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2006 – 2007

“Linking Communities Though Housing & Support”

Our Vision is:

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support”

In working towards this vision, Interlink is committed to the following:

Our mission is to:

‘Provide people with links from crisis to stability through effective housing & support”

Our Values:

As an organisation and in our dealings with others, we are committed to:

• Remaining client focused, sensitive to client needs & achieving the best outcomes for

• Operating within social justice principles, according respect, dignity and equity to all people

• Flexibility to maximise our ability to respond to the needs of clients and the community

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 2

Interlink Housing & Support Association Incorporated
Annual Report 2006 – 2007

Table of Contents

1. Interlink Housing & Support Inc. Overview

Interlink Housing & Support Association Inc. Annual Report 2006 - 2007
2. Snapshot of Interlink Housing & Support Services & Programs

3. Strategic Plan Summary 2004 – 2007

4. Interlinks Clients & Partnerships

5. Youth Accommodation Support Service

6. Pathways to Create Housing Opportunities Project

7. Agenda

8. Minutes, 16th Annual General Meeting

9. Presidents Report

10. Treasurers Report

11. The Managers Report

12. Youth Accommodation Service (SAAP)

13. Introducing Our Management Committee

14. Introducing Our Staff

15. Our Partners and Funding Bodies

16. Good News Stories

17. Financial Report

18. Auditor’s Report

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 3

Interlink Housing & Support has a rich history of service to the Logan, Beenleigh and Beaudesert
communities through its operation as the Albert and Logan Community Housing Association &
Transitions Youth Accommodation Service. These services have been restructured into the
integrated and stronger Interlink Housing & Support Association Incorporated.

Interlink is focused on the development of quality service and the establishment of growing
partnerships with Government, non government and community sectors to meet local housing and
support needs.

Who We Are:
Interlink is a not for profit service offering housing and support services to the Logan, Beenleigh
and Beaudesert communities. Interlink is an incorporated association overseen by a voluntary
Management Committee.

Services We Provide:
As an organsiation, Interlink is continually working to improve the scope of services and linkages
offered, through a combination of partnerships with government and complimentary service
providers and through the development of service programs.
Currently Interlink is able to provide access to:
Appropriate, stable and affordable housing through the Community Rent Scheme.
Management of community housing through partnerships with local support service providers and
affordable housing companies
Supported accommodation for young people
Outreach support, including living skills development for young people
Intensive tenancy management for people in need (Migrants & Refugees)
Accommodation for people in need, assistance through the private rental market
Accommodation for people with special needs and disabilities
User friendly information to assist our clients & tenants to better access the community via our web
site e.g.. the Refugee Tenancy Kit.

Commitment of Quality:
Interlink is committed to the establishment of quality service and quality management to ensure the
most effective outcomes for people and resources. This commitment takes shape through:
Being awarded National Accreditation under the Community Housing Standards
Development of internal Policy & Procedure systems for service management
Support for ongoing professional development of staff
An organisational culture which promotes in our work, excellence and professionalism, as well as
compassion and understanding of the different contexts impacting on our tenants in their lives.

Finally, our greatest accountability is to the clients, tenants and community partners who access
our services.

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 4

Interlink Housing & Support – A Snapshot of our Services & Programs
Program Type of Housing Housing Aspects Location Number of Funded By Years Held
Community Rent Social housing where Transitional, high Logan 71 Department of Housing 15 years
Scheme rent is 25% of income need, time limited, Beenleigh
case managed to exit Beaudesert
to Public Housing and
private rental
Drug Court Social Housing where Transitional, IDRO, Beenleigh 6 Department of Housing 5 years
rent is 25% of income Time Limited, case
managed support by
Youth & Families
Services Logan
Providing Housing Affordable housing Permanent, low to New Farm, Camp Hill, 80 Brisbane Housing 4 years
Management to the where rent is mid need, affordability Paddington Company
Brisbane Housing calculated at 74.9% is set at 30% of
Company properties of the market rent income to rent
Supported Social Housing where Supported Youth Logan 1 X CAP Department of 7 years
Accommodation rent is 25% of income Accommodation on a 5 X Community Communities and
Assistance Program with capacity for no share basis Rent Scheme Department of Housing
/CAP rent charged until
income accessed
Mental Health Social Housing where Time Limited – 4 Logan, Beenleigh 4X Community Department of Housing and - 7 years
Transitional Program; rent is 25% of income months Rent Scheme Department of Health - 2 months
Crisis Program; Time Limited - XXX 1 X Private rent
Alternatives to Time Limited – 2 1 X Private rent
Admission Program weeks
Integrated Private rental Refugees are settled Logan, Beenleigh 40 at any one Department Immigration & 6 years
Humanitarian into private rental on Southport time Citizenship
Settlement Scheme arrival and case
managed for 6
Pathways to Create Affordable Housing Developing affordable Logan / Gold Coast 50 Community Renewal 5 months
Housing housing & support North
Opportunities Project options within Logan
& Gold Coast North
Brokerage services Social Housing where Time Limited Logan / Ipswich 4 X Private rent Department of Corrective
for accommodation rent is 25% of income Services
Corrective Services
* Interlink Housing & Support is not funded to provide any emergency accommodation services
“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 6
Strategic Plan Summary 2004 - 2007
Our Vision is: “Linking Communities through Housing & Support”

In working towards this vision, Interlink is committed to the following:

Our mission is to:
‘Provide people with links from crisis to stability through effective housing & support”

Our Values:
As an organisation and in our dealings with others, we are committed to:

Remaining client focused, sensitive to client needs & achieving the best outcomes for

Operating within social justice principles, according respect, dignity and equity to all people

Flexibility to maximise our ability to respond to the needs of clients and the community

Our Goal for 2003– 2007 is: To be strategically placed to respond to the needs of people in
obtaining and maintaining stable housing

Goal 1:
To enhance our capacity to respond to community need
Objective 1: Interlink will work towards becoming a single, integrated service organisation.

