. leading to cells becoming overloaded with garbage. We don’t know how long each individual actually will end up living. According to this theory. Programmed aging theories stem from the idea that certain changes associated with aging are programmed by a genecontrolled “biological clock” – the same clock that programmes other life stages such as cell differentiation in the embryo and sexual maturation at adolescence. Since there is still much disagreement about this among the medical community. A University of California professor. had the blood pressure readings of 10-year-olds. spent years studying the effect of calorie restriction on 11. In a University of Wisconsin study on rodents. reduced oxidative damage to the immune system means greater resistance to disease. Much of the damage is preventable if we avoid potent free radical generators such as pesticides and herbicides. protective effect against diseases associated with aging. 26 . Free radicals are so reactive they can attach to and damage molecules that usually don’t take part in reactions. The study subjects. Commenting on the study Holloszy said. Sub-theories include the waste accumulation theory. was none other than UCLA gerontologist Roy Walford. When it was not possible to grow as much food as anticipated within the Biosphere. But to understand why.” A six-month study of 48 people who reduced calories by 25 per cent or more was published in The Journal of the American Medical Association. Using microchip technology he proved that the expression of many of these genes was actually reversed. car exhaust fumes. A final fascinating effect of calorie restriction is on the bodily process of autophagy. for the same reason. Over 80 degenerative diseases are now known to be linked to free radicalinduced oxidative stress and all are manifestations of the same underlying process. Many raw fooders experience less than optimal health and energy because they consistently overeat. One noteworthy human study is the famous Biosphere II experiment. But as the body ages.calorie restriction reduces all of the biomarkers for aging and lowers the risk of chronic diseases. calorie-restricted diets do something much better: they ensure there are much fewer of them circulating in the first place. so it is not possible to make your body into a free radical free zone. stroke or diabetes. “It’s very clear that calorie restriction has a powerful. a professor of medicine at Washington University in St. aging occurs when free radicals damage the structures of living cells by a process known as oxidation. the faulty reconstruction theory. Louis. Both are considered signs of longevity. who had been studying the effects of calorie restriction on longevity. we have to understand what causes aging. including cellular DNA. this process can become less efficient. Research has also shown that calorie restriction may prevent changes in the brain caused by aging.

3 Say goodbye to… • • • • • • These are the number one baddies to banish from your diet. so it’s worth learning a few simple principles of food combining. so no amount of pillpopping can ever replace whole. Don’t mix concentrated proteins with concentrated carbs. • • • • • • Oils Avocadoes Nuts and seeds Agave and other raw sweeteners Brown rice. but a little goes a long way. it is a good idea to get blood tests done before you start to check your level of health and identify any existing deficiencies. but in short. 4 5. or you risk malnutrition. you can stop here and you’ll still experience superior health and boost your chances of living longer. some guidelines about what to eat (and what not to eat) to get there. It is best to finish drinking half an hour before a mealtime. make sure you take it slowly and keep any weight loss gradual. but green light on these as long as you consume the other foods on this list in greater quantity!) Most people on calorie-restricted diets seem unaware of another important distinction: the health benefits of combining food properly. Experiment with the free online diet analysis tools. • • Eat fruit on its own. Or better still. and meet your nutritional needs with that number of calories. find a suitably qualified practitioner who can guide you through this whole process. If you end up with a cocktail of these juices. and never as dessert. white sugar. Neither of these will help you in your quest to look and feel younger and to live longer. as this dilutes digestive juices. 5 6 6. This is an article in itself. juices and energy soups made from the above Lightly cooked vegetables and home-made vegetable soups and stews (not raw. 1 The best way to get started on the road to longevity is to ascertain the right number of calories for your build and activity level. and to have the tests re-done every six months or so to monitor and fitday. smoothies and juices. 80% of your food intake will be made up of these foods on this list. fresh. A word about food combining 7 7. But remember: science has only begun identifying all of the nutrients and co-factors essential for optimum health. ripe. White flour. 2 3. quinoa. white rice and all other refined (aka empty) carbs Processed foods of all kinds Fried foods Meat – especially processed Pasteurized dairy Coffee. With all the groundwork done. This greatly increases the energy the body needs to expend in processing what you eat. Animal experiments into calorie restriction have shown that sudden weight loss can actually shorten lifespan. different foods require the production of different digestive juices. and no more. It is a good idea to supplement with a high-quality multivitamin every day. and you’ll stabilize at a lower weight. ripe. you are going to need help calculating the calories and nutrient content of your food. organic fruits – especially berries Sea vegetables Smoothies. alcohol and carbonated beverages 4. Go easy on… These are all great foods to include. Don’t even think of reducing your calorie intake until you have completed the steps above. Thanks to your body’s metabolism slowing down your weight loss will eventually stop. • • • • • • Sprouts of all kinds Leafy greens Fresh. Our fat stores house many toxins. and also leads to the creation of many toxic by-products. Try not to drink at mealtimes. Have one or the other at each meal. This is a good insurance policy against any deficiencies. Next. they cancel each other out and digestion grinds to a halt.Calorie restriction with optimum nutrition – the raw way 1. if you’re not already doing this. com. fellow raw food fans included. and not to start again until at least an hour after. so the two foods can be mixed in salads. so you want them releasing into your bloodstream at a manageable rate. In the early days at least. Do just this and you will be doing better for your health and longevity than almost everyone around you. • • 27 . The exception to this rule is that fruits mix well with green leaves. raw plant foods. millet Baked sweet potatoes 2. with a salad and/or vegetables. If you decide to go to the next level. When you start cutting calories. at least half an hour before consuming your next meal. nutridiary. Consume in abundance… For real optimum nutrition.

or garbage catastrophe. On the previous page is our guide to getting started and finding your place on the “CRONtinuum”. free radical damage is one of the leading causes of the changes we call “aging”. think again. to extend remaining lifespan by 42% and to substantially reduce tumours as a cause of death. Today. in Alzheimer’s there is a build-up of plaques in the brain. Basically. the reason calorie restriction works can be summed up in very simple terms: it is about giving your body what it needs and very little of anything else. this is it. For example. To put this in perspective. Sadly he died at 79. even in old mice. Roy Walford. Lara discovered calorie restriction five years ago when a routine medical examination revealed her blood pressure and cholesterol to be elevated. it is about the metabolic stress you’re not putting it under. I adopted several coping techniques to deal with hunger and to eliminate overeating of high-calorie foods. whom we met at the start of this article. Calorie restriction works because of what you are not putting into your body. This is the very same reason the raw diet works so well – and it works even better if we can curb our tendencies towards overeating. Calorie-restricted diets work to avoid an internal “garbage catastrophe” in two ways: first of all. Fiber One. theory of aging. of complications from Lou Gehrig’s disease. It is a continuum. This has been termed the waste accumulation. but this is not a choice between existing on subsistence rations and laughing all the way into your second century. Broccoli tops covered with melted ultra (1%) cheese and a glass of skim milk makes a surprisingly filling breakfast. it’s not surprising that drug companies are tripping over each other in the race to get there first. If such remarkable results are being achieved from those practicing CRON the cooked way. fish and dairy with refined carbohydrates and cooked vegetables. But on balance.” A leading life extension expert shares calorie-restriction strategies on his blog. comes with no guarantees. Only time will tell what results may be possible by combining a low-calorie regime with the purest. and little raw food. human and animal studies consistently show that the longer the period spent on the diet. if you eat 400 calories worth of pasta with chicken – typical “CRON” fare –you’re going to have many more of those crazy. For example. and obese people are known to be at a higher risk for developing the disease. and the scientific evidence mounts. GrapeNuts. Dr Spindler and his colleagues showed that calorie restriction acts rapidly. the waste products that are therefore not being generated. Always health-conscious.cell. It has been found that the toxic build-up that results when autophagy can’t keep up with garbage disposal is especially pronounced in those with Alzheimer’s. As word about the effects of calorie restriction spreads. live longer” lifestyle? It’s just not going to happen… Calorie restriction meets raw nutrition If you think you’d have to resign yourself to feeling hungry for the rest of your life in order to benefit from this body of scientific knowledge. The longevity pill? In laboratories around the world scientists are toiling away attempting to come up with a drug that mimics the effects of calorie restriction. electron-deprived scavengers zipping around your body than if you’d consumed 400 calories worth of raw spinach and avocado salad. the UCLA gerontologist and Biosphere II’s calorie restriction pioneer adhered strictly to the lifestyle for several decades and in his book. Both readings were in the normal range by the time of her six-month follow-up appointment. because what they eat falls far short of meeting the nutrient intakes required for optimum health. Secondly. Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative disorders. This means that it has all the nutrients and co-factors necessary to maintain health. rejuvenation and longevity. The frugal fare of the calorie restricted is not for everyone. various combinations of meat. it is safe to assume that someone eating a raw or predominantly raw diet could achieve even better results – or the same results on a less rigorous regime. The Anti-Aging Plan. compelling though the scientific evidence is. more and more health seekers of all ages are shunning the “all you can eat” mentality and making mealtimes an exercise in mathematics. For example. For all its apparent complexity. there is simply less garbage to process. Since few people would contemplate a calorie-restricted regime. the greater the effects. Unsurprisingly. Every step you can make towards meeting your nutritional needs in fewer calories is a step in the right direction. she has more energy than ever before and is constantly being told she looks years younger. the average person alive today in the western world eats substantially more calories than they need but is malnourished. ■ 28 . talked of living to 120-140 as a reasonable expectation for anyone doing the same. no doubt thanks to his healthy diet. or eating the standard diet and reaping the standard results. How not to eat “My judiciously chosen cereal (a mixture of Cheerios. ensuring good traffic in my colon (reduced cancer-risk). Clearly. The pill that allows you to eat the SAD way and enjoy the benefits of the “eat less. you are taking in fewer substances which can cause cellular damage which interferes with the normal functioning of the body’s waste disposal system. The results achieved in human calorie restriction studies are especially astonishing when you consider that the average subject was consuming a diet very like Lara’s. the damage your cells are not suffering as a result. and as little as possible of the toxic wastes and by-products that destroy health. But we will have to wait a long time before there is inspiration in the form of large numbers of humans on this programme celebrating their 120th birthdays. And perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind is that no studies have yet been done into calorie restriction combined with optimum raw nutrition. including autophagy itself = even slower autophagy – and so on. Walford stayed healthy and lived longer than most after a diagnosis of this disease. But it is never too late to start. most nutrient-rich raw and living plant foods. But we predict this is one scientific quest that is doomed to failure. But logic suggests that if there is a diet for health. Restricting the diets of mice has been shown to reduce the build-up of these plaques. Bran Buds & some multi-grain flakes) is low in fat and high in fiber. yet there would be few who would not take the pill that delivers its amazing benefits. So it is worth remembering that this practice.

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Active aging’s 30 .

Long life is not a matter of genetics. development and writing project which manifested into my book Longevity: Enjoying life without limits. sprout juice Flexibility Resilience Athleticism Endurance Confidence Creativity Courage Calm BRILLIANCE Pure bio-organic living-food diet. Although there has never been a human clinical study specifically looking at raw vegan food consumption. Cheri Dipur. will shorten a life and increase disease potential. we have many raw foodists who have led the way: as examples. Throughout history. Those making contributions and living a life of passion have a reason to live. Elma Nisson and Ann Wigmore. Several years ago. It only makes perfect sense that this powerful cuisine would prolong the life of those committed consumers. Dr. When one ingests super nutritious foods. Conclusively each had found. baked goods. it quite often can replace a chewable selection. fresh juices Full initiation of aerobic and resistance exercise Clever Trusting Functional LIGHT Predominantly bioorganic living food. Here at the institute. leading European anti-aging physicians gathered. synthetic “food” Inactivity Negativity Injuries llness Negativity Fear Hostility Restriction ECLIPSE Lacto-ovo vegetarian “food”. For the first time in recorded history the population is striving to maintain youthfulness and thriving like they never have before. Norman Walker. the closing statements made by the President of the host organization were. I concluded a three and a half year research. Recently in Monte Carlo. When one is imbibing fresh raw juice. including power-juices and algae daily weekly fasting Full aerobic and resistance exercise maximum strength and flexibility complete health and optimal rest Activity Acuity Insight Knowledge Comprehension 31 . wheatgrass juice. all of the important work done to date leads one to know that the nutritional value of these charged foods would further contribute to long life. oday we are not going quietly. After three exciting days of exhibits and conferences on the latest. immediately consumed after extraction. Among the most interesting discoveries were 27 international scientific publications reporting research on the subject. “The one distinguishing scientific phenomenon adding years to your life is the consumption of living foods consumed in conservative quantities”. Your mind has more to do with how many years you will survive MENU THE BODY THE MIND T DARKNESS Meat. The next generation. that food consumption and its amount was the one governing factor that determines who would live longer and who would suffer less disease.promised jewels Dr Brian Clement gives his best advice for turning back the clock and enjoying superior physical and mental health at any age. dairy. forging their own path. it is propelled by one’s own self image. including raw/living food. they require less. will break through the veil of the last generation. we are on the front lines observing how the vitality within this dynamic nutrition rescues people back from the grips of demise. Overconsumption of any food. My understanding of this shift in mentality is a heightened sense of Self born out of an inherent instinct to fulfill our lives at maximum levels. cooked “food”. Most often the baby boom generation is suspected to be the impetus behind this. non-bio-organic Limited activity Recovery and renewal Healing Frustration Timidity Anger SHADOW Lacto-vegetarian and bio-organic fare Flexibility and increased strength Scepticism Sarcasm CLOUDS Mostly bio-organic living food. of which we are all a part with our elevated knowledge and deeper understanding via the role of diagnostic science. Those caught in a cycle of self loathing are destined to desire demise. greatest methods and technology available to conquer aging.

this nutrient strengthens and multiplies neurons (brain cells). I spend much time labouring the importance of brain health and mindful progression. these sprouts help to prevent cysts. diabetes. Milk thistle This function regulator is essential for long life. Bilberry This herb helps to preserve vision and prevent eye disease. heightening efficiency. flu). It also improves circulation and strengthens the tissue of the cardiovascular system. but most important. So in summary. enhances skin and promotes hair growth and health. Elderberry seeds Strengthen and multiply brain neurons. Cabbage sprouts Combat digestive and eliminatory disorders and help to maximize nutrient absorption. Longevity: Enjoying long life without limits. Daikon radish This Asian radish is a blood purifier. contributory members of the worldwide human community. helping the liver to cleanse blood cells. It is this very consciousness that broadens our horizons and permits us to see ourselves in our mature years as productive. The British Journal of Medicine reported that onions are 25% more effective than pharmaceutical medicines in strengthening bone and tooth density. yet body and mind are equal partners in the phenomenon we call longevity. when sprouted. Jerusalem artichoke This root vegetable member of the sunflower family provides a wide cross section of minerals and blood-balancing nutrients. Pea green sprouts With their high enzyme count they help to diminish microbes. Valerian root This mild sleep aid helps people receive the necessary rest to accomplish greater physical and emotional health. helping to reduce blood sugars and providing ample minerals essential to both body and brain. I have established a wide gathering of foods. where I have the gift of spending time every day with people at a crossroads. cleaning unwanted debris and mucus from the body. wisdom is gleaned. 32 . dementia. Onion sprouts With their exceptionally high sulphur content. It is one’s birthright to establish a life that is both abundant and long. Watermelon seed sprouts These succulent complete protein plants build tissue. promote sperm and ovarian secretion and strengthen both male and female sexual hormones. On page 57.Laminaria Asian kelp strengthens glandular function. Also help to relieve bladder and kidney congestion and enhance prostate relief. His recent book. In my position. Allow pure food to fuel you. Brian Clement has directed Hippocrates Health Institute for 30 years. GABA This amino acid activates human growth hormones. Yellow squash Improves vision and helps to regulate menstruation. They also contribute to strengthening bone density and preventing many forms of cancer. Clement will return to Europe on a lecture tour the first week of December. allow clear and determined thought to guide you. As you see. Fennel-seed sprouts Strengthen the oesophagus. Meanwhile. cancer. 2008. food plays a massive role in quality and length of life. memory loss. Zingiver officinale (Jamaican ginger root) Helps to combat ovarian cancer. String beans Rich in many minerals and help to protect the nerves. Here they are: Alpha-Lipoic acid (ALA) Discovered by the Italians as a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect the brain and body from free radical damage (the cause of all premature aging and disease). determining whether or not it is worth the effort to fight on or just give up. Rutabaga greens Help to maintain respiratory and sinus function. Horsetail (Silica) This dynamic herb builds bones. whole food supplementation and herbs that build the brain. cancer. also improving circulation and cardiovascular health. Uva ursa sprouts Act as an astringent. aliment and astonishing activity will assure one of greater life span and gorgeous moments. In my Longevity book. and acts as a natural thermostat regulator. Also multiply the white blood cells and strengthen overall immunity. Dr. helping to prevent premature aging. pro bone strength and helpful in digestive disorders. Turmeric Its active ingredient. is one of the most powerful known to man at the beginning of the 21st century. rich in minerals. the birthplace of mind and consciousness. among other things. It is within our capacity to achieve such a goal. as well as digestive and eliminatory problems. Positive people in a passionate pursuit tend to live far longer than people entrapped in a negative cycle. attitude. It is for each of us to cherish life at such a refined degree that we can’t wait for the next morsel. See page 12 for details of his London lecture hosted by The Fresh Network. clarity and energy. helps to balance hormones and squelches the biggest culprit in premature aging: hormonal imbalance. mutagens and pathogens. Quinoa sprouts This seed’s mineral and protein content make it a fine body builder and disease-preventing food. bladder and lung concerns. extensively portrays his and the institute’s research on how to achieve and sustain health and vigour throughout life. Its span of remarkable qualities make it valuable for those suffering arthritis. memory and consciousness. osteoporosis and some forms of arthritis. rhinoviruses (colds. strengthen the eyes with their lutein content. erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. curcuminoid. it passes through the blood-brain barrier enhancing thought. Kohlrabi This member of the cabbage family with its high sulphur content is anti cancer. combat digestive concerns (including ulcers). Dr. ■ than any other single factor. and also help to combat kidney. fibroids. Over the last several decades. I speak of the many cycles I’ve observed in the current human condition and I reflect them in a chart on the previous page. It is also used to pacify light to moderate depression as well as anxiety. This reduced taxation on the liver anatomically promotes long life. abundant complete protein builds muscle and cell structure. Indian hemp Rich in omega 3 and 6.

33 .

