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FRONT OFFICE- is considered the hub or nerve center of the hotel. It is the department
that makes a first impression on the guest and one that the guest and or that the guest
relies on throughout his or her stay for information service.


Sub- units of front office:

1. Front Desk- that looks after the registration of hotel guest and serves as
Communication and information center.

2. Reservation Section- handles reservation for room bookings either through the
telephone or direct personal contact.

3. Bell Service- is responsible for escorting guest during check in and check out,
attending to their luggage and doing errands for the front desk

4. Telephone Exchange – handles the telephone communication system including

answering incoming calls receiving and disseminating messages, gives information,
placing receiving long distance and overseas calls, screening calls and other related

5. Front Office Cashiering- responsible for the settlement of guest bill.

6. Concierge/ Guest relations Officer- attends on any guest assistance like tour and
travel, directions to point of interest, confirmation of tickets and other services of this

7. Airport/Transport Assistance- handles the transport of guest to and from the airport
or other transport terminal.

8. Business Center- handles all transactions in the business center including computer
service, fax, email, Xerox, souvenir items etc.


Front office manager or supervisor

1. Prepares forecast of room occupancy, monitors actual occupancy against
forecast, prepares and submits daily occupancy report

2. Prepares budget for front office operators.

3. Makes rounds and checks service of front office staff and calls their attention
for whatever deficiencies noted.

4. Personally meets and attends to VIP’s and other important guests.

5. Attends to guest complaints, inquiries and request.

6. Maintains a log book on critical incidents and complaints of guests.

7. Coordinates with security/administration officer in the investigation reports

concerning security matters.

8. Supervises the checking of room discrepancies and inspection or preparation

of rooms blocked for VIP’s.

9. Oversees the implementation of front office policies and procedures.

10. Coordinates with other departments to ensure prompt efficient and

satisfactory service to the guest.

11. Serves as night duty manager, alternating with other manager.

12. Checks guest folio or master folio whether all information are properly
documented i.e. bills, credit limit….

13. Receives night report from the housekeeping and front office regarding
occupancy ,out-of-order rooms, inventory and supply, and other documents,
and make progress report during operations meeting.

14. Calls for and presides over operational meetings among his staff.

15. Performs other related duties as maybe assigned by the supervisor.

Front desk supervisor or senior desk clerk

-oversees front desk operations, particularly the handling of registration of


1. Gives instruction to desk clerk regarding arrangement for bookings and blocking of guestroom
And other front desk service.

2. Assists the desk clerk in attending to registration of house guest.

3. Checks the daily arrival list and sees to it that the rooms assigned to those on the list are
made up and set up as indicated in the instructions of the reservation clerk.
4. Attends to the registration and reception of VIP’s and other guest with special booking
5. Assigns rooms for house use and other in-house activities.
6. Checks bookings and reservations requiring room allocation.
7. Coordinates with housekeeping office for the preparation of checks out of rooms for
immediate occupancy.
8. Checks and updates reservations chart and room status indicator/chart.
9. Attends to guest complains, inquiries and complaints.
10. Assists in the settlement of guest bill in the absence of the cashier.
11. Performs other related duties as maybe assigned by the supervisor.

Sales/reservations supervisor

- directs and oversees operation pertaining to room sales and reservations

1. Coordinates with the front office manager for the finalization of room rates discounts and
room amenities
2. Plans, organizes and implements marketing strategies.
3. Mobilizes the sales force for sales blitz and follow up of accounts of clients.
4. Gives instruction to reservations clerk regarding arrangement for bookings of various
types of accounts.
5. Monitors the handling of room reservations and make sure that the reservations chart
and other documents are updated
6. Personally attends to bookings for VIP’s and special accounts.
7. Coordinates with the housekeeping supervisor regarding room status.
8. Assigns rooms for house use and other in house activities.
9. Checks and updates reservations chart and room status indicators.
10. Welcomes and personally attends to the reception of VIP’s.
11. Double checks with front desk regarding the blocking of rooms with reservations.
12. Attends to inquiries on room rates and arrangements as well as complaints involving
room reservations.
13. Performs other duties as maybe assigned by supervisor.

Reservations clerk

-attends to room sales and reservations

1. Responds to inquiries on room rates and bookings.

2. Receives processes and confirms room rates and bookings.
3. Maintains and updates reservation rack.
4. Files reservations cards according to arrival dates and makes an arrival list a day
prior to arrival date.
5. Reconfirms the arrival of guest in the arrival list.
6. Conducts show room to prospective patrons.
7. Makes fallow up of client accounts as well as “no show” bookings,
8. Goes on sales blitz and assists in implementing market strategies.
9. Performs other duties as maybe assigned by superior.
Desk clerk

-attends to the registration of guest

1. Allocates rooms for incoming arrivals, check in, special request rooms and VIP’s checks
whether required are prepared prior to arrival.
2. Updates room’s status indicator or room status chart.
3. Attends to guest registration.
4. Reviews all the names on record, evaluates double bookings and makes necessary
5. Checks with the booking party’s status of “no show” bookings, makes follow up, logs
down any cancellation and informs housekeeping and the front office.
6. Prepares guest folio of guest who are about to check out.
7. Attends to inquiries at front desk.
8. Receives and secure guest keys.
9. Receives mails, messages and packages of guest and make sure that they are properly
received by concerned guest.
10. In the absence of a telephone operator, receives and processes all incoming calls,
including long distance and overseas calls.
11. In the absence of a front office cashier, prepares billing of guest account and processes
all payments.
12. In the absence of telephone operator, attends to wake up call requests.
13. Attends to guest complaints and request, endorses them to the right person or
department when such action is called for.
14. Conducts briefing/orientation to group regarding group arrangement.
15. Coordinates with housekeeping unit in the reconciliation of room status, conducting room
transfer and special arrangements for VIP’s.
16. Performs other duties as directed by the superior.