Objective 2: To enhance our capacity to respond to the needs of those disadvantaged in

accessing housing and at risk of homelessness.

Objective 3: To enhance our capacity through partnerships with complementary service providers
and the corporate sector.

Goal 2:
To achieve excellence through continual improvement in our management and
operational practices

Objective 4: To adopt organisational development strategies which will position Interlink to

respond to the demands of change and growth.

Objective 5: To adopt relevant State & National Service Standards for all Interlink Programs and
management practices.

Goal 3:
To provide leadership by advocating for effective responses to unmet community
Objective 6: To work collaboratively with other stakeholders in promoting awareness of
unmet need and priorities for meeting such need.
Objective 7: To adopt a proactive approach to advocating for the establishment of effective
responses to community need.
Our Clients and Partnerships
Who are our clients:
Interlink is proud to work with the Logan, Beenleigh and Beaudesert communities and a diverse
range of clients for local responses. We are proud to undertake housing management services
within the New Farm, Paddington and Camp Hill locations for the Brisbane Housing Company.
Our clients include people with general housing affordability issues such as accessing the private
rental market due to the increasing costs of rental and lack of availability.
Our funded programs assist clients from the following groups:
Singles, couples and families
Youth & the elderly
People with disabilities
Drug Court Program
People escaping domestic violence
People from diverse cultural & linguistic backgrounds
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people
People with mental health and intellectual disabilities
People exiting correctional facilities
People requiring the assistance of a range of support services

Partnerships in Services and the Community:

Interlink is able to extend the number of clients it can support by working in partnership with a
variety of services. These partnerships ensure that people in need, get what they need, when they
need it. Current partnerships include:
• Mangrove Housing Association Inc.
• Logan Beaudesert Mental Health Service
• Murri & Torres Strait Islander Network
• Kingston East Neighbourhood Centre
• Life Transition Services Pty Ltd.
• Koongoora Inc.
• Brisbane Homelessness Service Centre and Micah
• The Brisbane Housing Company
• The Logan Housing Interagency Network
• Youth & Family Services Logan
• Private Real Estate Agents
New partnerships are being developed on a continuing basis. We are currently working towards
amalgamating with Mangrove Housing Association Inc. to form a new entity that will be a Housing
Company Ltd. with the view to establishing an Affordable Housing Development arm.
Interlink Housing & Support, along with all community housing organisations, has needed to
address three often incompatible challenges – to be responsive to those most disadvantaged in
the housing market, to contribute to the available pool of affordable housing and to enhance our
financial sustainability to provide a wide range of housing options to meet the growing demand
across the continuum of need.

Benefits for the Community:

As a community housing provider, Interlink is keen to participate in partnerships with other
community and non-profit organisations, the three levels of government and the private sector,

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 8

including banking, business and industry to provide housing options which are responsive to the
regions needs.

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 9

Youth Accommodation Support Service
Funded by the Queensland Government Department of Communities
Our goal is to assist young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to transition into
stable, affordable housing and to achieve the goals which are important to them that will help
maintain their independence in the community.
If you are between 16 to 21 years of age, having difficulties in your current accommodation and
require some assistance in getting where you want to be in life, please give us a call. The services
we provide include……..
Practical assistance to gain access to income, living skills, employment, study, training and
advocacy. Referral to other appropriate services to meet your individual needs and assistance to
achieve your goals.
We provide medium to long term externally supported accommodation for single young people
aged between 16 to 21 years of age. We can also provide information about other housing options
available to young people
Linking with young people in their environment, visiting schools, other youth services and
networking with you in your community.
How do I make an application?
You can make a referral
The ways you can access our program includes…..
Call our office on 3808 5378 and speak with one of the Youth Workers
Through your Guidance Office at school
Through other Youth or Community Service providers
A family member of friend can contact us on your behalf
After the initial contact Interlinks Support Staff will do their best to assist you where they can,
whether that be in our accommodation or referral to another service.
If we are able to offer you a place in our share accommodation, you will get the chance to visit the
house and meet the other tenants that you will be sharing with before you move in so you can
decide if this option is right for you.
Do I need my own furniture?
All our properties are fully furnished with a fridge, washing machine, beds, couches, student desks
and kitchen appliances and utensils. If you have your own furniture, just let us know. The only
thing that you will need to provide is your own linen.
What do I have to pay?
Your rent will be charged at approximately 25% of your income. You will also be required to pay a
weekly charge for electricity, bond, lawn mowing and cleaning products.
How long can I stay?
Interlink does not provide permanent housing, so you would need to think about where you want to
exit to. If you want to move to public housing, you can stay with us until your property becomes
If you want to move into private housing or back with family, your support worker will assist you to
do this when you are ready as set out within your Case Management Plan.
Living within the Interlink Accommodation Support Program gives you an opportunity to develop a
positive rental history for the future.

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 10


‘Pathways to Create Housing Opportunities’ project

The Department of Housing’s Community Renewal program has recently provided funds for a two-year
project to be carried out by Interlink Housing and Support Association Incorporated in the Logan region. The
project will create pathways for developing affordable and social housing opportunities.

