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You are viewing a story from harrypotterfanfiction.com Harry Potter and the Death Eater's quest by justanothermuggle View Online Format: Novel Chapters: 24 Word Count: 289,675 Status: COMPLETED Rating: Mature Warnings: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Contains Spoilers Genres: Fluff, Romance, Action/Adventure Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Shacklebolt, Arthur, Bill, Molly, Fleur, George, Ginny Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Ron/Hermione, Draco/OC First Published: 10/03/2008 Last Chapter: 12/21/2008 Last Updated: 09/13/2009 Summary: My first fanfic - completed

The battle is over, Voldemort is defeated. Now it's time to go on living, but even with Voldemort gone, evil isn't dead. This is my story what happened after the Battle of Hogwarts, picking up the story where JKR leave our trio in the headmaster's office... Banner by me. Thank you Ghost Chicken for your great proofreading. The sequel "Harry Potter and the Right of justice"is now posted.

Chapter 1: Tears of Sorrow and Joy [View Online] [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter] A/N September 5th. The entire story has been reposted. There's been a couple of tyops and other small details corrected.

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Chapter 1 – Tears of Sorrow and Joy

She felt a jolt in her left arm. She instinctively knew what it meant as she saw the Dark Mark fade, but didn’t want to believe it. The Dark Lord was dead. She didn’t need to wait until the Daily Prophet confirmed it and hailed the Potter boy as the great hero.

“If I only would have been there, I could have fought, and maybe even have died by the Dark Lord’s side. There’s nothing left. No meaning. My world has ended.” She sat in silence as an idea began to form and take shape in her mind. “Yes, my world has ended. All that’s left for me now is to make sure Harry Potter’s world ends too. I will make him suffer a fate worse than death.” Her face contorted into an almost inhuman expression of twisted mirth as she let out a laugh devoid of any trace of sanity.

An exhausted Harry left the headmistress’ Office with Ron and Hermione, as ever, by his side. The ordeal of the battle had finally begun to take its toll. He felt the pain slowly wash over him—as though the effects of the Cruciatus curse burned through every cell of his body. The spot on his chest where Voldemort’s killing curse had struck him throbbed with a dull agony that pounded at him with every beat of his heart.

Exhausted themselves, Ron and Hermione led their friend up to Gryffindor Tower, where they removed his trainers and socks and heaved him onto his bed, covering him with a quilt. Barely aware of what was happening, Harry whispered, “thank you,” through dry and cracked lips as he drifted into a deep sleep.

Ron and Hermione watched over him for a while, still in protection mode. No one knew better than they what he had been through. He told them how he’d discovered he also was a Horcrux. He had told them bits of what happened in the forest. They marveled to know that Harry Potter had managed to survive the killing curse again. He’d promised to tell them all the details later, once he’d had some rest. Now satisfied that their best mate lay asleep and safe, they collapsed onto Ron’s bed and fell asleep in one another’s arms.

Ginny awoke in a classroom where the Weasleys had stayed for the night, her head cradled in her mother’s lap. She remembered that the events of the previous night weren’t a dream. Molly was still asleep, so Ginny sat up carefully and crept out of the room to take a walk through the corridors of the shattered castle, if for no other reason than to clear her mind. She thought about Fred and then Tonks, Lupin, Colin, and all the others.

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Grief consumed her as she slid down against a wall and cried. Her shoulders shook and her chest heaved with her sobs. Bloody leaking hosepipe. She didn’t like crying normally, but this time it actually felt good. Finally, she thought about Ron, Hermione and…Harry.

She wasn’t sure how she felt about Harry at this moment. Maybe she was still in shock and couldn’t feel much at all. Part of her felt completely empty. Flashes of the battle played through her mind in a seemingly endless loop. It was frustrating. She had felt so much yesterday, seeing him for the first time in months. Then there was that excruciating anguish that flooded her very being as a sobbing Hagrid approached the entrance to the castle carrying Harry’s limp and lifeless form in his massive arms. She remembered screaming in horror as though her heart and lungs had been literally ripped from her body, knowing that her beloved Harry was dead at the hands of Voldemort. But then, he miraculously appeared from under his invisibility cloak, throwing it off with a look of pure vengeance in his hauntingly striking green eyes. By Merlin’s beard, Harry Potter was alive! Her languishing heart leapt as a jolt of pure adrenaline coursed through her veins, followed almost immediately by a surge of intense anger.

Of course she was thrilled that Harry had beaten the evil tosser and lived to tell the tale, but still… Did she love him or hate him? Was she truly angry with him, and if so, could she forgive him? She didn’t know. All Ginny knew now is that she needed to go to him and let whatever was going to happen…happen. Resolved, she got up from the floor, wiped her tearstained face on her sleeve, and made for Gryffindor Tower, where she found Ron sitting by himself in the common room. With a weak smile, she strode over and gave her brother a firm hug.

“Hi, Ron. What’s going on? Where are the others,” Ginny asked as they broke their embrace.

“Hermione’s in our room watching over Harry,” Ron told her. “I’m here sending away anyone who wants to try and see him.”

Harry. Ginny immediately knew she wanted to see him, needed to see him, now that she knew where he was. Despite very mixed emotions flying around her heart, she simply couldn’t wait any longer. “Is he okay,” Ginny asked, biting her bottom lip. “I want to go up.” She gave Ron her don’t-even-think-about-telling-me-no look as he considered his answer.

“He’s sleeping. Madame Pomfrey was here earlier to look in on him; she told us to let him sleep. He was put through a lot yesterday. We all were, but not like Harry. You might as well go on up. You I won’t try to stop,” Ron said with a sigh and the half-grin so characteristically Ron.

Good answer, dear brother-of-mine. Ginny had started toward the stairs when she turned back to Ron again. “How are you,” she asked.

Ron’s gaze fell to his lap, where his fingers picked at an imaginary loose thread on his trousers. “I don’t know. We won, but so much was lost. I’ll be fine, I guess,” Ron replied as he cast a weary glance at his sister.

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Ginny returned his with an empathic sisterly look, and the proceeded up the stairs to Harry’s dormitory, making sure her wand was tucked safely away in case her first impulse might be to Bat-bogey him. With trembling fingers, she grasped the knob, quietly turned the latch, and carefully opened the door. She slipped through, closing it silently behind her. She found Hermione sitting next to Harry’s bed in the rocking chair she had conjured, watching him as a nurse would watch a recuperating patient.

“Hi, Ginny,” she said softly. “I think he’s having nightmares.”

Ginny sat next to Hermione and looked down at Harry. He was sleeping deeply, but moved back and forth moaning, the sweat beading on his troubled brow.

“I think he’s reliving the night of the third Triwizard task when he faced off against Voldemort in that graveyard. He mumbled something about Cedric a little while ago,” Hermione said sadly. “W-what can we do,” Ginny asked with a tear in her voice.

“I think the best thing we can do is just be here for him.” Hermione looked up at Ginny meaningfully. “How are you? Are you okay,” Hermione asked her friend.

“It’s so surreal. It’s over, but F-fred is g-gone,” Ginny replied as a tear stole down her cheek.

Hermione stood and caught Ginny in a sisterly hug. “I know,” she said haltingly, “I know.” A shudder shook her body. Hermione had made it a point to keep strong for her friends. She hoped her parents were all right, but for now, she knew she needed to be here for her friends.

They looked back at Harry, who began to thrash about in his sleep. “No, not Sirius,” Harry cried out. “No, don’t be dead…Sirius!”

Ginny gazed down at Harry, her Harry, and instinctively took his shaking hand a clasped it between her own. Although she had lost Fred, Harry had lost so much more. His parents, his Godfather Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Tonks, who made Harry Godfather to their son, and Dumbledore. Dumbledore’s death had been so hard on him. Knowing Harry, she figured he would probably take the blame upon himself for everyone killed in the battle. More than anything, though, there was one single emotion filling Ginny.

“I still love him, Hermione. I always have and I always will. I should be angry that he broke up with me last year. I should be furious that he walked away from me and faked his own death without a single word, but I’m just glad he’s alive!

I should have known what was really happening when Voldemort came from the forest with his body, but by Merlin, I should want to kill him myself for making believe he was dead! Yet, Hermione, seeing him now—like this—I…I can’t. I can’t be angry because I love him. I love him so much…” Ginny whispered through soft sobs, as

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hot hears coursed down her face, spilling onto her shirt. Hermione reached over and hugged her again.

“I can’t tell you how relieved I am that you’re here, Ginny. Harry is like a brother to me and I’ve stayed by his side through all of this hell. But in truth, yours is the face, above all others, he’ll want to see when he wakes. I’m sure of it.”

Ginny’s heart beat faster. “Did he…speak of me while you were gone,” Ginny asked hopefully.

Hermione let out a long breath. “He tried to hide his feelings and focus on what we had to do, but I know he thought of you all the time. He didn’t want me or Ron to know, but he couldn’t hide it from us. Not really.”

Harry tossed again in his sleep. “I must…let him kill me,” Harry sighed. “She must live…love… her.” Harry’s body jerked violently again as if he’d been hit with a sledgehammer. He gasped and then let out a slow breath. “Love…Ginny…” Harry breathed as he fell back into a peaceful sleep.

Hermione and Ginny looked at each other and didn’t say anything at all for a moment, but then Hermione broke the silence. “He did tell us bits of what happened yesterday, but he was half-asleep at the time.” Hermione continued, “And he went into the forest because he needed Voldemort to kill him. In fact, Voldemort threw the killing curse at him. The killing curse, Ginny, and he survived it again!”

Ginny allowed tears of happiness to flow down her cheeks while one year of bottled-up love, hope and affection exploded inside her. “He loves me,” Ginny began to cry again. “I guess I always knew he did. I mean, I was hoping he still loved me, but he’d never said it before. But then again, I’d never said it to him either.”

“Then tell him you love him, Ginny, because I don’t think anyone ever said that to him. At least not after his parents were killed. Do you want me to stay,” Hermione asked.

“No. I think I want to be alone with him,” Ginny replied as a surge of love filled her bosom like a rose opening up to the summer sun.

Hermione hugged Ginny again, saying she would join Ron in the common room, and admonished her to call down the stairs if she needed them. Ginny still held Harry hand, giving it comforting strokes as he slept on. What had really happened in that forest? Why did Harry want Voldemort to kill him? In fact, Voldemort thought he had. How did Harry survive? Well, whatever happened in the forest turned the tide of the battle—there was no doubt about that. Whatever it was, it must have been what he had to leave her for last year. But he loved her. Of that she could be sure, and that was all that mattered now. He deserved a chance to explain himself to her when the time came.

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Harry felt bathed in the warmth of a bright light as he began to stir. Was he awake or dreaming? Was he alive or dead? He didn’t know, but in the light he saw the one face he wanted to see more than any other. Ginny was there in the light…or was she the very light itself? Hadn’t he been at King’s Cross Station with Professor Dumbledore, or was that only a dream? No, it was Ginny this time…unless she too, was a dream. Harry still felt a bit confused, but he spoke into the light anyway. “Ginny. Beautiful Ginny,” Harry rasped. “Am I alive?”

“Yes, Harry,” she said barely above a whisper. “You’re alive.” She smiled through her tears, her gaze focused on his bruised and battered beautiful face.

He still drifted in and out of sleep and his eyes were only half-open. “But he hit me with the killing curse…you were the last thing I saw. But how can I be alive?”

“Harry, wake up. You’re alive. You did it. You beat him. He’s gone,” Ginny said, still holding his hand. “If my voice and my touch don’t feel real enough, maybe this will.” Ginny caressed his cheek with her other hand as she gazed lovingly into the emerald eyes she’d missed so desperately all those months they’d been apart. She leaned down and kissed his lips, pouring all of her pent-up love and yearning into it.

Harry pulled out of his dreamlike state of half-sleep and returned to reality. Ginny was truly there at last—and she was kissing him! After what seemed like several sunlit days, she drew away. They stared into one another’s eyes and Ginny could see that he was wide awake. “Ginny, it wasn’t a dream,” Harry asked hopefully.

“No,” she said, still caressing his battered cheek. She kissed him tenderly again. “I’m here.” “Did I say anything,” Harry asked as if he suspected he had been talking in his sleep.

“Yes. You did…and I loved hearing it. I love you too, Harry,” Ginny said with a smile.

He couldn’t hold back his tears anymore. He finally allowed himself to cry. Ginny had never seen him like this. He was shaking miserably, as if all the burdens he had carried for so long finally began to break him.

As Harry’s emotional dam broke, Ginny heart broke with it. She slipped into the bed next to him, wrapping her arms around his heaving shoulders as she gently pressed his disheveled head against her breast. She nestled her now-moist cheek into his mass of raven hair and held him close while he sobbed. “I’m sorry I had to leave you. I didn’t want to leave you, but I had to go,” Harry explained through his tears.

“I know, my love. I don’t understand, but I know. Voldemort’s gone now and there’s nothing to keep us apart.

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Nothing at all,” Ginny soothed while Harry settled and collected himself.

He rose up, turned, and took her face in both of his hands. In quiet desperation he promised to tell her about the past nine months. “I want you go know it all, Ginny, but first I need to tell you this: I might have said it in my sleep, but I want to say it now—I love you, Ginevra Molly Weasley.” More tears streaked down his face.

“I tried to be angry with you for leaving me behind, but I just can’t. It doesn’t matter anymore. Not now. You’re here, safe in my arms, and I’ll never let you go. You are so annoyingly irresistible and I love you, Harry James Potter.”

“Then please listen now. I need to tell you everything, and I mean everything.” Harry settled himself against the headboard and took her soft white hand into his rough tanned one and began to tell her…everything.

Ron and Hermione waited in the common room on the sofa, holding each other and speculating as to what might be happening upstairs in the boys’ dormitory. After two hours, Ron became nervous. “It’s too quiet up there. Maybe I should check on them,” he said as he disengaged his arms from around Hermione and hoisted his six-foot five-inch frame off the sofa.

“Let’s both go,” Hermione said with a resigned sigh. She was afraid that they might come upon a scene that Ron might not be too keen on. She followed Ron across the common room to be the staircase that led to the dorm and climbed the stairs to the topmost door. As they approached, they could hear Harry and Ginny talking. Talking is good. That means they’re not snogging. Hermione followed Ron into the room and found Harry and Ginny cuddled up on Harry’s bed, holding hands.

Ron stopped abruptly and narrowed his eyes. “What are you doing, Harry,” he demanded.

Harry and Ginny looked at him incredulously, but it was Ginny who answered. “Ron, I love Harry and he loves me, but Voldemort kept us apart. Now he’s gone and we’re back together again. Don’t you dare go all big-brotherly on me, Ronald Weasley, or you’ll be watching out for Bat-bogeys next,” Ginny warned her brother firmly. She immediately regretted her threat, though, as she registered Ron’s less-than-favourable leer.

Ron didn’t say another word, but turned on his heel and left the room, freckled brow furrowed and sapphire eyes flashing. He left the door standing wide open in his wake. Harry and Ginny looked questioningly at Hermione, who sighed resolutely. “You two stay here. I’ll talk some sense into him.” She stepped back out through the door and closed it behind her.

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Hermione returned to the common room where she found Ron furiously pacing back and forth like a lion in a cage. “Hermione, he can’t play with her feelings like that. Be with her, dump her, snog her on his birthday, and then get together in his bed the first thing today,” Ron stormed.

“Ron, listen. She…”

“She’s my sister and I don’t care if he’s my best friend or the frigging hero to every wizard in Britain…”

“RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY!” Ron jumped. He could have sworn that his mother had just come into the room. Hermione drew her wand and pointed it straight at her boyfriend’s nose. “You are making a huge arse of yourself! Now you listen before I mute you and leave you at the mercy of Ginny’s Bat-bogeys!”

She’s so beautiful when she’s on about something, even if she is a bit scary sometimes. Whether it was Hermione’s words or her wand pointed at his face that got his attention, it had an immediate effect. Ron knew from experience that she wouldn’t hesitate to hex him, so decided it would be best to just shut it and hear her out.

“Do you remember how Harry told us he’d gone into the forest because he found out that he was the seventh Horcrux,” Hermione asked him with a steely glint in her eyes.

“Yeah, I remember. What does that have to do with them,” Ron said, pointing toward the stairs leading to the dormitories, his head cocked and his blue eyes still wide and blazing.

Gods, he is so incredibly hot when he’s angry. “Well, Harry talked in his sleep, and maybe I shouldn’t tell you this, but Harry walked into that forest to die…for us."But above all, he went to die for Ginny so she could live. Her image was the last thing he saw before the killing curse slammed into him.


So…what? Is he kidding me? “Ron, don’t you understand? Dying for someone like that…it’s what Harry’s mum did! It takes a very deep love to make a sacrifice like that? Harry is not playing with Ginny’s feelings. Far from it.”

Ron stared at her, nonplussed. “’Mione, what are you trying to say?”

Hermione thought for a few seconds and then asked him, “How many blokes do you know would say they’d

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willingly die for their girlfriends?”

Ron listened and silently contemplated the enormity of what his girlfriend just said to him and it finally dawned on him. She’s right, of course. She’s always right. Merlin, now I love this annoyingly brilliant woman.

“Harry did actually die for Ginny…sort of…” Hermione went on, “and for all of us. As a result, Voldemort couldn’t touch us.” Hermione looked at Ron compassionately, almost regretting having lectured him. “I don’t mean to come down so hard on you, but you must understand that Harry and Ginny are perfectly mad about each other and deeply in love. Ron, this is nothing new—it’s been building for years.”

She reached up and brushed a lock of ginger away from his eyes so she could search them as she talked to him. She held him captive with her own chocolate pools. “Please be happy for them. Ginny’s your sister and Harry’s your best friend. You and I both want them to be happy, yeah?”

Hermione slid her hands over Ron’s chest and around his neck. She moved against him, rose up on her tiptoes coaxing his ginger head toward hers, and kissed him full on the mouth. “How do you want Harry and Ginny to feel about us? He loves you like a brother and me like a sister…and you know Ginny and I are best friends.” She laid her bushy head against Ron’s broad chest and caressed his back.

Ron calmed down considerably and drew her into a tight embrace. “I guess…I’d better go up there, admit I’m an arse, and…and tell them I’m sorry. And can I tell them about us? I’d like Harry to hear it from me—that the kissing thing was just a heat of…of the moment thing.”

Hermione nodded and released him. Ron climbed the stairs to the dormitory, rapped softly on the door, and slowly opened it. Harry and Ginny were still sitting close together, talking and holding hands. He had to admit he felt genuinely happy for them. They looked up at him expectantly.

“Erm…look, I’m sorry I freaked out and behaved like a senseless gnome,” Ron reddened in apology, “and I’m happy for you. Honest.”

“Are you sure you mean it,” Ginny asked guardedly.

“Yeah, but just try not to snog too much where I can see you, okay?” Ron smiled nervously and cleared his throat. “And I also wanted to tell you…well, Harry, you saw the kiss…Hermione and I sort of got together. It wasn’t just a kiss in the heat of the battle yesterday. It was…erm…real.” Ron flashed his patented half-grin, guaranteed to stave off the angriest of tempers, except for Molly Weasley’s.

“You finally got together? Well, then, the No Snogging Policy applies to you, too,” Ginny said. “My brother and my best friend—I do not need to see that. But congratulations anyway.”

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so they grabbed plates and helped themselves. They suspected Professor McGonagall had told everyone still at the castle to leave them alone. Harry slid off the bed. George Gideon Weasley. What about you lot? You okay?” Harry. 10 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . The two couples snuggled up on the beds as Harry told Ginny. “You too. Jokester Extraordinaire. Ron. As expected. and Hermione could tell George was trying to put on a brave face and keep a stiff upper lip as he brought them up to date. We do not need any wanna-be Voldemorts wandering about or a load of crackpot wizards challenging me for the Elder Wand.” Most of them merely wanted to thank them or congratulate them as they passed.com :: 65.. Ron. and house-elves all worked in teams. and Hermione everything that had happened to him during the battle. their friendship reaffirmed and a sense of family established. She glanced over at Ginny.” Ron replied. “You too!” Both men grinned at each other.” Ron said. they could hear people whisper. making repairs and cleaning up. I guess. Those who fought in the battle. Weasley. “We’re still in shock.” “Too right.com/printerfriendly. and crushed Ron in a brotherly bear hug. who still sat on Harry’s bed.” he replied. When he finished.” Ron said. The four of them left Gryffindor Tower for the Great Hall to get something to eat. especially Harry. we don’t. “it’s Potter. I think we’re all right. “Where is everyone?” “Well…Mum and Dad took Fred…his body…home. It was the only part of the story Harry hadn’t told Ginny yet. “You’re the best mate a bloke could ever ask for. was slowly coming unglued. “Hello. George. but it was no good. one of them Fred Weasley’s.” “What about you. George was the first to approach. he looked at them all intently and said. I’ve seen other families taking their dead home. but no one tried to approach them. In the Great Hall. Simply the best. they found a table laden with food. Ron. but they’ll be back soon. Harry and Ginny sat down together on one side of the table.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Harry declared as they slapped one another’s backs. There was a lot of activity in the corridors. He felt awful about last night’s events that had cost so many lives. “But under the circumstances. Hermione came into the room and looked on with a relieved smile. “We can never tell anyone else about the Horcruxes or the Hallows.harrypotterfanfiction.harrypotterfanfiction.” Harry said. strode across the room. smiling brightly through fresh tears that coursed down her face into her lap. while Ron and Hermione found places opposite them. many in the hall stole an occasional look at them.” or “it’s them—Potter.” Harry asked. and Granger. mate.php?mode=story&o. “Bill and Charlie are helping with repairs and Fleur’s in the Hospital wing helping Madame Pomfrey with the wounded. family who’d arrived. As they passed by. The tremor in his voice and the deadness in his eyes spoke volumes.. George. Ginny.

harrypotterfanfiction. “Thanks.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. You did what you had to do.com/printerfriendly.com :: 65. “I’ll give you the background you want. and she appeared to be in a hurry. “He’s right. pressing a kiss into his shoulder. The five of them looked up as Professor McGonagall strode up the aisle between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables toward them. “Professor. Harry.harrypotterfanfiction. He has asked to speak with you immediately. “Mr Potter. Kingsley Shacklebolt is waiting in my office.” “Thank you for your vote of confidence. The killing was Voldemort’s doing.php?mode=story&o.” Harry said with a weak smile. “Horcruxes! Are you saying there was more than one?” 11 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . wanting to believe it. It nodded.” Ginny wrapped her arms around Harry’s waist and squeezed. “And it’s not your fault anyone died. “Like Ron said. As a former Auror. but I don’t know what to say. but I’m glad Voldemort’s finished. Miss Granger. but he had never encountered one before. Mr Weasley. Kingsley Shacklebolt knew very well what a Horcrux was. mate. Harry.” They excused themselves and followed Professor McGonagall to the Headmistress’ Office. Ginny and George assured them that they’d be waiting in the Great Hall when they were through. Now. Kingsley greeted them warmly and then asked Professor McGonagall to leave. I know you have had bad experiences with the Ministry before.” she said.. “So let me ask you now: what was your mission and what were you looking for?” “Our mission was to destroy Tom Riddle’s…Voldemort’s…Horcruxes.” George said trying to swallow his tears. indicating that it was all right to trust in Kingsley. You’re just the one who put an end to it. so Harry began.” Kingsley said humbly.” Harry began. but I hope you’ll trust me enough to fill me in with some background into the battle last night. He fully expected the Minister to inquire as to what a Horcrux might be. “I have been appointed Interim Minister for Magic and I need to make an official statement about the fate of You-Know-Who. He looked tired and very likely hadn’t had any sleep at all.” Harry said politely. according to Minerva. It’s unreal. you came here on a mission for Dumbledore. still in shock.. looking for something?” Harry stole a glance at professor Dumbledore’s portrait. but I’ll trust your judgment as to what you’ll include in your statement.

including Nagini. ticking each item off on his fingers. “I was a Horcrux. Ravenclaw’s diadem. “I think we’d better not spread the Horcrux story any further. but Harry continued unabashed. Shacklebolt couldn’t believe his own ears. In all fairness. His gratitude to these young wizards for their perseverance knew no bounds and there just weren’t words enough to adequately express it. actually…and the one we brought from Gringotts.. Slytherin’s locket. destroying the Horcrux. and the proceeded to bring down and destroy the most insidious dark wizard in history. but one Riddle never intended. But then I discovered a seventh. and Voldemort’s snake.” Harry went on to reveal the truth about Severus Snape and how he found out about his scar.” Harry affirmed. I think you know the rest.. It happened when his killing curse backfired as a result of my mother’s sacrifice.com/printerfriendly. the Horcrux tied our fates together. Does anyone else know about them?” “Only Ginny. cutting his eyes at Harry. thinking on all he had just heard. “Riddle’s diary. I think it’s safe to say that the truth about the Horcruxes must be kept secret. save one. and the blood he took from me to regenerate. so his killing curse rebounded yet again. 12 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” Ron answered darkly.com :: 65. I trust her implicitly. Minister Shacklebolt leaned back in the burgundy leather chair behind the headmistress’ desk. the twin cores our wands shared. “Because of that.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. sir.” Harry explained.php?mode=story&o. but leaving me alive and whole. Gaunt’s ring. So the greasy sod was loyal to Dumbledore and the Order after all! Fantastic —utterly fantastic! “In the end.” Kingsley gazed in utter amazement at these three remarkable teenagers—teenagers—who had fought so valiantly against the deepest dark arts. Once we agree on the statement.harrypotterfanfiction. “She’s my girlfriend and I’ll have no secrets from her.” The three friends told Kingsley about each of the Horcruxes.” Harry said. “Riddle created six. I’ll seek your approval of the statement before I make it official. Who. Hufflepuff’s cup.” The love and sincerity on Harry’s face at the very mention of his beloved’s name left the older man in no doubt as to Ginny’s honour. but he tried anyway. “So you came here to destroy the last one. What was the seventh Horcrux?” “Not what. The Minister’s eyes opened wide in shock and horror. “But that’s only six. Kingsley looked apprehensive.” Kingsley repeated. “I thank you for your trust. “The last two. but my mother’s protected lived in the blood Riddle took from me. I had to sacrifice myself.” Kingsley asked.harrypotterfanfiction.

Kingsley held up his right hand. although time and time again he’d been told it wasn’t his to carry. Ron. and I certainly understand. please think about it. When they arrived back in the Great Hall. and the others.com/printerfriendly.” Hermione whispered.” the three teenagers answered at the same time. I’ll count on you to support it.php?mode=story&o. Even though You-Know-Who is gone. But still and all.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” he said. and good friends. Again.” Harry said determinedly. They keep telling me it’s not my fault that Fred and the others were killed. “You didn’t tell him about the Hallows. pointing at Harry. okay.com :: 65. there’s loads of work to do to restore everything to order. you three. He had a family that loved him. He could tell she had been crying and he could only guess at her feelings about losing Fred. She gave Ron and Hermione each a hug as Arthur greeted them. He just couldn’t shake the guilt.. The knowledge that he was free from Voldemort and his curse lifted his spirits. coupled with the thought of his orphaned Godson. Mr Weasley reported that Percy had been held up at the Ministry and would join them all shortly. giving him a big hug. Ron. Harry felt happier than he had ever dreamed possible. and Ginny with that information. Lupin. I don’t trust anyone but you. Of course.” Kingsley continued. His countenance impressed upon the three friends that this was less an invitation than an order. The loss of Tonks.” With that. soothing the pain of the tiny darts stuck in his ragged heart. to silence them. but I just can’t help thinking there was something I could have done differently. a beautiful loving girl who was in love with him.. Teddy. 13 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .harrypotterfanfiction.” “Agreed. as well as Charlie and Bill. Unity will be of the utmost importance in this matter. palm out. despite knowing Molly Weasley’s temperament. He was visibly shaken. “Harry dear. but I’ll try to make it a better place. It’s my wish that you be there. Fred. But one look from Ginny warmed Harry to his core. and the pain he felt for the Weasleys pierced his heart like tiny darts. they found that Mr and Mrs Weasley had returned. Her fury when Bellatrix Lestrange almost hit Ginny with a killing curse had been the kind he never thought a loving mother remotely capable of. he carried the heavy burden of grief for those lost in the war.harrypotterfanfiction. “Lastly. We are in great need of good people. Yeah.” Molly said. “Not a chance. I know you hesitate. “We’re holding a memorial ceremony tonight on the grounds. “I’m asking for your help at the Ministry. Kingsley excused them and they left the office.” Before they could protest. but Harry could see he did his best to remain strong for the sake of his family. and Hermione individually. Please think about it. if only just a little.

but it’s the truth nonetheless. spent the better part of it fighting against the dark forces that had made the return of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named possible. “Thank you. son. “Harry.php?mode=story&o.com/printerfriendly. “You saved us. Harry.” Harry turned his messy head to face his surrogate father with a look of wonder in his eyes. Remember.” Harry collapsed into Arthur’s arms as a son would into his father’s. Staff and students. Something that might have saved them. Harry insisted that Ginny read it and offer her input as well. sir. in fact. Total casualties number just over fifty (see attached 14 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” Arthur said.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. the final battle against those dark forces took place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.harrypotterfanfiction. placing a firm hand on the young man’s shoulder. Thanks to you. decimating the ranks of the Dark Lord’s Death Eaters in an effort to bring an end to the terror and tyranny that had spread across our world. The battle culminated with young Mr Potter facing off in a man-to-man duel against the Dark One himself. If you’re harbouring any guilt about Fred or any of the other dead. Harry. “The Battle of Hogwarts Many questions have surrounded the whereabouts and activities of Harry Potter over the past year.. had. Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. along with his friends.” was all Harry could say as he choked back another round of sobs. I’ll try to remember that. our family made it through this war in far better condition than many other families. If it hadn’t been for you. The two men allowed a few tears to fall as their grief momentarily overtook them. ultimately defeating him by repelling his own killing curse.. Harry Potter. “George told us what he said to you and I couldn’t agree more. Ron last year…and who knows if Bill would have survived Grayback’s attack had Dumbledore’s Army—a force you trained—not been there to join the fight the night Professor Dumbledore was killed. Kingsley noted that it would be released to the public following the ceremony. It doesn’t take away the pain of losing our Fred. and Hermione to review and approve. Ginny would have died under Hogwarts castle in her first year. Ron.harrypotterfanfiction. I want you to let go of it and think about all the lives you saved. Later that day. I would have died at the Ministry.com :: 65. a Ministry owl delivered a draft of the statement for Harry. mostly members of Dumbledore’s Army led by Neville Longbottom and Ginevra Weasley. Yesterday. fought brilliantly alongside the Order of the Phoenix.

. but we only get Second Class. First Class: Harry James Potter. First Class? Neville and I actually faced Death Eaters on a daily basis all year until you lot showed up. it doesn’t seem to be about us and what we’d been doing. and posthumously to Severus Tobias Snape (see separate article). Order of Merlin.” Harry rationalised. and after a thorough read.” Hermione said with wide eyes and an equally awed tone. awestruck.com/printerfriendly. For utmost courage and upholding the finest values of our magical society. Ronald Bilius Weasley.” Ron breathed. “I expect there’s a political reason behind it.com :: 65.php?mode=story&o.. Surviving Death Eaters who have been apprehended will stand trial for their crimes. “Blimey! The Order of Merlin.” Harry said. 15 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Harry.harrypotterfanfiction. the following awards were presented at the ceremony: Order of Merlin.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Warrants for the Death Eaters’ arrests and honouring us…yes. list). Second Class: Neville Frank Longbottom and Ginevra Molly Weasley.harrypotterfanfiction. “He must’ve worked awfully hard to make that happen this fast. “Reading about it…somehow. the four friends found no complaint with the statement and sent their approval with the owl. Ron. A memorial/awards ceremony held at the school honoured those who so bravely gave their lives in the conflict and those who demonstrated great courage in the face of grave danger. “Yes. and Hermione laughed. the new Ministry.” Ginny teased with a mischievous grin. Does he have the slightest clue how irresistibly sexy he is when he downplays his heroics? “So hiding in a tent for a year is what it takes to win the Order of Merlin. Hermione Jean Granger. Kingsley Shacklebolt Interim Minister for Magic” The casualty list and the article about Professor Snape were indeed attached. ‘Upholding the finest values…’ I’d say we just tried to stay alive and did what was necessary. Arrest warrants have been issued for those few still at large. led by Kingsley Shacklebolt. clearly states that it will have nothing to do with Death Eaters or the politics of the former administration.

Ron and Hermione go their share of attention as well.com/printerfriendly. I’ve had enough Ministry politics to last me a lifetime!” The Weasleys gathered for dinner in the Great Hall. but no one’s said anything either…” Harry opened his mouth to speak. exchanging warm smiles and subtle expressions of love only they understood when they thought no one was watching. since it would be published in a release from the Ministry immediately following the ceremony. Bill looked over at Harry looking a bit puzzled. Dad’s busy looking out for all of us as the strong Head of the Family.harrypotterfanfiction. his every breath during all those lonely nights in the tent. They clamoured for his account of what he and his friends had been about during the past year and.” Harry asked with a smirk. Now Ron…” Bill paused and let Harry stew for a moment and then continued. since Augusta Longbottom would never allow an honour bestowed upon her family to be snubbed. “Ron has eyes only from Miss Granger. people began to pluck up courage enough to make demands on Harry’s attention.. For Harry.” Harry said. Once work was finished for the day. stayed close to Harry and did their best to look menacing enough to discourage anyone from challenging them. he found himself falling deeper and deeper in love with her. Bill. Charlie has definitely picked up on it. of course. “Look. I doubt anyone’s completely oblivious. then?” Bill chuckled and placed a big hand on Harry’s shoulder.. if I’m not mistaken. “Fear of Ginny’s notorious big brothers is it. Whilst Harry and Bill filled their plates with more food. I want to help Kingsley because I believe he’s the man to lead us into peace. he’s happy. If Ginny’s happy. He had gladly surrendered his heart to her keeping. with his battle scars and Charlie. so as to be spared the onslaught. of course. I couldn’t be happier. stayed close to Harry too. rough-looking from his work with dragons.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. but they managed to avoid most of the questions. don’t worry. They chose to keep a low public profile. “Are we that obvious.com :: 65. Harry wasn’t keen to discuss any of it.php?mode=story&o.” he assured the younger man in a hushed tone. Now. They supposed he would return for the ceremony. she’s dead chuffed about Ron and the rest of you lot winning the various Orders of Merlin. she was all that and more—a buffer between joy and despair—and with each passing moment. but don’t worry about him. “To be honest. However. I don’t think it’s quite registered with Mum yet since she’s so emotional about Fred. and she’s relieved that no one else in the family has been lost or injured—and that includes you. He leaned in conspiratorially. so…” 16 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . I’m married to a part-Veela after all. “Hmff! That remains to be seen. Ginny had been his lifeline. Harry…Ginny too. Are you aware of that?” Bill blinked in amusement at Harry’s blush and apparent discomfort. the Weasley boys stood up for him so he could be left in peace. along with Harry and Hermione. mate. Harry.harrypotterfanfiction. Ginny. “You’re literally shining. Sensing their surrogate brother’s frustration. “Hey. The two eldest Weasley brothers proved more than adequate in that regard. for his account of the battle. “But I want to steer clear of their damned politics.” Hermione concluded. and it beat only for her. but Bill cut him off. politics are definitely at work here. Neville had left Hogwarts for the time being.

along with a sizeable crowd of gate-crashers who also wanted to celebrate the defeat of Voldemort on the grounds outside Hogwarts…and perhaps get a glimpse of The Chosen One and his companions.php?mode=story&o.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Only veterans of the battle and their close friends and family had been invited to the memorial ceremony. Yeah. but hasn’t quite taken it in as yet. Harry. I want every living detail some time. “Actually. as per Kingsley’s orders. except I was too busy being a noble prat to really pay any attention to her.” Harry had always liked Bill.” How could you have been so bloody blind? You’ve missed so much.. 17 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .harrypotterfanfiction. cool. “Ron knows all about Ginny and me. “and Mr Weasley. You know Ron…he’s hopeless. He was. News of the ceremony had spread. Well. knowing my mum.” “Hmm…right. “If I may ask—when did this thing start with you and Ginny anyway? Don’t tell me it was yesterday. Again. but it seems to have done the trick. Potter.” Harry said. so a handful of reporters and photographers arrived. “Yesterday? They weren’t busy enough fighting Death Eaters?” “I guess that’s what it takes. I think I’ve always loved her from the moment I saw her.harrypotterfanfiction.com :: 65. well. “Uh…right.” Bill said as he shifted his eyes to the right. chuckling. He and Hermione got together just yesterday. for lack of a better word. I’d say as soon as possible.com/printerfriendly. really…or at least since she opened her eyes in the Chamber of Secrets.” Bill patted his shoulder and then looked at him with raised eyebrows.” Bill grinned wider. When should we tell Mrs Weasley.. you moronic ponce! “That’s kind of a weird first date. “He’ll never hear the end of this. I think she suspects. Bill laughed out loud. can I ask you something —something I’m not comfortable asking Ron or Ginny?” “Sure…go ahead.” Harry asked and then quickly added.” Bill replied.” Bill asked with mock suspicion. “Bill.

