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In this annual issue. In our future issues Cargo Talk will focus more on current happenings and Family Album Glimpses of the 64 financial year 2009-10 Who is Who Glancing through the 68 brief profiles of the industry majors COLUMNS View Point Euro effect on Indian 26 freight forwarders Logistics Services Rural Logistics: 30 Opportunities galore despite challenges Guest Column An emerging logistics 44 paradigm: Imperative for India to grasp it Cargo Performance Airlines wise cargo 50 performance in May 2010 from Delhi Airport Airlines wise cargo 51 performance in May 2010 from Mumbai Airport Cover Stor y Back to Business: India to touch US $ 200 billion export target in 2010-11 In spite of the setback in 2009 the cargo and logistics industry in India is expecting positive growth in the financial year 2010-11 business opportunities related to cargo and logistics industry across the world. the cargo and logistics business in India is likely to see a northward turn in the year 2010-11. imports to India also showed an increase of 43 per cent which signifies the power of domestic consumption. Indian exports witnessed a 36 per cent increase compared to the same period last year. Meanwhile. And. not only the shippers. This was because of the fact that they were able to explore newer markets. Rupali Narasimhan Editorial Director 06 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. but also the logistics service providers are now hoping for a spurt in activity after experiencing recession in 2009-10. the country has shown an impressive export performance in the very beginning of this fiscal year.IN . Accordingly.CARGOTALK. In April 2010. Besides. both the exports and imports will have a larger impact on the logistics industry in India. we have presented the current market trends with facts and figures.contents july 2010 Industry News Trade associations 24 meet Chinese counterparts from the editor Changes in the horizon With an apparent improvement in the world economy.






620640 million) during April.9 billion in a single month.1215170 million) representing a growth of 43. He also highlighted that the share of India’s international trade in GDP is constantly WWW.IN 12 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 . 2010 were estimated at US $ 19229 million which was 34. however.2 per cent higher in dollar terms (21.Cover Story Market Trends Back to Business India to touch US$ 200 billion export target in 2010-11 In spite of the setback in 2009 the cargo and logistics industry in India is expecting positive growth in the financial year 2010-11. Imports during April. Ratan Kr Paul f the export and import figure published by the ministry of commerce for April 2010 is an indicator of bouncing back. the cargo and logistics industry in India has a reason to cheer up. 2009.4 per cent in rupee terms) over the level of imports valued at US $ 19052 million ( Rs. In April. He. India’s exports during April. 2009.1 per cent in rupee terms) than the level of US $ 12397 million (Rs. by 43. Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) the first month figure of the current fiscal is a clear indication that the country would be able to meet the export target of US$ 200 billion set for 2010-11. Sakthivel further said that the growth in import.751470 million) which was 36.CARGOTALK. added that we need to regularly review the strategy in view of the set back in Euro zone recently and hoped that the crisis will not spread further.953770 million) in April. is a sign of complete revival of the manufacturing sector which will further facilitate exports in the months to come. Non-oil imports during April. 2010 were I valued at US $ 8079 million which was 70. Oil imports during April. 2010 were valued at US $ 27307 million (Rs. 2010 were valued at US $ 16887 million (Rs.3 per cent in dollar terms (27. 2010 the country shows an export growth of 36.5 per cent higher than oil imports valued at US $ 4739 million in the corresponding period last year. Exporters say it is a clear indication that the country would be able to meet the export target of US$ 200 billion set for 2010-11. Acording to A Sakthivel. president.3 per cent higher than non-oil imports of US $ 14312 million in April.2 per cent leading to US$ 16.3 per cent in April 2010. 2009.

We will have area wise strategic partnership with local transport companies in different parts of the country. The world trade in 2020 is estimated to be of US $ 48 trillion. the global freight forwarding and logistics major is now planning to penetrate the domestic logistics market in India in a big way. By 2020 the pharmaceutical market is anticipated to be more than double. electronics and FMCG (retail). still buying capacity is very less. Looking at the trend of globalisation and regionalisation. India Subcontinent. It is worth mentioning that India’s merchandise trade in 2009-10 was US$ 455 billion while services are likely to be about 210 billion (exports of US $ 115 billion and imports of US $ 95 billion). Indonesia. He pointed out to the dismal financial condition in Europe. to US$1. „We have managed the crisis by retaining our clients in 2009-10. „India provides huge opportunities for domestic logistic operations. We are also looking for partnership with warehousing companies for domestic operation. Bhatnagar said that though the market is reviving. pharmaceuticals. India. pharmaceutical firms are strengthening bonds with Indian players to serve the world markets via marketing alliances. He also made it clear that the current financial year does not suggest about high prediction.A Sakthivel FIEO one fifth of global pharmaceutical sales. Drugs worth nearly US$ 70 billion are likely to go off patent in the USA. with Brazil. Interestingly. China.‰ said Bhatnagar. Premal Udani AEPC ‘ India provides huge opportunities for domestic logistic operations. The 15 per cent growth per annum in domestic production and 20 per cent growth in textiles exports per annum would result in domestic textile market size of US $ 213 billion and exports RAAJEEV BHATNAGAR Regional Vice President. Our company has already started its operation in this sector by setting up separate team for domestic operation.UTi Bhatnagar appeared to be very cautious about the immediate future of logistics business. 13 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 ‘ improving touching 55 per cent in 2009. Russia and China. In manufacturing. automotive. Mexico. the share is likely to grow further by 2020. Russia and Turkey — accounting around for . predicts a 10 per cent growth in 2010-11. Foreign players are also expected to increasingly discover investment opportunities in the country in establishing research centers. and authorising products and technologies. We UTi have maintained the straight line though the freight rate affected the bottom line. however. According to the prevailing trends.3 trillion. Commenting on the demand from the USA market. In addition.‰ He shared. Over 20 per cent of world’s generics are produced in India. UTi is exploring new markets including South America. In 2010-11 UTi will make substantial investments in IT and concentrate on five industry verticals viz. medical and diagnostic equipment and health services. IT. offering India a chance to manufacture a considerable share of the products to exploit the ensuing generics opportunity. subject to things are improved. They are targeting steady growth of 15 per cent per annum of domestic textile industry and 20 per cent per annum growth in textile exports overall till 2020. outsourcing production services. Bhatnagar. the demographic change will lead to increase in exports of pharmaceuticals. In addition Indian manufacturers and exporters are expecting a huge surge of textile industry in 2010-11 and beyond.

AEPC.64 per cent to 10. speaks for itself. dropped 2. „The fact that CRISIL. general manager. „We look at this year as the year of growth for us and would like to tread in carefully understanding the market.3 per cent growth in domestic air freight (which is the highest growth so far). Singh is heading the statistics department of AAI and hence was quick to share some glaring facts. corporate planning and management services. all months of 2009-10 except July. In 2009-10 India shows 10. Khurana was confident that 2010-11 is going to be a good year for Air India. the confidence shown by our principals. However.9.‰ he added. But in dollar terms.CARGOTALK. 28. “With a clear focus on profitability. He is expecting 10 per cent growth in international freight and 15 per cent growth in domestic freight in 2010-11.‰ he emphasised.9. thanks to our ever supporting clients.” said Christoph Remund. Mumbai. In 2009-10 total freight traffic was two million Mt and 1.64 billion dollars in 2009-10 compared to 10. “Our share in world global market of clothing is going down. Chennai. Air India Cargo achieved about 10 per cent growth for the year. we are successfully emerging through the 2009 crisis.Sun Logistics did close the year with „decent profits‰ on its books. AirIndia Anita Khurana.IN 14 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 ‘ textile market of US$ 164 billion by 2020.6 and 13. WWW.” she said. South America and Europe apart from its current markets in India and the Middle East.‰ he went on. DP SINGH General Manager. which will mean greater opportunities for logistics companies. In his opinion.93 billion dollars in the previous financial year. chairman.” said Premal Udani. the last quarter of the financial year saw a robust growth for cargo carried by Air India. “The year 2009-10 has been a very challenging for the air cargo industry.Cover Story Market Trends SUN LOGISTICS ‘ AAI W With focus on profitability we are successfully emerging through the 2009 crisis. In his opinion. S u n L o g i s t i c s „The year 2009-10 shall always be a year that our industry would remember. Garment exports from India.” said Udani. In rupee terms. “In the coming decade. Lemuir Logistics. 13. DHL. our staff support and our expertise in specialised cargo.‰ Lalwani said. the size of the domestic market itself is getting larger and India serves as a major sourcing and supply hub. . the credit rating company. Sun. The industry is heading to a well planned growth though I still feel that there may still be a few dark corners which should we all need to be prepared to face.4790 million in 2009-10 compared to Rs 50. there will HARESH S. as a company is poised to move ahead in the current financial year to grow in the Flexitank markets in USA. August and November showed a downslide. „We as a company survived the recession. Delhi. Bangladesh has become a larger garment exporter than India. CEO. Our Strategy 2015 defines a clear roadmap for the future that is perceived positively by our customers. Air India also expressed high optimism.5 percent growth in international air freight and 24. be a substantial increase in the manufacturing segment. cost management and focused investment in growth markets. our investors and Anita Khurana our employees. Apparel exports totaled Rs 50.3 million Mt of international and domestic freight respectively.6. Corporate Planning and Management Services. there was a negligible recovery of 0. however. 7.” he maintained. Airports Authority of India (AAI) depicted a very bright future in the days to come. “Exporters are in deep trouble as the garment industry is reeling under unprecedented price hike of yarns and fabrics. Nagpur and Ahmedabad have shown a growth of 11. LALWANI Jo i n t M a n a g i n g D i r e c t o r. director cargo. granted us a SME1 status two years consecutively.37 per cent. Airports Authority of India (AAI) Christoph Remund DHL DP Singh.2930 million in 2008-09.2 per cent respectively.


it controls all the inventory management activities in the warehouse. However. optimize their operations. to automate and manage regulatory compliance. In his opinion. Infolog provides total IT services covering the entire gamut of IT infrastructure. agents and vendors to be integrated with its operations. is primarily because of the fact that they are still in a developing stage. WWW. freight forwarding management and export oriented units among others.” he maintained. “This. data security and internet WM SOFT: This software is comprehensively used across all warehouses for the customers and all clients within the customerÊs warehouse. He underlined that the company’s products for the supply chain management industry are about a year old and it is the enterprise solutions that have helped establish them as a brand among the blue chip companies. A completely web based application it helps in managing regulatory compliance operations which is made easy with a set of tightly integrated modules in the software. transparency and real time tracking of shipments to the customers as a value add to the services. It also supports the use of Bar Code or RF based devices.” said R Shankar Infolog Solutions. in the logistics industry. However. FF SOFT: This software module facilitates sea freight and air freight and covers the entire operations both for exports and imports activities for freight forwarders.Emerging Technology Infolog Solutions To offer more solutions for logistics industry MAJOR PRODUCTS Infolog Solutions. networking. like software. namely warehouse management. “Our products have been sold to many leading Indian and multinational companies. hardware.CARGOTALK.IN . I believe. SEZ SOFT: This software is used extensively for managing the regulatory compliance for SEZ units. It is a web-based freight forwarding software. the leading IT solutions providers for the logistics and supply chain management industry. The company has a range of software products which provide for servicing various verticals. the manufacturing and logistics companies and organisations dealing largely with freight forwarding are our most prestigious clients. According to him. Ratan Kr Paul connectivity solutions. the freight forwarders need to understand the visibility. It is used colossally by the segments like EOU / EHTP / STP Units under the 100 per cent EOU scheme. it will not be long before they adapt to the sophistication of technology to R Shankar. is now planning to introduce more products which are catering to the emerging challenges. In view of the challenges faced by companies today. majority of the Indian players in the freight forwarding and logistics services industry are apprehensive about using the services of new technologies and hence refrain from investing in the same. which enables the freight forwarders and their customers. GM Infolog Solutions EO SOFT: „EOSoft‰ is a web based application UPDATE for export oriented and STP units. „WMSoft‰ is one of its kind software that helps with warehouse management.


“First Wheels is already covering more than 500 locations pan India. Shobana has over 15 years of expertise in strategic and operational aspects of management with continuous exposure and experience in supply chain management and general management roles.In this period of 10 years. which will ultimately be increased to 1000+ locations with the complete network of our own branches and exclusive business associates. M L Saboo. ML Saboo 18 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. With this. First Wheels has already developed software for the purpose of track and trace of the consignments and each of their vehicles is connected. she showcased her proficiency in both strategic and operational role and was vice president – finance and accounts before being promoted to her new role. the company has decided to multiply the share of surface cargo division in the coming years.IN . He also shared that introduction of direct trunk routes of all the containerised vehicles and the increase in number of feeder routes at every strategic location will ensure the fastest and safest connectivity. group director. Take Solutions Shobana NS TAKE Solutions has announced the appointment of Shobana NS as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).CARGOTALK. She began her assignment with Take Solutions since its incorporation in 2000.News in Brief Industry Update Shobana NS takes over as CFO.” said Saboo. will directly be heading as CEO of First Wheels. contributed around Rs 800 million in overall First Flight’s group turnover of Rs 4000 million. First Flight to strengthen surface cargo division First Wheels (surface division) of First Flight Couriers launched about five years back as a part of its ever growing flagship courier company and in last financial year.


” he said. chairman. the terminal is offering bonded warehousing facilities and all other state-of-the-art facilities.CARGOTALK. Customs Mumbai. The condition becomes dismal during monsoon causing huge losses for the shippers. jointly with Indian Customs under the PPP model. inaugurating EICI’s Mumbai Terminal these shipments. chief commissioner. EICI is also emphasising on awareness programmes among its members about new rules and regulations. EICI has taken some joint initiatives with the airport operators viz Bangalore and are also talking to authorities at Kolkata airport. the Express Industry Council of India (EICI) opened its own terminal in Mumbai for export and import cargo operation. “We would be organising seminars and training programmes on various issues like handling of sensitive cargos. 20 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. He further added that with EDI connectivity the trade would benefit largely from visibility of clearances as well as with speed of clearance. CT Bureau RK Saboo S peaking to Cargo Talk RK Saboo.IN . With the creation of an EDI system that need would be plugged. Saboo made it clear that the existing EICI terminals are open for all express companies. EICI informed that the council is now working for separate terminals for domestic express cargo at all the major airports. Most express companies have data from the time they pick up shipments to delivery of Vineet Kumar. EICI has developed the EDI for courier clearances. Meanwhile. “Our terminals are for all users at very reasonable charges. Built on 35. However customs clearance is one area where there is low visibility of data due to EDI not being in place. “We are utterly disappointed to see our cargo lying outside without any roof or shed at the airports.000 sq.” said Saboo. The system would shortly go live in Mumbai and Delhi express gateways. area of land. The terminals are equipped with all modern facilities.ft. Saboo underlined the importance of e-trade and e-freight in view of the future challenges before the courier and express cargo industry. and the same policy would be followed for the forthcoming terminals. EDI.Industry Association Express Cargo EICI to implement EDI in Delhi and Mumbai airports Recently. The EDI connectivity would also be in place very soon.


