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C 182/68 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 28.6.


broadcasters, the Conseil superieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA), the public authorities and sports federations) to
agree on how to improve and clarify the existing code of conduct on the broadcasting in France of sports
events which take place abroad and at which advertising hoardings for alcoholic beverages may appear on
screen. Discussions are currently being held between the CSA and broadcasters on this topic. The Commission
hopes that the advertisers, who had played no part in drawing up the original code of conduct, might soon be
involved in the work. The Commission will assess the results of these discussions in 1999 and decide, on the
basis of this assessment, whether to take any further action on the infringement proceedings which are
currently under way.

2. As regards the ban on television advertising of children’s toys in Greece, a letter of formal notice was sent
to Greece in March 1997 under the procedure provided for in Article 169 of the EC Treaty. On the basis of the
reply from the Greek authorities, the Commission felt there was a need to have a closer look at the issue of the
risks which television advertising might pose to children.

The Commission intends to open talks with the Greek authorities on this topic in the near future.

(1999/C 182/087) WRITTEN QUESTION E-3343/98

by Graham Mather (PPE) to the Commission

(16 November 1998)

Subject: The Raspberry Ice Cream War

It has been reported in the British press that 75 000 copies of a children’s comic entitled ‘The Raspberry Ice
Cream War’, produced by the Commission, have been withdrawn from circulation in the UK.

Can the Commission please confirm whether this is true, provide further details and estimate the cost of
producing and pulping this comic?

Answer given by Mr Oreja on behalf of the Commission

(5 February 1999)

It is correct that the Commission decided not to distribute in the United Kingdom the 65 000 copies of the
publication mentioned by the Honourable Member (production cost ECU 0,30 a copy) but it was not
necessary to pulp them, due to demand for the english language version outside the United Kingdom.

(1999/C 182/088) WRITTEN QUESTION E-3351/98

by Gianni Tamino (V) to the Commission

(16 November 1998)

Subject: Second report pursuant to Article 26 of Directive 86/609/EEC

In its answers to Written Questions E-2376/97 (1) and E-0038/98 (2) the Commission said ‘the report is
scheduled to be available by the end of April 1998.’

Why has the Commission not adhered to this schedule and when does it now expect to publish the second
report, the original deadline for which was 27 May 1997?

(1) OJ C 76, 11.3.1998, p. 102.

(2) OJ C 304, 2.10.1998, p. 20.