Second Class for your courage in the face of unspeakable odds. “The bottom line is that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was defeated and killed in a duel with Mr Harry Potter. Miss Ginevra Weasley and Mr Neville Longbottom led a paramilitary group known as Dumbeldore’s Army in the struggle for freedom and the lives of so many of their fellow students. Neville returned to his seat next to Ron as the applause dissipated. Miss Weasley is not yet of age. Kingsley ascended a quickly-conjured stage with Harry. she did all she could to resist the tyranny of the very core groups of Death Eaters closest to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named who had taken over the school. to blush crimson as he stepped confidently forward to receive it. 18 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .com :: 65..” A tremendous roar of cheers and applause greeted Ginny as she stepped forward to receive the prestigious award. and the families of their fallen comrades filled the front rows. Ginny. Their faces were etched with lines betraying the aftershock of battle and loss. yesterday marked the end of the Second Wizarding War. He leaned over ever so slightly as whispered into her ear. not usually fond of attention. and Neville in tow. Her grandson had finally proven he was every bit the fine wizard his father had been. They turned and faced the crowd as Flitwick gently set the coffin down on a plinth at the front of the stage. “My friends.harrypotterfanfiction. “Merlin. as a representative of the Wizarding community of Great Britain.” Murmurs of assent wafted through the crowd. but on several occasions. She’s the only award I need. but a few brave young wizards and witches actually stepped up and fought to keep that hope alive right here on the Hogwarts grounds and inside the castle. Many defiant voices spoke of him. positively beamed as the love of his life bent slightly so Kingsley could slip the medal over her head. killing his vile snake during yesterday’s battle. “Mr Longbottom led Dumbledore’s Army in a team effort alongside Miss Weasley. Sonorus. Kingsley raised his arms to silence the crowd. Behind them followed Professor McGongall and Snape’s coffin. How did I manage to win such a beauty? Ginny returned to her seat next to Harry.harrypotterfanfiction. May there never be a third. who now clapped and cried and laughed for him. as he began to speak. who took her hand and locked her fingers with his. their families. wore robes of their individual house colours. Each of the four professors as Heads of House. Second Class! The thunderous applause and cheers from the crowd caused Neville Longbottom. but there was one hope that shone through that darkness: that Harry Potter was The Chosen One. quietly uttering prayers of encouragement under cover of night and in the privacy of their homes. You are amazing. he stole a look over the crowed and found his usually stern grandmother. Still somewhat bashful. attacked He-Who-Must-NotBe-Named. “This past year has been a dark one in our community. He placed the tip of his wand to his throat and muttered. Hermione. at the risk of his own young life.” A cheer erupted from the crowd as Kingsley paused for effect.php?mode=story&o. exposure. and starvation.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Miss Weasley. Mr Longbottom also receives the Order of Merlin. her face glowing with pride. which was levitated by Professor Flitwick and Professors Sprout and Slughorn as honour guards. It is my pleasure. to present you.com/printerfriendly. the shy and forgetful boy who was almost a Squib. under constant threat of cruel punishment under the Cruciatus curse. severe beatings. how I love you.. Harry. The remaining members of Dumbledore’s Army. He demonstrated enormous courage and loyalty to our cause when he. Ron.” She smiled up at him with one of those private expressions only he could understand. For his outstanding leadership and courage in the face of death. with the Order of Merlin.

Hermione. since we had every ruddy…sorry…Death Eater and Snatcher in Britain tailing us at every turn. Severus Snape. primarily within the walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Mr Weasley had. and proved himself a fierce opponent on the field of battle. he managed to pass on vital information to Mr Potter that would aid in his ultimate victory over that evil. Finally. With his last breath. managed to maintain his charade before the Dark One. scanty at first began to ripple through the crowd. as the audience mumbled its dissent.” Kingsley paused. We tried to survive. on several occasions. First Class. The crowd demanded a speech. honed to razor sharpness on the chessboard.com :: 65.com/printerfriendly.. working tirelessly to protect the students in his charge the best he could from the savage brutality of Amycus and Alecto Carrow and their band of cutthroats. He placed the end of his wand to his throat and whispered. and do so for a very…long…time. only two people knew—Mr Ronald Weasley and Miss Hermione Granger. in hopes that we would somehow get out of it alive and get on with our lives. ever remaining loyal to Albus Dumbledore to the end. If they only knew. even unto death. blushing as red as his hair. at the same time. They raised them smartly in front of their faces and then dropped them to their sides in one precision movement as a final farewell to their former Potions Master. we have all wondered: Where is the Chosen One? Except for Mr Potter himself. saved his friends’ lives in various close calls and tight spots. “For almost an entire year. I hereby present Ronald Weasley with the Order of Merlin. hiking all over the country. On the night of the final battle. with his cunning and talents in Legilimency and Occlumency. so Kingsley stepped away from the podium as Ron faced the crowd. “Harry once told me that when someone talks about things. Harry. like what we did. in a seven-year struggle for victory. “DA! Salute!” The remnants of Dumbledore’s Army rose as one. Severus Snape died while still trying to gather information that would lead to the downfall of the Dark One. Neville shocked them all as he suddenly stood up. “Today we also remember Severus Snape. Severus Snape received the send-off for the bravery and tenacity a hero so richly deserves.php?mode=story&o. he posthumously receives the Order of Merlin. His tactical savvy. again for effect. First Class. it always sounds so much better than it actually was.” The air exploded with enthusiastic cheers and applause for the ginger-haired hero who was instrumental in the Chosen One’s defeat of Lord Voldemort.” Silence hung over the stunned assembly as they took in and processed the tale the Minister for Magic wove for them. He placed the end of his wand against his throat once again and whispered Finite.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. “Headmaster Snape is the only man I have ever known to deceive He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. proved essential to the defeat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. We did what we had to do. wand drawn. who softly touched his face and murmured. and barked.harrypotterfanfiction. Ron. though. followed by the crowd. His deep blue eyes scanned the crowd and rested on the proud faces of his parents and siblings. A very self-conscious Ron rose to accept the award. Headmaster. When the assembly quieted once again and the DA had taken their seats. he worked to undermine the foundation of terror established by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. I think he’s right. Ron returned to his seat between Neville and a now teary-eyed Hermione. These two remarkable teenagers stood steadfastly by Mr Potter’s side through thick and thin. living rough in a tent. “Have you any idea how much I love you?” He just looked into her beautiful brown eyes 19 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . To honour the memory of Severus Snape for his brave dedication to eradicating a terrible evil to our midst. as a loyal friend. but more importantly. and Guardian. and Ginny stood and began to applaud.. Sonorus. For one year following the death of Albus Dumbledore. after so many years of loneliness and misunderstanding.harrypotterfanfiction. Polite applause. drew their wands with their right hands. I certainly didn’t think we’d make it. Kingsley continued his address.

Ron slipped his arm behind her. “I can only wish that this war marks the end of the prejudices of blood purity. She was an influential force behind the organisation and training of Dumbledore’s Army. I can take pride in my part in it. to invite him to Hogwarts.” As a tear began to fall. “This victory is Professor Dumbledore’s. her eyes glistening with unshed tears. looked into her moist eyes and whispered. He hoped no one else noticed. She has saved her friends’ lives on countless occasions through her phenomenal use of that clever logic she is so well-known for. then as a Muggleborn. The crowd went instantly silent as their Man of the Hour drew his holly and phoenix-feather wand.php?mode=story&o. Tom’s mother was a witch and his father was a Muggle. “Ron. He has endured the loss of his parents and suffered under the vile neglect of those charged with his care in childhood.” There was a whisper in the crowd when Harry said the name without hesitation or fear.harrypotterfanfiction.harrypotterfanfiction. on Dumbledore’s orders. “Miss Hermione Granger is described by many as the most gifted witch of her age. “Have you any idea how much I love you?” She gave him an almost inaudible giggle and stared into his bright blue eyes. Ron read that look and arranged his face into an expression that could only be described as pleasure-pain. First Class for her abounding spirit and outstanding bravery in the face of deprivation and terror. when we have mourned those who are no long with us. Ron raised her hand and brushed his lips across it as she rose and stepped toward the podium. Sonorus. Many years ago. last year. and not who one’s parents are.” Kingsley gestured to those on the dais as well as those among Dumbledore’s Army. “He has been known by many names.. she muttered as she advanced. she turned away from the crowd. Kingsley placed the medal around Harry’s neck and shook his hand firmly. This boy became Lord Voldemort.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” The crowd went wild before Kingsley could present Harry with his award. He relinquished the podium to allow Harry to address the onlookers. You see.. yet he prefers to bestow the credit on his dedicated and loyal friends. If that’s what this war finally teaches. but to his friends and family. The Chosen One. The air crackled with anticipation as he again began to speak. he visited an orphanage. and shook his head no ever so slightly. I proudly present Hermione Granger with the Order of Merlin. Kingsley stepped forward again and the crowd fell silent. placed it against his throat and whispered. and took her seat between Ron and Ginny.com/printerfriendly. It was thanks to Professor Dumbledore’s knowledge of Tom Riddle that we were able to defeat 20 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Sonorus. But still—the power of love ruled over any anger or resentment he may have harboured. He was just barely able to settle the crowd so he could continue. so that we may have a world where it’s what one knows and does with knowledge that matters. Kingsley raised his arms once again in order to silence the crowd. and the Famous Harry Potter. most notably among them: The-Boy-Who-Lived. First Class to Mr Harry Potter!” The crowd erupted again as a very nervous Harry stepped forward. and I set out on a mission. Hermione had already resolved herself to the fact that she would be required to speak to the assembly.com :: 65. the most-disciplined unit that fought in this war. “It’s my great honour and privilege to present the Order of Merlin. slightly raising one eyebrow. I can say that it was all worth it and hope that one day. he’s just Harry. whispered Finite. Miss Granger has shown courage on the battle lines and he willpower is as strong as her magic. no wizard knew more about Voldemort than Professor Dumbledore. This remarkable young man has faced the deepest depths of evil in the forms of dark magic and wizardkind alike. Her cool intellect and clever use of logic became essential to her survival and that of her friends. Hermione. One day. where a boy named Tom Riddle lived. giving her the crooked half-smile that could melt an iceberg. That abiding power with which he is so richly imbued allowed him to secure victory over that evil for himself. “Much can be said about our last honoured guest.

how did you defend yourself against the killing curse?” “The same way I did when I was a baby. There was only scant conversation around the table. Molly set to making tea and sandwiches for supper. Keeping Harry and their little sister safely in their midst. defending their raven-haired “brother” against the media assault. She didn’t have to utter a single word. the brave toughness of Professor Snape. “Mr Potter. Rest in peace. having lost his twin brother. Harry only nodded briefly as he passed. I felt bad about it at first. reminded me this morning that the killing was Voldemort’s doing—we just put an end to it. they all turned as one and Apparated home to the Burrow.harrypotterfanfiction. then I could feel good about it. and then turned away as his eyes burned with tears. hoping to get a story. Many of you may also feel as though you owe your life to someone who died as a result of this war. Let the fear of Voldemort and his name die with him. yesterday. I would have died.” Harry whispered almost silently. Reporters crowded around Harry. the spirit of a dear house-elf called Dobby. Yes. Like you. we. George Weasley. until my friend. Fred. and the tutelage of Professor Dumbledore. No one felt particularly up for a huge meal. I want you all to know that without the love of my parents. but mainly because of those who are not here. No one of us could have completed this task on our own.. Once the Weasley assemblage arrived at the Burrow. He then conjured a single lily and placed it reverently on Snape’s coffin. Harry placed the end of his wand against his throat and whispered Finite. If what we won here yesterday is less fear and more love for our world. the abiding friendship of Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. Sirius Black.com/printerfriendly. They glared at the jostling pack of photographers and journalists. “You truly were the bravest man I ever knew.. I stand here like this—today—maybe because I have some skill at dueling. Kingsley thanked the crowd for attending and dismissed them. but I like to think that those who died would rather we go on living instead of wallowing in guilt and remorse.php?mode=story&o. James and Lily Potter. who stood around him with their arms folded defiantly across their chests.” Kingsley whispered to him.harrypotterfanfiction. my friend. the wisdom of my Godfather. the Weasleys made their way toward the gates. and certainly more intimidating. mostly 21 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” With that. Well done.” was all Harry would tell them as he led Ginny into the circle of ginger Weasleys. him.com :: 65. I mourn. Her eyes said it all. and escaping the media blitz following the ceremony had their nerves on edge. “Good speech. He returned to Ginny’s side before a deafening cacophony of applause and cheers. even though the cost weighs heavy on our hearts now.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Ginny slipped her hand into his and gave it a reassuring squeeze. father and brothers. Once outside the Hogwarts grounds. Even Percy cut a somewhat menacing figure as he held fast alongside his larger. certainly because of my friends who are here with me. They day’s events had worn them all out.

com :: 65.. ”Aw c’mon. At first. hair flying.. the ancient Weasley family owl. though. especially now.” he laughed. ”And finally.. he wasn’t sure where he was.” mused Harry with a glint in his eye. Ginny and Hermione. ”Imagine. having been awake for about an hour already.harrypotterfanfiction. He was about to say something to Ron about Errol when the door burst open with a bang.” Ginny asked. ready to blast the intruder to oblivion.. as she shepherded them all up the stairs. suddenly crashed through the window on Ron’s side of the room with the Daily Prophet in his talons. Without a glance toward the shattered window. You running to save us. He had only just realised when Errol. The shards of glass littering the floor and the beds flew safely back into the frame. still found enough energy to raise their weary heads and gaze into each other’s eyes. ”Errol.. heard the crash.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. The couples parted at Ginny’s bedroom door with soft kisses and warm embraces. ”Oh. and crawled onto his lap and into his arms. Harry had just awakened as bright sunlight stole through the window and assaulted his sleep-laden eyes.ugh! Ruddy hopeless. leaving no evidence that the window had ever been broken. I just can’t stay angry with him. ready to launch into one of her infamous tirades.we thought. you’ll sleep in Ginny’s room and Harry.. The bird lay exhausted and gasping for breath with his feet in the air as Ron moved the heaving mass of wings and beak onto the bed beside him. Reparo. heart pounding. and faces pale. the house laid peaceful and still. They burst through the door. exchanging private expressions that reaffirmed their love for one another. The two young couples. ”Then what the hell was that noise. you’ll bunk with Ron. Love. trying not to laugh herself. landing roughly on Ron’s stomach in a flurry of down and feathers. wands drawn. She walked across the room.” He held out his arms to Hermione. Harry looked on amused.php?mode=story&o..” she ordered.” Mrs Weasley announced.” was all they could muster as the girls disappeared behind the door and the boys dragged themselves up to the next landing to Ron’s room.com/printerfriendly. ”G’night.” she sighed as he placed a kiss on her still-furrowed brow.” Harry exclaimed. he waved his wand in the general direction and muttered. dreamless sleep. ”Don’t be like that..we thought. since he hasn’t laughed—really laughed—in such a long time. I was just having a little fun with you. dears. but at the same time she rather enjoyed Harry’s infectious laughter. about the speeches (Harry related how he thought Kingsley had laid it on rather thick). her own chocolate brown eyes never leaving his.” Ginny sighed as she made her way toward Harry’s bed.. "Ahhrrgh. 22 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . C’mon.. Enough said. ”How romantic. Hermione.. Soon. The two girls nearly jumped out of their skins in alarm. quite put out at such a rude awakening from what had been an otherwise restful night’s repose.harrypotterfanfiction. but the group seated there seemed more interested in their teacups than anything else. The girls were not amused.” Harry answered. ”I don’t know why I put up with you. Give us a break.first thing in the morning. Ronald Weasley. as she assigned her extended family to sleeping quarters.. ”Hermione! Ginny! What’s the matter with you two. flashing those baby blues and the patented half-smile that melted her anger away. ”Time for bed.” Ginny stammered. ”What’s so funny. ”We heard a crash and. ’Mione.” smirked Ron.” a winded Hermione demanded. the silence broken only by the occasional squeak of bedsprings as someone rolled over in glorious. threw open the bedroom door and sprinted up the few stairs to the boys’ room. ”You thought we were under attack. sorry excuse for a bird. grabbed their wands. her breaths coming in gasps. now. She didn’t appreciate being made fun of." Ron grumbled..” begged Ron.. Off you go. Then Ron joined him in raucous laughter. ”in broad daylight.” Now Harry began to snicker as Hermione’s eyes narrowed.

" "Imagine that. who had opened up the newspaper. or better yet. Ginny had already sat down on the edge of Harry’s bed.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. drawing their attention toward Harry’s side of the room.” she murmured as she began to kiss up his neck toward the side of his mouth. which drove him wild. since the entire issue had been dedicated almost exclusively to the Battle of Hogwarts. He drives me mad. ”I missed you. One entire spread was dedicated to Harry. ”Because you can’t help yourself?” He chuckled as he tightened his embrace. as revealed by my esteemed colleague. I honestly don't know if I should laugh or cry. Hermione took pains to smooth it out so they could read it." he replied rolling his eyes and grinning sarcastically.” Harry said. each to the others. but I just can’t resist that Weasley charm. pointing at a line in an article. She no sooner than touched his hand. "It says here that Ginny is the youngest witch in history to receive the Order of Merlin. steeling himself for the worst. ”Mmm... Blushing. his countenance took on a dark demeanor and his face turned a deep crimson.. a dungbomb. and the recipients of those awards. just inside the door. During his fourth year at Hogwarts. my beauty.” That morning’s Daily Prophet turned out to be a special edition. my love. This interrupted a healthy snog between Ron and Hermione. Probably the dungbomb.accompanied by the perfunctory photographs. there have been numerous reports regarding Harry Potter's love life. ”Oi! A little dignity. Morning. it's just too much.harrypotterfanfiction. Hermione smiled to herself as she laid her head on his broad chest.com :: 65. Bloody hell! Ron read: ”Harry Potter's Girls Over the years. As the paper passed to Ron for the third time. ”I missed you too. She let out a squeal of surprise and delight... Miss Hermione Granger had been his love interest. letting out a sound something like a cross between a giggle and a sigh." Hermione shouted. wrapping her in his strong arms.. so lost were they in the own blissful snog. I can take it. Read it. ”He saved our lives. ”What.harrypotterfanfiction.” he mumbled into her neck as he ran his fingers through her thick hair. they disengaged themselves from each other and glared over at Ron.” Ron said in a lower-than-usual voice. ”That’s my little warrior!” Ginny snuggled in closer. "Harry. Rita Skeeter. with commentary containing speculation as to how Harry had managed to survive the killing curse yet again. ”Sorry mate. you know. it looks like your having mentioned Dobby in your speech started a debate about house elves. Harry and Ginny had forgotten they were not the only people in the room.” ”G’on. when he pulled her down across his chest and buried his face in her flaming red tresses.” Ron called across the room to his sister and his best friend. as it was to be called now. "Look. what she does to me! Just then.com/printerfriendly.or send the writer a howler.” he whispered huskily. ”G’morning. mate. breathing in her signature scent of wildflowers and strawberries. It looked as though it took a Herculean effort for the battered old owl to right himself enough to take flight and escape the confines of Ron’s room so as to find sustenance in the Burrow’s kitchen. On the other side of the room.” 23 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . The four friends took turns reading aloud.php?mode=story&o. Merlin.” Harry realized that something else had woken up as well. He pointed to the article he was about to launch into and looked sadly at Harry. ”Look further down on the page. all right." Harry draped an arm across Ginny’s shoulders and declared. the memorial/awards ceremony.” Hermione asked. Errol began to stir. Then Hermione smiled almost triumphantly. including a small section devoted entirely to Severus Snape.

I was so stupid. ”Merlin’s pants! Where do they get this rot.” Ron admitted.” Sniff.” Harry exclaimed as he threw himself onto his back and drew his hand down over his face. Exactly when and why Mr Potter and Miss Chang broke up we do not know.” Ginny said resolutely. ”Can we just get on with this. as the two of them seemed to have made up and continued their relationship... It’s just a load of rubbish!” Have these people nothing better or more important to write than gossip? ”I know.. ”What do you mean?” she asked.oh. He snapped his ginger head to Hermione. Ron cleared his throat and continued: Miss Chang won Mr Potter's affections and started a relationship with him.is there more. Thanks.” Harry replied with a wicked smile. He heard Hermione sigh heavily.” Harry started. ”I had been an insufferable prat because I didn’t ask Hermione to the ball myself when I had the chance.” Ginny whispered conspiratorially. Hermione. so he decided to let it go. A few moments later. ”Harry. ”Oh for the love of. Interestingly.harrypotterfanfiction. anyway. ”What did we just say to Hermione?” ”Shut me up.” Damn! He reached over and put his arm around her waist. as Miss Granger dated the famous Bulgarian seeker. By the time I realised she was even a girl.” Harry sighed.” Ron pulled her in even closer and put his other arm around her.com :: 65. Ron?” He nodded and read on.php?mode=story&o. dancing with Miss Patil only when tradition demanded. Hermione.” Hermione snapped.harrypotterfanfiction.. but it wasn’t me doing the protesting.” Ginny teased. ’Mione... ”there was a protest going on that night. leading to the end of his relationship with Miss Granger. however. He doesn’t need to keep beating himself up over this. still holding her protectively to his side. I swear. and who also became a member of Dumbledore's Army. Viktor Krum. ”The details are shady.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Mr Potter was seen dating Miss Cho Chang. I was horrible to you. though. They’d heard all of this before. ”You’re right.. there is no indication that there had been any romance between the two of them. accusing you of fraternizing with the enemy. pulling her close to him and giving her a reassuring squeeze. ”Is. ”’Mione. presumably in protest.. excuse me. what is it? What’s. It’s not important. It is reasonable to believe that the beautiful Miss Chang snared Mr Potter's heart. We know it’s all rubbish. I wanted to shrivel up and die when I—when Krum.” Hermione sniffed. Ron stopped reading. don’t. Harry had been observed sitting down most of the night. but since when do we sit around blubbering like leaky hosepipes over anything written in the sodding Prophet. Love. who escorted her to the Yule Ball during the Triwizard Tournament held at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that year. a girl who shares Mr Potter's passion for Quidditch. I will spend the rest of my life making that up to her. nuzzling her. We suspect there had been a quarrel between Mr Potter and Miss Granger that must have been resolved soon after..” Ginny cast a sidelong glance at her boyfriend. Will they ever quit with this rubbish? ”Go on. handkerchief in hand..Krum had beaten me to the punch. dabbing at tears that threatened to escape down her cheeks. who sat cross-legged on his bed. ”What Harry means is that I was the one protesting. Ginny.com/printerfriendly.. meaning the first dance. ”Uh. shut it.” Harry said soothingly. ”It is important. knowing already where this was going. she managed to pull herself together. I was afraid of this. ”For what it’s worth.” Hermione sobbed. It doesn’t matter anymore. Love.” ”Ron. ”The following year. Miss Parvati Patil turned up on Mr Potter's arm that evening. ”Later. 24 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. very likely over Miss Granger.

com :: 65. ”Ron.” Ron said as he puffed his cheeks and blew out a long puff of air. he says.php?mode=story&o.” Ron couldn’t stifle it any longer. while others reported it the other way round. ”She's right.” ”You’re not a nobody.” Hermione agreed.” Ginny huffed and folded her arms defiantly across her chest. Oh. Certainly not Luna or Cho either. ”Too right! If you ask me. Ron paused only long enough to acknowledge his sister’s comment. you know.” ”Poor Luna. I’ll—” ”Thank you. ”but you’re obviously considered the greatest hero on this planet. shaking their heads.” Ginny sighed. according to a reliable source. giving him a piggy-back hug. Every reporter like this one. more or less. ”Should I just tell the Prophet I'm with Ginny?” Ginny looked at him thoughtfully.. but if you’re seen alone with Hermione.’ as you put it. they’ll accuse you of cheating on me.. don’t hate me for saying this.com/printerfriendly. Harry. She didn’t find the gossip funny at all. ”And get yourself five years in Azkaban? Harry. Except Ginny.” Ron and Harry glanced at one another.it will put an end to speculation about who your girlfriend is. two girls are known to have been romantically involved with him. He let go and soon the others joined in. It’s better they hear about us from us. A fellow student at Hogwarts states the couple were officially together and dating. most likely a member of Rita Skeeter's fan club. ”The other girl with whom Mr Potter has had a relationship is Miss Ginny Weasley..” Ron smirked painfully and tried desperately to hold back the juggernaut of mirth that began in his belly and began to move into his chest. I read some of these Potter-Krum articles about me.harrypotterfanfiction. His body shook with suppressed laughter as his face changed from pale to pink to rose to crimson. ”Insane? Insane. but since we have no further details. During Mr Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts. You’re very sweet. This is totally insane. mate. If there is anything we can report with any amount of certainty. Parvati is actually the only one they got right.” Harry said. ”And the best you can come up with is a dungbomb? Give me five minutes with this arse of a reporter and St Mungo's will have five years work to do. as she crawled behind him a draped her arms over his shoulders. ”Damned if you do and damned if you don’t..000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”So what do we do? I don't want any of you to be treated like this by the press. especially where Harry and her family and friends were concerned. ”Some of them claimed I was Harry's girlfriend cheating with Krum. I say we ought to tell Mum and Dad right away. it is that there are many young witches whose hearts hope that Mr Potter is still on the market.and Neville too.harrypotterfanfiction. Miss Luna Lovegood did. ”Well. as he has been voted the Most Desirable Wizard In the Country. Harry Potter has been unavailable for comment and his exact whereabouts are unknown. She’s drop-dead gorgeous when she’s angry.” she interjected. or any other girl. The laughter died down as Harry reached over to stroke her hair in an attempt to calm her. according to Witch Weekly. Oh look! Here's a nice piece about me. 25 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . shaking her head slowly. go on at least one date with Mr Potter. ’Mione. holding their sides and falling all over each other. and let’s not forget those who claimed that I was a Muggleborn nobody who tried to snare famous wizards. Harry looked tired. will probably indulge themselves in this kind of ’rot. Harry looked around at his friends and asked. we can only assume that they had kept their relationship a secret.and Ginny. myself. Ronald. Following his return from his heroic mission... wondering how I’ll handle my desire for famous wizards after becoming one of the most famous witches in the country.. If I ever hear anyone call you that. It's crazy out there. although he was last seen with the Weasley family only yesterday at a memorial/awards ceremony at Hogwarts.” Hermione said. And that goes for all of us.. I can understand the urge to laugh.” Ginny cried angrily. It is uncertain whether any of these girls are in a relationship with Mr Potter at this time.

I’ll take great pleasure helping you with that dungbomb. They would be gone a few days.” Harry said. tugging at the paper still clenched in his son’s fist.php?mode=story&o. A/N This story aims at following JKR canon. everyone had been served and Molly took her place at the table. Hermione and Ginny descended the stairs into the kitchen. Percy and George had to leave early for work. Soon.. Molly looked at them and a bright smile began to steal across her worried features. ”A cup would be nice.. we—we'd like to tell you something first.” Arthur asked.. please. ”Good morning. Harry felt uncertain as to how to go about telling them.” Molly said with a warm smile. 26 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . isn't enough for the Order of Merlin.with Ginny.” Ron smiled impishly. ”Ah. ”Would you like a cup of tea?” ”Yes. Molly had made a delicious breakfast for the ones still at the Burrow. I appreciate comments and thoughts in a review. Harry and Hermione opted to just let it go. Arthur noticed Ron held the Daily Prophet.” Molly said. True. and Ron balked as he looked nervously at his father. My thanks goes to siledubhghlase. May I have it Ron.com :: 65.harrypotterfanfiction. I decided that Luna's part. what with the shock of Fred having been killed only two days ago coupled with the joy of the victory. Ron. dears. ”Then.harrypotterfanfiction. Chapter 2: Love and gossip [View Online] [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter] Chapter 2 – Love and Gossip Bill. Remember that the Order of Merlin is a highly prestigious award and not everyone who takes part in heroic actions are awarded. George wanted to keep busy and decided to check out the joke shop. while Percy found himself inundated with a heavy workload stemming from the chaos following the fall of Tom Riddle’s regime. beta and editor of this story. ”I.” she hissed with an evil grin. A couple of readers have complained about not awarding Luna.” they replied. killing Nagini. as she led the DA with Ginny and Neville. heroic as it is. In this story Ginny is the one leading the DA until she leaves at Easter break. ”Yes dear. Nevilel carries on and also attacks the Dark Tosser himself. It was later on things turned really ugly. I see Errol delivered the Prophet to your room this morning? I don't understand that owl. raw emotions stirred the already tense air. Hermione bit her lower lip. Harry and Ginny looked at each other. I'm in love. Fleur.” he stammered.. she did. Charlie accepted temporary work with the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Gin-Gin.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”You’re on.. rather than have them come at us in a right state after reading this drivel. and appeared to be crushing it in his considerable fist. Molly. feeling more nervous than he did facing Riddle. Charlie. Bill would have a lot to do at Gringotts as customers returned to see how or even if their accounts survived the war..” Ginny said. Arthur and Molly looked up as Harry. and then return for Fred's funeral. or what was left of it after the war. This is not meant to diminish what she did. dear brother. during the first term.com/printerfriendly. ”Mr and Mrs Weasley.” Arthur said.

”And I love Harry. all you can do is just deal with it the best you can. Instead.. But I ask again: Should I let the press write whatever they want about me or should I tell them outright that Ginny and I are together? They all turned to Molly and Arthur for guidance." "We’ve noticed the stolen glances and dreamy eyes. We don’t miss as much as you think we do.” Ginny declared. ”Most of it isn't true. No explosion came. ”Exactly. ”Mum. thank you. As far as the Weasleys are concerned.” Arthur said resolutely. his left hand shielding his eyes.” ”I don't want any fame or glory.” ”What. "I. ”I guess we want you to know that we are serious about this. we... That means a lot to me.” Ron said with a tremble in his voice.” Arthur said with a wink and a nod. ”We wanted to tell you ourselves rather than have you read it from that. but quickly..” Harry stared into his teacup. "I keep forgetting you four are probably the most famous witches and wizards in the country. Furthermore. ”You are considered heroes and saviours of our world.” Harry said. please.” choked Hermione.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. At this point.” Ginny spat as she slapped it with her fingertips. stifling yet another sob as she pushed Ron with her shoulder.. Harry feared she didn't approve after all.” Molly said through her tears. ”I just want to get on with my life.” Harry said.. as if hoping to stave off an explosion.Dad..that is. but the Prophet forced our hand before we could give what we wanted to say too much thought. ”I honestly don't think any of you can avoid it. ”Thanks. Molly had a moment when she seemed to have a hard time accepting the fact that her daughter had a boyfriend.” Mrs Weasley asked. Then she started to cry.” you did go on one disastrous date with Cho..com/printerfriendly.. Of course.” Ron paused.harrypotterfanfiction.. Harry. ”We wanted to tell you. ”Actually. ”Yes. Ginny took hold of Harry’s exposed hand..” She said it confidently. I want both of you to know. ”Congratulations.com :: 65..” Harry said. Harry is officially my boyfriend. ”Oh dear.. ”Ginny.. looking sharply at him. although. Mr and Mrs Weasley.harrypotterfanfiction. For a second. and I’m sure I can speak for the rest when I say the family is behind you and we’ll do all we can to help. “I was hoping that’s what I saw.” Ginny said as Ron handed the paper over to their parents and pointed out the offending article. I'm so happy to hear this.” Ron said... the whispers.” Ginny said. you are as much members of this family as Ron and Ginny.. that you are welcome to stay here as long as you wish. Harry. Molly took their clasped hands in hers and said just above a whisper. ”Hermione and Luna are Harry's friends.” Harry said softly as he felt the sting of tears welling up in his emerald green eyes. Arthur and Molly bent their own red heads together to read the article. Harry and I were together last year before he left for his mission with Ron and Hermione..” Arthur told them as he looked the two friends straight in the eye.” 27 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . I never wanted any of it. clearly encouraging him to tell his parents about their relationship as well.want to tell you something too.php?mode=story&o. the chaste kisses. Some witch I'd like to curse in a very nasty way wrote a horrid piece full of lies about Harry's love life.. since they were all at a loss for ideas. and the handholding these last couple of days at Hogwarts as well as here at the Burrow since last night. you have our full support.” ”Ron.” Molly said compassionately. ”You don't have to defend me..” Arthur said.Hermione wants to give you another piece of news. especially since his father had just all but adopted her into the family. Harry and Hermione. ”I want to tell you that.

.. her arms dangling at her sides. Ron. because Hermione must be completely in love with you. squared her shoulders and said simply.” Ron didn’t quite know what to say at that point. ”Why in the name of Merlin's most outrageous underwear did you need Hermione to tell us that. After several moments.I dunno. ”And you should be happy. at first.you.” More laughter rang through the Burrow. ”Those other lovebirds apparently got together last year. ”Why would we be angry?” ”I.bloody hell!” She drew her surrogate son and daughter into one of her famous bone-crushing hugs as tears of joy spilled down her care-worn face..” Molly asked Ron. Harry had since slipped his arm around her waist. "Ron is my boyfriend. she released them.” Ron asked. took one of his into her other.” Molly asked her blushing youngest son. Heart of a lion. and then turned to Ron.Harry. Oh no! What have I done? Tears began to well up in her eyes and her heart fell into her stomach.just when did this happen. Kingsley also offered an official Ministry apology on behalf of the newspaper. ”I guess congratulations are in order for you two too.” Ginny laughed into Harry’s shoulder. I. and suggested that perhaps the four of them might put their heads together and compose an official statement in hopes that the thing could be laid to rest once and for all.... What do you have to say for yourselves?” ”It was Hermione's fault.” Mrs Weasley yelled.. asking for his own account of the events in the forest the night of the final battle. eyes wide and hopeful. and his youngest son and daughter together with their sweethearts chatted away seemingly without a care in the world.. ”Unbe-freakin-lievable.. couldn’t understand what was so funny.com :: 65. ”Well. I said something about not forcing House-elves to fight for us and the next thing I knew. So. I was just afraid. Ronald. Hermione kissed me. and how he managed to survive the killing curse for a second time. "I realise the Wizarding world wants answers about the events leading up to the death of Tom Marvolo Riddle.. 28 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . another owl arrived with a letter for Harry from Kingsley. then. Life is GOOD! As they finished breakfast.php?mode=story&o. snickering and shaking their own heads in awe of Ron’s clumsy awkwardness. Hermione lightly dropped her forehead onto his shoulder and shook it in frustration.. She turned to Mr and Mrs Weasley. let me just spell it all out then. Mum. with Hermione as scribe. That did it. Hermione slid her forehead from Ron’s shoulder onto the table.. Harry and Ginny just stared at each other. ”Hermione. I'm so happy for you and Harry. ”It was during the battle. her tone low enough for only him to hear. but then he realized what he’d said and began to laugh too.” Mr Weasley beamed.” she said..” Ron said.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”So. In the midst of the mirth. Life is good. ”Angry.” Ron said earnestly. this one. Molly. who was still blushing. ”You’re not angry. ”Ginny.harrypotterfanfiction.” Hermione ground through clenched teeth. Harry could hardly contain himself from laughing hysterically when he saw the murderous look on Hermione’s face.com/printerfriendly. while she shook herself limp from laughing so hard. Mr and Mrs Weasley literally howled. Mr Weasley swept his eyes around the table as his lovely wife... He was just so relieved that his parents approved of his and Hermione’s relationship. But I've wanted to kiss her for years. Harry and Ginny fell all over each other in gales of unbridled laughter. the four friends sequestered themselves in Ron’s room and hammered out a statement to send back with Kingsley’s owl for release the next day.harrypotterfanfiction. Tears formed once again in Molly Weasley’s eyes as she took one of Hermione’s hands in one of her own and then turning to Harry. He had been less than thrilled with the Prophet’s article about Harry’s private life. Ron pulled himself together while the others worked to catch their collective breath.” Silence.