You can do this! I’ll show you how your body can transform in a short period of time if you give it what it needs. Let’s get started For the next 10 days you will make simple changes that take off years. They complained about poor skin tone. Ten days is nothing. DAILY PROGRAMME Preparing for your day Wake up early! Make your morning relaxed and make time to prepare for a great day. You can change all that. your body thinner. puffiness and dark circles. but for the first few days. Your skin will look firmer. I’ll give you tips that will help make this programme as easy as possible. eat only enhancing foods. Check out her before and after pictures (overleaf) and her brief account of the highs and lows during her 10 day programme. your eyes will brighten and you’ll begin to get rid of drooping eyelids. They felt the stress in their lives showed through. flab and lack of energy is what. and in only 10 days see a different you. Yes. Your muscles will start to firm and strengthen and your energy will soar. it’s true! You will look and feel younger. sagging muscles and aches and pains that they had never had before. Are you ready to go for it? Isn’t it worth 10 years? You are not alone in this. You are doing the program with Shaila. think about your day and how great it is to be alive. and stop giving it the things that are keeping you looking and feeling old. raw fruits and green salads). I usually think about one of my core beliefs when I wake up: “Every day day above ground is a great day!” Wake up happy! I have great news. a 28-year-old counsellor and your personal guinea pig. Try this brief. surprisingly. They felt a lack of energy and a lack of enthusiasm. D • • • • o you look in the mirror and see a body you don’t recognize? Do you wake up with aches in muscles and bones you didn’t know you had? Are you just too tired by the end of the day to do anything but plop down on the couch? And are you beginning to believe that there isn’t anything you can do about it? What makes you look and feel old? I asked this question to many people in different age groups ranging from late 20’s to late 80’s and the answers were. in 10 days going to deal with them and how you take care of yourself. but you do have control of how you are 34 . and really pay attention to what you are thinking. (fresh. your jawline will sharpen. The key to looking and feeling younger is taking great care of yourself from the inside out.10 years younger Roe Gallo outlines a health plan that will leave you feeling revivified and rejuvenated in just over a week. get to bed early. You may not have complete control of things that happen in your life. By the third day of the programme you will have more energy and wake up more easily. very similar: People were concerned about their weight making them look older. When you wake up. What have you got to lose? Fat. You will exercise. focused program. They felt dull all over.

On the 10-day programme you will get a full night’s sleep every night. or go for a picnic or a family bike ride. so do you. a smile. Making it up as you go A little bit of mascara goes a long way to make your eyes look brighter. See yourself at the end of your work day with your list complete and feeling great. Lack of rest adds years to your appearance. Visualize a great day Start your day with a positive attitude and a smile. go dancing. Just 10 days on fresh. So if gorgeous skin is your goal. Breakfast • • • 16oz. Have a free consultation with a personal shopper to get ideas for your body type and colouring. a kiss a “good morning. this is it. While showering. a smile. Break that comfortable pattern. Add a bit of colour and shine to your lips and a little drama to your eyes by lining them (but go easy as eyeliners can be harsh). of freshly-squeezed orange juice (squeeze it and drink it immediately) 1-3 pieces of fresh fruit. As you get out of bed.” an “I love you” and possibly a tickle is a wonderful way to get their day off to a great start. 7. And remember – you can always update your look with smart accessories. 6. listen to a fun or uplifting book or music and if you don’t have a radio or an ipod. 35 . Preparing for work • If you drive or walk to work. Smile When you are happy you will look and feel so much younger. A visit to a local spa is part of your 10-day plan. Adding more enhancing foods will make your healthier inside shine through. Do this 10 times. Visualize the end of the day and how happy you’ll feel. Sleep on it Make sure to get your rest. family member or colleague. 10. 3. Hauschka for mascara and Jane Iredale for eye pencils and lips. Indulge in an in-SPA-rational visit A relaxing facial can make a big difference in keeping that fresh young glow. Take the opportunity for eyebrow shaping and unwanted hair removal while you’re there! The skinny If your skin looks old. Move it. Over the next 10 days you’ll see and feel the difference. skin and body looking better for it too. Staying active. Think about what you love about your work and why you are doing what you do. C. You don’t need to be a gym rat. Dress the part Clothing styles and colour can add unwanted years to your look. depending on how hungry you are. then immediately look at something at least 10 feet away. 2. focus. Skin care should be about keeping your skin clean and feeding it with nutrients through your diet. I know you learned something!) that you can apply to the job you would love to do. Several times during the day Exercise your eyes. but powerful. Yes. Pay attention to the fashion and grooming tips on the right. raw organic fruits and vegetables is all it takes to jumpstart your body’s own recovery system. 8. 9. E and K. think about what you have learned from what you do (come on.The 10 simple secrets that dissolve away the years 1. If you don’t love your work. Clean it up How you care for your body on the inside will show up on the outside. Shower and get ready for your day. List your goals for the day and prioritize them. Dress to impress yourself. move it Get your energy levels back to an all-time high with simple exercises to keep the spring in your step. a kiss. Do something special and fun Make dinner plans. If you have children. Fresh fruit is high-water. Let him/her know how happy you are that you are together. If you are with a partner. something that makes you feel happy and look great. • • Some time during the day Read something current and interesting and talk about it with a friend. 5. stretch your entire body for about five minutes. Positive thoughts only! Plan your day. see a movie. one: Look at something close. Work your eyes and they will keep working for you. sing. high-energy food and will get you going. If you work at home take at least 15 minutes preparing for your day in the same way. Pick out something wonderful to wear. 4. think of the things and people you are grateful for and how fabulous your day will be. D. Now get out of the house – this is enough food! You are getting plenty of nutrients. The tips in the daily programme will help you cut down on the stress that makes us all look and feel older. focus. be sure to get plenty of essential fatty acids and vitamins A. You’ll feel great and you’ll notice your hair. involved and interesting gives you a youthful energy that shows. My favourite brands are Dr. a “good morning” and an “I love you” (and anything else you have time for) is a great way to start another day of being together. just make sure you move your body every day. Here’s a simple.

Day 5 Highlight Feeling great about being half way through and starting to notice my skin clearing up and my clothes fitting better. I can’t see this as a failure. Day 4 Highlight My appetite has noticeably shrunk and I am starting to learn that my body’s cue for when I am hungry is different from when I just see something appealing and want to indulge. Roe reminded me how far I had come. Lowlight None! Day 3 Highlight I noticed more energy and heightened endurance during my workout this morning. My husband complimented me on my sunnier disposition. My body feels satiated but my brain still wants to order a pizza! I’ll resist the urge for now. She was far from the picture of youth and health so I dismissed her criticism as a bit of jealousy. some friends and felt bummed about not being able to pull things from the boat.m. but my hope is that I will start to resemble the 28 year old that I know I can be. I couldn’t have slept in even if I wanted to because I had so 36 . Where I usually tap out at 45 minutes of cardio I was able to go an hour easy. but I was so angry with myself. usually I am a bit of a grouch in the morning. and that before I would have had a whole slice not just a bite. I used to smell cooked things and think about how much I would enjoy that dish when my 10 days are up. orange slices and watermelon cubes. but now I can associate it with how bad I felt before I started this. without even thinking about food (I had 32oz of OJ in the morning). I am so happy with the results and feel inspired to keep going! Lowlight Realizing the work has only begun and I have to keep going. I work in a job that keeps me sedentary where 5 years ago I was an active college student. I went from a fresh. and joined in with the party.I am 28 years old but I feel and look much older. slim 23 year old to a dull and pudgy 28 year old. Lowlight Realizing that while 10 days will show me some positive results I am still a long way away from the person I ultimately want to become. my skin looks improved. vibrant. Lowlight I am feeling tired and a little weak. just a bump in the road on my way to seeing positive results.but I can see my jawline better. My job is not to blame – I am! There are many ways in which I can infuse activity into my life. Lowlight I cheated! I was shopping for my groceries when I was lured to a sample table giving away bite-sized samples of pizza. I was more than satisfied. Day 6 Highlight Was able to raise all my workout levels with ease and made it until 2p. Over the course of the last five years I have noticed a rapid shift in my body inside and out that I am not happy with. Day 2 Highlight Only 9 days to go! Feeling proud that I made one whole day with fresh fruits and salads. Day 10: Highlight I looked at my after picture and was amazed! It may not be much only 5 pounds . Most people subscribe to the myth that what I am experiencing is just normal aging but I know the cause is lifestyle and therefore in my control. Luckily I thought to fill up on fresh OJ right before I went to my party and once I arrived they had a fabulous green salad that did the trick. For example. Day 8 Highlight My taste buds and cravings are changing. So here I am. and will probably go to bed early. about to see what 10 days of raw foods and healthy activity will do for me! Do I expect to look 18 after I am done or even 25 for that matter? No. Lowlight Went to a sushi restaurant with Day 7 Highlight Woke up naturally today for the first time. I asked the waitress if they had any salads or fresh fruit and sure enough she brought me a cucumber salad. my hair feels better and I am visibly more confident.yet! Lowlight It’s 4th of July and there are temptations everywhere. It was only a bite. much energy. Lowlight I had lunch with a friend and she lectured me on how unhealthy my “diet” was and that I needed protein. Shalia’s journey Day 1 Highlight Feeling positive and excited about trying something new for 10 days! Lowlight Not quite sure if I am satisfied with my assigned foods. Day 9: Highlight All my clothes fit better! Lowlight It’s not time to get a new wardrobe…….

throwing them back into the bloodstream for elimination. but doing it makes you feel like a million dollars. even work you enjoy. such as coffee. exercise and attitude. it is common to feel worse before you start feeling better. There’s always time to work your muscles. you have time for Do pushups. For a salad choose organic greens with one or two of the following: raw and organic avocado. Eating a mish-mash of food combinations. When you stop ingesting stimulants. No excuses! That great body is inside you. have two to three pieces and if you are still hungry after that wait an hour and have more. She is the author of Perfect Body and Overcoming the Myths of Aging. I recommend a good exfoliating and hydrating facial. sex and personal power. I also suggest you make an appointment with either a personal shopper or make-up consultant. During this 10-day program make sure to get out at least twice for play time. Or listen to music. You don’t need a lot of money to make yourself feel special. a manicure and/ or a pedicure. take a spin class. She also offers health coaching for individuals. Exercise Make sure that you allow at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. No matter how busy you are. so the symptoms will not be too bad. PhD is an author. at your desk. Work Work with passion. You time This is time just for you. Hang out with people that you love and enjoy. and for companies wishing to revitalize their workforce with healthier diet. On the 10-day program. motivational speaker and life coach. Read a romance novel. Or perhaps you would prefer something active like taking a walk. kiss. Take a long. Get a massage. Do things that are fun. your body takes the stored caffeine and theobromine out of the cells. If you have a partner. Tell them you want a new. This may happen to you on this 10-day programme. Before you go to sleep. a great jump start! It’s a small commitment of your time so that you can see and feel significant results quickly. tomato. A break should be pleasurable and relaxing. to “clean house” on a cellular level. pull-ups. read a chapter of a great book or just take a few minutes to centre yourself and quiet your mind. Play time Remember to allow for play. don’t miss the opportunity to let it out! Roe Gallo. For more information see roegallo. Think or talk about all the good things that happened throughout your day and what you are grateful for. will give you indigestion and will hinder the assimilation of necessary nutrients from your food. There are different ways to take a break. She lectures and writes on health. hot bath with candlelight. take time to rest from the day. Laugh. Maybe a quick email or call to someone you love just to tell them you love them. or work out with Billy Blanks (I love his “Boot Camp” workout). Go to my website for more ideas and sign up for the free web version of the “10 years in 10 days” programme. You’ll feel rejuvenated and you’ll love how good your skin will look. gives you more energy to do an even better job. ■ Eat simply It is best to eat as simply as possible: preferably one type of fruit at a time or a salad of leafy greens with one or two other ingredients. Go to sleep happy. This chemical imbalance usually results in a headache. run. If you choose fruit. Whatever makes you feel happy. healthier dietary regimen. even if they are will need more than 10 days to do that – but it’s a great beginning. tea. If you don’t have passion for your work have passion for how you do your work and start planning to transition into work you have passion for! Rest and sleep It is so important to get adequate rest.Breaks and snack 1-2 pieces of fresh fruit. bike. crunches and yoga. or some other raw fruit or veggie. You can also do isometrics (isolating muscle contraction without the use of weights) in your car. cuddle and talk about positive and loving things. If you can’t or don’t want to go to a gym. This is not a fast. use your body as a gym. make love. zucchini. Example: avocado and mango over a bed of rocket (arugula) is a delicious salad. nutrition. Don’t forget your weight-bearing exercises. It is quite common to feel headachey and tired by the second or third day. fresh and younger looking you. Down time from work. So when you begin a new. but to feel great by the fourth day! Go for it! This program is not designed to change your behaviour permanently . Meditate. or chocolate. Walk (briskly). I usually like my salads without dressing but you could use a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and/or a drizzle of olive oil A word about detoxing When you stop eating non-nutritious substances. Give yourself (or treat yourself to) a facial. carrots. Lunch could be a few pieces of fruit and a brisk walk or a spin class. dance. Have walking meetings and take the stairs. Lunch and dinner Choose either an all fruit meal or a salad. and ask them to make a couple of recommendations. waiting in line – basically anywhere. 37 . fitness. your body starts to detox. A good night’s sleep can definitely make you look and feel years younger. but make sure that you take at least two every day.


Focus on rest. In your book Survival In The 21st Century. I was insomniac so started to experiment with relaxation as an alternative to sleep. I graduated in theoretical mathematics and worked in the computer field for five years. Later. no other spa has the facilities or educational environment of the Hippocrates Institute. The Smithsonian Institute and Harvard. I started to realize I could get a lot further by changing my diet than by listening to doctors. All that emotion was coming to the surface. But I have a type-A personality and by the age of 29 I was forced to retire due to physical disability. Blue-green algae turned me around within a month. Negativity has such a paralysing influence. Then I met Dr Ann Wigmore and started working for her. because I had the knowledge and the good sense to take enzyme supplements. This led to radical changes in my concentration and ability and I won all kinds of awards in maths and physics. I put together Ann’s first book Be Your Own Doctor and went out on the road with it. My symptoms included the loss of sensation in one leg. I became very inwards and I didn’t speak until the age of 16. founded on the true principles of the Hippocratic oath: Do no harm. and thank God I found my way to this path. It’s just as polluting as eating meat or being in a polluted environment. Use the least invasive treatments. Today. which is a common problem among bulimics. But I never became severely enzymatically depleted.I. wrinkles all over my face and other signs of rapid aging. the M. Could you speak about that now? When I started detoxing on raw food I was a basket case. but it’s not always plain sailing. It integrates the two hemispheres of the brain and contains a substance called PEA which affects how you feel about yourself and gets rid of addictions. I also had a great deal of childhood foods Viktoras Kulvinskas tells Sarah Best about his journey from sickness to health. I had migraine headaches. My grandmother also had this ability. In 1958. But I’d feel so sick afterwards that I would throw up. Please speak a little about your early years. How did you go from that to the world of living foods? Medical doctors wanted to give me nasal surgery but I achieved great relief from my problem by stopping dairy products. The benefits of the living foods lifestyle are hard to dispute. By the age of 17 I was acidified. hair dropping out. observing everything and experiencing psychic insights and euphoria. severe backache. Use chemicals as a last resort. During my teenage years.T. I used deep levels of meditation as a way of quieting the mind. At this time I also took a vow of chastity for seven years because I wanted to commit not to another human specifically but to humanity as a whole and I didn’t want to be distracted from that. I consulted with Norman Walker and other naturopathic practitioners.  The father of 39 . we emigrated to the US and I immersed myself in the dietary habits of the day. diet and exercise. I was born in pre World War Two Lithuania and grew up on a very primitive farm. I felt much better when I ate undesirable cooked foods since they stopped the cleanse. How did that come about? She created a position for me where I could work the hours I wanted. I had a black iris when I started and Dr Jensen said I was a walking zombie. With every thought that you have. the programme that healed him. I learned carpentry and gardening and I also did a lot of writing. There was no electricity and we grew most of our own food. Ann and I started the Hippocrates Health Institute. very advanced arthritis and tremendous psychological difficulties. his battle with bulimia. we began using a new breed of chemicals called nutraceuticals: whole food concentrates and superfoods. you talked about the eating disorder you suffered for many years after going raw. the hypothalamus creates protein complexes that reflect the thought. including Bernard Jensen. and we’re getting great results. I lived the life of a mystic. Two foods we really relied on were cooked grains and dairy and the combination of those two foods laid the foundation for a tremendous amount of physical weakness. For 10 years I was close to death from bulimia. I worked on high-profile contracts with the Apollo Mission. and why he feels better now than he did in his 20s Your story is an astonishing example of the power of raw foods to transform a life. That was usually around 16-20 hours a day and it was all volunteer work.

When a pet who’d been Youkta’s constant companion for 18 years died that had a massive effect on her immune system and her desire to live. healthier. including the death of close friends and also animals that were close to her. She was like a love ball. She administered darshan to doctors and nurses. As a young woman she tried different programmes. to dive into a pizza or a veggie burger. It has been said that we live in a time of great polarity. more virile bodies. she would probably still be here now. and raw restaurants are appearing everywhere. She was very dedicated. Use the medical community for diagnosis. She ended up living for two months and we were able to make the transition and have all her close friends come. which is defined as an unhealthy obsession with being healthy… There is this notion that anyone that’s intensely involved in perfecting themselves must be sick. Youkta had a much more sensitive system than I. She was and is seen by many as a shining example of the living foods lifestyle and I know many are anxious to know what caused this tragedy. Many people around the world were shocked and saddened when your wife Youkta passed away last year. We have access to the healthiest food ever. “Get that away from me”. At the same time fast food is exploding and disease statistics are exploding. Could you speak to this? The raw food movement is exploding. We’re 40 . You’ll see more raw fooders willing to eat opportunistically. But she was living a day at a time and she didn’t want to deal with it. Then she read my book. in 2007. Yet fast food eaters are the most rigid of all about their diet. There’s a raw food spa in every country right now. We were both suicidal as children. She is sorely missed. She was subjected to a tremendous amount of stress during her last couple of years. plus legumes. Love Your Body. So the best athletes. Show them an apple or a salad and they’ll say. There was not enough warning. That took a lot of time out of her day. We have more businesses than ever producing ethical. Raw food has a very high volume of saturation right now.You have said some interesting things about orthorexia. longevity and increased quality of life. still continuing to give love. Our so-called “compulsion” is creating younger. If she had found it earlier. Sooner or later we all say I’m done with this and I’ve done what I wanted to. They won’t eat anything spontaneously. She was a woman of great drive and energy and she helped a lot of people. Outside of that. But they weren’t able to make any promises that that would do anything so she decided not to. She was joyful and happy until the end. Youkta came out of a very dysfunctional family with severe childhood abuse. Like me. you can thrive on a plant-based diet that contains at least 80% raw foods and up to 20% vegan whole foods – by which we don’t mean whole wheat pasta. vegetables and so on. If you feel discomfort. How important is it to be 100% raw? At the last Raw and Living Foods Summit. All that emotion was coming to the surface. She died in a heroic fashion. we agreed that 100% raw seems to be very important for the duration of any healing or cleansing/ detoxification programme. Holistic practitioners are not very good at diagnosis but you can find out what’s wrong with you first and then go there. ballerinas and Hollywood stars are all sick. including macrobiotics. She had issues in her gastro-intestinal tract and eventually it gave out. None of us live long. until it kicked into action. When she finally went to the doctor she was told she only had a day or two to live unless she had surgery. There is a time for everyone to go. Get it looked at. It’s breaking up families and breaking up relationships because individuals are becoming polarized into more dead or more alive. health-enhancing products but at the same time the multi-national drugs companies and agribusiness conglomerates are also expanding their reach. When she got into the living foods lifestyle she had been in a coma with liver damage. When I started detoxing on raw food I was a basket case. I had stronger genetic material so it had less of an effect on me. morning and evening. She used to only have a bowel movement once every two weeks and for several years after getting into raw foods she had to do enemas twice a day. than fast food eaters slipping into raw food eating. even if we live to 70 or 80 or 100 that’s not long. and also the unhealthiest. you’d eat the whole grain that the pasta was made out of. at which over a dozen nations were represented. They came to see her because she uplifted them. That must have been an unimaginably difficult time for you both. If that’s a disease I want to have some of that disease! I’m the prophet child of orthorexia! There’s also this perception that raw food is not fun but people who are healthy on raw foods are having the most fun of anybody. She accomplished an unbelievable amount considering her limitations. don’t put it off. She had students everywhere and she gave a lot of gifts during this incarnation.

