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April 7 2007

Lawyer File # 14

34 Riverglen Drive
Frank Gallagher
Keswick, On>Lawyer Files 1-10

L4P 2P8
To: Michael Thomson


Part 1, Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:


Guarantee of Rights and Freedoms

1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights
and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits
prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and
democratic society.
7. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and
the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the
principles of fundamental justice.

15. (1) Every
Every individual
individual isbefore
is equal equaland before
under and under
the law thethe
and has law and
right to has the protection
the equal right to the
equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and,
equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based in on race,
national or ethnic
particular, origin,discrimination
without colour, religion, sex, age or
based onmental
race,or physical disability.
national or ethnic origin, colour,
religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

Dear Michael Thomson

As you are aware various departments of provincial government have declined to commence or
cause to commence proceedings against Don Wilson for crimes he committed before a judicator in
a building used to administer justice in the province of Ontario.

I have provided you with a prodigious amount of evidence requesting you file the appropriate
charges but you have declined to respond.

I have provided you a copy of the 73 page letter to the Toronto Sun dated October 8 2006
that proves beyond any doubt that the crimes were committed as stated but you have been
consistent in your refusal to respond. (See pages 2- 4) of this Lawyer File # 14 (see attachment)

Please find attached Lawyer Files #s 1 – 10 which prove beyond a doubt that the provincial
government is corrupt and in fact their modus operandi and policies are inconsistent with the
Constitution Act, 1982 and have proven it themselves by not filing the appropriate charges for the
crimes Don Wilson committed. They have declined to act upon the charges within these files

Please tend to the issues addressed in the attached files and commence or cause to commence
proceedings in the appropriate manner as per the provisions of the Constitution to demonstrate that
the peoples Rights and Freedoms of the Charter are indeed guaranteed.

Please acknowledge receipt of this e-mail. Thank you

Frank Gallagher
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September 29, 2006 10:15 AM sent replacement email correcting dates

To: Michael Thomson Fax to: Premier Dalton McGuinty, Tim Arkell, Ombudsman,
Julia Munro, MPP,
RCMP Peter Van Loan, MP Bruce Herridge, York Regional
From: Frank Gallagher

Dear Michael Thomson

As you are aware I am a Canadian citizen who became victim to a scam.

This scam was identified at a Tribunal hearing of the ORHT on June 30 2005 where I had
attached a copy of a May 6 2005 agreement to my application to evict my tenant Don Wilson for
refusing to pay rent and for not vacating my premises on May 31 2005 as per the May 6 2005
agreement which both he and I had signed and my mother had witnessed.

On June 10 2005 Don Wilson had signed and filed a Dispute with the ORHT which was a
humungous fabrication which was an obvious contradiction of that which was contained in the
May 6 2005 agreement which he had signed.
During the course of the hearing Don Wilson denied having ever seen the May 6 2005 agreement
and of course denied having signed it or initialed it. I then produced another agreement dated
April 13 2005 which Don Wilson and I had signed and a friend of mine had witnessed. I showed it
to Don and he denied ever seeing it and also denied ever signing it.
I then introduced Dave Kirby to the Judicator as being the witness and he identified Don as the
person who signed it.
Both of these agreements confirmed that Don owed me the rent money and both confirmed that
he had given me notice to vacate my premises on May 31 2005 quite contrary to the Dispute he
had signed and filed with the Tribunal stating that he was paid up until February 2009 as per
special arrangements made in stock negotiations..
The agreements dealt with other matters regarding Don Wilson’s Incorporated business BioSafe
which I am a major share holder. The value of the document on paper to me and my friends is
about $150,000 but it also protected the investors who had come before me increasing the value
on paper to around $300,000. Probably about 20 investors in all.
The reason I had him sign them in the first place is because he had given cause for me to distrust

The Tribunal was adjourned to July 28 2005 for the Tribunal’s decision and I should make note
that Nancy Fahlgren (Judicator) announced at the beginning of the hearing that the hearing that it
was not being recorded.
I do have a copy of the June 30th as you know as I provided you a copy.