” Harry began to shake as the memory of that awful night in Little Hangleton flooded his memory. Oh Harry. As for the whereabouts and the activities of my friends and me for all those months.” Harry shot back.so. 29 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . scared. speaking softly. I was so lonely without you.” Hermione asked doubtfully. ”Part of that spell included the forceful taking of my blood in order to take my mother’s protection onto himself.. cold and hungry. constantly on the run..” Her voice trembled as she spoke. I will tell you this: We set out on a dangerous mission under orders of Albus Dumbledore to tell no one—not even our families—what we were doing. I almost couldn’t breathe! I’m so grateful you came home to me alive and still wanting to be with me!” Hermione crawled into Ron’s lap as tears of sympathy for Ginny flowed down her face. She took him in her arms and caressed his back. what’s wrong. soaking Ron’s tee-shirt. for she knew about that mission. that element that my mother had placed into the blood that now flowed through his own veins caused that curse to backfire and finish him instead of me. are you sure you want to include Cedric in this.” Harry announced.alone like that. not knowing whether they were alive or dead. ”She’s right. still passing her hand up and down his back.... Wormtail did under orders from Voldemort.” Harry asked as he tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear. I know I could never have survived all of that without the very thought of loving her to hold on to.. brother.and. Harry asked Hermione to read back what she had written in order to get his bearings so they could. mate. ”And what’s more.com/printerfriendly. they couldn’t fathom how Ginny had so easily calmed one of Harry’s emotional storms so readily. Upon capturing the Triwizard Cup at the end of the third task of the Triwizard Tournament three years ago. Cedric was murdered that night for no other reason than he happened to be there. then. Cedric Diggory and I were transported to a graveyard where Voldemort would rise again as a result of a hideous ritual spell he created to regenerate his body.. sacrificed her life to save mine all those years ago.” She gently reasoned with Harry. He pulled her in closer.. Harry. in fact. when it had often taken hours for them to do the same thing. ”All right.. As a result of this horrible ritual. I could drown in those eyes and die a happy man. Circumstance and ancient magic created a protection that destroyed Tom Riddle without killing him outright..” ”Harry.com :: 65. turned to stare deeply into Ginny’s eyes.I was just thinking about how horrible it must have been for you. pressing soft kisses to the top of her bushy head. then. He didn’t have to die. ”Have you any idea how frightened we were for you? Day after day without any word as to where you lot were or if you were even alive. The truth is that my mother. Ginny could sense the turmoil rising in her boyfriend’s very soul. crack on.’ and you deserve at least that.” Harry suddenly felt compelled to look over at Ginny. and began to relax. Silent tears streamed down her face.. Riddle made himself vulnerable to the very thing he perceived as protection. She threw herself into Harry’s arms and began to cry in earnest. I.. Unfortunately. We all did. Ron and Hermione looked on in wonder. It was a matter of trust and security necessary to ensure our success and that we might bring about the destruction of Lord Voldemort’s terror and his ultimate and permanent demise.” Harry wiped a few rogue tears away. ”You did what you had to do. Harry had told her only two days before what that mission was all about and she truly appreciated the precarious position her boyfriend. he wouldn’t even have been there if I hadn’t insisted we take the Cup together. For the life of them.well.harrypotterfanfiction..” he said and resumed dictation. Lily Potter.. ”It’s not your fault. herself.. alias ‘Lord Voldemort’ or ‘The Dark Lord. and best friend had been placed in. ”Ginny. She remembered how lonely and afraid she.” Ron agreed. yeah?” The others nodded in agreement.. praying to any god who would listen to please let you come home to us in one piece! I’m just so. How could you have known that the Triwizard Cup was a Portkey? Nobody knew that—not even Dumbledore. had been all that time. baby. ”Oh.. But to hear Harry tell that tale this way drove home just how lucky they all were to be alive and how truly thankful she was to whichever higher powers allowed him to return to her. When he fired the killing curse at me. ”Right.. what does Cedric’s death have to do with anything?” ”Hermione. You didn’t kill Cedric. clapping his hands together..php?mode=story&o. Cedric Diggory is as much a casualty of this war as any of the others.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. reminding him to let go of his guilt. ”I mean..and all. "let’s crack on.harrypotterfanfiction.

Hermione. she did so as a friend and nothing more. Gin. thought of everything we might need to make that situation bearable. “Weeping like a leaky hosepipe!” She made to wipe her face and blow her nose with her own handkerchief. ”I never meant for you to suffer. nor will there ever be any romance between us. will you. Luna. and I love her more than life itself. that I should send Patronuses to Parvati. her eyes filled with excitement. Potter. just looking at Ginny brought the great stag bounding forth from his wand. Love. nor will there ever be any romance between Luna and me. but you’re a lucky git. I ask that the media please respect their privacy as well as my own.” Hermione said. and I think that says it all. But we weren’t exactly alone. both past and present. Until then. involving a few friends of mine and the careless bandying about of their names. ”What? I wouldn't publish this without letting them know in advance what I’ve written. I humbly ask the Wizarding world. with the hopes that there will be no more of it. ”did you do that non-verbally?” ”I don't know. we shall do so.” he said. but it could have been worse. There never has been.” Ron told his sister. ”You’re sure you’re all right. Harry drew his wand and gazed lovingly over Ginny’s angelic face.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. It was no picnic. Ginny. OMFC ”By Merlin's beard. here. she kindly agreed to be my date for one of Professor Slughorn's parties. I’m fine. and I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that for me. ”A Patronus is very advanced magic.” he said rolling his eyes. If and anything develops in our relationship that we might wish to make public.” The other's looked at him. raising their eyebrows in question. We did date and were briefly romantically involved. Harry Potter. but nothing ever came of it.” she said suddenly. shall we. Then he leaned in and gave Ginny a tender kiss. All I really know is that I looked at Ginny and the Patronus appeared. We had each other to lean on. I guess so. What’s the big deal. Please believe me. look at me. ”Yes.for us. our families. Cho Chang and I had a mutual crush on one another for a time. ”We did our share of that. but she beamed up at Harry anyway.harrypotterfanfiction. I will say this one time only. I could do without the fame. There has been an inordinate amount of speculation regarding events in my private life. Harry J.” ”Yeah. Weasley.. Luna Lovegood is one of my closest friends and. though. Parvati Patil is a friend and fellow Gryffindor in my year.. please allow us. too. as such.. Cho remains a loyal friend who proved her honour when Dumbledore’s Army called its own to battle. ”I can’t tell you how many rivers we cried. yes. The private life thing. And this brilliant beautiful witch is mine. 30 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .harrypotterfanfiction. Gin-Gin. Hermione again read back what they’d already written so Harry could gather his thoughts once again and continue..” Ginny assured him as she took his hand and twined her fingers with his. There no shame in tears. Most of that speculation seems to concern my love life. The absolute truth as to my relationship with the witches whose names appeared in this morning’s issue of the Daily Prophet is as follows: Hermione Granger is like a sister to me. to respect my privacy and leave off further rumor mongering. She readily responded and fought furiously alongside our comrades. Let’s just finish this. and our friends our well-earned and much-appreciated privacy.com :: 65.” Harry said. I love her dearly. I love you so much. you may be a git.” Ginny said. Ginny Weasley is my cherished one. but there never has been.” smiled Hermione. ”Oh. He held her as close to himself as humanly possible while her body shook with sobs. whether we cried together or in secret.. ”I’m sorry I went off on such a soggy tangent.com/printerfriendly.php?mode=story&o. ”I know. While it is true that she attended the Yule Ball with me.” she said. ”Ah. especially the media. and Cho.” Harry murmured into her hair. since a date for the evening was required. I ask the Wizarding world to please respect our wishes and allow us to live in peace. “I think it’s only right. I'm not sure even Professor Dumbledore was able to that one non-verbally. I’ve done non-verbal magic loads of times. ”Harry!” Hermione shouted.. Harry.” Harry asked. Whether he actually thought Expecto Patronum or only thought of producing his Patronus.” he asked. Her eyes still glistened with unshed tears. He could think of no better way to fill his mind with happiness to produce his Patronus.

I find it hard to imagine that Ginny would choose any man less than yourself. ”We know Harry. as I waited. He stole a glance at Ginny. Within an hour. I. In fact. Luna and Parvati had approved his statement. To be honest. Cho Chang” Later that afternoon. My parents had become very angry with me when they read the lies about us in the Prophet. like Charlie.php?mode=story&o.. like Hermione and Luna. but also because 'their daughter’ actually dated ’this country's most famous wizard. let me just get this message off to Parvati.and I have little doubt that you know more spells and hexes than I’ll ever learn. Well. Anyway. have been waiting for this day. I would accept him. as if daring them to say or do something completely. Harry.harrypotterfanfiction. have already passed that test..” Ginny said.” Harry said and sent off a Patronus asking them to approve it or make whatever changes they deemed necessary. Harry.harrypotterfanfiction. but Ginny took Harry's hand and glared at her brothers defiantly. ”Ginny. it seems like a pretty stupid idea now. ”Look.' (it was embarrassing to hear them say that). What are they playing at? ”Yeah. If he got out of it alive. four to go. the Weasley clan had once again assembled around the family table. and said gently. Bill. these are my brothers. His stony face betrayed none of the friendly mischief George Weasley was famous for.. Harry’s heart sank into his stomach. I just felt so natural. You fought and beat a vicious Hungarian Horntail in the Triwizard Tournament. The kitchen went dead silent. Cho. so let me be the first of the Weasley brethren to accept you!” He shook Harry’s slightly trembling hand and slapped him on the back. I had a plans of my own for any bloke Ginny brought home. I’m happy for you. One down. who simply squeezed his hand as Charlie continued.” ”Harry is my boyfriend. hugged her briefly. Anyone who’s ever seen the two of you together knows that you’re truly meant for each other. Under the table. George stood up next. Fleur. ”Harry. It seems they always believed in you. Harry breathed a sigh of relief. every wizard in the ruddy country knows Harry. He stroked his sister’s hair with rough. ”Dear brothers. ”Harry. Arthur had called the meeting in order to allow Ginny to present Harry to the family as they had made their relationship official.” Ginny said with a wicked gleam in her eye. Thank you for standing up for us in your statement to the media. his smile softened. sending your Patronus did half the job. Five. scarred hands.. you must understand that we are very protective of our sister.. It’s obvious you more than like him. but also for me and Parvati.com :: 65. ”I guess I really hadn’t thought about it. he gave Harry a friendly punch to the shoulder and 31 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . poised to strike with a quick Bat-Bogey Hex if need be.” Harry admitted. They’re proud because I'd been fighting for freedom. I really appreciate the way you stood up for not only your closest friends..” Charlie then took his seat. This can’t be good. and you already know Ron. I imagined I would duel him. ”I want to introduce Harry Potter. like anyone wouldn't know who Harry is. He then asked them for their approval to publish it.and they are now actually proud of me.” George said sarcastically. the tall one sitting with Hermione. I think I shall avoid public embarrassment by skipping the challenge altogether. that lovely lady next to him is his wife. I'm really happy for you and Ginny. You also handily kicked Voldy’s arse and I think it's safe to say he was a tougher opponent for you than I could ever be.. Charlie looked at them gravely and arose from the table. Hell.” Ginny pointed to each one individually. ”But you.Weasley-ish.. and Luna.com/printerfriendly...000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Harry just sat there staring at her in disbelief. her hand was on her wand. if Fred.” With that. and by noon an owl delivered a note from Cho. I concocted a plan to throw any bloke she might bring home to a dragon. Turning to Ginny. ”Harry..” Harry blanched. the shifty one there is George.. the bespectacled one next to him is Percy. since it’s you who taught me everything I know about dueling. as though I’d been doing it all my life. personally. Harry. the stocky one there is Charlie.well.

Percy’s demeanor had changed drastically since the battle.” Everyone laughed as Percy shook Harry's hand.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. you’re my best mate. For her part. Percy didn’t bother to stand. He just looked up at Harry from across the table. ”Harry. three to go. he stood with his brothers to guard Harry against swarming press after the ceremony. two to go.. However.” he mumbled. When he released him. Harry pretended to be nervous for Ginny’s sake. ”Harry. ”I had a hard time accepting that the two of you are mad for each other until Hermione practically shoved her wand up my nose the other morning. not used to Ron’s sincerity. forcing me to see reason.” Percy asked. It’s phenomenal and I’m very happy for you. and completely mental sometimes. Harry. ’Arry. You were being a complete prat about the whole thing. ”This isn’t easy for me. ”You broke into the Ministry and successfully escaped. who carried himself off as so stoic and proper. and then yesterday. I’ve never met anyone quite like you. To wink at anyone for any reason was completely uncharacteristic of Percy.” she whispered. so there goes my challenge. Ron stood and walked around the table and stood next to Harry. His is the approval I need most of all.” Ginny and Hermione burst into tears as they each watched their significant others in their bonding moment. I guess any challenge I might have imagined would involve locking the man in one of our more secure vaults. brave. placing one of his large hands on Harry’s shoulder. ”Be good to her. This won’t be too bad.” he added with a chuckle. I wanted you to be pleased. you fought off a basilisk for her. ”I know. ”Welcome. as you know I work for Gringotts. faced Voldemort. I would deem him worthy of our Ginny. a custom so completely French. devoted. Ron.. ”I can’t tell you how important your opinion is to me. He’d been so kind to George over losing Fred.” A wide grin replaced his stony expression. He simply couldn’t help himself.harrypotterfanfiction. as he turned his head slightly and winked at his sister.”What can I say. slightly abashed. ”Thanks. Hermione made me step back and take a hard look at the thing that had begun to grow between you—that very deep love you two share. with detainees. Four down. since she was not privy to the discussion he and Bill had in the Great Hall over lunch. Fleur placed her hands on both Harry’s shoulders and gave him a peck on both cheeks. since you managed the impossible by breaking into and then out of the place. most of all. Bill caught Harry up in a brotherly bear hug. I never had a challenge for you. Ronald. looking back and forth at Ginny and then Harry with expressions Harry couldn’t quite read.” she said in mock indignation. There’s hope for him yet. especially this way. you’ve more than proven yourself worthy of her. so it really touched him. Three down. okay? Anyway.. the same thought echoed in their minds. For Merlin’s sake. Who is that man and what has he done with Ron? The elder brothers looked curiously at the youngest. Fleur has had nothing but the highest praise for your character ever since she worked with you in the Triwizard Tournament. He had never known Ron to share his feelings. here. ”Unlike my distinguished brothers. Harry. ”Besides..” he said.com/printerfriendly. More laughter. Ginny stared back at her middle brother in mild surprise. If he managed to escape with his life and his youth. they refrained from questioning him as their father stood to address them. ”Believe me. Bill folded his arms across his chest and settled his gaze on Harry. You’re loyal.” Ron began to choke up a little has the rest of the family snickered. Unbeknownst to one another.” Ron and Harry both smirked as another chuckle went around the table. sat down. mate. and even died for her! If that doesn’t prove you worthy.and that’s something coming from a part-Veela.php?mode=story&o. his revelation still ringing in their minds. Harry.” he said. you’ll need all of those qualities to put up with my sister. one to go. Bill already told me he’s okay with this. Not knowing what to make of it. “Honestly. Nobody knows better than me that you’re worthy of Ginny.” Hermione blushed scarlet.” Rare tears began to well up in Ron’s eyes as he surveyed his best mate’s face.com :: 65. ’Mione. I can’t imagine anything that could!” Harry stood and embraced his friend as he had never embraced anyone before.harrypotterfanfiction. Two down. Bill and Fleur stood next and paused. 32 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . But then again.

Hold on to him..”Thanks. There was so much to take in. my own that night I was attacked at the Ministry. This was just too much. and drank. Harry walked into that forest with his head held high to give himself up and let Voldemort kill him. would be inappropriate at the very least. you said you would marry Harry Potter some day. free from fear of Voldemort. we gave Kingsley our account to release to the public. We could say that indirectly. He saved Ginny's life in the Chamber of Secrets. what I’m about to say to you. And who knows. whose courage and sacrifice has been vital to this family’s survival through some very dark times. Tears streamed down his face. but I also know you’ll do so with tender loving care.. ”For any mother. and Ron's last year at school when he was accidentally poisoned. allowing the magnitude of their situation sink in. His unwavering devotion to doing what’s right over what’s easy has given us all another chance at a bright future. But. broke it. if you would have survived Grayback’s attack at Hogwarts the night Dumbledore was killed had the DA not existed to join in that fight. It’s obvious and thrilling that that love extends to Ginny. Voldemort hit him square in the chest with the killing curse.” he said glancing up at Harry and Hermione. Slaínte!” ”Slaínte.com/printerfriendly. my baby. Ginevra Molly Weasley. my only daughter. Except for Ron. Hers was the last image he saw before the curse hit him. Trust George to break a moment with some kind of wisecrack. since we’re talking about my only daughter. Hermione. Do this. all they could do was watch and allow Ginny to comfort him while they held to each other. You’ll read that Harry's mother's sacrifice lived in Voldemort's blood—blood he’d stolen from Harry—and that it ended up saving Harry's life. ”And to you. ”Now I also know you are strong enough to take care of and temper our Ginny. The training Dumbledore's Army afforded George gave him the skills he needed to fight and survive the Battle of Hogwarts. How many times had they seen this while they were on the hunt for the Horcruxes? How many times had they comforted him—comforted each other—during moments like this? Across the table from him. She wanted to take him in her arms as she had done only yesterday and let him pour his heart out against her breast again. Ron and Hermione could tell that Harry was struggling with holding himself together. He loves you so very much.” they responded in stout unison. He’d never felt so loved—so accepted—before. He could say no more.harrypotterfanfiction. You have a capacity to love in a way few can imagine. in front of the entire clan. so she could have a good life.” Arthur paused. ”Now. although he knew Harry would much rather avoid the discussion altogether. Harry Potter.” Despite having been so taken over in strong emotions moments before. and whatever you do. it broke his heart. and that dream of yours may very well come true. is anyone going to tell us what all that Harry died for Ginny business is all about. I guess it's both a great joy and a bit troubling to see her children all grown up..” Arthur rose again and raised a glass of pumpkin juice. Harry. This fine young man sitting here at our table with us has done much for this family. and that you would do literally anything for her. because Harry doesn't look very dead to me. Weasleys. George.” Molly had to pause for a moment to wipe away a tear. But that was such a private thing and she knew to do that now. The family sat in stunned silence until Bill. Molly rose and put her arm around her husband.” he announced. shaking his head in utter wonderment. when you were just four years old. Even more so for me. ” There will be a lot written in the Prophet tomorrow about the battle. Molly continued.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Harry let out a bit of a snicker.” Harry croaked. ”By Merlin's 33 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Good man. All she could do was hold his hand and stroke it comfortingly as they listened to their mother.harrypotterfanfiction. Ron took the initiative to answer.php?mode=story&o. I’ve already said to Harry. Bill.com :: 65. ”The Daily Prophet is going to report that a prophecy said that Harry and Voldemort had to kill each other. For their own part. ”Weasleys. Everyone but George sat down after the toast.what won't be written is that he went to die for Ginny. ”to our friend and brother.. he never knew love like this and wonderful as it was.” Floods of emotion began to overwhelm Harry to the point that his body literally shook. willing positive energy to their friend. Ginny could sense that the proverbial dam was about to break again. and Ginny. staring at the hand that Ginny held on the table. I have known you for years and I've considered you my own son for all that time—ever since you first appeared with Ron and the twins that morning they rescued you from your Aunt and Uncle in that ridiculous flying car. As requested. always be kind to him. Harry saved another Weasley life. ”A toast.

harrypotterfanfiction. Surprisingly. As a result of 34 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .com :: 65. Let’s not spy on them any further. and Charlie stared at fumbling hands. saying nothing. it may sound very romantic the way Ron put it.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” he said. an editorial apology to Harry and his friends appeared on the front page. I had no choice.” ”Indeed they are. cuddled up together listening to the sounds coming from the surrounding trees.” Arthur guessed. dears.” Arthur mused. You know. you must be famished. They kept to themselves for most of the rest of the day until Molly called them down to supper. I know I'm having a hard time accepting that she's growing up—that she has grown up—but I think we need to encourage their relationship. but Harry. ”Yes.” ”You’re right.php?mode=story&o. They had to admit that they were hungry.” Molly added with a sly smile. of course. rubbing his hand up and down her arm. and stealing occasional kisses in the twilight. took her hand. after all that emotion.com/printerfriendly. Arthur.” Those are Harry Potter's exact words about his girlfriend. Following a sumptuous meal of roast pork. It had to be that way if she—if you or anybody—was to have a chance at a decent life. but they also felt much better having purged a few demons with their tears. Ron and Hermione wandered off to who-knew-where to engage in who-knew-what. that love appears to have grown. Ron and Hermione joined them. Fred. yes. but who wouldn't be nervous telling his girlfriend's parents about their relationship? He declared his love for her straightaway.” Arthur said. but believe me. Bill held Fleur close. knowing I was about to die taking a killing curse is not what I’d call the most romantic highlight in my life. star-spangled headgear! Just about every bloke says he would die for his girl. ”They have been forced to mature. and I think you’re right. A bit nervous. But I felt like there was no other way. They found Harry and Ginny on Ginny’s bed holding each other. No one but Hermione seemed to notice that Harry and Ginny had gotten up and headed for the stairs. Ron nodded. ”They are very much in love. ”That impressed me. ”Supper. ”C’mon.harrypotterfanfiction. although it didn’t appear as a headline. Within reason. while Percy. not even bothering them until it was time for the evening meal.. Molly. Somehow they seem to spread happiness all around them. ”but if I’m honest. Even she understood that the four of them needed time to sort out everything that had been said that afternoon. George. There is something uniquely special about them. and potatoes.” he replied. with a raspberry trifle for dessert. ”Think about how Harry told us. ”Please.” Arthur and Molly walked away from the window arm in arm and made their way to the stairs. It almost makes me forget how young they are. ”I know. while Harry and Ginny were content to sit in the garden. They continued to watch Harry and Ginny who sat wrapped tightly together. my dear. She nudged Ron and cocked her head their direction. Molly and Arthur watched them through the window.” ”Hmmm.” she said to them as they trooped down the stairs to the table. I was scared as hell. ”I love her more than life itself. and led her after them. ”Come now. Harry’s statement concerning his private life appeared in the next morning’s edition of the Daily Prophet. I mean. carrots. Molly sobbed into Arthur’s shoulder. Love.. It amazes me how their love survived all that time without seeing or hearing from one another. I have a feeling about Harry and Ginny—the same feeling I had about us when we got together.” There wasn’t a dry eye around the table when Harry finished. Arty. Mollywobbles. my thoughts about Ginny at that moment were certainly romantic. In that extended absence. Hermione sobbed softly into Ron’s chest as his own tears soaked her bushy brown hair. of course. you actually did it!” Harry shook his head. I think it's safe to say this is more than a simple teenage crush.” she called up the stairs. They were in love last year. and all the friends and fellow combatants lost in the war. and soon they huddled in a group hug and cried together for their brother. placing his free arm around her waist.” Molly said and looked at her husband. so she left them to it.

please. The Daily Prophet wishes to congratulate the couple and apologise for its blatant disregard for their and their friends’ privacy. intended to keep it that way. in a day. love letters to all of you..” Ginny said angrily.” Kingsley told them.)” The gossip column shifted its focus to a professional Quidditch player known to be a bachelor.” Harry chuckled.’ Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry together for five years. in fact. but I believe I’ll need to bring in more people full-time to keep up with it.” ”What do you mean by contraband.harrypotterfanfiction. ”My plan is that a team of secretaries would handle the letters as you instruct them. another of Mr Potter’s close friends. as Mr Ronald Weasley is one of Mr Potter's closest friends. during the last year of the war. However.” Hermione asked. Kingsley invited the five of them to meet with him at the Ministry that evening to discuss the action he had taken on their behalf. I have a list of former Hogwarts students who have expressed their 35 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Mr Potter announced yesterday in an official statement that his girlfriend is. None of them had seen so many owls at one time. ”If this keeps up. ”Kingsley. playing under the Gryffindor House colors. published speculation about his love life. she became the youngest witch in history to receive the Order of Merlin for her bravery. Thank you Kingsley..” she asked with a slightly raised voice. ticking each item off on his long fingers. they will be your press secretaries. as previously reported. that sort of thing. As a result.com/printerfriendly. Kingsley had expected as much. Dungbombs. Ginny.” ”No. Kingsley. not at all.the list goes on. ”I realised what would happen today when I read your statement in the Prophet this morning. since Harry had no known address in the Wizarding world and he.php?mode=story&o.. Mr Potter has been close to the Weasley family for years. ”Look at this. Bubotuber pus. requests for autographed photos. there was a list that allowed the owls to deliver their letters and parcels directly to their homes.” Kingsley said. I knew I had the authority to take these steps to spare you this mess. ”This is mental. but mostly. ”People are actually doing that through them mail? That’s crazy. the mail consists of congratulations to you and Harry. ”It makes one wonder.” he replied. I hope you don't blame me for taking action. the Ministry owlery lay in chaos. ”They seem to come in faster than we can send them back. She held the position of Chaser on Mr Potter's winning Quidditch team. essentially making their official address the Ministry of Magic. They looked at one another in disbelief. but officially.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Mr Potter expressed a very deep love for Miss Weasley.harrypotterfanfiction.” Harry said. Anyone violating Harry's publically-expressed wish with respect to his privacy would be abjectly frowned upon. including ones whose express purpose is to screen each letter and parcel for booby traps and other harmful contraband. requests for special appearances at specific events. thanks yous to all of you for your efforts in bringing down Voldemort and winning the war. but for friends and family. I was thinking about hiring teams to sort each type of correspondence. The others nodded earnestly in agreement. secretaries of the Ministry owlery. the owlery will be nothing but a mountain of letters and owl droppings in less than a week!” ”I hope you understand that I did this in order to maintain your privacy. job offers. ”Have they nothing better to do. and to show them the over-crowded owlery. the usual nonsense. as he told them how he had made the Ministry of Magic their official address.. no. Any message to any of the five of them would come there. I hope you're not angry. (See next page for Mr Potter's statement in which he also comments on the other girls believed to have been involved in relationships with him. which leads us to believe that it is safe to say that Mr Potter is ’off the market. commercial endorsements. In his statement. Oh. ”What do you think we should do with all of this?” ”I’ve assigned a few members of the secretarial pool to sort it all out. so he had arranged ahead of time for every message from heartbroken witches to good luck greetings addressed to Harry to be delivered to the Ministry. led Dumbledore's Army alongside Neville Longbottom.” Ron declared. He also told them that the Ministry had been flooded with owls to themselves and Neville.” Kingsley continued. Miss Ginevra (Ginny) Weasley. Minister. Miss Weasley.” he said. but through my power as Minister for Magic.com :: 65. Kingsley had also set up similar arrangements for the others. Basically. Kingsley sent them an owl saying that any more speculation about Harry's personal life should be hard to publish now. ”Poor sod. thoroughly intrigued.

.” Kingsley left them to their task in a small conference room. really.” ”But Minister.Kingsley. ”Very witty. ”We’ll alert the media.. Following some mild debate.erm. they chose Lee Jordan as head of their press relations team.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” he said rubbing his hands together. it would take too many Ministry resources to keep the Muggles living there confunded on a permanent basis. choose one each to act as your ’press secretary.. ”Please. but I’m sure my gran’s going to have plenty to say about it.” Kingsley agreed. ”Good thing he left all this food here.” ”Indeed. I was too busy being a prat. if not astute.. certainly. The Patil twins and two Hufflepuff students Neville vouched for rounded out the group.... but since you. ”I’m starved!” ”Newsflash! Ronald Weasley is starved..I suppose so.. call me Kingsley..com :: 65. but is this really the Ministry’s.” Neville asked. wouldn’t it stand to reason that we’d be likely to receive loads of fan mail. Hermione. or perhaps even the Burrow.” The five friends broke into gales of laughter. not to mention the damage it might do to their minds.” ”Kingsley. ”Pumpkin juice. Neville. is it really right to hire five secretaries on the Ministry payroll to handle mail addressed to the five of us. observation.” ”That makes sense. ”I’ll draw up some binding magical contracts for them to sign.. Grimmauld Place belongs to him.harrypotterfanfiction.com/printerfriendly. we can claim concern for your health. making multiple daily deliveries to Hogwarts. ”One would think so. wish to work for the Ministry. It would raise suspicion in the Muggle world and become a threat to the secrecy of our world. sandwiches and crisps. ”Okay. supplied with a bottomless pitcher pumpkin juice.” quipped Hermione as she planted a quick kiss on his cheek. but it’s still protected under the Fidelius charm. I’m not complaining by any means.” he admonished. ”I have no doubt that Augusta Longbottom might be quite vocal about all this fuss we’re making over you.” Hermione said thoughtfully.” he said.” he said shaking his head. since people think we’ve done something so wonderful. and because it's rented to another Muggle couple.” smiled Ron as he reached for the pitcher to pour himself a glass. ”Now. for which the five friends were grateful.your. ”Nevertheless. day in and day out. holding their sides and wiping mirthful tears from their eyes.What’s the harm in receiving a load of mail? I mean.” said Ron rubbing his growling stomach. They’ll be similar to the one they signed when they joined Dumbledore's 36 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Ron proceeded to pour juice into glasses for his companions as they all set to work.harrypotterfanfiction. anyone?” How is it that I never noticed how funny she can be before? Oh yeah.’ and then jot down instructions as to which types of letters you’d each like to receive personally... It’s also easier to keep owls flying in and out of the Ministry a secret easier than having them flying all over England looking for the five of you. Kingsley chuckled at Neville’s simple. Ron. ”I mean. but since they didn't sell it before moving to Australia. snickering quietly to himself.. Godric's Hollow. I shall leave it up to you to chose one each to handle your individual mail. ”I hadn’t thought about that. since we have already found cursed letters addressed to all of you. ”please carefully look over this list of potential candidates. it’s our hope that we can get you through all the initial fuss so you can get on with your lives.responsibility?” ”There are ways to justify it. even though Harry lives at the Burrow for the time being. Neville. and which ones you’d rather your secretary should address.” Hermione asked. and Ginny live in Wizarding families. Hermione. along with your wishes as to how he or she should address them. so no one knows it even exists. Now. eyes twinkling. he doesn't really have a permanent address..” Neville started.php?mode=story&o. Hermione called Kingsley back into the room to let him know they were finished.. let alone that Harry might live there.” ”Well. we can't have owls flying all over the country. Furthermore. I guess. This job could take a while and they would need sustenance. your address is your parents’ home.

He and Ginny had sat down to a game of Wizard’s Chess. I don’t want any of those vultures reading more into this than what’s actually there. He looked up from the parchment on the table in front of him and nodded.” 37 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” she said. Thank you for your cooperation. long. Hermione. Sirius. While no one looked forward to any of them.” said a blushing Ron. ”Yeah. Ron. usually a sparkling emerald green. ”Ron.. Harry’s mind was definitely not on the game.. you’ve all told me time and again that it’s not my fault. They wrote a short statement and sent it to Lee Jordan at the Ministry for release the next day. if anyone asks. Hermione. He still couldn’t shake the guilt he’d harboured for those lost in the war. but they also wanted to ensure that Hermione’s honour would never be publically called into question again.. His erratic moves garnered him the wrath of the men on the board to the point that they wouldn’t obey him at all anymore.” he said as he shook each of their hands. had gone dark and his brow furrowed a little. ”Let’s take a walk out to our spot by the pond. ”Not notice you and Hermione.” he said with a wink. Harry. Couldn’t hurt. Harry. ”If the vultures can glean anything sinister out of that. I will put them to work as soon as possible. Colin.” exclaimed Neville.” ”Blimey.” he replied sadly. feel free to break all the bones your heart desires and I’ll be there to cheer you on.harrypotterfanfiction. They’re something special. He really didn’t want to go there again. Over and over it played. ”Goodnight then. it’s fine. Harry and Ron left Ginny and Hermione at the door to their room with kisses and lingering embraces before they bade each other ”Sweet Dreams” and parted. Love. at least for Hermione’s sake.. His eyes. but I didn’t think anyone noticed Hermione and me. but I just can’t help but think there was something I could have done differently that would have saved them from. ”Merlin. Remus. Love. Ron.” she said with a toothy grin. The day after Harry and Ginny had made their relationship public. allowing her to lead him towards the door. what is it? Is it the funerals. ”Yeah. We’ll be back in a bit. ”Everyone’s known for ages how mad you are for each other! We all wondered what the bloody hell took you so long!” They were still laughing as they boarded the lifts that would take them to the atrium.” she prodded as she sought his downcast eyes. Ginny took him by the hand and pulled him to a standing position.” she asked.php?mode=story&o. ’Mione. Tonks. he continued. Harry dreaded them the most. Moody. as they needed each other so desperately.” ”Ron. how I love you. Ron and Hermione thought it might be a good idea to release a statement of their own. The photo of his parents’ wedding day.” he said.” He turned to leave. Dobby. ”I mean. Army. okay. As she leaned into it.” Harry cut himself off. Fred.” she assured him as she turned her face to kiss his palm. Ginny knew something was wrong.. They both wanted their relationship to be official for the funerals. ”I mean. You’ve bewitched me. That should keep them honest. I’m sure Harry would love to sell tickets. The faces of those killed flashed through his mind like a slideshow.” Kingsley told them. Hedwig. and Ginny gave Mr and Mrs Weasley a full report of the evening’s events before they all retired for the night. ”If you’re finished here. ”Harry.” ”Fine. but he just couldn’t concentrate.harrypotterfanfiction.” Ron laughed. You and Ginny have been headlines. Okay. where they Apparated to their respective homes. ”You’ve been hanging around George too.” Ron asked placing a palm against her smooth face. I guess. ”Harry.com :: 65. I suppose so. I don’t want to have to break any journalistic bones. Upon arrival at the Burrow. ”The fresh air will do you good and we can talk there. The first of many funerals were coming up in the next few days. take care of these little ladies.” Ginny called as they headed out the door. He had wrapped his arm tightly around Hermione’s waist. you’re free to go. we’re out taking a walk. ”Do you think it’s good enough.com/printerfriendly.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www..

”Oh. her kiss—everything about her captured his imagination. ”I love you so much. ”Ginny.com :: 65. wish to announce to the Wizarding community that we are in a serious relationship.harrypotterfanfiction. He moaned again and ran his tongue along her bottom lip. Harry could feel an awakening that got more and more difficult to control with each passing moment. but I’m here. ”Lead on. Lee proved to be the perfect man to handle their public relations nightmares.” Ron asked her as he waggled his eyebrows. Ginny moaned deeply and arched again. climbed aboard. ”Merlin. Harry and Ginny walked toward the pond without speaking. He’d promised this beautiful creature he now held in his arms that he would never leave her again and he vowed to himself that he’d never would. I can’t begin to tell you how much.” he said in frustration. Her lips parted and their tongues danced together in a fury. He handles all of our public relations. ”Well. OMFC Hermione J. Ronald B. nothing.” Hermione threw her arms around his neck and initiated a fine snog right there at the kitchen table. Cottoning on to her meaning. we have to stop. ”I know you’re hurting.harrypotterfanfiction. too.php?mode=story&o. She slid her hands up Harry’s shirt to run them over his bare back. asked for official answers to frequently asked questions. Weasley. He lowered his head and placed tiny kisses down her neck and across her shoulder.” he said running his hands through his hair. 38 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Love. you big loveable lug.” he said as he scooped her up and carried her to his room giggling.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.. It’s driving me mad.” she whispered into his mouth.” she purred as she pulled his mouth back to hers for another mind-blowing kiss. Harry.” he murmured into her ear. ”I love you too. ”Shall we retire to the upper regions. and closed the door. ”You know just the right thing to say or do to bring me out of a right funk. taking comfort in the steady beating of his heart. he decided to play along. Ginny.” Harry moaned as her lips traveled along his jawbone to the pulse point at his collarbone.” she said with a wicked smile playing at the edges of her mouth. and captured his lips with her own. did you know that?” He rolled her over onto her back and leaned over her on his elbow. Suddenly Harry rolled off her and sat up. ”Gin. I try. Gin. They stood and gazed out at the water for a few minutes until Harry sat down against a tree and pulled Ginny down with him. and how’s that. ”Oh Harry. Gin. Granger. OMFC Hand in hand. ”Lead on. We can talk or not talk.” she assured him as she traced circles on his chest.. Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. ”Like this. ”Mmmm.” Ginny cried. perhaps I can help you with that. but please know I’m here for you.” he asked with eyebrows raised. ”I love you. We. To contact either of us. I wish I could shake this infernal guilt. and for specific guidelines as to how to handle various offers and which letters to send on to the five of them. That feels wonderful. He lost himself in the scent of her hair. She ran her hands through his messy raven locks as he returned her kiss. Hot flames shot through both of their bodies as the kiss intensified. He had already started to organize the large bags of letters. We do this in order to avoid any speculation and wish that our privacy be respected.” she said in a low voice. as she arched in to him. Harry. She settled into his lap and laid her head on his chest.com/printerfriendly. He felt his own hands travel under the hem of her blouse to run across the silkiness of her back.” she said softly as she gently pushed him back onto the lush green grass. Their snogging session began to progress to another level as Harry’s hand stole its way across a breast. or Neville Longbottom. please send an owl to Lee Jordan's office at the Ministry of Magic. Harry couldn’t get enough of her. her touch.