Doctors using enzyme therapies are getting close to an 80% success rate in turning around cancer. 100. the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that the average alternative practitioner was earning more than the average family care physician. and all disease lies in faulty enzymes or lack of enzymes. It was a blessing that I collapsed when I did. Mental disease is a toxic condition. In the US. You have said some alarming things about infectious disease as a major threat to humanity. There were 1 billion people on the planet when I was born 70 years ago. You don’t need a They increase the libido. now we’re heading towards 7 billion. Our physiology. Thinking in terms of investment. often training medical staff. Sprouted grains are very tantric. some cold pressed olive oil. The only contraindications are if you’re haemophiliac. so if you want to be around in 2012 you will become a vegan. There was very little recurrence of disease as long as they followed the vegan diet and continued fasting for two weeks a year. can everyone thrive on a vegan diet? If you have the will to go through the detox you can thrive on a vegan diet. or water with lemon and cayenne and a bit of sea salt. in which case sprinkle it on your food. the animals most similar to us. Dr Max Wolf has been treating cardiovascular disease with enzymes and achieving a 95% success rate. relaxation and a vegan diet. It’s the next trillion-dollar market. The Physicians’ Desk Reference lists eight kinds of enzymes. 50 million people died due to an epidemic of infectious influenza. oats and quinoa are my four favourites. Negative stuff is what’s causing cravings for comfort foods that make you feel more comfortable because they suppress emotional complexes. Green foods and fermented foods are the keys to building your immunity against infections. a very important part of your life’s work… The raw food movement’s gift to the medical community is enzymes. that’s a good indication you’re on your way out. If readers email me I will send them the protocol for making sauerkraut and growing wheatgrass. IBM or Yahoo stock. longer and get fewer injuries. Now we are much more compromised. The Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine has over 3. This flagship nutrient of the raw food movement is broken down first when exposed to heat. After my workout I’ll have a green juice and/or wheatgrass juice. You won’t be able to pour it but sprinkle enzymes over it and soon you will. but anything contrary to it is contrary to good health. which has all known minerals and is the ultimate fertilizer. Close to 80% of Americans are sick with “incurable” diseases the medical profession can’t do anything about. 1 and 2 respond to enzymatic intervention. physiognomy and anatomy are that of a plant eater. Pancreatic cancer is the most serious form of cancer. I have cereal made of sprouted grains – wheat. If you are filthy and rotting inside because of corpses you’ve consumed.looking at penetrating the mainstream. some dulse and a sweet onion. a flax cracker. sunflower and pumpkin seeds and mix it with one cup of water and a carrot and blend it to a cream. I grow wheatgrass hydroponically with sea water. adequate exercise. All futurists say we’re due for a massive plague that will wipe out 2-4 billion people. Just like an alcoholic or a smoker.000 medical doctors as members. People are usually told they have between six weeks and three months to live. In 2000.000 people a year die of influenza and other infectious diseases. Apes. Many years ago I appeared on TV with a medical doctor who was saying we need meat. In 1918. I have that with a little sea salt. After going up against me in that debate he said he’d never appear on TV with a vegetarian again! I had spent years in the Harvard Medical Library finding the evidence to substantiate everything I was saying. this is the next Apple. There is also a very interesting research project going on in California right now: 550 bodybuilders are on a raw food diet with enzyme supplementation. I’ve taught and still teach enzymatic theory and therapy all over the world. Thank God I did! I feel better now than I did in my 20s. But even pancreatic cancer has been cured using enzymes. I often start the day with a workout. The three leading causes of death are cardiovascular disease. cancer and doctors. Dr Oz went on the Oprah show and said a body that is alkaline will never have disease and that everyone should have a serving of fresh. you will exercise and you will eat fermented foods. Let’s talk about enzymes. raw greens every day. I add soaked sesame. eat a 90% green diet. and yet another reason to adopt a raw and living foods lifestyle. It’s all about the level of sanitation inside the body. I used to love McDonald’s and the fact I could get three meals a day there for less than $1 each. It’s a grass roots revolution – the “wellness revolution”. So in your opinion. But the Moscow Psychiatric Institute treated all forms of psychiatric disease through fasting for 30 days. The most prescribed product in Germany is enzymes. There are no incurable diseases. What do you eat on a daily basis? I base my diet around enzyme-rich and alkaline greens and sprouts. The power of enzymes is very easy to demonstrate in any kitchen. I’ll have green tea. only incurable personalities. buckwheat. but if you are interested in the science you can visit enzymeuniversity. Take a bowl of cooked oatmeal.  41 . It is available on prescription there and it is a drug without side effects. taking the position that not only is a vegan diet adequate. I get up between 3am and 4am when at home in Montezuma. if you are taking immuno-suppressant drugs or have a stomach ulcer. It will also taste sweeter because they break the starch down into sugars. Many coaches are putting athletes on enzymes and finding they train harder. Everyone needs what is being offered here.

alternately being called the superfood of superfoods. 5. Photographs of Viktoras Kulvinskas by Jennifer Girard and Jeni Cook respectively. It’s not just that it contains methylxanthines. What is your personal take on it? Cacao is a food of entertainment. Try to have one meal a day that is all raw and then try to have one day a week that is all raw. know where all the meridian points are. but don’t hang out with them as a friend. I’ve seen young ladies in their 70s having relationships with guys in their 30s. I have an avocado soup with greens. eat smaller meals. We all of us know everything we need to know to be healthy. My grandmother had Alzheimer’s but I gave her five supplements. Most people need to drink at least an ounce of water per pound of body weight. Touch your body. ■ For more information see Viktoras. 6. Forgive yourself for all failures. Do it gradually and support yourself with supplements and it’s very easy. Suffering and pain are our greatest teachers. low in acidity. seeds and nuts. and plenty of joy and laughter. exercise. what are the top pieces of advice would you give our readers for leading a healthy. But it’s certainly not an essential as far as being healthy. bluegreen algae. and is loaded with enzymes and B-complex vitamins. 2. and chew your food thoroughly. People who bring you down or are into self abuse are people you can help as a coach if you feel moved to. we see people all the time who come on the programme then slip back into their old ways for a couple of months and start losing vitality so they come back again. Big things that help are: eat only when hungry. People are getting younger at older ages. But if you’re sick it’s not something that’s part of any healing programme. The least acidic fermented food is sauerkraut. How much food is the right amount? If blended up it should never equal more than three cups in size. so that throughout the day I will have 400600 calories every 2-3 hours. happy life? You’re on the right path – just keep on doing it. If you’re not sick you can use it as part of your comfort/recreational eating and it’s perfectly fine to be using it that way. 42 . Change is not easy. Start sprouting. This is our rejuvenation issue. and pray for the right answers. 3. This is a nutritional revolution. 2-3 cups each time. Don’t judge yourself. Now I see young 60 year old ladies romancing 25 year old men. small meals. practice zone therapy and acupressure. Cacao has caused much controversy in the raw movement. Always ripened fruits. Later. including cayenne capsules for her circulation. This gives the body a chance to have good chemistry and expel waste. And it is almost always eaten with a large amount of sweetener. With the benefit of all of your experience and expertise. Jesus said to love others and love yourself and I would add love your body. Because of social conditioning we do bad things and we become addicted to these. At the entry level everyone is severely depleted of enzymes and many have difficulty digesting raw food. If I’m on a bodybuilding programme I’ll have more sprouted grains. 7. Support all the education going on in your neighbourhood and read good books. 4. and a druglike toxin that is the most damaging raw food we can consume. Take blue-green algae and enzymes and a mild herbal laxative at bedtime because the digestive tract is very sluggish. and within four weeks she was out of bed with full mental capacity taking care of a family of five.New to raw? Viktoras’s seven secrets of success 1. People are getting younger at older ages. Spend time with people who are uplifting. it is also very irritating to the system. Sometimes I’ll have a fruit meal – maybe papaya. This is a nutritional revolution. More than that causes spoiling of food in your system. We need to listen to the body. Fermented foods provide protection against pathogenic micro-organisms and microbes – you’ll become invulnerable to infectious diseases. Nurture yourself with live foods. Make fermented food. Cultures that are long-lived always include at least one form of fermented food on a daily basis. Start eating more and more raw foods. it nurtures friendly bacteria. so everyone needs to take an enzyme supplement. It contains high levels of antioxidants and other valuable nutraceutical components. At the Hippocrates Institute. the direction of the future. Just remember this is the right direction. There’s nothing you can’t do if you do all this. plantain or pineapple. The body can handle about 20% acidic foods and all fermented foods are also acidic. What comes to mind for you when you think of raw rejuvenation? I remember when 60 was considered old.

43 .

or at least cut back and eat less as the day goes on.Breaking the nighttime eating habit For optimal health have your last meal of the day earlier and say goodbye to evening snacking. W e all know that as we age it is common to also expand. We can’t be healthy and youthful and overweight. 44 . The amazing discovery I made was that one of the best things we can do for our health is to stop the habit of eating at night. just try making this simple adjustment and experience for yourself the great results. sleep more soundly. You will lose weight. But being overweight. has become the norm. Without changing any food in your diet. once considered odd. and have better digestion and more energy. says Paul Nison. Nothing takes our youthfulness and energy quicker than gaining too much weight.

then bring it forward. TV addicts are not usually to be found raiding the fruit and vegetable drawer. TV is very stimulating. Cell phones. • • • • something to eat. including depression. or even a smoothie or juice. who first spotted the symptoms in 1955. Once you do that. You’ll sleep better. It’s time to change our addictions into habits and break them. New York City was once the city that never sleeps. I would look at people around me and watch what they were doing. I’ve been telling people that obesity. right? Wrong! It is making us lazy and keeping us more occupied than ever before. I have heard every excuse in the book. But we do not have to be followers. nor for the results. lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. and when it is over. Either stop watching television completely. speaker and raw food chef. people just don’t have time to think. now many cities in the world never sleep and people never stop eating. Eat the bulk of your food earlier in the day and make dinner a fruit meal or light salad. The more people I saw that were doing something. the more I thought it was okay and “normal. there is no reason to worry. So if you usually eat at 9pm. According to reports. but it’s a great goal to strive for. Who is responsible for this? Technology is making our life so simple. you are on your way to curing the issue.” Living in this way provides the perfect excuse not to take responsibility for our actions. It’s no wonder these people can’t sleep! They are on drugs and stressed out. The first place to overcome an addiction is to admit you have a problem. According to my observations. they will all suffer from the same disease. If you decide to experiment with the “no-dinner diet”. The No Dinner Diet. If you can stop eating each day before 6pm. doctors created a new disorder. I would say it is more like 95%! Dr. They often fall asleep with the television on and the remote in one hand and food in the other. I remember as I was growing up. but the addiction to it is worse than I ever imagined. switch off and get up! Break the link between TV viewing and mindless snacking by adopting a “no eating” rule when you are watching TV. Instead of explaining this.5% of the general population might be sufferers. and you’ll also notice a massive improvement in your energy. these foods are now made with more addictive chemicals and excess sugar than ever before. Now they have given people an excuse to enjoy that late-night snack. And they don’t find the time to eat during the day so they get out of balance and overeat late at night. Obviously this would lead to weight gain. or limit yourself to one hour a night. For more information see PaulNison. They almost invariably choose snacks high in refined carbohydrates – foods like cookies. I have made many connections over the years between television and overeating – especially overeating unhealthy foods. your overall health will improve and you will look and feel younger. Naturally overeating at night is going to affect hormone levels. This article is based on the concept from his upcoming book. Because so many people are now eating late at night. start by making your last meal of the day lighter. it’s not just the foods we consume. I now use my personal experiences as a guide as to whether something is or isn’t good for me. Night-time eating has become one of the most underrated causes of obesity. Albert Stunkard. “Well everyone else is doing it so it must be okay. They consume most of their foods between the hours of 8pm and the following morning. Plan in advance what you will watch. In suggesting that people introduce some simple changes. and so on. But this is about behaviour more than genetics: if they all have the same eating pattern. pizza and popcorn.” It has taken me many years to move away from this Paul Nison 45 . doctors tell people they have a serious disorder and give them drugs to deal with it. But most of humanity is still stuck thinking. His latest book. When you’re comfortable with this. The most popular habit we have as a society is eating too much and too often. Become a leader! ■ is an internationally recognized writer. Cutting out that night-time eating is not something that can be easily done in a short time. You see. On a side note. People who suffer from the late-night eating syndrome are prone to stress and poor sleep and may wake three to four times a night to get Eliminating those night-time binges • Breakfast like a king. And the most prevalent food addiction of all is also one of the least talked-about: eating late at night. There is great wisdom in this old saying. there were a few foods he’d need to avoid. This man told me he would rather take insulin than have to live without being able to enjoy those foods. but when and how often we consume them that holds the key to achieving our goals. scientists believe 1. just trying to help you break what may be your most harmful addiction. They react and follow what everyone else is doing. waking periodically to take a bite. move it to 7pm. and watching it right before going to sleep seems to affect the quality of sleep a person receives. So the answer is simple: just eat less at night and the problem will take care of itself. Night-eaters are known to take in fewer calories than other people during the day and often skip breakfast. lung disease and other issues all run in the family. professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania. from work schedules to restaurant hours to wanting to fit in socially. they may consume on average 500 calories a day more than normal eaters. is reviewed on page 10 of this issue. BlackBerries. For years. but the interesting thing to me was the date these symptoms were first identified: right at the time when television became a popular household item. lack of sleep and many other issues. chips. I soon realized that getting people to stop eating at night would be a lot harder than getting them to include more raw foods in their diet! It reminds me of when I once told someone who suffered from diabetes that if he wanted to get off insulin. Breaking this pattern should be simple. We can be leaders. cakes.I’m not selling any magic potion here nor putting you under any spell. you will find it much easier to shed any excess weight. They call it “Night-time Eating Syndrome” (NES). computers. While they do not always gorge themselves. said the condition was not merely a habit but a real clinical illness marked by changes in hormone levels. so they are eating meals later. People are working later at their jobs and getting home later in the evening. Now doctors are saying NES may run in families. The Raw Food Formula For Health. and what do we do when we can’t sleep and we are depressed? We usually sit in front of the TV and eat! If you are like most people who suffer from this issue. eat at 8pm.

.The way we used to eat Why we can learn a thing or two from our grandmothers when it comes to diet. By Charlie Wilson.

t was a lovely, warm, sunny afternoon in early spring and I was sitting in the garden of my parents’ house on a recent trip back to England. My grandmother was sitting next to me, my great aunt to her left, my brother and sister-in-law were opposite me and my little two-year-old nephew was running around the yard chewing on a brightly-coloured packaged snack. My parents were busy in the kitchen preparing tea and coffee. As I regretfully watched my nephew enjoying his “treat”, it struck me that there were four generations present that day and how absurd it must be for my 85-year-old grandmother and 90-year-old great aunt to even imagine eating such a treat when they were two years old. So I began asking them about the food they ate when they were growing up and as I listened intently, this article was beginning to unfold. Somewhere over the past four generations we have forgotten how to eat. We have lost the ability to taste real food; in fact most people have forgotten what real food is. I asked a child the other day if he knew where the beef came from that was in his burger. His answer was the supermarket. We have simply lost the connection to our food. Food has become a substance that has to taste good to fill an empty void and rarely is a second thought given to how and where it was grown, how it was manufactured or what it is doing to our body. In my grandmother’s generation, almost all food was naturally organic. They didn’t spray large amounts of pesticides on the crops, cows were not injected with growth hormones, chickens were not given antibiotics, and animals were left to graze and roam outdoors. Food was grown and eaten locally; you didn’t eat apples from Chile back then. Most people actually grew some of their own vegetables and all the meat and milk came from local farms. In fact the majority of fresh food never travelled further than two or three miles. Meals were made from scratch and eaten in moderation. Lunch seemed to be the biggest meal of the day, meat was more of a condiment, snacking was not the norm and dieting was never heard of. My grandmother summed it up perfectly when she said, “We were brought up with the philosophy that you eat to live, not live to eat.” So what changed? Why now, only four generations later, are we having to pay a premium to eat “organic” food? Why have we become a world obsessed with food and eating; a world where cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity have become the norm? A world where many grandmothers are in better health than their grandchildren? The end of the Second World War brought with it a lot of social and industrial changes. Demand for faster, more convenient food grew rapidly which then led to the largescale commercialization of farming. To keep up with the demand, farmers introduced single-crop systems as opposed to the traditional rotating of crops. This meant the farmers could concentrate on just one crop and mass produce it. However, this was only possible with use of chemical agents to increase yields and annihilate pests. The soil was no longer being replenished by the rotation of different crops and pests that once had difficulty establishing a foothold, as they only thrive on one type of plant, were now able to flourish. Using us as the guinea pigs for any harmful side effects, farmers now sprayed billions of pounds of synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers on their crops annually. To make it worse, the government subsidized many of these crops so small genuine farmers went out of business and today the food supply is controlled by a relatively small number of very large corporations.


In animal agriculture, cows, pigs and chickens are now confined to cages in massive indoor facilities, most never seeing the light of day. To ward off the disease created by these dirty, unsanitary conditions they are fed antibiotics and to increase growth or milk production they are fed hormones. Once slaughtered this meat that used to be ground and packaged by the local butcher who knew exactly where it came from now gets mixed with meat from dozens of other factory farms in huge central processing facilities. Advancements in transportation meant produce could now be flown all over the world and suddenly we are eating apples from New Zealand and tomatoes from Mexico. Though food trade has been around for hundreds of years, it was previously kept to specialty products that couldn’t be grown locally, like tea from India, coffee from Ecuador and spices from Morocco. Now, even in the height of summer when there could be an abundance of local tomatoes, most tomatoes available in a store will have travelled hundreds of miles. And because food is travelling so far it needs to be preserved for longer, so yet again it’s sprayed with another layer of chemicals.

In my grandmother’s generation, almost all food was naturally organic.
As the food industry grew and profits began to soar, the quest to produce food more quickly and more cheaply created major advancements in food production technology that caused greater harm to the environment and our health than ever before. It cost more to manufacture ingredients that offered superior health so, looking to make the most profit, companies tended to use the cheapest ingredients without consideration for the possible effects on our bodies. These included such things as high fructose corn syrup, sugar, salt, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavourings and colourings and bulking agents. “Food” became nothing more than calories and chemicals wrapped in a pretty package. Most of us became addicted to this, and now it’s proving to be detrimental to our health. As the company’s pockets grew to supersize, so did the food portions, our waistlines and our disease rates. No longer satisfied with regular-sized portions we now began to eat double what we did before. In the past 20 years coke bottles have gone from 8oz to 20oz, bagels from 3 inch diameter to 5 or 6 inch, coffee from a small cup to a “grande” topped with whipped cream. Junk food – which is, of course, best not eaten at all – has never been consumed in the quantities it is today. It is quite normal for one person to consume an entire family-sized pack of popcorn or tortilla chips as a snack. A meal may be a whole pizza washed down with a litre of soda and “rounded off” with a slice of cheesecake: portion sizes in each case being so large that this spread would quite easily have served a whole family not so long ago. The problem with all this food – apart from the fact it is loaded with salt, sugar and harmful fats – is that it contains zero vital nutrients so leaves us malnourished and starving for more. 