I have had the honour & privilege of meeting and working with him on various issues. a daughter and a son. Sri Lankan Airlines. To many of us. He worked for 27 years with the company and when he resigned in January 2010. he had been working as the cargo manager – India. I always admired the way he meticulously handled issues related to our industry. He used to involve himself with selfless passion in everything.Obituary Homage DV (Ravi) Madhavan A friend in need departs silently DV (Ravi) Madhavan passed away in March 2010. dedication and Professionalism never ever faded. Jhangoo Daruwalla CargoLux I had daily contacts with Ravi. Hazari Faleel regional cargo manager SriLankan Airlines– Middle East Ramnath Raghavan managing director. I had come to know him as a very humane. Shell Air Freight Services His friendly disposition. he was a walking encyclopedia. He was a fun loving colleague and a wonderful friend.IN 22 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 . He had immense knowledge. Ravi was born in Renigunta. down to earth person and a family man! Vipan Jain. not only of the industry he represented. He is survived by his wife. Emirates Cargo During last many years I have known Ravi since my visit to Chennai. Ravi had the ability to successfully resolve any issue. He was a perfectionist and very devoted to his work whether it was his responsibility as the country manager for an airline or the chairman of the Board of Airlines for Cargo South. his tendency to help those in need and his enthusiastic participation in any event organised for a cause endeared him to one and all. I have personally known him for the past 27 years. D V Madhavan began his career with Trade Wings and then shifted to GSA Kuwait Airways. The untimely demise of our beloved colleague Ravi Madhavan was a blow to all at Srilankan Airlines. Kuwait Airways Ravi was a man of few words but full of action.CARGOTALK. Bar (I)-Cargo Committee-NR The airline cargo fraternity . WWW. will be deprived without his leadership as he has been one of the calmest and mature persons around. BAR CARGO – South) manager – cargo sales ( Southern India). Then began his long stint with Sri Lankan Airlines (Air Lanka when he started working in Trivandrum) – he moved to Chennai in 2000 as sales manager passenger & cargo. Ravi was a great organiser of events and his skills were much sought after. especially in South India. Tribute from close associates Siva Sivasubramaniam chairman – ACAAI SRC My memory of Ravi goes back to the eighties. Karthik Radhakanthan cargo manager – South & East India Cathay Pacific Cargo Ravi was a strong and articulate man widely acknowledged as a stalwart in air cargo industry. and his approach. chairman. He never hesitated to ask questions and was always eager to learn. Ravi will be greatly missed by one and all. Ramesh Pillai ( chairman. particularly the Cargo Team. During my initial years with Emirates and later in BAR Cargo. Andhra Pradesh in 1954. Our relationship was one of mutual respect. but also the geopolitical scenarios associated with it. Anthony Gonsalves CM – TamilNadu. A true friend ever ready to help and assist in any way he could.


CARGOTALK. from May 26 to 31. MD. to the People’s Republic of China. FICCI and ASSOCHAM interacted with the Chinese counterparts regarding enhancement of bilateral trade between India and China. V Pratibha Devisingh Patil. She underlined that India is open for business and the country would welcome Chinese investments into India. Luoyang and Shanghai. This was the first visit by a President of India to China in a decade. Also seen in the picture is Mahesh Trikha. along with the trade delegation from India. 24 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. The President also addressed an India-China business forum to provide fillip to the bilateral trade. 2010. The industry bodies had the interaction on the occasion of the State visit of Pratibha Devisingh Patil. She visited Beijing. President of India. President of India. who headed the trade delegation from India.Industry News Bilateral Relationships Trade associations meet Chinese counterparts arious chambers of commerce like CII. India and China are working together to achieve the bilateral trade target of US $ 60 billion in 2010. Aargus Global Logistics (standing 7th from left).IN .


Majority of our freight forwarders face challenges in shipping cargo by air to Dhaka. the world economic pundits are now pointing Greece as the cause. This realisation will certainly make them exploit the market conditions further to ask for the sun (higher rates) the moon (illogical surcharges) and the star (unethical other charges) for the export shipments from India. Africa and South America. For these foreign airlines. to look for such opportunities since cost of such initiatives. As usual. in their currency. It may be a necessity now for Indian forwarding community to work closely with the government to bring in some discipline in rate structure (as has been done by the government for passenger segment) and also to promote chartering of freighters that are now available with Indian operators on rupee terms. when repatriated to their country. Exporters in an attempt to be competitive will try and pass on the forwarding-costs pressures to the forwarders. because of the Central Bank intervention. whose native currencies feel the heat because of US Dollar and Euro dependence. COO. Indian market is always a milking cow. It is time for the forwarders to bring in more efficiency in their operations to keep the costs under control. It is now time for Indian freight forwarders. Notwithstanding the impact of the European Economic Volcano in other parts of the world business. in Rupee terms. The cost pressures will also push our exporters to look for alternate markets. It may be good for a forwarder to have a close look at these strong and growing markets.e for the Indian freight forwarding community. AIRLINES’ PRESSURES Indian air cargo is highly dependent on foreign airlines. to put a ‘for sale’ or ‘for JV’ boards. Tirwin Management Services The British Pound now is certainly falling down every day. EXPORTERS’ PRESSURES Our exports to economically shaken markets such as USA and Europe are likely to be in limping mode because of poor market conditions as well as poor export realization in our currency. Ascertain and monitor the financial stability of their overseas counterparts/agents especially when there are dues from them Be cautious while sending ‘charges collect’ shipments since consignees may have challenges in taking delivery of the goods Be cautious while extending credit to the shippers for ‘prepaid’ shipments since the non-delivery to the consignees may prompt the shippers to delay or deny payments to the forwarder. as part of their survival strategy. OPPORTUNITIES Challenges do provide opportunities.CARGOTALK. Thanks to our encouraging rate of GDP as well as traditional thinking of saving gold for our grand and great grand children.View Point Current Issues Euro effect on Indian freight forwarders B Govindarajan. who would like to spread their wings in those markets. Now these airlines will face poor realization of their Indian earning. One can certainly expect some of the medium and small freight forwarders in the European markets. which in turn will bring additional costs pressures on exports and forwarding.IN . Indian forwarders need to : 26 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. B Govindarajan INDIAN RUPEE Though there will be unexpected downfall of Indian Rupee now and then. So is its neighbour – the Euro. Indian Rupee is not likely to lose its shine. is expected to be lower. at the right price and time though they take pride in dealing with falling markets. it may be worth to know ‘what is in it for me’ i. FOREIGN AGENTS’ AND CONSIGNEES’ PRESSURES The European economic challenges are expected to put many out of business. especially within Asia. for instance.


Corporate Social Responsibilities Social Welfare UTi organises charity walk in Gurgaon. Gurgaon. This year all contributions will go towards reconstruction projects in Chile.IN . The company had planned to cover almost 40. T Worldwide India organised ‘Delivering Better Lives Walkathon’ on May 22. The event started at 7 am and ended at 9 am. UTi officials and staff during Walkathon U 28 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. this charity walk is organised for welfare. 2010 in DLF Cyber City Phase II.. Haryana. of the down-trodden in the society.000 kilometers and have asked all its branches and associates to organise the Walkathon. According to UTi sources.CARGOTALK..


on an average. top sales. new growth for key sectors mainly FMCG.CARGOTALK. an increase of around 17 per cent. pharmaceuticals. has 3000 motorcycles. It is worth mentioning that rural logistics will play a crucial role in the overall development of logistics industry in the country. Rising crop prices. Sr Advisor. NCAER Gautami Seksaria. Recently. Ratan Kr Paul T Shailesh Naik. a third use a shampoo and a fourth consumes cold drink frequently.000 million a decade ago. operations and supply chain stalwarts congregated at the Supply Chain Leadership Council’s ‘Rural Penetration & Distribution Summit ’10 held in Mumbai to discuss penetration and distribution strategies for rural India. telecom. electronics. the fact which was discussed was that an average Indian village today well represents an emerging. Head E-Choupal Channel. up from Rs 80. During the meet. government initiatives and better wages for farm labour are creating disposable surpluses in the hands of rural and small town Indians. as around 55 per cent of Indian companies are outsourcing logistic WWW.000 people or 1. The ASSOCHAM forecast said that the 3PL industry is expected to become a US $90 million industry by 2012 from the current US $58 million. 00. combined rural incomes will total Rs 130. Founder & Partner. ITC he conference had around 75 delegates. ASSOCHAM has also unveiled that the Indian logistics industry is poised to become a US $125 billion industry by 2010. Another fact which surfaced was that when urban consumption peaks and market shares get further split. export orientation and homecoming of the rural youth. auto and retail companies as well as heads of 3PL (3rd party logistics) operators. Half the households have a TV and a refrigerator.500 households today. durables. logistics service industry is apparently becoming a lucrative area for the 3PL companies in India. sale of land to developers. 20 cars and 32 tractors.Logistics Services New Areas Rural Logistics Opportunities galore despite challenges R Venkatesan. auto. pharmaceuticals and electronics will come from small town and rural India. A prosperous village of 10. mainly functional heads of FMCG. According to a recently released ASSOCHAM report.00. crop rotations.000 million in 2011. powerful consumer community. Supply Chain Leadership Council With US$145 to $150 billion rural consumption of private retail. from the current. consumer durables.IN 30 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 .


ten years ago. India is looking at the rural market to spur its stakeholders’/economy growth.600 villages across the country account for more than 70 per cent of population. At present. 32 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. rural penetration and distribution challenges remain abundant. poor road infrastructure and fragmented transportation service. services like supply chain management and warehousing. seasonal demand.” he added. More than 40 per cent villages connected to road. as around 55 per cent of Indian companies are outsourcing logistic services like supply chain management and warehousing. Rural and small town India represents an emerging and powerful consumer community.Logistics Services New Areas LOGISTICS OPPORTUNITIES FACTS RURAL INDIA Vishal Sehgal.CARGOTALK. According to him. which was introduced in US and Europe.IN . which used to be between 10-15 per cent. the concept (3PL). which used to be between 10-15 per cent. The purchasing power in rural India is on the rise Higher middle income population in rural area as compared to urban area. As per experts. high wastages and breakages. Whirlpool 6. too many distribution layers. ten years ago. which used to be between 10-15 per cent. Increase in population of NRVs (nonresident villagers). He highlighted that as the urban market is getting saturated. is fast catching up the pace to increase the efficiency of domestic corporates through efficient logistic functions. more than 50 per cent of India’s GDP comes from the agribusiness sector. However. director logistics & supply chain. lack of intermodal integration and lack of organised 3PL focus. commodities sector accounts around 58 per cent of GDP . comparison and reference options. R Venkatesan. According to ASSOCHAM. National Council for Applied Economic Research (NCAER) commented that often lack of quality data results in lesser than desired clarity on the size of rural opportunity to marketers. Number of ‘pucca’ houses doubled. ten years ago. According to ASSOCHAM. the concept (3PL). Some of these include dispersed population which is further regionalised on economic and socio-economic parameters. Rural Distribution Challenges Large number of small markets Dispersed population and trade Poor connectivity and infrastructure Low availability of suitable dealers Inadequate banking/ credit facilities Poor product display and visibility Poor communication of offers and schemes The 3PL industry is expected to become a $90 million industry from the current $58 million. is fast catching up the pace to increase the efficiency of domestic corporates through efficient logistic functions. the rural urban split in consumer spending stands at 9:11 with rural India accounting for private retail consumption of US $145 to $150 billion.38. which was introduced in US and Europe. He also pointed out that while agriculture and allied contribute only about 20 per cent to the GDP from an agribusiness perspective of the economy. During his speech at the conference.000 crore are being traded and future trading is permitted in more than 100 commodities. senior advisor. Rural literacy level improved from 36 per cent to 60 per cent. as around 55 per cent of Indian companies are outsourcing logistic services like supply chain management and warehousing. inadequate product display. “Agribusiness has strong linkages not only with the agricultural sector but also with the industrial and service sectors. challenging after-sales service models. The 3PL industry is expected to become a US $90 million industry from the current $58 million. Rural market is growing at a faster pace than its urban counterpart. Rapid increase in income leading to a faster increase in demand of consumer durables. commodities worth Rs 110.


in existence for a decade now.. dedicated to the Indian logistics and supply chain sector. vice president. Anuj Pasrija. country head -Arogya Parivar. Sanjay Kumar.” emphasised Vishal Sehgal.CARGOTALK. founder & partner. SCLC. Onida’s sister brand meant exclusively for the rural markets to explain the significance of innovation in product development and distribution strategy to excel in the Indian rural scenario. Rural and small town India represents an emerging and powerful consumer community and rapid increase in income..38. a rural focussed sociocommercial initiative from Novartis India. ITC and Rahul Sharma. director . there will be enough for everybody. thereby providing an able platform for meaningful interaction within the industry as well as for consolidating the industry’s opinions and concerns towards policymakers.E Choupal. Hari Goyal. there are three national and 21 regional exchanges for commodity future trading. Anuj Pasrija.IN . leading faster increase in demand of consumer durables. is targetting a 52 per cent growth in this financial year over last year. head . 34 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW.logistics & supply chain. the organiser of the conference. Jasbir Nanda head . head (marketing) – Mirc Electronics (of Onida fame) used the story of IGO.” shared Gautami Seksaria. “Some 6. general manager and India will continue to live in its villages 6. Other speakers included Clifford Patrao. “SCLC is focussed on delivering forums with bold and well timed themes. He also highlighted that this market is growing at a faster pace than its urban counterpart and there is higher middle income population in rural area than urban area. is dedicated to developing the largest and the most active community of supply chain professionals in India. IGO.600 villages across the country account for more than 70 per cent of population. explained that industry players must work together on opening up the rural markets as once the potential is unlocked.38 lakh villages rural will continue to be important (L to R) Ashutosh Tripathi. Shailesh Naik. Mahindra & Mahindra. Participants of the summit say. IBM India.Centre for Rural Information & Insights. Supply Chain Leadership Council (SCLC).Logistics Services New Areas Further. Whirlpool.


7 6.9 10.3 -8.Cargo Performance Aircraft Movement TRAFFIC STATISTICS I N T E R NAT I O NA L A I R C R A F T M OV E M E N T S Aircraft Movements (In Nos.8 39.1 31. AIRPORT MARCH-2010 MARCH-2009 % CHANGE For the period April to March 2009-10 2008-09 % CHANGE 11 INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS 1 CHENNAI 2 KOLKATA 3 AHMEDABAD 4 GOA 5 TRIVANDRUM 6 CALICUT 7 GUWAHATI 8 JAIPUR 9 SRINAGAR 10 AMRITSAR 11 PORTBLAIR TOTAL 2718 1238 545 376 1362 1270 0 208 0 382 0 8099 2651 1002 482 410 1172 1303 0 230 8 245 0 7503 2.2 -12.1 9.5 76.6 16.4 -60.2 -72.7 28.2 18.0 -7.1 -8.9 31674 13493 7036 3028 15185 14708 46 2730 264 3844 9 92017 30453 11070 5635 2738 13004 16888 100 2953 174 3517 0 86532 4.IN .3 6.8 -28.1 -43.1 65169 63438 13509 13567 18091 874 174648 65574 59495 13920 12136 19058 1556 171739 -0.0 55.6 51.6 -3.8 1.CARGOTALK.6 13.4 37.5 -0.2 -2.6 -42.0 39.5 -9.) For the Month Sl.0 11.9 7.5 -9.0 21.7 10.0 6.8 -12.8 -5.3 6 JV INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS 12 13 14 15 16 17 MUMBAI (MIAL) ` DELHI (DIAL) BANGALORE (BIAL) HYDERABAD (GHIAL) COCHIN (CIAL) NAGPUR (MIPL) TOTAL 9 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 CUSTOM AIRPORTS PUNE COIMBATORE LUCKNOW MANGALORE TRICHY BAGDOGRA VARANASI PATNA GAYA TOTAL TOTAL (20 Non-Custom Domestic Airports) OTHER AIRPORTS GRAND TOTAL (11+6+9+20+OTH) 5486 5830 1148 1169 1533 28 15194 5436 5104 1315 1063 1443 102 14463 0.6 -100.7 98 66 150 256 466 32 96 0 160 1324 6 8 24631 104 62 166 216 468 0 70 0 122 1208 14 14 23202 -5.5 23.9 6.8 6.7 9.4 Source: AAI 36 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW.6 6.3 16. No.6 18.6 4.6 16.5 5.9 14.9 24.9 -54.2 1156 850 2381 2918 5792 326 854 4 1056 15337 145 40 282187 790 926 2008 2498 4145 0 803 10 756 11936 82 56 270345 46.