-assists/escort guest during check in and check out and runs errand for the
Front desk

1. Welcomes and greets incoming guest, opens the door of their vehicles, unloads their
luggage and leads them to the front desk for registration.
2. Receives rooming instructions from desk clerk and escort the guest to its room.
3. Orients the guest about the facilities, amenities and room services.
4. Responds to desk clerk’s call for guest assistance including the delivery of guest mails,
FAX, packages and messages.
5. Assist the guest upon check out, carries his luggage, leads him to the front desk for
clearance and payment and escort him towards his vehicle.
6. Assists a guest when a room transfer is called for.
7. Attends to the safe and proper storage of guest valuables in the bill station as well as
issuance to owners, following standard procedures.
8. Prepares errand report as maybe required by the superior, maintains a logbook of critical
incidents and complaints.
9. Attends to guest inquires, request and complains.
10. Performs other related duties as maybe assigned by the superior.

Front office cashier

-attends to settlement of guest bill

1. Prepares billing statement for guest and receive payment.

2. Receives guest bills from the various outlets and enters them into the guest folio for
updating of charges.
3. Keeps tract of consumption of guest and make sure he does not exceed the credit limit.
4. Checks credit status of guest who are booking on charges, makes sure their account are
active, not canceled and suspended.
5. Checks and verifies the validity of credit cards and other credit of guest account before
proceeding to any credit transactions,
6. Communicates with various outlets regarding guest on cash basis and not given various
outlets signing privileges as well as those given signing privileges.
7. Prepares daily cashier reports.
8. Receives and accounts for change fund.
9. Performs other duties as maybe assigned by superior.

Airport transport

-transport guest to and from the airport/other terminal, sells hotel services to
prospective patrons and airport terminal

1. Receives instructions from superior regarding guest who are scheduled for arrival or
departure and need transport assistance.
2. Checks availability and condition of vehicles assigned for transporting guest.
3. Responsible for the preventive maintenance of vehicles assigned to him.
4. Fetches arriving guest, welcomes them and bring them to the hotel.
5. Scouts for possible prospects or patrons at the airport and other terminal and offer
them accommodation in the hotel.
6. Coordinates with tour and travel agencies regarding arrangements for other tourist
and groups.
7. Provides tour and travel assistance to guest if assigned to do so.
8. Prepares and updates daily tour and itineraries of guest and prepares errand report
9. Performs other duties as maybe assigned by superior.

Guest relations/ concierge officer

Attends to any request for guest assistance especially for VIP’s.

1. Coordinates with the front desk regarding arrangements for arrival of VIP’s and special
2. Personally welcomes and receives guest especially VIP’s.
3. Maintains logbook and record of VIP’s.
4. Attends to guest with special problems and concerns like lost passport, lost ticket, airline
booking, and tour and travel assistance.
5. Conducts show room of room facilities to interested patrons.
6. Assist in sales and in marketing activities.
7. Provides orientation to groups with special arrangements.
8. Arranges tour and travel itineraries of guest and coordinates with tour and travel agencies
9. Performs other guest relations functions as maybe assigned by superior.

Telephone operator

-attends all incoming and outgoing calls in the telephone Exchange Section

1. Answers all incoming calls in accordance with standard procedures.

2. Receives and disseminates messages received by phone.
3. Transfers calls to guest after screening their calls.
4. Attends to emergency calls in accordance with prescribed procedures.
5. Attends to wake up call requests of guest.
6. Processes all long distance and overseas calls.
7. Responds to inquiries receive by phone.
8. Prepares charges for long distance/ oversees calls and endorses them to the front office
cashier for inclusion in room charges.
9. Gets updates of events in the hotel for proper dissemination when an inquiry is received.
10. Attends to complaints by phone and endorse them to the right person or department for
appropriate action.
11. Performs other duties as maybe assigned by the superior.

Business center clerk

-Attends to all service requests and transactions at the business


1. Personally attends to all requests involving fax, e-mail, Xerox, printing, encoding and
other services provided by the business center.
2. Attends to the sale and disposition of souvenir items.
3. Prepares daily sales report.
4. Looks after the proper maintenance of all equipment at the center.
5. Makes inventory report of items and equipment, submits inventory report.
6. Performs other duties as maybe assigned by superior.

Prepared by:

Kareen P. Andrico
Lara Jane Herrera
Jaypee Tijing
Christine Betutua