The rapid growth in the organic and health sector of the food industry proves people are searching for something that will make them feel well
In addition, all these chemical substances and food-like ingredients cause unnecessary stress as our bodies work overtime to eliminate the toxins. After many years a resistance is developed in the form of ill health and disease. As the accumulated damage spans such a long time, and health problems may not arise until later in life, most people will not trace these problems back to the food they have been consuming all these years. To combat our increasing ill health the drug companies jumped on the bandwagon and started creating drugs to fight any and all kind of illness imaginable. There are pills for headaches, pills for heartburn, pills for allergies, pills for weight loss, pills to make you sleep. You name it, you can probably find a pill for it. Thanks to our ill health and our desire to feel well, the pharmaceutical industry became a multi-trillion-dollar business. Now over 51% of the US is living on over-the-counter drugs to try and fight the damage created by other toxic substances they have consumed. If my grandmother was sick she was confined to bed on a liquid diet; she never took any pills. My mother was given antibiotics for a serious infection otherwise it was bed rest and starvation. Me, I reached for the Advil as soon as I had a headache, which was usually most afternoons. Any infection more serious than a little cold and it was off to the doctor for an antibiotic prescription. My nephew has already been on antibiotics three times and that was before he even reached the age of six months. It’s no wonder we are living amongst an epidemic of disease. Just look at some of the US statistics. Currently, more than 64% of the adult population is overweight or obese. By 2010 over 50% of our children will be overweight. One in three people will develop cancer, now the second leading cause of death in the US. Number one? Heart disease. Meanwhile, 18.2 million Americans have diabetes, and nearly a third of those people are unaware that they have it. We have surely reached a crisis point. But it’s not all bad! Let’s think about this realistically. The bulk of all this has happened very rapidly, in a very short space of time. We are talking about 60 years or so. This leads me to believe that it won’t take much time to rectify some of the damage we have done to the health of our bodies. It will just take conscious effort from everyone as some of the hardest things to counteract are the habits that have been ingrained in us since childhood. The rapid growth in the organic and health sector of the food industry proves people are searching for something that will make them feel well, that will give them energy, and that will make them feel good again. People are beginning to realize that something is not right. Much of the problem lies with misinformation. Most people have a TV and watch it on a regular basis. Television is full of commercials and programs advertising all sorts of products containing toxic ingredients. We are constantly bombarded with information about the latest health claim: one minute you can eat this, the next you can’t, one minute you need more of this, the next less. Food writer Michael Pollan calls it the age of “nutritionism” and for the consumer it’s overwhelming Our bodies have the innate ability to heal themselves and with the right nourishment and mental attitude many diseases can be reversed and certainly prevented. Our bodies are also remarkable machines. They carry us around through our daily activities for the whole of our lives. When pain occurs, or something stops functioning correctly, it’s our body’s way of telling us something’s not right. The trouble in today’s society is that every day we are continuously filling our bodies with more and more of the wrong fuel, and every day our bodies have to work overtime trying to process and eliminate these poisons so that eventually our body gives out and disease is formed. Or if we are lucky enough to avoid disease our bodies are just so exhausted old age creeps up on us more quickly than planned. By simply changing our choices we can begin to undo the harm we have done. It’s really as simple as that. And, as so often happens in life, perhaps we needed to go through this disconcerting period to bring us to our senses and reach an even higher level of health and awareness. We certainly know more about health and nutrition than we did before, and we have access to a whole array of health-enhancing produce and ingredients that have never been available before, giving us new options for eating real food in interesting and tasty ways. One of the best health lessons I heard came from grandmother and real food advocate Joan Gussow. At 80 years old, Gussow is a living example of what it means to eat local, organic, seasonal food that is predominantly home grown, home prepared and eaten in moderation. Her lesson when it comes to food is simply to, “Trust nature not science”. ■

Charlie Wilson
Charlie Wilson is a whole foods chef and the owner of the Help Yourself! restaurant in Key West, Florida. For more information see


Setting the Standard for Excellence in Raw Culinary Arts

How is it that something with an inordinate draw on fossil fuel can cost the consumer so little?

Why does a hamburger
Brendan Brazier on the subsidies that are keeping the population and the planet sick.
s I write this article, in summer 2008, the oil price has just hit a new record high of $147 per barrel. Never before in history has fossil fuel cost so much. Of course, gasoline cost is among the first to rise in reaction to the escalated price of crude oil, yet that’s only the beginning. With oil at an all-time high, the end consumer will pay more for everything. Since absolutely everything takes energy to produce, products that require the burning of copious amounts of fossil fuel will cost considerably more. Or at least they should. So why are we still seeing hamburgers on sale at fast food restaurants for under $1? When a locally-grown organic apple that uses a fraction of the energy to produce costs the same, or more? How is it that something with an inordinate draw on fossil fuel can cost the consumer so little? The short answer: government subsidies. In the US, these happen through legislation known as the Farm Bill – the government’s chief food policy tool. While it was introduced with the best of intentions, the Farm Bill has veered off course and no longer benefits the people as a whole. It was originally brought about with the aim of achieving food security and helping struggling famers make enough money to stay in business. However, the subsidies became misdirected. They began chiefly flowing to the meat and dairy industry. Had the government not stepped in and bailed out this exceptionally inefficient industry with subsidies, meat and dairy would be cost-prohibitive to almost all consumers. Instead it turned these products into cheap commodities, causing consumption to skyrocket – and with it pollution and disease. Such is the fossil fuel usage involved that almost no one would be able or willing to pay the true price of these products. Experts have estimated, for example, that a hamburger in a fast food restaurant


would cost anything from $12 to $30 if the true costs were reflected in the price. However, with subsidies structured as they are, the meat and dairy industry continues to consume resources at an everincreasing rate. What some may find most disturbing is that we, the tax payers, are footing the bill for this inefficient industry which is so destructive to both human and environmental wellbeing. The most health and earth-friendly diet is one comprised of primary-source nutrition, minimally processed. Primary-source nutrition means eating solely plant-based foods, without adding the wasteful extra step of feeding plants to animals and then eating the animal. By doing this, a considerable amount of energy is conserved – about 30 per cent in fact. 30 per cent is huge. When energy gains measured in the one and two percent rage are termed “significant,” 30 per cent is absolutely massive. Imagine if North America reduced its energy usage by 30 per cent? If every North American were to eat a diet that was based on primary nutrition that is exactly what would happen. As we know, meat and dairy consumption have also been linked to numerous degenerative diseases. Health costs due to poor diets have been estimated to be $250 billion per year in the US alone, and the US National Institute Of Health has predicted that obesity will lower Americans’ life expectancy by up to five years over the next few decades. From obesity, to type-two diabetes, to osteoporosis, to cancer, to the number-one killer in North America, cardiovascular disease, nearly 100 percent of these cases can be prevented and reversed by eating a whole food, plant-based diet. The so-called “diseases of affluence” are one problem that we can eat ourselves out of.

Sarah Best aon why meat and is professional ironman triathlete, author of the best-selling book The Thrive Diet, dairy are anything the award-winning Vega and the creator of but cheap, range of whole-food nutritional products. no matter For more information,price tag what the see BrendanBrazier. com and The book and may say. the Vega range are available in the UK and
Europe from

Brendan Brazier


At epidemic proportions are the diseases caused by an excess of cheap food. That prize goes to Japanese cows. In both cases. either directly or indirectly.” The unfair advantage enjoyed by livestock farmers includes not only direct payments. For example. a system that was originally introduced for the good of the many is now good for only an elite few: those with a financial interest in “Big Agribusiness”. it costs the US taxpayer $1 billion a year to keep animal feed growers supplied  A ccording to recent estimates almost three-quarters of US government agricultural aid goes. But if these subsidies were really “for the greater good”. What is going on? Who is this actually benefitting? In what will surely be looked back on as one of the biggest scandals of our time. Today they are a wasteful and destructive anachronism. Vegetable and fruit growers. And flow they do. Yet the world’s wealthiest nations continue to give more than $300 billion of subsidies to their farmers every year. the biggest food producers have steadily gained the lion’s share. And in the past few decades. pollution and poverty.Almost three-quarters of US government agricultural aid goes.50 a day in subsidies – more money than half the world’s population has to live on? As Jessica Williams pointed out in the book 5o Facts That Should Change The World. no matter what the price tag may say. Western countries are drowning in food surpluses. muddle by with an almost non-existent 0.50 every day. but a host of other benefits such as heavily subsidized land. So why is it that the present system does just the opposite? Two of the most heavily subsidized crops in the US are corn and soybeans. Did you know that each European cow attracts the equivalent of $2. “What makes this even more remarkable is that the EU’s cows aren’t the most heavily subsidized in the world. with an increasingly unsustainable price paid by smallscale farmers. Why? Because of Big Agribusiness’s influence over government policy. to the meat and dairy industries cost less than an apple? Sarah Best on why meat and dairy are anything but cheap. In other words. Confused? You should be. We are told that agricultural subsidies are necessary to guarantee a fair income for farmers and ensure food security. grain and water. not by a lack of it. enabling meat and dairy to flood the market as cheap commodities. Most of the remainder is processed into junk food mainstays such as high-fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated soybean oil. third-world countries and the environment. either directly or indirectly. You don’t have to do much investigation to uncover the fact that our governments are supporting the production of the very foods that are responsible for the biggest problems of our time – poor health. the majority of the harvest is turned into animal feed. Subsidies began in times of hardship – during the Depression in the United States and after World War Two in Europe. meanwhile. But the US government is far from alone in demonstrating a profound disconnect between its health and environmental policies and its agricultural policies. These powerful interests do not only have millions to spend on propaganda campaigns to ensure that the average person thinks these products are essential to health. which receive $7. the financial assistance flowing to businesses producing foods that are bad for health and bad for the environment is 200 times that received by businesses producing the foods that are best for health and the environment.37 per cent. to the meat and dairy industries. They also have seemingly bottomless budgets when it comes to lobbying activities designed to ensure the handouts continue to flow. they would be focused squarely on rewarding farmers growing healthy foods using sustainable methods – thereby (a) encouraging more farmers to grow these foods and (b) ensuring these foods are affordable for everyone. 51 . This is a phenomenon that exists throughout the western world.

and therefore the ones that get consumed the most. but only 250 calories of carrots and 170 calories of orange juice. As Pamela Rice writes in her book 101 Reasons Why I’m A Vegetarian. is a highly complicated. Poverty is one world problem the current system of agricultural subsidies has to answer for.” Michael Pollan.” The 2006-2007 Annual Report of the President’s Cancer Panel. The privileges don’t stop there. So how can the supermarket possibly sell a pair of these synthetic cream-filled pseudocakes for less than a bunch of roots? For the answer. All this. Cheap as chips? Several years ago. the environment and the taxpayers. including cancer.” Pamela Rice. Some campaigners argue that there would be no hunger or food scarcity in the world if the affluent west did not artificially cut the prices of its agricultural products. soy) that in their processed forms (e. Our governments are supporting the production of the very foods that are responsible for the biggest problems of our time with irrigation water. a package of Twinkies.. 101 Reasons Why I’m A Vegetarian. Pollution is another. involving no fewer than 39 ingredients. “butter mountain” and “milk lake”. so livestock producers can enjoy the kind of bargains usually only seen in the January sales all year round. corn. It simply cannot be done without an extremely efficient PR engine that sees to it that this industry’s costs are externalized onto society as a whole. Leaving aside the subsidized land. . So shouldn’t the government be leading us to better nutrition?” T. if it simply had to pay its own clean-up costs it would cease to be economically viable. We know that the incidence of obesity and diabetes is skyrocketing and that Americans’ health is slipping away. but extend to exemption from the environmental legislation other industries have to comply with by law.g. The heavy burden is transferred back to several victims that are unable to fight back: the animals. you need look no farther than the farm bill. accidents or any other lifestyle or environmental factor. New York Times. let alone export their produce.200 calories of cookies or potato chips and 875 calories of soda. as well as the packaging and a hefty marketing budget.“ 52 “Meat-industry subsidies emerge from what one would think was an impossible dilemma: how to remake what has always been a luxury good – with its high production costs – and turn it into one that is universally consumed. water and grain that factory farming relies on. and more.g. hightech piece of manufacture. The purchaser may appear to get the mother of all bargains at the cash register. obesity researcher Adam Drewnowski discovered that a dollar buys 1.Colin Campbell. In many supermarkets you can buy a whole chicken for less than the cost of a bag of organic kale. but that doesn’t mean that they – and we – are not paying dearly for these foods in other ways. “There is no way to put a dollar figure on it all. We heavily subsidize the growth of foods (e. and we know what to blame: diet. many themselves elaborately manufactured. Subsidies have turned the unhealthiest and least ethically produced foods into the cheapest foods. “beef mountain”. “Current agricultural and public health policy is not coordinated. to take one iconic processed food-like substance as an example. grain-fed cattle) are known contributors to obesity and associated chronic diseases. The China Study. “Compared with a bunch of carrots. How could you put a dollar figure on the exemptions [the livestock] industry enjoys from the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act?” The west’s agricultural subsidies create massive surpluses of both grain and animal products. But while most industries have been required to adapt their “More people die because of the way they eat than by tobacco use. so are unable to operate in their own markets.. high fructose corn syrup. But did you know these gluts are often dumped in the third-world at rock bottom prices? Farmers in developing countries can’t compete. You’ve probably heard of the EU’s fabled “grain mountain”. hydrogenated corn and soybean oils. has led to the coining of the phrase “welfare ranching”.

And in September of this year the UK-based Food Climate Research Network urged that rationing people to one litre of milk a week and 500g (1. agriculture remains a blind spot in most governments’ climate protection policies. The Guardian. Los Angeles and San Francisco and still have enough left over for £400 spending money each. Dairy 73.5lb) of meat. and (3) to ensure that federal subsidies encourage the consumption of products low in fat and cholesterol.ways in response to concern for the environment. Singapore. .” Salvatore Arico. livestock farmers are curiously exempt from measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. grains.80% “RESOLVED. US government’s subsidies for food production. Brisbane. while avoiding social fragmentation and irreversible deterioration of the environment. and healthful nondairy beverages in school lunches and food assistance programs. And it wouldn’t take a fallback to wartime-style rationing to achieve the necessary drop in meat and dairy consumption. It is calling for a radical restructuring of agricultural subsidies and the introduction of emissions taxes and environmental duties for livestock farmers. But a Germany-based organization called Foodwatch is determined to see all this change. and yet we are paying $11. (2) to provide vegetables. The result? An almost immediate 25 per cent drop in the incidence of cardiovascular disease. Alcohol 10. Scientists who studied the phenomenon declared it “without precedent in peacetime”. Raratonga. The same hamburger meat would cost over $12 if it were not for the American taxpayers subsidizing the grain.” The American Medical Association in a resolution passed by the AMA House of Delegates in 2007.91% Grains 13. Hong Kong.” Howard Lyman. “The European Union spends enough money each year on farmers to pay for a round the world trip for all 21m European cows. Fruits 0. the irrigation water. The Polish government stopped propping up the country’s meat industry in 1995. And despite a 2006 report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations which found that livestock production is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse-gas emissions (dwarfing transportation’s 13 per cent contribution). or only after. fruits.1lb) of meat is necessary to avoid runaway climate change. ” 53 “Modern agriculture will have to change radically if the international community wants to cope with growing populations and climate change. the grazing on public lands. Thanks to the generosity of Europe’s taxpayers.37% Sugar. UNESCO biodiversity expert. that our American Medical Association support efforts (1) to reduce health disparities by basing food assistance programs on the health needs of their constituents. How many people – even in America – would go and spend that amount of money on meat? We can’t afford roads. These costs would be passed on to the consumer in the shape of vastly increased prices for meat and milk products. Starch.6kg (3. vegetarian foods. and author of Mad Cowboy. or schools. legumes. Shanghai. the electricity.2 litres of milk and 1. or health care. cattle-rancher-turned-vegan.21 for every $12 of something that is helping kill one out of every two Americans today. The recommendation follows a four-year study by the group of the impact of food on climate change thought to be the most thorough of its kind. agribusiness gets special treatment. Anyone who thinks this would be a bad idea can take heart from the example of Poland. For example. just a restructuring of the subsidies that have turned these foods into cheap commodities. Oil. Siem Reap.” Charlotte Denny and Andrew Clark.23% Meat. Current average consumption in the UK is considerably higher at 4. ■ “In the US we can buy a hamburger for 79 cents. The only question remaining at this stage of the game is whether government action to achieve a massive drop in the consumption of animal products will be taken in time to prevent the major environmental catastrophe the planet is heading for. Source: Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine Vegetables. Hanoi. 1995-2005.69% Nuts and Legumes 1. the cows could touch down in London.

or at least come across the concept of it. but it is held in between and inside the cells of the bowel wall rather than as a coating on the wall. and this inhibiting of blood flow aids the toxic build-up. and then other components to sweep it away. is that there is a heavy toxic load on the bowel.” We know that food that has had its inherent enzyme content destroyed through cooking. will tend to ferment rather than digest. But many are so stuck on Jensen’s old model that they don’t question why the alleged material does not feature in colonoscopy footage. IBS. plus my own experiences over the years. “We must arrive at an evolved understanding. chances are you have experimented with colon cleansing. But it is supposition until proven in any way. stressing the immune system. And the resulting expelled matter attests to the condition and its resolution. and then another – so the popular wisdom goes – until the inside of your colon is covered. slows the passage of material through the bowel. despite irrefutable medical evidence to the contrary. This explanation so graphically illustrates the symptoms of a congesting diet and failing immune system that it is still the basic argument behind many of the colon cleansing products available today. we can now see that the old matter at the root of this theory does not actually exist inside the bowel! So many now veer in the opposite direction. The idea is that with each ‘less than ideal’ meal. dark matter sometimes referred to as “mucoid plaque”. calcific spurs on bones. Having helped hundreds of colons relieve their troublesome burdens. along with its many symptoms of ill health. They give little heed to the fact that there is something troubling the bowel long before a patient presents a ‘drug-worthy’ symptom to them. and is then combined in such a way that inhibits the body’s own digestive secretions. and being one of the first (it seems) to admit this minor hiccup in our founding premise of colon care. Once truly aged and hard. with colonoscopy. it is possible to cobble together a likely explanation. As this toxic load is a regular event. You have also probably heard the rumour that. It seems that there is a basic denial of the question on both sides. The failing of this explanation should not overshadow the many thousands of people who have found benefit from the practices. As this benefits detrimental bacteria (more on this in later articles). My searching for an answer revealed something much worse than a conundrum. Either way. tar clusters in lungs. and giving rise to candida. stinking mess continue to pour from my clients. However. each subsequent layer of mucus gets overlaid by another. Because the colon spends much time drawing out water from the mix. this material become like tyre rubber. the bowel wall becomes saturated and collects what material it cannot cleanse itself of. It was around a century ago that geniuses like Dr. coated and impacted. The medical profession has always denied the existence of such materials because their modern diagnostic techniques do not reveal it (but then. and houses the detrimental bacteria that give off endless waves of toxic materials. So. and informs much naturopathic lore with regard to food. fasting and detox. as all organs do: In the kidneys and gall bladder this saturation would become stones. a layer of extra mucus is secreted to protect the bowel wall against the ferocious effects of fermenting bacteria. Meanwhile. and even the brain is subject to the accumulation of certain metals and toxins. to dramatically reverse this degeneration of the bowel. But let’s keep this in context. this grim coating inhibits the uptake of nutrients. Because the muscle structures of the bowel wall are very susceptible to tension. they used a combination of powerful digestive enzymes to soften the unwanted material. then the process of colon cleansing is pointless and useless. are still generally accepted as the fastest and best means of relieving the condition. a system of colon cleansing must incorporate some components to urge the cells to release their toxic baggage. your colon will be coated with a layer of sticky. along with a juice fast and colonics. 54 . much toxic waste is produced as they proliferate. the metres of ropey. it seems. bowel muscles are more prone to this than other muscles. With great success. the real situation. acids in the muscle and fat reserves. I f you have an interest in optimum nutrition and holistic health. unless you follow an ideal diet and detox regularly. I spoke to numerous people in the profession who (in my opinion) “should” know why we see no physical trace of such materials in these semi-invasive medical procedures. and that it is also reversible. So. which incorporates the new information from colonoscopies with the undeniably amazing results people have achieved through cleansing. which incorporates the new information from colonoscopies with the undeniably amazing results people have achieved through colon cleansing.Clean on the inside? Dao Earl investigates a little-understood paradox and explains why colon cleansing is an important part of your health regime. claiming that if the hardened mucus does not exist. So surely we must arrive at an evolved understanding. I was determined to get to the bottom of this (pun intended). and indigestible fibre to sweep the contents out. which was unavailable to those proposing the above principles. Variations on this theme. and so on. the alternative therapists know there is something wrong with the bowel that affects the whole body. With the creative and enquiring minds of a couple of maverick colonic hydrotherapists. and all I can offer them is my own hypothesis. Instead of being swept away by the next meal of fibrous green matter. Bernard Jensen and Victor Irons designed a process of putting fibre back into the bowel in a big way. they were denying it before these techniques were developed).