1 -15.8 75.7 5.9 14.2 Source: AAI 38 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW.6 8.3 20466 14346 10768 7628 1433 6837 4958 7456 0 73892 18398 14355 9223 8622 2006 6273 4974 5220 14 69085 11.9 8.4 1.5 -12.9 -21.8 33.7 5. No.) For the Month Sl.0 9.6 -4.2 -0.8 2.0 1776 1260 979 640 132 605 438 746 0 6576 1660 1264 796 686 130 486 460 424 2 5908 7.3 36.1 16.7 50.6 -3.1 14405 14645 8093 5759 1900 1230 46032 13715 13170 6917 5567 1850 816 42035 5.6 56.7 16.6 -1.5 -4.0 0.3 11.4 -14.8 -11.7 1.6 2. AIRPORT MARCH-2010 MARCH-2009 % CHANGE For the period April to March 2009-10 2008-09 % Change 11 INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS 1 CHENNAI 2 KOLKATA 3 AHMEDABAD 4 GOA 5 TRIVANDRUM 6 CALICUT 7 GUWAHATI 8 JAIPUR 9 SRINAGAR 10 AMRITSAR 11 PORTBLAIR TOTAL 6 JV INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS 12 13 14 15 16 17 MUMBAI (MIAL) DELHI (DIAL) BANGALORE (BIAL) HYDERABAD (GHIAL) COCHIN (CIAL) NAGPUR (MIPL) TOTAL 9 CUSTOM AIRPORTS 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 PUNE COIMBATORE LUCKNOW MANGALORE TRICHY BAGDOGRA VARANASI PATNA GAYA TOTAL 20 DOMESTIC AIRPORTS 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 BHUBANESWAR INDORE VISAKHAPATNAM VADODARA JAMMU RAIPUR AGARTALA CHANDIGARH MADURAI IMPHAL UDAIPUR RANCHI BHOPAL LEH AURANGABAD TIRUPATI JUHU SILCHAR RAJKOT DIBRUGARH TOTAL OTHER AIRPORTS GRAND TOTAL(11+6+9+20+OTH) 6921 6242 2348 1738 827 200 2186 1306 748 322 544 23382 7276 5734 2204 1862 814 195 2010 1252 548 338 466 22699 -4.4 -11.9 6.9 -100.0 -6.3 13.0 11.0 7.8 2.7 9.9 6.1 2.Cargo Performance Aircraft Movement TRAFFIC STATISTICS D O M E S T I C A I R C R A F T M O V E M E N T S Aircraft Movements (In Nos.2 -22.0 -1.8 21.0 -23.8 -13.5 12.7 3.9 21.3 42.3 1.3 4.0 3.9 21.2 0.9 -1.2 2.0 -19.5 14.1 6.5 24.8 4.8 -100.3 6.0 1001 1122 983 430 710 738 676 596 594 570 590 364 520 224 320 256 1412 296 184 296 11882 3829 91701 866 932 1110 503 472 726 640 380 581 503 518 370 544 186 340 264 1847 344 184 314 11624 3825 86091 15.0 11.9 -16.4 20.7 -8.5 164632 165789 91187 66449 22812 11404 522273 161940 157896 91057 68744 21529 10989 512155 1.CARGOTALK.2 17.1 -3.5 10708 11577 11500 5580 7558 7870 7926 5721 6476 6667 6926 4523 6135 2316 3916 2904 20535 3740 2154 3749 138481 41758 1048424 9962 13179 14879 6117 6206 9142 7427 4804 7662 5913 6078 5588 6138 2124 3992 3706 21184 4294 1778 3492 143665 42292 1036187 7.9 -3.IN .1 7.0 78491 72218 26717 21298 10166 2907 26149 15728 8386 3985 5975 272020 85458 70761 26043 19198 8880 2544 25062 14057 6885 2976 7126 268990 -8.7 19.4 2.5 50.6 9.0 -0.3 23.2 1.7 2.0 -5.5 -6.4 -5.5 -28.2 13.0 3.1 0.4 -3.0 0.5 -4.0 -0.1 -12.6 -14.6 20.6 10.7 1.8 14.


Green Logistics Carbon Offset Programme John Pearson. the world’s leading express company.A reduction of 1. APEM DHL Express India performs commendably on reduction of CO 2 emission DHL. DHL Express India registered one of the best scores for the reduction of CO² emissions .IN .7 million kilograms of CO² emissions across close to 150 sites of operations. recently revealed that its express division in Asia Pacific has improved overall CO² efficiency by 19 per cent year-on-year. DHL Express. CT Bureau 40 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW.CARGOTALK. CEO.


“With DHL Express GOGREEN shipping. According to John Pearson. route optimization for its vehicles. saw an improvement in CO² efficiency by 10 per cent year-on-year. He also highlighted that globally. reduction in air conditioning usage. switching to clear fuels and consolidating facilities in the region. South Asia. Fleet optimisation was one of the key areas for Malcolm Monteiro. optimising delivery routes. DHL has announced plans to improve its carbon efficiency by 2020 compared to 2007 levels. DHL Express. Eastern Europe. senior vice president and area director. measures undertaken included raising awareness and close monitoring of energy expenditures.” he added.CARGOTALK. Blue Dart. Having reduced its per unit Ground Transport Fuel consumption by 6 per cent and improved its per unit CO² emissions from real estate by 32 per cent. DHL offsets these emissions by reinvesting in certified carbon management programmes such as alternative fuel vehicle technology. Blue Dart. we have implemented pick up and delivery optimization measures to further enhance our operational efficiency and service levels for customers. Middle East and Africa (APEM). initiating lights-off initiatives. covering over 1. South Asia. part of the DHL Group. senior vice president and area director. as part of its GoGreen Climate Protection Programme. with our commitment to sustainable solutions. year-onyear in ground transport and registered a 24 42 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 emission improvement in India. per unit of CO² emissions. Globally. “At the same time. re-lamping using energyefficient light bulbs and re-use of plastic bags for load transfer. worked on substituting air routes with intercity road line haul. The purpose of the assessment was to measure and reduce DHL Express’ carbon footprint from energy consumption in real estate and its transport fleet. For Blue Dart. adjusting the air conditioning to an optimal setting. The group has set stringent targets to reduce emissions per package.” said Pearson. “Simple measures went a long way – encouraging staff to switch off the lights in areas which are not in use. In India. “As the world’s leading express company.000 facilities in 27 markets across Asia Pacific.” added Monteiro. we took steps to reduce our carbon footprint and improve energy efficiency. Across Asia Pacific. introducing fuel-efficient vehicles. switching to clean fuels and consolidating facilities in the country. These are the first results of the carbon footprint assessment and abatement programme which was started by DHL Express in 2008. phasing out excess printers and photocopiers. Remarkably. DHL Express. in its real estate energy consumption. per square metre of real estate used and tons transported. WWW. The results of our assessment are a great encouragement – clearly. DHL was among the first companies to offer products to customers to off-set the carbon footprint generated from transporting their shipments. we can make a difference. we are committed to sustainability and have a responsibility to address environmental challenges. CEO. Asia Pacific. we calculate the carbon emissions generated by transporting each customer shipment from the country of origin to destination. DHL Express reviewed areas where they predominantly delivered documents and replaced over 60 vehicles with 75 motorbikes thereby increasing fuel efficiency. the company reduced CO² emissions by 13 million kilograms for FY2009 – representing a 9 per cent reduction of CO ² emissions and yielding €10 million savings in overall energy and ground vehicular fuel costs – with its region-wide carbon footprint assessment and abatement programme. DHL Express. O per cent reduction.” said Malcolm Monteiro. which operates over 5.IN .000 vehicles.Green Logistics Carbon Offset Programme verall. DHL was the first in the logistics sector to set specific and quantifiable CO² targets. DHL Express’ internal initiatives included optimising delivery routes. auto hibernation of PC monitors and prudent use of Material Handling Equipment (MHE) to optimise the energy consumption and utilization. solar panels and wind energy. DHL India Express reduced its per unit CO² emissions by 40 per cent.


standardisation. but also third party logistics providers (3PL). distribution. KEY TRENDS Partnerships are now established between different members of the supply chain. By the year 2020. Logistics promotes and facilitates the process of globalisation. Influences from a number of desparate sources are likely to continue to exert pressure on companies to establish integrated supply chains. value added services. more complex global economic integration. Logistics is growing faster and delivering WWW. Raw materials may be obtained from the cheapest supplier anywhere in the world. The logistics business is no longer limited to basic transportation but encompasses a gamut .CARGOTALK. sequential flow. Trade is becoming more and more globalised. logistics forms an important part of it.Guest Column Emerging Trends An emerging logistics paradigm: imperative for India to grasp it No other branch of industry has been as profoundly affected by globalisation as the logistics sector. In-house production in sectors such as automobile manufacturing has been reduced to just about 30-40 per cent. flexibility and customization. packaging. 80 percent of the goods of services such as warehousing. The supply chain management approach assumes that 44 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 ‘ The logistics business is no longer limited to basic transportation but encompasses a gamut of services s each member of the supply chain influences the performance of others and the overall supply chain performance. a coordinating intermediary between the shipper and 3PL. just-in-time delivery. Transport plays a key role in supply chain structure in contributing to time-compression. compared with 20 per cent now (McKinsey & Co. in the words of Peter Drucker. Raghu Dayal Raghu Dayal O utsourcing is the flavour of the season. inventory management. The supply chain management is “bigger” than logistics. Effective logistics management helps companies gain competitive advantage through both value enhancement and cost reduction. as the last frontier for management to conquer. not only suppliers and customers in the distribution or marketing channel. Supply-chain management is an evolution of logistics. The result will be an increasing reorganisation of the network of international trade. Certain key words closely associated with logistics appear in many definitions of the supply chain concept. order processing. reliability. and an intricate network of global flows and hubs. A 4PL or lead logistics “manager” is sometimes seen as a supply chain “manager”.). To stay competitive in complex business ecosystems. requiring enormous flexibility on the part of logistics service providers. As logistics shifts from a purely cost centre to one creating value. infor mation systems suppor t. enterprises need to grasp processes which enable different stakeholders to collaborate seamlessly across time horizons and functional and geographical barriers. labelling.IN ‘ in the world will be manufactured in a country different from where they are consumed. it is today emerging. they include integration.


Guest Column
Emerging Trends

higher economic returns than the transportation sector. In the quest for sustainable and profitable growth, transportation companies will continue to migrate from pure transport to value added logistics services. Different related functions, e.g., warehousing, order processing, transport and customer service which were originally fragmented, came to be treated in a more integrated way. Cost savings through integrating inbound (materials management) and outbound (physical distribution) functions being identified, this process has been accelerated through greater transport deregulation, more international competition, and more overseas sourcing for raw materials or components. More than half of world trade today is intra-industry trade. This trade consists of final and inter mediate goods, with both having increased considerably over the last 50 years. Intra-industry trade in machines and transport equipment is the highest. Falling communications costs have resulted in greater fragmentation of services into “components,” supplied to final consumers from different parts of the world.

more detrimental to a country’s development than ever before. Inefficiency of transport infrastructure and service can be a barrier to trade. Transport and logistics costs most often pose a barrier, at least as large, and frequently larger than tariffs. Worldwide, transpor t growth has been consistently higher than the economic growth due to specialisation, sourcing of material on a wider scale, just-in-time strategies, increase and dispersal of retail and wholesale activities. To stay competitive in complex business ecosystems, enterprises need to grasp processes which enable different stakeholders to collaborate seamlessly across time horizons and functional and geographical barriers. The value of trade is growing much faster than its weight.


1 2
a common web of integrated supply chain for speed, efficiency and reliability. As transport costs fall, physical geography matters less. But with economies of scale in production, economic geography matters more. With the recent increase in the intensity of international trade, the demand for speed has increased and with the decline in air transport costs, the price of speed has fallen dramatically. Goods with the highest time sensitivity have seen the fastest increase in trade, e.g., perishable agricultural goods, fashion articles, or electronics. Faster transport can speed the changes in the geography of trade.

Effective logistics management helps companies

gain competitive advantage through both value enhancement and cost reduction. In the quest for sustainable and profitable growth,

transportation companies will continue to migrate from pure transport to value added logistics services

Transport and trade costs influence trade volumes. A 10 percent increase in trade costs is estimated to reduce trade volumes by 20 per cent. Trade in intermediate goods is especially sensitive to transport costs. Fa l l i n g c o s t s o f t r a n s p o r t a t i o n a n d communication have made the world smaller. But they have also made economic activity more geographically concentrated. More trade means lower costs of transportation which, in turn, has meant more trade. Emphasis is on integration of national and international production systems with a greater demand of

3 4

More than half of world trade today is intra-industry trade.

This trade consists of final and intermediate goods Transport and trade costs influence trade volumes. A 10

percent increase in trade costs is estimated to reduce trade volumes by 20 percent.

In view of greater global integration, high transport costs and low connectivity levels are
(Raghu Dayal is formerly joint secretary, ministry of commerce, government of India and former managing director, container corporation of India)

Infrastructure Update
IGI Airport, Delhi

Poised to be the

KS Kunwar

‘CargoGateway of India’

KS Kunwar, associate vice president, cargo commercial, Delhi International Airport (DIAL), provides an overview of infrastructural development in the cargo terminal at IGI Airport, Delhi during last five years. CT Bureau


he Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) cargo terminal has completed 24 years of its operation since May 1986 and will be celebrating its silver jubilee in the year 2011. It was the first semi mechanised “Integrated Cargo Terminal’’ in India with an Elevating Transfer Vehicle (ETV) for unitisation and storage of ULDs. In line with the pace of the cargo traffic growth, it has expanded horizontally in phases. During the last 24 years of existence, IGIA has seen three expansion phases in both export and import terminals. The total Cargo Terminal is spread over 27 acres of land with a covered area of 70,000 sq m excluding the disposal unit. The cargo traffic handled through this terminal also has crossed many milestones from 75,000 MT to 3 lakh MT during the last 24 years. As per the current dwell time of import and export cargo, this terminal is able to handle annually around 90 million MT of import and export cargo. Currently IGI Airport handles around 30 million MT annually so the terminal is capable to handle any future growth. Last five years have been very challenging and significant periods for IGIA and cargo terminal in terms of growth, qualitative improvements, automation and change of ownership. As per the government decision, IGI Airport along with the cargo terminal, was outsourced to a joint venture company DIAL (Delhi International Airport Pvt.Ltd) with a major share of GMR group under PPP mode. The operation management & development of the airport was taken over by DIAL from AAI (Airports Authority of India w.e.f. May 3, 2006). For the first time, IGIA cargo terminal crossed a milestone of handling more than 30 million MT of international cargo in a year, during 2007-2008. Dwell time of import cargo came down significantly to 127 hrs from 171 hrs, and export cargo to 27 hrs from 53 hrs as it was before, though our airport is still far behind to any international standard of 8 to 16 hrs. In regard to e- trade implementation, IGIA cargo terminal is the only terminal in the country which has implemented EDI in both export (2006) and import (2008) on a 100 per cent basis. This project has won for DIAL a prestigious e-Asia 2007 International Award by AFACT at Bangkok, Thailand under the category of trade facilitation. IGIA has also been adjudged the “Best Emerging Cargo Airport” during 2010.

Outsourcing of CARGO TERMINALS
DIAL has established two FACTS cargo terminal operators. The existing (Brownfield) cargo terminal has been outsourced for operation, management and development to a Turkish company called Celebi in November 25, 2009 and the development and operation of Greenfield cargo terminal adjacent to the existing terminal has been awarded to CSC India. These two operators will be competing against each other in terms of services and pricing. This will be beneficial to the trade and users in getting competitive pricing of handling charges as well as efficiency and quality in the services. The present covered area (70000 sqm) of the cargo terminal for processing will soon be increased more than double its present size. Accordingly, the handling capacity of IGIA, in terms of freight handling, will increase significantly. Both the operators are going to install new technologies and equipment of world standard
within the period of one year. The Greenfield terminal operator is also going to install highly sophisticated and efficient equipment. Both the terminal operators shall handle all types of international, domestic, express and perishable cargo from its respective cargo terminals. While the cargo terminal operation is outsourced to two reputed operators, DIAL holds the responsibility of customs custodianship and also plays a role of a facilitator/business partner/business developer, to enhance the air cargo business and bring operational excellence in the cargo processing/ operation.

DIAL has a vision to promote
IGIA as a ÂCargo gateway of IndiaÊ with targetted cargo traffic of 2.3 million tonnes within next 5 to 6 years. With these development plans of DIAL and the support of the government in improving the regulatory procedures, IGIA will achieve more than 11 per cent growth within a period of next 5 to 6 years period.