The project aims to:

• effectively address the housing needs of the most disadvantaged within the Logan region
• increase the number of Logan residents supported in their search for an affordable housing
• help residents maintain current and future tenancies
• increase housing and support options available to Logan residents
• develop stronger commitment with community stakeholders and private providers

Our approach
A Community Development Facilitator and an Intensive Tenancy Support Worker will be employed to plan
and deliver a multiple approach to achieving the project’s aims that will include:

• analysis of current housing, existing gaps and emerging critical issues in Logan
• identification of existing tenancy training and the development of complementary training based on local
• development of training for Interlink staff to better support residents in maintaining or applying for a

• creation of partnerships and stronger links with the private sector to explore new models that could
increase the range and number of low cost housing options

• addition of services and opportunities for tenants to engage across a wide range of community activities.

The “Pathways to Create Housing Opportunities” project is funded by the Queensland Government’s Community Renewal program

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 11

coordinated by the Department of Housing. The project is managed and delivered by Interlink Housing and Support Association

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 12

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support”

Annual General Meeting

2pm, 25th October 2007


Open Meeting 2pm

• Welcome by the Chairperson, Mr. Brett Davies

• Apologies & Proxies

• Ratification of Minutes from the 2006 Annual General Meeting

• Executive Committee Reports

• Audited Financial Report Presentation

• Management & Staff Reports

• Current Management Committee Steps Down

• Election of New Management Committee

• Appointment of Auditor

• Appointment of Public Officer

• Guest Speaker – Mike Myers, Executive Director Queensland Community

Housing Coalition

• Close of Meeting

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 13

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 14


Thursday, 26 October, 2006

The Fifteenth Annual General Meeting of Interlink Housing & Support Association Inc was held at
Interlink Housing & Support Assoc Inc, 8/94 Wembley Road, Logan Central, Queensland.
The Annual General Meeting was opened by the President, Brett Davies at 4:10 pm. Brett
welcomed those present, and thanked Desley Scott, State Member for Woodridge, Craig Emerson,
State Member for Rankin and Elisabeth Marnock, Department of Communities for attending the
Those present: Brett Davies, Timothy Stanko, Desley Scott, Joan Maguire, Sophia
Larkin, Jenni Bayley, Jenny Schultz, Cassie Marshall, Gail Ker, Nina
Tanner, Anne Siakisini, Keira McDowell, Rhiannon Stuart, Meredith
Horner, Gillian Hansen, Sue Clark, Abdi Rahman Mohamed, Jason &
Lisa Loakes, Frankie Buchenan, Lynn Kelsey, Tony Wilshire,
Krystle Telford, Nicky Smith, Sue Boothroyd, Nerina Mammino,
Elisabeth Marnock, John Larme, Craig Emerson, Rod Brown, Lyn
Stewart, Peter Attwood.
Apologies: Graham Able (Logan City Mayor), Ruth Maroney, Councillor John
Grant, Councillor Dutton, Margaret Ponting, Kamalan Sividora, John

Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting:

Received and accepted as a true and accurate record of the 14th Annual General Meeting 2005:
Moved: Gail Ker
Seconded: Sue Clark
All in favour
President Brett Davies acknowledged the hard work of staff, who are always willing to put in extra
work to help clients. This contributes to the robustness of the organisation. Over the last year staff
have increased with addition of the Integrated Humanitarian Settlement Strategy program for
refugees, as well as managing more properties for Brisbane Housing Company.
Good partnerships have been established between Interlink and a number of other community
organisations in the area. As a result, one of beneficiaries of this is Mental Health clients who are
provided with housing by Interlink This means they can be settled in stable and safe
accommodation. The strength of Interlink is that it does have caring staff with a mindset which
looks at people in a holistic way.
Committee Reports were received and accepted from:

President and Treasurer: Moved: Keira McDowell

Seconded: Anne Siakisini
All in favour

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 15

The Treasurer spoke to her report and said she found staff and committee a good support in her role
as Treasurer.

Brett thanked Peter Clark of Business Links Australia for his continuing work as Auditor for
Interlink. Brett asked for a motion to accept the audited financial statements.

The Audited Financial Statements were received and adopted:

Moved: Gillian Hansen

Seconded: Anne Siakisini
All in favour

Staff Reports were received and accepted from:

Manager, Housing Staff, Youth Support Staff & Finance Worker:

Moved: Gail Ker

Seconded: Keira McDowell
All in favour

Brett introduced Jenny Schultz, Manager of Interlink. Jenny thanked those present for sharing an
interest in Interlink by coming along to the Annual General Meeting.
She mentioned that Interlink was funded from various sources, at present, but that we were now
looking to diversify our sources of income and move into the area of affordable housing. There is a
need to develop a diverse range of housing. Central to the core of the business of Interlink is good
outcomes for tenants and partnerships with support organisations.
In conclusion, Jenny said that while AGM’s usually focused on the successes of the organisation,
she wished to mention one of its failures. Recently when a tenant had to be evicted, she wondered
what Interlink could have done better. There is a definite need for diverse and appropriate housing
for all.


Brett thanked the Committee Members for their participation and efforts over the past year. He then
declared all Management Committee positions vacant, and called on Desley Scott, State Member
for Woodridge to come forward and chair the elections.

Desley then read the nominees names and those who had proposed and seconded the nominations
for each of the management committee positions and asked the nominees individually if they
accepted the appointment.

Nominations: President: Brett Davies

Secretary: Gail Ker
Treasurer: Meredith Horner

Committee Members: Timothy Stanko Keira McDowell

Peter Attwood Rhiannon Stewart
Frankie Buchanan

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 16

All nominees accepted their appointments and Desley declared all elected.
Desley then asked the continuing President Brett Davies to chair the remainder of the meeting.