”I just have too much respect for you to rush you into something that would be wonderful in the moment.” Her voice began to break.” he assured her as he placed a palm against her cheek...” George said ”Everything you said is true Charlie.harrypotterfanfiction.. The night before.” They both laughed as they pulled themselves up off the ground and turned back toward the house. Gin.”We’ll have to do that again sometime. Those eyes.. you’ll never lose me. Of course. We’ll just have to try and remember to tone it down a bit though. but it was necessary that they obliged.” Harry raised both of her hands to his lips and lightly brushed across them.. slightly annoyed.” she replied with a smirk as they stepped to the door. and every other collective title they can come up with for the three of you.com :: 65. ”What we have is so precious to me. ”Are we okay. There's a big interest in Harry and Ginny as a couple. so unbelievably right and good. ”Harry. Fleur. but that we’d regret later on..php?mode=story&o. Harry...if we’d gone on much further and longer. you know? It’s all about the Golden Trio or the Merlin Teens. But maybe we’d better head inside before Mum sends a search party after us.” Harry sighed resignedly. ”I loved it.. What could possibly be wrong? You. Harry is the one they ask about mostly. ”You’re right.” he asked tentatively.harrypotterfanfiction.” she asked. ”I think we must accept the fact that we are perhaps the most famous family in Wizarding Britain.we. ”It’s just that. ”And of course we’re okay.” she said as she returned his gaze.. Fred would be laid to rest at the Burrow. ”Why. ”Of course I liked it..” he said as he drew her into a warm embrace.” she asked as she reached for him again. including Harry and Hermione. that I don’t want anything screwing that up..” he said. once again gathered around the scrubbed kitchen table to talk about the publicity.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. they stopped for one last deep kiss before they went inside. yeah?” ”Oh yeah. The entire Weasley assemblage. ”Even as far away as Romania. Halfway there. my love. We still have so much we need to talk about. Can we just slow it down. and we’ve got all these funerals to get through. I get loads of questions from my friends. Harry. The next couple of weeks were difficult what with all the funerals and memorials they’d been invited to. Percy and George returned. ”I know you respect me. but they ask a lot about Ron and Hermione too. especially Fred’s. watching the flecks of gold dance in the waning light. Gin.. as he took her hand and helped her to sit up. Ginny.I just don’t think either of us is ready for that yet.” Bill claimed.. and I know you’d never do anything to hurt me.. Bill.” she asked as her bottom lip began to tremble.com/printerfriendly. I wouldn’t want to live if I lost you. but 39 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. Charlie. Has this insanity no bounds? ”I’ve been working to re-open the shop in Diagon Alley.. Harry attended many of the funerals and memorials for those who died in the battle.. I love you. I wouldn’t be able to stop and well. Those gorgeous green eyes.this—it’s fantastic!” ”So what’s the problem. ”That was nice. Perhaps we do need a bit more time. Harry.I. You. The hardest ones to endure were Remus' and Tonks' and now.. too.” he said gazing into her brown eyes..well. I’m yours for as long as you’ll have me.” Harry told her as he held her close..you’re amazing! I can’t say it enough. ”You’re everything to me.” ”I agree. We’ve only been back together for a few days. We both need time.baby.Fred's. ”What’s wrong?” ”Nothing’s wrong. ”especially after announcements that Harry and Hermione are now a part of it.we’re just not ready for that. if only a bit?” ”Didn’t you like it..” Charlie gave his brother full support...” Harry said as he gave her a final squeeze.

.. among them Harry and Hermione.. ”Yeah. and of course. Those who knew Fred knew that to be true.” Harry said. ”We’ll always check with each other before reacting to anything they write about us. but you get the message: Mourn today.” Ginny blushed. These are Fred's own words: 'Okay Weasleys. I guess we're not the only ones who found it offensive.com :: 65. we need to make some adjustments to our collective public image. I hope we all can agree to let any official statement be sent through him. They go through the owls and send us a pack of letters he thinks we might be interested in reading.. ”Well then.” Though thoroughly devastated Arthur and Molly.php?mode=story&o. However. but more than that. I'll check back in a week or so.' That's Fred. otherwise I will have to become a ghost an haunt each one of you for the rest of your days. the old Gryffindor Quidditch Team. I sent one. Lee Jordan. No parent should ever have to bury their child. always doing whatever he could to raise his friends’ spirits when they were feeling down. he's doing a great job. live tomorrow. We actually told each other what we wanted the other to say at our funerals. it's just that Ron talked about sending that last git of a reporter a dungbomb. with Charlie and Percy supporting a severely trembling George between them.” Ginny breathed a great sigh of relief at that news. but afterwards.. ”Lee and his team have worked our public relations organisation into a well-oiled machine.harrypotterfanfiction. It's all right to cry at my funeral.” Arthur said. ”Fred and I were always considered pranksters and troublemakers. those who really knew Fred knew he was loyal friend. Did you know that? Mum defeated Bellatrix Lestrange and both of you are members of the Order of the Phoenix.” Thank Merlin. found that they felt a little better after hearing the words of their dead son through his surviving twin. but he did his level best to keep his spirits up as he delivered a short speech before they lowered Fred’s coffin into the grave.” he said.” Charlie explained. we talked one time about the possibility that one or both of us might be killed. according to our guidelines. which got her father’s attention. and Percy has been seen around the Ministry. you make sure to LIVE. The family gathered around them in a small circle. Mum and Dad. ”I did hear a rumour that the Daily Prophet received dozens of dungbombs after publishing that article. And.harrypotterfanfiction. as did Harry and Ginny next to them. The Weasleys chose to keep Fred’s burial private. but we can stick together. you’re celebrities too.” she said with an embarrassed sigh. They all nodded. I’m hoping I died so that the rest of you could go on. inviting only family and close friends. but if you're still crying then. We can't keep rogue reporters like Rita Skeeter from publishing their rubbish. Bill and Fleur holding each other closely as Fleur cried softly into his shoulder. we’ve been 40 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . So much for behaving. who were already practically family. I took it further than talking. ”I guess I'm the least famous in the family. though. Ron and Hermione stood together.” said Ron. After Voldemort's return. I hope you are crying today. No one writes those kinds of things about Harry and goes unpunished.” she admitted as she wrapped her arms around Harry’s arm. ”Ginny?” ”Well. Arthur looked around the table at his family.. Aunt Muriel. so as not to give people like Rita Skeeter anything to feed upon. sobbing. I'll come back and haunt you for that. George took his twin’s death hard and still couldn’t quite accept that he was gone. well. ”Brilliant Ginny! That's my sister!” After a while.com/printerfriendly. Everyone remained silent for a second before George broke into laughter. George has made himself a name through the joke shop. Arthur placed his arm around Molly’s shoulders and held her close as he began to speak. so don't disappoint me.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”It isn’t natural and it isn’t right.” ”Fleur is recognized in the press since her participation in the Triwizard Tournament. everyone managed to pull themselves together. clutched tightly in each other’s arms.

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forced to do that here today. There is no magic to banish grief; only time can do that.” Arthur paused to give his family a chance to recover a bit and then he continued. ”While I mourn Fred’s passing, I look around and find the rest of my family around me, safe and whole. I won't dwell on Fred's death because I have all of you to live for and make memories with.” A small sob escaped the Weasley Patriarch’s lips. A few deep breaths later, he spoke again as his family wiped moist eyes and listened. ”I told Harry back at Hogwarts that without him, Ginny, myself, Ron and maybe Bill might have been lost, too. That doesn't mean I take Fred’s loss lightly. No, not at all. It only means there is still so much to live for, and I must agree with George. Fred would like us to live, for when we do choose to live, Fred lives on, too, in each and every one of us.” While Arthur’s words did little to assuage the grief, they did offer the necessary closure so that life could go on for the Weasleys. As per usual, Molly had prepared a feast. Keeping busy had kept her going during those very difficult days before the burial. George's speech sank right into the hearts of all of them. Fred would have wanted them to live good lives and have a little—no, a lot—of fun along the way. The magnificent feast lifted everyone's spirits, and halfway through, it felt like a family reunion as they celebrated Fred’s life and legacy. Great-aunt Muriel caught Harry and Ginny holding hands by themselves, just about to engage in a long-overdue kiss.”So you’re that Potter boy they write so much about, are you? And you’re marrying our Ginevra, is that right,” Aunt Muriel asked in an inquisitorial tone. Harry blushed. ”One day, hopefully,” Harry replied, trying to sound as respectful as he could. He’d been forewarned about Aunt Muriel by both Ginny and Ron. ”She’s a bloody nightmare,” Ron told him. ”She’s always bossing people around, telling them what to do. Everyone’s afraid of her.” ”Oh please, Ron,” Ginny retorted. ”She’s just a dotty old bat looking for attention,” she laughed. ”Yeah, well, don’t get in wrong with her,” Ron warned. ”She’s always threatening to disinherit this one or that one over something really stupid. Besides, Ginny, it’s easy for you to talk. You’re her favorite,” he said with a smirk. ”Yeah, right. Anyway, you two,” she said pointing at Harry and Hermione, ”don’t let her get under your skin. She’s harmless, really.” Ron snorted in disgust and they all fell over themselves laughing as Ron and Ginny told more stories about Crazy Aunt Muriel. ”Rubbish, Potter,” she said. ”At my age you see things. I expect an invitation to your wedding, of course.” Harry opened his mouth as if to answer her, but thought better of it and closed it again. ”Aunt Muriel” Ginny said, as red as Harry. ”Wouldn't it be best if Harry actually proposed to me before we talk about a wedding? And I'm not even of age yet...” ”Poppycock, Ginevra. Tell him to get on with it. I'm not getting any younger.” Harry chuckled. He simply couldn’t help himself. Arthur had heard it all and came to their rescue. ”Dearest aunt,” he said. ”I know that Ronald has some news he wishes to tell you in person.” ”Oh really? I see him over there with that Granger girl. Yes, I suppose I’d better get over there.” Aunt Muriel left them and headed for Ron and Hermione and Ginny mouthed a 'thank you' to her dad. As soon as aunt Muriel had waddled away to corner Ron and Hermione, Arthur looked back at them. ”Well, what are you waiting for? We can't miss this,” Arthur said. Ginny gave him an odd look. ”Oh, I’ll rescue Ron too, after a while...but don't tell Molly.” Harry and Ginny nodded enthusiastically and hurried after Arthur to watch the show. They drew closer to Ron

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and Hermione so they could hear what Aunt Muriel might say that would most assuredly embarrass them. ”Ronald, I hear you have some news. Some mischief I presume,” Aunt Muriel said looking inquisitorially at him and Hermione. Ron immediately blushed and looked at Hermione, his blue eyes begging her for help. ”Yes, Ronald, please tell Aunt Muriel our news,” Hermione grinned, clearly enjoying putting her man on the spot. Turnabout is fair play isn’t it, my love? ”Aunt Muriel. May I introduce...” Ron said and put his arm around Hermione. ”... yes, yes I know. She’s that Granger girl the new Minister declared a genius.” ”Yes, and this Granger girl is in fact my girl. We wrote a statement for the Prophet just the other day,” Ron said confidently, surprising even himself. ”Well, the Prophet is full of lies. But she's your girl, you say? And they said she was smart. Did you knock her up, Ronald,” she asked pointedly, turning to Hermione, who face filled with horror. ”Oh, no offense, dear. It's only an old witch's bad joke. You seem to be a nice young lady. You know,” she said, pulling Hermione closer, ”I just learned that Ginevra will marry that Potter boy. Now, Ronald is a sweet boy, but be warned. The Weasleys breed like rabbits, so you’d better learn those special charms for women. Shouldn't be a problem if you are only half as smart as the Minister says, but when was the last time the Ministry was right about anything?” Hermione giggled as Aunt Muriel gave Hermione’s arm a maternal pat as she wandered off looking for someone else to embarrass. Ron's face was so red, his hair seemed almost blond. While he spluttered and coughed, Hermione stood there and laughed in silence, her body shaking as she worked to hold it all in. Arthur looked at Ginny and Harry, who were both in tears for laughing so hard. Aunt Muriel seemed completely oblivious to the fact that they were laughing at her diatribe. ”I guess I should have gone to the rescue a bit sooner, but then we would have missed all the fun.” Arthur was nearly howling with laughter and he walked off in search of Molly. Harry snickered at his retreating back. ”Your dad, sending her on Ron like that...he really enjoyed that, didn’t he?” ”Where do you think Fred and George got it all,” Ginny smiled impishly. ”You know, Ginny, she may be dotty, but she’s certainly...entertaining,” Harry laughed. ”Oh yes. And if you still want me now that you’ve had the Aunt Muriel Experience, I'm yours forever.” ”I want you forever and longer. You own me, heart and soul. My Ginny,” Harry whispered, as he leaned in for the kiss that had been previously interrupted. ”My Harry, my only love. The feeling’s mutual...forever,” she breathed into his lips as they pressed against hers. They lingered in the kiss for as long as they could before they had to come up for air. They broke apart, realising that people had begun to stare. Ginny took Harry’s hand with a giggle. ”Come on, Ron appears to have regained his normal colour.” They joined Ron and Hermione. ”So Ron, surviving Aunt Muriel, is that some kind of NEWT for becoming a true part of the Weasley family,” Harry asked with a chuckle. ”Actually she's a Prewett, but something like a NEWT, I guess. Except for me, I was born into it.” ”Well I’m apparently pregnant and the two of you are getting married. She’s certainly got it all worked out, hasn’t she,” Hermione grinned. ”She sure thinks she does. Hey, I noticed George spent a lot of time with Katie Bell today,” Ginny reported. ”That’s a good sign,” Ron said. ”He’s taking Fred’s advice and moving on.”

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The sun began to sink low over the horizon as the party broke up and the guests took their leave. Once they finally bid farewell to the last of the visitors, the Weasley assemblage cleared away and then sat down to the scrubbed table for a last cuppa before bed. Having herded the youngsters up the stairs to their rooms, Arthur and Molly retired to their own bed. ”It’s been a long day, Molly dear, but we got through it.” ”It has, and I’m glad it over,” she replied. ”I love you, Mollywobbles,” Arthur said as he kissed her forehead and slid an arm under her pillow. ”I love you too, Arty. Sleep well, dear,” she said as she snuggled into the crook of his arm and drifted off to sleep.

Over the next several days, Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione really began to take note of the celebrity status they had risen to in the Wizarding World. There were almost daily reports in the Daily Prophet about their involvement in fall of Lord Voldemort and its aftermath. There were regular reports regarding the drastic changes taking place at the Ministry under Kingsley Shacklebolt and the trials of numerous Death Eaters already in custody. There were photos of Death Eaters still at large, punctuated with copies of their respective arrest warrants. A schedule of funerals for the prominent dead appeared on the Obituary page, include those of Fred and Remus and Tonks. The four of them tried to live as normally as possible. Hermione had improved the protective charms around the Burrow to afford them and the Weasleys a little peace and quiet. The lack of speculative journalism that had plagued Harry for the past three years had seemed to disappear. Whether that happy circumstance could be attributed to Lee’s fine work at the Ministry or the media’s actual compliance with his wishes, Harry couldn’t be certain. What he could be certain of, though, is that he appreciated it. There were a few incidents at funerals or memorials where a few inconsiderate members of the press plied them with questions, some of them personal, which they all declined to answer, directing them to submit their inquiries to Mr Lee Jordan at the Ministry. On several occasions, Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione would meet up with Neville, who suffered the same kind of journalistic frustration. Rumours had begun to float around, in and out of the press, that he had been often seen with Hannah Abbott. At one particular reception, Ron and Harry managed to corner him. "Hey, Neville," Ron said as Harry cast the Muffliato charm. "What is it we read about you and Hannah? I thought you and Luna had something going." Neville blushed and tried to hide a smile. "So it's true then," Harry asked. "Hannah and me...we're dating, yeah," he said happily. ”Luna and I are very good friends. I had a thing for her for a while, but then I met Hannah, well, we've known each other for years of course. You get it, right,” he explained. "Congrats Neville, but where is she," Ron wondered. "Well, I haven't told my gran yet, so it's not really official. You know the old drill," Neville replied. Dawn broke over Harry’s horizon. So that’s what that family meeting was about last week... "You’d better, and soon. Hannah’s a nice girl and I think your gran will be proud of you,” Ron teased. Neville leaned over toward Ron’s ear. "Ron, I need to talk to Harry in private. Do you mind," he asked Ron bashfully. "Not at all, mate. See you in a few," Ron said and strode over behind Hermione and wrapped his long arms around her middle.

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Harry looked questioningly at Neville. ”So what can I do for you, Nev?” "About Hannah...Gran knows. It's just that I want her to meet my parents before it's officially official. Is that weird? I mean, you've seen them. They don't even know I'm their son." Harry thought for a moment. "I don't think it's weird, Neville. Look, I’ve never told anyone this, but ever since I got back together with Ginny, I've wanted to take her to my parent's graves in Godric's Hollow." ”You and Ginny are meant to be together, Harry. It’s obvious even to me. I sure won't tell anyone,” Neville promised. ”Thanks, mate. Listen, Neville. If Hannah loves you, and I’m sure she does, she’ll understand. Just trust enough to tell her what happened to them so she’s prepared when you take her to visit them. I’m sure she’ll be grateful that you thought enough of her to put that much faith in her,” Harry advised. ”Thanks, Harry. I knew you’d be able to help.” Neville offered his hand and the two friends shared a firm handshake. ”Good luck, old man,” Harry called as Neville walked away. I have got to remember to thank him for looking after Ginny last year at Hogwarts.

A couple of days later, Harry decided it was high time he paid a visit to Andromeda Tonks and his godson, Teddy. ”Do you want to come,” Harry asked Ginny. ”Yes, of course.” ”We’re off, then.” Harry Apparated them to Andromeda's house. She held a blanketed bundle containing baby Teddy in her arms as she ushered them in. ”Welcome, both of you,” Andromeda said with a warm grin. She invited them for tea in the garden. ”Would you like to hold him,” Andromeda asked Harry. ”Yes, please,” Harry replied happily, receiving the baby carefully. ”Hey, little mate. I’m your Godfather, Harry,” he whispered to the child as he tickled his little chin with a crooked finger. ”Your mum and dad were really good friends of mine and you and I are going to have loads of fun together. I’m going to tell you all about them and how much they loved you. I promise you’ll never want for anything and you’ll never be alone. Your gran and Ginny and I are always going to be here for you,” Harry murmured has the little boy wrapped his tiny fingers around Harry’s thumb. He gazed in wonder into the tiny face of his godson. He blinked back tears burning in his eyes as he thought about his own Godfather, Sirius Black. He thought about Remus and Tonks and how thrilled they were to have this little bundle of joy. He thought about how he and Remus had rowed at Grimmauld place when Harry lambasted him for contemplating abandoning his wife and unborn baby because of Voldemort. Nice one, Potter. You shouted at Remus Lupin for doing the very thing you’d done to Ginny, only in your case, there was no baby involved. He’d never forget that night at Shell Cottage, not too long after the escape from Malfoy Manor, when Remus Lupin arrived in a flurry of excitement announcing that Teddy had been born and asking Harry to be his new son’s godfather. Ginny, who had been carrying on a conversation with Andromeda about the many plants and flowers that graced the garden, looked over at them and smiled. She felt a strong surge of joy as Harry looked up at her with a smile as big as all outdoors. ”You look so cute,” Ginny said as Teddy changed his hair to match Harry's. ”Oh! Look at that! He looks just like you, Harry,” she cried.

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”Dora did that a lot too when she was a baby. He likes you, Harry,” Andromeda sighed. ”She loved imitating anyone who held her. Teddy seems to enjoy it as well.” ”Andromeda, I don't know what you think, but I want you to know that as Teddy's godfather I want to be a part of his life,” Harry said. ”Of course. When you contacted me, I had already thought of writing to you. As godfather, you have sole responsibility for Teddy. Technically, you are his legal guardian now that Dora and Remus...” Andromeda’s voice trailed off as a tear rolled down her cheek. ”Andromeda, is it your wish that Teddy should live here with you...at least until he’s older?” ”I would like that. I'm alone now. Well, my sister Narcissa Malfoy is alive, but we're not exactly close. Caring for Teddy means a lot to me. He makes me want to press on with life,” she admitted. ”In all honesty, I don't really have a home for him and I don't know about my future as yet. I haven’t made any real plans, so I think he's better off here with you,” Harry smiled, ”but I hope we’re welcome to visit.” ”Of course, Harry. Any time.” Harry gazed back at Teddy and bounced him lightly in his arms. ”I also lost my parents when I was very young. I can't replace Dora or Remus, but I will do my best to be a good godfather. In the future when I...” Harry looked at Ginny. ”... hopefully when we, have a home, Teddy will be welcome there and treated as our own son. Isn’t that right, little buddy?” They spent the entire afternoon with Teddy, and as they returned home, both Harry and Ginny thought about having a family of their own one day.

A/N As you probably have noticed by now, this is not a story focusing on the post war trauma. This is a Adventure/Romance/Fluff story. There are hints here and there to clarify that they indeed are affected by the war, but if it's post war trauma you want you'll have to find it in another story. That said, I hope you'll keep enjoying this story. Chapter 3: Heritage [View Online] [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter] Chapter 3 - Heritage

”Ginny. Gin?” A warm hand caressed her shoulder and a kind voice invaded the mists of her dream. ”Hey, Gin. Wake up. It’s past ten. We’re going to Diagon Alley today, remember?” A sweet sensation spread from her shoulder to her neck and she began to stir. ”Wha...sleeping,” she mumbled. ”Gin, c’mon, love. We have lots to do,” the voice said urgently. The warm touch became insistent as it rolled her onto her back. ”C’mon, sleepyhead.” Her eyelids fluttered and opened ever so slowly and blinked, adjusting to the light. ”Ah, there she is. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” said the kind voice. ”I think I’m in love.” ”Harry? Harry,” she yawned sleepily as the warm hands caressed a freckled cheek. ”Ah, yes. The handsomest man I’ve ever seen,” she smiled, stretching. ”I am in love.” Handsomest. Is that even a word? Harry leaned down and kissed her gently. ”Your mum’s got breakfast ready,” he whispered into her neck, "and then we’re off.” Ginny rose from the bed and threw her arms over her head, stretching and groaning. She opened her dresser to

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retrieve fresh clothes, then made for the loo for a shower before heading down the stairs for a quick bite and...Harry. ”We’re off, then.” Harry took her hand and led her toward the door. ”Don’t be long, now. And Harry, don’t let those Gringotts Goblins push you around,” Molly called. ”I won’t, Mrs Weasley. We won’t be long,” Harry assured her. I hope.”C’mon, Gin. We’re running late,” he said, glancing at the clock. They hurried to the edge of the yard past the new protective wards that Bill, Charlie, and Mr Weasley had raised around the Burrow. Harry took Ginny into his arms, held her close, turned down, and...pop! They Disapparated.

The first thing Harry noticed upon arrival in Diagon Alley was that it looked so much brighter than it had only days before. Shops had reopened, some of them new to Diagon Alley, and laughter filled the air as people greeted one another with hugs and handshakes as they became reacquainted. The pall that hung over the place had evaporated and the excitement Harry had so associated with the wonder of Diagon Alley had returned once again. Harry and Ginny hadn’t given it much thought, but today was the first time they’d ventured out in public since the battle, with the exception of a few funerals and memorials. By now, Harry was used to being stared at, but he tended to shy away from hero worship. He was uncomfortable with the comments about his being the Saviour-of-the-Wizarding-World. This was all uncharted territory for Ginny, so he twined his fingers with hers, almost painfully, to keep her close. They politely returned simple greetings and acknowledged praise for having destroyed the Dark Lord. By the time they arrived at the steps of Gringotts Wizarding Bank, quite a crowd of well-wishers had gathered around them. Ginny seemed to be taking it all in stride, but Harry became increasingly nervous. He felt gratified that any trace of the destruction left by their exodus on the dragon’s back had been cleared away and repairs made to the building and the street outside. Harry excused them through the crowd to the great doors. ”Well, here we are,” he sighed, trying to work up his nerve. ”Yes. Here we are. Are you ready for this,” she asked with a determined look in her eyes. ”I guess there’s just nothing for it. Let’s go,” he said resignedly and pulled the door open. Unlike the people in Diagon Alley, the Goblins at Gringotts were less than pleased to see Harry. He intended to go to his vault but realised he needed to make peace with the Goblins, first. He asked for a supervisor, who appeared almost instantly and led them to a side office. ”I’ll just wait here, shall I,” Ginny whispered to Harry as she made to break his grip on her hand. ”No. Please. Come in with me. This concerns you as much as it concerns me,” he said, pulling her back to his side. ”But Harry—” she stammered as she look at the emotionless face of the Goblin. ”Please stay with me,” he insisted. Ginny searched the Goblin’s face for any sign of protest. Seeing none, she agreed. The Goblin ushered them into the office and bade them sit. I just can’t resist those eyes of his. "You are not welcome here," the Goblin said, perching himself on a high chair behind a desk. Refusing to be intimidated, Harry drew himself up confidently and looked straight at the Goblin. ”Let me ask you

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something. What would the Wizarding world think if I closed my account here and gave a statement about it to every Wizarding publication in the country?" The Goblin peered suspiciously at Harry. ”I'm listening, Mr Potter..." "I have no wish to use my fame to harm Gringotts’ reputation, but I’m sure we can agree that I would be able to." "True..." "Can we agree, then, that it is in our mutual interest that I remain a customer at Gringotts?" The Goblin considered his answer for a moment. "We have an agreement. Allow me, on behalf of Gringotts, to apologize for the behavior of our staff when you came in, Mr Potter. Are you here for your vaults?” ”Vaults,” Harry asked, a bit puzzled. ”I know of only one that’s mine.” ”I see. Well, Mr Potter, the vault you have had access to thus far contains that which your parents left for you to use for school and other needs prior to your coming of age. Now that you are of age, you have access to the Potter vault. In addition to a considerable amount of gold, it contains heirloom jewelry, real estate deeds, including the one in Godric’s Hollow, and several books.” There’s loads of gold in that vault and now they tell me that there’s an additional Potter vault that’s mine, too? Harry looked over at Ginny, who only blinked back at him. ”And coming of age also gives you access to the Black family vault, according to the will of Sirius Black.” ”There are a few documents that you must sign to take possession of the vaults and another one that affirms that you have received any and all information concerning them. Then, if you wish, I shall take you to visit them,” the Goblin said in a very business-like manner. Harry read through and signed the necessary parchments. He and Ginny rose to board a rail car that would take them on a wild ride through the labyrinth of tunnels leading to his vaults. ”I have no idea what’s in those vaults,” Harry told Ginny. ”I’ll be just as surprised as you, won’t I,” he smiled. The rail car clattered and careened along the rickety track that led to the vaults below Gringotts. It finally slowed as it approached Harry’s personal vault and stopped directly in front of it. ”All of this is yours,” Ginny asked with a tremor in her voice. ” I guess my parents wanted to make sure I would afford school even if costs went up.” ”Even after Dad's promotion, this is a lot more than our entire family has,” she confessed. Harry’s stomach flipped over. She’s shaking like a leaf. This has got to be quite a shock for her. He knew how tough life was for the Weasleys, financially speaking, and he always felt bad about it. Through the years, he’d often thought how he’d gladly share every last Knut with them, knowing they’d never take it. ”Actually, I'd rather think of it as ours,” Harry whispered, gazing into her eyes. ”Harry...I couldn’t,” she protested weakly. ”Ginny, I love you. This...this means nothing without someone to share it with, and for me, that someone is you, Gin. Please let me share this with you, because you are all I’ll ever need.” He drew her into a tight embrace and held her, caressing her back until her trembling quieted. ”Harry this is all just so...” ”I know. C’mon! Let’s have a look, shall we?” He bit his lower lip and nodded encouragement. Ginny returned his nod, took his hand and they entered the vault. Harry stuffed a couple of handfuls of Galleons into a pouch and tucked it away in his robes. Then he looked around for what he had actually come for, something he had spied during a previous visit but never touched.

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His eyes rested on a tiny box sitting in a far corner. There it is! Someone must have placed it there early on after his parents’ death to make sure Harry could find it. Making sure Ginny was completely distracted, he opened a small black-velvet-covered box, revealing his mother’s engagement ring—a square-cut emerald set in fine gold. His father must have wanted a stone that matched his mother’s eyes. Harry smiled to himself, placed the ring back into the box, and slipped it into his pocket. As soon as they stepped back onto the step, the Goblin sealed the vault. They all climbed back into the car and rattled off to the Potter family vault. The Goblin ran his hand over the door to open the door. Harry made sure Ginny could enter it with him before he took her hand to pull her inside. ”I'm not sure I could get through this without you,” Harry said. ”I'm here, Harry, right by your side, the only place I ever want to be.” This vault was huge. Inside, they found yet more gold, but also other valuables and family heirlooms. ”Blimey,” was all Harry could say. ”What am I going to do with all of this? There’s gold enough here for three or four lifetimes!” ”Harry, did you have any idea your family was this wealthy,” she asked him, awestruck. ”Not a clue, Gin. Seriously, I didn’t even know about my personal vault until Hagrid brought me here before first year, so learning about this one comes as a complete surprise to me,” he confessed looking around. All at once, something caught his eye. A small book lay on top of a wooden box all by itself. He released Ginny, walked over to it, and picked it up. He felt an overpowering compulsion to open it. Lily Evans’ Diary. He fanned the pages until a letter fell out. Apparently, the diary had been his mother's from her seventh year at Hogwarts, and it contained entries dating from then until her death about four years later. The envelope said, To Harry. He tucked the letter back into the diary and shoved it into his robes with the ring. He took Ginny’s hand and they left the vault to return to the rail car that would take them to their last destination. At last, they arrived at the Black family vault. This one dwarfed the other two, both in size and in wealth. There was a vast collection of books that would drop Hermione firmly on Cloud Nine, jewels, rare paintings, and piles upon gargantuan piles of Galleons. This was entirely too much for them. Harry couldn’t breathe and Ginny began to shake again. Rather than have a medical emergency right there under Gringotts, Harry exited the vault and took a couple of deep breaths. He helped Ginny back into the cart and then looked at the grinning Goblin. ”Is there a summary of what I own?” The Goblin gave him a parchment. Harry and Ginny read it. Harry blushed when as the document revealed that his fortune in Galleons totaled approximately 20 million, with perhaps another 10 million in property and estates. ”You do own the vaults of two old Wizarding families, Mr Potter. Don't look so surprised,” the Goblin told him. Harry looked at Ginny. ”I didn't know. I swear I didn’t,” Harry said and blushed. ”Harry, don't be embarrassed. You haven't done anything wrong,” she assured him as she took his hand and stroked it. ”It's just that I didn't earn this. It was just given to me.” ”I think I want to go back home and go through all of this with Bill some day. Just seeing it is enough for now. I need time to take it all in and process it,” Harry said. ”I think that’s a very good idea, love. Bill can help you sort it all out,” she agreed. Harry took a few deep breaths and turned to the Goblin. ”I wish the gold in my old vault to be transferred to my godson, Teddy Lupin. Until he is of age it is to be governed by me, Ginny, and Andromeda Tonks.” He looked at

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Ginny. ”Unless you don't want to.” ”That would be very kind, Harry.” ”Teddy has lost his parents. The least I can do with all of this... ” Harry said pointing at the parchment with the summary of his fortune. ”... is make sure there are Galleons enough to raise him. I promised Andromeda that I intend to keep that promise.” The Goblin nodded and assured Harry that the proper documents would be prepared and sent by owl for his signature within the next few business days. I’ll definitely need Bill for this one. With Harry’s financial affairs set in order, he and Ginny left the building and stepped out into the afternoon sun. The crowd that had followed them had long-since dissipated, so they clasped hands and headed back toward the Leaky Cauldron. Harry didn’t speak and Ginny didn’t try to persuade him to. She just held his hand as they walked. Harry stopped, took Ginny in his arms, turned and they were gone.

”Harry, dear, what’s troubling you,” Molly asked, placing a cup of tea in front of him. ”Is it the vaults, still,” Ginny asked, standing behind him to massage the tense muscles in his shoulders. ”Yes and no. It’s this letter I found in my mum’s diary. I want to read it, but...” Harry shook his head. ”Do you want me to read it to you,” Molly asked, her face full of concern. ”You are the closest I ever had to a mother, Mrs Weasley. Yes, please read the letter.” Ginny ceased massaging Harry’s shoulders and took a seat next to him, cuddling up close. Across the table, Molly opened the letter and began to read: ”Dear Harry, I find it difficult to write this letter. I know you are of age since you’re reading it. I am Sirius Black and I am your godfather, in case no one has told you about me. At the time of this writing, your parents, my closest friends, have just been murdered. I came across your mother's diary, and as your godfather, the Goblins have allowed me to place it here in your family vault. I wanted to make sure you got it. My wish, as I write this, is that I will be able to raise you as my own son, or at least be a part of your life. However, if you’re reading this letter without me, my wish that we might enter this vault together hasn't come true. In fact, I fear that if you’re reading this letter without me, I am dead. I only hope that we got to know each other, and that we got to know each other well. Your dad and I are...were...best friends and your mother were dear to me. They loved you very much and died protecting you. There's so much I would like to write, but I’m hoping that there will be time to tell you everything in person. Your godfather, Sirius Black” Harry clung to every word Sirius wrote, and cried into Ginny’s neck when Molly finished reading it. Ginny held him close and pressed small kisses all along his forehead and into his unruly raven locks. ”Harry, love. Are you okay,” Ginny asked in a placating tone. Harry nodded. ”I'm fine now,” he said wiping his face with a napkin Molly had passed him. He picked up the diary and made to leave the table. ”Thanks, Mrs Weasley.” She nodded and handed the letter back to him. ”Want to read with me,” Harry asked. ”Let’s go up to my room where it’s...quiet,” she suggested, shifting her eyes toward the kitchen.