IGI AIRPORT.3% 0.2% 2.3% 0.3% 0.4% Total Cargo handled in May ‘09 % VARIATION ## Cargo Handled at Centre for Perishable Cargo 18110 13166 37.0% 0.2% 0.3% 0.1% 1.4% 0.9% 1. IN MT.8% 0.3% 2.1% 0.2% 0.0% 1.55% 2266 2169 4.5% 1. NEW DELHI (AIRLINE-WISE IMPORT/EXPORT CARGO PERFORMANCE F O R T H E M O N T H O F M AY.Cargo Performance Import/Export DELHI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT CARGO DEPARTMENT.9% 2.1% 0.2% 0.9% 1.4% 0.9% 0.4% 1.3% 0.6% 4.0% 0.5% 2.2% 0.7% 7. 2 0 1 0 ALL WT.6% 5.3% 1.IN .3% 1.7% 0.2% 2.8% 0.4% 5.) (UPL)(MTS) Import Total Cargo % of Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 Cathay Pacific Emirates Jet Airways British Airways Lufthansa Cargo Airline Air India Singapore Airlines Thai Airways Qatar Airways Aerologic Etihad Airways Turkish Airlines Klm Malaysian Airline System Fedex Express Corpation Swiss World Cargo(India) Uzbekistan Deccan Express Log China Air Virgin Atlantic Finnair Air France Saudia Austrian Airlines Eva Air Gulf Air China Eastern Airlines Aeroflot Cargo Airlines Jet Airways Japan Airlines Indian Airlines Air China Asiana Airlines Continental Airlines Kuwait Airlines Ariana Afghan Airlines Mahan Air Blue Dart Air Mauritius Oman Air Pamir Airways Ethopean Airlines Kam Air Pakistan International China Southern Airlines Air Arabia Sri Lankan Airlines Ltd Air Astana Turkmenisthan Airlines Royal Nepal Airlines Royal Jordanian Airlines Air India Express Jetlite Druk Air Misc 1206 1203 925 1157 950 1034 799 384 587 609 420 659 522 376 514 462 436 202 300 324 333 281 428 313 209 226 178 240 201 108 146 115 119 154 67 109 120 116 95 89 90 74 79 22 15 57 39 33 38 1 19 4 0 2 924 80 891 266 8 26 195 16 16 173 0 73 7 42 52 10 1 6 0 1 0 1 59 35 8 2 67 6 50 1 1 5 12 0 0 80 0 1 0 1 5 4 19 0 1 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 43 1286 2094 1191 1165 976 1229 815 400 760 609 493 666 563 427 524 463 441 202 301 324 334 340 463 321 210 292 184 290 202 108 151 128 119 154 147 109 120 116 97 94 94 92 79 23 15 57 39 38 38 1 19 4 0 2 966 2230 701 1190 929 988 728 833 1058 498 425 402 152 251 380 262 290 238 474 373 222 200 176 7 147 246 82 185 67 125 177 123 138 145 92 42 24 10 6 7 5 0 1 0 46 49 4 20 0 0 30 1 1 4 0 998 3516 2795 2381 2094 1964 1957 1648 1458 1259 1035 895 818 814 807 786 752 679 676 674 546 534 516 470 467 457 375 369 357 326 285 274 265 264 247 188 133 130 122 104 99 94 93 79 69 64 61 58 38 38 31 20 5 4 2 1964 9.9% 1.0% 0.5% 1.CARGOTALK.3% 1.4% 4.84% 36159 26621 35.7% 0.0% 3.83% 50 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW.3% 2.5% 0.7% 6.2% 0.7% 0.47% 20376 15335 32. S No Airlines Export(MTS) Export Perishable Cargo (MTS) Export (with Peri.0% 1.1% 0.1% 0.0% 5.87% 15783 11286 39.5% 2.8% 5.

31 476.91 14.78 1191.87 12.78 64.71 1656.66 256.52 6.37 500.56 73.13 38.59 323.15 256.36 396.00 6131.20 49.60 175.00 1.63 50.14 1384.37 260.96 14.57 34.13 40.29 2.64 299.06 469.63 701.27 44.26 369.09 146.20 278.33 64.70 549.56 216.45 680.43 721.93 0.16 0.43 727.80 618.14 1114.43 365.95 86.90 14.85 247.39 954.49 20.65 326.12 125.85 292.95 1006.19 1730.74 75.00 34.00 926.25 154.64 50.07 184.68 351.35 286.65 154.50 34.70 198.08 60.14 3.71 113.08 2462.27 981.83 2100.00 0.28 20.64 5230.62 639.51 35.54 0.99 253.72 38582.00 0.88 17747.66 73.32 0. Airlines Saudi Arabian Airlines Malaysian Airlines Air France Ethopian Airlines Turkish Airlines Delta Airlines/KLM/NW Gulf Air Korean Air UPS South African Airlines Kuwait Airways Kenya Airways Charters Qantas Jade Cargo Oman Air Air Mauritius Continental Airlines EL-AL Airlines Air Arabia Srilankan Air Pakistan Airways Yemenia Airways Iran Air Indian Airlines Egypt Air Deccan Cargo Blue Dart Bahrain Air Royal Jordanian Airways Others TOTAL 1564.25 14.21 53.24 370.40 9.14 0.61 34.85 2749.49 377.45 541.68 736.67 44.52 379.92 317.42 49.88 27.11 353.72 51 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 .10 0.74 198.00 0.09 1.47 7.52 124.75 259.16 77.85 96.09 249.66 1018.64 1304.55 88.31 712.69 19.01 311.85 14779.36 0.57 328.72 52.52 6.78 64.20 2767.04 659.56 295.96 0.01 0.07 53.09 89.92 906.02 12.00 19.66 633.49 0.43 103.80 356.94 266.97 417.21 0.71 7.38 28.49 66.00 139.21 3328.98 4134.20 1.59 396.00 0.68 10.31 3385.75 111.02 12.02 31.00 0.34 1155.70 450.44 3.86 0.00 101.51 381.94 146.00 105.98 2349.56 293.80 0.51 2852.48 19.85 20835.88 407.96 695.15 4156.91 594.05 804.01 450.38 285.74 1886.74 75.62 49.80 401.55 527.17 397.05 304.74 145.26 130.47 354.00 5.94 2347.10 26.29 276.01 1586.16 31.44 14.00 1.84 476.00 0.37 500.01 76.28 20.81 381.85 44.00 2.17 98.00 102.00 1.05 19.63 0.48 95.46 149.28 110.MUMBAI CSI AIRPORT EXPORT/IMPORT CARGO TONNAGE HANDLED IN MAY 2010 (Including TP Cargo) WEIGHT IN TONNES EXPORT S No Airlines General Perishable Total IMPORT TOTAL Exp +Imp 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 Jet Airways Emirates Air India Lufthansa Cathay Pacific British Airways Singapore Airlines Kingfisher Airlines Federal Express Qatar Airways Thai Airways Etihad Airways Swiss Intl.34 14.84 350.52 9.33 1035.65 10.79 75.50 1266.04 305.86 199.20 124.95 0.73 1203.63 658.27 1204.96 0.27 262.79 1440.

News in Brief Industry Update VRL LOGISTICS HONOURED WITH APOLLO CV AWARD VRL Logistics was recently conferred with the Apollo CV Award for the Best Practice Award Adopter of the Year 2010. According to the Blue dart sources. Indian Subcontinent and Africa (EMEA). and has served in a number of key management roles at both FedEx Express and FedEx Trade Networks. Vijay Sankeshwar. APPOINTS NEW REGIONAL PRESIDENT FedEx Express recently announced the appointment of Gerald P. The heavy-duty corrugated weather-proof cardboard box is further strapped to provide additional protection. Leary joined the Federal Express Corporation in 1974. express cargo movement re-distribution. Leary as regional president. this is another milestone for VRL Logistics. safe. ideal for heavier shipments. VRL provides its customers pertaining to road transportation. It is ‘built’ to accommodate shipments ranging from 30kg to 100kg.IN . FEDEX EXPRESS 52 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. Middle East. courier services. VRL Logistics. The sturdy packaging ensures additional safety of the shipment. Express Pallet is weather-resistant. Leary will be responsible for the leadership and strategic direction of FedEx Express EMEA. In his new role. Belgium.CARGOTALK. Europe. secure and affordable door-to-door packaging solution. Leary serves as senior vice president. Leary will be based at the companyÊs European headquarters in Brussels. passenger transportation and warehousing. FedEx Express. In his current position at FedEx Express. chairman. European Operations. Talking on this occasion. said that the company has the largest fleet backed with 3 decades of trust. Express Pallet is fitted with specially designed inbuilt wood-free pallet base for smooth and safe transportation via a forklift. After the recently received international accolade. 75 kg and 100 kg. The design and structure allows the same box to be adjusted into three different sizes with capacities of 50 kg. 1 3 2 Gerald P Leary Blue Dart launches Express Pallet for domestic operation Blue Dart has launched a packaging solution for its domestic customers called Express Pallet (Domestic).


ministry of shipping. 54 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. Chennai. Maersk Line has launched this new product keeping in view different needs of different customers at different times. under which the corporate body will own the port. said sources closed to the development. „Ideally. 1958 bearing in mind the mandatory tenets of the International Maritime Organisation Casualty Investigation. Ennore. It is. Paradip. ships and pollution to the marine environment.CARGOTALK.IN . There were several issues that require to be sorted. a landlord structure has been recommended where the corporate entity will own the port property and the actual operations would be leased out. KULPI PORT PROJECT PUT ON HOLD INDIAN MARITIME CASUALTY INVESTIGATION CELL CREATED The Ministry of Shipping has approved creation of Indian Maritime Casualty Investigation Cell in view of recent growth in marine traffic which resulted in increasing incidence of shipping casualities and consequent loss of lives. Mumbai.Shipping & Ports Shipping News MAERSK LINE LAUNCHES SERVICES FOR URGENT CARGO Maersk Line has recently launched an upgrade option that enables customers to get urgent cargo on board a ship and offers several other benefits. As part of this enhanced service. while the services will be leased out. Cochin. New Mangalore. DP World is now the majority stakeholder in the promoting company. secretary. According to K Mohandas. It is available only at the time of booking and only for vessels where the market demand is greater than the capacity available. 12 state-owned ports are Kolkata (with Haldia). the promoter has changed. the shipping line will embark a limited space on the vessel for Priority Product will while anticipating high demand. there will be services where the company will not be offering the upgrade option due to local regulations such as FMC regulations. Meanwhile. One of the primary objectives of the Cell will be to conduct investigation into the causes of casualty and incidents in accordance with the provisions of the Merchant Shipping Act. will help customers who have compulsion to send certain key shipments. However. Maersk Line will now offer its customers the choice of upgrading their booking. some with the Union government and others with the State government. It has been about 15 years since the proposal to set up a port at Kulpi on the bank of the river Hooghly was first mooted. the project has been put on hold. Tuticorin. with an objective to bring in greater autonomy for these ports. The new service known as ‘Priority Product Upgrade’. Visakhapatanam. when a booking rejection or a delayed shipment would normally be the only other alternatives. A final decision on corporatisation is yet to be taken. Despite a decision taken by the government that there would a port at Kulpi in West Bengal.‰ Mohandas added. Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust and Kandla · which handle over 500 million tonnes (MT) of cargo annually. though there is a sufficient fund available. Mormugao. unlikely to follow disinvestment. Priority Product Upgrade is a loading priority option offered to a customer.” said the company sources. “So. government would prefer a „landlord‰ pattern for corporatisation. CORPORATISATION OF 12 MAJOR PORTS ON THE ANVIL The government is reported to be considering corporatisation of the 12 major ports in the country. however.


01 161 140 9385 8591 43 21 56 324 666 1071 20 24 1 2 248 351 10579 10522 0.54 3083 3392 1160 1297 164 158 6 552 356 123 77 8 4 496 628 5578 5914 -5.33 15153 14852 2. Raw Coal TherComal king Container TonTEUs nage Other Cargo Total % var.60 56 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW.CARGOTALK.03 94449 91165 3.T.51 81 85 211 68 1308 1932 11 15 1611 2100 -23.73 17658 17314 1.60 8212 6498 31 202 896 636 133 157 505 245 79 111 427 327 24 21 3403 3208 13686 11384 20.L Iron Ore Fertilizer Fin.99 1679 1564 7.60 3.P.93 2143 1702 2070 2263 425 620 2812 2938 657 594 14 4 2 878 1047 8999 9168 -1.41 1279 1054 21.29 3113 3741 2846 2745 433 371 27 85 486 654 1253 1312 343 172 20 11 1706 2006 10207 11086 -7. TRF APRIL-MAY’2010 TRF APRIL-MAY’2009 KANDLA TRF APRIL-MAY’2010 TRF APRIL-MAY’2009 ALL PORTS TRF APRIL-MAY’2010 TRF APRIL-MAY’2009 % Variation from 28963 27393 5.35 5490 5442 67 23 40 513 894 117 110 12 10 3425 1839 9568 8392 14.N.29 1928 2348 1127 1083 53 16 24 677 280 137 258 4780 3161 247 176 1544 1867 10209 9074 12.IN .99 18260 15421 18.68 1889 1390 16 27 26 42 725 568 53 45 164 157 2805 2199 27.24 160 99 118 11 1083 1006 61 57 593 752 1954 1868 4.91 4311 4737 -8.Shipping Statistics Export/Import INDIAN PORT ASSOCIATION TRAFFIC HANDLED AT MAJOR PORTS (DURING APRIL TO MAY 2010* VIS-A-VIS APRIL TO MAY 2009) (*) TENTATIVE (IN ‘000 TONNES) PORT Target/ Traffic P.56 100 112 109 183 169 110 903 1106 1119 1008 75 67 1332 1224 3732 3743 -0.82 7590 8816 -13.29 1620 1620 710 1054 34 59 15 330 401 967 1035 327 224 24 18 998 1241 5001 5634 -11. against 2008-09 KOLKATA Kolkata Dock System TRF APRIL-MAY’2010 TRF APRIL-MAY’2009 Haldia Dock Complex TRF APRIL-MAY’2010 TRF APRIL-MAY’2009 TOTAL: KOLKATA TRF APRIL-MAY’2010 TRF APRIL-MAY’2009 PARADIP TRF APRIL-MAY’2010 TRF APRIL-MAY’2009 VISAKHAPATNAM TRF APRIL-MAY’2010 TRF APRIL-MAY’2009 ENNORE TRF APRIL-MAY’2010 TRF APRIL-MAY’2009 CHENNAI TRF APRIL-MAY’2010 TRF APRIL-MAY’2009 TUTICORIN TRF APRIL-MAY’2010 TRF APRIL-MAY’2009 COCHIN TRF APRIL-MAY’2010 TRF APRIL-MAY’2009 NEW MANGALORE TRF APRIL-MAY’2010 TRF APRIL-MAY’2009 MORMUGAO TRF APRIL-MAY’2010 TRF APRIL-MAY’2009 MUMBAI TRF APRIL-MAY’2010 TRF APRIL-MAY’2009 J.84 1780 1719 828 1065 34 59 15 0 330 401 967 1035 1410 1230 85 75 1591 1993 6955 7502 -7.O.35 835 1068 -21.22 983 824 9182 8740 751 643 355 517 10520 10081 4.


