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1999 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 31/139

(1999/C 31/192) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2330/98

by John McCartin (PPE) to the Commission

(27 July 1998)

Subject: Agency accommodation in Grange

Can the Commission state whether contracts have yet been finalised for the accommodation in Grange for the
Veterinary and Phytosanitary Inspection and Control Agency and when the move is expected to take place from
the temporary accommodation so that the agency can begin to undertake its full work programme properly?

Answer given by Mr Liikanen on behalf of the Commission

(17 September 1998)

First of all the Commission would underline that the Food and veterinary office (FVO) is an integral part of its
services and forms a directorate of the Directorate General for consumer policy and consumer health protection.

As far as the Grange project is concerned the contracts between the Commission and the Irish authorities (Office
of public works) for the accommodation of the FVO have not been yet finalised.

The contracts are however in an advanced state of progress and they are planned to be signed before the end of
1998. The time requested for the completion of the buildings in Grange is 18 months. It is therefore reasonable to
think that the FVO will be operational in the new premises by the end of the year 2000 at the latest.

(1999/C 31/193) WRITTEN QUESTION P-2346/98

by Frédéric Striby (I-EDN) to the Commission

(13 July 1998)

Subject: Night flying and noise abatement measures

At Parliament’s request (resolution of 10 June 1997 on the Green Paper on future noise policy (1)), the
Commission is to take specific steps in order to limit noise levels around airports in the European Union (limits
on aircraft noise, reduction in night flying). People living near airports are especially concerned and indeed
exasperated by aircraft flying at night and are becomingly increasingly active throughout Europe.

Has the Commission already taken restrictive measures, and if so what do they entail? What types of airport will
be affected?

(1) A4-183/97 − OJ C 200, 30.6.1997.

Answer given by Mr Kinnock on behalf of the Commission

(27 July 1998)

The Commission would refer the Honourable Member to its answer to written question no E-1721/98 by
Mrs Beres (1).

(1) See page 75.

(1999/C 31/194) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2349/98

by James Moorhouse (ELDR) to the Commission

(27 July 1998)

Subject: Situation in Mauritania

What means are being used by the Commission to encourage the Mauritanian authorities to combat slavery,
which is still widely practised in that country?