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1999 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 153/1

Wednesday 24 February 1999



1998/99 SESSION

Sittings of 24 and 25 February 1999



(1999/C 153/01)

IN THE CHAIR: Mr GIL-ROBLES GIL-DELGADO Parliament observed a minute’s silence.


* *
(The sitting opened at 15.05)
The President then made a communication explaining the
circumstances that had led to the cancellation of committee
meetings the previous Monday.

1. Resumption of session
The following spoke: Mr Nassauer, on the communication by
the President, and Mr Perry on a demonstration that afternoon
The session, adjourned on 12 February 1999 was resumed. on Parliament’s premises.

The President, having established that a further six Members

wished to speak following his communication, decided not to
2. Communication by the President give them the floor but move straight to the next item on the

On behalf of Parliament, the President expressed his condo-

lences to the families of the victims of the deadly avalanches
that had occurred recently, in particular in the Italian, French
and Austrian Alps.
3. Approval of Minutes of previous sitting
Mrs Stenzel thanked the President on behalf of the Austrian
members of the PPE and PSE Groups for his expression of
sympathy for the victims’ families but asked that Parliament Mrs Sandbæk had informed the Chair that, during the sitting of
observe a minute’s silence to honour the memory of the 18 September 1996, she had intended to vote for ams. 5 and
victims and that the Commission free appropriations from the 8 in the Torres Marques report (A4-0256/96 − Minutes of that
line in the 1999 budget concerning disasters. sitting, Part I, Item 13);

The President, noting that the Commission had certainly taken Mr Wieland had informed the Chair that he had been present
note of the request for financial assistance, agreed to Mrs Sten- on 10 February 1999 but had omitted to sign the attendance
zel’s first request. register.
C 153/2 EN Official Journal of the European Communities 1.6.1999

Wednesday 24 February 1999

Mr Mégret, and not Mr Megahy as mistakenly recorded in the − Proposal for a Council Regulation concerning the financial
attendance register, had attended the sitting of 14 January instrument for the environment (Life) (COM(98)0720 −
1999. C4-0074/99 − 98/0336(SYN))

referred to
The following spoke: responsible: ENVI
opinion: BUDG, RELA, CONT
− Mrs Fontaine who pointed out that she had been present
but that her name was not on the attendance register (the legal basis: Art. 130s(1) EC
President replied that this would be checked);

− Mrs Theato who with reference to her remarks at the start − Proposal for a Council Decision setting up a community
of the sitting (Part I, Item 1) asked for an assurance that framework for cooperation in the field of accidental marine
members of the Committee on Budgetary Control would pollution (COM(98)0769 − C4-0075/99 − 98/0350(SYN))
receive the report of the Committee of Independent Experts for
their meeting on 15 and 16 March 1999 to enable them to reach referred to
a decision on discharge (the President announced that the responsible: ENVI
Committee of Independent Experts would submit its conclu- opinion: BUDG, REGI
sions at 17.00 on 15 March and that the report would be made
legal basis: Art. 130s EC
available to the members of the Committee on Budgetary
Control as soon as it had been translated);

− Mr Fabre-Aubrespy who referred to his remarks at the start

of the sitting. (ab) the following texts:

The Minutes of the previous sitting were approved.

− Draft joint action adopted by the Council on the basis of
Article K.3 of the Treaty on European Union on the provision
of equipment for the detection of false or falsified documents
4. Referral to committees in the visa departments of diplomatic representations abroad
and in the offices of domestic authorities dealing with the issue
The following committees had been asked for opinions: or extension of visas (5271/98 − C4-0056/99 − 99/
− DEVE: on the role of the Union in the world: 1998 Annual
Debate (Article J.7 EU) (authorised to draw up a report: FASE) referred to
(INI1000); responsible: CIVI
opinion: LEGA
− ENVI on a proposal for a European Parliament and
Council Directive on certain legal aspects of electronic com- legal basis: Art. K.3(2) EU
merce in the internal market (COM(98)0586 − C4-0020/99 −
98/0325(COD)) (responsible: LEGA; already asked for opin-
ions: ECON, CULT). − Draft joint action adopted by the Council on the basis of
Article K.3 of the Treaty on European Union on the improved
exchange of information to combat counterfeit travel docu-
ments (5003/99 − C4-0057/99 − 99/0904(CNS))
5. Documents received
referred to
The President had received the following texts: responsible: CIVI
opinion: LEGA
(a) from the Council: legal basis: Art. K.1(1), Art. K.3 EU
(aa) requests for opinions on:

− Proposal for a Council Decision establishing a community

action programme in the field of civil protection (b) from the Commission:
(COM(98)0768 − C4-0072/99 − 98/0354(CNS))
referred to (ba) proposals:
responsible: ENVI
opinion: BUDG
− Proposal for a European Parliament and Council Directive
legal basis: Art. 235 EC amending Council Directive 80/181/EEC on the approximation
of the laws of the Member States relating to units of
− Proposal for a Council Recommendation providing for measurement (COM(99)0040 − C4-0076/99 − 99/
minimum criteria for environmental inspections in the Member 0014(COD))
States (COM(98)0772 − C4-0073/99 − 98/0358(SYN))
referred to referred to
responsible: ENVI responsible: ECON
opinion: LEGA opinion: ENVI

legal basis: Art. 130s(1) EC legal basis: Art. 100a EC