N.P.61 9338 16949 7684 8747 176 317 118 230 1489 1915 6036 5923 2010 2373 124 127 6399 5337 33250 41791 -20.20 395 366 936 1111 9279 9708 93 315 10703 11500 -6.’2010 TRF APRIL-MAR.Shipping Statistics Export/Import [REVISED ON 6-4-2010] INDIAN PORTS ASSOCIATION TRAFFIC HANDLED AT MAJOR PORTS (DURING APRIL TO MARCH’2010* VIS-A-VIS APRIL TO MARCH’2009) (*) TENTATIVE (IN ‘000 TONNES) PORT Target/ Traffic P.’2009 VISAKHAPATNAM TRF APRIL-MAR.25 10949 12153 -9. Raw Coal TherComal king Container TonTEUs nage Other Cargo Total % var.07 13425 13132 7882 8358 357 516 234 267 1835 2446 1527 1656 23476 20580 1225 1144 12321 10536 61057 57491 6.19 21339 21328 7062 9774 820 905 13 13 2791 1929 475 404 31 29 3028 2338 35528 36691 -3.45 8.10 5082 4552 53078 50602 4061 3953 2586 2137 60746 57291 6.’2009 KANDLA TRF APRIL-MAR.’2010 TRF APRIL-MAR.’2010 TRF APRIL-MAR.’2010 TRF APRIL-MAR.37 99914 94036 6.’2009 NEW MANGALORE TRF APRIL-MAR.93 18290 19758 18108 17521 2909 3408 775 726 3712 3440 7406 7581 1679 1362 98 88 12622 10112 65501 63908 2.91 6779 6074 11.’2010 TRF APRIL-MAR.’2009 CHENNAI TRF APRIL-MAR.74 47211 45538 660 129 4912 5195 788 298 2296 1407 929 467 2421 2136 146 137 20304 17055 79521 72225 10.’2010 TRF APRIL-MAR.’2010 TRF APRIL-MAR.30 95107 78593 21.CARGOTALK.’2010 TRF APRIL-MAR.’2010 TRF APRIL-MAR.’2009 MORMUGAO TRF APRIL-MAR.’2009 ALL PORTS TRF APRIL-MAR.49 11647 4816 16158 14272 81 173 3486 3396 14818 14698 5003 5435 44 31 4 2 5774 3591 57011 46412 22.’2010 TRF APRIL-MAR.’2010 TRF APRIL-MAR.’2010 TRF APRIL-MAR.T.03 34596 34371 201 117 241 193 3745 3266 606 1291 58 92 15154 12638 54543 51876 5.O.84 10062 20385 8493 9035 178 317 163 239 1489 1915 6052 5923 8655 7849 501 429 11203 8556 46295 54219 -14.60 6871 6588 4.’2009 J.L Iron Ore Fertilizer Fin.96 58 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW.’2009 PARADIP TRF APRIL-MAR. TRF APRIL-MAR.’2010 TRF APRIL-MAR.01 560968 530533 5.IN .44 724 3436 809 288 2 45 9 16 6645 5476 377 302 4804 3219 13045 12428 4.’2010 TRF APRIL-MAR.74 5.’2009 TUTICORIN TRF APRIL-MAR.’2009 TOTAL: KOLKATA TRF APRIL-MAR.’2009 Haldia Dock Complex TRF APRIL-MAR.’2009 % Variation from previous year 175482 176138 -0. against 2008-09 KOLKATA Kolkata Dock System TRF APRIL-MAR.45 514 503 41 1223 1147 868 677 5813 5713 6599 5482 440 439 8729 8489 23787 22011 8.’2009 ENNORE TRF APRIL-MAR.’2009 COCHIN TRF APRIL-MAR.83 27492 101153 27098 93140 1.61 44092 43301 1.’2009 MUMBAI TRF APRIL-MAR.17 11957 10491 27 143 193 211 265 148 259 3928 3256 290 261 1042 737 1742 15228 14.14 964 898 40574 33809 125 182 957 449 3784 4107 192 147 17 14 2251 2089 48847 41681 17.’2010 TRF APRIL-MAR.


15 7.349.92 14.CARGOTALK.465.165.193.448.7 85022 126175 48.03 19.29 41.58 11.1 66169 90573 36.88 53.835.26 78.163.51 Import 21.2 12397 16887 36.199.991.899.572.566.050.085.1 0 ( A P R .35 30.700.11 41.107.18 27.96 21.05 3.3 19052 27307 43.836.524.038.88 22.86 19.136.441.96 10. ) Country CHINA P RP U ARAB EMTS USA SAUDI ARAB GERMANY IRAN SWITZERLAND AUSTRALIA SINGAPORE HONG KONG KOREA RP INDONESIA UK JAPAN Export 34.43 6.07 28.361.117.420.449.94 10.48 11.37 37. .984.42 Source: Ministry of Commerce 60 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW.518.86 26.761.63 28.4 95377 121517 27.36 25.011.61 441.087.197.61 47.27 12.58 7.31 39.613. Crore) (PROVISIONAL) EXPORTS (including re-exports) 2008-2009 2009-2010 %Growth 2009-2010/ 2008-2009 IMPORTS 2008-2009 2009-2010 %Growth 2009-2010/ 2008-2009 TRADE BALANCE 2008-2009 2009-2010 12916 19908 54.89 Import 1.906.978.77 5.818.1 185295 176574 -4.04 4.D E C.55 Country BELGIUM NETHERLAND KUWAIT NIGERIA MALAYSIA SOUTH AFRICA IRAQ ITALY FRANCE BRAZIL UNSPECIFIED Total of Top 25 countries India’s Total Export 12.896.95 18.554.IN .60 65.367.34 24.17 40.94 35.71 751.371.12 15.446.319.07 34.259.10 57.14 15.72 23.7 MARCH APRIL-MARCH 19052 27307 43.32 1.751.302.860.Shipping Statistics Export/Import EXPORT IMPORT IN APRIL 2010 EXPORT IMPORT 2009-10 EXPORTS & IMPORTS : (US $ Million) (PROVISIONAL) EXPORTS/ (including re-exports) 2009-10 2010-11 %Growth2010-11/ 2009-2010 IMPORTS 2009-10 2010-11 %Growth2010-11/ 2009-2010 TRADE BALANCE 2009-2010 2010-11 EXPORTS & IMPORTS : (Rs.3 16597 27733 67.14 25.35 135.800.145.981.59 55.23 10.44 30.300.265.21 29.299.17 19.99 54.979.697.583.66 Total Trade 142.847. Crore) (PROVISIONAL) EXPORTS (including re-exports) 2009-10 2010-11 %Growth2010-11 / 2009-2010 IMPORTS 2009-10 2010-11 %Growth2010-11/ 2009-2010 TRADE BALANCE 2009-2010 2010-11 12397 16887 36.811.69 45.56 11.391.437.2 APRIL APRIL-APRIL EXPORTS & IMPORTS : (US $ Million) (PROVISIONAL) EXPORTS (including re-exports) 2008-2009 2009-2010 %Growth 2009-2010/ 2008-2009 IMPORTS 2008-2009 2009-2010 %Growth 2009-2010/ 2008-2009 TRADE BALANCE 2008-2009 2009-2010 EXPORTS & IMPORTS : (Rs.4 1374434 1318188 -4.76 13.72 24.2 -6654 -10420 -6654 -10420 -3680 -7825 -118401 -102106 MARCH APRIL-MARCH APRIL APRIL-APRIL 62064 75147 21.171.67 17.759.635.1 95377 121517 27.244.96 46.97 11.07 27.006.50 22.1 303696 278681 -8.720.703.146.88 599.523.793.901.49 15.136.02 44.699.022.53 Total Trade 33.24 23.702.63 955.51 1.18 40.521.622.338.15 46.59 23.49 28.401.37 2.12 7.1 62064 75147 21.94 2.686.4 -18853 -35602 -533680 -482924 -33313 -46370 -33313 -46370 Figures for 2008-09 are final including late receipt of data whereas the figures for 2009-10 are provisional C O U N T RY W I S E E X P O RT A N D I M P O RT I N 2 0 0 9 .9 840754 835264 -0.209.39 69.


2 -100.1 30.5 408452 333473 102751 36295 32779 279 914029 378610 297931 99690 30230 25220 217 831898 7.IN .4 49.4 671.1 36.2 37.9 9.6 -1.7 12.0 6 JV INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS 12 13 14 15 16 17 MUMBAI (MIAL) DELHI (DIAL) BANGALORE (BIAL) HYDERABAD (GHIAL) COCHIN (CIAL) NAGPUR (MIPL) TOTAL 41825 34673 11786 4004 3211 33 95532 33064 26723 8803 2782 2941 24 74337 26.5 0 702 378 0 1349 0 0 0 0 2429 0 0 1270692 0 917 49 0 904 0 3 0 0 1873 0 0 1149923 -23.2 33. AIRPORT MARCH-2010 MARCH-2009 % CHANGE For the period April to March 2009-10 2008-09 % CHANGE 11 INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 CHENNAI KOLKATA AHMEDABAD GOA TRIVANDRUM CALICUT GUWAHATI JAIPUR SRINAGAR AMRITSAR PORTBLAIR TOTAL 26114 3602 1348 223 3638 2114 0 41 0 451 0 37531 19716 3176 767 199 2385 1261 0 19 0 117 0 27640 32.6 13.9 3000. No.7 12.9 43.1 52.5 35.9 3.6 9. A I R CA R G O I N T E R N A T I O N A L F R E I G H T Freight (in Tonnes) For the Month Sl.5 28.0 28.5 Source: AAI TOTAL (20 Non-Custom Domestic A 0 OTHER AIRPORTS GRAND TOTAL (11+6+9+20+OTH) 0 133299 62 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW.0 31.3 5.9 11.5 29.8 249522 40088 11657 917 31708 17132 0 446 0 2764 0 354234 219562 40743 10294 688 30169 12556 2 340 0 1798 0 316152 13.7 10.2 53.8 285.1 20.6 115.5 13.CARGOTALK.0 29.4 -100.4 75.0 41.Cargo Performance Freight Traffic T RAF F I C S TAT I ST I CS.8 69.7 33.8 30.9 9 CUSTOM AIRPORTS 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 PUNE COIMBATORE LUCKNOW MANGALORE TRICHY BAGDOGRA VARANASI PATNA GAYA TOTAL 0 62 62 0 112 0 0 0 0 236 0 58 2 0 79 0 0 0 0 139 0 0 102116 6.5 67.


along with the company officials (L-R) Klien Fernandes and M Ajaz at the launch of Zip Express Shine Logistics and Mitsu-Suko team along with a Japanese company. secretary MOCA during ‘India Aviation 2010’ 64 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 Inauguration of Celebi cargo office at IGI Airport.Family Album Glimpses M Premkumar. group managing director and CEO.IN .CARGOTALK. VP logistics and marketing-Uniworld announcing the launch of Daruhera logistics park Tulshidas Khimji sets up JV with Hankyu Group Jayakrishnan Nambiar. the chairman’s media advisor and M Madhavan Nambiar. after inauguration of their factory in Rajasthan ACAAI Convention 2009 in Goa Aryan Cargo Express officials (L-R) Vishnu Singh Rawal. Mukul Pathak and Rishiraj Dungurpur announcing the ACE flight launch in New Delhi (L-R) VP Agrawal. and Nihar Parida. chairman AAI. Gp captain DC Mehta. GM. DB Group India. New Delhi CII Logistics Summit 2009 in Chennai WWW.

CEO. it witnessed several new launches and events pertaining to cargo and logistics industry in India. Safexpress receiving ‘Best Supply Chain Company Award’ Inauguration of the first DACAAI Convention in Mumbai 65 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 . Cargo Talk presents some highlights… FLASH BACK Vineet Kanaujia conferred with brand Leadership Award (L-R) Gautam Nath. Wolfgang Lehmacher and Vipin Vohra at the launch of DPD Continental Pawan Jain.Praful Patel. CEO Cargo Service Center and PS Nair. DIAL after signing the pact to build a green field cargo terminal at IGI Airport 2009-10 JBS Family launches Centre for Shipping and Logistics Industry Glimpses of Despite the financial year 2009-10 was a challenging year. civil aviation minister and Captain Gopinath founder Deccan 360 at the launch of Deccan 360’s domestic services Radharamanan Panicker. CMD.

7 23.4 14.8 10.1 1998 5301 938 1745 1157 1593 6724 219 574 4719 0 677 924 1368 1247 23 383 342 635 331 30898 1057 686447 1287 4952 766 2198 1094 1444 5979 413 572 3864 0 449 1028 842 963 27 412 319 666 299 27574 1004 552062 55.4 206.2 81.7 73153 66497 11018 3460 1442 368 5037 5763 1805 349 2290 171182 174184 163913 71893 30164 7857 4195 452206 17845 6285 3407 382 25 869 363 1928 0 31104 52806 49127 12739 3289 1415 363 1642 2142 1501 376 2139 127539 151328 128332 58310 26981 5935 3678 374564 11653 4616 1873 311 20 636 315 1957 0 21381 38.3 Source: AAI 66 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW.1 5.1 36.0 51.0 7.8 39.1 37.7 10.2 -4.7 3.0 36.5 -6.1 34.5 35.0 22.8 0.3 11.2 15.0 20.Cargo Performance Freight Traffic TRAFFIC STATISTICS.5 45.3 -7.7 85. No.0 36.7 -50.1 62.2 1.2 38.2 7.5 -14.8 14.1 20.1 29.5 146.0 23.5 -20.5 -47.3 38.8 50.5 197 408 89 180 114 149 602 26 44 355 0 72 68 112 152 2 28 27 43 29 2697 73 66996 116 356 69 132 105 110 645 14 34 356 0 52 79 77 86 4 33 26 43 31 2368 69 48155 69.1 47.5 88.0 0.4 8.1 17.3 22.4 199.1 56.8 -7.9 45.8 -10.0 -100.6 35.7 11.4 69.8 32.6 42.8 43.5 13.7 29.3 64.5 -13.8 50.4 -8.CARGOTALK.9 35.5 29.2 7.IN . AIRPORT MARCH-2010 MARCH-2009 % CHANGE For the period April to March 2009-10 2008-09 % Change 11 INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS 1 CHENNAI 2 KOLKATA 3 AHMEDABAD 4 GOA 5 TRIVANDRUM 6 CALICUT 7 GUWAHATI 8 JAIPUR 9 SRINAGAR 10 AMRITSAR 11 PORTBLAIR TOTAL 6 JV INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS 12 MUMBAI (MIAL) 13 DELHI (DIAL) 14 BANGALORE (BIAL) 15 HYDERABAD (GHIAL) 16 COCHIN (CIAL) 17 NAGPUR (MIPL) TOTAL 9 CUSTOM AIRPORTS 18 PUNE 19 COIMBATORE 20 LUCKNOW 21 MANGALORE 22 TRICHY 23 BAGDOGRA 24 VARANASI 25 PATNA 26 GAYA TOTAL 20 DOMESTIC AIRPORTS 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 BHUBANESWAR INDORE VISAKHAPATNAM VADODARA JAMMU RAIPUR AGARATALA CHANDIGARH MADURAI IMPHAL UDAIPUR RANCHI BHOPAL LEH AURANGABAD TIRUPATI JUHU SILCHAR RAJKOT DIBRUGARH TOTAL OTHER AIRPORTS GRAND TOTAL(11+6+9+20+OTH) 8040 6366 916 321 110 44 476 609 124 32 203 17241 15473 16495 6918 2746 667 707 43006 2578 740 299 30 0 88 23 221 0 3979 5360 4282 889 259 128 34 159 359 87 13 147 11717 13136 10992 4414 2457 466 271 31736 1369 451 217 20 2 35 25 146 0 2265 50.9 -14.1 160.3 24.6 5.4 -0.2 3.5 5.0 48.5 76.6 15.8 169.9 1.1 50.0 -15.0 -6.3 12.7 53.4 -13.6 29.9 22. AIR CARGO D O M E S T I C F R E I G H T Freight (in Tonnes) For the Month Sl.4 75.2 -1.1 27.7 12.0 151.9 5.8 25.