Brett thanked the committee members for nominating to be part of Interlink’s Management Team
for the next year, and continued with the appointment of the auditor and public officer.

Peter Clark, of Business Links Australia was again appointed as Auditor:
Moved: Gillian Hansen
Seconded: Meredith Horner
All in favour


Meredith Horner, Treasurer, was appointed as Public Officer:

Moved: Sue Clark

Seconded: Gail Ker
All in favour

A gift basket was presented to Desley Scott for her participation and gift boxes made by some of
our young tenants were presented to committee members as a token of appreciation for their service
to Interlink over the past year.

Two guest speaks were then introduced, Tony Wilshire from Bendigo Bank and Lisa and Jason
Loakes from Out of Box Developments.

BENDIGO BANK – Tony Wilshire

He said that he was happy to be asked to speak with Interlink and thanked Brett and Jenny for the
opportunity. He said that the work and dedication of staff was fulfilling to see. Bendigo Bank is into
Community Engagement. The bank grew out of the situation where businesses and banks in small
towns in Victoria were closing down. A model for a Community Bank was developed, and there are
now 185 Community Banks. The bank has a lot to do with youth, and Tony’s main work is in
developing joint ventures with Community Organisations. Bendigo Bank is interested in the
development of affordable housing, and said he does understand what this is all about.


Out of the Box Developments are affordable housing specialists and are involved in creating homes
out of shipping containers. A slide show provided information on the housing they provide and what
is happening around the world in this field. Their mission is to supply low cost housing. At present
there is a feasibility study being undertaken in Logan by the Uniting Church to build 70 – 100 units
of this type of accommodation in Logan.

Brett thanked Tony, Lisa and Jason for their presentations, and those present for their participation
and closed the meeting.

Meeting closed: 5:15 pm.

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 17

Presidents Report
Interlink Housing & Support Association Inc.

Annual Report

25th October 2007

It is my pleasure to present the Presidents Report for the 2006 – 2007 financial year. The
past year has been a challenging one for the organisation which has involved a growing
number of staff joining the team, a number of projects being developed and delivered in
order to address the growing needs for housing & support services within the region.

As a long term member of the Management Committee of Interlink and having carried out
the role of President of Interlink for the past 3 years it is with great pride and satisfaction
that I report on our steps to become a new housing growth provider in the form of an
Affordable Housing Company with both a Development and Tenancy Support Arm.

A part of this process has been the joint activities being carried out by representatives from
Interlink and Mangrove Housing Association (Mangrove are based in, and service the
Redlands Shire) to develop the amalgamation process that will successfully transform two
small housing associations into one larger entity with both the experience and resources to
meet the challenge of the new One Social Housing System and greater demands from
funding bodies and clients alike. I would like to recognise the support, advice and work
undertaken by our peak body, the Queensland Community Housing Coalition during this
developmental phase, with special thanks to Mr. Mike Myers the Executive Director for his
continued support.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Management Committee and members
of the Association to pass on our heartfelt thanks to the funding bodies and community
partners who have contributed both financially and in-kind.

To the Department of Housing, Community Renewal, Department of Communities,

Department of Health, Gaming Funds and the Residential Tenancy Authority we thank you
for your much needed funding in order to support our ongoing service delivery.

To my fellow Management Committee Members, I would like to personally thank you for
your support and commitment in carrying out your duties. I would also like to thank all the
members of the association who contribute greatly to our community based organisation.

Our organisation continues to work towards meeting the growing demand for housing &
support needs of the community. This has been assisted by partnering with key
community stakeholders such as the Kingston East Neighbourhood Centre, the Murri &
Torres Strait Islander Network and the Department of Housing through the Logan
Community Renewal office.

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 18

I would especially like to express the thanks of the association to the Manager, Jenny
Schultz whose hard work, leadership and drive continues to sustain the organisation
through this period of growth and change.

I am extremely confident that with the continued dedication of the staff of Interlink
combined with the active support of the current and future Committee Members and key
community stakeholders, the new entity will continue to grow as a leading housing and
tenancy support provider for the region.

I look forward with great anticipation to what the next year has in store for Interlink Housing
& Support Inc. and the new entity (an Affordable Housing Company) that it intends to

Brett Davies


“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 19

Treasurers Report

Interlink Housing & Support Association Inc.

Annual Report

25th October 2007

I have pleasure in presenting the fully Audited Financial Report for the 2006 – 2007
financial year. This Report has been prepared by our Auditor Peter Clarke.

Although a recent newcomer both to the Management Committee of Interlink and the role
of Treasurer, it is clear that organisations such as Interlink Housing & Support Inc. are a
key component of housing and support provision for those most disadvantaged within
every community

I feel that the funding bodies and community partners who have contributed both
financially and in-kind, receive excellent value for money which produces positive
outcomes for a wide range of individuals, families and the community as a whole.

I would like to thank my fellow Management Committee Members for all their hard work
and commitment, the associations members who make up the heart of any community
based organisation and the staff who deliver the much needed housing and support for
many of those in the greatest need in our community.

I am confident that with Interlinks long history of providing a wide range of services and
programs to the region, combined with the extensive planning and preparation leading up
to the creation of the new housing company to replace Interlink as a leading housing
provider for the Logan region, will achieve a highly successful resource well into the future.

Sid Pauga


“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 20

Managers Report

Interlink Housing & Support Association Inc.

Annual Report

25th October 2007

I am pleased to present the Managers Report for the 2006 – 2007 financial year. Our
organisation has continued to grow both in staff numbers and the range of programs and
services we provide, to those within the community who are most in need.