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. Remus Lupin would have been the better choice! At least he tries to be decent.” Ginny called to Molly.” Harry argued. ”Yes. He just smiled. where they crawled onto the bed and stretched out.” ”That is so sweet.” ”I guess there are things about girls I don't understand.php?mode=story&o. Remus and Peter around him.” Ginny said dreamily. Ginny rested her head on Harry’s shoulder as he opened his mother’s diary to the first entry: “1 September 1977 First day of my final year at Hogwarts. and we left. A certain Mr James Potter to be exact. 'Not a snowball's chance in a dragon's cave. Now I’ll have to work with him! Well then. And what’s more. ”You humble servant.” he asked Ginny with a sly smile. I’m doomed.. Hogsmeade weekend. leans against the head board.” Harry joked. ”She didn't want to admit it. and added that I'd rather date a werewolf. He seemed more vulnerable without Sirius. offering me perfume spiked with love potion. It would even be worth a detention. someone.guess who's been made Head Boy? James blessed Potter. ”And cute. milady..” she giggled giving him a peck on the cheek.cute.) He said that he could indeed arrange a date with a werewolf for me.. 50 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”No. but cautioned that there would be an express lack of romance during a walk in the moonlight.” he said softly and kissed her hand. ”Am I obnoxious. They think he's funny and cute.” Molly warned. I had never dreaded a Hogsmeade weekend more. all last year he bugged me all the time asking for a date.” Harry intoned majestically. I think he’s an arrogant toe rag. They skipped ahead until they found the Lily’s account of her first date with James. I chose school robes and left for the Entrance Hall.com :: 65. ”But she was crazy about him. By Merlin's beard. ”In love with him! She wanted to curse him! I hope you never love me that much. I took it. However.” Ginny led Harry up the stairs to her room. Ginny sighed in mild frustration.harrypotterfanfiction. And if he even thinks of asking me again I’ll curse him. “She’s so in love with him.. My roommates encouraged me. There he was. I will never understand why the other girls are so in awe that I will have to spend time with him. This was the day of my date with James.” Harry admitted.. I don't know how I feel about being back. ”As you wish. I was that close to cursing him on the spot. Keep reading. Okay. or rather. but he is obnoxious! I suppose if there’s one good thing to say about James Potter. we’re going upstairs to read.” ”Obnoxious and cute. He gave me one of those charming smiles of his as I came down the stairs toward him. I love Hogwarts and I am very proud to be Head Girl. I’d like to curse something. ”What can I say? I was a first-class toe rag.” Harry looked at Ginny incredulously... I must admit that he is sort of.it’s incredible to read my mother's words. Only the second day of school and he’s at it already! He asked me for a date. Mum.” Ginny explained.” Ginny smiled and kissed him.’ but heard myself say ’yes.” ”Well. My heart actually skipped a beat.. Read.. trying to stifle a laugh. but if I agreed to go on one date with him. telling me what to wear. I admit he has charm and he's aware of it.. I have to wonder if he even knows the meaning of the word! If you ask me. maybe not a toe rag.. ”Mum.com/printerfriendly.. Potter has two talents—Quidditch and mischief. how can that mischievous prankster be Head Boy? He wasn’t even a Prefect! As far as I know..harrypotterfanfiction. it took you six years to figure out about me. I was actually nervous! He offered his arm. Why he hangs around with Potter and Sirius Black is a mystery to me. Git! He admitted that he had been somewhat persistent last year. ”But still.but never arrogant. he must take responsibility.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Harry snickered.. (His smile makes him annoyingly cute.’ Can you believe it? I agreed to go on a date with James Potter! Well I guess I will have to get it over with. you were a first-class prat.' I told him. I wanted to tell him ’no. he would leave it up to me to ask him for a second.. ”October 1st. and then continued to read aloud: 2 September 1977 Merlin’s pants! I'm so frustrated.” she directed. ”Leave the door open.

I can't get him out of my head. and even having had a good time. I immediately felt the same way I did right before he kissed me the other night. They all joined in a sing-song chorus.’ He just looked into my eyes and told me he would love to go on another date. It gave me chills! He escorted me safely to Gryffindor Tower. I have to find him and either curse him or kiss him again. as the boys were about to leave for their dorm... I actually wanted him to kiss me! He hesitated. At the gates.. thoughtful.and it left me wanting more.. I must have been confunded or something because the next thing I did was step closer to him and pout my mouth. I threw a pillow at them.harrypotterfanfiction. I found myself forgetting that it was James Potter I was on a date with. I should definitely hesitate to kiss him with no second thoughts about cursing him. I decided I really wanted to have another day like this one. The others left for their dorm. but in that moment... That urge to curse him felt very appealing again. wasn’t he. By noon. Sirius asked me how I had managed that ’brilliant’ potion. James Potter? I hate to admit it. I couldn’t focus on today's lesson in Potions. Now I have to figure out how to face him next time I see him.” Ginny sighed. To make absolutely sure I can't be in love with him. wizard by my side and what had he done with that childish git. with James Potter.' Excitement exploded inside me and the strong urge to kiss him took over again... I could have—I should have—walked away. but it was the perfect kiss. Who was this kind.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. He said I had created something that far outstripped the dung bomb and was impressed that I got away with a stunt like that in class.harrypotterfanfiction. I had to restrain myself from running straight across the common room and throwing myself at his head.. yes. I couldn’t concentrate! I made a horrible mess when I didn't pay attention to my cauldron. Am I obsessing? I must admit. except for class. Now I’ve done it! I may never be able to show my face in public again! I left for the common room so I could be there when the team came in from Quidditch practice. I just wanted my most perfect date to end in the most perfect way. It was a beautiful day.and suddenly seemed uncertain 51 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. I can't get that date out of my head. In love? Hardly! Yes. I just can't hold off until tomorrow.com/printerfriendly. Professor Slughorn.. leaving just the two of us in the common room—alone! My heart beat faster as I thanked him for a wonderful date. but this is different. I was sure. He acted the perfect gentleman. I know.. 'I'm in love. cute. I held onto his arm all the way back to the castle. we faced each other and I found myself under the gaze of my perfect date. That's when it hit me. I don't know how long it lasted.or that kiss. shall we?” ”3 October 1977 I couldn’t write anything yesterday. Then I buried my ego and thanked him for the most wonderful kiss I'd ever got. he didn't say 'I told you so. He smiled in that charming way of his and said it had been his pleasure. I’ve never felt like this. as they try to remove the stench. Returning to school. But as we walked toward the castle gates.' so far so good '. a girl just leaves it up to the boy to ask for another date. They say Potions class has been moved to another classroom temporarily. That's when I found my arms sliding across his muscular chest working their way around his neck.com :: 65. I am in love with James Potter! That's why I can’t stop thinking about him! I've had some crushes.' or anything one might have expected from ’Arrogant James Potter. This would be the first time I saw him since Saturday. But that means I have to actually ask—yes. but he showed me a wonderful time. He took me into his arms ever so gently and I immediately melted like butter in a hot skillet. that’s right—ask James Potter for a second date. bless him.. he can behave himself when he has to. I asked if I could have a word with the Head Boy. 'Lily’s in love with James'. Yes. They came in all muddy and sweaty from practice and there he was (what a body!) Our eyes met almost instantly. I should be glad I survived the day. I had to say or do something! Anyway. yes.” Harry said with a wisp of a smile.” ”That’s so romantic.. ”Let's see what happened next. nor did he deduct house points. And he did.. I can't get that kiss out of my head. We broke apart and we said good night at the foot of the stairs leading to my dormitory. I enjoyed the date.. Once inside. and how to face my roommates. as if he wanted to make sure it was all right. he was a gentleman. I can almost feel it lingering there. now I know where you got it. I must say. He didn't gloat. Then I think of who gave it to me. More later. but ever so softly.. The girls in the dorm giggled when I walked in. I asked him for another date. but love? What shall I do? For two days I haven’t been able to get that date out of my head.php?mode=story&o. he kissed me again. ”Yeah.. but there’s simply no other way to describe it.that was something. but James had already promised he would leave it up to me. decided against detention. Sirius Black finds humour in practically everything. I began worry about how this date would end. empathic and... And then that kiss. ”Well.” she replied as she snuggled closer to him.. I’d never have to worry about James Potter again. He pushed that monstrous door open for me and ushered me inside with his hand on the small of my back.I’ve written 'perfect' too many times today. Normally. I think they practice Quidditch for another hour before they get back here. I wanted this wonderful gentleman to kiss me. my dad was pretty smooth..

He approached me while other three waited up the stairs. but I could have stood there like that forever. I caught up with him on the stairs heading back to the common room. Ginny threw her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. so.you were like ice. I must tell him I'm still his friend. Let's see what happened tomorrow.. but I could tell he was hurt. An all-time first.php?mode=story&o. and I don’t want to know how badly Sirius will take the mickey out of me. We’re here. He considered his mother’s words. of course) and feeling pleasantly confused. Gin. Remus doesn’t say much and Peter goes along with whatever James and Sirius do. she held back. ”Yes. she twisted and pulled him down on top of her 52 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM ..” she replied. After classes. but this was bloody amazing! I felt faint and James gallantly reached out to steady me when we broke the kiss. as to what to do next.. so. I’m okay. I wanted to be with James. I told him he had to go on a date with James. let him kiss the lips off him. Shockwaves shot through her body as his hands traveled from her back to her stomach. She’s so beautiful when she does that. If our first kiss was good.I mean when we kissed that first time in the common room last year..harrypotterfanfiction.” ”Was it like that for you.” Harry admitted. I called after him and the four of them stopped and turned around.” he asked.” Harry closed the diary. with the Marauders. ”Shhh.. We headed for the common room. ”In the common room. but I love you. of course. I’ve always loved you'. but nothing can change my feelings for James Potter.' Still no gloating. I heard myself saying what that kiss told me to be true... together. 'Lily. She arched her hips forward as she moaned his name into his mouth. That shut him up! I’m in! The most interesting part of the day was when I happily entered the Great Hall for dinner.. It’s over now. I felt so safe. like that. Lessons went much better today. so we kissed goodnight (neither of us wanting to part. this one was fantastic! I’d never done French kissing before! I used to think it was disgusting. At least there’ve been no explosions and no stench. Tomorrow will be my first full day as James Potter's girlfriend! By Merlin.” “4 October By noon it was all over the school. Of course. It took a moment. Crap! Severus will hate me. In a trice. I stood up on my tiptoes. Of course he must have heard the rumour. 'I love you James.. and we’re safe.I didn’t know. He said he hadn’t told anyone about us. looked him straight in those dark pools of his and kissed him.” she asked biting her bottom lip. smoothing a lock of raven unruliness. Ginny resisted a strong urge to take a leaf out of Lily Evans’ book and pull her son down into a kiss like that. not wanting to come on too strong. Harry responded in kind. I told him that I loved him and I didn't care that the entire school knew.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. and Severus saw us.harrypotterfanfiction. the infamous Marauders and me. but I find myself daydreaming a lot. He ran his tongue along her bottom lip and she parted her lips to allow him access. my roommates will remind me of every reason I ever came up with to turn James down for dates. He only hoped Ginny loved him. it would be so much easier to snog. Instead. He didn't say anything for a long time...com :: 65. But it was getting late. but instead he said the most beautiful words I’d ever hear.” Harry moaned as he ran his hands under the hem of her shirt and touched the bare skin of her back..” Ginny whispered as she took his tear-streaked face in her hands and kissed him kindly and gently.com/printerfriendly. He pulled her into his lap and enveloped her in the strength of his arms. Then I kissed him right and proper in front of them all and I didn’t give a hang what any of them thought. as they call themselves. I returned to my dorm happier than I ever have been. I begged you to please not be dead. and then try to brew a standard healing potion. I don’t know what.. turning them over and over in his mind... If they knew. hand in hand with James. ”Are you okay to continue. pouring all of her love and passion into it. ”When I saw you lying on that cold stone floor with that damned book in your hands.” Harry broke. He took me in his arms and held me there in against his muddy Quidditch uniform. The Head Boy and Head Girl are an item. James Potter unsure of himself. ”Ginny. He was. ”Gin? ”Yes. Sirius reminded me that he still wanted to know how to do that potion.us. ”I’ve only just realised over the past week that I’ve loved you since the whole Chamber of Secrets thing. it’s brilliant!” Harry had tears in his eyes reading about how his mother and father came to be. but he responded enthusiastically.. I couldn’t bear. I don't know how you did it to me. and each and every time since then.

George and Ron strode over to the fireplace. ”Shut it.” he panted. It’s not right. Harry. ”Ron.com :: 65. ushering him to the table.” he answered. don’t you? I’m sure supper’s about ready and we’ve been up here a long time. Ron bounded down the stairs with his rucksack over his shoulder. ”You can’t take advantage of me since I’m a willing participant.’ and disappeared with a whoosh! 53 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . dear. He had to do something with himself and busy work was just the therapy he needed.” she asked lifting the pot.harrypotterfanfiction. ”You do too. George. Mum.” Bright green flame belched out of the fireplace. little bro.” Molly said. too. We’re worried.” Molly said.” George smiled. ”Well. ”George! Have you eaten yet. ”What’s going on. good morning.” he insisted.. ”There was a bit of a row. ”He misses Hermione. I’d like to be able to open by the end of July. She dragged her fingernails lightly up and down the skin of his back as he caressed her bare stomach. ”Don’t tell me. kissing her on the cheek. ”Ready when you are. ”I think so..php?mode=story&o.” Arthur observed. but I know what you mean. ”We can’t do this.” Ron growled.” Ron asked sardonically. Hermione had gone off to Australia to locate her parents and bring them home. thanks. that’s settled. ”Ron and I have loads to do. Ginny righted her clothes and tied back her hair so it didn’t look quite so mussed. ”I suppose we’d better head down. ”Well then. ”Bye. Her hands left his back and slid down just inside the waistband of his jeans. took a handful of Floo powder. ”Just coffee. gone off his feed. ”After you.” he said.” his mother offered. ”More tea. I could use an extra pair of hands at the shop tidying and restocking.” he asked taking his place at the table. I’ll do it. Ickle Ronnikins is pining. becoming sullen and edgy. George. ”When do you need me?” ”Pack a kit and you can go back with me this morning if you like.” he said as he leaned over and kissed his mother. He wanted to go to Australia with her.” Ron decided. you. ”All right. and I know just the thing.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” she replied. pouring a bit of milk into his cup. is he?” ”Stop calling me Ickle Ronnikins!” ”Ron. We’ve almost gone too far again. Ron had thrown himself wholeheartedly into helping George ready the shop in Diagon Alley for business. across the bed and slid her hands up under his shirt. and over her throat as she moaned in agonised pleasure. Harry trailed kisses from her mouth. She was about to reach forward when Harry broke away suddenly and rolled off her.” he replied.harrypotterfanfiction.. His mother watched him expectantly as his father returned to his paper. but she told him she needed to do this by herself. You can kip with me in the upstairs flat.” she half-whined between breaths. but I won’t take advantage of you under your parents’ roof. ”None for me.com/printerfriendly..” Harry said as he stood and straightened his clothes. Bye. ”I know. promising to be back in two weeks at the latest. but you feel so good. Gin.” she said as they stepped out onto the landing. ”I could do with a bite.” A few minutes later. The first few days without her had found him moping around the house in a fog as if he’d lost his best friend. He sat down at the table with his parents. Love.” he sighed and plopped down next to his brother. He missed Hermione terribly. doesn’t he. He had an air of purpose about him and the emptiness in his eyes seemed to have diminished. Serious business.” Ron considered the option for a few minutes. tossed it into the flames and said.” quipped George.” George answered. Breakfast. ”Hmm. Dad. I’d say.” she asked checking him over. ”Oh and what’s that.” Molly said brightly. ”Sounds to me like you could do with a distraction. ‘Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. Molly rose from the table to embrace her son. down her neck. Mum.

”They think we English are rather uptight. ”Sorry. yeah. the odd animals. ”Harry’s been treating you right. Ron and Hermione broke apart. Red-faced and grinning. Ahem. I’m so glad we’re all together again.” he grinned. but still. ”Welcome home. ”Perhaps you might want to send an owl..” Ginny replied with an equally wicked smile. He kissed her longingly. Hermione ran to him.” he confessed.” Harry smiled.” they said together.it would be nice to not have to be so careful all the time.” Hermione had no sooner sent her message to Ron.” ”I don’t know. as he caressed her face and hair. ”W-where’s Ron.” Molly said with eyes twinkling. and they share the same beaches and many of them work together at their jobs. ”I kind of like having you mostly to myself.php?mode=story&o. She flew into Harry’s arms and he picked her up and spun her around. ”Welcome home. ”I mean.” Molly asked. the rest of the world just melted away. ”There are more of us in a smaller area in Britain than a larger country like Australia. After all. within two weeks. ”We could take a leaf out of their book. but otherwise. for the most part. dears.” Harry countered. you know.. Ron gladly obliged..com/printerfriendly.” she explained.. when he stepped out of the fireplace with a Cheshire grin. Of course. Her face fell a little. ”Oh yeah.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”Ginny.” he reminded her. ”And they’re right.” she snickered. beaming as he took his characteristic long strides toward her and scooped her up in his arms. ”You could always send your otter.” suggested Harry. ”Tuck in. Between bites. ”I missed you so much. maybe I should go away and come back again.” he said. actually. ”He’s in Diagon Alley helping George get the shop ready.harrypotterfanfiction. Hermione returned ten days later. taking her breath away. ”We’ve missed you.” Hermione cried and hugged her friend.” she smiled dizzily as she raised her face for another kiss. Australia is technically an entire continent.com :: 65. they live in the same neighborhoods.” Ginny said thoughtfully. we really don’t have much choice. We are rather uptight. The two girls giggled conspiratorially as Hermione looked around.harrypotterfanfiction.” she smiled. but they’re just less paranoid about it. They interact with the Muggle community rather nicely.” ”How so. its people.” she asked with a wicked smile.” she asked no one in particular. Hermione talked about the Australia. ”if I’m to receive welcomes such as this one. not finding Ron there. setting her down and placing a brotherly kiss on her flushed cheek.” Hermione said brightly. ”Mmmm. He then pulled her into a tight embrace. 54 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Molly greeted her with one of her signature bone-crushing hugs and the perfunctory inspection of her overall well-being. they have specialized Wizarding professions. ”Well. Hermione.” Molly replied. dear. as promised. such as Aurors and Healers.” she joked. aren’t we.” he said as he buried his face in her hair. ”Ginny. and overall laid-back atmosphere that permeate that continent. ’Mione. ”I suppose. their Wizarding community keep our secrets and all.” Harry said as he wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her temple. Suddenly. they’re pretty copacetic on the whole. Everyone had a good laugh as they sat down to the lunch Molly had been preparing when Hermione arrived. ”It’d be quicker.

They were a bit confused at first. dears.” Ginny asked.php?mode=story&o. ”Harry. Just about everyone is tanned.” Molly scolded. ’Mione. Harry had already stood up..” Ron replied with a scowl.” the others agreed in unison. He nuzzled her neck and clasped his hands around her middle. ”So you found them all right then. ”All right. ”Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Mum. He knew her well enough to know when her laughter and attempts and lighthearted conversation sounded forced. Ginny settled back in and Hermione told them what happened in Australia. Harry nudged Ginny in a manner of making to leave.com :: 65.. ”Mm hmm. Want to show me your tan lines? ”It’s very sunny in Australia.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. you two.” she laughed nervously. Harry leaned back and drew his knees up so Ginny could tuck herself between them.” he mumbled into her hair. It took several days. They all settled down and made themselves comfortable.” Molly called. and that he would spend that night at the Burrow to catch up. I mean. "Yes. ”Nice tan." Ron asked gently as his thumb traced circles in the palm of the hand he held in his.” George chuckled.. ”Have fun!” ”Thanks.” she confessed. ”The pond. but it still took its toll. ”Hermione. When they finished eating. but they’re fine now. but I finally found them and put them right.com/printerfriendly. your parents. They’re going to stay on a month or so longer to put their affairs in order. ”All right. When he returned to his place against the tree. Gin. 55 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . leaning her head into his chest.harrypotterfanfiction.” Ron said as he placed his hand on Hermione’s back and guided her out the door behind Harry and Ginny. but Harry. knowing my own parents wouldn’t recognise me. ”I don’t want this to go any further. but then they’ll return to England.. "I had no problem finding where they lived.” he complimented her. "We have some issues to work out.” she asked. Hermione paused for a few moments and sighed.” Hermione wiped away the tears that had begun to fall from the corners of her eyes with her free hand. Ron Flooed George to tell him he wouldn’t be back for the rest of the day due to Hermione’s return.” Harry asked suspiciously.. ”except redheads. ”I don’t think I’d want to do anything you’d do. "Do you want to talk about it. they understand why I did it.” she asked Hermione. Hermione glanced up at Ron as tears began to well up in her eyes. would you mind casting a Muffliato. I want you and Ginny to stay. There was a few moments’ silence.” she said smiling up at him.” she said. ”Enough. a little embarrassed. ”Mum.harrypotterfanfiction. we’ll be out in the back garden." she said. Ron sat cross-legged with Hermione’s bushy head in his lap. I’ve missed them so much that I had to restrain myself from jumping into my father’s arms when he answered the door. ”I had to drop by the house to confund the Muggle family there into deciding to move closer to a relative. Harry conjured a rather large quilt that they spread out on the grass under the big willow tree. ”Oh yes.. He took one of her hands and brought it to his lips.” Harry rose and stepped off a light ward and then cast the charm. but it was very strange knocking on their door.” she sighed. cocking her head." she said as she took hold of Ginny’s arm to keep her from rising. how did it really go.” he called as the four friends made for the door. Seeing this. ”The pond. just in case. Ginger Muggles slather themselves with sun block until the entire beach smells of aloe and cocoa butter.

I told them about our quest last year and my decision to alter their memories to protect them. Dad invited me in.. I didn’t think they’d go for it. And nothing will ever come between us.. what did you do. "Considering that boyfriend turned out to be that bad-influence Weasley boy. The next day I told them that I had a boyfriend and who that boyfriend is. finally smiling again. Hermione sighed again.com/printerfriendly.” Ron demanded. ”Well Ron. They took it surprisingly well. but after only a moment’s hesitation. After I put him right. At first. I’ll tell you about it later. Ron and Harry..harrypotterfanfiction. While Mum tried to calm us down.” she said. but still they’re still unhappy that I didn't explain and get their permission first. especially after Dad’s tirade against you. kissing his hand.” ”A search for Nicolas Flamel? What’s there to search? He’s been all over the Chocolate Frog cards for years. ”Hermione. and technically he was a still a mouse. ”By now I was crying hysterically. shaking his disheveled raven head.. I reminded them how Harry lost his parents in the first war and how Teddy lost his in this one.” Hermione’s voice broke with a sob causing her to stop and compose herself." Hermione stopped. oh never mind. I reversed their altered memories. "It wasn't pretty. Help me. Hermione had managed to compose herself and continued her tale. But I also wanted to impress upon him—upon both of them—that my little demonstration was nothing compared to what Voldemort would have done to them.. I told him to try to defend himself against me and drew my wand. wrapping her arms around his leg. he stared at me... but I had to make him understand. so. of having had a bad influence on me! They even accused your brothers. scratching the back of his head. ”I had to come up with a valid reason for my being there. Then I transfigured him to a mouse and pretty much did what Moody—er—Crouch Jr did to Malfoy that day in fourth year. Once we sat down in the lounge." She couldn’t help but smile a little.. They accused you. but we. ”We know that now. ”I believe she encouraged us to visit the restricted section of the library over Christmas break. trying to stifle a smirk. I cast the Imperius curse at him and had him dancing on the table. ’Mione. They all had a tension-breaking laugh. He looked so afraid.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Ginny. Don’t cry. you said yourself in first year that we’d had a bad influence on her when she set out on a search for Nicolas Flamel.” he remembered. And then. trying to make them understand just how ruthless Voldemort was and that they wouldn't have stood a chance against him if he’d decided to come after them. ”I was so angry. he mouthed to Harry. ashamed of herself.” Harry said.” Ginny reminded them as if they’d lost their minds. Harry decided to go for a bit of humour in hopes of coaxing a smile from Hermione so she could pull herself together.com :: 65.. but they now understand that they should be happy we’re all still alive and they are. 56 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . I had about reached the end of my tether when I told him point blank to do his best against me." Ron asked her in alarm. "Your own dad. ”The first thing my dad asked me was where they were and how long they’d been there. My dad went mental." she said. They were furious that I had done it without asking their permission. so I told him I loved him far too much to be able to really hurt him." Ginny smiled. They send their condolences. saying he was quite capable of defending his home. assuring him that Voldemort would have gleefully driven him and Mum insane.” Ron soothed. Ron. "There’s still a lot of healing to go. so I told him I had important news for him and his wife.. Dad kept yelling really horrible things.harrypotterfanfiction. Hermione took Ron’s hand and squeezed it. Ron!” Hermione burst into tears and buried her face in the crook of Ron’s knee. They ultimately came to understand that it was the only way I could protect them. "Well. though not sadly and said." "What." Harry asked.php?mode=story&o. ”It’s okay. The others stole concerned looks at one another and tried to will their support to her. I also told them about Fred.

using spectacular magic. I’m talking one of their precious celebrities. We strike at the weakest point. ”Harry Potter destroyed our world when he defeated the Dark Lord.” the wizard asked. His puppet. ”What is your plan. so we shall destroy his. And what do you think would happen then?” The wizard looked at the woman and he began to understand.” ”Which is. you'll see.” she said giggling maniacally.” ”And how do we do that?” ”I’m glad you asked. ”Harry Potter is well-protected. Do you remember that dear house elf he mentioned? Soon he will plead for house elves to hold seats on the Wizengamot! No.com :: 65. From all I’ve read and heard.” the man said nervously. controls the Ministry and he. Harry Potter will live to see all he fought for crumble around him. we are not going after Potter's woman. They are defenseless against us. We may only have one chance to succeed and avoid capture. and Potter all at once. Dumbledore's Order...” the woman snapped. Are we going after his woman. ”I don't want to kill Potter. we must destroy this proposed new world of his. but he will have to watch his friends suffer. Patience. All we would accomplish doing that would be to win ourselves an extended stay at Hotel Azkaban.. courts the unthinkable. ”No.php?mode=story&o. She's as protected as he is and a powerful witch in her own right. We kill the Muggle celebrity in front of thousands of other Muggles.” she said coldly.. ”The Wizarding world would be exposed! There'd be no way to contain that many Muggles and alter their memories! We would shock them right back into the Dark Ages with a terrifying fear of wizards! Brilliant!” ”Of course it is.. because you're not the visionary that I am.com/printerfriendly. then?” The witch sighed and rolled her eyes. He can have his life and his woman all he wants.” 57 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” ”Splendid. of course.harrypotterfanfiction.harrypotterfanfiction. You know. Muggle Studies wasn't my best subject. I think it’s called.” ”Where and when do we start?” ”When the time is right. himself.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”Of course not. ”He destroyed our world.” she snapped. Why else would he do something so stupid as to challenge the Ministry. ”Let's hear it.. you idiot.?” ”The filthy Muggles of course! We kill one or two. an evil-looking woman sat impatiently waiting for a report. So much the safer for us. she duelled Bellatrix. There was a knock at the door and a man entered. I'm not talking about some lowlife from the Muggle gutters.” And I’m not so sure I want to. In a distant cottage. Oh no. The Dark Lord was a glorious wizard who was defeated by his own arrogance. We Apparate into one of those poor Muggle excuses for a Quidditch pitch—a football stadium. There is little or no chance of getting to him. but I do want him to suffer. ”Isn't it brilliant?” ”I don't follow. nothing tortures Potter more than the thought of anyone he loves in torment. Kingsley Shacklebolt.

she wished them a Happy Christmas—a clear indication of a too-strong Confundus charm. Whichever you prefer. staring at the figures recorded on the accounting parchment Gringotts had sent by owl along with the key. ”I want him to have all the advantages I’d been denied. pushing Teddy along in a pram.harrypotterfanfiction. How I desperately love this sweet. Many of them complimented Harry and Ginny about how they displayed a maturity far beyond their years. He reached inside his jacket and withdrew the Elder Wand.” ”The Deathstick. and the son of one of my father's best friends.” he said and looked at her slightly apprehensive. and that means more than just spending time with him. including financially. though he hadn't practiced much magic except for Apparation lately.” Harry insisted. This is so normal and so. still staring at the Elder Wand. As June melted into July.php?mode=story&o.” she suggested. the Elder Wand. I don't understand it. what is it. ”Come. I’m beginning to wonder if this thing has had something to do with the surge in my magic.” she said. love.” he said. most notably.. they let the Muggles who stopped and spoke to them believe Teddy was their child. Harry and Ginny thoroughly enjoyed just walking around anonymously through the Muggle parks around London. the Wand of Destiny.right.. but as they left. They made several visits to Grimmauld Place to confer with Kreacher about remodeling it and turning it into a home.” she said. He might have some thoughts for you. ”But you’ve been using your Holly wand. but that simple Confundus charm I cast at that Muggle lady in the park the other day nearly landed her in St Mungo's. He even offered to remove Mrs Black’s portrait from the wall in the entryway. ”I know. Harry wasn’t exactly sure what that might entail. Harry and Ginny. yes. but Harry would hear none of it. ”I promised you that I would be here for him in every sense. sweet man and this darling little boy. ”Harry.. if you’re that concerned about it. Harry and Ginny also made it a point to spend as much time with Teddy as they could.” he said.” Andromeda said.” Harry said regretfully. Harry couldn’t keep his eyes off Ginny. they were sitting together on the sofa when Harry went quiet. I know you don’t want to tell anyone else you have it. Ginny recognised that as a signal that Harry was brooding about something. Harry noticed that casting the spell felt easier than ever before. The poor woman would be fine. contemplating it. I love little Teddy and I am taking proper responsibility for raising him. perhaps you might have a talk with Dad. ”I mean. pressing the key to the vault he’d set up for Teddy back into her hand. Andromeda often scolded them for doing too much.harrypotterfanfiction. ”Harry. especially when she held or played with Teddy. was almost disastrous.com/printerfriendly. But he worried a little about the strength of the spell. One such encounter. Sit down. life seemed to slow down for the Weasleys.. 58 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”Is that. ”I had planned to put this back with Professor Dumbledore.to have this gorgeous angel walking next to me pushing this pram.. but Kreacher was keen to help refit it however his master wished. Harry had to confund a Muggle lady who’d stopped to admire Teddy when he changed his hair colour.. though. He's an orphan like me. Usually. ”You didn't have to. remembering the unnecessary deprivation in which he lived with the Dursleys. Ginny treasured these moments with Harry and Teddy. One rare evening that Harry and Ginny found themselves alone together at the Burrow. his countenance introspective.com :: 65.” she asked as she got up to massage his shoulders. His usually sparkling eyes had turned dark. He turned it over and over again in his fingers. ”He's my godson.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” he answered. so just speak generally..” he said just above a whisper.. Harry. for in a way he was.

actually.” she said airily. ”My sweet Ginny. ”Mum! Dad. it’s about something that happened when Ginny and I were in the park with Teddy the other day. Hands began to roam as tongues danced a passionate waltz. walking past her parents toward the kitchen. ”Now. ”So we do. Harry’s lips left Ginny’s mouth.” Harry said regretfully. ”Go on. I really don’t know what to tell you other than to say you’ve had a sort of ’power surge. We have the house to ourselves and I say we should take advantage of it while we have the chance. Miss Weasley. She arched in to him. ”Yeah.php?mode=story&o.. leaned her into a cradle position. She ran her tongue along Harry’s bottom lip.” Molly said and walked back toward the kitchen.” Harry asked his surrogate father. ”Ginny. ”Harry. The trouble is that I nearly put her in St. they heard a pop from somewhere near the kitchen. Mr Potter.” Molly said.” Harry stammered. shall I. sir.. They were able to arrange themselves just as her parents appeared in the lounge. Harry.. She hitched in a breath and slid her hands under Harry’s shirt to caress the muscles of his chest.” Arthur replied.... ”So what can I do for you. traveling along her neck to her shoulders. Just then. ”It’s rather important. Harry. if you don’t mind. teasing. Mungo’s with it. I believe.com/printerfriendly.” Harry said nervously. you fool.Mr Weasley.’’ ”The first date we’ve had in years.yeah. then. pulling herself firmly onto his lap..” she said. and lowered his face to hers in a gentle but firm kiss.com :: 65.. could I. ”All right then. ”It was quite fun. ”Well. sir. that’s all. Ginny cut across him. Ginny held his face with her free hand. I saw some leftover roast in the cooler earlier.” Arthur said.. We were just. I mean it’s worth a try.” he added.” ”Why don’t I just go and give Ginny a hand. ”that you owe me a shutting up. As the kiss deepened.” She stole a guilty look at Harry and winked. Pulses quickened and hearts pounded as their hands explored one another’s bodies.” she giggled.no. ”Uh. He caressed it then moved his hand down to capture her hip.” she sighed.” she said.” she asked.” She giggled again as he took her in his arms. ”Well. er.” Harry asked her thoughtfully. Have you two eaten. slipping an arm around his wife..000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www... ”Erm. ”I’ll go do that. ”I was just about to fix us a couple of sandwiches and some pumpkin juice. it’s just that Teddy morphed in front of a Muggle lady and I had to confund her. their blood turned to molten lava in their veins. ”shut up and kiss me. ”Where’ve you been?” ”Your mother met me at the Ministry and we had dinner together. have a word.harrypotterfanfiction.’” Arthur surmised. It’s just important. 59 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”Yes sir..harrypotterfanfiction.. ”You think so.” Arthur asked. Well..” he said with a twinkle in his once-again bright green eyes.” he replied.” he moaned..” Ginny said as innocently as she could.” She works on me like a Cheering charm. ”Of course. causing Ginny to launch herself off Harry’s lap.” He lifted her jumper up just enough to expose her belly. Harry. ”Is everything all right?” ”Oh. kissing his cheek.

He sat down next to her and ate while Molly joined her husband on the sofa in front of the big fireplace. you’ll be great. "Well.” said Hermione. ”That makes sense. that’s true. Ginny. ”I wouldn’t worry about it too much. giving her a kiss on the cheek. It happens sometimes when we’re emotional or when we’ve been under a load of stress.. ”Nothing to worry about.harrypotterfanfiction.” she said mockingly. "As if there were any doubt. ”Yeah. "I’m going to stay on with George at the joke shop. ”Coming. That it happens sometimes when magical people are stressed or emotional.” Harry said. I’m going back to school.s if they so desired. and he says it’s nothing to worry about.. since the war had precluded them from attending the previous year.T." Ron sighed. So.” Harry asked hopefully. So nothing to worry about then. shaking Arthur’s hand.” Ginny asked. taking a sip of pumpkin juice. and Hermione’s letters came from Professor McGonagall personally. Harry’s. Harry?" 60 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”Anytime.” he replied. I’m happy with that for now.” he said resolutely. ”Congratulations. ”I did. ”Good one.E. love. my boy. Ron’s.” Harry asked.W.” ”Harry! Come on and eat.com/printerfriendly. "But I’m not.” said Ron distractedly.com :: 65.” Ginny called from the kitchen. A few days later.” "You’ve got plans. What about you.” ”I’m not going to worry about it. I appreciate it. They hadn’t given their futures much thought since Kingsley made them his offer several weeks before. sir." Hermione said." Harry asked. ”So did you talk to Dad. Anytime.” he called back and strode toward the kitchen.harrypotterfanfiction. ”You’ll be brilliant!” ”You’re just saying that because you know it’s true. ”What should I do.” Arthur counseled him. Harry... ”Thank you. Gin. inviting them to return to Hogwarts to attend their seventh year and sit their N. We’ve been very busy and we’re getting on famously.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. and Merlin knows you’ve had your share of stress over these past couple of years. Ginny’s contained the standard seventh year information and instructions along with the announcement that she had been chosen to captain the Gryffindor Quidditch Team.” Arthur assured him. sir.php?mode=story&o. ”Yes. mate. a Hogwarts owl appeared and delivered four letters.” Harry said.