CARGOTALK. with a fleet of 15 vehicles and 30 employees. CMD OM Lo gi sti cs Ajay Singhal In the early 80s. who are highly qualified and well-trained. He believes that giving due importance to family should also be a part of one’s responsibility. tennis and swimming. Singhal entered the logistics and during the same decade. as one of the leading managers in handling of surface. we present the profiles (in alphabetical order). sea. both professional as well as personal. Costing around Rs 20 lakhs per truck. Agarwal is an active managing committee member of Bombay Goods Transport Association. he started his own business.K Agarwal has a dual role of taking full control of DRS and the marketing division of DRS Group. Today. Agarwal loves music. He promotes NGO activities. Today “Om Group” is the growing supply chain management company and has established itself in the Indian sub-continent. Agarwal ensures spending time with family during the week ends. In this Annual Issue of Cargo Talk. Agarwal was ambitious in doing business across the sector. In the 90s. he established Om Auto carriers.Who isWho Beyond Business Logistics industry in India Meet the Majors The protagonists of the cargo industry or the logistics industry as a whole are the silent heroes behind developing the country’s economy. train and air cargo. He organises seminars and workshops for the benefits of the industry. Born in 1975. of some of those leaders.His vision is to be the largest and most popular cold chain company in india. He is married and blessed with a son and a daughter. A. which includes 40 feet container with a cost around 40 lakhs per truck.IN . In 1995. Singhal founded Om Logistics to consolidate various logistics and other services related to supply chain management. which he later diversified to logistics and education. Agarwal has added 104 refrigerated trucks. Om Air Freight came into existence to cater to air cargo segment. he did his graduation in commerce and management. They are equally concerned about other areas. 68 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. The firm worked with Maruti Udyog and later with Bajaj Auto. From his childhood. express. which are beyond business. the company acquired three refrigerated trucks within three months. Calcutta and did MBA from NMIMS. Agarwal did not want to stick to the tag of transporter and he decided and showed courage to go for refrigerated trucking business. director C r y s t a l R oa dway s Akash Agarwal Agarwal is the youngest director of crystal roadways which was started in 1983 by his father Muralilal Agarwal. director D R S gro up AK Agarwal Agarwal started his career in 1994 as a management trainee in his family owned business. He studied in St James School.


He is a serious reader and spends his holidays in the Indian Institute of Public Administration library. charming.IN passenger airlines in the country). focused and a go-getter. Anil Gupta managing director Container Corporation of India (Concor) An Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) cadre. Amit Bajaj director Amit Chakraborty Image Logistics managing director Started his career with Continental Carriers in 2002 as a management trainee. He is inclined to reading and swimming. Air India Anita Khurana director cargo Anita Khurana has more than 33 years of experience in the aviation industry and is counted amongst the stalwarts of the Indian aviation industry.CARGOTALK. Other than work and business networking. He was associated with the ICD Dadri (UP) and the 3rd Terminal project at JNPT. He is also a member of Northern India Offroad Club. She was also honoured with several prestigious awards. He went to Jamaica as a consultant pertaining to the Jamaican Railway revival project. in 2006. He is supported by his father who looks after the legal issues of Mituj. Gupta’s wife is a teacher with Delhi Administration. Later he diversified into domestic air cargo agency business by taking cargo agency of Indian Airlines. Chakroborty makes every effort to ensure that his work creates an environment where his colleagues. An MA (economics) from Delhi School of Economics. after more than 20 years in the industry he knows that he has made the best choice. when he worked at the warehouse. HR and Finance from various management schools. she is holding the vital portfolios of director commercial & cargo of Air India. He also did consultancy services for World Bank from India. Gupta conceived and commissioned the ICD Tughlakabad in Delhi in September 1993. Mumbai. He predicts that India will be a major player in this industry which is steadily increasing in volumes. Mumbai. etc. He also completed executive course in Leadership from IIM Lucknow. Gwalior. Bajaj’s wife is a management graduate and associated with teaching profession. sending relief cargo to the people of Iraq during the Iraq war. Gupta joined Northern Railway in 1982 and worked in different positions till 1989. In India. Com (Hons). ISO 9002 for Indian Airlines Cargo. With an MCA from IGNOU and a diploma in Travel and Tourism from Institute Indian Institute of Travel and Tourism Management. Andy Brant C E O Menzies Aviation Bobba (Bangalore) Andy Brant moved to India in 2008 as CEO of Menzies Aviation Bobba (Bangalore). and has been a part of the Freight business for many years. 70 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. Bajaj is a member and joint secretary of Domestic Air Cargo Agents Association of India (DACAAI). daughter is working with bank and son has completed engineering. After two years. and other courses in Motivation.CARGOTALK. he switched to Servisair at LHR. Chakroborty is involved in lot of social activities with a welfare group. clients and he can work together as a team for a symbiotic growth. Brant began his professional career and after working with several companies realised that his heart was with the cargo industry. He joined Concor on deputation in December 1989 as senior manager and elevated to the managing director’s post in November 2009. They have two daughters. introduction of dedicated freighter services (first by any WWW. Brant began his career in cargo industry in 1991. Soft spoken. Jet Airways and Sahara Airlines. Gupta acquired professional training in Belgium on multimodal transport system with practical experience from the port of Antwerp and Rotterdam. and today. In 2005.IN . Anita’s achievements include – introduction of cargo automation. His mother remained to be the driving force for Mituj at its inception. At the young age of 18. again as Operations Manager. Her focus is also on developing a freighter network with the Department of Post. Bajaj started Mituj Marketing as a franchisee of Modiluft Couriers.Who isWho Beyond Business M i tu j M a rket i ng Fresh out of college with B. From being a recipient of the National Science Talent Search Scholarship to emerging as a topper in the 1976 MBA Marketing batch of the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. Brant has progressed through the ranks of this industry to become the Operations manager with Menzies Aviation at LHR in 2004. he began his own business with Image Logistics. Over the years. into Offroad Driving of 4x4 SUVs. The hardworking CEO is an avid fan of football and the Chelsea Football club is his favourite. He also set up an ICD in Nepal.

Who isWho
Beyond Business

Ansgar Sickert
Fra p o r t I nd i a

managing director
Sickert graduated from the London School of Economics with a Masters in International Relations. While he imagined a career in the diplomatic service or some international organisation, he stumbled on a stop-gap job with Heathrow Express that was going to change his plans in unforeseen ways. Sickert took on a job with the TQM department on the construction of the Heathrow Express Rail Link project undertaken by BAA (formerly British Airports Authority). In 2001, he joined Fraport AG - one of the world’s leading owners and operators of airports. In 2006, together with four colleagues, Sickert was associated with Delhi International Airport Pvt Limited (DIAL), which is modernising and operating Delhi airport. Fraport has 10 per cent stake in DIAL. He continues to promote Frankfurt Airport on the subcontinent and works with Indian passenger as well as cargo carriers to support their plans to operate flights to Europe’s Star Alliance hub in Frankfurt. Sickert is married to a native Delhiite and has two young sons. He is a keen traveller and enjoys languages, sports and cinema. He is also an occasional guest columnist, a trend started with Cargo Talk several years back.

Anurag Birla
Air Shagoon

managing director
Birla studied economics and graduated from Delhi University. He started his career as GM (India) for Air Ukraine in 1993 and was responsible for passenger and cargo sales for the airline in India. Gradually he ventured into the air cargo charter segment. Since 2002, Birla has been working as the managing director of Air Shagoon Network, a Delhi based company. He was a regular cricket player for over twenty years. He is also an avid traveller and likes travelling and exploring different countries and their art and culture. He has one son aged 17 and a daughter aged 19. His wife is into interior designing business.

managing director Arvind Nayak Nayak Aviation Services and president, DACAAI
Nayak is a graduate in science from Mysore University, Karnataka. He started his career in construction business in 1980 in Delhi. And since 1995 he has been in freight forwarding and aviation industry. He also runs other businesses including exports of vaccines to CIS countries, distributorship of German natural energy Drink 28 Black in India. He is happily married and having two daughters. He is fond of reading and traveling. Nayak is the first national president of Domestic Air Cargo Agents Association of India. He is a member and past treasurer of Rotary Club, Vasant Kunj, Delhi.

Arvind Rathi p r e s i d e n t Namaste Airport Services
At an early age, Rathi recognised the potential of the airline industry and directly entered into service with Aeroflot Russian Airlines as assistant manager airport. Over the next 20 years, he handled one of the largest carriers known in the world during its time. In the early nineties, with the open sky policy coming into existence, Rathi concentrated on establishing Wingspan Express which came from an agent to a joint venture partner of Aeroflot Cargo. Under his leadership, sheer determination and confidence, Wingspan has been active and at the forefront of civil aviation in India for over a decade. The latest of his challenging ventures has been the appointment as GSSA of Aryan Cargo Express, the all cargo international airlines under his new company Namaste Airport Services (P) Ltd

Ashish Kapur
Cathay Pacific Airways

regional manager, cargo

Kapur began his career with a tour operator in September 1994 at Executive Tours. After working with a couple of prominent names in the next few years, in 2001, he joined Cathay Pacific Airways as manager on duty and later became airport services manager. He was appointed cargo manager - India, Nepal, Bangladesh in 2007 and now takes on the role of regional manager in 2010. His total work experience has been around 15 yrs. He graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Delhi University. His immediate family members include his wife (Sovika) and a four year old daughter. His hobbies are music and like all Indians, he is a cricket lover.

Babu Kuriakose
ETA Freightstar

vice president-marketing

After graduation, he joined B.Boda & Co as a marine surveyor in January 1980. In 1985, he became a part of Patvolk. After 13 years in Patvolk, he shifted to CMT ( Agents of The Shipping Corporation of India) where he shifted to the senior management slot. Since 2007, he has been working with ETA Freightstar as vice president – marketing. Kuriakose wants to do something for those living in old age homes. He plans to pursue this dream once he retires from service, which may be in the next 4-5 years. Another area he wants to contribute to, is to educate today’s youngsters on overcoming stress.



director Bhairavi Jani S CA Gro up of C om p a nies
Bhairavi is a fourth generation entrepreneur taking the family business that was started by her great grandfather in 1896. She is executive director and CEO for TranSmart, and joint managing director, Scmooth. Bhairavi has a bachelor of science in business with Magna Cum Laude from Miami University, Ohio. Post her graduation, she worked with KPMG Consulting in Washington D.C. She returned to India in October 2000 and began her foray into business by setting up a small fourth party logistics company in India. In 2005, after completing the MyGlobe Executive Education Programme at INSEAD in France, Bhairavi moved into the role of the director for all the companies under the SCA Group. Bhairavi spends considerable amount of time in participating in social and charitable causes. She works on education and health related matters for the underprivileged children. She is the National Chairperson of Young Indians, CII.

joint managing director Bharat J Thakkar Zeus Air Services and vice president, ACAAI
Thakkar finished his schooling at the Dadar Parsi Youths Assembly High School, Parsee Colony, Dadar, Mumbai. After appearing for S.S.C board exam in 1973 at the age of 17, he entered into the freight forwarding industry as a cargo assistant (temporary staff) at Hermes Travel & Cargo and within 6 months of training, he got confirmation and was promoted to cargo in- charge at a stipend of Rs 150.00 per month with office in Fort, Mumbai. On January 1, 1986, Zeus started its journey. During the early Zeus days between 1986 to 2000, Thakkar spent lot of time travelling overseas meeting consignee, agents visiting branches, etc. I attended the Lala Lajpatrai Collage of Commerce at Haji Ali in the morning classes between 6 to 9 am after doing night shift at the airport handling perishables and thereafter from 11 a.m to 6 p.m at the office. Thakkar and his wife, Nina, have been blessed with two daughters and one son. Thakkar is associated with the Air Cargo Agents Association of India since 2000 and is currently the vice- president.

Captain Kapil Bagga
JAS Forwarding Worldwide

countr y head and CEO

After the completion of his schooling and graduation, he joined merchant navy and commanded various vessels in the span of 18 years and headed various positions. He obtained the position of Captain in merchant navy. Bagga joined Senator Lines as head northern region. Later he joined CMB Lines as northern region head. He pioneered a company by the name of Associated Container Lines. Bagga initiated yet another venture Jas Forwarding Worldwide in India, a company under the management of Jas Forwarding Worldwide USA, as country head and CEO Indian operations. Bagga aims Jas Forwarding Worldwide to achieve No. 1 position in the field of freight forwarding and intends to foray into logistics business in India very soon. Capt. Bagga firmly believes in four C’s - correctness, clarity, conciseness and courtesy. He is the recipient of Excellence Award by Institute of Economic Studies

Captain GR Gopinath


Captain Gopinath, had a humble beginning in a remote village of Karnataka. He forayed into the aviation sector in 1995. Before that, he served for eight years in the army as a commissioned officer. He was the main force behind the beginning of Deccan charters (former Deccan aviation). One day, Capt. Gopinath woke up to the fact that India was not just about a billion hungry people - it was about a billion consumers. Thus, Air Deccan (a low cost carrier) was born! When Air Deccan merged with the UB group, Capt. Gopinath shifted his focus to developing Deccan 360, a multimodal distribution and delivery network. Deccan 360 has launched international freight operations with an Airbus A310 freighter in its fleet.On Nov 1st 2005, Capt. Gopinath was honoured with the prestigious “Rajotsava Award” by Government of Karnataka and in May 2006, he was knighted with “Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur” the highest civilian award conferred by the French Government.

Captain Mukul Pathak
Aryan Cargo Express


Pathak joined National Defence Academy in 1983 after passing 12th from Navayug Public School, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi. He passed out of NDA in 1986. He became an officer in the Indian Navy in 1987 and joined the Fleet Air Arm in the same year. In 1988, Pathak was posted to fighter squadron in the Indian Navy. He took premature retirement from the Navy in 1995 as lieutenant and joined the civil Aviation in 1996. His first job as F/O was with Jet Airways. Thereafter, he served with Air Sahara, Kingfisher and Deccan. In 2007, he left Deccan to set up Aryan Cargo Express (ACE). Pathak has a daughter (17 yrs) and a son (8 yrs). His wife is also involved with the development of ACE. In spare time, he likes to do web search. Astrology is one of his hobbies.


and four grandchildren. He also initiated the agency of tank containers as Sundersons was the first company to educate its customers in carriage of liquid cargo in tank containers.Who isWho Beyond Business Capt. Singh took over as area cargo sales and operations manager-India. Singh’s family consists of his wife and daughter. Jet Air (Nov 1996 – April 2004 with principal responsibility of Gulf Air). He is married and blessed by two boys. He has gained significant experience in line and staff management at the corporate. Singh believes in “Service before self” mantra which he imbibed from his army family background. Singh started his professional career with Chaudhari International Travel & Cargo. Palsule chose logistics as a career. Presently heading the cargo division of SpiceJet since Mar 2008) Eddie was the chairman of the Airlines Operators Committee (cargo. Gradually he was looking after both sales and operations and became the in-charge of the northern region in 1997. who started this business and gave him the insight into the shipping industry. He is a strong believer in the abilities of people who with the right processes and products can deliver profit. Presently. regional and local levels in the logistics and transportation industry in India. His family consists of his wife and 2 children – a girl and a boy (who are married and well settled). he is actively involved with the Air Cargo Club of Delhi and DLF Gymkhana Club. The requirement of a company having expertise in carriage of liquid cargo was the need of the hour. is also playing the key role behind the success. He reads voraciously and has wide range of interests from philosophy to fiction. before becoming the general manager for north & east India at UPS and the country manager of Europcar. In April 2006. Finnair. Lalwani’s late father. He was a Captain of ships on some of the largest car carriers and self-unloading bulk carriers. Alitalia (Mumbai – April 1975 – Mar 1983 and then at Delhi till Oct 1996). is the man behind introducing Flexitanks in the industry and responsible for the company being the leader in flexitanks in India and a major player internationally. Bharat. He partnered in starting up Spear Logistics.Reading has always been one of his first interest ever since he was a kid. His sons are all engineers and pursuing their master degrees in the US. He went on to to set up a domestic logistics business for GeoLogistics in India. Uday Palsule S p e a r Lo g ist i c s director Palsule started his career in the Merchant Navy. and commendably built the fleet to reach 75 vehicles. vice chairman and acting chairman of BAR / India – Cargo. He joined Thai Airways in 1980 in operations.IN . especially with start up companies and new ventures. and his mother. Global Aviation Services (April 2004-Feb 2008 – overall responsibility for Air Canada. JP Singh Thai Airways area cargo sales and operations manager-India A graduate from Bombay University with economics honours. remained to be the guiding spirit. Haresh S. Lalwani Sun Logistics joint managing director Lalwani started career by joining the transport division of the company with 3 second hand vehicles. He set up a container freight station for Dynamic Logistics. Apart from leisure time with his family. Edmund Evans Jones (Eddie) SpiceJet cargo head Over a span of over 42 years. he owns a football team in Delhi –“Royal Rangers Soccer Club” (since 1994). His wife. Palsule is blessed with three sons. He also maintains a strong family relationship with his customers. Lalwani’s brother. 74 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. Qantas and on the domestic front – Kingfisher). Royal Rangers has been playing in the Senior Division of the Delhi Soccer Association for the last 3 years and have finished in the top 6. Eddie worked for Air India (May 1968 – March 1975). He has undergone several courses in supply chain management and logistics at various institutes. The very straight forward cargo practitioner insists his colleagues to face the truth. Eddie dreams to start a football academy for children.north India). who is an air hostess with a leading private airline in India. Korean Air. He completed his Master Mariners license from the UK. El Al .CARGOTALK. He initiated the takeover of a custom clearance company as the need of the organisation. Gautam Nath DPD Continental chief executive officer Nath began his career in 1986 at Blue Dart Express and held various management and senior management positions at Blue Dart. Later. He has been a contributory participant to several seminars including IIM-A and CII. Dipika. Continental Airlines.

