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C 98/206 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 9. 4.


Thursday 17 December 1998

− am. 51 18. Motion of censure (announcement)

Intended to vote for: Hardstaff, Elliott, Caccavale
Intended to vote against: Malone, David W. Martin The President announced that he had received a motion of
− am. 32 censure on the Commission in accordance with Rule 34
Intended to vote against: Seillier (B4-1165/98).

− am. 54 The debate and vote on this motion would be held during the
Intended to vote for: Desama part-session in January 1999.
Intended to vote against: Moreau
− am. 36
Intended to vote against: Bourlanges
− am. 37
19. Order of business
Intended to vote against: Marset Campos, Watson
In view of the decision taken that morning to hold a debate
− am. 52 lasting forty-five minutes on the situation in Iraq and the
Intended to vote for: Peijs, McKenna, De Clercq, decision to shorten the topical and urgent debate correspond-
Schroedter ingly (Part I, Item 1), the President proposed, with the
agreement of the political group secretaries-general, deleting
− para. 66 (2nd part) the last two items in the debate, i.e. Xerox and the Philippines.
Intended to vote for: Caccavale, Duhamel
Intended to vote against: Angelilli
− am. 53/rev. The following spoke:
Intended to vote for: Dybkjær
− Mr Hallam, who noted the proposal made that morning by
− am. 59
Mr David W. Martin to vote on the motions for resolutions on
Intended to vote for: Dybkjær, Larive
these two items without debate (the President replied that,
− am. 61 at the meeting of the political group secretaries-general, one
Intended to vote against: Dybkjær, Oomen-Ruijten, Van group had opposed this proposal);
− Mr Ford, who protested against what he called the tactics
− para. 72 used by the group in question, which he believed to be the UPE
Intended to vote for: Carlsson Group, whose intention had been to delete the item;
− am. 48
Intended to vote for: Eisma, Plooij-van Gorsel, Boogerd- − Mr McCartin who, with reference to Mr Hallam’s remarks,
Quaak, Larive pointed out that the PPE Group wished to have a debate before
Intended to vote against: Dybkjær the two motions for resolutions were put to the vote;

− para. 82 − Mrs Green, on behalf of the PSE Group, who proposed that
Intended to vote for: Caccavale, Schmidbauer, Moreau the two items taken off the topical and urgent debate be taken
Intended to vote against: Berthu in January 1999.
− am. 11
Intended to abstain: Haarder The President established that Mrs Green’s proposal had the
approval of the political groups and that there was no need to
− final vote hold a vote on the proposed changes to the agenda which were
Intended to vote against: Nordmann, Fontaine thus approved.


20. Iraq (debate)

(The sitting was suspended at 13.25 and resumed at 15.00) Mr Pinheiro, Member of the Commission, made a statement on
the situation in Iraq

The following spoke: Mr Swoboda, on behalf of the PSE

Group, Mr Spencer, chairman of the Committee on Foreign
Affairs, who spoke on behalf of the PPE Group, Mr Cox, on
behalf of the ELDR Group, Mrs Van Bladel, on behalf of the
IN THE CHAIR: Mr GIL-ROBLES GIL-DELGADO UPE Group, Mrs González Álvarez, on behalf of the GUE/
NGL Group, Mr Gahrton, on behalf of the V Group, Mrs Tau-
President bira-Delannon, on behalf of the ARE Group, Mr Blokland, on
behalf of the I-EDN Group, Mr Martinez, Non-attached
Mr Elliott asked when the oral questions on racism and Member, and Mr Parigi.
xenophobia would be taken (the President replied they would
probably be taken at about 18.20). The President closed the debate.