" Harry asked..” Tears rolled down Ginny’s face as she listened to Harry’s further testimony of his love for her. The precise details about Harry fighting off and killing the Basilisk at the age of twelve to save Ginny was news to them... I loved her so much even then." "Enlighten us.." Harry waited for them to answer. You can do this.com/printerfriendly.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Squaring their shoulders and putting on brave faces. that I couldn’t bear the thought of Tom Riddle targeting and hurting or killing her to get to me. 61 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . We’d better go and talk to her. but I stared at the Marauder's Map almost every night just to stare at your dot showing you in your bed. Ginny was Ron's little sister and I liked her as I liked all of you.harrypotterfanfiction. There were tears in Molly's eyes and Arthur looked deeply touched. where they found Molly checking up on her knitting. "I guess I’ll start from the beginning. Ginny. When I got to know all of you. As I destroyed the diary. "Over the following years. they joined hands and descended the stairs. It was the hardest..to destroy Riddle. All they’d been told at the time was that Harry had saved Ginny's life. "." The day after the Hogwarts letters arrived. knowing she’d live. "And during our mission to destroy.com :: 65. At Dumbledore’s funeral. I decided I had to break it off with her." Harry asked looking at a blushing Ginny. You all made me feel as though I was a part of your family." Harry almost said the Horcruxes.. "Mrs Weasley. so Ginny took his hand to help steady him. Molly inadvertently walked in on Ginny and Harry in the throes of a magnificent snog. and saved my life.” Harry paused and took a deep breath." "Can I do the talking. Molly sat looking at them with pursed lips. Ron had told them a few weeks ago about the Basilisk. "Are we in trouble. He took note of a strained look on his wife’s face. I don't know if you were aware of that.php?mode=story&o. I missed her terribly. And then Fawkes flew down to me and healed the wound with his tears. ”This is not exactly something I want to discuss with my mother. so I. "What’s going on?" Steady." Harry asked. "Is Mr Weasley here too?" "I'm here. She’s less likely to go spare on you. ”That’s a good idea.” Arthur said. feeling rather awkward. ”Go on. Ginny's parents shook their heads." Arthur said with an unreadable expression. but caught himself.” Harry began to shake again. "Probably. But I guess things started to change with Ginny after the Chamber of Secrets. She set her basket of clean laundry down and left without a word. "Ginny and I have talked about it. "She opened her eyes and in that moment I felt something like exaggerated relief.. She leaned over against him and buried her face into his shoulder. I haven't told you this. Harry explained to Arthur that Molly had walked in on him and Ginny snogging. I let her go. Since she is Ron's sister.. ”I had been bitten by the Basilisk when I plunged the sword into its mouth and through the top of its head. and I’m going to see Kingsley before making a final decision. "I don't know if you understand how deeply I love Ginny. usually while I had the watch at night. it took me a while to understand what I felt for her." he heard Arthur's voice from the kitchen as he entered the room to join them. my feelings for Ginny grew." Molly's usual warm smile returned and Arthur seemed eager to hear more. most painful thing I ever had to do in my life.” Ginny nodded thankfully. Harry. Harry.harrypotterfanfiction. can you sit please. but during my sixth year we actually dated and started a relationship. I couldn’t allow Ginny to be hurt. He put his arm around her protectively to comfort her. I was dying from the Basilisk's venom.

we’re at a loss for words. They noticed the way the two of them always kept one another happy and secure in just about everything they said or did. ”As you already know.harrypotterfanfiction.” Harry went scarlet.. You’re family." Harry said to Arthur and Molly. "I wouldn't ever want to hurt either of you. Oh yes. and Hermione have been switching rooms. It was just something a mother is never quite prepared for. tears running down her face in torrents.” Molly confessed.. turning to her parents she spoke confidently. "I couldn’t. and if it weren't for the deep love I have for Ginny I don't think I'd ever been able to beat him.that way.. and we wouldn't. The point is that we don’t want to see you make the same type of potentially unwise choices.at least until I'm of age.harrypotterfanfiction. Ginny gazed at Harry with her own tears still coursing down her face. But I feel more than love for her. Harry and Ginny would cuddle up together in bed. We understood that you had strong feelings for one another. She couldn't actually say it out loud to her parents. She took the girl in her arms and they sobbed together as Harry continued his explanation for his and Ginny’s behavior. dears.” Molly had moved around the table next to her daughter. my last thoughts were of Ginny and her image was the last thing I saw. but she wanted them to know she was fully committed to Harry. ”I didn't know. but we had no idea how deep those feelings ran. that is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. ”Harry. ”We’d always hoped that there might be something deep and abiding between the two of you.” Arthur explained.." she said. no arguments.. Harry. my mum's love kept me safe from death yet again.” A shocked Harry and Ginny retreated to their room. We haven’t any regrets. but I’m not a baby anymore. Harry.. They seemed to enjoy the happiness that beamed from Harry and Ginny. We made a few choices some might call unwise. It had become routine that each night.. and without her I'm incomplete." she said softly. "I've said it before and I’ll say it again and again. It was only broken when Arthur spoke." ”And now. “I’m. "Mum. but we had to change a lot of our plans. I love Harry with all of my heart and he loves me. We show our love to one another by snogging sometimes. and he was right. but kindly.and a bed! They had promised Arthur and Molly that there would be no sex until Ginny reached the Wizarding age of majority. I know you still think of me as the baby. ”We hear the tell-tale pops during the night and know that you. When his killing curse hit me.” ”Astounding.” Molly continued. But.. Molly and Arthur wondered whether that Whatever It Is was instinctive or just that the two of them were plain crazy in love. You will call us Arthur and Molly from now on. Then.” Molly began. we’ve watched.. It was love that defeated Tom Riddle.. They expected a furious tirade. fascinated. She is like a part of me. believe it or not. It’s our wish. Ginny. if Harry will respect a not-until-You’re-of-age rule.com :: 65. and perhaps they were." Molly looked up at her husband.com/printerfriendly. It’s just that it was a shock for me to find you. you may share a room and a bed. and deeply in love." Ginny looked hopefully into her parents’ faces. We’ve watched countless times as you’ve sat holding hands in the garden.” was all Arthur could say. You’re the closest thing I’ve ever had to real parents. However. knowing he would kill me. ”and we’re thrilled to know now that that is indeed the case.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.. Her face seemed to shine. And furthermore. as it turned out. the day Ron boarded that train and shared a compartment with you was a very lucky day for our family." There was a brief uncomfortable silence as Molly and Arthur silently came to a mutual conclusion. I walked into the Forbidden Forest to face Tom Riddle. ”Dumbledore often spoke of love. But we also respect you and Dad. we were young once too. as the two of you to exude love everywhere you go and in everything you do. you know. It was my feelings for Ginny that gave me the strength to do it. but never this! They would be allowed to share a room. there will be no more of this formal Mr and Mrs Weasley nonsense.php?mode=story&o. Following the talk with Molly and Arthur there was a relaxation at the Burrow. ”I had no idea. and read from Lily's 62 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . "Harry. possibly a lecture. But that’s neither here nor there. Harry. especially where her only daughter—her youngest child—is concerned. gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes..

I can tell he’s fighting his emotions. He never used to be like that." Hermione said. but I’m afraid the influence of likes of Lucius Malfoy and that crowd has poisoned his mind against the possibility of having friends outside Slytherin House. but he's having a really hard time accepting that it’s ”that damnable” James Potter who makes me happy and that I am deeply in love with him. She and Ron had already been there for a couple of days. because this constant animosity between them is killing me. They both looked forward to meeting Mr and Mrs Granger. pouring all the love into it she promised Lily and James Potter she felt for their son. She saw a lot of his parents in him. his father.. Never again. Ginny lay staring at the ceiling while Harry slept. Ron. According to her record. ”I love you so much. I know Severus loves me and wishes me all the happiness in the world. When they arrived outside. She looked into the peaceful face of the man she loved and spoke in her mind.” Harry said. He definitely inherited the gentleness he showed her from his mother. Your Harry—my Harry—is a kind." "This is a ruddy Muggle house. "So. I could never even consider giving you up. and through her words. not getting the joke. How I wish Harry could have known you. gentle. She turned her head and raised her face to him and gave him a sweet kiss. knew James had been crazy about Lily for ages. Harry promised her once again that nothing would ever come between them as long as he lived. Everyone. "How was I supposed to know that a furidgerator needs to be closed all the time to stay cold?" Harry laughed and Ginny looked at him. "He’s done quite well. horrified by the thought that their friends and family could not accept them. He tries so hard to keep them in check.com :: 65. who had been waiting for them. ”It’s a welcome home party for my parents. "After some initial mishaps and confusion. His arm tightened around her and she fell asleep." Ron said. holding her waist. placing tiny kisses on the top of her flaming red head. It was Ron's first visit and introduction as Hermione's boyfriend.harrypotterfanfiction. his arm draped across her middle." Harry asked. ”Re-fri-ger-a-tor. She had spoken about her new relationship with James Potter for the first time privately with Snape: Poor Sev. and that it was just a matter of time before Lily came around. A few days later. after a goodnight snog. Harry and Ginny received an owl inviting them to visit Hermione’s parents. I promise you that I love him with all my heart and I will never let him go. One night." she asked. ”The house is full of Muggles. it seemed no one who hung around with James and Lily on a regular basis had been particularly surprised that they had fallen in love.” Harry corrected. including the Marauders. especially the gallantry and playfulness he inherited from his father. Her parents had just moved back into their old home. Still and all.php?mode=story&o. She pondered what they had read from the diary earlier that night.com/printerfriendly. Tears fell as she rolled onto her side and tucked into Harry’s body. diary.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Mr and Mrs Potter.harrypotterfanfiction.” Harry and Ginny nodded and the four friends began to catch up on the news. I know. "What is a furidgerator.” Hermione said passing them each a drink. One night. The way Lily described her feelings for James reminded Harry and Ginny of the deep love they felt for each other. you managed facing them. and loving man you can be proud of. Ginny was able to gain a little insight into Harry. I’ve hurt Severus. they met Ron and Hermione.” 63 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . which had been let out. learning more about how the relationship between Harry’s parents developed and deepened into the abiding love Molly and Arthur talked about. but I’d hate to lose a dear friend because I cannot—I will not—give up my James! Harry and Ginny held each other desperately. (Sigh. they came upon a particularly heartbreaking passage about an event that took place a couple of weeks after Lily and James got together. after reading and laughing over many romantically humorous entries. It was somewhat rewarding for Harry and Ginny to read the diary because Harry got to know a little bit about his mother.) I wish Severus and James could be at least civil. ”It’s a Muggle device that keeps food cold.. Gin.

”It's so good to finally meet you.” Hermione began to explain. Hermione. Jenny. Ginny is Ron’s sister. ”I'm sorry I lost contact with you. 64 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”Right. ”What about you Hermione? What are you studying at that school?” The other three snapped their heads up and looked on with trepidation... and without her we would never passed our exams. they all agreed that using a freezing charm was much easier. ”It’s part of a Sociology track I’m on. ”There’s quite a mob here and we should see if we can help. Hermione ushered them inside and led them over to her parents. A girl their age.” Hermione asked. I think. Jenny. See you later. with light brown hair stood staring at Hermione. ”Well.. ”Hermione? Is that you?” Hermione.. It's been. ”Mum and Dad. Hermione looked back at her friends and realised an introduction was in order.” Hermione said looking at her friends for support. yeah..” Jenny said.” Jenny said.harrypotterfanfiction. ”Hermione. Keep in touch. Mr Granger shook both their hands. You know.” he said. ”Hermione. Hermione has told us so much about you..harrypotterfanfiction. ”This is my best friend. school.” Jenny exclaimed. Ron. I want to be a teacher.er.” Harry admitted.. Ron. and I need to be going myself. Harry.. and Ginny gasped and their eyes grew wide.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”It is you.interesting. I've spent a lot of time at Ron and Ginny's. They could see Hermione had been caught off guard and didn't know what to say. ”Actually I think Hermione saved our lives more times. not witchcraft as a profession. I haven't seen you in seven years! You disappeared.” Hermione replied as Jenny walked away. All I ever heard was that you got into another school. ”A teacher! That’s wonderful.. before I met you lot. ”It was a shock when you left. my best friends.. It’s mostly a research project.” Hermione congratulated her.” she said honestly. that sounds really.” Hermione said and turned back to Jenny. Mr and Mrs Granger exchanged pleasantries with their daughter and their friends while more guests poured into the house.” she explained. though.php?mode=story&o.I mean.” she replied.” Hermione had to think fast.. That was close..” Jenny said. Where on earth have you been?” Hermione blinked at the girl. giving Hermione a last hug. We were in the same Mug. ”I understand we have you to thank for our daughter’s life. this is Harry and Ginny. seven years.com :: 65.com/printerfriendly.” They greeted Jenny and exchanged the customary proprieties..” ”Yes. studying history. ”So what are you doing now.” Mrs Granger said to Harry. and the tall handsome one is my boyfriend.. but I home only part of the summer. Ron made a grab for Hermione’s arm.. ”Still at school. Harry and Ginny.” she said. Harry and Ginny turned around. In the end. ”Jenny?” She nodded and the two girls shrieked and hugged each other. Ron.I suppose we should check on Mum and Dad. ”These are my best friends. from the time I grew up here. ”Witchcraft. the sociology of religion and culture. That sort of thing. I returned to school and you were gone. but all your parents would say was that you’d gotten into a new school. “WHAT?” ”Er. Take care.well. Has she lost her mind? Jenny looked at her in shock..

. We’ll meet you outside. If you decide to come. Dad went spare when that bird delivered your letter. but we've been back in Privet Drive for a few weeks.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”Yes. a wicked grin stealing across his face as his green eyes twinkled with mischief.S. the owl returned. ”I think it’s time.” Hermione said quietly. Harry. And if you wish. Harry told me some of it. Love. He pulled her into a tight embrace. "Okay.. I’ll write him. A few days before Harry's birthday. ”We’ll be right back. you are welcome to attend my birthday party. I accept your present. He opened it and inside was a letter from Dudley Dursley. a letter arrived for him. Dudley P. give it to the owl. One of your lot told us it was safe because you won the war. wished Grangers well.. Harry The next morning. I figured Mrs Figg would be able to get this to you. "Well. you’re right. happy birthday. and an hour later he asked Ginny to read it.” Hermione nodded. but Dudley was only a boy." Harry said. Harry thought about what to write.com :: 65. If nothing else." They all looked at Harry expectantly. please don’t. Your cousin. it was from Mrs Figg. an owl will make uncle Vernon go mental. I realise you never got any presents here. ”Ready to go home. To his surprise. ”We’re just going to grab our gear and say our goodbyes. ’Mione. Anyway.” Harry and Ginny nodded. just write your answer on this letter." Ron rounded on his sister.” she sighed.php?mode=story&o. Dudley..” Ron said to Harry and Ginny..harrypotterfanfiction. and tell him to bring it to me.com/printerfriendly. It was brilliant! I’d like to come.harrypotterfanfiction. I will meet you where we were attacked at noon on 31 July. and slipped out the front door to wait for their companions. or if his cousin taken leave of his senses. stepped into him and wrapped her arms around his waist. Harry read it again and wondered if someone had hexed Dudley during the time they were in hiding. "He's family. Harry. "You’ve got to answer him." Ginny said flatly. Hermione wearily looked up at Ron. *D* Chapter 4: Cause for celebration [View Online] [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter] Chapter 4 – Cause for Celebration 65 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Let’s go home.” he asked gently. why? Don't you know what they put him through in that place?" ”Ron. "Bloody hell. and the only one I can offer is: I'm sorry. I don't know if you even care..

love.” Harry stammered. Harry suggested they watch the Muggle newspapers for auctions. toast—all of Harry’s favorite breakfast foods covered the table as he and Ginny descended the stairs hand in hand. and perhaps visit a salvage yard for the more difficult parts to find. "I'm not really finished yet. Harry also knew that they mustn’t tell Molly about visits to salvage yards. "You want us to come along. they broke the kiss. "I'd like that. I. Dizzy with the heat." 66 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. Harry got ready to fetch Dudley. ” Can we wake up like this every morning? Not just on my birthday. my love. ”Now tuck in. It's my birthday present to you.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. sir. It took a moment for their eyes to adjust to the diminished light and then Arthur crossed the floor and removed and old canvas from a pile of something in the corner.” Harry gave Arthur a big hug.” After breakfast. but his glasses lay on the nightstand and he didn’t want to move. and in that light stood a flaming goddess. bangers. A few hours later. I forgot it was even here.” ”Thank you. Harry looked and didn't believe his eyes. There was a bright light. like new. ”Harry.” Harry replied giving her a squeeze. ”Mmmm. Pancakes. you. ”As you wish. reaching soft hands up to caress his morning stubble. "I never thought I'd ever go back there.harrypotterfanfiction. I've been repairing it.. Something tickled his face and neck. Her spirit and passion intoxicated him and he fell willingly under her spell. as he pulled her down on top of him. breathless and panting.” the sweet voice called again. "I’ve been having a bit of trouble with some of the Muggle parts. pure joy written all over his face.” A sweet voice called into the mists of time. She drew her tongue across the roof of his mouth.. but Dudley seemed different when they left last year. ”Thanks. I promise. A warm sensation filled his entire body as the warm and moist thing brushed across his lips. She flicked her tongue against his top lip.” Molly smiled warmly." Harry said looking at Ron. Sirius. His head began to spin as if he’d been struck by a rogue Bludger. saying he's sorry.” Harry asked huskily as he kissed her again. Morning. Perhaps you could assist me?" ”Arthur.php?mode=story&o." Arthur said. Harry dear. Molly.com :: 65. ” As you wish.” His eyelids fluttered open and he tried to focus. beckoning them to the kitchen. taking her in his arms. discussing which bits might be salvaged and which others should be either rebuilt or replaced outright. ”You’re the best!” ”Happy birthday. ”I don’t know what to say! Thank you... never thought he even knew the word. She rolled him over on top of her. ”Happy birthday.com/printerfriendly. for he had been caught up in a vision. coaxing his mouth open.” he said stroking her hair. love. "It's Sirius' motorcycle. That familiar hot molten lava coursed through his veins. Arthur invited Harry to join him outside. Arthur removed the rusty padlock and pushed the creaky door open. he raised his head and stared into her chocolate brown eyes. Finally. The two men tinkered about with the various parts Arthur had laid out on the work bench. ”Harry. ”Harry." he said leading Harry to his workshop. let alone how to use it properly." Ron asked him. followed by something warm and moist. kissing his cheek." "Yes..” she said.” The inviting smell of breakfast wafted up the stairs. eggs. but I wanted to show you today. grinning from ear to ear. That was some present.” he moaned. ”Ginny. Hermione and Ginny.” she purred.harrypotterfanfiction. The Light Goddess leaned forward and kissed him. returning her kiss. We’ll have her up and running again.

Just relax. Ron.' huh? Or maybe I'll just turn you into a toad instead and save everyone the trouble.” she taunted. let's go." Dudley said pointing back towards Privet Drive "What now?" "We’ll Apparate to the Burrow. ”And brilliant! Remind me to be sure I’m on your side in a fight. the four of them walked out to the Apparition spot outside the Burrow’s protective wards. you know that don't you. now in terrified silence.com :: 65. would it?" Hermione grinned wickedly." "I'm an adult. but Hermione really is brilliant. Petunia." Dudley shook hands with Ron and greeted the girls politely. "It's when some body parts get left behind. That's where I live for now." Vernon shouted back. At noon. and he saved my life from that Dementaled thing." Harry said." Dudley said." "Splinch.." Dudley paled. The five of them made their way back to the apparition spot in the park. Harry took Ginny in his arms for a side-along and they disappeared with a pop. Shaking her head." Ron explained." Vernon froze. a bit disappointed. last year. he broke into a grin. "Bombarda!" The force of her spell tore the door from the frame. my best friends. In fact. what are you going to say to the police. my girlfriend. "Could there be problems with your uncle.." Dudley replied. Vernon and Dudley were clearly in the middle of a thundering row.. "He. wide-eyed in the kitchen. 67 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . I'll call the police this instant" he threatened. and you can no longer control what to do. Not.harrypotterfanfiction. "Whenever wasn't there a problem with him. and probably yours too. "C'mon Dudley. she waved her wand with purpose. the entire neighbourhood could hear it. Hermione decided they’d heard enough. but there was no sign of Dudley. Vernon exploded at the sight of them. she marched up to the door with her wand raised. "Maybe we should check to make sure.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. confused. ”'Two wizards and two witches broke in. "You are mental.php?mode=story&o.." Hermione said coldly. "I actually thought he'd be here. She stepped over it into the house where she found the Dursleys. and I'll report your mistreatment of Harry to the Ministry of Magic and have you packed off to Azkaban in a heartbeat. and this is Ron's sister. Once outside again Ron rounded on Hermione. "Sorry about them. They landed in the spot where Harry and Dudley had been attacked by Dementors." Harry asked.harrypotterfanfiction. sending it crashing into the hall." "Apparate." Hermione said almost brightly." eyeing Hermione. "You lot. They could hear the shouting as they approached. ". "It's a bit uncomfortable. But why not just use Alohomora?" "It wouldn't have had the same effect. "It’s like teleportation." shouted Dudley. laid a shaky hand on Vernon's shoulder. Did. vein pulsing.." Harry led them to Privet Drive." Ron asked. "This is Hermione and Ron. but easily fixed. "You are not going to any freaky birthday party with his kind." Dudley asked. It can be a bit messy. who had gone unnoticed until now. Ginny. now I'm relaxed. "Besides. He wasted a lot of our time. but you’re scary sometimes.com/printerfriendly. "Yeah. Making sure there were no witnesses in the street. Then. I love you." Harry explained. "You do that. Ginny and Harry hurried in after her. You’ll side-along with Hermione.. She won't splinch you. Certainly. You’ll see.

you and Katie?” ”Sort of. Molly had royally outdone herself. "I reckon yer being 'ere. old man. Although he was a Muggle. so we just hang out. "Have a glass. ”Come on. and there's some occasional snogging. ”It’s really good. Dudley. ushering him toward the party." Katie told them. ”You made it all right then." Harry warned as his cousin threw back the drink. "Hagrid. Many friends and classmates from the DA were there.. looking at all of the people. Dudley.. looking around at them.com :: 65.” George said rather than asked. offering them a glass each.. 'Arry" Hagrid said. After a while the garden at the Burrow was full to capacity. have fun.sure. they all accepted him and prodded him to tell them of his adventures in hiding. It's Firewhiskey.harrypotterfanfiction. ”Are you two together. and they all Apparated to the Burrow.” Katie blinked. You’ll be fine.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”Welcome.” Ginny wondered. remembering the pig's tail Hagrid hexed onto his posterior years ago. ”And I respect that.” George answered. Big D. You’ll like it. "Your present is along with all the others piled up o'er there". and pumpkin juice. this is my cousin.” When George returned with six Butterbeers. yer learned some manners" Hagrid said and laughed. I guess..” George asked. rubbing the back of his neck. Dudley. "I don't understand your world.harrypotterfanfiction. but I got it that the bad guy was a really nasty one." Hagrid lumbered up to him carrying an entire crate of bottles under one arm. Harry." Hagrid boomed. I promise.. Dudley turned red and coughed." "Happy birthday. Quite a crowd had begun to assemble at Burrow when they arrived. Harry introduced his cousin around to his friends. He told them how he’d learned a bit about the Wizarding world during that time. ”How are you sort of together..” Hermione took his hand. you remember my cousin. ”Honestly. "I should have brought more Firewhiskey. Harry leaned in closer to George. George and Katie Bell greeted them at the gate. along with a delegation of Hogwarts staff and members from the Order of the Phoenix.” Harry said. "It certainly is" he choked. but we take it easy." Harry said pulling Dudley forward. "Hagrid!" Harry broke into a full-face grin and ran to hug him. ”We go on dates. And that 68 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . what’s Butterbeer.” George added. ”It’s my favorite—that. as if inspecting to make sure they had arrived safe and un-splinched.” Harry assured him. It seemed enough time had passed after the Battle of Hogwarts that the birthday of the one who defeated Voldemort was the perfect day for a real celebration after all the memorials and burials. Dudley paled and shuddered slightly. Harry gave Dudley a couple of firm pats on his back in order to help him catch his breath." Arthur said. Arthur! Maybe this'll help then. "Be careful with that stuff. ”George. "I haven't seen you in weeks. A drink. Dudley. "Oi.com/printerfriendly. Harry felt a pang of guilt for having extended an open invitation.” Dudley asked. ”Butterbeer?” ”Erm. it's been a rough time after Fred and I don't know if I'm ready for a relationship.php?mode=story&o.

Everyone here lost someone close to them. if I won't have to be put on display as a witness.” Luna said airily and returned to the Gnomes. ”No problem. it was nice of you to clarify about our friendship in the papers. Dudley Dursley. "Minister. ”Oh hi. this is Kingsley Shacklebolt the Minister for Magic. and Ginny--wow. Close friends." Harry answered. Dudley seemed impressed that Harry knew such an apparently important man personally. Arthur mentioned that you wanted to see me before deciding on your future.” he admonished his young friend. Luna. or will you enjoy the company of the Gnomes?” ”Well. Harry’s got some interesting friends. So. this is my cousin.com :: 65. there. He had just leaned down to kiss her temple when he heard a familiar voice behind him. but they ought to be right pleased here." "Yes." ”Kingsley. took her hand and kissed it. Fred. by the way. he saw Luna trying to socialize with the garden gnomes that sneaked about all over the Burrow.” Harry called as he pulled her into a hug. ”Please excuse us. A ripple of heat radiated in Harry’s chest when he spied a shock of bright red hair across the lawn. And while I have your attention. Harry. we lost a lot of people in the war. many were killed taking him down. I wondered if you could come to the Ministry during the week. The two of them rejoined the celebration and Harry noticed George was pulling pranks on Dudley. Their social structure is rather uncharted territory.." Although overwhelmed by the magnitude of this party. and I'd like to know what you had in mind. Excuse me. could you give a deposition about the Malfoys? Their trial is coming up. He's my godson.” Kingsley laughed. I haven't had the opportunity to thank you in person until today.harrypotterfanfiction." "Yes. "Harry please." Harry then turned to Kingsley. shaking Dudley’s hand.” the Minister promised. ”Luna! It’s great to see you. Further off.. Harry?" He turned and there stood Cho Chang..harrypotterfanfiction. lost both of his parents.com/printerfriendly. call me Kingsley. "Harry. George’s twin." she said giving him a hug. They don't de-Gnome the Burrow very often. "Happy birthday.. I didn't. a written testimony from you should be enough. He strode quickly over to Ginny.are you joining the party. Kingsley had been elected permanent Minister for Magic. he came to realise that the Wizarding world wasn’t freaky at all. Now. ”By the way. this is actually the first time we're actually celebrating something. on private occasions or when it's just the two of us.php?mode=story&o." 69 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Dudley. could I have a word please?" "Sure. We won’t be long.. "And Teddy.” Luna smiled as if Harry was a lost cause regarding the Lovegood truth about gnomes. I'm trying to find out if the Weasley Gnomes know ours. but I have also thought of returning to Hogwarts to finish my studies.unless you prefer coming to the trial. He had just been discussing that with Harry and Ginny when they were interrupted by a rather imposing black man dressed in colorful robes with an earring in his left ear. "I got a message about the party on my DA coin. I have thought about working for you. and with any luck. Only a week ago." Harry said and then pointed at Andromeda and Teddy. Kingsley guided Harry to a quiet corner of the garden. Did you know that Gnomes are very misunderstood creatures?” ”No. Dudley. something like your Prime Minister. Dudley. "Cho. shaking Harry’s hand. Harry. Just different." ”Pleased to meet you.” she said. I would be glad to give you that deposition and testimony. Ron and Ginny lost one of their older brothers..” he said." "Come to my office tomorrow afternoon and we'll have a chat. Blimey. giving him a peck on the cheek.” ”Done.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.

” Harry put a brotherly arm around Neville and guided him a little way away from the crowd. how could I forget facing down Bellatrix at the Ministry and all?” ”Neville. ”You didn’t.. Neville looked at him. "She thought it was Hermione.harrypotterfanfiction. giving Harry a one-armed hug. "Harry.. ”Not as cute as you." "You are so cute.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. blinking back tears. as she drew her mother into a hug. for yesterday. ”Mum. not at all. you’ve really outdone yourself this time. Neville looked puzzled. love. though. Thank you so much. Just then. And she was jealous in fifth year because she knew I loved someone else. You know I dated her. Ginny stayed behind to help Molly. He and Cho didn't break up on the best terms. And I didn't understand it was you I loved until sixth year. He wrapped his arms around her waist and gave his surrogate mother a squeeze. ”You remember the prophecy. and I want to make him happy.” Ginny said looking sidelong at Harry.” They made the rounds.” he asked.” Ginny complimented. Neville.” Neville said. I. exchanging small talk with the guests.php?mode=story&o. well not specifically. that prophecy wasn't about me.com :: 65. You have no idea. "And I also wanted to extend my best wishes to the two of you. ”Molly.. Only. dear. are you all right? You look a bit shaken. ”Thanks. as Cho walked away. Harry caught Molly fussing around one of the tables.. When you started dating others.” Ginny said.harrypotterfanfiction. running a comforting hand up his arm to his shoulder. ”Not as cute as you. Look. There's something I've been meaning to tell you. Harry let go of Ginny’s hand and gave her an evil grin as he crept up from behind. but she had shown loyalty to the DA and fought in the Battle of Hogwarts.. whose parents opposed Tom Riddle three times. ”This means so much to him. “Happy birthday Harry. probably because of that article in the Prophet during the Triwizard Tournament. placing a hand on his cheek. as she cried softly into her mother’s shoulder. most people bring more to eat or drink than they will ever consume anyway.” Harry said. ”Yeah. Mum. dear." Harry looked into Ginny's eyes and then smiled thoughtfully. Riddle chose me.” Harry replied. ”Oh Mum. thank you so much for going to all this trouble. It was about a wizard born at the end of July.” she said. I’m sorry I invited so many and put you through all this. happy birthday to you too. ”You love him very much.” He turned his face and kissed her palm.” ”It could have been about either of us. glancing over at her surrogate son. She had also supported his statement to squelch further speculation about her involvement in Harry's love life. "Yeah. I’m fine..com/printerfriendly." ”Thanks. ”Yeah. He lights up like a Christmas tree every time he looks at you.” ”Not at all. Cho. She jumped and then laughed at him.” Ginny said.” 70 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . but after Cedric's death things always felt a bit weird with her. Neville.” Harry asked. She cried thinking of him when she was kissing me. Neville. ’You do make him happy. ”When did I ever tell you when my birthday was.” Molly said.” she said as a stray tear stole down her cheek." she said softly. "you’re made for each other. Ginny’s eyes became bright. I thought the anger I felt was just my being big brotherly and that I was supporting Ron.” Molly said just above a whisper. Harry felt a bit nervous facing Cho with Ginny standing next to him. Mum. Besides." Ginny said. I do. Neville approached and Harry excused himself to greet him. ”Today you made him happy. And by the way. and she was the first girl I ever kissed." Cho continued.

and killed my parents? Why are you telling me this. rather late. again regaling his audience with his adventures in hiding. I'm not too proud of it. Ginny returned to Harry’s side.” ”Thank you. the same one that killed your parents. Neville? He could have chosen to believe the prophecy was about you.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.. He had just finished a particular tale when he looked up at his raven-haired cousin. but I survived it. but I wanted you to know the truth about the prophecy. the Cruciatus curse for torture and the Killing curse. They spent the rest of the time chatting with friends and laughing about old times. there are some really bad ones. for telling me.and the pranks. As the Firewhiskey flowed. or should I curse him?" "Nah." "Yeah.” Harry asked him.getting. the party began to break up.. Cousin-of-Mine.. and me along with them." ”Glad you had a good time. Maybe my parents would have been killed. It’s. there are three Unforgivable curses..” ”Thanks. But you really could curse him. Harry." Dudley seemed to notice that Harry wasn't keen on talking about the war.com :: 65. especially that girl of yours... Dudley. Nev. There's no telling what might have happened. Nothing would dampen the spirits of this party. Harry found Dudley at a table. ”I resemble that remark. right?" "Yeah.” ”And then he would have attacked me.uh.harrypotterfanfiction.. I can handle him. "Hey Harry!" Dudley wavered a little in his seat. anything..again.” Neville said as a shudder wracked his insides. Ready to head out.” Dudley chuckled drunkenly.php?mode=story&o. Harry. I'm telling you because might have been as much about you as it is about me. Dud.” "What did that thing do to me when it attacked me here?" "It sucked away all that was good in your life. ”Yeah.” Neville asked. the Wizarding world is a lot better than I thought. But he did feel he had one question that had bugged him for quite some time. it would have sucked out your soul. helping him to his feet." "Did you ever use them?" "Never the Killing curse.. ”And you’re rather pissed. avoiding any discussion of the war. ”Sure.” ”Don’t you see. ”He could have attacked your family instead.. Will you be okay with your dad.. They made to rejoin the party on the lawn.” Harry laughed. Or he might have just killed you and your parents and then went on to kill my family and me." "I heard from one wizard at the party that you were hit by a really bad one. leaving nothing but the darkest bits. ”There's no telling. Maybe your parents would have sacrificed themselves to save you and you would have ended up with this scar." 71 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . "Thanks again for coming. Dudley’s stories got longer and funnier. "Everyone at the party seemed really proud of you though. ”I don’t follow. the Imperius curse that let you control another person.” Dudley slurred. If it had finished.com/printerfriendly. Harry. Harry Apparated him back to Privet Drive.. But I had to use the other two a couple of times in the war. "I say. Later that evening.harrypotterfanfiction. can I ask you something?" Harry nodded.” Harry and Neville shook hands and slapped each other on the shoulder. It's the Killing curse that hit me.lather rate—I mean.

harrypotterfanfiction." ”Probably so. really do not." "The worst. though." Kreacher Disapparated with a crack! "Dudley. Voldemort is gone. "Harry." Harry whispered. Riddle hit you with the killing curse. another nightmare. what happened?" "Nothing. call for Kreacher and he’ll come and take your message. so do not. because I didn't think to instruct him not to harm you if you annoy him.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. if you want to deliver a message to me. this one must’ve been bad.php?mode=story&o." "What is that. "Big D. You lot don’t have phones." She smoothed his hair and caressed his brow. call on him for fun. "Yeah I guess seeing all those people today might have dredged up memories. Ginny had been asleep next to him and jumped when Harry shouted. He's a Muggle. I've also been able to see what arses Mum and Dad are. I saw the complete arse I'd been. he can take down a full-grown wizard. he's not fond of Muggles. my love. grabbing wand before realising where he was. I must tell you though. "I'm here.. Master Harry. and all the excitement." Harry and Dudley bade each other goodnight and shook hands before Harry Apparated back to the Burrow. especially enchanted Muggle toys." Dudley asked with wide eyes. Ron was really nervous since he still was worried about being accepted by the Grangers. Master Harry. sweat beading on his face. "This is my cousin. enveloping him in her love. shall we.com/printerfriendly. Molly made her opinion clear about big boys with their toys. Let’s try and get some sleep. "Yes. house-elves have their own brand of magic. Later that night. wiping away tears that threatened to escape from his eyes. but it's my wish you let me know if Dudley wants to get in touch with me. In the dream. Arthur and Harry shut themselves in workshop after breakfast to work on Sirius’ bike.harrypotterfanfiction. especially Dad. Harry had another nightmare. The next day was the first of August. Ginny wrapped herself around Harry as closely as she could." Harry replied shaking and panting. sobering a little. And during our year in hiding. That. "This is my house-elf. She nestled her cheek into his messy locks and held him. Voldemort hit Ginny with the killing curse. Harry woke up with a terrified scream. She kissed him tenderly and they fell asleep together in each other’s arms. Dudley really has changed.com :: 65.” she asked pulling him back down onto his back." Kreacher looked at Dudley as if he was a bug. Kreacher. and as such. "From the look of you." "That little runt couldn’t harm me. Kreacher!" Harry called. Kreacher serves Harry Potter and will do his bidding. if I knew how. we don't. what I saw lying here was terrible. 72 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . and I wouldn't mind keeping in touch. It was actually good to see you.." Dudley said with that old air of thuggish bravado. Crack! ”Yes. but bowed again. right?" "No. "Harry. Ron and Hermione left for her parents’. I'll ask Kreacher to look you up." Harry replied turning back to Kreacher.