As a final note on that I would say that the probiotic we all know. UK. it is the combined factors of eating only irritants (sorry if that is an unsavoury term. cleansing the colon really means ridding it of the by-products of detrimental bacteria. homeopathy. Dao Earl 55 . Lastly. getting a simple F. So. and form part of the holistic approach achieved by his team and their expertise in awareness meditation. and throws off toxins too in this process. This is undoubtedly the single most important thing you can do as a follow up. which may well provoke the bowel through mild irritation. then even if their next colonic still produces nothing.S. this is no bad thing.O. Replacing a few of the more important ones – even with products sometimes – can make a real difference. and there is a danger that the bacterial vacuum left behind will just get filled with more detrimental bacteria. and leave you exactly where you were. we lose much of the bacterial content. whenever the colon is washed in this unnatural way. under this new paradigm. yoga. then surely the material released in a colonic session is just stuff that would come out anyway. without recognizing that the bulk of the material leaving them was just the psyllium that went in yesterday! Its darkness is the stuff to be celebrating the release of. food intolerance testing. is not actually that useful for successful digestive processes. replace the good guys in serious abundance. And on the prebiotic front. or at home using their herbal formulas. while others use oxygen processes. The psyllium husks (ancient India seed husks used by Jensen) then absorb the toxic mucus and carry it from the bowel. but let’s be real here). ■ runs week-long detox retreats in Devon. Of course we would be getting a constant top-up of these things from the jungle diet we evolved on. Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides are the sugars that your body effectively spoon-feeds into the bowel to boost the bacteria it likes. acidophilus. If one is eating normally. the one following that will be an avalanche worthy of photos! So. Look for a probiotic that has a wide variety of strains. The diligent use of both prebiotics and probiotics for around a month after a cleanse cannot be stressed highly enough. supplement will work wonders for feeding those inhabiting armies of yours.Jensen’s system uses digestive enzymes. we have lost many of the key factors in our health. for those who got nothing from their previous colonic. and bulk for a week. the bowel sheds extra lubricating mucus. His daily nutritional talks are usually the high-point of each person’s week. So. and there is no provocation to promote additional detox. Many herbal and “natural” medicines are poisons employed to provoke a response. many people celebrate their large. But as we now live and eat so far from the source. that ensures that all of the material leaving the bowel is loaded with toxic junk. massage. There was no digestive (absorbing) work to be performed in these ‘meals’ and so all available energy goes in the direction of detoxification (expelling). It is simply the easiest and cheapest to produce. However. and the relaxing beauty of 5 star rural Devon. However. there is comfort in the knowledge that if they are continuing to put the psyllium in. As most people’s bacterial balance is in favour of detrimental bacteria in the first place (thus the need for colonics). not the vehicle in which it sits. To remove these irritants. Some systems use herbs to do the provoking. regardless of how well-meaning and professional the therapist. dark expulsions during a retreat with me.

In this light. I am of the strong opinion that if you eat a raw diet without periodic colon cleansing. colon hydrotherapy is the most powerful tool that anyone can utilize for detoxification. toxic matter into your system. When you choose a raw or high raw lifestyle. toxins are stirred up faster than they are eliminated. food residues and accumulated gaseous waste from your cells for the rest of your life. This cleansing and detoxification process doesn’t take two to three months or a few years to complete. Ironically. three times a day. scratch that. In my experience. someone who eats a very cleansing diet should do colon hydrotherapy more often than someone who does not. All foul odour will leave your body. the raw eater who refuses colonics is unconsciously forced to compromise their diet in order to slow down detoxification. defunct cells and other by-products.. “I am of the strong opinion that if you eat a raw diet without periodic colon cleansing. So make no mistake: if you adopt a cleansing diet you are going to be detoxifying environmental toxins.” Without additional cleansing. infections disappear. regardless of the changes they make. we have evolved into walking trash cans. psoriasis and other skin blemishes clear up. you stop taking into your body those “foods” that are the most damaging and obstructive to it. A very high percentage of people who attempt to “go raw” do not stay on this path. they run into issues. breathing becomes easier and deeper. they may tinker around with their diet. Thanks to years and years of poor eating…no. at some point they end up with issues again. resulting in continual cravings and loss of energy. Your cells. the body cleanses a lot more than we might think. body odour leaves. and you are catapulted onto what I call the “super-sonic jet plane” pathway to health. Even if you are having good bowel movements. enzymes or other supplements) and cutting down on others (usually fats and/or sugars). and optimal health. your cells start to drain this waste. They begin to release all that accumulated. unless they are helping the body to remove the waste products that this lifestyle causes the cells to offload..thanks to generations and generations of poor eating. toxins from stress (adrenaline). and you will experience greatly heightened spiritual receptivity. Why? Because when you choose such a diet. Matt Monarch 56 . Often. vegetable juices. due to the fact that such a diet means the cells are constantly throwing off a higher volume of waste matter which needs to be helped out of the body. It will continue until the day we die. For more information see RawSpirit. a raw lifestyle can be considered a life-long fast. but do you know why it is so cleansing? It’s because you are leaving everything out of your diet except water. adding certain things (more In fact it is a miracle! Rashes. A raw lifestyle detoxifies the body because all food is omitted except raw food. The people getting the best results on raw diets are those who understand the “lifelong fast” concept and adopt the regular practice of colonic hydrotherapy. for optimal health it is necessary to do a minimum of one colonic every month. In conjunction with a raw diet. says Matt Monarch Y ou probably know that water fasting is the ultimate in cleansing. When we adhere to a raw food lifestyle. When these issues arise. finally get a chance to “exhale”. which until now have been getting gradually packed with more and more waste. If a 100% raw food lifestyle and periodic colon cleansing are continued. the brain functions better. At some point. you will become more beautiful your skin will become silky smooth and it will shine and glow. then you are setting yourself up for failure. However as time goes by. then you are setting yourself up for failure. cleansing. you will rapidly seem to become younger. not all the waste is coming out! Colonic hydrotherapy helps us to clean our system of this accumulated waste and move onwards into more vibrant health. ■ is author of the books Raw Spirit and Raw Success and a popular speaker on the subject of raw food.The missing link Colonics are the single most important tool you can use to enhance the results of your raw lifestyle.

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Arriving at the NYC bus terminal at 5 o’clock in the morning. and on-staff masseurs. on the other hand. I’ve spent more than five years living on mostly raw foods and immersed in the world of raw foods. But late one Sunday night I was sitting on my couch reading a recent issue of Get Fresh! and trying to think of what to write for my next installment. and I’d never done a juice fast. like an overloaded donkey. “Oh. bus. In this dirty and disturbing environment. don’t claim to have conclusively figured out much. now. It was sweet and bright tasting – a mix of cucumber. call it whatever you want. It also reported that guests experienced an average weight loss of ten pounds along with the clearing of emotional blockages. An old janitor who I recognized having seen on the other side of the terminal came walking by. blockages to clear up. cilantro. The point is.m. I stayed up all night long before I was to leave on a 5:30a. a serious rest and relaxation deficiency to repair! I wanted to go there. I found a place that sounded comparable. raw foods. just juice. Perfect! According to the photos online.The no-food diet Sarma Melngailis leaves Manhattan behind and heads to rural upstate New York for a week of rest. After only a few minutes of searching online. enlightenment. chard. juice fiesta. New York. With photos of lovely-looking stone cottages in the sunny and green English countryside. pine sauna. It was called Gentle Earth Retreats and was in Ithaca. Especially if you’re a girl in a summer dress – made extra vulnerable by having far too many heavy bags strapped on. nor do I have time for hours of detailed investigation. Meanwhile. only a four hour drive from Manhattan. I packed a lot. “Gate 12” and directed me all the way to the other side of the terminal. I had a lot to prepare for. made me designate this as Plan B. I showed him my ticket and he said. Ouch. I. I looked around for some kind of confirmation that I was in the right place. it looked like a sweet and comfortable place and was run by a pretty woman named Katherine. There was a seven-day programme starting in just over a week. I had to organize and haul with me all kinds of research notes. I don’t recommend going to the NYC bus terminal at 5 o’clock in the morning. I plopped everything down and pulled out a fresh green juice from my bag. weight loss. but found nothing. The expense of flying overseas. nor any kind of fast. It was more than nine months overdue and I was feeling pregnant with a book that I desperately wanted to give birth to. It included mention of the retreat’s heated indoor pool. tossing out random hypotheses. He smiled at me and asked what I was doing all alone all the way over on this side of the terminal. S ome people call themselves experts or even gurus on nutrition. I quickly understood why everyone had been questioning my choice of transportation: “You’re taking the bus??” I had actually never taken a bus in my life. it was like I’d opened a bottle from which rays of sunshine and chirping happy birds poured forth. and didn’t understand what the big deal was. 58 . I just try things for myself and write about it while I’m sorting it all out. my entire 380page printed manuscript draft. that’s just perfect. I immediately went to the website and sent them an email. relaxation and raw juice. lime and pineapple. A security guard examined my ticket and finally mumbled. The latest trial? I finally did a juice fast. your bus leaves from gate 62! That’s back where you came from!” Oh how wonderful. They write and/or speak publicly about conclusions they’ve arrived at through years of experience and diligent research. Finally at Gate 12. or all of those. I had trekked through the scary terminal dungeons for no reason and now I was running late. and that they “tend to sleep more than they’ve ever slept in their lives. I started to cry. juice feast. I imagined that I would be having loads of free time during which I could finally finish writing my book. the piece described a week-long cleansing juice fast getaway. I had pounds to lose. plus the fact that their next availability was not for a couple of months. I came across a feature on Sura Detox in Devon. and I turned to figuring out a Plan A. Like a guinea pig with a notepad.” As soon as I read this. and more. As per my usual pre-travel style. Yes…a juice fast. and most of all. I hauled myself and my bags through creepy underground areas where I didn’t see a single other person. Then I looked up flights to England.

And there were no sounds from the robot lady. He had one of those big. We pulled off the highway into a Burger King. I barely made it to the right bus on time. the rules about cell phone usage. The sun was shining through the clouds. In fact everyone looked peaceful. the driver barked into the speaker about the duration of the ride. There were trees everywhere and loads of lush and freshly rained upon greenery all around. I looked over at my once surly seat companion and she looked back at me with a lovely smile. Thank you. and stout woman-that-looked-morelike-a-man a few rows behind me ignored his discouragement of cell phone use and began loudly shouting into hers in Russian. It made me 59 .I strapped myself up like a mule again and started the trek back. in a Dorothy-in-Oz kind of way. a serious rest and relaxation deficiency to repair. Then something remarkable happened. Instead I pulled out another green juice. and the weather forecast. While sipping it slowly. protruding man-bellies that looks like it may pop at any moment. I woke to see we were no longer in Manhattan. I was a bit concerned about his role as our chauffeur in this giant metal box that would soon be speeding down a highway surrounded by other speeding metal boxes. and the bright blue sky and everything else out there looked magical. It was oppressively hot and humid with dark clouds. drizzling rain and an overall air of major dreariness. It occurred to me I might be dreaming. I was among the very few passengers that did not buy any food. The driver announced we were making a fifteen minute stop. He advised us to use the bathroom quickly and to order our food “to go” since we would be leaving again shortly. No wonder he was grumpy. and most of all. I became morbidly fascinated watching everyone eat Burger King’s “French Toast Stix” and French fries at 7 o’clock in the morning. trying to race-walk steadily enough so as not to strangle myself with the bag straps criss-crossed around my neck and across my torso. Universe. and the driver sternly reprimanded me while I tried to throw my bags in before he slammed the luggage doors shut. as if a completely new person. A short-haired. blockages to clear up. I had pounds to lose. old. Everyone was quiet. the bathroom on board (yeah right). and everything suddenly felt peaceful. for iPods! I started listening to an audio book and I was so sleepy that somehow I dozed off listening to the odd and very loud cacophony of voices. which was a bit unnerving. As we pulled out of the station. now slightly warm but still so good.

I was in a relationship with my then collaborator in business and we were both totally new to raw food and full of eager enthusiasm – so much so that per someone’s recommendation we bought “his and hers” enema bags. Over the course of the day. I wanted to stuff myself. and then retreated to our own bathrooms where we called each other from our cell phones to sort out the rest of the confusion along the way. While the logic supporting it seemed sensible enough. A juice fast under these comforting conditions feels easy. During the rest of my stay. Of course. Daily coffee enemas were part of the suggested daily cleansing. Physically. and I wondered out loud if anyone ever took it back to their rooms and drank it. Everything was just offered. and we’d never repeated it after that one time. I never picked up my daily “coffee” again. where Katherine’s two lovely children washed vegetables and juiced pretty much all day long. but they were good company and really nice to get to know. We made our own tea in the kitchen. I just really wanted to eat and I had the strong sense that this particular urge would not be satisfied and relieved by a reasonable small quantity of food (since I wasn’t really hungry anyway). Besides the lack of structure and formality. None were of a raw food or vegan persuasion. “Sure. My concern over his being our driver only grew as I watched him through the window sitting at a picnic table consuming a Burger King “Croissan’wich” with alarming speed. Katherine’s reply surprised me. But by my third day I sat in my room sensing that there was a wildly deprived crazed junkie inside of me that wanted to chew on the bed frame. I realized that if she had said the latter. Despite the total absence of physical hunger. I had only done it once. No. which made it that much more comfortable. and like a relief. I didn’t need to prove it. Talking to Katherine on the journey from the station was easy and comforting and before I knew it we had arrived. I figured. plus a glass of tangy rejuvelac in the afternoon and frozen fruit sorbet in the evening. Overall. Then I noticed the driver outside. But by my third day I sat in my room sensing that there was a wildly deprived crazed junkie inside of me that wanted to chew on the bed frame. it was her home. in the spirit of asserting to myself the fact that I can do whatever I want. why not give it another go? The following day we were given big jars of freshly brewed organic coffee. I was having visions of a giant bathtub (literally) full of my favourite salad 60 . and I was never asked about it. What a relief! My second try at the coffee enema ended much like my first. you can’t do that!” After thinking about it for a while. The truth is. I was feeling highly nourished on the juice. Katherine was extremely knowledgeable.look forward to my week of fresh organic juices even more. This vacation from food was also a relief in many ways. it all felt idyllic—like I was staying at a friend’s country home. warm and engagingly helpful. The coffee is meant to help stimulate the liver and speed up detoxification. But since she’d just pointed that out. Still. She didn’t lecture about what we could or couldn’t do. I concluded that the coffee enema was indeed not for me. Juices were made fresh every two hours. It smelled good. I felt so relaxed and noticeably not hungry. I met the eight other guests. I still wanted to drink it. it was an entirely comfortable and peaceful environment. or should and shouldn’t do. it also helped that. and five years earlier. it’s been five years now. I felt really good and like my body didn’t even want or need any solid food. “Oh no. Aside from the totally optional daily group discussion and yoga class. It was during my early days on raw food when I would pretty much do anything anyone suggested. What if he has a heart attack while driving? Or slips into a food coma? What about his large cup of coffee? Is there a point to having both? Perhaps they kind of cancel each other out? One sedates and the other stimulates? And what must French people think of the overuse of their country’s nationality and signature breakfast pastry in our culture’s fast food fare? These questions and more filled my mind as we set off for the rest of the trip. Arriving in Ithaca was a welcome relief. there wasn’t anything tempting to eat lying around. I felt very lucky to be there. and all had very different backgrounds. In fact. We brewed the coffee. Once more. I had forgotten what crickets at night sound like. as well as the proper insertion method. I may have ended up having a rebellious sip or two once alone in my room. I was tempted to yawn aloud and brag that I’d already been through this ho-hum drill before. this sort of freedom was much appreciated. I remembered having found the whole process very strange. not force it into the other end. While Katherine explained to the bewildered (and now slightly anxious-looking) group how to assemble the bag with the tubing. what I loved about all of this was the feeling of being cared for. It felt more awkward and disturbing than cleansing or refreshing. aside from a few melons and bananas here and there (that I couldn’t help eyeballing). you can drink it if you want to!” I instead expected she’d say. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen corn fields and grazing cows. there was no schedule. sat on the floor together to assemble the bags. Pulling into the driveway.

depression. and enjoy it without that anxious awareness of a compulsive factor: either trying to control my eating. while distracted and anxious with work or something else. And I couldn’t even fall asleep. This time the stopover was an Arby’s next to a Mini-Mart. I needed this so I could finish my book. I drank plenty of juice. finish all my emails. Or the Summer Truffle and Parsnip Ravioli with Horseradish Vanilla Cream. chewable variety). Recognizing this is easier when you put yourself in an environment where there is no food but meanwhile there is ample fresh. it generally induces anxiety and resentment. In fact. I should be able to calmly self-regulate what I put in my mouth. so all I could do was lie down and do… nothing. Yes. and what a nice way to ease back it was. My crazy urges to eat did pass. such that by the end of the week I was even thinking that I could just live this way forever. At least my visions were of healthy food. but of course that wasn’t it. but there were also new dishes on the menu to try. Eating numbs the emotions because when your body is eating you can’t actually feel anything else. But any time I had imposed on myself a sentence of juice-only at home. I was definitely going to need practice at this. right? Safely back home. I wasn’t sure what I was afraid of. Like I wanted to reach for a blanket to hide under. or slipping into being controlled by it. this trip only reaffirmed my determination to do what I can to help change the world. and Pickled Radish. Tasting these was nice. A wise lady once told me that there is nothing but love and fear: if it’s not love. I didn’t even last a full day. but there was no blanket (figuratively). then anything else (anger. Or at least to help change the selection of what is available for breakfast along the highways. At thirty-six years old. And I was no longer craving solid foods. and then only ease into my favourite green shakes. I should be able to calmly self-regulate what I put in my mouth. though I could imagine on some level that facing reality without the insulation of food in one’s belly could be scary. even on raw foods. For more information see PureFoodAndWine. by the way). organic juice to keep you from going hungry. having no solid food to eat could be reason enough to shed tears. I also realized I don’t want to eat mindlessly any longer. I wanted to be a machine of creative efficiency! Instead. which would allow me to work while lying down? Instead I watched a DVD called “You Can Heal Yourself. Sarma Melngailis 61 . By the time day five rolled around. Real World and founder and CEO of One Lucky Duck. It seems very natural that people (and animals) just want to be free. She is also co-author of Raw Food. and outline grand plans. I was still waiting for the clarity to set in. but I wasn’t sure what. do they know that it’s possible to feel much better? Whatever issues I still have to sort out. right? My brain and my heart had long known that a juice fast would be good for me and I couldn’t wait for how it would feel. finish this article. With that I eased my way back into solid food. my plan of staying on just juice didn’t last too long.and chowing down on the whole thing. I wondered if this was remotely akin to what a heroin addict feels while in rehab. Couldn’t someone please design the reclining keyboard/ monitor set-up that I have envisioned so many times in my mind. It feels too good and I really liked the extra I thought about the ride back to Manhattan from Ithaca (it was the same driver again. These are some of the old habits that don’t die easy.” Yay! I was going to be healed! As the film and OneLuckyDuck. which operates an online boutique offering selected products for the raw and organic lifestyle. etc) is just a manifestation of fear. I felt an awkward and uncomfortable sense of… sobriety. like the Golden Chanterelle Mushroom and Yuzu Ceviche with Heirloom Cherry Tomato Salsa and Avocado Pineapple Purée. sitting in the garden at Pure Food and Wine. but I didn’t have any urge to have more than just a few mouthfuls. Where was it? I’d heard it strikes around day four. I concluded therefore that it had to do with the actual filling of something. owner and executive chef of premier New York raw restaurant Pure Food and Wine. I knew I could feel so much better without them. solid foods felt very unappealing because I was feeling so great and didn’t want to lose that clean lightness. I watched one man walk back to the bus with a big bag of fried potato crisps and a 2-litre bottle of orange soda. I want to focus on my food. I felt too lazy to even sit up and write. Baby White Asparagus. and that when we’re ordered around or constrained. I’d once more been fascinated by all the consumption of fries and fried onion rings for breakfast with soda and milkshakes. as well as all sorts of other comforts and nothing to be stressed out about. I spent time staring into the mirror trying to say “I love you” without feeling awkward. So where is the happy medium? At thirty-six years old. and I was convinced that I’d return to New York and stay on liquids for some time. Your mind opens up and massive productivity ensues. I only felt the overwhelming desire to sleep even more. It probably comes as no surprise that I was crying quite a bit throughout the week. How is it that everyone gets so easily used to this way of feeding themselves? Even if they’re feeling okay. appreciate it. There is a tendency for some people (myself apparently one of them) to form addictions and attachments to food (and I’m talking food of the solid. is the co-founder.