The past year has been one of building on the work and planning of the past few years to
create a sustainable future for the organisation which will be developed into a new
company structure in order to address the growing needs for housing & support services
within the region.

I have great pride and satisfaction in providing this report on our services and programs to
assist a wide range of clients to secure and maintain tenancies and provide you with an
outline of the steps we have undertaken to become a new housing growth provider in the
form of an Affordable Housing Company.

As with most organisations, Interlink is extremely proud of it’s contribution to the clients,
community stakeholders and the wider community that we strive to service. The process
of winding up the Housing Association will end one chapter in our history but will open up a
new and exciting future for us. The work undertaken so far will As part of this process has
been the joint activities being carried out by representatives from Interlink and Mangrove
Housing Association that are based in, and service the Redlands Shire to develop the
amalgamation process that will successfully transform two small housing associations into
one larger entity with both the experience and resources to meet the challenge of the new
One Social Housing System and greater demands form funding bodies and clients alike. I
would like to recognise the support, advice and work undertaken by our peak body, the
Queensland Community Housing Coalition during this phase of our history with special
thanks to Mr. Mike Myers the Executive Director for his continued support.

To our various funding bodies including the Department of Housing, Community Renewal,
Department of Communities, Department of Health, Gaming Funds and the Residential
Tenancy Authority I would like to thank you for providing funding for our organisation to
carry out our services.

I would like to personally thank all of my staff for your support and commitment in carrying
out your day to day activities in order to secure quality outcomes for our tenants and
clients. As with all community based organisations I would also like to thank all the
members of the association who contribute greatly to our ongoing operations.

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 21

Interlink continues to look at opportunities to meet the growing demand for housing &
support needs of those most disadvantaged within the community. Our work in the
community has been assisted greatly through our various partners including the Kingston
East Neibourhood Centre, the Murri & Torres Strait Islander Network, the Association of
Burundian Communities Qld., Life Transitions Inc., Twin Rivers Care and the Department
of Housing through the Logan Community Renewal office.

I would especially like to express the thanks of the association to the Members of our
Management Committee whose hard work, leadership and drive continues to sustain the
organisation through this period of growth and change.

Our current team of staff continue to provide our clients the support and guidance they
require, combined with the active support of the current and future Committee Members
and key community stakeholders I am sure the new entity will become a leading housing
provider for the region.

I would like to thank all of you who supported Interlink, our staff and clients over the past
12 months and look forward to our future growth as an Affordable Housing Company that
has both a support and development arm, and that continues to work in close conjunction
with you, our partners, to sustain effective housing options for our community.

Jenny Schultz


“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 22

Youth Accommodation Service (SAAP)

Interlink Housing & Support Association Inc.

Annual Report

25th October 2007

Interlink’s Youth Accommodation Service has been operating for approximately six years to date.
The program is funded by the Department of Communities under the Supported Accommodation
Assistance Program (SAAP). SAAP commenced as a national program in 1985, becoming
Australia’s primary policy and programmatic response to assist homeless people or those at
imminent risk of experiencing homelessness. The program is implemented through five year
Bilateral Agreements between the Commonwealth Government and the State and Territory
Governments. The current agreement is SAAP V, which commenced on 1 July 2005 and will
conclude on 30 June 2010 and has the objectives of:
 work co-operatively to provide transitional supported accommodation and a range of
related support services, in order to help people who are homeless to achieve the
maximum possible degree of self reliance and independence
 resolve crisis
 re-establish family links where appropriate; and
 re-establish capacity to live independently of SAAP
 providing or arranging for the provision of support services and supported
accommodation; and
 assisting people who are homeless to obtain long term, secure and affordable housing
and support services
Funding for Queensland SAAP services in 2006-07 is $63.5 million with the bulk of the funding
being received by
 young people (33.1%)
 women and children escaping domestic violence (28.1%)
SAAP services provided support to 170 000 clients in 2005-06 through 214 funded agencies in
Interlink’s Youth Accommodation Service currently has four properties in the Logan area and
provides accommodation for 10 young people. Our aim is to support these young to progress their
goals, develop their living skills to assist them to maintain their independence in the community
and transition into stable, appropriate and affordable housing. We operate through an individual
case management process of identifying with the young person their goals and needs and any
assistance that we or other skilled agencies can offer to develop pathways towards achievement.

Profiling Young People Seeking Assistance in 2006/07

Profiling the young people who were seeking assistance from our service, we were able to show
 There were a total of 95 referrals for the year, an average of 8 referrals per month
 65 of these young people were females and 30 were males

Profiling Young People Assisted

Profiling the young people who were assisted by our service, we were able to show that:
 28 young people have been accommodated this year
 20 were females and 8 were males
“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 23
Age of Client Accommodation Support

10- 14 Years 1-2 Weeks

15- 17 Years 2-4 Weeks
4-13 Weeks
18- 19 Years
13-26 Weeks
20- 24 Years
26-52 Weeks
52 +Weeks

Activities for the year

 Staff has assisted the young people to access heath services, including counselling and
specialist services, gain employment, commence education or training, get a learners
permit, seek financial budgeting assistance and build a savings plans, develop life skills,
facilitate positive communications in order to strengthen connections with significant people
in their life and transition out of SAAP into independent accommodation.
 There have been a number of workshops held with the young people covering topics such
as sexual health, conflict resolution and budgeting/finances.
 Once again an overnight stay at The Outlook (an experiential and adventure learning centre
which engages groups in a learning process that challenges existing patterns) has been the
highlight of our recreational program. The young people were challenged with a range of
problem solvers and adventure based activities such as Low & High ropes and Canoeing.
 Other activities we enjoyed include dinner at pizza hut, ice skating and most recently the
young people enjoyed the opportunity to participate in rock climbing at the Kangaroo point
cliff faces.
 During the Christmas holidays we offered the young people recreational outings on a more
regular basis. We enjoyed a BBQ at the beach down the Gold Coast as well as Southbank
and an outing to the local bowling alley.
 We celebrated Christmas together over lunch at Sizzlers and each of the young people
received a Christmas hamper.
 Staff continue to facilitate our young people accessing the Children’s Commission
representative for the area Janet Pearson

