1. INVITATION TO PEACE Aum dyou Shanti, Aum Tat Sat Shanti, Aum namah Shanti, Aum shanti swaha, Aum shanti shanti shanti. Aum Tat Sat Shanti Transliteration: ‘ Aauummm' the universal sound of eternal divinity holds together silently the three worlds of existence at the dawn and the dusk known in Sanskrit as ‘ Samndhyae'. The sound of Aum infinite invites the celestial, the terrestrial, and the spiritual worlds of existence by clasping both hands together with humblest obeisance. Profound silence is celestially ‘ dyou shanti'. ‘ Dyou shanti' is an invocation to the three worlds to unite in the divine light of the sun in the most profound prayer without words, at the dawn and the dusk. In profound silence, we murmur ‘ peace', ‘ peace' ‘ peace'. Peace be with the celestial world, peace be with the terrestrial world, peace be with the spiritual world and we remain silent. Beauty is in ‘ Auuummmmm', ‘ Auummmmmm' ‘ Auuuuuummmm', the infinite sounds of eternal divinity, and that is the sublime most truth. Peace be with this sublime most truth that is the most beautiful truth and in which all the beauty of existence manifest eternally without the obligations to and of the ego. Revering and appreciating peace itself humble obeisance to peace itself the silent sound of which hums everywhere in Aum. Aum is humming silently in the whooshing winds, in the empty air, in the empty vacuum, in the moving waters, in the perennial grass, in the womb, in the conch shell.


‘ Aum' is the sound of gods. Aum is the configuration of the galaxy in one symbol upon which the cosmic capers in rhythm. Aum is the eternal echo.


Invoking the effulgent Sun

AUM ASSATOMA SAD GAMAYA TAMASOMA JYOTIR GAMAYA MRITYOORMA UMRITAAM GAMAYA We invoke the effulgent light of the sun by lighting a sacred fire of sacrifice. The human (Sanskrit - manushya) join together in rites and rituals (otherwise known as prayer mode), to give humble obeisance to the energy of sun – ‘ gayatree' to congress together the three worlds namely the celestial, the terrestrial and the spiritual, at the dawn and the dusk (Sanskrit – samndhya). Prelude to the universal congress, we transform from the ego mode into the self-mode. This transformation is sought with the help of the effulgent light of the Sun, by pleading with both hands joined together in humble obeisance: ‘ effulgent light of the sun, lead us gently from the unreal falsehood to the truth. Oh Oh effulgent light of the sun, lead us gently from the darkness of ignorance, illusions, falsehood, and ego to the light of awareness. Oh effulgent light of the sun, lead us from the dreary mundane mortality to the eternal immortal freedom.'




"Aum sahanaa-bavatuu sahanau-bhunaktu sahaviryam karrvaabahai. Tejaswinaavadhitamastu maa vidhvishaa bahai. Aum shanti shanti shant". Let us be together in spirit. Let us be saved together. Let us be reared together and united. Let our united spiritual strength be together in prayer mode. Let us not be jealous of each other. Let us be together in spirit.




"Aum Brahmane namah, Aum Achaaryebhyou namaha, Aum Rishibhyou namah, Aum devebhyou namah, Aum Vedebhyou namah, Aum sarwebhyou devebhyou namah, Aum sarwaabhyou devibhyou namah, Aum sarwe pitteree bhyou namah, Aum sarweshambhyou namah, Aum sarwejagatbhyou namah". Salutations (Sanskrit - namashkar prannamm) to the celestial eternity, to the spiritual entity and to the terrestrial world of existence.


COMMUNION in prayer

"Aum bhur bhurvah svahar tat-savitur-varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyou you naha prachodayat. Aum swaha" We gather together in spirit and in mind at the dawn and the dusk. In the spirit of togetherness, we become united in true light of the soul. By the effulgent energy of the sun ‘ gayatree', we remove darkness and create illumination. Illuminated, awakened, we congress together the celestial, the terrestrial and the spiritual world of existence in profound silence. May ‘ Gayatree' the effulgent energy of Sun unite us all in illumination. May we join hands together to see beyond the wholesome world of noise and haste, and let us in this togetherness take a momentary glimpse of the beautiful truth with the glory of gayatree at the dawn and the dusk. Let us rise above the gross material nature of the surviving chaos of this world, beyond into the wholesome existence of the universe and even beyond into the ether. Let our translucent communion bring togetherness amongst the three worlds (the bhur – the bhurvah and the swahar), in silent prayer to the glory of true light that never failing forever illuminates the eternity in blissful happiness. 4