Does that make sense? Karen Yes. Karen Before we start. “How does cooked food make me sexy?” Susan Oh. So let’s look at that for a second. I would ask you to ask yourself now. not what others want for me or think would be best. I want to talk about the final question. but needed a helping hand to do so. It certainly was very interesting reading. now you’ve got me! I guess it’s just about fitting in. absolutely. with many experiencing epiphanies and insights they hadn’t been conscious of before. sexy. That said. vibrant for me is all about living life to the full and having tons of energy and passion for life. in hindsight I realized that sometimes I 63 . I definitely let others’ opinions of me carry a lot of sway. first change your mind says Karen Knowler. Since then I have received a lot of positive feedback. Karen Great. this is pretty common. many of which I hadn’t consciously realized before. specifically created for those who struggle to go or stay raw. all those kinds of things. Karen presents an actual coaching call she did with a client who wanted to go raw. Karen So Susan. it’s just the other stuff that’s holding me back. strong to me means emotionally being tough enough to deal with life and to go after what I want. OK. However. Karen And what about the raw food themes? Susan Well it’s very clear on paper that it makes complete sense to me. My thinking is that with a raw body I would be more attractive and hopefully that might compensate somehow. (Her answers to the questions were published in the last issue. tell me about strong. I know it affected me a huge amount in my earlier years. much more than is probably healthy. “If you had to give three words to sum yourself up if you went fully raw and your most beautiful vision came true. so I think that to them eating raw isn’t very sexy. what would they be?” was: “Vibrant. strong.Challenging your raw beliefs I n the last issue I shared some powerful coaching questions. With a cooked body the “fit experience” just isn’t the same. they wanted to “treat me” to something a bit more exotic and all I wanted was the salad.. First of all. Karen Which ones stood out to you about cooked food specifically? Karen Do you actually feel sexy with cooked food in your belly? Susan Nope – quite the opposite. I am fairly vibrant already. thank you for completing the questionnaire I sent you. Congratulations! It’s so freeing and exciting to get over a previously invisible roadblock and I hope you will keep those questions and refer to them often! In this issue we continue with coaching client Susan (name changed). well I guess part of me has a fear that many men might find raw food a turn off. This dialogue begins at the point where we started getting into the actual coaching session: If you want to change your diet. but I know that on raw the volume is turned way up! As for sexy. Where do you think you’re not your own person at the moment? Susan Well. On another level. to make sure you really got it. I think I’m sold! Thanks! Karen Quick work! Well you can dig a bit deeper with that question later if you like. I was constantly making compromises. In the third and final part of her series on identifying whether your beliefs around food are helping or hindering you. Your answer to the question. Susan was 31 when I coached her and had been trying to go raw for five years. which I suppose can be sexy. Certainly I have dated a few men who have seen it as a bit of a pain in restaurants when I have been in an all-raw phase.. Susan Definitely the comfort thing and the wanting to be “normal” and accepted. maybe sharing a meal and that bonding thing. Susan Sure. literally speaking I know that when I exercise on raw foods I do feel stronger. Well. Susan Strong means a couple of things to me. you can probably tell from my form and some of what I’ve said already that what others think of me does have an impact. When she finally felt enough was enough and wanted to get to the bottom of why she couldn’t stay raw for more than a few months she came to me.” Please could you share more about each of those words and why you chose them? Karen I would agree your answers so far definitely would suggest this. I just want to be my own person really. Did you have any “aha” moments as you worked through it? Susan Yes. more compact and agile. So. quite a few actually. Deep down in my heart I know it’s what I want.) Just to remind you. question 22. There were definitely some themes in there around both cooked and raw foods. especially by my family. who kindly gave me permission to print extracts from a coaching call I had with her after she answered these same questions.

. is that what you had to do to go raw? As much as I’d love to say “just eat salad” it really does extend way beyond that let’s talk about your soul for a moment. Karen Are you 100% sure? I want you to really “go there” and feel what’s really the truth for you there. Sometimes when I wanted to eat cooked food. that is the truth of who we are and goes way beyond our personality. I had a lot of inner work to do. worries and day-to-day life experiences there is a pure message trying to get through to you. It’s very liberating! I’m pleasantly surprised! Karen I’d love to hear more about what you see and feel. and I feel amazing! I like it here!! Susan If you don’t mind me asking. But it seems a bit of a step from where I am right now. the part that can embody our soul if we choose for it to do so. well the first is to buy a home just like the one I described to you earlier. What I am inviting you to consider is that to date. I think some raw cakes feature in there on occasion. Susan Do you mean like my whole life? Karen Yes. it was just easier to blame other people! Do you think there might be any of that going on with you? Susan Hmmm. and I’m not talking about food here. I see your potential rather than your current reality. are you saying that I need to bring more of my soul into my personality? Karen Kind of. what would it be? Susan Raw food. yes. but these people are definitely the exception rather than the rule. but for most people it is who they think Karen Yes. Karen Right. the bit that gets us through. lots of fruit and greens. The conviction needs to be full and complete. I had to do a lot of deep inner work. Where do you see yourself. from every aspect of yourself. I guess it is pretty easy to blame other people when they’re not very supportive. But how do I get from here to that place I just saw? Karen It starts with a decision. Karen Well. you have been operating from a limited perspective of who you are. It’s important to recognize that most of your experience of life is about perception and choices that you make based on that perception. so unless we are very aware and awake we run the risk of living our life from this limited “boxed up” perspective believing this is who we are and playing to that. while you may see yourself as Susan Jones. it’s who we often come to believe we are. Some people can simply make the decision and they’re done. Is it that part of us that is more spiritual and that is our highest self. well. the part that lives on after we “die”. I have to own that one. And your soul… they are. beliefs. like most if not all of us are prone to do. That’s a good point – ugh – you’ve got me! Thanks. “What do I really want?”. It is the part that strangers see. All I can say is that they must have a super powerful mind or a will of iron! For me it took five years to stick with raw. Most people have varying ideas about what a soul is or isn’t. rather than the actual truth. one that has been there for many years now. My food is actually very simple but very imaginative. Even though the food is very simple I am getting so much pleasure from it. behaviours and so forth. Only then can we change them. You need to decide that that’s what you want for yourself. Karen Absolutely and it’s good to be that honest. the identity we take on to function in the world. yes. created from a combination of experiences. Karen Can you share one with me? Susan Sure.used other people as an excuse to make compromises. My salads are amazing – there are flowers in there and everything! Everything tastes so good because I am so conscious about what it is I am eating and I only eat when I’m really hungry. I do like cooked food. I think so. Susan Wow. Your body clearly feels best on raw. So what do I need to do? Karen I think the first step is to take a big step back from your life and ask yourself. long-lasting work can be done and it will act as your rock and foundation moving forward. your heart wants it. My job is to help you excavate deeply enough so we can get to the real truth. the food just complements it. and important too because then you are in that strong position you aspire to. but your head is not convinced – it has a lot to say on the subject as we know. We have to take responsibility for our actions even when we’re not proud of them. and have made decisions and choices based on more “earthly” perceptions. From that place the real. Do you have any dreams or goals you want to go after? Susan I have a few but I haven’t done anything about them. It’s already in your heart but your head has been overruling it with a whole plethora of stories and fears. but my understanding is that it’s the part of us that is eternal. juices and smoothies. Underneath the dross of all the thoughts. probably! I mean. Our personality is the part that we show to the world. For example. who we really are. I’ve moved around a lot in my life and have tended to live mostly in cities or big towns. It’s not really where I want to be. That’s interesting.. do you have an understanding or idea about what your soul or spirit is? Susan Yes. I see you as way more than that. Karen Do you have an idea where we might be going with this? Susan Um. From the moment we are born we are taught to identify with our name and the family we are born into. but generally it’s super clean salads. if you were the only person on the planet and could eat whatever you wanted without any judgement from yourself or from others. unsupportive things about going raw and the people around you and they have been holding you back. it’s still raw. maybe? Karen That’s not too far off. Does that seem fair to say? Susan Yes absolutely. My life is very exciting. which is why I now coach. First of all. in some ways it is and in many ways it’s not. So let me ask you. it’s just I know I feel so much better on raw food. Well it’s no coincidence Karen Would you like what you see to become your reality? Susan Gosh. it’s so quiet and peaceful and I get to do whatever I want. That’s interesting. Susan Yes. To date you have been perceiving many 64 . because I don’t want other people to yo-yo and feel as lost and confused as I did! Susan Wow. There are some cases of people who have gone raw overnight and stayed there. what are you eating exactly? How does it make you feel? Susan I see myself living in a little cottage in the country – it’s a place I have thought of many times before although I have no clue where it is. I love it here.

. Karen Don’t worry – that’s normal! The thing is. For anyone to stay raw. so I’m on aboard for the ride and looking forward to seeing where it takes me. Karen I know you have a lot to be thinking about. I mean. I’d definitely love to. what’s coming up for you? Susan Well I can see right away that they’re mostly about other people. Karen You’re right. I actually have tears in my eyes. Just ask yourself from the most loving. Karen Do you know why you’re feeling this way? Susan Because it’s what I really want but I have never held myself to this standard before. I can say for sure that you’re going to need a lot of support at this time. Karen Knowler 65 . and I know if I say yes.. I believe we are all meant to live our dreams.. heart-led manner. Gosh. Karen You and many thousands of others Susan. to not do so would not have helped you long term. Thank you. Close your eyes and feel deep into yourself and ask the question to that deep. Visit her web site for masses of free raw food recipes. life-changing coaching articles and information and the world’s only Raw Coach Training at TheRawFoodCoach. what you really want and the highest and brightest vision that you hold for yourself and your life. as the vibration of raw food is too high to sustain in your present life circumstances. But when you know what you’re dealing with then you can check in with yourself each time you get the urge to do something that doesn’t feel good and ask. The question is: Are you ready? Now bear in mind that sometimes people reach this place many times before they can answer yes to this question. “Am I ready?” I’ll give you some time to think about that. It’s like trying to force giving birth! It will hurt if you push too hard or too soon! So just be honest. I didn’t realize there was so much to going raw. Does that make sense? Susan Well as surprised as I am to say this. going raw is about way more than eating raw food.. so are you saying that in order to go raw I have to do this? Karen Yes. I know this isn’t always what people want to hear. The good news is that although there is so much further to go it only gets better. but I so want to try. A lot of changes are going to occur now and it might feel scary a lot of the time as you let go of old stuff that hasn’t been serving you. an inspiration. you’ve got me thinking now! I’m feeling very odd! Karen As you probably have realized by now. So what do I do? Karen Well. people actually love me for it. From this place it is a no-brainer. it does make complete sense. but they’ve all been excuses. It has actually made things incredibly clear. a revelation! I’m in shock. that’s big! Okay. Things have to change.. sacred space. at least for the short term. This Karen Knowler is The Raw Food Coach. Karen What’s happening? Susan I am ready and what I heard was. without this essential understanding it’s like building on sand. that’s what I’m seeing too. Strong in my decision. otherwise you will fall off the wagon over and over. colourful and vibrant for it. Now I’d like you to really feel into your body here and have the whole of you united in answering that question. this is different. but I suggest we spend the last ten minutes or so looking again at your answers to question number one. Karen Good. it’s a continual journey of unravelling and exploration. It is really something of a hero’s journey. it’s no big deal. as this is one of the most important for you. When you say “yes” to raw you say yes to life and that can and often does mean huge change. more joyful.” Taking a fresh look at your answers now. hence the reason addiction is so prevalent in our society. It doesn’t happen overnight. It is one of the least talked-about aspects of going and staying raw and yet it’s totally foundational. As much as I’d love to say “just eat salad” it really does extend way beyond that and that’s why we absolutely have to start with the truth of who you really are. truth and integrity show up for you. and this is a place that we’ll be going to in all of our coaching sessions. Most people are scared stiff of going to that place. providing you approach it in a compassionate. Karen What does that mean to you? Susan It means that all the reasons I gave have been excuses. It’s just something I do. Ooh. combined with comfort. This is the place I’ve been avoiding for years and now I’m here and it feels scary as hell. depending on how far you have strayed from your true. unwavering. I’m so grateful that you shared this with me. Susan Wow.. I can’t believe it. most soulful path. Susan Oooh. for most people this is what needs to occur for deep and lasting change. Susan Okay. Susan Well no wonder I have been struggling! (laughs) is the question. “Where am I making this decision from?” I’d like you to write that question down please because you’ll find it incredibly useful. Congratulations on being brave enough and open enough to go there. We could have talked about salads and smoothies and fancy recipes. where did all that come from? Karen From your raw self! Congratulations! So what’s going on for you right now? Susan Well. doing things which genuinely make you happy and stepping into however love. they admire me and think I am so much better for it – happier. “When I think of cooked food I think. More myself. So what I’d like you to do is become the you that only eats raw food and that lives in that country cottage and lives the life of her dreams and answer the question from that place. Susan I’m still in shock. then everything changes. yes I think I can see that. Susan Oh my goodness. healthier. well. I just never would have guessed this.. It’s so clear to me now why I couldn’t go raw before. but as far as I’m concerned it is the truth and your journey will be all the more exciting. So my question to you is: Who do you need to be moving forward so that you can honour your desire to eat raw? Susan Stronger I guess. It’s about people-pleasing I think. It means showing up as the true you. but as I said. This or call +44 (0) 1223 860688 for more details. it does.. I’ve been trying to live someone else’s life. Karen Good. at least for the staying raw part. That. “You’ve always been ready”. It’s like the caterpillar preparing to enter the chrysalis. yes it really does. It’s about stripping away all that isn’t real and leaving pure authenticity. but really. Karen You’re welcome. gentle and compassionate place that you can. but that would have acted like a band aid.well. video demos. Are you prepared to go after that? Susan Goodness.. I think I’m going to cry. I believe that you have to go to the soul level. to be in that place of vulnerability and surrender. so don’t feel pressurised. It is no small deal as you can see. they felt real. Does that sound good? Susan Yes it sounds great! I can see I’ve got a lot of learning to do.that that’s the first place you went when I asked you that question earlier! That is your soul’s chosen place to be.

He runs a private clinical practice and health consultancy called Natural Solutions. is vitamin B12. these foods will actually provide you with more than if you were to eat them cooked. he worked in conventional medicine for 10 years before returning to his holistic roots in search of more effective and less toxic treatments. B2 (riboflavin). as these have the highest concentration that I have come across. when you sprout grains and kick-start their enzyme activity. and if you recommend supplementation. MD practices integrative oncology and homeopathic medicine in Arizona. One daily with food will suffice.e. B3 (niacin). My preferred source sprouted grains If you are happy consuming grains. ready for use as and when it is needed. vegan form of this nutrient. with lime juice. while others claim you need to supplement. B6 (pyridoxine). nutrition. spinach and broccoli. Now. Dale has been following a 70% living foods diet for the past 12 years.) Lastly. What is your position. It is held in a pool in the liver. There are plants out there that have been shown to contain B12 – such as spirulina and various sea vegetables – but evidence to date suggests that we can’t actually remove it from its complex chemical bonds within the plant. so I feel its definitely worth considering. and herbal medicine. swamped all over your kale salad? A Dale Pinnock is a degreetrained medical herbalist and nutritionist. and these are often of a far higher quality than the heavy animal-derived foods that many people in the nutrition world insist we need to eat for our B’s. which provides an exceptional-quality. with some saying it is not at all difficult as long as you eat a variety of foods. the foundation of his practice is detoxification and teaching people how and what to eat. (See last issue. and are available in almost every major food group in varying amounts. oxidative medicine. things can begin to go awry very quickly. Nothing could be further from the truth. nuts and seeds can be valuable sources of the B vitamins. Is it possible to get enough B vitamins on the raw diet? There are differing opinions on this. Eating and juicing these every day will provide you with highly bio-available (i. He regularly features in national press and on radio discussing nutrition. nuts and seeds Aside from being mineral powerhouses. once it is depleted. what should I be looking out for when selecting a good B-complex supplement? Consulting Room Q here would be pumpkin seeds. DP 66 . This nutrient tends to be found predominantly in animal foods. natural healing modalities. or reaching for a brand such as Solgar. cavello nero. I’d recommend a B-complex supplement in all circumstances. For more information see AnOasisOfHealing. bar B12. In addition to the holistic modalities he offers his patients. and has been researching natural health and nutrition for the past 14 or call (001) 480 834 5414. which raw foods are the best sources of B vitamins. be it raw or otherwise. when eaten raw. raw foods. Why? Because the B vitamins are water-soluble nutrients and are highly sensitive to extremes of temperature. He continued his training by qualifying in a range of holistic modalities including homeopathy. then I’d go for it if you want to up your B vitamin intake. Absolutely!! The B vitamins are abundant throughout nature. For more information see DalePinnock. This pool lasts anything up to six years. After completing his formal training 22 years ago. easily absorbed by the body) B vitamins. And. And being sprouted and highly enzymatically active. In the plant kingdom we have some wonderful food sources of B vitamins. but simply my favourites. Below is by absolutely no means an exhaustive list. because the physiological impact of becoming deficient is too unpleasant not to! I’d recommend using a high-quality food-state supplement. and it can leave us feeling completely washed out and susceptible to opportunistic infections. many of the common intolerance issues are taken out of the equation. B1 (thiamine). Summer 2008. and biotin (alternately referred to as B7 and H) are all found in high amounts in greens such as kale. It is a common misconception that the removal of animal foods from our diet will suddenly leave us depleted and emaciated. However. and the ones that I rely on more than any others. chelation therapy and orthomolecular medicine. plus can you think of anything more divine than a smooth luscious pumpkin seed butter. Grains like brown rice and quinoa are bursting to the hilt with all the B vitamins. Greens Virtually all green foods are rich sources of many of the B vitamins.Thomas Lodi. Anaemialike symptoms can set in The only exception to this rule would be light stir-frying. the real issue for anyone following a vegan diet. Bragg’s liquid aminos and garlic. B12 is the only water-soluble nutrient that our body can store. for a detailed look at the dangers of B12 deficiency and how to avoid them. their bio-availability is incredibly high! Plus. so cooking would very quickly leach them out.

