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1999 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 27/23


Call for applications under the ALURE programme

(1999/C 27/08)

ALURE is an energy cooperation programme between Each application should be lodged by a grouping made
the European Union and Latin America reflecting the up of at least two players in the energy field from two
priorities established by Council Regulation (EEC) No Member States and at least one Latin American player,
443/92 on economic cooperation of mutual interest. the former being responsible for having the grouping’s
proposal approved by the authorities of its country.
Its overall objective is to strengthen the European
Union’s economic presence in a vibrant growth sector
and equip Latin American institutions and utilities to The main change compared with 1995 to 1997 is in the
provide more competitive services. selection procedure. ALURE is now a pipeline that is
open all year round. There are three stages:
ALURE has three specific objectives in pursuance of this
goal: —Ùan initial screening is carried out on the basis of a
project summary presented on a standard form (four
—Ùto improve the services of Latin American utilities, pages) to be submitted by applicants to the support
preferably in the growth sub-sectors of electricity and team,
natural gas and to promote business relations with
European firms linked to the sector such as utilities,
—Ùwhen an applicant gets the green light from the
financial operators and industrial firms, in particular
European Commission for its project summary, it
small businesses,
may present to the support team at its earliest
—Ùto contribute, where necessary, to the adaptation of convenience a detailed proposal of no more than 50
legal and institutional frameworks, pages,

—Ùto promote sustainable development with relevant —Ùthe Advisory Committee shall meet at least twice a
schemes. year and study the batch of detailed proposals
available around one month before each meeting.
Priority will go to schemes directly linked to future
investments: this is reflected in increased participation of
utilities and financial operators. Information and receipt of applications:

A cooperation project is a logical framework which ALURE-Support Team

brings together various means of obtaining the goal set:
the Community contribution does not exceed 50Ø% of E-mail:
the project’s overall cost. The typical size of the
Community contribution to a project is between EUR
300Ø000 and 500Ø000. Next call for applications: 1 February 2000.