”Ginny. Ginny took the opportunity to talk with her mother about something she had thought of following the heart-to-heart between Harry.php?mode=story&o.” she said with a faint smile. ”Sir?” ”Watching Ginny these past weeks. dear. ”Mum. "Here is the contraceptive charm that will help avoid that.. I couldn't wish for a better boyfriend for you and we all love Harry. "You know I come of age soon. ”You’re the best. She stood up and left the room for a few moments.to go further than snogging. I suppose I can understand that. not yet anyway. she’s always been very temperamental.." Molly thought she knew where this was going." he said thoughtfully. "I guess I'll have to accept that you are a young woman.com :: 65. and I'm very happy for you. you know. hoping her mother would understand. "Yes. Finally. taking her daughter’s hand.” "You know what. can I ask you something?" "Anything." she started nervously.a sort of balance..I don't want us to have a baby. biting her bottom lip. "Well. Well. surprised by her mother's reaction.. Please stop before you get into details about you and Dad. Household Magic for Witches. Harry? I'm a happy father. her parents.” Ginny realised her mother really must see her as an adult. now.." "I meant. ”Harry was right. "Well. dear.I want to. What is your question?" Ginny blushed and cleared her throat. dear" Molly smiled. but you must remember to cast it each time before." "No dear. but she let her daughter speak.. dear. Harry. a lot like Molly actually. But ever after the two of you got together. 73 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. she seems to have found harmony. it’s just that." she added.harrypotterfanfiction. not if you do it two or three times in a row or something like that. It's easy to perform. "You are with him.harrypotterfanfiction. Molly and Ginny had the house to themselves. "Mum. and I'm so happy for you.. returning with a book called. "Yes." Molly said.. and I appreciate that you’ve come to me.." she said.. ”Right about what..be with Harry.” Molly confessed as tears began to well in her kind eyes." "You're not going to tell me I'm too young.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Molly asked. and herself. I am aware of that.com/printerfriendly.. She opened it to the right page. of course you don't. Molly clearly understood what Ginny meant and sat down..” Arthur said as he attacked a part with a screwdriver. and not my baby girl. I get it." Ginny looked on in mild amusement as her mother." Ginny asked. the wise and great Molly Weasley. With Arthur and Harry in the shed and Ron and Hermione out for the day.. what I really meant is that I appreciate that you and Harry want to be responsible. blushed and stammered her way through this discussion. because it lasts long enough to. I don't want to know.. she decided she should let her mother off the hook...

of course. but it makes sense..” ”Thank you. will exist beyond the plane of mortality itself.harrypotterfanfiction." Arthur smiled and looked back at Harry. Go for it." "But Arthur. I’m guessing that when you took that killing curse for Ginny. "Are you asking for my opinion on that matter?" “I guess I am. "What?" "Voldemort. The two of you understand each other in a way no one else can. please keep in mind that I'm only guessing..com :: 65. "Yes. ”To be honest. er. "Harry.php?mode=story&o. you have my permission. I know we’re young. Ginny will.. contemplating what has just passed between them.. "Voldemort had possessed each of you at some point or another." Arthur reminded him." Arthur said." Harry replied." he said.” Harry said. The Ministry did put a pretty big price on my head. it means a lot that you asked my permission. "I think Molly will be delighted as long as Ginny finishes school before getting married. and somehow. Gather up all your Gryffindor courage. son. But I don't know if I'm ready to work for the Ministry. Yes. because this involves very strong and unknown magic. ”Sir. too. my wife can be a formidable woman. sorting parts and making note of any replacements they might need. I feel more comfortable asking you.. and a strong one at that." Arthur said in awe of his own theory.. but I want to spend the rest of my life with Ginny.” Arthur asked. though. Have you talked about your future? You know you have a big decision to make this afternoon. sir. it did the same for her. There’s some kind of magic beyond my immediate comprehension at work here. I don't think even Dumbledore himself could explain it. first finish at Hogwarts.com/printerfriendly. The difference is that you survived. A couple of fleeting hours later. I don't really know how I would feel returning for another year.." ”Harry. releasing the breath he hadn’t realised he’d been holding. indeed.. stifling a grin. ”Arthur. Knowing what I know about the two of you. "We’ve talked a lot.I have something important to discuss with you. I can only say that Kingsley will understand if you choose Hogwarts. Arthur. I wanted to talk to you.. You and Ginny are the only known survivors of his possession.harrypotterfanfiction.” Harry asked in shock..” Harry said tentatively...” Arthur laughed. Potter. Thank you. since we’re sort of on the subject. ”Proper." "You seem to have a special bond. Since I have only one daughter. of course.” Neither man spoke for a while. after all. I. He will most likely need you next year.” Harry asked hopefully. son. and it just seems more appropriate than bringing it up with Molly." Arthur laughed and then his face turned serious. nodding to himself. so don't feel like you're letting him down if you go back to school.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Harry. may I have your permission to ask for Ginny's hand in marriage. son. I think the protection your death should have provided somehow created a deep magical bond between you that. Harry. you died for her. "I never thought about it like that. ”What is it. other than it would be great to be close to Ginny. we’ve also talked about more than just the coming year. the two of you have a bond that transcends love.I want to do this properly. ”Voldemort? But how. we’re incomplete. I think she feels the same way I do: Apart. I mean. You can do this. Furthermore. either. I love her. They resumed the repairs with a new enthusiasm. I can just about guess what it is. Honestly. Harry excused himself and went into the house to prepare his 74 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Since your mother's sacrifice created a magical protection over you. I think that facing that kind of evil somehow makes a bond of love stronger. by Merlin. because you two literally glow. Arthur.about Ginny.

I am working to make changes here at the Ministry—necessary changes.now that you mention it.. statement concerning the Malfoys. ”But that’s good.com/printerfriendly. ”Yes.” he said. ”Harry James Potter. I promise. and Disapparated. ”Well.” she smiled. It's a mess trying to figure out who’s lying and who isn’t.” Kingsley offered.” he said. Harry rode the lift the proper floor as dozens of paper airplanes floated over head. and I have his full support.” “I’m sure you’re wondering what professor McGonagall is doing here.” Kingsley said. and zoomed in and out when the doors opened at different floors.” Harry replied. He placed it on a spot on a small podium. ”Minister. The problem is that I don't know who I can trust. ”Name. isn’t it? I mean. because I know I trust them. ”Very well. Yes. Together. please.” Harry asked. ”Very good. Gin. Anyone in the administration who demonstrates the minutest sympathy for Voldemort’s fallen regime has been unceremoniously removed.com :: 65.” he said as he kissed her soundly at the gate. but the process has been slow.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. since we are still investigating those who claim they had fallen under the Imperius curse or who simply claiming they had followed Ministry orders.” the attendant asked. Harry Apparated into the Ministry atrium and headed over to check in his wand. ”Purpose?” ”I have an appointment with the Minister.harrypotterfanfiction. turned.” Kingsley explained. ”Let me explain. 75 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .harrypotterfanfiction.php?mode=story&o.. it is. Mr Potter. leaving us still very vulnerable.” Harry said politely as he passed through to the bank of lifts just beyond.” Kingsley greeted him warmly. isn’t that what we fought for.. since I don’t approve of the use of Veritaserum.” ”You too. and then got cleaned up for his appointment with Kingsley at the Ministry. Gin. Professor. Tea. noticing Harry’s raised eyebrows. ”I love you.. I have the good fortune to know that one man I can trust is the editor for the Daily Prophet. The Auror Office is essentially decimated. There are only a handful of people at the Ministry I can trust completely. we are cleaning house. ”Holly and Phoenix feather. we are moving in the right direction.” He kissed her forehead. still not quite understanding Kingsley’s diatribe. At last the door opened at Harry’s floor and he exited and turned toward Kingsley’s office. ”As you already know. For the most part. Harry.” Harry took the cup and saucer.” the attendant asked holding out his hand.. since I’ve got them rounding up the Death Eaters and Snatchers still at large. ”I’ll be here counting the moments. Harry shook his hand and then looked back at the Minister questioningly. ”Thank you. ”Harry. I’ve brought in most of the Order. He leaned back and took a sip.” The attendant returned his wand and then handed Harry a VISITOR badge to pin onto his robes.” Harry eyed him suspiciously. stealing a glance at Professor McGonagall.. ”I won’t be long. You wand.” said the attendant. please.

.” she told him with a note of urgency in her usually sure voice. will eventually become the new Aurors we desperately need. ”So you want me to train Aurors without officially calling it an Auror Training Program. ”But Professor.” ”What does that have to do with.T.” Kingsley replied. ”The Minister has briefed me on the situation here at the Ministry and after discussing my problems at Hogwarts. It was your influence and commitment that made them what they are..T.. you organized a rag-tag group of students into a fine fighting force that made a valiant showing in an all-out battle against a core group of Death Eaters. And that is what brings us to why you and professor McGonagall are here. but a full corporeal Patronus such as each and every member of Dumbledore’s Army can produce earns an Outstanding N. That being the case.. should you accept the position. ”So.” Professor McGonagall began.” Harry concluded.unstable? Remaining Death Eaters may target you. like it or not. ”So. ”I'm sorry.” Harry asked. There's a certain fear surrounding that post because of the fates of the persons who accepted it in recent years. most of you could pass the practical Auror exam today. But isn't there a risk that we expose the vulnerability of the Ministry and the Auror Office as you described. ”Me?” Harry asked. And what’s even more astounding is that you taught them to conjure the Patronus..” McGonagall said and then gave one of her rare smiles ”You will have the full support of both the Ministry and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” Kingsley said. 76 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . you could pass the theoretical exams too.shall we say.” Professor McGonagall assured him.” Harry looked at professor McGonagall again but she remained silent.. ”but I don't follow.com :: 65.W. that is the basic idea. We also hope the DA might fill in as teachers for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Mark my words. you trained them to do what they did and you trained them well. He actually trusts anyone having anything to do with the Prophet? Harry took another sip and dubiously looked at Professor McGonagall and then back at Kingsley again.harrypotterfanfiction. The DA faced greater odds than the Aurors and the Order combined and prevailed. Another team project.” she said confidently. Harry. we. After the war.. Minister. level? A silvery mist will earn a passing grade.” Harry said.” Harry tried to argue. You see Harry. ”Harry. since Hogwarts is the safest place for you to be. Kingsley has sought and hired every competent and trustworthy wizard and witch to keep the Auror Office and the Office of Magical Law Enforcement running.. ”But I didn't even finish school yet! How would I be able to teach at that level?” ”Harry.” ”Harry.. Both Hogwarts and the Ministry of Magic will back you. ”We need a more stable administration and less strain on the Aurors. ”I know you don’t like to hear this. since you defeated Voldemort. They are simply too busy with their Death Eater work to educate the new recruits we surely need. but during the war you were a symbol of hope for the Wizarding world. For that reason.harrypotterfanfiction..” Harry prodded. especially as professor for Defence Against the Dark Arts. with you as their teacher at Hogwarts. you will make a very competent teacher. as we flush out and pursue renegade Death Eaters. ”In the face of then-insurmountable odds.. and with a little study.. you’ve already proven yourself capable. Kingsley continued. you are still in danger so long as the situation at the Ministry is.php?mode=story&o.” Harry started. I hope I’ll still have enough Aurors left to educate a new generation.. Truth be told.com/printerfriendly. is exemplary. Mr Potter.” Harry took another sip.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. By the time we finish. ”The Aurors took heavy losses during the war and still are. alarmed.E.One task I must accomplish is to restructure the Auror Office.E.W. we would like to place Dumbledore's Army into an Auror training program. Mr Potter.. Are you aware that that is magic advanced beyond N. you’re it’s hero. but Kingsley cut him off. as taught by you.” ”Of course I'd love to spend time at Hogwarts. sustaining a few injuries and only two losses.” she reminded him. and I don't think being able to spend time at Hogwarts should be a problem. ”Yes. drinking her tea. a shaped shadow will earn a few more points. but now. I'm having problems finding professors for the vacant posts on my staff. The sense of teamwork the DA displayed in the heat of battle. if you will. we realised we might help each other. it is my hope that you and the members of the DA. ”Harry.

"I always thought you wanted to be an Auror one day. "But. Harry and Ginny sat in their room talking. ”but you are a powerful influence in our world. you finished him yourself.” he said.I think I'd be a good Auror and I want to do something that makes a difference.” Harry opened the door and left the office." "I know you would and I'd deserve it.” Kingsley assured him.harrypotterfanfiction. so you are prepared to take the theoretical Auror exams." he reminded her.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. making me look weak. 77 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . knowing Harry disdained the attention. however. but I must. Should I avoid you. Don't get me wrong.. that I don't want to use you. I must have an official opinion of you as Minister for Magic. and then." "I appreciate that you do. If I accept their offer. ”I'll never be a politician.php?mode=story&o. I don't like it.” ”Of course. ”And they would also give you and the DA specialized lessons in the subjects other than Defense Against the Dark Arts. if you please. As for me. I need your opinion. and now it seems this offer pretty much puts you in charge of the new Auror training program. I promised you that I will never shut you out of my life again and I meant it.” Harry said blandly. ”Fair enough. Harry. "There’s an unspoken but there.’ Harry said. I trust the Daily Prophet to make it look good." she smiled. I've chosen to be seen with you publically only to bestow on you the Order of Merlin. as though I might be trying to ride on your status. offering his hand. "Ginny. gazing into her chocolate pools.” Kingsley chuckled. ”If you accept. You are considered a great hero. As an Auror. and how he felt about it. it might appear that I'm afraid of you.” Professor McGonagall added.” Harry affirmed. if I ever need to fight. ”Professor.” Kingsley explained. That could lead to speculation that you are after my job. That evening.” Professor McGonagall asked.. ”No one in his right mind would ever question you. it might make me appear weak.” she said. I thought I might’ve fought the Dark Arts enough to last a lifetime and that maybe I should leave it for others from now on. Gin. ”I mean.” Harry asked. I dare say many expect you to might fill the void left with his death. I could also keep my dueling skills at top level. and. Ginny and I wouldn’t have to be apart while she’s at school. I can hear it already. Harry. right. You have certainly done more for the Wizarding world than anyone ever could ask of you.. but there was a political dimension to it all too.” he offered." she said with a sly grin.” ”I want you to know. ”Oh yes. ”Something like that. because you all deserved it.” Kingsley said." Harry paused.” Kingsley said. his mind reeling. "Or I'd curse you. it may very likely add to your hero status. Ginny. You trained the most successful group opposing Voldemort.. Therefore.. and as Dumbledore's apprentice.” Kingsley smiled sadly. The new leader decorates the war hero.com/printerfriendly. ”But you will accept training the DA for a restored Auror Office. I want a future with you and working as Auror could put me at risk. savouring the possibilities. ”And I know of several of the professors who would gladly assist you in any way you need. ”It’s a great opportunity..com :: 65. "Honestly. ”Can I think about it and talk to Ginny. it has as much to do with her as it does me in the long run. Minister.harrypotterfanfiction. He told Ginny about the offer Kingsley and Professor McGonagall made him. you may send an owl to me and to Minerva when you have reached a decision. Should I be seen too much with you.

but I’ll need top marks for that.” she asked. you are an amazing Chaser.. Harry asked Ginny to nail Pig down so he could send his reply to Kingsley. "I would like to speak with the headmistress" Harry said. He met sir Nicholas floating just outside the Great Hall. he Apparated to Hogsmeade and walked to Hogwarts castle.” she said. remember. this is a pleasant surprise. She looked up from her parchments.harrypotterfanfiction.. ”Come. you won't have to.. ”You only guess? Ginny. ”How are you?” "Sir Nicholas! I’m well. thanks.” Sir Nicholas called cheerfully.php?mode=story&o." The Gryffindor ghost disappeared through the wall and Harry continued to the Gargoyle. which means you don't have to make a commitment to the Ministry.that might be fun. Listen." he greeted.” ”That’s true. And I also hope for a successful career raising a family.” Harry had all he could do to restrain himself from instantly proposing to Ginny with his mother's ring when she told about having a family. and I can still spend a lot of time at Hogwarts with you.. I have little doubt you could land a place on a professional team.. but it also reminded him of the battle. ”I have also had this crazy dream of playing professional Quidditch.” she asked him as she pulled him down into a deep kiss. ”Harry.” he said. after which they fell asleep in each other’s arms. but not as a part of the Auror Office. Harry. putting a protective arm around her.. Entering the castle he saw flashes of the dead. ”And I could keep training you so you can better protect yourself while I’m gone on missions.” Harry asked with raised eyebrows. what do you plan to do after Hogwarts. but I’ve heard the competition for contracts is brutal.” Ginny observed. but he did his job and Harry knew his message would find its proper recipient. 78 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” Harry said. ”Mmm. kissing her again until they found themselves engaged in a Quidditch-induced snog. ”Work hard with the Quidditch team.” she said simply. I’ve seen you in action.com :: 65. He didn’t have the heart to impose on poor old Errol.. By the way. As he approached a strange feeling lodged in his gut.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. "Professor McGonagall. He wrote only two words: We accept. ”Maybe become a Healer.. not knowing the password. ”Yeah. ”There’s an and..” she smiled. is that so? Well. my boy. Hogwarts was one of his favorite places in the whole world. I guess. my love.you’re pretty hot when you play Quidditch. and of Voldemort pointing his wand at him. ”Well. At breakfast. thoughtfully.” he said.. this seems like a good chance to find out if being an Auror is what you really want. As post owls go.com/printerfriendly." she replied. "Harry.harrypotterfanfiction. ”If you're not sure. ”It seems to me that they’re saying that should any of you decide you don’t want to take the Auror exams.” he said to her eyes. ”You are so hot when you talk about Quidditch. You’ll be training the DA to become Aurors. is professor McGonagall in her office?" "I believe so. of dueling wizards and witches. He knocked on the door. The gargoyle spun and revealed the stairs leading up to the office. Next. but he had a plan and he meant to stick with it. You know Oliver Wood got a contract. did you know that.” she said wistfully. Pigwidgeon was a bit high-strung.

"I have. Mr Potter.com :: 65. Mr Potter?” ”Not that I can think of right off hand.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. That’s what my appointment with him was about. Harry and Ginny welcomed them home with hugs and backslapping. Professor McGonagall and Kingsley asked me the day before yesterday. rendering them incapable of running an Auror Training Program this semester. sort of. this will do just as well. we’ll see you on the first of September. will train Dumbledore's Army with the assistance of the Ministry and Hogwarts staff to prepare them for the extensive battery of Auror exams.” We couldn’t be prouder. 'Short of an Auror Training Program. The Auror Office is busy rounding up Death Eaters still at large. "Harry.” she said with a rare smile.' It's certain that the members of this exemplary team will indeed earn their positions with the Auror Office." Harry told her. He had never been happier. Welcome back to Hogwarts! I will send you anything you need that Hogwarts can provide.” Molly cried as she took them into one of her patented hugs.” Professor McGonagall promised.” He took his love’s hand and kissed it.harrypotterfanfiction. "Harry Potter Develops Dumbledore's Army The Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts have offered Harry Potter an official teaching position to take up the training of Dumbledore's Army at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The next day. "It's true. after much consideration and a chat with Ginny. Harry and Ginny were awoken when Molly threw that morning’s edition of the Daily Prophet over them.’ Kingsley Shacklebolt stated in a press release yesterday." "Splendid.harrypotterfanfiction. He would work with the DA." Molly said summoning the paper back into her hands. ”The two of you! One the Quidditch captain and the other teaching future Aurors. Harry arrived back at the Burrow an hour later and spent the rest of the day with Ginny. "Let me read it then.” he reasoned. Would it be possible to have a classroom?” ”That can be arranged.. reaching for his glasses.com/printerfriendly. Ron and Hermione returned to the Burrow the day before Ginny's birthday. ”That can be arranged as well. He was going back to Hogwarts." Molly laid the paper in her lap and looked at her surrogate son with beaming pride. Thank you. Minister Shacklebolt added that 'Any members of Dumbledore's Army who wish to become Aurors must pass the compulsory battery of exams to receive their licences. Harry Potter. Rest assured that the Hogwarts staff and I are at your disposal should you need us. ”I will need a place to sleep. though he's not yet an Auror himself." he asked. 79 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. having spent some real quality time with Hermione's parents. The four of them hadn’t realised how much they’d missed each other.' Hogwarts Headmistress Minerva McGonagall commented yesterday afternoon. ”I didn’t want to say anything until I talked about it with Ginny. Anything else. The plan is to incorporate the members into a restored Auror Office 'The Auror Office sustained losses during the war. is this true?" "Is what true. but I don't think the dorm would be appropriate.” she said as she took his hand in a formal farewell. ”I’d feel much more comfortable teaching here than at the Ministry. decided to accept your offer. Harry. Members of Dumbledore's Army are the most-qualified candidates to replace those lost.php?mode=story&o. Professor. but most important to him was that he would be able to stay close to Ginny.” ”Well then.

wishing her a happy Coming-of-Age birthday. They shared a passionate kiss that allowed her to come fully to her senses. she’s still asleep.and mum’s the word!" "Excellent! If she says yes I’m hoping the wedding will be next summer after school is finished. Harry awoke feeling as though he’d been hexed with a Jelly Legs jinx. Ginny opened her eyes as Harry kissed her.. I love you more than life itself. Hermione.” Hermione nodded and they climbed the stairs giggling." Harry said. Hermione.. Ginny looked at him in wonder. that’s great.. Ron. assuming there is a wedding. She didn’t dare hope he was doing what she thought he was doing." "Whenever you’re ready.php?mode=story&o. slapping Harry on the back. "Congratulations by the way." ”It would be my honour. And Ron. do really have any doubts?" "No." Harry said. I need a break from studies. Is he really. They changed into their nightclothes and climbed into bed. mate. He gazed longingly into her eyes and began. but I'm sure I’ll be able to come by the shop for a visit.” he said with a conspiratorial wink. They tenderly kissed each other goodnight with whispered wishes for sweet dreams. "What's up mate. Besides. Potter. You are so beautiful when you first wake up.harrypotterfanfiction. It's a bit weird." Hermione said. ”Come on. She sat up as he collected his thoughts and gulped.” Ron replied." Ron asked a bit concerned.. not even to Hermione. "Tomorrow morning. ”And my great pleasure fixing the Stag night. ”I have something for you." Harry said with a serious air. Since you’re my best mate and Ginny's brother. leaving Ron and Hermione to their own devices.” said Ginny reaching for her bag. mate. I’m going to ask Ginny to marry me. Perfect." "If she says yes? Harry. mate. I still might want to be an Auror one day. "Harry.” he said with a slight blush. 80 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . not really.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. "It’ll be really strange not having you around Hogwarts with us. too tired for a bedtime snog. but I actually feel pretty good about working for George right now. "Ginny. I want to do it when it's just the family at home. This is it. ”Let’s get you settled back in while they talk about whatever it is blokes talk about. and fell asleep once again in one another’s embrace. He carefully slipped out of bed and retrieved the box containing his mother’s emerald engagement ring. but not yet.. would you excuse me for a bit? I'd like to talk to Ron outside.com/printerfriendly. Don’t say anything. That evening after supper. I have already talked to Arthur and he’s given me his permission. "Yeah. but that's not why I wanted to talk to you. They stayed up late laughing and joking until yawns overtook them all and they bade each other goodnight. I can’t imagine any kind of future without you. the four friends gathered in Ron’s room and caught up on all the news fit to print and some that wasn’t. I'd like you to be my best man. trying to work up the nerve to tell Ron what he really needed to tell him. I know.. taking her hand in his. "Thanks. Listen. I wanted you to know ahead of time.” he said as he held her face in his hands.harrypotterfanfiction. Harry! I guess you will have no problem becoming an Auror if you really want to. Easy. Harry paused to take a breath and then fell to one knee.com :: 65. but he doesn't know that I’m asking her tomorrow." Harry asked shunting his best friend toward the door. Harry and Ginny descended to their room.

” she said. young lady.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.harrypotterfanfiction. revealing the ring. I mean." Arthur’s eyes brightened with tears of pride for his daughter and soon-to-be-son-in-law. all.” Harry said cradling her tiny frame in his arms. tears still running. "Morning or not. Harry gently raised Ginny’s left hand a slipped the ring on her finger as he kissed her tenderly on the lips. returning his kiss.. Immediately she smiled warmly and looked over at her devilishly handsome new fiancé..php?mode=story&o. Gin. more tears stealing down her cheek. and sat down to eat. Ginny attacked Harry with kisses again until they realised they were late for breakfast.... my heart. Thank you for saying yes. "Then I’ll cherish it all the more. Ginny’s face lit up as she extended her left hand showing off the ring. trying to choke down a giggle. who with a nod. ”Your other hand. "Harry. ”Getting to know your mother through her diary.” Hermione screamed. I’d hoped for so long. mate! ”Ginevra. Harry held out the box in his other hand and opened it.” Ginny stretched her right hand out and wiggled her fingers. So unbelievably happy." he asked her hopefully..” he declared as he pulled her into a desperate embrace." Arthur declared. Arthur spoke. but she couldn’t finish. tears filling his eyes.” Molly said after a few minutes. Ron smiled and mouthed. They all knew there always was a very good reason for Molly to say Ginevra rather than Ginny. I know.. he is! Oh yes. I couldn’t be happier myself.” she cried. They held each other and cried into one another’s necks. ”I know." he told her.” Molly demanded with mock frustration. and Arthur were already in the kitchen eating. Ginny briefly wondered if she could cast a charm to make sure this wasn't a dream. She threw her arms around him. Oh my gosh. ”Harry. Ginny looked at the ring. "Oh yes. Good on ya.” Ginny confirmed. Hermione. 81 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . "If I had known this when that sweet little lost boy found us at King's Cross. "This calls for Firewhiskey. you have made my daughter very happy and it’s quite evident that she makes you very happy. Salt tears fell down both of their faces as their kiss deepened. in a tone that startled everyone.” Harry and Ginny said together. I want to spend the rest of my life with you..erm. Harry! I will! I’ll marry you. Once everyone held a glass. whether you like it or not!" Laughter broke out around the breakfast table." Molly began... and learning how much she and your dad loved each other.com/printerfriendly. did you really... As Ginny's father. ”Harry. we have a wedding to plan!” She hurried around the table and hugged both of them.” she said as she swallowed back sobs. you shall have one too. Harry. ”My baby girl! I have . ”He did. Molly. Tears streamed down her face.it’s beautiful! I’ve never seen anything so lovely.” he said. Ginny. ”Morning. yes! "Ginevra Molly Weasley. Ron raised his eyebrows at Harry. my own. ”Harry.. ”You’ve made me so happy.”And I said yes!” ”Harry!” Molly cried and looked at Ginny as tears welled up in her eyes. I am honoured to wear it.” ”She was as strong and brave as you are. leaving little kisses all over her face. She burst into tears. "It was my mother's. still hugging them both at the same time as Arthur summoned glasses and a bottle of his finest Old Ogden's. this ring..” she breathed. and since you’re now are of age. Molly had become speechless with joy.. Will you please marry me. Ron. I love you so much.. ”Let me see your hand. confirmed that he had indeed proposed.harrypotterfanfiction.com :: 65. Ginny’s birthday presents lay piled in the center of the table.

com/printerfriendly. you’ll be my brother-in-law. here. ”Harry. even though we’ve thought of you as a member of this family for years.” Bill reminded him." she said. In fact.. so I wish you a very well-deserved happiness. He blushed and snickered. You’re both glowing. ”Yes. Harry asked me to marry him this morning. Wow. Later on in the evening. Ron bet on Fleur and won. Bill and Fleur. ”I can tell you make Ginny very happy.” Harry asked. He liked Bill but didn't know him that well. eyes wide. Molly slipped one of Ginny’s presents from the pile. "our little sister will beat you all! Ginny and Harry. "First of all I have to beg your forgiveness for my boyfriend. But he didn't mind getting to know him better. And someday. but it's no secret I'm close to your family. you’ll be a bride too if I have anything to say about it. that's all I can say.and hot.” Bill said. Arthur looked at them." George said with a relieved smile.harrypotterfanfiction. She turned to face Harry and Ginny "You are obviously meant to be together. To Harry and Ginny! Slaínte!" ”Slaínte. ”True. too.. Harry found himself alone with Bill near the fireplace. it is." Hermione said with a smirk. who has apparently taken too many Bludgers to the head playing Quidditch. eez zat what I sink it eez. ”Brother. "It was a clock. "As Ginny's brother.” Harry said as a grin spread across his face. "and as Harry's best friend I had to get over the nausea and an urge to hex you the first time I caught you snogging my sister..” ”Thanks. "Boys." Fleur asked her excitedly.. "Harry.” Ron replied as he pulled Hermione in close to his side. Conversation stopped. And congratulations on your new job. Ginny's birthday was quieter than Harry's had been. Bill. looked at them. they had a bet on about who would notice first. Sis? Are you getting married?" "Yes. Her family looked at her questioningly. proudly holding out her hand for Fleur to inspect. but continued." He’s so funny and sweet.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.com :: 65.” But I know you love each other. I must say. lovely lady. I don't have much knowledge about Goblins but I guess previous dealings and what you taught me helped. Charlie came all the way from Romania where he'd visited his friends. ”I heard you were at Gringotts earlier this summer.” they repeated and threw back their drinks. Percy.harrypotterfanfiction.." she said as she choked back a sob. kissing the top of her head. you handled yourself brilliantly. let me be the first to officially welcome you.php?mode=story&o." she replied. There was no mistaking that the Weasley family were thrilled about the engagement. but paused when Ginny teased him about the somewhat part. "Yes. ”That's right. that.. "Geeny.” 82 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . No one mentioned the engagement. Everyone laughed. I’ll admit I've been somewhat overprotective." she said sheepishly. I don't know how much they actually know. who had been standing a little bit offside.. "It’s about time we had some happiness in this family.” Harry felt a little shy. ”Congratulations brother. "What are you saying. and George and Katie came to dinner that evening to celebrate Ginny’s special birthday. I hope I didn't put you into trouble after breaking in." Ron said. gazing lovingly at Harry." Bill said matter-of-factly to his brothers.. but now I'll just put the two of you in the clock Harry got last year. after I finish school.” Bill said. congratulations!" He gave each of them a big hug.

I’d like to go.” Arthur said proudly. Percy was the one who told Mum if they broke the rules. being the little brother. I. ”Honestly. I know. Bill asked me if we wanted to visit him and Fleur for a few days at Shell Cottage. I talked to Mum about inviting you and Ginny to Shell Cottage. ”You’ll need that to defend the House Cup. I love my brothers.” ”He called me Brother today” Harry said. Ginny found the hem of his shirt and slid her hands up under it to caress his chest and massage the muscles of his back. Bill is just that much older. ”Harry.. I didn't get into any trouble. and inside was room for pictures of himself and Ginny. Charlie.com/printerfriendly. begging for access. ”You know. taking over their every thought. And no. his arousal strained against fabric. ”Ginny. his breathing as ragged as hers. He lingered at her pulse point.com :: 65. She 83 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . I’m of age now. but he didn't freak out like Ron. or if I did at payback time. you know. The Weasley family had bought one collective present for Ginny. ”Mmm hmmm.harrypotterfanfiction. You’re all right. you're officially part of it now. Tonight’s the night. ”A Firebolt.harrypotterfanfiction. Harry moaned and tore his mouth from hers.. only had his little sister to tease. exploring one another’s bodies. you are really great. Harry and Ginny closed the door to their room. pouring all of her love and compassion into every precious second of it. It was now a clock showing both Harry and Ginny on its hands. stripped down to tee shirts and shorts.php?mode=story&o. and climbed into bed. almost like an extra father. ”Wait until we’ve shared a bottle of Firewhiskey. I'm really glad I’ve gotten to know you a little better. His tongue flicked against her lips. He held Ginny close as a few tears escaped. He sucked in another ragged breath as she nipped his ear lobe. Ron. Ginny looked at Harry and whispered. biting and licking.” she squealed. Bill has always been the one I felt closest to. lost in their love for one another. "Harry. even Percy... Harry. Bill figured out about us back at Hogwarts.” She raised her face to Harry’s and pressed her lips to his. ”Merlin.” Ginny said. I'm glad to get to know you better too. Harry's present was a locket that matched the engagement ring.” ”Oi! Ginny! Presents. capturing her mouth in a mind-blowing kiss.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. We are your family and I love you so much. By the way. He crushed her into a desperate embrace. Have you said anything to Ginny yet?” ”No. Would you like to come for a few days?” ”I’d love to. probably because they’re each different in their own way.” They continued snogging. ”What do you think?” ”That’d be great.” he said. Molly orchestrating their movements. The familiar molten lava shot through their bodies as their desire for one another enveloped them. Harry.” ”Bill.” Harry said. Gin. ”Our family Harry. Fred and George were the ones who loved pulling pranks on their little sister." Harry replied.” called Ron as Molly placed Harry’s rearranged clock with the other gifts.” Harry moaned into her smooth shoulder." "Yeah. Pausing for breath. She traced his calf muscle with her foot as she bit at the flesh of his chest. and let us know. ”You have a family now. It was heart-shaped. you do that. At the very thought. because if he did something to Fred and George they always got him back. Gin. Fleur is very fond of both of you.” Ginny breathed into his ear. but in a way. The combined birthday and engagement party continued on until midnight when they all trooped off to bed.” Bill laughed.” ”I have a different relationship with each of my brothers. She opened her mouth and the kiss intensified. This is it.

He couldn’t speak. She pulled him over on top of her into another steaming kiss. I promise.. Merlin. ”I don’t want to hurt you. She arched in to him and moved naturally to receive him. Ginny threw off her tee shirt and kicked off her shorts. we are both of age.com :: 65. Potter. I’m naked under my shirt and shorts. His boxers lay forgotten in the tangle of sheets at the foot of the bed. her. I need you. for he was consumed with the awe of her.everything. planting wet kisses all over Harry’s chest. ”I believe that maybe it might bear further research. forcing him to look at her with those magnificent emerald eyes. her lips. he didn’t feel compelled to fight her as she pressed her thumbs between his hips and the waistband of his boxers. down...com/printerfriendly. she’s gorgeous! She’s perfect. They had turned dark with desire. his resolve beginning to crumble.” she breathed. Harry whispered seductively.php?mode=story&o. Settling into a rhythm.” he grinned.” she giggled. She bit into his shoulder as her nails raked across the plain of his back..” He crushed his lips onto hers as they become one for the first time. Harry. ”Gin.... ”I love you. ”I can’t hold on much longer. She wants to. 84 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Why is he holding back? ”Oh gods. They made love again before falling asleep in their customary embrace." Ginny confessed in wonder.” he murmured into her hair as his hand brushed the soft globe of her breast. Harry. Stunned. joining hers in a wild dance. sweet Ginny. still taken up in her exquisite beauty.. ”Gin. Staring defiantly into his eyes. I’m about to explode.” Ginny assured him.harrypotterfanfiction.” she gasped as she caught her breath.. and I want you right here and right now. Her hair. "I don't know how it's possible. Their hearts pounded in one another’s ears.” Harry said into her eyes. I love you so much. as he left tiny bites back down her slender neck to her collarbone.” Ginny coaxed. ”Why Professor Potter.. even as they climaxed. Usually shy about his own nakedness. Harry’s kisses traveled down her neck to her pulse point and up to the spot right behind her ear where he knew one flick of his tongue would drive her wild. ”Please. whimpered and almost cried out. ”I was just thinking the same thing.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Harry blushed at the very thought. literally tearing his shirt off and throwing it across the room.. ”That’s so good. Harry stared at her in all her glory.harrypotterfanfiction..” he moaned.”I don’t want to wait any more. Gin.this is it. ”Are you. ”Take me now.” she purred into his ear again. ”Harry. Thoroughly spent. Harry. they lay gasping together in one another’s arms basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking.” Breasts heaving and pressing into his chest. I. ”Ginny. Mesmerised." she demanded.” she panted.” Harry stammered. He breathed in her scent and the last bastion of his reason gave way. Just let go. ”No knickers tonight. ever exploring.” Harry admitted. Harry. Harry. My beautiful. Take me. as she took a fistful of his soft raven hair and pulled his head up.” he asked in an adrenaline-induced fog. Exploring.” she growled with a blazing look that screamed undying love and unbridled passion. pulling her over on top of him. love. Ginny wrapped a slender leg around his waist. but I love you even more. we’re getting married. "For Merlin's sake. Merlin! She really. The volcano that boiled with their mutual desire erupted into ecstasy as they pressed their naked bodies together. I want you. love. Merlin. they gazed into each other’s eyes. as his arousal throbbed painfully behind its cotton barrier. Did she say ’no knickers?’ Harry captured her mouth with his and slipped his tongue between her lips once again. she slipped them down. he felt himself rise up and soon she had set him free.” she whimpered. Their heads spun as the world melted away with the heat of their passion. leaning down to kiss the corners of his smile. ”I’ll be okay.