On August 10 2005 I received the Tribunal Order under Section 69, Tenant Protection Act, 1997
File Number TNL-67103 dated August 8 2005 which found for me and Don Wilson was ordered to
pay me the arrears and vacate my premises.

I had asked Nancy Fahlgren on June 30th at the hearing if she would be charging Don Wilson with
fraud and in fact I had said “There should be a law” when it was revealed that Don was a fraud,

and Nancy said “There is and that she could forward it onto the Investigations and Enforcement
Unit”. I should note that this part of the hearing is not on the recording of the hearing so it was
either erased or Nancy turned off the recorder.

The Tribunal Order never indicated that Don Wilson had been charged for fraud which initiated
my search for justice which I have not found to date.( over a year now)

What I have found is that which I am sure the public have been aware of but just unable to prove.

The administrators of the Constitution Act, 1982 have used their authority mandated by
the Act for their own benefit disregarding the Charter rights of the people.

I have documented this along with commentary in a file which I named the BLACK
BOOK which consists of a cover page, 3 index pages, 266 pages and a back cover
page as you know.
I have sent you a copy as well as the York Regional Police, the Ombudsman, my MP
and my MPP as well as the Premier of Ontario to whom I addressed on September 1
2006 on the cover page and forwarded to him, Dalton McGuinty.

I have closed that file and opened a new folder the BLUE BOOK which contains
correspondence with various authorities regarding my search for justice and I have
attached an excerpt from it for your attention.(Beginning page 4)

What you will read is the reason I am writing you now.

The evidence within the BLACK BOOK proves that the people of Canada are not being
protected by the administrators of the Constitution and this excerpt from the BLUE
BOOK confirms my allegations.

On page 9 of this excerpt I ask the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing a few
questions, but I do not expect a prompt response and so I request that you provide me
the answers.

I have also Cc this to the media and others to make known my concerns should anything
happen to me as I continue my quest for justice.
It is my hope that at least one of the recipients of this e-mail will share my concerns and
dare to do something for the people.

I suggest that it is every person’s duty to back the people’s Charter rights and even
more, those people who have been paid by the Taxpayer to do so.

Given the strength of the evidence, I suggest that failure of any person receiving this
evidence to take the necessary steps to correct this situation will implicate them in this

Michael Thomson, I hereby formally charge you with the responsibility to put in motion
the formal and legal procedures according to the Constitution Act, 1982 to deal with this
conspiracy by the authorities who are empowered by the Constitution Act, 1982 to carry
out and enforce the provisions of the said Act and have used that authority to suit their
own purpose disregarding the rights and freedoms guaranteed to the people by the
Charter and in so doing have effectively quashed the guarantee. I go onto say that they

use their authority to collect taxes for the purposes of the Constitution and by so doing
are guilty of Fraud, Conspiracy and just about anything you can name.

I understand that most of you do not make the laws nor set department policy and I do
know the difficulties of proceeding forward as I have experienced the same which has
been identified in the BLACK BOOK regarding the gallagher papers and the Cover UP

I hereby request you to take my concerns forward and inform me ASAP to whom you
have addressed the matter to and their e-mail address and request that person to do
likewise and so on until the appropriate action is taken to remedy the situation. I suggest
that it is your duty and everyone else’s who come across a superior who refuses to act
appropriately or orders you to halt and remain silent, such as the gag order that was
issued to the personnel of my former employer the City of Toronto, Property Surveys
Management, to go around such person and charge them with obstruction of justice.

So, let’s get the ball rolling and see who is implicated in this conspiracy and I will not
accept any response that states that you do not have the authority because we all have
the Authority of the Constitution Act, 1982 and you have all the evidence you need to
commence procedures.

You have the knowledge, experience gained at the taxpayers expense to act in service
of them and the rest of the population of Canada and I expect you to do so and I suggest
that the majority of the people have the same expectations of you.

I also request that you provide me with the e-mail address of the RCMP Commissioner.

Thank you
Frank Gallagher


I am also forwarding this by fax to others who have not provided me with an e-mail
I will also be forwarding to others I find on the net whom I feel should be concerned.

I do not expect this to protect me but I hope it will help to expose this to the public.