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C 81/8 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 24.3.


Authorisation for State Aid pursuant to Articles 92 and 93 of the EC Treaty

Cases where the Commission raises no objections
(1999/C 81/08)
(Text with EEA relevance)

Date of adoption: 28.6.1995 Legal basis:

—ÙValtioneuvoston päätös (328/1996)
Member State: Greece
—ÙStatsrådets beslut (328/1996)
Aid No: NØ337/95
Budget: FIM 4Ø000Ø000 (approximately ECU Ø666Ø555)
Title: Tourism and handicraft
Duration: 1996
Objective: Aid to investments to promote agricultural
tourism and agricultural-related traditional craft Conditions: As laid down in Council Regulation (EC)
industries in mountainous and backward rural areas of No 3699/93 and in the Guidelines for the examination
Greece of State aid to the sector
—Ù1995: ECU 4 million
—Ù1996 to 1999: ECU 9 million per year
Date of adoption: 22.12.1998
Aid intensity: For investment costs of maximum ECU
100Ø000: Member State: United Kingdom (Welsh Development
—Ùup to 40Ø% for projects submitted by individuals or
companies (exceptionally 60Ø% for young agri- Aid No: NØ517/98
cultural workers for maximum investment costs ECU
130Ø000) Title: Grant for South Wales European Rail Freight
—Ùup to 60Ø% for projects submitted by municipalities Terminal

Objective: Facilitate the construction of a combined

transport terminal in order to shift more freight traffic
Date of adoption: 19.7.1995 from road to rail transport

Member State: Germany Legal basis: Welsh Development Agency Act 1975 (as
Aid No: NØ169/95, NØ170/95
Budget: ECU 10,08 million (GBP 7 million)
Title: State aid for 62 different R and D projects by the
steel companies Krupp Hoesch Stahl AG and Thyssen Aid intensity: Measure not constituting an aid
Stahl AG

Objective: Applied research and development

Legal basis: Haushaltsgesetz 1995 Nordrhein-Westfalen Date of adoption: 26.1.1999

vom 21.12.1994
Member State: Spain (Castile-La Mancha)
Aid intensity: Outright grant amounting to DEM
29Ø440Ø600 für Krupp Hoesch Stahl AG and DEM
Aid No: NØ491/98
30Ø210Ø200 for Thyssen Stahl AG; aid intensity 25Ø%
Title: Aid scheme for cooperative, mutual and non-profit
Date of adoption: 28.10.1998 Objective: Regional development; promotion of SMEs in
the cooperative, mutual and non-profit sector
Member State: Finland

Aid No: NNØ71/97 Legal basis: Proyecto de Orden para la promociön y el

empleo de las cooperativas y sociedades laborales de
Title: Aid for temporary cessation of salmon fishing Castilla-La Mancha

Objective: Compensation for losses suffered in 1996 as a Budget: ESP 500 million per year (EUR 3 million per
result of national restrictions on salmon fishing year)
24.3.1999 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 81/9

Aid intensity: Aid intensity: 20,5Ø% of investment costs

—ÙAid for setting up cooperative, mutual and non-profit Duration: Three years (1998-2000)
enterprises: 80Ø% gge, except that the amount of aid
may not exceed ESP 180Ø000 (EUR 1Ø081)
—ÙAid for job creation: 40Ø% gge of the approved Date of adoption: 9.2.1999
investment, up to a maximum of ESP 600Ø000 (EUR
3Ø606) Member State: Italy (Abruzzo)
—ÙAid for starting up an activity: 100Ø% gge of social Aid No: NØ820/97
security contributions for the first six months and
50Ø% gge for the following six months Title: Credit fund for SMEs in the fisheries and aqua-
culture sector
—ÙAid for hiring a manager: 70Ø% gge of the contract
amount for the first year, 40Ø% gge for the second Objective: Provision of credit on easy terms to small and
year and 20Ø% gge for the third year medium-sized enterprises in the fisheries and aquaculture
—ÙTraining aid: 80Ø% gge of eligible costs, without
under any circumstances exceeding the absolute Legal basis: Legge regionale (Abruzzo) — Fondo di
maximum of ESP 1,5 million (EUR 9Ø015) credito agevolato per le piccole e medie imprese del
—ÙAid for initial investment: 35Ø% gge settore pesca e acquacoltura
—ÙAid for technical assistance: 50Ø% gge, without under Budget: ITL 70 million (approximately EUR 36Ø152) for
any circumstances exceeding the absolute maximum 1997
of ESP 3 million (EUR 18Ø030)
Aid intensity: In accordance with the rates laid down in
Duration: Until 31.12.1999 Council Regulation (EC) No 2468/98
Conditions: SMEs active in certain sectors (agriculture, Duration: Indefinite
stock farming, forestry; housing and property; insurance;
credit; consultancy services and the like) are excluded Conditions: Those laid down in Council Regulation
(EC) No 2468/98 and in the guidelines for the exam-
ination of State aid to the sector (OJ C 100, 27.3.1997)
Date of adoption: 28.1.1999
Member State: Spain Date of adoption: 16.2.1999
Aid No: NØ483/98 Member State: Spain (Catalonia)

Title: Aid granted to the Group Gas Natural for the Aid No: NØ685/98
promotion of gas distribution in the Province of M`laga- Title: SME aid scheme to limit industrial imbalance
Objective: Investment aid for SMEs
Objective: To extend the existing gas network in
Andalucòa to the Province of M`laga thus contributing Legal basis: Resoluciön por la que se aprueban las bases
to the development of the industrial and tourist sectors para la concesiön de incentivos para el reequilibrio terri-
there torial industrial
Legal basis: Proyecto de Convenio de colaboraciön entre Budget: ESP 1Ø450 million (EUR 8,71 million)
la Consejeròa de Trabajo e Industria y el grupo Gas Aid intensity:
Natural, SA, para el fomento de la generaciön el~ctrica a
partir de gas natural y gasificaciön de la provincia de —Ù7,5Ø% for medium-sized enterprises
M`laga —Ù15Ø% for small enterprises
Budget: ESP 2Ø850 million (EUR 17Ø168Ø674) Duration: 1999