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C 104/6 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 14. 4.


Monday 11 January 1999

− Martens and Elles, on behalf of the PPE Group, to the − Agreement between the European Community and the
Commission: Discharge 1996 (B4-0011/99); Republic of Cyprus establishing cooperation in the audiovisual
field including participation in the Media II programme;
− Green, on behalf of the PSE Group, to the Commission:
Improving EU financial management (B4-0012/99);

− Pasty, on behalf of the UPE Group, to the Commission:

10. Petitions
The implications for the Commission of Parliament’s refusal to Pursuant to Rule 156(5), the President had forwarded to the
grant discharge for the 1996 financial year (B4-0013/99). Committee on Petitions the following petitions which had been
entered in the register on the dates shown below:
− Puerta, on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group, to the Commis-
sion: Parliament’s refusal to give discharge for the financial 16 December 1998
year 1996: consequences for the Commission (B4-0014/99);
by Mr Stergios Vouros (No 1111/98);
− Lalumière, on behalf of the ARE Group, to the Commis- by Mr Pablo Gutiérrez Casado (No 1112/98);
sion: Parliament’s referral of the vote on discharge for by Mrs Elvira Alvarez Mouriño (No 1113/98);
implementation of the budget of the European Union for 1996
back to the Committee on Budgetary Control (B4-0015/99); by Mrs Rosa Maria Lorca Cascales (No 1114/98);
by Mr Salvador Rodriguez Paredes (No 1115/98);
− Aelvoet, Müller and Holm, on behalf of the V Group, to
by Mr Peter Aloys Paz-Loosen (No 1116/98);
the Commission: 1996 discharge (B4-0016/99);
by Mrs Liliane Van Eycken (No 1117/98);
by Mrs Paola Fanzini (No 1118/98);
(db) oral questions for Question Time (Rule 41) (B4-0004/99):
by Mr D. Rossini (Qui Italia) (and 2 000 signatories) (No 1119/
− McKenna, Schörling, Alavanos, Kjer Hansen, Rübig,
Salafranca Sánchez-Neyra, Blak, Moreau, McIntosh, David W. by Mr Andreas Vrionakis (No 1120/98);
Martin, Gerard Collins, Howitt, Hyland, Andrews, Gallagher, by Mr Onoufrios Tsavdaridis (No 1121/98);
Fitzsimons, Crowley, Izquierdo Rojo, Nicholson, Theorin,
Theonas, Kaklamanis, Posselt, Oddy, Wibe, Ephremidis, by Mr Emmanouil Kounenos (No 1122/98);
Cushnahan, Dupuis, Valdivielso de Cué, Titley, Crowley, by Mr Ermioni Pappa-Manou (No 1123/98);
Riis-Jørgensen, Hautala, Vallvé, Seppänen, Izquierdo Rojo,
Posselt, Evans, Howitt, Gerard Collins, Sturdy, Rack, Banotti, by Mr Rolf Dieter Rahn (No 1124/98);
Varela Suanzes-Carpegna, Medina Ortega, White, Oddy, Kin- by Mr Rolf Jürgens (No 1125/98);
nock, McKenna, Alavanos, Watson, McCartin, Ahern, Galeote by Mr Martin van Beelen (No 1126/98);
Quecedo, Whitehead, Corbett, McIntosh, Sandbæk, Rosado
Fernandes, Matikainen-Kallström, Imaz San Miguel, Hard- by Mr Louis De Wit (European Association of Jehovah’s
staff, Hyland, Andrews, Gallagher, Fitzsimons, Nicholson, Witnesses for the protection of Religious Freedom) (No 1127/
Cederschiöld, Querbes, Spaak, Bonde, Schörling, Theorin, 98).
Wibe, Theonas, Ephremidis, Papayannakis, Cushnahan, Hatzi-
11. Action taken on Parliament’s opinions and
8. Written declarations (Rule 48) The Commission communications on action taken on Parlia-
ment’s opinions and resolutions of the part-sessions of October
Written declaration 7/98 had not received the required number I and II 1998 had been distributed.
of signatures and had therefore lapsed pursuant to the provi-
sions of Rule 48(5).

12. Order of business

The next item was the order of business.
9. Texts of agreements forwarded by the Coun-
cil The President announced that the final draft agenda for the
January 1999 sittings had been distributed (PE 276.136/PDOJ)
The President had received from the Council certified true and that a number of changes had been proposed (Rule 96).
copies of the following documents:
(a) Sittings of 11 to 15 January 1999 in Strasbourg
− Agreement between the European Community and the
Republic of Chile on precursors and chemical substances Monday
frequently used for the illicit manufacture of narcotic drugs
and psychotropic substances; − The President announced that he had received a second
motion of censure on the Commission pursuant to Rule 34,
− Agreement between the European Community and the tabled by Mr Fabre-Aubrespy and 68 other Members (B4-
Gabonese Republic on fishing off the coast of Gabon; 0053/99).