Accessing local services

Our relationships with other services form an integral part in achieving positive outcomes for our
young people. We support our young people to access the services of local organisations such as
CYMHS, Logan Adult Mental Health, Youth and Family Services (Logan) who assist with
responses to health, emotional and behavioural issues; JPET (YFS), Skilling Solutions, Career
Keys, Logan TAFE and Kingston Adult Learning Centre who assist with engaging our young people
in education/training and employment, ATODS who assist with drug issues and the Crestmead
Community Centre, Tribe of Judah and Loaves and Fishers who assist our young people with
emergency relief; YMCA The Shed who assist our young people with getting their learners permits.

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 24

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is a major goal for our service. There are many ways in which we monitor and
collect information on whether our clients are satisfied with the services we provide. Tenants are
asked to complete quarterly feedback forms rating Interlink on various areas of the services we
provide. In the first quarter of 2007, the breakdown of how our clients gave us feedback on the
areas we assisted them in was as follows:

Counselling 3 people Ethnicity

Employment & Training 5 people
Housing 10 people
Transport 7 people Australians

Advice & Information 6 people Non-English

Advocacy 2 people Speakng
Family Relationships 4 people Other

Living Skills 6 people

Other 1 person

Also in the first quarter of 2007, on a scale of 1-5, we were rated average and above average on
how helpful clients found us in assisting them to achieve their goals. Overall, clients are satisfied
with the support being provided to them by the service, and this is reflected in the comments given
to us by clients throughout their support period.
We also gain feedback from clients after outings and workshops that we provide. Feedback forms
are collated and analysed and in referring back to the analysis from the Christmas Holiday
Program, it can be noted that all the clients provided positive feedback about these activities.
There seems to be a general trend across all areas that clients are providing the service with
mostly positive feedback in regards to all extra-curricular activities that we provide.
In conclusion, it can be said that overall, clients are satisfied with the services we are providing
them, as can be gleaned by the feedback with which the tenants provide us.


Our service continues to accommodate high needs young people and still do have a small number
of clients from this target group. The presence of a lead tenant (Cassie) in one of our properties
enables the service to provide a safe, secure and supportive environment for the young people
from this target group to commence a support period with us. Cassie’s presence on site has been
instrumental in bringing about stability within the household or for the individual when it is needed.

Providing accommodation to young males continues to be a challenge for our service. In the past
year we were once again forced to close down a male property due to continued damage to the
property and complaints from neighbours. The presence of a responsible male lead tenant may
have prevented this situation from occurring however our effort to locate an appropriate person for
this role was unsuccessful.

On a number of occasions we have accommodated young people 15yrs of age and on one
occasion briefly accommodated a 13yr old young female in with our lead tenant and with the
support of the Department of Child Safety. We have had the opportunity to meet specific need by
providing this extended kind of service since there were vacancies in the program we could not fill
at the time with our 16-21yr old target group.

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 25

We have many people and agencies to thank for their continued support of our services for
our young people throughout the year.

 Lynne from Crestmead Community Centre for your continued effort to at all times support
our young people with emergency relief to purchase food.

 Sue Clark from Koongoora for the opportunity to utilise their bus for our outings.

 Youth & Family Services Inc. (Logan) for assisting our young people primarily with
opportunities to engage in counselling in addition to the host of programs that the
organisation offers the young people of our local community.

 YMCA’s The Shed in providing our young people with the opportunity to obtain their
learners permit through participation in the quarterly workshops.

 The young people who have volunteered their time and provided assistance to the staff on
many occasions.

 Ansell, De Joir, Australias, Cottons, Basket Brigade and Crisco for their generous donations
throughout the year.

 QCHC for your continued support and assistance throughout the year.

 Queensland Government for its continued support of this valuable program for the young
people of the Logan community.

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 26

Transitional Housing Program

Interlink Housing & Support Association Inc.

Annual Report

25th October 2007

Aims & Objectives

 The transitional Housing and Support Program is a collaborative venture between Interlink
Housing & Support Association Inc, Logan-Beaudesert District Mental Health Service
(LBDMHS) and Richmond Fellowship that aims to improve housing outcomes for mental health
 There are limited accommodation options for mental health consumers in Logan, the
Transitional Housing Program offers a service which provides, safe and secure housing for
people who are exiting hospital, which aims to help the tenants transition back into the
 Richmond Fellowship has recently joined the program as an organization which provides
personal support to tenants on a case-by-case basis.

Brief history of program

 The program was originally set up in 2006 Is this right???? I don’t know!
 In early February 2007 a Crisis House was established with the help of recurrent funding for
$75 000. This house has four bedrooms for mental health consumers who are on the verge of
homelessness to have access to safe and secure housing. With this funding provision was
made for a Mental Health Worker within Interlink whose specific role is to co-ordinate the
Transitional Housing Program (and report back to the Manager of Interlink).
 The program also encompasses an Alternatives to Hospitalisation Program which was set up in
July 2006 and recently celebrated its one year anniversary. Acmena House provides short-
term accommodation (a maximum of two weeks) for people who would benefit from hospital
support in a community-based setting. Acmena House provides 24-hour support.

