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1999 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 150/11

Tuesday 9 February 1999


(1999/C 150/02)


Proceedings of the sitting

IN THE CHAIR: Mrs SCHLEICHER of Bulgaria in Community programmes in the fields of

vocational training and education (COM(98)0750 − C4-
0061/99 − 98/0352(CNS))
referred to
(The sitting opened at 09.00) responsible: CULT
opinion: BUDG, ESOC
legal basis: Arts. 126 and 228(3), first subparagraph EC

1. Approval of Minutes of previous sitting − Proposal for a Council Regulation on implementation by

the Commission of a programme of specific measures and
actions to improve access of EU goods and cross-border
The following spoke: services to Japan (COM(98)0722 − C4-0062/99 − 95/
− Mr Fabre-Aubrespy who, referring to an article published referred to
in a French periodical, made a number of requests for responsible: RELA
information on the conditions under which the members of the opinion: BUDG
Committee of Independent Experts were recently appointed by
legal basis: Arts 113 and 235 EC
Parliament and the Commission, concerning in particular their
salaries (the President said that he would make available to the
speaker the relevant decision by the Bureau so that he could
(b) from the Court of Auditors, the following documents:
put these questions to the authorities concerned rather than in
− Report on the financial statements and management for the
Financial Year 1997 of the European Centre for the Develop-
− Mrs Hardstaff who said that the previous evening the ment of Vocational Training (Cedefop − Thessalonika),
English version of the amendments to the P. Martin report on accompanied by the replies of the Centre (C4-0053/99)
the COM in wine (A4-0046/99) had not been available and
asked that this should be done as soon as possible (the Presi- referred to
dent said this would be the case); responsible: CONT
opinion: ESOC
− Mr Ford, on the remarks made by Mr Fabre-Aubrespy;
− Report on the financial statements and management for the
− Mrs Flemming, Mr Azzolini, Mr Barton, Mr Barzanti and Financial Year 1997 of the European Foundation for the
Mr Spencer who informed the Chair that they had been present Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Dublin
the previous day but that their respective names were not on Foundation), together with the Foundation’s replies (C4-
the attendance register; 0054/99)
referred to
− Mr Blokland, who said that the amendments to the responsible: CONT
common position which was the subject of the recommenda- opinion: ESOC
tion for second reading by Mr Fitzsimons on greenhouse gas
emissions (A4-0052/99) were not yet available (the President − Annual Report concerning the ECSC (for the 1997 Finan-
said that this would be looked into). cial Year), together with the Commission’s replies (C4-
The minutes of the previous sitting were approved.
referred to
responsible: CONT
opinion: ESOC

2. Documents received
The President had received: 3. Topical and urgent debate
(motions for resolutions tabled)
(a) from the Council, requests for opinions on: The President had received from the following Members or
political groups requests for the inclusion in the debate on
− Proposal for a Council Decision concerning the Commun- topical and urgent subjects of major importance the following
ity position within the Association Council on the participation motions for resolutions pursuant to Rule 47(1):