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C 104/6 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 14. 4.


Monday 11 January 1999

− Martens and Elles, on behalf of the PPE Group, to the − Agreement between the European Community and the
Commission: Discharge 1996 (B4-0011/99); Republic of Cyprus establishing cooperation in the audiovisual
field including participation in the Media II programme;
− Green, on behalf of the PSE Group, to the Commission:
Improving EU financial management (B4-0012/99);

− Pasty, on behalf of the UPE Group, to the Commission:

10. Petitions
The implications for the Commission of Parliament’s refusal to Pursuant to Rule 156(5), the President had forwarded to the
grant discharge for the 1996 financial year (B4-0013/99). Committee on Petitions the following petitions which had been
entered in the register on the dates shown below:
− Puerta, on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group, to the Commis-
sion: Parliament’s refusal to give discharge for the financial 16 December 1998
year 1996: consequences for the Commission (B4-0014/99);
by Mr Stergios Vouros (No 1111/98);
− Lalumière, on behalf of the ARE Group, to the Commis- by Mr Pablo Gutiérrez Casado (No 1112/98);
sion: Parliament’s referral of the vote on discharge for by Mrs Elvira Alvarez Mouriño (No 1113/98);
implementation of the budget of the European Union for 1996
back to the Committee on Budgetary Control (B4-0015/99); by Mrs Rosa Maria Lorca Cascales (No 1114/98);
by Mr Salvador Rodriguez Paredes (No 1115/98);
− Aelvoet, Müller and Holm, on behalf of the V Group, to
by Mr Peter Aloys Paz-Loosen (No 1116/98);
the Commission: 1996 discharge (B4-0016/99);
by Mrs Liliane Van Eycken (No 1117/98);
by Mrs Paola Fanzini (No 1118/98);
(db) oral questions for Question Time (Rule 41) (B4-0004/99):
by Mr D. Rossini (Qui Italia) (and 2 000 signatories) (No 1119/
− McKenna, Schörling, Alavanos, Kjer Hansen, Rübig,
Salafranca Sánchez-Neyra, Blak, Moreau, McIntosh, David W. by Mr Andreas Vrionakis (No 1120/98);
Martin, Gerard Collins, Howitt, Hyland, Andrews, Gallagher, by Mr Onoufrios Tsavdaridis (No 1121/98);
Fitzsimons, Crowley, Izquierdo Rojo, Nicholson, Theorin,
Theonas, Kaklamanis, Posselt, Oddy, Wibe, Ephremidis, by Mr Emmanouil Kounenos (No 1122/98);
Cushnahan, Dupuis, Valdivielso de Cué, Titley, Crowley, by Mr Ermioni Pappa-Manou (No 1123/98);
Riis-Jørgensen, Hautala, Vallvé, Seppänen, Izquierdo Rojo,
Posselt, Evans, Howitt, Gerard Collins, Sturdy, Rack, Banotti, by Mr Rolf Dieter Rahn (No 1124/98);
Varela Suanzes-Carpegna, Medina Ortega, White, Oddy, Kin- by Mr Rolf Jürgens (No 1125/98);
nock, McKenna, Alavanos, Watson, McCartin, Ahern, Galeote by Mr Martin van Beelen (No 1126/98);
Quecedo, Whitehead, Corbett, McIntosh, Sandbæk, Rosado
Fernandes, Matikainen-Kallström, Imaz San Miguel, Hard- by Mr Louis De Wit (European Association of Jehovah’s
staff, Hyland, Andrews, Gallagher, Fitzsimons, Nicholson, Witnesses for the protection of Religious Freedom) (No 1127/
Cederschiöld, Querbes, Spaak, Bonde, Schörling, Theorin, 98).
Wibe, Theonas, Ephremidis, Papayannakis, Cushnahan, Hatzi-
11. Action taken on Parliament’s opinions and
8. Written declarations (Rule 48) The Commission communications on action taken on Parlia-
ment’s opinions and resolutions of the part-sessions of October
Written declaration 7/98 had not received the required number I and II 1998 had been distributed.
of signatures and had therefore lapsed pursuant to the provi-
sions of Rule 48(5).