Summary of participation such as target groups

 The target group are people who are eighteen years and over; receiving treatment for a mental
illness or mental health problem; capable of taking responsibility to manage own medications;
willing to share housing with other consumers; willing to work with case manager and Interlink
Housing Officer to find longer-term housing; eligible for public housing; will abide by program

Issues and emerging trends

 An issue within the program is in relation to the prevalence of substance abuse issues and
mental health issues, and how this negatively impacts on a tenants well being and tenancy.
An example of this can be seen in relation to a tenancy at the Crisis House during the
months of July through to September. LBDMHS and Interlink were unable to place other
tenants in the Crisis House whilst Interlink was working on having the tenant evicted
through the court system.

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 27

 Another risk to the program is in relation to tenant suicide (either intentional or
unintentional). During the month of September a tenant passed away at the property after
apparently overdosing.

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 28

Geographical / demographic breakdown
 To date there are four Transitional Houses (three in the Logan Central/Kingston/Woodridge
area and one in Beenleigh), one Crisis House (in Woodridge) and one Alternative to
Hospitalisation property (in Beenleigh, known as Acmena House).

Activities that the services program provided

 In July 2007, Acmena House celebrated its one year anniversary with a BBQ at the property
with tenants, support staff, stakeholders and other community representatives.

Outcomes, social and other

 Positive outcomes in relation to Transitional Housing can be seen through the improvement
of tenant’s mental health after exiting from Hospital. By offering Transitional Housing,
tenants are able to access safe and secure housing, whilst transitioning from Hospital and
back into the community.
 Exit strategies as discussed at the beginning of a tenancy and at a mid-term review (with
the tenant, Mental Health Case Manager and Housing Worker) include aiding a tenant to
move back into the private market; transferring the tenant into one of Interlinks properties in
the CRS Housing Program; or the tenant is offered their Department of Housing Property.

Range of stakeholders and purpose and type of involvement

 LBDMHS is responsible for selecting applicants and co-ordinating the referral process.
LBDMHS provides specialist medical treatment and ongoing clinical support. Case managers
or the acute care service provide counseling, support, and linkage to community agencies.
LBDMHS is responsible for developing and implementing the exit plan for tenants at the end of
their four month tenancy.
 Interlink is responsible for housing and providing tenancy management to the clients of the
 Richmond Fellowship will provide some personal support to tenants, and may assist tenants
with money management, shopping, access to community services, tenancy support and other
living skills agreed between the tenant, support worker and case manager.

Networks / partnerships
 LBDMHS (who provide clients and case management for tenants within the Transitional
Housing Program).
 Richmond Fellowship (who provide personal support to tenants on a case-by-case basis).
 Anam Cara (I’m assuming we add them in)

Client / Stakeholder satisfaction

 Client Satisfaction is determined through the use of a Transitional Housing Program Consumer
Survey which is provided to tenants at the end of their tenancy. This allows the tenants to
provide feedback to Mental Health, Interlink and Richmond Fellowship, though the use of one
 A mid-term review is also completed at the half-way point of the tenants tenancy, where the
tenants exit plan is discussed, satisfaction to date and future planning is explored.

Good news stories

 Particular good news stories are in relation to tenants who successfully transition back into the
private market, or for those few tenants who have been provided their Department of Housing
property. Other tenants have been successful in applying for and receiving Interlink
Community Rent Scheme Properties.

Planned future activities

 No idea.

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 29

Relevant graphics, photo’s or media quotes
 Do we have access to photo’s from the Acmena House celebration?

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 30

Partnerships & Community Stakeholders

Interlink Housing & Support Association Inc.

Annual Report

25th October 2007

Our partnerships with a wide range of community stakeholders and funding bodies have been
instrumental in assisting us to provide the wide range of serevices and programs for our clients and
tenants that enable them to secure and maintain independent tenancies to transition into public
housing or independent private accommodation.

To our Departmental Program Officers, Cass Lindley, Lenore , Raelene Berndt, Judy Brennan and
Elisabeth Marnock; our Community Housing Resource Worker SEQ South, Dianne Seidel; and
Sharon Elliott from the Brisbane Housing Company, we thank you for sharing your knowledge with
us and for your understanding of the complexity of the work we carry out.

Community stakeholders and organisations we have worked with over the past 12 months

• Koongoora who provide ongoing support to women exiting from their sevice.

• Kingston East Neighbourhood Group who give support to some of our tenants and have a
represenative as part of our Management Committee and Housing Pathwys Proejct
Steering Group..

• St Vincents Housing who support people with disabilities.

• Logan Youth and Family Services who support young people and families that are in crisis
situations and also support the Drug Court Program

• Micah who give intensive support to tenants with mental health issue or who are being
rehabilitated back into the community.

We appreciate the additional help of all these partners in supporting tenancies in Interlink’s various

Thank you also to all the Real Estate Agents and Private Lessors who make their properties
available for a wide range of Interlink clients.

We would also like to highlight that the Department of Housing has provided a highly valued
partnership throughout 2006-2007. We acknowledge their support in:

• Providing funding for the two year “Pathways to Create Housing Opportunities” Project
through the Logan Community Renewal Zone.

• undertaking cyclical maintenance with painting, fencing, replacement of hot water

systems,additional smoke alarms and safety switches in our department properties,
ensuring a high standard of safety and quality for our tenants.

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 31

• assisting, where necessary, the relocation of tenants to facilitate a safe, secure and
appropriate housing solution.

