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9. 4.

1999 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 98/1

Monday 14 December 1998



1998/99 SESSION

Sittings of 14 to 18 December 1998



(1999/C 98/01)


Proceedings of the sitting

IN THE CHAIR: Mr GIL-ROBLES GIL-DELGADO not have been declared adopted in the absence of this majority;
he consequently called for the Minutes not to be adopted
President (the President replied that a qualified majority had been
required for the vote with reference to which Mr Fabre-
Aubrespy had raised this matter and had later written to the
(The sitting opened at 17.05) President and that this majority had easily been obtained; he
added that he had undertaken to refer the matter to the Rules
Committee but that because these parts of the text had been
adopted in accordance with the interpretation he had given,
they would stand adopted; he added that he would forward
1. Resumption of session Mr Fabre-Aubrespy’s letter to the Rules Committee);

The session, adjourned on 3 December 1998, was resumed.

− Mr Eisma, who referred to a request he had made during a

2. Approval of Minutes previous part-session (Minutes of 23.10.1998, Part I, Item 1)
for bicycle parking to be improved and an area in the garage set
aside for bicycles and pointed out that he had still received no
Mrs Hautala informed the Chair in writing that she had been
answer (the President replied the matter would be checked);
present at the sitting of Wednesday 2 December but had not
signed the attendance register.

The following spoke:

− Mr Duhamel, who protested at the visit to Strasbourg by
− Mr Fabre-Aubrespy, on behalf of the I-EDN Group, who the President of the Chilean Senate, Mr Zaldı́var, in support of
referred to different parts of the text of the Members’ Statute General Pinochet (the President replied that this was an
(Rothley report − A4-0426/98 − Part I, Item 4) which he said ordinary visit and that Mr Zaldı́var had been an opponent of the
required a qualified majority for adoption and should therefore military dictatorship);
C 98/2 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 9. 4. 1999

Monday 14 December 1998

− Mr Janssen van Raay, who said he had received legal − Proposal for a Council Regulation regarding the imple-
advice which had led him to request the annulment of the mentation of measures to intensify the EC-Turkey Customs
Bureau decision concerning Members’ attendance at roll-call Union (COM(98)0600 − C4-0669/98 − 98/0299(CNS))
votes and called for this advice to be considered in view of the
texts recently adopted concerning the Members’ Statute referred to
(the President asked him to forward a copy of the legal advice responsible: FASE
which he would then give to the Bureau); opinion: BUDG, RELA
legal basis: Art. 235 EC
− Mrs Van Putten, who noted that there had been a fire alert
in Parliament’s premises in Brussels and criticised the slow
reaction of the security services (the President replied that he − Proposal for Council Regulation regarding the implemen-
would make enquiries and inform Mrs Van Putten of their tation of measures to promote economic and social develop-
outcome): ment in Turkey (COM(98)0600 − C4-0670/98 − 98/
The Minutes of the previous sitting were approved. referred to
responsible: FASE
opinion: BUDG, RELA
legal basis: Art. 130w EC
3. Request for the waiver of Mr Trakatellis’s
immunity (closure of procedure) − Proposal for a Council Regulation (EC) on a programme to
supply agricultural products to the Russian Federation
The President announced that the chairman of the Committee (COM(98)0725 − C4-0678/98 − 98/0343(CNS))
on the Rules of Procedure, the Verification of Credentials and
Immunities had informed him that, at its meeting of 25 and referred to
26 November 1998, the committee had considered a ruling by a responsible: AGRI
Court in Thessaloniki confirming the termination of proceed- opinion: FASE, BUDG, RELA
ings against Mr Trakatellis as the case against him had proven
legal basis: Art. 43 EC
to be baseless.

The procedure for the waiver of the immunity of Mr Trakatellis

was therefore closed. (ab) opinions on proposals for transfers of appropriations:

− Opinion of the Council on transfer of appropriations

No 46/98 between Chapters in Section VI − Economic and
4. Membership of committees and parliament- Social Committee − Committee of the Regions − of the
ary delegations General Budget for the European Union for the financial year
1998 (C4-0663/98)
At the request of the PSE, UPE and V Groups, Parliament referred to
ratified the following appointments: responsible: CONT
− Committee on Civil Liberties and Internal Affairs:
Mr Ceyhun
− Committee on Budgetary Control: Mr Rosado Fernandes (ac) the following texts:
− Delegation to the EU-Estonia Joint Parliamentary Com-
mittee: Mrs Sandberg-Fries to replace Mrs Hulthén
− Draft General Budget of the European Communities for
the financial year 1999, as modified by the Council (13403/98
− C4-0600/98)

5. Documents received referred to

responsible: BUDG
The President had received the following texts: opinion: committees concerned

− Draft letter of amendment No 1 to the preliminary draft

(a) from the Council: budget for 1999 (13484/98 − C4-0666/98)
referred to
(aa) requests for opinions on: responsible: BUDG
opinion: committees concerned
− Proposal for Council Directive on the incineration of
waste (COM(98)0558 − C4-0668/98 − 98/0289(SYN))
− Draft supplementary and amending budget No 1/98
referred to (13750/98 − C4-0677/98)
responsible: ENVI
opinion: ECON referred to
responsible: BUDG
legal basis: Art. 130s(1) EC opinion: committees concerned