financial services and logistics. Joe was head – supply chain at Aditya Birla Retail. in India. involved in advancing the cause of dyslexia. He moved to sales for northern India as sales consultant in 1995. Prior to AFL. he worked in cargo operations and was a qualified loadmaster for B747F and DC8F. believes in people enablement. is currently growing AFL’s top line through an end-to-end solutions approach that focuses on removing inefficiencies and substantially improving the responsiveness and performance of a company’s supply chain. Dr Rao was then promoted to vice president of sales for South Asia and Africa in September 2000. Pilani. His all time favourite musician is RD Burman. Jyoti Row Kavi has well over 30 years of work experience in varied industries. Joe. as audit manager. he started his career with Lufthansa only as cargo officer in July 1990 at Delhi airport office. he was promoted as the director of airline marketing for Airbus Industries of North America (AINA). Pilani. Jeetendra is working with Lufthansa Cargo for 19 years. She is married to Jagdish and they have two sons – Janak (27 years) and Jai (24 years). He is an avid reader of books on a wide range of subjects from logistics to psychology and from evolution to string theory. logistics Joe. Jyoti Row Kavi director. he moved from Canada to Belgium.Jeetendra Mohan Lu f th a n s a C a rgo regional manager – marketing. based near Washington DC. He was then promoted to the role of vice president. Juzar Mustan AFL chief executive. Later. Thereafter. Jeetendra and his wife are blessed by a son. Currently she is responsible for corporate communications & sustainability at DHL Lemuir Logistics which covers the brands of DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Supply Chain. From1993-95. He currently lives in Mumbai with his wife and 3 daughters. a French bank. Jyoti is a founder member of the Maharashtra Dyslexia Association. he was appointed president of Airbus Industries. Kiran Rao Airbus India executive vice president. Mumbai with a major in Eeconomics. His passion other than work is music and exercise. Middle East and Pakistan & deputy to the regional director Jeetendra is an engineering graduate from BITS. India subcontinent. She began her career with Thomas Cook (India) and later moved onto BNP Paribas. corporate communications & sustainability DHL Lemuir Logistics A seasoned corporate communications professional. He is an accountant by profession and began his career as an accountant. He is also a chartered accountant. The family enjoys mountaineering and nature trails on weekends. A person of humble beginnings and rising through the ranks. Leisure time for her would revolve around fitness. He obtained marketing credentials from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK) in 1996. 75 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 . music. as he is popularly known. Ken Koval FedEx vice president operations. He joined the company as a senior manager in the company’s Canadian operations. Koval was with Arthur Andersen for nine years. Jeetendra took over regional manager-marketing sales planning and controlling for south Asia before he was elevated to the current position. In 1996. after which he moved into the role of managing director / regional controller for the same region. working on sales campaigns in India. as managing director / regional controller of EMEA. finance in EMEA.Koval holds a BA (Honours) in Business Administration from Ashland University in Ohio and a MBA in Business Administration from the University of Toronto in Canada. He moved to India from Malaysia in 2002 as managing director at APL Logistics. which include travel. sales and marketing and customer affairs Rao was appointed to his current position in July 2008. In August 1994. Keenly interested in social causes. He began his professional career with a spell in the Aerodynamics Department of British Aerospace at Hatfield from 1988-89. He also did masters degree from BITS. Jyoti did her graduation from Elphinstone College. company secretary and internal auditor. movies and reading. the Middle East and Southeast Asia. In fact.He joined Airbus in December 1992 as airline marketing manager. a non profit organisation. Prior to joining FedEx. sales planning and controlling for South Asia. India Ken Koval has been with FedEx for over 20 years now. Rao then joined British Aerospace’s Marketing Group.

In three short years. reaching out to the less fortunate and active involvement in the Marriage Encounter Movement. Mahesh Malik InterGlobe Air Transport vice president cargo sales & services Malik started his carrier with AFL in 1973 as cargo executive. Maingi has honed his skills in a number of areas in this industry. Mumbai and post graduation in business management from IIM. whose early life was with the Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot. Chowgule Brothers. Tropical Transport systems.Finnair Cargo area director In 2006. Malik joined Circle International (now EGL) in 1998 as general manager-north India and worked for 3 years. He joined Saudi Arabian Airlines in 1980 as cargo sales executive. Sridhar is a B. he gears up for trekking expeditions. Currently Malik is working as vice president cargo sales & services. business development. Before launching own company in 1995.Monteiro did his Bachelors in electrical engineering from IIT. he worked for Bax global and Continental Carriers in the field of freight and logistics. He joined InterGlobe Air Transport in 1991 as Cargo Manager India for SAS.Com from Osmania University. SembCorp Logistics. for Finnair. With his 30 years’experience he has taken his company. and human resources at South Asia’s leading third party provider of multimodal value-enabled supply chain solutions for bulk and container cargo. Manish Maingi Tropical Transport Systems managing director Manish Maingi. table tennis . understanding an execution of customised solutions. Sridhar conceptualised and executed the growth strategies for several logistics providers which include AFL. subsequent to acquisition of the company by DHL Express. has more than 17 years of experience in the Freight Forwarding and supply chain solutions. Younger one is pursuing her second year of graduation from Bates College. Eureka Sales Corporation and Mitco in their import and export and public relations divisions. Ahmedabad. three daughters and two grandsons. For all his achievements. He became manager CTO & reservation in Mumbai. Maine. revenue management and of course transport logistics. He took over as CEO of the company in 2001. The couple has two daughters-elder one is married and lives in USA. Malcolm Monteiro DHL Express – south Asia CEO Monterio started his career in the manufacturing sector before joining Blue Dart Express in 1989 as vice-president operations. music. with marketing and sales as specialisation. he was promoted as the managing director of Blue Dart Express. 76 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. According to Kharayat. Mahesh P Trikha Aargus Global Logistics managing director Trikha is a post graduate from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. managing director. Over the years. LR Sridhar S i ca l L o gi s t ic s managing director With Sical since 2006. Trikha was felicitated with the title “Udyog Rattan” by the Institute of Economic Studies. He loves books and music. India. USA.CARGOTALK. his managerial skills made him the Area Director. playing squash. along the entire value chain. Kharayat’s wife is a cost accountant and the couple has two sons. The success story of Trikha does not end here. and when time permits.IN . His favourite leisure time activity is reading. to great heights. He is a practitioner of the Art of Living’s Sudharshana Kriya Yoga since 1996. Malik’s wife is working with an international airline. together with a close friend and is very excited about it. Semiconductor Complex. The fascination with adventure is not surprising as he is a graduate of the National Defence Academy. Aargus Global Logistics. Cargo Channels and Ashirwad Charters. which specialise in customs clearance and aircraft charters respectively. his main motto is to provide high quality services to his clients. Marietta is actively involved in and enjoys counseling and is into social activities and community welfare. “All the partners in the supply chain need to work as a team towards bringing in more efficiency in the chain. Kuldip Singh Kharayat was appointed as the cargo manager of India and the subcontinent. He is fond of reading and golf. Integrated Logistics India. enjoying some relaxing moments with his family. like leadership skills. Maingi has recently co-produced a Bollywood movie. Malik is Graduate of commerce from Delhi University. A part of the burgeoning cargo business. Apart from business and movies. Kharayat regularly plays squash and goes for swimming. He was promoted to station supervisor in 1985 and to sales manager north India after 5 years. Televista. His wife (Marietta) and he have two daughters.” A keen sportsman. Sridhar drives the strategic vision. an effective pre-marital counseling module for couples who seek to get married. Air Wings. He entered into two new ventures. Maingi is always keen on adventure tours with family and friends. India and the Subcontinent. Before Sical. he worked for Ericsson India.Who isWho Beyond Business Kuldip Singh Kharayat Indian Subcontinent . Corporate Couriers and Skypak. His family includes wife. from pure transportation services to integrated logistics packages. In March 2006. Previously.

. A family man at heart and a proud and devoted father to his daughter. He has expanded the business operations of East West Freight Carriers in seven key areas such as . Mukesh Rehal Air & Sea Service. business development. He is married to Harvinder Rehal and the couple has two daughters. Nitin Duggal Cargo Planners COO During last 21 years. YIN Rehal has started his career with PS Bedi group in 1988. India. P&O Logistics. His expertise in managing global logistics began with his first job as an intern at Excel Logistics. sales. Sc {Zoology Honours} from Stewart Science College. He joined UPS in 2005 during the integration of Menlo Worldwide Forwarding and Fritz Companies. UP. He has represented Delhi state continuosly for 3 years in Badminton Nationals at juniors and sub junior level from 1982 to 1985. and has been associated with companies like Escorts JCB. He also has an avid interest in sports such as golf. All Cargo . ocean freight. AMI India Logistics and currently working with Cargo Planners Duggal is born and brought up in Delhi and is an English literature and a management post graduate from Delhi University. LG Life Sciences India as manager logistics. He is married to a freelance interior designer. logistics. Noida. channel management and CRM with profit accountability. Ajaz ensures he spends quality time with his family. marketing. in United Kingdom from 1997 to 2000. Nihar Parida Uniworld Logistics vice president. yachting and bike riding. He has a vision of shaping up of a dream organisation keeping the pace of the world. VXL Engineers and Honda Siel Cars India. and warehousing. the young and dynamic director of East West Freight Carriers. Ajaz. Parida is B. he has managed all aspects of the company from strategy and development to operations and marketing. is an adventure sports enthusiast with expertise in deep water diving. He worked in various supply chain divisions and developed great sense of practical understanding before joining Yusen Air & Sea Service in 2007. Rehal was born in Rai-Bariely UP.air freight. He also worked with Geodis Overseas as director sales & marketing. He has been awarded the academia industry interface award and corporate excellence award in 2008 by Amity international business school. His hobbies include photography and collection of old music. 77 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 . He is a seasoned traveller and have visited more than 50 destinations world wide. The couple blessed with a daughter who is studying in 11th standard. Khambatta is blessed with three children and is based in Mumbai. Mark holds an MBA degree from the Oxford. supply chain management. logistics & marketing Parida is an accomplished and result driven professional with over 21 years of experience in strategic operations. Delhi and Blue Dart Express as area manager. custom clearance. ARAMEX as area manager. He began his career in operations and later went on to become the country head for a British Logistics company in the Middle East in 1993. He is also very fond of copy writing and poetry. Duggal has worked for organisations like Airfreight Ltd. Duggal is an avid sports fanatic. logistics solutions. rail freight. surface transportation.M Ajaz director East West Freight Carriers A graduate in business administration from Oxford University. Khambatta aspires to make UPS the best place to work in the country. Rehal has great sense of interest in commerce and graduated with the same subject from Jodhpur University. Noida. UK. Cuttack. Mark Khambatta UP S In d i a country manager Khambatta brings with him 27 years of experience in the supply chain and logistics industry. He graduated from the College of Maritime Studies at South Hampton. In the span of 9 years with East West Freight Carriers. With his participative leadership style.

With an experience of more than three decades. he coined the name Safexpress for his organisation. trust and respect. Mumbai. A graduate from Delhi University. the company has expanded services to seven locations in India i. 1951 in Kanagawa Japan. He is passionate about making. Thus. Jain has been conferred with numerous prestigious awards including lifetime achievement award by ELSC and retail Leadership award by Asia Retail Congress among others. which is ranked as one of the top engineering colleges in India and an MS (Master of Science) from the school of Industrial Engineering at Stanford University. Under his leadership. Prior to taking this assignment. Srikanth is also actively involved in several public service and charitable activities in his individual capacity. Panicker worked in Elbee Express for seven years. as well as a Trustee of Justice P. in 1997. He has been with UT Worldwide for over 11 years and currently is the regional vice president. Miyazaki started his career with Yusen Air & Sea Service Co.270 million turnover with operations in Mumbai.Reddi Trust. Pune and Hyderabad. keeping and delivering commitments. he completed his Bachelor of Science (Physics) Degree from St. He has since grown the CSC business to its present level of almost Rs. Jain is driven by a passion to excel and an indomitable commitment to quality. Penta Miyazaki president Yu s e n A i r & S ea S er v ic e. India subcontinent UT Worldwide Raajeev Bhatnagar took over as managing director of UT Worldwide (India) in September 1999.1 Company in IT) & Emery worldwide (now UPS). Jain has contributed immensely to the growth of supply chain and logistics Industry in India. He is the founder. Miyazaki is keen in reading books. Raajeev Bhatnagar regional vice president.Xavier Ahmedabad. 78 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. I nd ia ( Y I N ) Penta Miyazaki was born on April 15. He started as president for the company. Miyazaki came to India in 2005 with an experience of 20 years. ethics. Panicker is a member of CII’s Western region committee on logistics since last four years and member of the CII’s National committee on Civil Aviation. India subcontinent. His spouse Pramila is a home maker and has devotedly managed and balanced her home and family. He worked with US based organisations. Radharamanan Panicker Cargo Service Center India CEO Panicker has more than 20 years experience in the field of logistics. Bhatnagar is greatly involved in assisting and supporting any educational institute either monetarily or in kind. Chennai. cargo handling and warehouse management. Jain realised more than a decade ago that the two core values of ‘safety’ and ‘speed’ were imperative to ensure customer satisfaction. He has 2 children – Rishebh and Pracchi. ltd in 1975. with eye for detail and believer of recognition and reward. He firmly believes in operating on the foundations of absolute transparency.e. distribution. he is also a specialist in the management of dangerous goods and perishable cargo. With an Engineering Degree from REC (now NIT) Trichy.C. Delhi. A Post Graduate Master of Business Management Diploma from XLRI.. Bangalore.IN . music and travelling. chairman and the managing director of Four Soft. He loves reading.CARGOTALK.Who isWho Beyond Business Palem Srikanth Four Soft Founder and CMD Palem Srikanth Reddy’s (Srikanth) career track record includes globally reputed organizations such as Hewlett Packard (world’s No. he established CSC’s presence in Mumbai handling cargo for its parent company – KLM Royal Dutch airline. He is a keen follower of cricket. A qualified dangerous goods instructor from IATA. Starting with a small team of 30 people.. He firmly believes in the power of knowledge and uses it as a strategic tool to achieve his goals. He has been leading Cargo Service Center (CSC) since inception in 1995. Delhi. He found India a very challenging country and full of business opportunities. His motto is to make business and life simple. Bhatnagar is a seasoned leader with over 30 years of experience in logistics industry in India. Jain is a man of deep-rooted principles and strong virtues. Pawan Jain Safexpress CMD A known industry veteran Pawan Jain commands immense respect in the corporate fraternity. Besides his hectic work schedule. A perfectionist that he is. He has completed his education from Rikkyo University. Kolkata. Chennai and Hyderabad.