• providing support and involvement inindivdual projects which we have undertaken over the
year including pacicipation in the “Pathways to Create Housing Opportunities” Project
Steering Committee.

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 32


Interlink Housing & Support Association Inc.

Annual Report

25th October 2007

As we enter into the next 12 months we are fortunate to bring a strong staff complement who have
contributed individually, and collectively, to our achievements in 2006-2007.

Jenny Schultz, as Interlink Manager, brings hands on knowledge and experience across both
housing and support, as well as organisational management. Through her strong commitment to
the delivery of quality services, Interlink has earned its reputation as a caring organisation and an
important part of the Logan community. It is through her motivation and desire to provide a service
that meets the wider need that Interlink has grown, expanded its services and gained recognition
as a valuble housing provider with its tenants and the community. She provides the leadership that
inspires the staff to come to work each week and complete tasks in a manner they can be proud of.

Sylvia Vallender, has recently stepped into the role Financial Administrator to ensure that the
organisation meets its commitments in financial management, maintanence of information and
reporting requirements. Sylvia also provides support to all our current programs and projects.

Joan Maguire, became part of the interlink team in 2003, taking on the role of tenancy and
property administration. She has shown tremendous commitment to the development of her own
skills, completing diplomas and certificates in Community Services and Community Housing and is
currently participating in the Certificate IV in Social Housing through QCHC. Joan brings genuine
compassion to her role working with our tenants, applicants and neighbours.

Niki Smith, came from a real estate background to work in our vibrant housing team earlier this
year. Niki has achieved her Property Management registration with the Real Estate Institute of
Queensland and brings this knowledge and skills to the Housing Team, prioritising inspections and
maintanence in her workload.

Jeremie Heri, has recently joined the Housing team as a Housing Worker with a special
focus on our African clients.

Anne Siakisini, began her employment with Interlink in October 2005 as the IHSS
Accommodation worker with the responsibility of finding accommodation and managing the
tennencies for the new arrivals to the area. Anne came from ACCES Services Inc with broad
experience in working with the refugees in the community. Anne had achieved her Certificate IV in
office administration whilst at ACCES and coming to Australia from another country to live, knew
her speciality lay in working with diverse client groups.

Jenni Fawcett, joined the team as a social work student and upon completion of her degree
became a member in November 04. She is working full-time in the SAAP program as a Senior
Youth Worker, supporting the young people through a case management process. Jenni brings
with her exuberance and enthusiasm to develop genuine working relationships with the young
people to assist them to achieve their goals to independence.

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 33

Krystal Telford, begain working with Interlink during July 2006, taking on the role as part-time
Youth Worker in the SAAP Program. Krystle came from the Sunshine Coast working at a Youth
Housing program. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Social Work through Central
Queensland Universtiy.

Fleur Sheppard, our current Social Work student from the University of Queensland has been
working across the organisation to support us with research in our work areas, assist tenants and
applicants in their search for appropriate housing and support, and assist staff with their daily
duties. We hope Fleur who has only a few weeks to go to finish her Bachelor of Social Work
Degree has gained as much knowledge and experience from working with us, as we have from
working with her.

Cassie Marshal, Peter Kloeckl, Rhiannon Stuart, have all worked on our reception to assist
people acces the information they are calling for. Reception is a great place for young people to
trial their entry to the workplace and our reception is no exception with a diverse range of requests
confronting them daily. Their assistance with our office administration is also very much

Peter Attwood, continues to greatly assisted us with our Property Inspections this year. Peter
works with Nicki to attend to the Logan inspections on a weekly basis and Lynn and Jane carry out
ou inspections for the Brisbane Housing Company each quarter. We thank these people for their
exceptional attendance to detail in this very important aspect of our housing management service.

Sue Boothroyd, worked as Interlink as Project Coodinater within the funding we received from the
RTA to develop a Tenancy Training Kit for newly arrived entrants to our region. The multicultural
community as she develops this important resource for approximately six cultures assisting them to
undersatand their tenancy rights and responsibilities.

David Browning, David is currently employed as the Community Development Facilitator within
the two year funded Community Renewal Project called "Pathways to Create Housing
Opportunities" Project. The focus of this role is to increase the capacity of the organisation to meet
the regions growing housing & support needs.

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 34


Interlink Housing & Support Association Inc.

Annual Report

25th October 2007

As we enter into the new year we are fortunate to bring with us a diversified committee
complement who have contributed individually, and collectively, to our achievements in 2005-2006.

Brett Davies, President. Brett has been an active supporter of Interlink Housing and Support for
over 7 years, being a past member of the Management Committee, previous President and
returned in 2003 to take on the role of President. Through Brett’s strong commitment to the
development of Interlink as an active member in the broader service community, we have
developed strong and sustaining linkages with the Logan Beenleigh Mental Health Services. With
this experience, we have the capacity to expand our Provision of housing and support in
partnership with a range of other Government and non Government agencies.

Sid Pauga Treasurer. This has been Sid’s first year as Treasurer of Interlink.

Tim Stanko Secretary. Tim has

Frankie Buchanan Committee Member Frankie

Peter Attwood Committee Member 2005-

Rhiannon Stuart. Committee Member Rhiannon have lived in Interlink accommodation and
worked voluntarily for Interlink in the office administration area. They bring a tenants perspective
into the decision-making processes that the Committee and staff work through. Both have found it
rewarding to sit on the Management Committee and an opportunity to gain new skills and

Anne Garrett Committee Member

Malcolm Reid Committee Member

John Larme Committee Member

Venantie Niragira Committee Member

“Linking Communities through Housing & Support” 35