Carnivores get their salt needs met by drinking blood. and green vegetable juices. or excess fluid in the body tissue. which in turn adversely affects the human body. Anyone who has ever been around horses knows how important salt is to their wellbeing. Strictly speaking. environmental pollutants. For every ounce of sodium chloride that cannot be eliminated. So it can help to minimize the negative impact this chemical drug will have upon this vital organ. for a considerable period of time. The second herb I’d recommend taking. whatever. But salt consumption is also causing much disease and even death. high-strength milk thistle extract. many of your body systems have been completely fatigued and struggling to carry out many of their straightforward daily metabolic functions. I have to have major dental work soon and my dentist says that it won’t be possible without a strong anasethetic. Now. I am concerned about how this may affect me. and I don’t really want to jump on that bandwagon that would have you believe that the tiniest of traces of cooked food will send your body into toxic shock. I’m not 100% convinced that this is true in your case. the form our body needs. My problem is that I have become very sensitive to eating cooked foods – just a few bites can bring on headaches. On the same note. it is not a condition that heals overnight. it is the end result of a host of continual negative influences overly taxing many systems. is St. Having come from a history of M. DP For several years I have been eating a diet centred on fruits. too. so I presume this is what people are referring to when they talk of “organic sodium”. should you wish to find out more. Firstly. which is also a cause of cellulite. seawater has 84 chemical elements – all of the minerals and trace minerals found in the human body. is Water & Salt: The Essence of Life by Barbara Hendel and Peter Ferreira. But studies have shown that the average American takes in two to three times more table salt than their kidneys are capable of excreting. To cut a long story short. As our lifestyle becomes more conducive to a state of vibrant health. Secondly. However. Sodium is a metal. not an organic compound. as we all know by now. at nearly 60 I feel better than ever eating this way and people tell me I look better than ever. Table salt is mainly sodium chloride and not salt. and most importantly. and due to the safety issues applies only to local anaesthetics.” Chances are. An excellent book to consult. I’d recommend taking a good. because quite frankly that is total hype and misinformation. you are still very much in a state of recovery. Should I ask my dentist to give me a much smaller dose than usual. or. this will speed up the rate at which the drug is cleared from the body. as it is the one that has to break it down and excrete it from the body. it helps to protect the liver from environmental damage. We humans. If you have been on a very clean eating plan for a several years. this has nothing to do with its antidepressant properties. there is no such thing as “organic sodium”. your body may not quite be at the stage where it can happily work on dense. The reasons we need salt are complex and there isn’t space to provide a full discussion here. vegetables and small amounts of nuts and seeds. Johns wort. The best salt sources for humans are these natural crystal salts. TL Q that the anaesthetic is not such a shock to my system? I’d appreciate any advice you can give. our body often becomes far less forgiving of our misdemeanors. whilst you may be feeling notably better consuming foods that require little digestive output. be those lifestyle extremes or dietary digressions. better still. Others claim that Himalayan crystal salt and Celtic sea salt are not only much better than table salt. without knowing if it is a general or local anaesthetic. need salt. So. constipation and depression.E. The result of consuming common table salt is the formation of oedema. The liver is one of the hardest-hit organs when an anaesthetic is administered. be this alcohol abuse. What is your view? All vegetarian animals in the wild seek out and find salt to lick. is there a natural method of pain relief you’d recommend? Or do I need to start introducing other foods into my diet so Q 67 . raw foods deliver energy and goodness without demanding a large amount of energy expenditure in order to digest. but even necessary for optimal health. and metabolize the food. complex. Hope this helps. my advice here will be really rather generalized. In terms of anaesthetics. Some say that the only healthy form of salt is the “organic” sodium found in vegetables like celery. absorb. but its ability to strongly increase the activity of phase two detoxification pathways in the liver. Now. you will find that you are more sensitive to many influences. Both Celtic and Himalayan salts contain all of these elements. and other serious medical problems. The body recognizes table salt as an aggressive cellular poison and wants to excrete it as quickly as possible. that require a much higher metabolic and energetic output in order to be digested. However. Chronic fatigue does not suddenly come on overnight. I tend to steer people in the direction of liver support. it can be made more bio-available when part of a plant due to chelation to organic molecules. Major salt-producing companies dry the salt in huge kilns with temperatures reaching 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.Is there such a thing as healthy salt? I’m confused because there seem to be conflicting views on this. As you have come from a history of M. This will support you in two ways really. cooked foods. the body uses 23 times the volume of its own water to neutralize the salt. That is because regular table salt no longer has anything in common with the original crystal salt. Rather than just sodium and chloride. a day or so after the dental work. But as my system is so pure and it reacts to cooked foods so badly. milk thistle gently supports the natural biochemical pathways involved in liver detoxification. which changes the salt’s chemical structure. medications.E. A A “I don’t really want to jump on the bandwagon that would have you believe that the tiniest of traces of cooked food will send your body into toxic shock.

6ft 4. of course. take heart. weight is merely a symptom of problems happening on the inside. didn’t do my health any good so I knew I had to make some lifestyle changes. but I was a lot thinner than I had ever been and everyone around me was convinced that I was sick. After all. one important factor to bear in mind is that with obesity having reached epidemic proportions in the western world and with almost everyone suffering from a serious protein and/or fat overdose. In this article I want approach the subject a bit differently and get people thinking about it on a deeper level. we have forgotten what “normal” looks – the healthy way T 68 . Pete Vincent has been there and he has sage advice. While over half of adults in developed countries are dangerously obese. My health improved and my energy levels and stamina went up and up. I was a 32-year-old. Within a year I had not only lost all the weight I’d gained. I can sympathize with this because I was always slim and it took me 13 years in the RAF to eat and drink myself up from 11 stone to over 15 stone.Guide to gaining weight If a raw diet has slimmed you down so much you look in danger of wasting away. This. However. 15½ stone firefighter when I began my pursuit of 100% rawness. This is a very common issue among those who go raw. some are grappling with the opposite problem: they are stuck to the south of their healthy weight rather than to the north. he whole question of weight often gets reduced to talking about how people look.

first ask yourself whether this is really true. I only reached a weight I was happy with when I introduced some old familiar cooked food back into my diet on a regular basis. For maximum muscle gain. I. Include more protein-rich sprouted foods in your diet. know that after 30-plus years on a diet of mostly cooked. not fat. processed foods my digestion left a lot to be desired. in each case at the weight that makes the last two reps challenging. Every time this process occurs. I looked at the skeletal image staring back at me from the hotel room mirror and next thing I knew I was in the local fast food joint devouring a chicken burger. but very easy for a man to. When I first went raw. nuts and seeds.MY TOP TIPS FOR GAINING HEALTHY WEIGHT – I. after which I would return to my healthy weight. When that didn’t happen. Gaining healthy weight is about adding muscle. • • • • • like. but just possible. If you can’t get hold of a daily source of fermented foods. it is about what happens to that food once you’ve swallowed it. Personally. it happens during the rest period afterwards. we are led to believe. so if a raw diet has caused yours to melt away. no body has a “cooked food deficiency” but. add a good probiotic supplement to your regime. and consider starting on a top-quality raw protein supplement.E. 69 . So if you think a raw diet has made you underweight or “too thin”. Beware of slipping into this mentality and be sure to keep your mind on the real goal or your body’s attempts to tell you that things aren’t working can get ignored. Pete Vincent Pete Vincent is creator of RawHumour. that is cause for celebration not gloom. They’re loaded with enzymes. If it remains the same there is no reason for new muscle to grow. But in most cases it does not. It comes from fat. This will help your body break down the food you are eating and absorb the nutrients in it. As if this infusion of “proper” protein would somehow have me looking ripped and robust for the TV appearance the next morning. the site that focuses on two vital ingredients that work synergistically with each other: raw food and humour. then enzymes and probiotic supplementation together with adequate weight-bearing exercise and protein intake may turn things around for weeks or months. Get this right and it will enhance your internal health as much as it will your external appearance. then a high-raw rather than an all-raw diet may be the best way forward. this is not about the raw food itself. muSCle • Make a good resistance workout a part of your schedule every other day. Work all major muscle groups and do 3 x 8 repetitions of each exercise. That is all well and good if that volume comes from muscle. I can identify with this. due to many years of incorrect nutrition. for one. Solid. Take a good digestive enzyme supplement with every meal. Take the excess fat off the average man and you’d be left with the kind of physique normally only seen on prisoner of war camp inmates. We live in a society where it is not easy for a woman on a raw diet to get to a size where she’ll be seen as “too thin”. The golden rule here is simple: never work the same muscle group two days running. as muscle growth does not happen while exercising. and to do that your body needs to be digesting and absorbing nutrients properly. probiotics and other factors which enhance nutrient uptake. is stocky. As a man. I didn’t know any of this. Remember that your days off are as important as your weight training days. Muscle fibres are broken down during resistance training. seeds and dried fruits – in the hope this would lead to the desired weight gain. It’s not the fault of the raw food – of that much I am certain. Surplus fat is never a good thing. If these strategies for gaining healthy weight do not work for you. You can contact Pete by emailing pete@RawHumour. there is such a stigma attached to being “too thin” that it is one of the leading reasons men who try a raw vegan diet give up and go back to the standard diet. The night before I appeared on the LK Today show (in autumn 2002) to extol the benefits of the raw diet. many bodies do have deep-rooted imbalances which means they can’t be expected to immediately switch back into perfect functioning just because they’ve been fed a 100% natural (and initially very alien) diet for a few So if you are struggling to gain weight on a raw diet. the weight your muscles bear during your workouts has to progress upward on a continual basis. I turned to raw food diet books and websites for answers. Very often the desire to be “100% raw” takes precedence over the desire to achieve better health. After all. including sprouted grains. and was unanimously assured that after the initial detox period everything would be okay and my body would begin to rebuild. It did not. and re-build while you rest. Remember. the only recourse was to load up on the densest raw foods – nuts. The “ideal” male physique. they re-build stronger. Bulked up. or whether you are just conforming to society’s conditioning about what is normal? This tends to be much more of an issue for men than for women. Include fermented foods in your diet every day. But there are so many complex variables at play here that this approach won’t work for everyone.

the samosas are really great finger food. can be made in advance. as a Get Fresh! reader. and there’s no reason why that should change after. As a special treat for you. I’ve made these recipes available as a free download. Just visit therawchef. But be assured. a little bit of planning goes a long way with this. 70 . so it doesn’t need to be really daunting. so you can print them out. A cosy evening in with a DVD and a curry is part of many people’s lives before they go raw. The difference is that this is going to take a bit more planning than nipping out to the takeaway.Indian Meal For Two Russell James with a raw feast from the East. and will provide a real treat if you should decide to stay in and watch that You actually don’t even need to make the whole meal.

dehydrated vegetables with the sauce and return to the dehydrator in a large covered bowl to warm before serving. and offers raw food catering for events small and large. If you don’t have any tamarind available.Mushroom Curry with Parsnip rice and spiced Mango Chutney Marinated vegetables • • • • • • • • • 1. Russell James has been hailed as “the UK’s leading raw chef” by The Times. You may need to add more water. peas. Blend all remaining ingredients in a highspeed blender. peeled & diced small 1 cup peas ½ cup 71 . 1 1. 2 Pulse in the food processor until rice-like. 3 3. 3 cups portabello mushrooms 1½ cups aubergine. and salt. broccoli and tomatoes in lemon juice. olive oil. aubergine. diced small 1 tablespoon lemon juice 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons curry powder 2 teaspoons salt In a large bowl mix the mushrooms. Start with ¼ teaspoon. * Tamarind paste can be made by soaking tamarind in water until it goes soft (the seedless type you can buy in a packet is fine for this) and straining through a sieve. spiced mango chutney • • • • • • 1 medium mango 2 pinches salt 2 teaspoons lemon Juice 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon minced ginger ½ teaspoon cumin Chop and dice one mango and set aside. simply leave out. cut from the stem into 1cm mini-florets 6 medium tomatoes. Mix the softened. Curry sauce • • • • • • • • • • 1 red pepper 1 clove garlic 1 teaspoon lemon ½ tablespoon tamarind pulp* 1cm cube of fresh ginger ½ cup fresh coriander 1 tablespoon curry powder (try to get curry powder without salt in it) ½ cup fresh coconut from a brown coconut ¼ cup water Salt to taste. 2 Parsnip rice • • • • • • • • 2 cups peeled fresh parsnips 3 tablespoons macadamia nuts 3 tablespoons pine nuts 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 teaspoons agave nectar 1 teaspoon lemon juice 2 pinches salt 1 tablespoon white miso 2.3 hours at 105 degrees F. 1 1. Combine the blended mixture with the diced mango. depending on whether your curry powder had salt in it. Set aside. Spread onto a dehydrator sheet and dehydrate for 2 . Get your free raw recipes at TheRawChef. 1 Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender until smooth and creamy. curry powder. as well as raw food classes in West Sussex. 2. 2 2.

If you want to stay away from nuts completely. until both sides are dry to the touch but still pliable. 1 2. or until able to peel of the sheet. 3 samosa filling • • • • • • • • 1 cup courgette (zucchini). 72 . • • • • 4.vegetable samosas with Cucumber & Mint raita samosa wrappers • • • • • • • 1. you can substitute for pine nuts. return to the dehydrator for 30 minutes. use soaked sunflower seeds. Pour mixture onto a dehydrator sheet and spread evenly into a square. Add flax meal and blend again until smooth. almonds or macadamias. minced 2 tablespoons garam masala ¼ teaspoon turmeric 1 teaspoon agave 8 sun-dried tomato halves ½ teaspoon salt 5 cups peeled courgette (zucchini) 3 tablespoons olive oil 3 teaspoons lime juice ½ teaspoon chilli powder 2 teaspoons garam masala 1 teaspoon salt ¼ cup flax meal* Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender until smooth. peeled 3 tablespoons water 1 cup sunflower seeds 1 teaspoon dark miso 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 clove fresh garlic. * Flax meal is flax seed that has been ground in a coffee grinder or similar. to produce a fine flour. You can choose the size. minced 2 teaspoons fresh ginger. Dehydrate for 8 hours at 105 degrees. 4 5. Once the dehydrator sheets are removed. 5 * If allergic to cashews. for the ones in the photo the mixture was spread 26cm x 26cm square. 2 3.

leaving plenty of texture. 9 & 10 Start folding the remaining part of the wrapper around so it forms that familiar triangle shape. 7 8 step 7 Tuck the corner in so it doesn’t stick out. Cucumber and mint raita • • • • • • • • • • ¼ cup cashew nuts 1 cup cucumber 2 teaspoons agave nectar 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar ½ teaspoon salt ¼ cup mint ½ clove garlic ½ teaspoon cumin powder 1 teaspoon lime juice pinch cayenne 9 10 11 12 Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender. 2 Grind all ingredients in a food processor. Pulsing is done by switching the on/off switch several times in short bursts. You will now be able to open the wrapper up into a cone. finely chopped ½ cup peas 3 steps 8. to chop the ingredients. 3 & 4 Fold the pointed end created by the first fold as in step 4. The samosas can be eaten as they are or can be returned to the dehydrator for as long as you like. Some food processors actually have a pulse button. and fold over the corner of one end. leaving some texture to the mixture. 4 step 1 Cut the wrappers into strips approximately 7cm by 25cm. 1 2. Add the following ingredients and pulse in.1. steps 11 & 12 Wet the remaining corner of the wrapper and fold into place to seal the samosa. 13 14 73 . 5 6 steps 2. chopped small 2 sliced spring onions (green onions) ¼ cup diced tomatoes ¼ cup coriander (cilantro). Folding the samosas 1 2 • • • • • ½ cup tightly-packed spinach. I like to do this as they will be warm and ready to eat in a few hours. step 5 step 6 Fill with the mixture.

such as pineapple or bananas. 1 Blend all ingredients in a high-speed blender until smooth. flesh only 1 1. 74 . 2 3 3. 2 3 3. Filling • • • • • • • • • ½ cup cashews 3 tablespoons coconut oil 2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 teaspoons vanilla extract pinch salt 2 tablespoons water 1 teaspoon agave ½ cup cherries*. Dehydrate for approximately 3 hours until the shells are strong enough to hold together without the case. 2. Press into 2 small individual cup or cake moulds of your choice that have been lined with plastic wrap. Pour into an ice-cream maker. 2. or freeze in a tub then pass through a juicer with the homogenizing attachment on. You may want to have some chunks of mango or cherry stirred in at the end so you get little bursts of flavour. stones removed ½ cup mango. Fill the shells with the ice-cream and garnish with slices of mango.Cherry & Mango ice-Cream Cup Base • • • • • • ¾ cup cashews 1 tablespoon agave 1 teaspoon vanilla extract pinch salt 2 teaspoons lemon juice 1 tablespoon desiccated coconut Grind all ingredients in a food processor. and then remove from the case to dry for a further 6 hours or overnight. *You can substitute cherries for any other fruit. depending on what you like and what’s available. 1.

