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Acum WarCode: WA ‘case Number: eoearon County EDMONSON ‘Commonwealth of Kentucky a DistRICT CouRT Sout ce Warrant Number: 0311000366 1078 + 2.05: ROR Generate: ‘12142019 10:30:11AM NOTORIGINALCOPY | Complaint Warrant Page 1 of 2 Plaintit. COMMONWEALTH VS. ALEXANDRA RICHARDSON Defendant TO ALL PEACE OFFICERS IN THE COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY: You are commanded to arrest the ‘person named below and bring him/her forthwith before the EDMONSON COUNTY - DISTRICT COURT. If Courts notin session, you shall deliver him/her tothe Jailer of EDMONSON County ALEXANDRA RICHARDSON 199 Red Oak Lane BOWLING GREEN, KY 42101 iognt_—[epaarh ee ee | : Date o6ah arch 31,1007] El to-answor charges that helshe commited the ofese() of [cng# ]UOR Code_ RS. Type _Pesoription JAscr ints [Disp Dt isp 1 Joo160___|507.020 F —WURDER a 1 2 [13201 508.060 F_ WANTON ENOANGERVENT ST OCGREE” uy z 3 o2t08 [769A 010(6A)_|__w__ PPER WIR VERICTE UINFLUENCE ACORUGSETC 06 [WA 7 11 The defendant may post bail in the amount of $., secured by 1 The defendant may not give bail Complaint ‘The Affant, Wally Ritter (EDMONSON COUNTY SHERIFF DEPT. ), states that on 12/2/2019 in EDMONSON County, Kentucky. the above named defendant unlawfully: Alexandra Richardson committed Murder KRS 507,020 on or about December 2, 2019 when ‘she operated a motor vehicle upon the highways ofthe Commonweaith while under the infuence of drugs and wantonly drove her Vehicle around a "road closed” sign and into @ flooded creek. This created a grave risk of death to her minor passenger, Carson McCollough, who ultimately died due to drowning. ‘Alexandra Richardson committed Wanton Endangerment 1st Degree KRS 508.060 (2 counts) on or about December 2, 2018, when she engaged in conduct which created substantial danger of serious physical ijury to two minor children. ‘Alexandra Richardson committed Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs/Alcohol KRS 189,010 (Sa) 1s offense on or about December 2, 2019, when she operated or was under physical control of a motor vehicle upon the highways of the Commonwealth while under the nluence of drugs/alcohol. Electronically signed by Judge J. McCarty on 12/4/2019 at 10:06:42AM. ‘Agency Local Code: Date printed: Wednesday, December 4, 2019 County Atay 6 Vincent ROA