12. Order of business

The next item was the order of business.
9. Texts of agreements forwarded by the Coun-
cil The President announced that the final draft agenda for the
January 1999 sittings had been distributed (PE 276.136/PDOJ)
The President had received from the Council certified true and that a number of changes had been proposed (Rule 96).
copies of the following documents:
(a) Sittings of 11 to 15 January 1999 in Strasbourg
− Agreement between the European Community and the
Republic of Chile on precursors and chemical substances Monday
frequently used for the illicit manufacture of narcotic drugs
and psychotropic substances; − The President announced that he had received a second
motion of censure on the Commission pursuant to Rule 34,
− Agreement between the European Community and the tabled by Mr Fabre-Aubrespy and 68 other Members (B4-
Gabonese Republic on fishing off the coast of Gabon; 0053/99).
14. 4. 1999 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 104/7

Monday 11 January 1999

With the agreement of the authors and the Commission, Friday

he proposed adding this motion to the joint debate on the other
motion of censure and the oral questions on that day’s agenda − no change
(Items 79, 108, 107, 106, 109, 110, 112 and 111).

(b) Sittings of 27 and 28 January 1999 in Brussels

The following spoke:
− no change
− Mr Striby, who referred to a question he had asked at the
opening of the November II part-session concerning when *
Parliament’s inaugural session in its new Chamber in Stras- * *
bourg would be held (Minutes of 16.11.1998, Item 2) (the Pre-
sident cut him off as his remarks had no bearing on the agenda The order of business was thus established.
and suggested he table his question under Rule 28);

− Mr Fabre-Aubrespy, first signatory of the motion, who

agreed with the President’s proposal and asked that he and 13. Speaking time
Mrs Green be allowed to take the floor first in the debate as
first signatories of the motions of censure. Speaking time for debates on the agenda for the sittings of
11-15 January and 27-28 January 1999 would be allocated
The President consulted Mr Santer, President of the Commis- pursuant to Rule 106 (see Agenda, PE 276.136/OJ).
sion, who agreed to the procedure proposed.

Mr Corbett noted the provisions of Rule 34(4) with regard to

the second motion. 14. Topical and urgent debate (subjects pro-
The President put his proposal to the House, on the understand-
ing that Mr Fabre-Aubrespy would take the floor immediately The President proposed the following five subjects for the next
after Mrs Green. topical and urgent debate to be held on Thursday:
− Iraq
Parliament approved the proposal. − Angola
− Human rights
− Philippines
− Xerox
Tuesday, Wednesday

− no change
15. Motion of censure − Refusal of 1996 dis-
charge (debate)
The next item was the joint debate on two motions of censure
− the V Group had asked for the vote on the Agriculture on the Commission and seven oral questions to the Commis-
Committee’s five reports on Agenda 2000 (reports by sion.
Mr Mulder − A4-0444/98, Mr Garot − A4-0494/98, Mr Goe-
pel − A4-0446/98, Mr Fantuzzi − A4-0496/98 and Mr Graefe − motion of censure tabled by the following Members:
zu Baringdorf − A4-0480/98, Items 30 to 34) which was on the Green, Desama, Castricum, Wiersma, Lööw, Swoboda,
agenda of the sitting of 28 January 1999, to be taken on Myller, Andersson, d’Ancona, Aparicio Sánchez, Imbeni,
Thursday 14 January 1999. Colino Salamanca, Colom i Naval, McNally, Wynn,
Medina Ortega, Barton, Krehl, Hardstaff, Wim van Velz-
The following spoke: Mr Graefe zu Baringdorf, rapporteur, on en, Graenitz, Kuhn, Vecchi, Carrozzo, Blak, Karamanou,
behalf of the V Group, who explained this request, and Paasilinna, Watts, Marinho, Barros Moura, Moniz, Cor-
Mr Goepel, rapporteur, on behalf of the PPE Group, on the reia, Lage, Erika Mann, Gebhardt, Dührkop Dührkop,
request. Evans, Pons Grau, Lienemann, De Coene, Morgan, Fan-
tuzzi, Ghilardotti, Bontempi, Colajanni, Speciale, De
Giovanni, Iversen, Schmid, Roth-Behrendt, Samland,
Parliament rejected the request. Alan J. Donnelly, Malone, Lambraki, Kirsten M. Jensen,
Titley, Ford, Tongue, Whitehead, Sindal, Sandberg-Fries,
Mr Posselt asked why the Hermange report (A4-0004/99) Wilson, Berger, Torres Marques, Görlach, Theorin and
which would be debated on Thursday (Item 54) would only be Haug (B4-1165/98);
put to the vote on Thursday 28 January 1999 and not the day
following the debate, as was normal procedure (the President − motion of censure tabled by the following Members:
replied that this decision had been taken by the Conference of Fabre-Aubrespy, Ahern, Alavanos, André-Léonard, Ber-
Presidents and that no change had been proposed under thu, Bloch von Blottniz, Blokland, Bonde, Böge, Bossi,
Rule 96). Breyer, Buffetaut, Chesa, Chichester, Corrie, Van Dam,