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REGISTRATION AND WELCOME Jeffrey Cohen 10 things your neighbour should know about Judaism Tony Stroobant Removing Anti-Semitism from Christian Text Moshe Naor Studying together: Parents and Children Scott Copeland Zionism: A fiery Collection of Arguments Beth Shalom Winter Book Club The People of the Book Jeffrey Cohen Is Spirituality medicine's 4th Dimension? Chris Milton Child Development -A Psychological Journey Lesley Max The Great Potential of Tikkun Olam What's Cooking? Rosh HaShanah Sephardi deserts with Meir Alfassi Gary Samowitz Changing the World: where do we start? JoEllen Duckor Worshop for educators (closed session) Marti Friedlander with Len Bell a Life in Photos

Ron Ben Yishai What's Really Happening in Israel? A Journalist's Tales from the front Line Ittay Flescher 42 Shules 6 Streams 1 God Ron ben Yishai Where the Middle East is Heading Today (Hebrew session) Carvin Knowles The Man who Saved Klezmer

10.1 511.1 5-

Colin Bulka A Jewish State or a State for the Jews?

11.3 012.3 0 12.3 01.15

Linda Kaye Psalms: An experiential text session

Melanie Landau An Irresistible Force meets an Immovable Object: how feminism transformed Judaism Bronwen Klippel Through my Grandmother' s Eyes: Ann Gluckman's Postcards from Tukums (Latvia) Looking Back, Looking Forward: JoEllen Duckor (with Deb Levy) Dean Shapiro We were as dreamers reading the Jewish unconscious in Torah Gavin BeinartSmollan/Sa m Bookman/Jo Goldstein & Daniel Meyrowitz Confronting Modernity: Four Historical Perspectives Gary Samowitz Engaging Gen Y: Challenges & Opportunities Tal Zmiri You & Me: We Change the World - a study of Israeli Film (Hebrew Session) Ittay Flescher Turning Baseless Hatred into Mutual Respect Lessons from the Rabin Assassination Four Beth Shalom Adult Bar/ Batmitzvah Students Sharing Recent Learnings Daniel Pipes The Threat to Israel’s Existence – Why It’s Back, How to Deal with It

1.15 2.15

2.30 3.30

Justine Hitchcock & Meital Naor Talking to kids about the Holocaust how and when?

Paul Turner Worshipping Idols

Donna Jacobs Sife Moses & the Burning Bush - a text/drama experience

3.45 4.45

Melanie Landau Bruria - The Woman who Became a Talmudic Scholar

JoEllen Duckor & Linda Kaye developing spiritual direction

Gefilte Fish for Dummies: Cooking with Ronit Netzer

The Shechita Debate

5.00 6.00 6.007.30 7:30 - late

Dean Shapiro & Shmuel Kopel Two Rabbis: Sharing & Comparing Inspirational Jewish texts


Farewell Function for Dudi and Maya Schmidt LIMMUD AFTER DARK: A smorgasbord of live music, films, lectures and Café Shesh Besh – take a look at the programme on the main page for more!

Sunday 22 August Children’s Programme
Start & Registratio n 9.00 - 10 10 -10.15 10.15 10.30 10.30 11.30 11.30 -12.30 12.30-1.30 1.30 - 2.30 2.30 - 3.30 3.30. Children 9-12 Dean Shapiro Rashi - who was he and how do we read him? Tefilah with Dean Shapiro Children 5-8 Carmella Rose Jacob & Rachel Tefilah with Dean Shapiro

Morning Tea
Donna Jacobs Sife Text Stories Gary Samowitz Tikkun Olam - where do we start? TBC - activity/ music (ittay?) Carmella Rose Jewish Jeopardy

Israeli dancing or other active session - Malindy Café Ivrit - Malindy Rosen End Movie Café Ivrit - Malindy Rosen

Monday 21 August
Start Stream A Luca Quaglia Secrets & Mysteries: The Jewish Calendar Evelyn Jaffe with Sue Berman No way to Say goodbye - the community of Bolivia Carvin Knowles How Jews made the Movies Sing Stream B Ittay Flescher Music as midrash: Jacob's Ladder meets Bob Dylan Chris Milton Spiritual Development of the Child Film Marti - a passionate eye (documentary by Shirley Horrocks) Moshe Naor 4 Things I learned from Luke (Skywalker) Evelyn Jaffe with Sue Berman No way to Say goodbye - the community of Bolivia 9.00 10.00

10.15 11.15

11.30 12.30

Meital AsherNaor What's love got to do with it? Love & the Jewish world.

12.30 1.15 1.15 2.15 Melanie Landau Rav Kook on Teshuvah

Scott Copeland Prophets, priests & iPads: What makes a visionary leader? Taghi Derhamy/ Bruce Keeley/Melanie Landau Exploring Identity: One Muslim, One Christian, One Jew, One Room Scott Copeland Zionism: A fiery Collection of Arguments Donna Jacobs Sife Bringing text alive through Performance

2.30 3.30

Debbie Miller What compels us to Tikkun Olam? Imperatives from the text

3.45 4.45

Shmuel Kopel Love your Fellow as Yourself: is it Possible?

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