6. THE GURU TRINITY OF THE THREE WORLDS – THE COSMIC FATHER "Aum namah shivayae, Aum namah shambhavaayacha, mayou bhavaayacha, namah shankaraayacha, mayaskaraayacha, Nama shivaayacha, shivataraayacha. Aum namah shivayae”. Without invoking param guru ‘ tatsat', the trinity of truth and the commander of the entire galaxy, we cannot offer peace. Only with the grace of Shiva alone, can we conquer sublimely the lord of death (Sanskrit- yammaraj), and the entire spiritual world of metaphor and the gleam darkness of transitory spiritual passage filled with unresolved spirits. Invoking the grace of Shiva, we plead to Shiva to be the ever-loving cosmic father and embrace us. May the greatest embrace of Shiva grant us the light, energy, strength, glory, courage and patience to transpire gracefully from the darkness into the lightness, from the mundane twirls of vicious cycles of karma into the eternal freedom of


happiness, from the form into the formless state. May the grace of Shiva hold our spirit so that the fear in us can disappear for good. May the grace of Shiva the immortal king of cosmos bring peace to every spectrum of cosmic existence. ‘ Aum namah Shivayae' is chanted in mantra-manjaree (invocation in mantras).

7. UNIVERSAL PEACE CHANT Aum Sarweshaam mangalam bhuyatt sarwesantuniraamayaah. Aum sarwe bhadraani pashyanttu maa kashtchit dukha bhaak-bhavet. Aum nandantu sarwa bhuttaani niraatankaani santuscha. Aum priitirastu parasparam siddhi-rasttu chakarmanaam. Aum swastyastu raajno nityapah shamprajaabhya stathevaastu. Aum swastyastu dvipade nityam shaanti rastu chatuspade. Aum shaantirastu no devasya bhurbhurvah swahar shivam tathaa. Aum sarbatah shaantirastu nah saumyaa bhavantu bhutaani. Aum twam deva jagatah srastaa paataa daivatwamevahi. Aum prajaah paalaya devesha shaanteem kuru jagat-patae. Yo me adyae snihiyate tasyae shiva-mastu sadaa bhuvi yashcha maam dvesti lokeasmin soapi bhadrani pashyatu – AUM SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI AUM Aum indrayae shanti, Aum Agnayae shanti, Aum Varunayae shanti, Aum Vayauvae shanti, Aum saumyayae shanti, Aum Rudrayae shanti, Aum Prannayae shanti, Kuberayae


shanti, Aum Issanayae shanti, Aum Nirritayae shanti, Aum Yammayae shanti, Aum sarwa graha suprabhantam shanti. Aum sarweh bhavantu sukhee nahan, sarweh santo nira-mayah, sarwa bhadrani pushyattu ma kashtchidd dukh bhaag bhavet. Aum purna-mahdhe, purnamidham, purnaatt, purna mudatyachyate, purnaa-syaha, purna-madaye, purna mehwaye avashishyatheh. AUM DHYOU SHANTI-R ANTA-RIKSHAGWAAM SHANTIR PRITHEVEE SHANTIR, AAPA SHANTIR, OUSHADHYAH SHANTI, VANASPATTAYEH SHANTIR, VISHWADEVAYE SHANTI, BRAHMA SHANTI, SARWAGWAM SHANTI – SHANTI REVA SHANTI SAMA SHANTI REDHI, SHANTI SARWA SHANTI AUM DHYOU SHANTI SHANTI SHANTI. Twameva mata cha pita twameva. Twameva bandu-scha sakha twameva. Twameva Vidya draveenam twameva. Twameva Sarvam mamm deva-deva. SILENCE Transliteration: Let there be good to all. Let all be free from sickness. Let all see the good and let none suffer in darkness. Let the light of sun illuminate all. Let all be happy and fearless, and let all be smiling always. Let there be compassion and sympathy for each other and let there be success for all noble works. Let there be success and victory to all karmic endeavours. Let there be prosperity to the king and rulers who protect and guide the innocent, the poor, the ignorant, the dumb, the deaf, the widow, the childless, the confused, the injured, the helpless, the hopeless, and the beautiful nature. Let there be prosperity and progress to the labouring people of this world. Let there be happiness in households. Let the bipeds and the quadrupeds be prosperous everyday. Let there be peace amongst gods, and let there be peace in the three worlds. Let us all unite in togetherness with all other beings to bring peace everywhere. ‘ Creator' and ‘ preserver' as thou art of the world, gently kindly lead us onwards towards the goodwill and humanity of all. Let us encourage and build goodwill and humanity amongst all people and all beings. Let me love all beings and let all beings love me. Let me be a friend to all and let all be friends with me. Let my enemy who is ignorant, proud, blind, and remorseful be at peace always. Peace. Peace. Peace. Amen. Peace be to the cosmos. Peace be the celestial. Peace be to the terrestrial. Peace be to the world of spirits. Peace be to the kingdom of dead. Peace be to matter (food and wealth). Peace be to water. Peace be to all. Peace. Peace. Peace. Amen. You are my mother and my father. You are my family and my friend. You are my knowledge and my wealth. You are my All, Gods of Gods.


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