Prior to joining GoAir. serving as vice president in 1993 and 1994. and as President. insurance and other services related to export and import. the company offers logistics solution to some of the top fortune companies across the world. Today. CEO and Chairman of the Board in 1995 and 1996. Ram Tiwari S h i n e L o g i st i c s director marketing In 1985. He spearheaded the conceptualisation and development of the LD-36 (AMF) type of ULD (Unit Load Device) which increased usable space on each lower deck pallet base by 33 per cent. customs clearing. Tiwari brings with him more than 13 years of diversified work experience. He has received several awards for his tireless work in the industry. RK Tiwari. in the Eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. Menen Emirates Airline divisional senior vice president cargo Menen has headed the cargo division of Emirates since the inception of the airline in October 1985. Ram Tiwari began his logistics business with just five members of staff in Delhi. headhunting and training development in various recruitment firms. in 2003. it gave him a passion for cargo and one fine day he decided to start his own venture. Over the years. Today. but admits that Emirates and the air cargo industry take up most of his waking moments. consulting services. twenty-five years later. for people who cannot afford to pay for their treatment. Tiwari says with pride that. commercial operations Tiwari joined GoAir in June 2009 and is responsible for the overall commercial operations of GoAir including sales. his company specialises in verticals like logistics/SCM. counselor and reliable head hunter. ICICI Lombard. Tiwari completed his BE in 1998. Sahyog has developed a good reputation and clientele in the market. The company offers freight forwarding. real estate. Tiwari sees many opportunities for growth for his company in the coming years and hopes that his two brothers. Tiwari built a charity hospital in Deoria. so far. Menen is the current chairman of the IATA’s Cargo Committee. CEO. has a vision of seeing his firm as the leader in recruitment specializing verticals. He is a FCILT (Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transportation). He is one of the founder members of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA).Though it (handling cargo) was a tiring job. Ram C. hospitality and the service industry in general. Tiwari has built his reputation as a good motivator. revenue and network planning. retail. he established Sahyog and since then it has been no looking back. Meanwhile. Now. transportation. In 2003. Subsequently. He likes to spend time with his family. one running a textile export business and the other a politician.enterprise business and since then has held several senior and mid-management roles in companies including the Subhiksha Retail. New Venture Consultants. CEO RK Tiwari New Venture Consultants With thirteen years of experience in recruitment. He started his career in 1998 with Hughes Telecom as the manager. warehousing. Sharma is now looking for entering into international association with different companies. the hospital has not taken any support from a government or private body to run this place.Rajeev Sharma Sahyog Group Company managing director Sharma started his career with a reputed company in cargo trade in 1993. he received the International Air Cargo Achievement Award from The World Trade Centre Miami for “Excellence in Promoting East-West Trade”. In 2000. marketing. Rakesh Tiwari Go Airlines (India) vice president. he did his sales & marketing MBA. 79 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 . Shine Logistics is a flourishing business with 14 offices across the country and a work force of 300. Having worked in varied sectors including telecom and retail. will also flourish in their respective careers. Tiwari has a keen interest in cricket and travelling. he was with The Mobile Store in the capacity of head of mobile handset business. Nokia India and others. For instance.

Gandhi started his career as a project engineer with a very successful chemical company and is now the executive director of Gandhi Automations. Apart from assisting external clients through 4 PL solutions. The company has tie ups with leading brands in these fields and a good network with dealers. Sanjay Sethi vice president A r s h i ya Su p p ly C ha i n M a na gem ent Sethi has 19 years industry experience in companies like NDDB. he always wondered about automation handling of hazardous chemicals. presently vice president and also a founder member of the India Exhibition Industry Association (IEIA). His unique experience in building infrastructure for perishables has helped many organisations in designing their supply chains. Sputnik. Gandhi Automations specialises in entrance automations and loading bay equipments. The same year he joined Jet Airways as asst manager-cargo at Delhi airport.Rogers India Sethi is the son of an Indian diplomat. He got into exhibition freight logistics arena in 1977 and in 1986 established R. Subhiksha Retail. Sethi holds several important posts in this industry – i. Apart from business activities.chairman of FICCI Task Force for Quality in Agriculture. he completed his Bachelors and Masters in Business Economics from a prestigious University of Delhi. Katgara has been a keen sportsman and has achieved a recognition in national level swimming. president of Air Cargo Club Bombay. he had been working there as manager-cargo North India & Nepal (sales and operations). past chairman of the International Exhibition Logistics Associates (IELA). Sethi has graduated in B.CARGOTALK. During his experience of 5 years at the chemical company. Sanjay is also involved in developing solutions for Arshiya International’s own Free Trade Warehousing Zones in India. SM Dyechem. Samir Gandhi Gandhi Automations Chemical Engineer by profession. Federation of Asia Pacific Agents Association. Sethi is the co. Air Cargo Agents Association of India. Dale Carnegie & Associates. and most importantly vice president on the executive committee of UFI. cycling and motor rallying where he holds the record of being the fastest driver of Bombay for 5 consecutive years. Katgara has held several industry positions including chairman.E. His wife is a homemaker and they have a seven year old son.Sc.e. At the same time he recognises that individual efforts also play a major role in a team’s success. Having spent much of his early life around the world.Who isWho Beyond Business Ravinder Sethi managing director R. He has in depth understanding of food processing and agribusiness in India.Rogers India. Association of Multimodal Transport Operators of India. manager cargo –India S Hari InterGlobe Aviation (Unit -IndiGo CarGo) He started his career in 1994 with Gati desk and worked with them till 2000. As part of an industry that relies heavily on team work. Hari is a post graduate diploma holder in business management and a graduate in English literature. When he left the organisation in 2007. In his present assignment at Arshiya International. Hindustan Lever. Premium Farm Fresh Produce (Bharat Hotels) and Technopak Advisors. This resulted in establishing Gandhi Automations in 1996. During his tenure of nearly 30 years in the forwarding industry.E. managing committee member. (hons) Agriculture and PGDRM. having taken his degree from the prestigious UDCT. Sethi is heading Supply Chain Management Division offering end to end supply chain solutions. Now he is on the panel of judges for “India’s Car of the Year”. Sam Katgara Jeena & Co partner Katgara is the fourth generation in the 107-year-old company which pioneers in freight forwarding in India with many firsts to its credit. along with his wife. when he moved to Elbee Services as area sales manager. president.IN . His passion led him to search for information on entrance automation and he and his brother Kartik visited various companies in Europe. international chamber of commerce –India and managing committee member. 80 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. Hari also believes that teamwork makes all the difference when it comes to success.

with load. He worked in various departments in passenger and cargo handling for 10 years before appointed as station manager Lagos where he worked for 2 years. he takes out time for all kinds of social works. Being an outstanding student. He loves playing football. In 1995. West Bengal. apart from his wife and two sons. business transcends beyond profits and boardrooms. music and conducting motivational trainings. from International School of Business. he hopes to become an entrepreneur and create opportunities for the underprivileged rural population of the country. Agarwal is a graduate and has earned management skilled from hand-on practices. He is a religious man as well as secular personality.Sc (gold medalist) from Calcutta University. Subhasish Chakraborty DTDC Courier & Cargo chairman & managing director Born in an average middle class family in Rahara. he earned scholarships to fund his studies. reading. daughter (director – DTDC Courier & Cargo) and son (director – DTDC Courier & Cargo). A conscientious citizen of the country. He started his professional career with Blazeflash Couriers as an accountant. ME & Asia Graduated in management from Addis Ababa University. Solomon Yadeta Ethiopian Airlines sales manager. He believes that in life everything is possible. Iyer’s family consists of his parents. wife (director – DTDC Courier & Cargo). He believes that man is social and each one serves the society. he is working as traffic and sales manager Delhi taking care of the passenger and cargo handling. Chakraborty also acquired professional course. despite his busy business schedule. In 2004. Gulf. 81 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 . India Iyer started with Swiss Air as apprentice in 1984. He wants to drive literacy and wish to adopt a village. For Chakraborty & DTDC. control & cargo division and moved to Delhi in 1991 to setup the station cargo load control dept. He devotes time and effort for social causes. That is why.Delhi. Accelerated Management. where every child will be educated. The struggle that he saw his family faced made him to take a decision to be an entrepreneur and not get into employment. Shankar Iyer Swiss Cargo managing director. For last two and half years. Yadeta is married and a father of two boys. Yadeta joined Ethiopian Airlines in July 1995. he took up the responsibility of managing director besides country manager for the Indian operations of the company. religious festivals and cultural programmes.SD Agarwal Blazeflash Couriers chairman-cum-managing director Agarwal is not only a successful businessman but also a social worker. His family members include parents. He is fond of travelling. A B. he was promoted as manager cargo sales & services for North India. It is just that some things take more time. it was not an easy task for Chakraborty to reach today’s level in the industry. He has not only established DTDC as one of the leading companies in the country. but has also been felicitated with several prestigious awards by various organisations.

He is passionate about music and sports specially cricket. Arora’s family consists of his wife and two children aged 12 and 14. member of the managing committee of ACAAI.IN . Agrawal’s vision is to bring all agents of India on one platform and to get the domestic cargo trade organised under DACAAI.Com graduate from Nagpur. Kohli considers his family and friends as his true strength and driving force behind his continued efforts to stay focused on his professional and personal goals. Agrawal is key founder member of the Domestic Air Cargo Agents Association (DACAAI).CARGOTALK. Rahat Cargo and vice president Kohli stepped into the challenging field of Freight Forwarding in the year 1984 by incorporating company Rahat Cargo. In addition. Kohli is actively involved in Air Cargo Club of Delhi (ACCD) as an executive member in managing committee since 2003. he is a director (marketing & corporate planning) with CWC. Presently. started the cargo business from Nagpur. Air Cargo Club of Delhi as the president (2005-07). Pest Control Services divisions of the Corporation. Though Agrawal has established his company’s pan-India presence now. he is the general secretary of DACAAI. New Delhi Doshi is an engineering graduate with MBA and has worked for 31 years in PSU holding various assignments. He was born and brought up in Ajmer and is a graduate from University of Rajasthan.Who isWho Beyond Business Suraj Agrawal DACAAI director. since 2002. An alumnus of the Delhi University. he looks after the functions of Engineering. Technical. Presently. Sunil Kohli ACCD managing director. chairman Convention ACAAI (20062010) and several other trade organisations and facilitators. D e l ta Frei g ht executive director Executive director with Delta Air Freight. Hardik (son) and Muskaan (daughter). 82 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. Quality Control. Arora has done his graduation here before completing his higher studies in Business and Finance Management. direct Ocean Shipping. he started from a small sector where there was no air or train cargo movement at that point of time. Monopoly. Sunil Arora has also been associated with Air Cargo Agents Association of India (ACAAI) as chairman (2006 – 2010). Sunil Arora. He is also a director on the Board of Chhattisgarh State Warehousing Corporation and UP State Warehousing Corporation. director (marketing & cor porate planning) TK Doshi Central Warehousing Corporation.2004 and presently serves as the vice-president of ACCD. Monopoly Carrier and general secretary Agrawal is a B. His company. He married to Madhu and they have two children.


She has played a major role in acquiring major accounts.IN . he is the chairman of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). South Asia’s largest domestic express cargo airline. which was taken over by DHL Express (Singapore) in March 2005.CARGOTALK. Egged on by its success. In 1979. western region logistics sub-committee and also the president of association of multimodal transport operators of India (AMTOI). With an MBA in International Aviation from the Concordia University Montreal. initiating charter services and setting up the logistical details for these services. Currently. where she functioned as the senior vice president – marketing & projects and senior advisor. It was under Tulsi’s guidance that due emphasis was placed on the importance and the marketing of air cargo. Tulsi’s passion for the subject motivated her to write a research paper on aviation education. and Blue Dart Aviation became a reality. He has over 31 years of experience in the shipping and transport industry. Bhairavi to set up Transmart (India) a warehousing. logistics and supply chain management company. Tushar has envisioned. Tushar Jani Blue Dart Aviation chairman Tushar Jani is the founder Chairman of Blue Dart Express. managing director of Blue Dart Aviation.Swift Freight. In 2008. 84 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. has been part of the airline and express industry of India for over thirty years now. Jani started air cargo operation for small parcel. to her present position. Tushar has inspired his daughter. Jani is very actively involved in various social welfare projects. Tulsi switched over from Blue Dart Express. getting into agreements with international airlines. he has co-founded the NVOCC business . Jani set up Blue Dart Express in 1983 in partnership with two of his friends. Jani is the founder chairman of the Express Industry Council of India. An innovative entrepreneur at heart. and pioneered inland logistics of sea freight containers to manufacturers.Who isWho Beyond Business Tulsi Nowlakha Mirchandaney Blue Dart Aviation managing director Tulsi Nowlakha Mirchandaney. during her academic years. founded and mentored numerous companies. For instance.


however. too. His hobbies include reading.Hons) from Delhi University and “Certified Logistic Manager” by Marketing Akademie. playing cards during Diwali and watch cricket match. He. During his last 25 years with Lufthansa. Jain is a graduate (B. Hamburg. Vipan Jain B A R ( I) Cargo manager logistics. Among other prestigious awards.Jain and his wife have one son (11 years old). South Asia and Middle Eastt.N. manager . He also likes to see comedian Hindi movies. Germany and Lufthansa Cargo AG beside MBA from Canadian School of Management. Later he had a long stint with Samsung. Kanaujia started his career with HCL and went on to work with ConAgra Foods. Jain is very keen in meeting and talking to new people. Jain worked as a cargo supervisor. likes to spend leisure time with his family and well wishers.CARGOTALK. music.logistics for South Asia and later with additional responsibility of Middle East stations. During last decade. has been conferred with several highly venerated awards. Kanaujia joined Safexpress 3 years ago.IN . Safexpress was rated as ‘India’s Most Promising Brand’ in a research by ‘Indian Council of Market Research’. In 1985. He did his bachelors in engineering from MMM Engineering College (Gorakhpur) in 1997.Cargo as cargo clerk and then there was no looking back. as vice chairman and now chairman. he has been actively associated with BAR (I) Cargo . He regularly writes for numerous newspapers and magazines on a variety of subjects. In a very short time-span he has managed to radically enhance Safexpress brand equity in India. he joined Lufthansa .Who isWho Beyond Business Vineet Kanaujia Safexpress GM-Marketing Kanaujia received his MBA degree in marketing from Faculty of Management Studies (Delhi) in 1999. 86 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. Since then he has made a huge contribution in the rapid growth of the company. Lufthansa Cargo and chairman He started with one of the sub-cargo agency in 1981 and then moved to IATA agency. trekking and soccer.R. Kanaujia.Com .


Son Vaibhav. He likes to convey the message to young people that they should grasp multiple opportunities with conviction at this fast growing company. Vohra joined the family business in 1975 – a business founded by his late father. 88 CARGOTALK JULY 2010 WWW. in 2005 and was re-elected in 2007.CARGOTALK. He took early retirement and started his own freight forwarding company Indair. near IGI Airport in Delhi. UT Worldwide (India) and managing director Khosla started his professional career with Lufthansa Cargo in 1965. USA is a working director in the Group companies and the youngest son Viraj is currently studying at the Babson Business School. a graduate of Babson Business School. Virender Khosla A i r p o r t R e s id enc y H ot el vice chairman. joint venture company.Who isWho Beyond Business Vipin Vohra CMD Co n ti n e n ta l C a r r i ers G rou p of C om p an i e s An alumni of Shri Ram College of Commerce. having finished one year of his studies. Recently. various chambers of commerce and industry as well as the official committees of the government of India promoting commerce and exports. The company was merged with UTi in 2002.IN . he however. He is also a member on the board and the vice chairman of DPD Continental. Khosla launched a 32 roomed 3-star category hotel. Daughter Khushboo.Vohra is well recognised and appreciated by the freight forwarding industry. an express parcel. eldest of the three children. Very positive about the future of logistics industry in India. TN Vohra. Airport Residency. Khosla is blessed with two sons. Khosla is a follower of Radhaswami Satsang and reading religious books is his only hobby. Khosla believes in strict discipline to achieve success in life. He served as president of Air Cargo Agents Association of India. is married and manages a government approved export house owned by the family. ventured out for hospitality industry. Vohra is happily married to Pushpa.




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