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C 50/132 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 22.2.


(1999/C 50/190) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2179/98

by Marie-Noëlle Lienemann (PSE) to the Commission

(10 July 1998)

Subject: Access to beaches for persons of restricted mobility

The beach is a unique and universal meeting-place which breaks down all barriers because it brings together
persons of all ages, social categories, nationalities and races. At present only persons of restricted mobility are
excluded from it.

What does the Commission propose to do to remedy this unfair situation?

Should not the Commission be considering the possibility of creating a ‘European label’ to promote accessibility
to beaches for persons of restricted mobility (the elderly, the physically handicapped etc.)?

(1999/C 50/191) WRITTEN QUESTION E-2230/98

by Frédéric Striby (I-EDN) to the Commission

(16 July 1998)

Subject: Introduction of a European label to facilitate access to beaches by people with restricted mobility

In 1995 the Commission recognised, in connection with the Helios II programme, the valuable experience gained
from the arrangements introduced in Hendaye, in France, to make the beach more accessible for persons with
restricted mobility. The introduction of a European label indicating that a beach was accessible to such persons
could be linked to the existing directives on the quality of bathing water (the blue flag system). Could the
Commission consider this idea put forward by the ‘Handiplage’ association in Jaxtou, France, to improve
awareness at European level?

Joint answer
to Written Questions E-2179/98 and E-2230/98
given by Mr Flynn on behalf of the Commission

(5 August 1998)

The Commission would refer the Honourable Members to its answer to Written Question P-2136/98 by
Mrs Elmalan (1).

(1) See page 130.

(1999/C 50/192) WRITTEN QUESTION P-2187/98

by Jean-Antoine Giansily (UPE) to the Commission

(7 July 1998)

Subject: Presidential elections in Togo

Presidential elections were held in Togo on Sunday, 21 June 1998.

According to press reports, DG VIII allocated almost ECU 2 million to those elections.

Would the Commission provide a break-down of those funds and a list of the organizations that received more
than ECU 100 000 in relation to each action?

What criteria were used for the selection of beneficiaries, and what committee decided on the nature of the
European Union’s intervention? Was the European Parliament associated in these decisions, and if so, how?

A group called Reporters Without Frontiers was heavily involved in these elections, in the course of which it
showed a strong tendency to interfere in Togo’s internal affairs. This organisation claimed, meanwhile, to be
acting at the behest of the European Union.