This article discusses the glycaemic index and its health implications and also recommends specific sweeteners for particular culinary art applications. Also overleaf is a recipe for a raw Apple Baklava that is sweetened with a mixture of whole fruits and agave nectar. as in a syrup. At Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. However. light. However. This is the primary reason most of us avoid using processed white sugar. typically raises GI. However. The bottom line? Unrefined fruits (the first two items in the table overleaf) are the hands-down healthiest choice for sweetening our foods. we discuss sweeteners – a subject that affects not only culinary art. responsible culinary artisans must keep in mind how sugars affect both health and the specific recipe. minerals. the desired outcome. excessive isolated fructose intake may contribute to increased calorie intake and weight gain. We must understand all of these in order to create foods that are pleasing to the palate. The GI of fructose and high-fructose foods. Because insulin and leptin help to regulate appetite. usually we read about health separately from culinary art. and antioxidants nourish us. the sweetener. such as agave syrup. Many other factors. n past issues. These types of sweeteners should be limited to celebration foods. we teach students how to choose sweeteners based on their characteristics – colour. these foods cause only a small rise. but also our health. density and ripeness. 75 . Unlike glucose. Fructose is metabolized very differently from glucose. Foods with a high GI often trigger a dramatic upward spike in your blood sugar. The two topics are not typically combined.of a raw culinary artist Cherie Soria with sweeteners that celebrate health. The quantity of the sweeteners we use is as important as the ones we choose. and flavour – in combination with the other ingredients used. which tends to be followed by a drop in blood sugar. Lemon juice added to recipes reduces GI. Let’s learn how we can support good health and make raw foods that taste better than cooked! Secrets I The Glycaemic Index The glycaemic index (GI) is a way of classifying foods according to how they affect your blood sugar. and the fibre modulates blood-sugar response. In addition to fructose-based sweeteners. Foods rich in fibre rank lower on the GI. The GI reflects how quickly the carbohydrate in a food enters your bloodstream. we have explored three important topics relating to culinary arts: flavour balancing. or on occasion (or in accordance with the advice of your health practitioner). especially when a food component has been refined (separated from a whole food) and concentrated. other simple sugars extracted from plant foods generally contain few nutrients and rank high on the glycaemic index. such as grinding whole grains into flour. and the use of binders. we use this handy chart to show at a glance the differences in sweeteners used by many raw food chefs. consuming large quantities of concentrated fructose (such as in soda and other processed foods) creates predictably negative health consequences. texture. At Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. is considerably lower than that of other sugars. and the serving size based upon the healthiest choice. and how long your blood glucose remains elevated. and make raw food taste more amazing than cooked. As raw food chefs. fructose does not stimulate insulin secretion or enhance leptin production. just because they are raw and low on the glycaemic index. it’s important to look beyond the glycaemic index. many of the concentrated sweeteners are nearly as detrimental to our health as common white sugar. also affect GI. However. Eat refined simple carbohydrates in moderation. fluffy breads score higher on the GI than heavy breads. texture. including weight gain. Processing. the vitamins. and dried fruit has a higher GI than fresh fruit. and their health effects. We encourage you to select the sweet treat. Foods with a low GI tend to gently and gradually supply the carbohydrate needed to fuel your brain and body. When we eat fructose as a natural sugar in a whole. and we are kidding ourselves if we think we can eat all we want of foods like agave. One would naturally assume that this makes fructose and highfructose syrup the preferred sweeteners. how much it raises your blood glucose. They digest quickly and can cause blood sugar to rise and then fall dramatically. In this issue. we have a desire (and responsibility) to create foods that support good health. ripe fruit. such as acidity.

cakes. Contain varying amounts of glucose. before being processed into syrup. maple syrup or honey. Use to thicken and bind desserts. it is used as an alternative The root. as well as concentrated fructose. Repeated boiling results in dark blackstrap molasses. mangos. dietary fibre. etc. minerals. Molasses and muscovado sugar Slightly sweet. magnesium. pineapple. Strong flavour can overpower other flavours. semidry. cookies. when colour is not an issue. they thicken puddings. It can replace white or brown sugar in desserts. measurable amounts of iron. pie fillings. libido and stamina. It takes about and is used by many raw food chefs as an five gallons of sap to make a pint of alternative to refined sugar. and sauces. and cookies. maca is reported to be a natural hormone balancer and to increase energy. infants and small children. cherries. Also use to replace flour in sweeteners. First-press molasses are light in colour and flavour. making them more nutritious than most sweeteners. and dark agave syrup for a molasses-like taste. so buy organic. Derived from the leaf of the stevia plant. and is delicious in mock graham cracker crusts and fruit crisp toppings or anytime a brown sugar flavour is desired. maple sugar Maple syrup is made from the boiled Not raw. Mesquite meal Mildly sweet. Conventional dried fruit may contain sulfur dioxide. blended beverages. Soaked dried fruit may also be blended with the same fruit in fresh form to create a thick mousse (mangoes and pineapples are delicious prepared this way). more distinct flavour than fresh and should be selected according to the flavour desired in the dessert. higher in calories. yacon is sweet and low in calories. . About half a cup replaces 1 cup of sugar. When soaked and blended. 90 per cent fructose. Both products add a deep underlying flavour and Blackstrap molasses and muscovado are popular in cookies. Use about 2 teaspoons per 1 cup recipe volume. Like fresh fruit. to preserve enzymes and other nutrients. lower GI than cane sugar. Raw honey Stevia 200 times sweeter than sugar. CHARACTERISTICS/USES Very sweet. You High on the GI and not recommended for can substitute dark agave syrup in most recipes. Although not raw. crunchy texture slightly reminiscent of fresh-picked apple. It has a naturally sweet taste. glucose-free sweetener with few calories. or to replace flour in cakes and cookies. HEALTH NOTES High on the GI. calcium. mild enough in flavour to be camouflaged by other ingredients. caramel-like flavour. bananas. GI varies. Choose light agave nectar for a mild flavour and colour. dried fruits contain significant amounts of vitamins. with more molasses. and it contains minute amounts of minerals. which grows high in the Andes mountains in South America. Maple syrup.) Agave nectar or syrup Dry your own fresh fruits at low temperatures outside in the sun or in a dehydrator. Not as high on the GI as white sugar. stevia should be used in very small amounts. it is a natural food. Made from pods from the mesquite tree. Use alone or combined with other sweeteners to decrease the total amount of sweetener. has no calories. and raises blood-sugar levels more quickly than white sugar. malt-like taste. has a mild. whole cane juice in granulated form. natural syrup made from the juice of the agave cactus. with a strong licorice-like taste. It can be used to thicken smoothies and shakes. Dried fruits (apples. Use only organic pure maple syrup. Has a GI of 0. High on the GI.PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Fresh dates Three main categories: soft. it is sweeter. fructose and sucrose. appetite. Maca powder and maca syrup The powder or syrup of a root-like vegetable shaped like a radish. Dates contain relatively little water and do not become much more concentrated upon drying. intensely flavoured syrup or sugar that remains after processing of beet sugar. and pie crusts. ranking them high on the GI. figs. it is 96 per cent sucrose and 4 per cent minerals. especially ginger and spice sugar are 65 per cent sucrose. they act as binding agents for pie crusts. but deeper. it has a unique and distinctive flavour sap of the maple tree. Maca has a slightly sweet. Use to thicken Lower on the GI than most other shakes and smoothies. since anything less could be genetically modified corn syrup with as little as 3 per cent maple syrup. sweet flavour with a moist. and does not elevate blood-sugar levels. unfiltered syrup that contains pollen and enzymes. depending on the freshness and variety of the dates. Unprocessed. Use when thickness is not an issue (frozen desserts. Evaporated cane juice Flash dried. They do contain cookies. and potassium. or when dark colour is desirable. Rich in calcium and potassium. mesquite meal helps regulate other carbohydrates and helps curb the cakes. and watermelon. maple butter. Most have a stronger. Low on the GI. and the like) The colour and flavour is similar to brown sugar. 35 per cent water. Raisins give depth to mock graham cracker crusts. so it is not a vegan product. soft creams. raisins. pineapples. Thick. but still relatively high. Rapadura brand is the highest-quality product on the market. and dry. Yacon syrup Made from a delicious edible tuber grown in South America. When unsoaked and processed with nuts and/or dried coconut. It is essentially stolen from bees. Dried mission figs complement chocolate nicely. bright taste. and comes in powder or liquid form. it’s 65 per cent sucrose. prunes. apricots. syrup. and phytonutrients. Maple butter and maple sugar are more highly concentrated than the syrup.

raisins. 4. Cut the baklava into small squares or triangles. Feel Younger! She has trained many of the world’s top raw food chefs and instructors. Fruit and nut Layers • • • 1. 8 apples. Brush one quarter of the syrup over the top of the apples and sprinkle one quarter of the walnuts and one third of the currants evenly over the top. 5. is the founder and director of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. lemon juice. and is often referred to as the “mother” of gourmet raw vegan cuisine. and set aside a quarter of the most attractive slices to use for the top layer. dehydrated walnuts. Evenly place one portion (a quarter of the apples) in a square springform pan and press gently. The final layer should be walnuts. Lose Weight. the walnuts and the currants are utilized. covered with glaze. cinnamon. the author of Angel Foods: Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies. artistically placed apple slices. minced 1/2 cup currants To make the Sweet Syrup. put the agave. gently pressing each layer into place. spread evenly over a layer of the most attractive. 2. Repeat step 2 three more times. 4 cups soaked. Visit RawFoodChef. and coauthor of The Raw Revolution Diet: Baklava serves 16 sweet syrup • • • • • • 1 cup golden agave syrup 1 cup golden raisins or chopped white figs 2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon ground clove 1/8 teaspoon of ground cardamom 3. Cherie Soria 77 . Press the final layer down. until all the apples. clove and cardamom together in a blender and blend to form a smooth paste. Separate the sliced apples into four equal parts. the syrup. gently. Gain or write to info@ RawFoodChef. Refrigerate the dessert for at least two hours prior to serving. Store covered in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. and thinly sliced on a mandolin or the (number 2) slicing attachment of a food processor.

my fair one. and come. .” Song of Solomon. Arise. 2:13. and the vines in flower yield their sweet fragrance.The fig Brigitte Mars explores the original forbidden fruit “The fig tree hath put forth her green figs. my love.

he fig is one of the most eagerly-awaited highlights of the autumn harvest. to white. spleen. The milky white juice in unripe figs contains a proteolytic enzyme known as ficin. with husks removed • 1 cup poppy seeds • 1 cup dried figs Combine the walnuts. iron. anyone? • 1 cup dried figs. folic acid. soaked 1 hour • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Combine the dates and figs in a blender and purée. protein and fibre. Besides this. Dried figs also make an ideal travel food and a great snack. Crust • 2 cups walnuts. catarrh. They have a special affinity for the stomach. exhaustion. or try one of the recipes opposite. as they cling to the teeth and can contribute to decay. to green. gangrene. Soak dried figs overnight in water for a breakfast compote. Fill the crust with the mixture. sore throat. the fig is considered an aphrodisiac food and a supreme sexual tonic. delicate skin gives way to reveal an aromatic flesh bejeweled with hundreds of tiny seeds. among others. soaked overnight • ½ cup dried apricots. Brigitte Mars is a nutritional consultant and a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild. phosphorous and potassium. For more information see BrigitteMars. orange peel. and the fertile seeds it’s packed with nourish both libido and fertility. the fig is a member of the mulberry family. This succulent delight. then dehydrated until crunchy (about 12 hours) • ¼ cup raisins • 1 teaspoon orange peel • ½ teaspoon Celtic salt Filling • ½ teaspoon cinnamon powder • ¼ teaspoon cardamom pods. Originally from Asia. and use them as a natural sweetener for cookies. and several hundred commercial varieties giving rise to a wide range of flavour. they need no adornment. colitis. where the jam will keep for about 2 weeks. They are also known to neutralize toxins. be sure to (a) avoid those treated with the preservative potassium sorbate. soaked overnight. soaked overnight • 1 inch of fresh ginger root Remove the fruit from the soaking water and place in a blender. • ½ cup dates. Beauty by Nature. it is rich in vitamin B6. and keep adding water until the mixture achieves a jam-like consistency. making them an ideal food to eat while cleansing. Fresh figs are delicate and perishable and are best consumed within a couple of days of purchase. adding enough of the soaking water to form a smooth mixture. magnesium. asthma. Another of the signatures of fig trees is that they can live as long as 100 years and grow to 100 feet in height. which brings to mind ancient times and southern climes. gout. Figs have a high content of mucin. and (b) brush your teeth after eating them. Figs are excellent for athletes and those who want to gain weight. alcohol and drugs by stabilizing blood sugar levels. But for an interesting variation try them stuffed with raw almond butter. especially during the cold winter months. tender fruits that are free of bruises and not mushy. pies and puddings. keep at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. look for plump. If buying dried figs. and now cultivated across the Middle East and Mediterranean. A sublime treat eaten as they come. Whichever variety you are shopping for. to reduce inflammation until dental help is available. They have been successfully used in the treatment of anaemia. and also to toothaches. tuberculosis and ulcers. If they are not yet ripe. soaked 20 minutes • ¼ cup figs. Press the mixture into a pie pan. pulse until well mixed. size and colour – the latter spanning the spectrum from black. She has been working with natural medicine for more than 30 years and is author of the books Rawsome!. The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine and Healing Herbal Teas. is said to have been Cleopatra’s favourite fruit. Being as restorative and energizing as it is succulent and sublime. Figs are also esteemed for their ability to improve eyesight. Enjoy figs as a snack or for dessert. Add a bit of the water. It comes from well-hung trees. It is one of the most ancient fruits on earth. Avoid washing them until ready to eat. rheumatism. to purple. and can be applied topically twice daily to remove warts. poppy seeds. T Butterscotch sauce Makes about 1 cup Serve over raw ice cream or fruit. a soothing laxative. Store in the refrigerator. Combine the figs. blood pressure imbalances. Remove the tough stems before eating. pleurisy. Poppy Fig Pastry Makes 8 servings You could enjoy this for a special brunch as well as for dessert. and also one of the most alkalizing and mineral-dense. Fresh fig poultice has been applied to boils and 79 . to gold. cinnamon and cardamom in a food processor and purée. We’re jammin’ Makes about 3 cups Jam on flax crackers with almond butter. The list goes on… Figs are anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic (the seeds help drive out some kinds of intestinal worms). pancreas and large intestines. and salt in a food processor and purée. They also help deter cravings for sugar. reserve the soaking water. It ranks among the top food sources of calcium and also contains abundant copper. There are several botanical classes of fig. though when cultivated they are usually kept to a more manageable 16 feet. Its soft. raisins.

Call: Energy 4 Life Training a Unique Blend of: Energy Psychology Energy Exercise Energy Balance Energy Food Author of Opening to Spirit & Way of the Chakras | shola@energy-4life. 09 Transform Your Life. May.ClASSIfIED Adverts Happiness & Success Accredited Trainings Start: 80 .pdf 7/23/08 11:11:14 AM © C Energy 4 Life Conscious Living Program Quantum Divine Mix of Spirituality & Science M Y CM MY CY CMY K 0845 4 L Energy130 1918ife Caroline Shola Arewa Change Your Life & Coach Others to Change Thiers Coaching People to Live a Life of Health. Sept.

com     81 .rawhumour. You Need a System        Body Enlightenment SYSTEM www.bodyenlightenmentsystem.TO ADVERTISE IN Get Fresh! PlEASE CAll +44 (0)845 833 7017 Raw Humour              You DON’T Need another Diet Book.

82 . 7pm. create. Her documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer premiered on TLC and Discovery Health in 2007 and her book Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips has been translated into six languages since its release last autumn. Breakfast is 16-32 ounces of liquid sunshine. Even if it’s just for five minutes I truck outside to blow kisses to the sun. Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor. Though my diet is simple. Kris has been featured on The Today Show. It’s the diet and lifestyle book I’ve been designing and following for years. our office is close to home.. 9 pm. millet. 7:00 am. good for sexy mama earth. Dinner includes some cooked food. ready to share their tips. design. I say. I’m cooked. I juice like a madwoman and eat two meals per day. Lights out and snooze time with the angels…. It helps me fine tune my direction and connects me with my inner best friend. Tango with my dry brush and then hit the shower. Since becoming a fulltime healing junkie on Valentine’s Day. We have two offices. First thing in the morning I never use my laptop. For more information visit crazysexylife. is in stores now. still the mind. Then we check in on our social network. We make enough for the day with our Greenstar. sweet potatoes. For my third book I have an amazing A-list of women in my posse. practice non-violence. I’m addicted to writing. and go back to nature with a vegan lifestyle – it just makes so much sense. superfoods and sprouted grains. use my neti pot. 8:45 am. They miss us when we’re gone too long. She is groovy! We curl up in my tropical-print Lay-Z-boy and chat over a large cup of ionized water with lemon. Power walk (running makes me look like a klutzy baby elk) or yoga. clarity and creativity. and the committed daily practice are the legs. one in Woodstock. I just started the outline for my third book. Try to leave the office at a reasonable hour. It’s important to leave work and problems away from the pillow. I really see the difference in my sleep quality. and head to our yoga room for a drive-by meditation. so we bike as much as possible. “Vote with your fork. Good for us. We live deep in the woods surrounded by a cathedral of pine trees. Good Morning America. body. so I only use organic skin care and cleaning products. Her new book. Organic green veggie juice – no fruit. 11 pm. The CBS Evening News and The Oprah Winfrey Show. it’s far from boring. and inspirational speaker. Read or surf. Add raw foods and green juices to the mix. I keep up with my online friends even when I’m on the road teaching wellness retreats or giving speeches about the importance of complementary medicine. As long as I keep myself balanced. Their philosophy helped me build my healing plan post-diagnosis. It’s my biggie and I’m wildly excited. Thank Goddess for kitchen timers! I set mine for 20 minutes. heal with your spoon”! 4 pm. I lived at a Zen Monastery in New Mexico the summer I was diagnosed. As soon as my peepers pop open it’s a full tilt circus! Brush my chicklets. After we’ve caught up and the universe has its marching orders. vision and personal health plans. Brian and I love mindful eating during the sacred magic hour. soups and steamed veggies. :00 am. spirit. The Jivamukti method saturates me with inspiration. We often hear them whisper a lot when we return. 9 am. My paper journal is my mind Crazy Sexy Wellness (featuring holistic services. I topple. filmmaker. This way I don’t go crazy wondering when the zazen will end. 10:30 am.” I write. The diet is the seat that holds me up. The peace we seek begins on our plates. In hippieville. Green drink (loaded with sprouts) and a breath of fresh air. I down a shot of E-3 Live and take my supplements (including high dosages of therapeutic enzymes). 6 8:30 am. spirit and the committed daily practice are the legs. This means no laptops or late night reading in bed. They need it the most! Once we get on the same page about our global health crisis all else will follow. I’m a type-A personality with whirlwind tendencies. Mycrazysexylife. I topple. seaweeds. If one component is off. mostly raw: vegetables. If one component is off. the muse flows easily. It was there that I began to build a daily practice that starts with stillness. If I don’t wrangle and ride my dragon. The diet is the seat that holds me up. nuts. 2003 (the day I was diagnosed) I haven’t stopped educating myself and aligning with the best researchers in the field. A few years ago I completed the Health Educator program at the Hippocrates Institute in Florida.A Day In The Life Of. one in New York to make sure that people aren’t doing cottage cheese and scotch fasts and that folks are supporting each other in the glow. The mind. When the kitchen timer “bings. move. day-break is techno detox time. dream. I first began practicing with David and Sharon (the founders) in the mid 90’s. Symphonic salad (lots of colour – like music)! I prefer to make my own food and thankfully we have a little kitchen in our office. including a non-profit arm). Crazy Sexy staff meeting. It means so much to know that you’re not alone living a healthy lifestyle. Flood your body with light and flush out the darkness. Off to work! My husband Brian and I own a company. Pray. and voilà! I call it the flood and flush method. I’m determined to bring revolutionary health information to the mainstream – especially to the factory farm chomping. body. Hummer types. support and other goodies. with little or no fruit. I consider myself a word chef. Eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is what I need for health. Our home is a chemical-free zone. Kris Carr Kris Carr is an award winning author. Afternoon: Write articles (today I’m clacking out one for Brazilian Vogue). The mind. products. That’s when all the pieces came together. 11:00. Teaming up with powerhouse goddesses gives me a natural high (better than cacao). but only really low-residue things like quinoa. My healing plan is like a cosy chair.. but not in the bedroom. My healing plan is like a cosy chair. Blog! I get an incredible amount of energy from our Crazy Sexy community. I love our virtual family! 1 pm.

com www.+44 (0)845 833 7017 .

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