" "The two of you are so cute together.” Hermione asked. Harry needed some.. Ginny dragged Hermione off as Bill.com/printerfriendly.... yes! It was so incredibly and utterly wonderful..php?mode=story&o.. ”I kind of. Harry took Ginny into Gringotts to set up his vault as theirs. and I thought I'd have to put the Imperius curse on him the first time.harrypotterfanfiction. During one particular visit... me and Harry.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Charlie. "." "Have you and Ron. The next day. Malfoy had been handed a fake one simply so the Wizengamot would have something to take from him and snap. "I'm so happy for you. "Well yes. so had left with Katie. my two best friends are getting married. however.. been shagging.. ”I know it won't be until next summer. thanks to Harry’s deposition. "Who? Did what?" "It.. The second page carried a full report of the Malfoy trial during which Narcissa Malfoy had been cleared of all charges.” Hermione told her. Hermione gave Ginny a big hug." Ginny whispered. but the second time. who had been underage during most of the war had simply been fined 100 Galleons. wasn’t it. anyway. ”Lucius Malfoy was a cruel man.” Ginny said coldly. Don’t forget about that damned diary. and ten years for Lucius.ripped his clothes off. ”That's pretty much what I had to do with Ron. took the full rap for his involvement with Voldemort as a full-fledged Death Eater.com :: 65." "As in.harrypotterfanfiction." ". the Daily Prophet ran a story proclaiming it to the world. ”Yeah. I thought he'd get a life sentence.” she giggled with a wicked grin.encouragement too. I have to wonder if that was really necessary. but will you be my Maid of Honour?" "Ginny... but that whole thing with the fake wand. it was the other way round.” Ginny began. ”So Draco managed to stay out of prison.” Ginny commented.” ”What. where they were able to look over a copy of the Daily Prophet someone had left on the table.. After all.. Harry and Ginny 85 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . actually.uh. Lucius Malfoy.. I'd be happy to. "Hermione. "Harry. Since his own wand had been shattered when Voldemort had tried to use it against Harry. They stopped for lunch.. Percy had already left and George had to work to do.” Harry agreed. ”Yes. Within a week of the engagement. Harry and Ron played two-on-two Quidditch.. It seems kind of cruel. And I might have lost you because of it..to each other!" The next several days passed in a flurry of activity. Draco Malfoy.” Harry said shaking his head slowly. we did it. This is all ours now." Hermione seemed to get it. "But I want to." Hermione finished." Ginny whispered excitedly.. Ginny was so overcome with emotion she just had to have some girl talk with her best friend. that was pretty low.. you don't have to do this." Ginny said. staring at all the gold. He was sentenced to 10 years in Azkaban with a lifetime ban against ever practicing magic in Britain again. shagging. with several visits to Diagon Alley to gather the things Ginny and Hermione would need for school." Their day ended up a bit dragged out because people still wanted to talk to them and shower them with praise and thanks.. then blushed. ”Hermione.

A maniacal grin began to twist around her mouth as she began to formulate the next steps of her ultimate plan of destruction. ”D’joo sleep well?” 86 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . She needed to know more about the changes at the Ministry in order to avoid detection and maximize the odds of pulling this off. At the moment. Miss Weasley wears Lily Potter's engagement ring.. when Potter would think he'd live happily ever after. If she waited.harrypotterfanfiction.” The Daily Prophet congratulates Mr Potter and Miss Weasley on their upcoming nuptials. but secrecy was important. We wish to thank the Wizarding community for generally respecting our privacy. our friends have told us about some rumours that have been circulating concerning the circumstances of our engagement. The couple are now engaged and plan to wed next summer after Miss Weasley's final year at Hogwarts. OMSC According to Lee Jordan. A plan of this scope would only have one shot. and we do not have a baby. though. guessed someone must have seen the ring on her finger on one of their visits to Diagon Alley. More people meant a greater risk of exposure. Plans had to be made and it was time to contact trustworthy people. kissing her shoulder. thinking about her plan.. Harry and Ginny didn’t see any sense in keeping their happy news a secret. It also gave her a lot of time to perfect her plan.harrypotterfanfiction. We try to spend time with him on a regular basis. she needed a plan B. They awoke that morning spooned together with Harry’s arm wrapped tightly around Ginny’s middle. Harry Potter proposed to his girlfriend. This would be their first flight from the nest as a couple and they were excited at the prospect. soon after the marriage. Executing maybe four coordinated plans might increase the chances of success. He also confirms that the Weasley family are delighted to officially welcome Mr Potter into the family he already has been considered a part of for many years. ”Hey you. Perhaps the editors of the Daily Prophet felt the same need for good news that the Weasley family did after all the hashing and rehashing of the war. the countless memorials. She rolled over to face her fiancé. But she needed back-up plans. the hunt for Death Eaters was far too intense. ”You awake yet?” I am now. Harry J. ”Mmm hmm. We assure you that those rumours are just that. saying they planned to marry the following summer after finishing school. Ginny Weasley.” she said as her body tensed and stretched itself. Weasley.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Rumours. no one would know what hit them until it was too late. Ginny is not pregnant. She would have to involve others.com/printerfriendly. so they confirmed the story.com :: 65.php?mode=story&o. giving him a good morning kiss. ”Hi.” she whispered. have a godson who was born this past spring and orphaned during the war. and coverage of the Death Eater trials. We do. Her own knowledge of Muggles was simply not vast enough. Harry Potter would was going to marry his woman and very likely become an Auror. but also demand more people. ”The Chosen One – The Future Mrs Potter On 11 August. that would be the time to strike. OMFC Ginevra M. C and D.” he said. Yes. but that was not acceptable any longer. Press Secretary for Mr Potter and Miss Weasley. She read the Daily Prophet. It is a square-cut emerald in a gold setting. however. The couple sent the Daily Prophet the following statement: 'We are happy to announce our official engagement. however. it would give her a better chance. Chapter 5: Returning to Hogwarts [View Online] [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter] Chapter 5 – Returning to Hogwarts Harry and Ginny had accepted Bill’s invitation for a few days’ holiday at Shell Cottage before the start of the new term at Hogwarts. Her only current sources of information were rumours and the Daily Prophet. If she were successful. She needed someone with a genuine knowledge of Muggles to seek out and mark possible targets and the best way and place to kill them in the Muggle world. Maybe that gave her a rough timetable for her plan to destroy his world. Potter. If plan A failed.

’Harry.” he chuckled. slinging a clean towel over his shoulder. ”Now. you have the shower first and I’ll sort through clothes. but at a loss. It's her own words.” Her eyes began to burn with tears she tried to blink away. the paintings became more vivid and defined.. There were ready to leave in about a half hour. take you to their graves. ”It’s all down to you. really. Mum's diary is the closest I’ll get to ever really knowing them. He had painted pictures in his mind of and about them when he was little just to fill the lonely hours he spent locked up in the cupboard-under-the-stairs. But I promise we’ll have lots of time for lazy waking on our holiday. holding him tighter. She looked around trying to get her bearings.. He hadn’t even known what they looked like until he saw them smiling sadly back at him in the Mirror of Erised his first hear at Hogwarts. They had continued to sit up in bed together and read from Lily's diary 87 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” she asked still holding Harry's hand and with no intention of letting go. I mean.. then shouldered their rucksacks and made for the door..” Ginny called as they stepped out the door. a photo album containing visual memories of his parents. stroking Harry’s face.. love.. They hurried to the Burrow’s Apparition spot where Harry took her hand and they were gone with a pop! They Apparated on the outskirts of a quaint village Ginny didn’t recognize.” she snickered.. love..or rather. "Were are we.but I miss them. she gave Harry a bewildered look. their graves and the ruin of their once-happy home were all Harry had left of Lily and James Potter. too. however. The little he’d since learned about them came from people who had been precious and important figures in his parents’ life—Harry’s life—but they.I never knew them. my love? You okay.. "I. At the end of that same year.com :: 65.” he replied with a sleepy smile. ”Just a few more minutes. had been taken. "You must miss them terribly. With the exception of his mother’s recently-discovered diary.uh. ”We’ll send an owl when we get there.Dumbledore.php?mode=story&o." His voice betrayed him as he began to tremble. haven’t you. ”It’s all down to you. yeah?” ”I’ll save you some hot water. There would be no snogging this morning.harrypotterfanfiction. ”You’re trembling.. I. ”Hit the showers..com/printerfriendly.. Pettigrew.. you randy git. He tensed a little. shaking him from his reverie.” he asked in a mock-begging tone.harrypotterfanfiction.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. when Hagrid presented him with his then most prized possession. Mum.but his loneliness for them increased. "Just outside Godric's Hollow.” And I shall exact my revenge first chance I get.” he said flicking his eyes southward..." Ginny said sympathetically.” she sighed. don’t remember them... ”Never better.and even that traitorous back-stabbing rat." he said.” Ginny asked. choking back tears. ”No.. because they were due at Shell Cottage before lunch and they still had to pack their kits for the few days they’d be there. You’re beautiful first thing in the morning.Remus. ”You’ve got yourself in a right state. She could almost feel his pain smothering her as she ran her warm hand along his back. kissing him on the nose. Harry wasn’t sure if it was possible for him to truly miss his parents since his memory of them was so sketchy.. and then relaxed again. Then she gave him a light pinch on the bum.” she laughed.. Sirius. They hurried downstairs for a quick bite of toast and a cuppa.” she cooed. I wanted to introduce you to my parents before we go on to Shell Cottage. They continued to kiss and caress each other as they woke up the rest of the way. There was a heaviness in Harry’s chest as he drew in a deep breath... Ginny blushed.don’t think I’ll be needing much. ”I suppose we should get up.

” Bill said thoughtfully. ”We expected you a bit earlier. yeah? I’m sure you’d understand how much I love her when I tell you that I would die for her. I know you’d love her too. ”Everything else I know is what others have told me about them. Ginny. ”And somehow I just know they’d love you too.” He leaned in and kissed her passionately. It’s a perfect fit.” Harry led Ginny through the town square where the Potter Memorial stood. clinging desperately to each other.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. She then took Ginny window shopping in the nearby village while Bill and Harry sat in the garden talking over Butterbeers. It was all right now.” Bill asked. ”I’m so honoured to love their son so much and be their daughter-in-law. almost every night before they went to sleep. he was able to come back to me.com :: 65. ”Harry.” He paused a moment and then fixed his eyes on his parents’ headstone. Muggle and Wizard alike. this is my fiancée. He conjured a single white rose with a flick of his wand and laid it in front of the headstone bearing his parents’ names. funny. I don't know. cute.” She let out a small sob and wiped her face with her handkerchief. Ginny’s tears flowed as readily as Harry’s as she spoke to Lily and James herself. loving.. Geeny!” Fleur greeted them with kisses on both cheeks. letting their tears flow unashamedly.” Bill said with a little hint of relief as he hugged both of them. Mum. You should be proud of your son. there is more than emotion at work when a Veela falls in love. ”Mum and Dad. noble. she’s a red head just like Mum. They picked their way through the headstones. brave. ”Welcome. but maybe I notice because I am married to a part-Veela. I do. I even talked with your dad about it at the Burrow.” she said. scratching his chin. He did. and just as beautiful. ’Arry! Welcome. Harry is an exact copy of you. Harry told me this ring belonged to you. ”Bill. and as you can probably imagine. There is something more than love between the two of you. they bid Lily and James Potter goodbye and Apparated outside the wards around Shell Cottage." Harry and Ginny stood silently for a little while.” Harry said in benediction because he could no longer hold back his tears. ”Harry took me to Godric's Hollow and introduced me to his parents. I sure am.” Bill told Harry. and because of that I shall treasure it always. kind. obscurely mystic. Fleur showed them to their room where they stowed their rucksacks. They had declared their love for one another before his parents just as they had before hers. It’s also very rare because of the deep love required to create it.” ”I love you. but because of your deep love for him. but sweetly.” 88 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”Harry proposed to me on my birthday. Lily. gesturing toward him with his bottle. ”I agree with Dad. do you think it’s the protection that my sacrifice should have created that was transformed into a magical bond between me and Ginny?” ”That would be my guess.php?mode=story&o. ”Yes.” Fleur said. He’s a born leader and people really respect him. What happened with that magic when you didn't die is a phenomenon virtually unheard of. Finally.” Harry whispered. it was the truth. and strengthened it in the bargain. thanks for bringing me to visit them. He’s sweet. ”Zat is so sweet.harrypotterfanfiction. Dad. where Bill and Fleur greeted them in the yard.. James. You see. Dad. Ginny. carefully respecting the graves of the others buried there.” Ginny said. because she means everything to me. and annoyingly noble man whom I love so much that there are no words to describe it. and an amazingly powerful wizard. Harry finally found a double grave marked POTTER. Harry swallowed back a sob and addressed Lily and James reverently.harrypotterfanfiction.com/printerfriendly. ”Mum. her heart full. it was my best birthday ever. When he told you he would die for me. I hope you know that Tom Riddle is dead and that you can be at peace now. I gave her your ring.” Harry told Bill about Arthur's thoughts about a bond. On the other side lay the graveyard where his parents had been laid to rest almost 17 years before. We’re going to be married next summer. "He is a sweet. I guess it’s something in the Potter blood. ”Do you remember when I told you I thought the two of you were shining back at Hogwarts. he said. ”The protection your mother's sacrifice created alone is ancient magic.

php?mode=story&o. ”Fuh-Finally mum came out and somehow jinxed the lawn mower. ”What 'appened.. You and Fleur are my family. ”Of course. Harry. Harry hadn’t packed the 89 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . respectively. ”Of course he did.. still laughing. "A lawn mower is a Muggle machine used to cut grass. his curiosity piqued.” Harry smiled. ”And it made a lot of noise.and it stopped immediately. The four of them drank wine and talked about how Bill and Harry had proposed to Fleur and Ginny. ”Bill just told me about the time Fred and George tricked you into turning on a cursed Muggle lawn mower Arthur had smuggled home from work. The others had fallen all over themselves. Think of all the unusual circumstances that led up to this.or souls. I think the bond has somehow connected your minds. Roughly 16 years later.. but what I do know is that I have never been happier. willing to die to protect Ginny.harrypotterfanfiction. it's like she’s right there with me just the same. I’m not sure.com/printerfriendly. if it's all right with you.harrypotterfanfiction. A little while later Fleur served a delicious dinner.” ”Oui! And knowing zem. They all burst into gales of laughter at Fleur’s astute observation. and what eez a lawn mower.” Ginny giggled.” Harry snorted with mirth. ”So what are you laughing about.” Bill said. I came out suh-soon after and found Duh-dad running after Gi-Ginny.” Fleur said in a rare stab at intentional humour. Even when I'm not with her. I think in a way she is there.. holding stitches in their sides. that protection you’d already established transformed into the bond you two now share.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Quidditch. trying to stop the ruddy thing chuh-chasing the swearing Gnomes!” Bill had to stop for laughing so hard. "As I remember it. ”Of course it’s all right that you talk to Fleur. but I’ll talk to Fleur about Veela magic.” Harry asked. ”I’m not really sure. Harry pulled Ginny down into his lap as tears of mirth rolled down their cheeks. and maybe ten swuh-swearing Gnomes chasing all over the guh-garden. ”How so. the lawn mower dragged me off and chased after the Gnomes.com :: 65.” Fleur asked.” Harry said. All three of them knew they were going to have to come home sometime and answer to Mum. maybe use it and strengthen it. willingly giving her own life to protect you.” Ginny said with a mock simper. And Dad didn't dare bring home anything remotely Muggle for months..” Ginny asked when they found Bill and Harry in stitches. the one whose image filled your heart and mind at the moment the killing curse hit you. laughing as her husband crashed to the ground in a heap... About the same time Fuh-fred and George ran for it with Dad on their heels.” he said winking at Bill.” Harry added. you faced Voldemort.. giving her wand a flick collapsing Bill's chair. zey were sure to ’ave ’unger sometime. ”Dead useful if you don’t try to charm them.” Harry said. ”Think about it. He was still laughing but continued the story. Dad came out and caught Fred and George rolling around in the grass howling. Ginny being druh-dragged around the yard behind that luh-lawnmower suh-screaming bloody muh-murder. Your mother faced Voldemort. And since she was your last thought. ”Exactly! Fred and George had to work in the garden for a month after that to put it back in order.” Bill got up and put the chair back together. Muh-Maybe she just looked at it.” Bill said. and their plans for the future. If you explore it together. ”Well.” ”What do you mean?” ”I mean that maybe you can reach the connection—feel it. you might be able to learn more about it. but I'm certain she can do wandless magic when she's furious. ”Does that make any sense at all?” ”It does. they were still under age so they had to do everything without magic.” ”And Fleur.” Ginny began. Maybe she’ll be able to help you understand your connection better. and Bill’s childhood memories of Ginny when she and Fleur returned a couple of hours later. which saved you from the killing curse when you were a baby. ”I don’t know about all that.” Bill and Harry had immersed themselves in further conversation about Hogwarts.

wasn’t eet?” They all burst into fits of laughter again.” She continued to tease and massage his shoulders.” he said. the four of them sat in front of the fire.that feels so good.com/printerfriendly.” Harry groaned.. taking leisurely walks along the beach. ”Eet was ’eesterical. ”How’s this. He made as though to kiss her when he suddenly switched gears and began to tickle her mercilessly until she begged for mercy. Merlin. sipping elf-made wine. ”Do what. ”You.” Harry replied trying to roll her off himself."I give!” ”You’ll behave?” ”Yes! I’ll behave. he screamed at you. ”I have six.. ”He looked like he’d seen a troll.” she said. After dinner on their last night.. as Bill poured more wine. and watching the seagulls. Bill roared with laughter as his wife and sister told him about how Ron had asked Fleur to the Yule Ball. She climbed over and straddled him.” she cooed.” she panted. shaken and dazed.” he sighed. "Okay. 90 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” she said matter-of-factly. exhausted... eet wasn’t zat bad! Eet was very sweet of Ron to ask me. sharing ice creams. if you’re sure. Gin.” he complimented her.” Fleur said.” He began to tickle her again until she finally gave in. ”Well.” she promised.” Ginny howled. that’s nice. leaning down to place a kiss on the back of his neck.harrypotterfanfiction. So. She slid her hands over his chest and tangled them in his messy raven locks. That does it! Revenge! He quickly rolled over underneath her and caught her around the waist. ”Never!’ ”Never. Harry. still massaging him.” Harry cried. but no longer kneading.” she squealed. He grinned evilly into her chocolate eyes. that feels amazing. ”Not until you promise to behave ’til we get home.Harry.” Harry moaned. still giggling.” she replied innocently. ”Why. you little minx. okay. ”Judging from this.” Ginny continued to knead his back and shoulders as her desire for him began to well up from somewhere in the pit of her stomach.five. you must’ve been a quick study.we. Woodsy and spicy..Quidditch-playing brothers. she collapsed on her husband’s chest. in one another’s arms and fell asleep. Harry and Fleur regaled Ginny and Bill with tales of the Triwizard Tournament.php?mode=story&o. Harry groaned softly as her warm hands worked the knots out of his tired muscles. diary...000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. All of a sudden... picking up trinkets at the shops in the village. She leaned forward over his back once again and nipped the back of his ear.. sticking her bottom lip out.” Ginny teased. resting carefully on the small of his back... ”Oh! Right there! Oh yeah. ”You know what. They both snickered. so Ginny rolled Harry onto his belly and set to giving him a back massage.. Harry remembered that day in the common room when Ginny and the others escorted Ron through the portrait hole.. ”You’re so good at this. ”Harry! Please! Stop. ”Ohhh.. Fleur. laughing. Harry leaned down and captured it between his own. defending her youngest brotherin-law. Gin.we can’t do that here. ”Where did you learn that?” ”Mum taught me. wriggling like a worm on a hook.” ”I’ve had lots of practice. ”Mmmm. ”Gin..harrypotterfanfiction.. She continued to work the muscles of his upper back. shaking with laughter. my love..and a father who tends to get himself into trouble with Muggle toys.. ”Uhhhh. his own emerald ones twinkling with mischief.. gasping for air. She began to run her hands along his sides. She breathed him in. They settled into a satisfying goodnight snog before they collapsed.. In a trice he had her at his mercy on her back. ”It was just that the prat didn’t merely ask you. Harry and Ginny spent the next three days at Shell Cottage.I.” she purred.. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” he asked wickedly..com :: 65.

It was only then that they noticed people staring at them. They bade each other a fond goodnight.. as they put it.” Hermione said. I’m going to miss you so. taking Ron’s arm. love.” Molly called as their children turned to board the Hogwarts Express. Hermione split her time between Ron and her parents. How did I land such an amazing woman? Harry and Ginny spent as much free time together as they could.” ”Let's just try to get on the train and out of sight.” Ginny said in an attempt to lift her friend’s spirits.” she sobbed.. Bill and Fleur and Harry and Ginny laughed and talked into the night until the flames died to glowing embers in the fireplace. Hermione and Ron took it all in stride. ”People do that. ”Hermione. ”’Mione. still shied away from the hero worship. dragged themselves onto the bed. Everyone seems to come into the shop just to see me. Apart from the press. The final week leading up the the fall term at Hogwarts found Harry working diligently on the training schedule for Dumbledore’s Army. They ate a huge send-off breakfast and Apparated to King’s Cross Station where Hermione and Ron would meet them. Ron was easy to spot. They yawned and stretched as they arose from the rug and exchanged hugs all around. She smiled for him and gave him one last 91 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” Ron chided her. ”I wish you were coming with us. even though used to the attention. ”That’s right. slightly tipsy and very sleepy. Harry shrunk them and stowed them in his rucksack. since he was so tall. Ron placed a crooked index finger under her chin and raised it to look into her eyes.” she said. Molly and Arthur were right behind to see them off. Ron took Hermione in his arms to kiss her goodbye. ”George says it’s been great for business. Finally they made it onto the train and into an unoccupied compartment. Ginny was the one who had been the least-approached in public all summer. ”See you in Hogsmeade. dears.” Ron said. cuddled up in their customary position and drifted into dreamless sleep. On the first of September. Harry resized his and Ginny’s trunks and stowed them overhead with their rucksacks.” Ron said with a shrug. or they all want to talk to me whenever I'm in public. Harry and Ginny and her parents had the Burrow to themselves. They all passed through the barrier onto Platform 9 ¾. Hermione.” Harry said..harrypotterfanfiction. Harry and Ginny. She was a natural talent. love. Tears fell down Hermione’s cheeks as she buried her bushy head in Ron’s chest.com/printerfriendly. Now.” ”Tell me about it. Harry and Ginny made final checks of their trunks. but claimed she owed her skill to the will to survive playing Quidditch with her brothers. but it won’t be the same. he’d take a break and watch Ginny practice with her Firebolt. with Bill and Fleur inviting Harry and Ginny to come visit again soon.” Ron said gently as he pulled her into a tight embrace.chin up and give us a smile. not two clicks away.com :: 65. and Harry each goodbye in turn. Every so often. He leaned down and kissed her tenderly and deeply. so they made their way through the chaos over to him and Hermione. several people stopped to greet and thank them.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. rubbing her back. Otherwise. Molly and Arthur hugged Ginny. ”Have a good term. one of The Golden Trio. everyone seems to stare at me now more than ever before. so she blushed as she received congratulations on her engagement from complete strangers.. I’ll be in Hogsmeade. Both Harry and Ginny suspected that she had managed to read every seventh year textbook coverto-cover before the beginning of term. ”I know. ”It’s mental.harrypotterfanfiction.php?mode=story&o. we are of age we can go there anytime as long as we are back before the gates are locked for the night. holding tighter. With about ten minutes left to departure. or praises for her bravery during the war. Ron busied himself at the shop with George making sure that they had enough stock on hand so that each Hogwarts student could stock up with ample supplies to drive Argus Filch and that demonic cat of his to distraction. As the four of them made their way to the train. but Harry.

The three of them had just made themselves comfortable.com/printerfriendly.” Emma asked Ginny. I'm Ginny Weasley. Patricia's spirits rose. ”And she is the brightest witch in our class. when there was a soft knock on their compartment door and it slid open. Ginny and Hermione smiled at the eagerness of these three little girls.all of this until a wizard visited my parents and explained everything. They asked dozens of questions about the Sorting Ceremony and the changing staircases. ”We must be distant relatives.” Ginny replied and the girls settled in. I'm working for the Minister for Magic and will be at Hogwarts and at the Ministry training future Aurors.” Ginny blushed. They blushed furiously. My mum was a Prewett. ”No. and waved at their loved ones on the platform until it rounded the bend and chugged out of sight. and Hermione. Three little girls stepped in timidly as if afraid of a reprimand from the upperclassmen inside.” Erica added. they noticed who they now shared a compartment with. hug and heartfelt kiss before he left the compartment and leapt off the train to join his parents on the platform. I'm not a teacher. dropping their eyes into their laps.. Harry. we’ve seen your picture in the Prophet.” the twins said. Ginny thought it might not be a bad idea to give them a 92 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . hung out the windows. and I'm very excited about it” Patricia said. What’s your name. ”Are you going for your first year?” ”Yes. before she married my dad.can I see your ring. Ginny. The girls oohed in all the right places and blushed when Ginny told them about the kiss Harry gave her after she said yes.” Ginny showed her the ring and told them how Harry proposed to her without going into too much detail. As soon as they were seated.” one of them asked. Were we that little? ”We know who you are. ”You see I'm a Muggleborn and didn't know anything about. ”Will you be our teacher for Defence Against the Dark Arts. but we are not identical twins.. A few more nervous minutes passed until the three girls relaxed for the rest of a pleasant journey.php?mode=story&o. the train is probably full by now. Sit. ”I'm a Muggleborn too. thank you!” ”I'm Hermione Granger. Perhaps we should go someplace else. awestruck.” Ginny raised her left hand to absentmindedly stow a stray wisp of hair behind her ear. not sir. Mr Potter.” ”We met Patricia in Diagon Alley and we became instant friends.com :: 65...” Harry added nodding at Hermione. ”Oooh. smiling warmly.” ”Why? Besides.” Hermione said proudly. Hermione told them about the library and all the wonderful books stored there.” Harry said with a slight blush. ”Of course. ”Why. Ginny..” ”Prewett. sir. You’re famous.” Emma asked Harry.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. please. And please. I'm sorry.. leaning forward to shake their hands. ”Oh. as was tradition.harrypotterfanfiction. C’mon in.”But Professor McGonagall said she may ask me to teach a class if there's no professor available.” Harry asked. ”No.” Ginny repeated. ”You’re much prettier in real life. ”Are these seats taken.” Hermione said.call me Harry. I'm Emma Prewett. Harry. On my right is my twin sister Erica. Her emerald sparkled in the sunlight coming in through the compartment window. I'm Harry Potter. and on my left is our friend Patricia Templeton..harrypotterfanfiction.” ”Blimey..

” she said shyly.” Harry asked.” Hermione asked. love.” ”Harry James Potter.. ”Of course we'll sign your cards.” Ginny turned to Erica..” Harry said to Hermione. (Ginny) Weasley. Mr Potter studied under his mentor. no flying cars. In the last year of the Second Wizarding War. It's almost scary! No Dementors. His other notable achievements include winning the Triwizard Tournament at age 14 and the Co-founding and Training of Dumbledore's Army at age 15. ”I guess I should read those letters from Lee more carefully.could you sign our Chocolate Frog cards?” Harry and Ginny looked at her. ”Yes. there is one thing I'd like to ask. Harry signed the cards and nodded at Ginny.com/printerfriendly. Ginny looked at him.php?mode=story&o. Awarded the Order of Merlin. ”Um. ”Your go.. I can't believe I'm having such an uneventful trip to Hogwarts. ”Well. and is the only wizard known to have survived the killing curse twice.” she said staring down at her hands.er.” ”Ginevra Molly (Ginny) Weasley Miss Weasley is a Charter Member and Christener of Dumbledore's Army. OMFC Also known as The-Boy-Who-Lived and The Chosen One. Then she gasped and her eyes grew wide. also twice.” Patricia said going slightly pink..” ”Yes... and Patricia listened in rapt attention as Harry read his card: ”Harry James Potter. Hermione noticed Erica staring at them... Gin.harrypotterfanfiction. ”I guess so. Mr Potter became the youngest Seeker at Hogwarts in 100 years at age 11.. of course. using a simple disarming charm under unique circumstances. ”We have Chocolate Frog cards. ”Yours..com :: 65. Erica. Patricia sighed in relief. We’ll ask Hagrid when we arrive in Hogsmeade. ”Oh. Emma. ”Harry.” Hermione told him. He then ended the Second Wizarding War after defeating and killing Voldemort in a duel at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. ”I asked Lee to send me the letters from children who lost family members in the war.” Hermione asked. Patricia’s a nice name too.” Harry asked and looked at Ginny and Hermione.. Harry and Ginny had been too busy staring at each other..” Harry chuckled. Erica. PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. heads-up about Peeves and the House Ghosts so they wouldn’t be frightened of them. She covered her mouth with her fingers in embarrassment. shaking his head. both times through the mystical protection of his mother’s blood sacrifice. That’s a very nice name. I don’t know.harrypotterfanfiction. no insults from Malfoy.. First Class.” They handed them their cards. nonplussed. ”Will you ride with us up to the school Harry.as a favour for being the ones who let us see them for the first time.” As little while later. ”Yes. Albus Dumbledore. He is also the only wizard known to protect himself from it. ”I. raising an eyebrow. Harry Potter ended the First Wizarding War when Voldemort was destroyed by his own killing curse.. ”And whose cards would those be.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. He is noted for open attitude toward house-elves and other magical creatures. those are the letters I always read. Miss Weasley led a student resistance faction against Voldemort’s Death Eaters at Hogwarts 93 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” he replied with his sly Harry-grin and a wink. Engaged to Ginevra M. You’ve been so kind to take the time to answer the children who write to you.I shouldn’t have said that.” Emma giggled. Didn't you read Lee’s letter telling us he would approve it unless we said otherwise? They were issued only days ago.

” said Erica. Miss Weasley is an accomplished Quidditch player.” Harry added when Ginny finished.harrypotterfanfiction. I love you. ”Erica. ”He’ll be so pleased. Muggleborns rule! ”I’m sure you will. you. the three girls wanted to know exactly what it was.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Hermione. putting an end to the Second Wizarding War. Granger. First Class. Her accomplishments include brewing Polyjuice potion in her second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” she said and returned the card.” the girls said together. ”Be sure never to be at the receiving end of it.”Do you really fear it that much. Potter. Both Harry and Hermione nodded.. and is widely-considered the brightest witch of her age. As a fierce and skilled dueler. she is a Co-founding member of Dumbledore’s Army.” Patricia promised.L.” ”Wow. and the successful casting of the Protean charm in her fifth year. 94 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . I miss you so much.” Harry said. Mr Weasley’s actions were essential to the defeat of Voldemort. Best known as the youngest witch in history awarded the Order of Merlin (Second Class) at age 16. Hermione’s heart skipped at beat as she gazed at the red head on the card looking back at her flashing those gorgeous blue eyes and the lop-sided grin that melted her heart.” cried Emma. and an unrepentant Chudley Cannons fan. both as a Chaser and a Seeker.. ”Of course we do. He owes his abilities as a tactician to his skill at Wizarding Chess.” she said as a pang of loneliness filled her heart. Erica. ”We will. ”Hermione Jean Granger Miss Granger asserts that she is proud her Muggleborn heritage.” Emma said. Hermione. ”I’ll make you proud.s with 9 O and 1 E. at which he is a Master. her trademark is the much-feared Bat-Bogey hex. School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Patricia. The summer following the Battle of Hogwarts. so Ginny explained it to them.” Patricia said brightly and handed it to her.”You shouldn’t say such things!” ”Yeah. ”10 OWLs! I heard they’re really hard to get!” ”If you study hard and do your homework” Hermione said.” she asked eyes wide in mock innocence. Ron announced his official relationship with Hermione J. Weasley. Ron. His more questionable accomplishments include flying an enchanted car from London to Hogwarts in his second year.” Ginny smiled wickedly at the mention of her Bat-Bogey hex. ”And thank you for signing them! Especially you.” ”Thank you. Known to be powerful and skilled in a duel. and favours the Holyhead Harpies. you wouldn't happen to have Ron's card too. "You can earn load of OWLs too. crashing it into the resident Whomping Willow.” she asked. First Class. She is an outspoken advocate for house-elf rights as well as those of other magical creatures. She earned an amazing 10 O. He is a skilled Quidditch Keeper. beaming.php?mode=story&o. ”Shut it. Awarded the Order of Merlin.” she promised. Hermione announced her official relationship with Ronald B. He is a Co-founding member of Dumbledore's Army and one of its most experienced veterans.W.” breathed Erica. By the way. Enthralled. Engaged to Harry J. She began to read: ”Ronald Bilius Weasley Best friend and ally of Harry Potter. Long-time ally and friend to Harry Potter.harrypotterfanfiction.com :: 65. she was instrumental in the fall of Voldemort due to her vast knowledge of all types of spells and her cool use of logic. ”Hermione might get jealous!” They broke out in fits of laughter. The summer following the Battle of Hogwarts. Awarded the Order of Merlin.” scolded Hermione trying to hold back more laughter. ”Your turn. shooting a furtive glance at Harry.” said Harry with a sardonic grin. and living to tell the tale. Ginny.com/printerfriendly. ”He’s so cute.

And after you’re sorted. I guess I’ll have a price on my head. They heard several students gasp in initial horror at the sight of the Thestrals..’ Ginny brushed his cheek with the backs of her curled fingers. Ginny Potter.” Harry asked straightening his robes and checking himself for broken ribs. girl.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Of course.I’m sorry.. my love.” Ginny promised. Harry. Harry called out to his large friend. ”Hagrid. don’t apologize. who greeted him with a Hagrid-sized hug. many had seen death during the war and a lot more students than before were now able to see them. They whispered to each other. am I going with the rest of the students to the castle. Down. Harry’s eyes suddenly went dark. An hour later the train stopped at Hogsmeade Station and they left the train. There had indeed been a price on Harry’s head at this time the previous year. but what’s so special about mine...” Ginny asked.” she smiled conspiratorially. ”Harry. ”’Ello.harrypotterfanfiction. jerking his huge thumb toward the assembled newbies. stealing glances at their new—and famous —friends. Harry returned it with a bemused look on his face. giving Harry a sultry kiss. a signed 'Ginny Weasley' will be worth loads of Galleons! They never made more than one edition. ”He’s a big bloke. The world had faded away again.. They climbed into a carriage for the ride to the castle. awaiting the Ginny Potter Series.” he said and then smiled wickedly. ”No! No. eyebrows raised. I promise. plastered all of Wizarding Britain with wanted posters branding him ’Undesirable Number One. The Ministry. ”Oh. but he’s gentle as a lamb. looking over at Harry.. They’ll have the boys lining up in no time. Harry could see the apprehension on their previously-excited little faces and nudged Ginny. Damn! Ginny knew she’d inadvertently struck a nerve. ”Your things will be at the castle when you get there.ew!” Emma.” And all mine! ”Ohhhhhh.” he said huskily.harrypotterfanfiction.” ”Merlin.” she repeated. ’Ermione! I got ter take them firs’ years ter the boats. ”Sure..” In a show of assuring the girls.” Hermione urged them.” he boomed. ”But come an' see me o'er a cuppa soon as ye can!” ”We will. ”You’re Desirable Number One.. Harry could see that the girls had relaxed. Harry and Ginny helped their three little friends with their trunks and escorted them toward Hagrid. ”There’s a difference. ”Right you are. Erica and Patricia blushed and giggled with delight at the flirtation between Harry and Ginny and how they joked with them and Hermione. I like the sound of that. 'Arry an' Ginny!” ”You can expect an invitation to the wedding..com :: 65. 95 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .com/printerfriendly..that’s. I. rolling her eyes and holding her nose. ”You know.” she asked. Ginny. now. ”Oh? And what’s that. Hagrid!” ”And congratulations ter ya. you’ll find them waiting for you in your House dormitory. though.” he asked brushing back the offending lock of fire-red hair. ”Go on. under Voldemort’s control. I just zoned out there for a moment.php?mode=story&o. Hermione smiled to herself. 'Arry. ”You two are just.” Ginny told them. I didn’t mean.” Harry snapped out of his brood and blinked at her as if seeing her for the first time. ”If a signed Limited-Edition Ginny Weasley card will command loads of Galleons after we’re married.” he said. We’ll have something in common.” ”And what’s that.” Hermione groaned.

After such a dreadful year. ”I hope Hagrid never has to visit the common room. Harry and Hermione looked up at her with raised eyebrows. ”I have a few announcements.com/printerfriendly. tracing an index finger along his chest. She called the first name and the sorting began. Hagrid shall also serve as Head of Gryffindor House. Hogwarts loomed magnificently in the distance. but Hogwarts had been his first real home since his parents were killed. where the familiar stool and the ragged old Sorting Hat waited. There was a brief exchange ending with Harry nodding his head and returning to their table. ”So much for that. and held breaths.” Harry beamed as he looked up at a weeping Hagrid. well. pulling her body into his. but he felt a stab of regret that he wouldn’t be able to play. That’s too long. as usual.” Hermione cried as she applauded. Following a few muttered prayers. treacle tart. He was so proud of Ginny as Gryffindor House Team captain.” she giggled.. The world had begun to melt away again when a group of third years began to snicker and giggle at them. She parted hers so he could slip his tongue into her mouth.. ”How long since I kissed you last.” Harry sighed dejectedly. Once inside. Professor McGonagall raised her hands to silence the students. crossed fingers.” The words had barely passed her lips when the Gryffindors launched out of their seats with wild cheers and applause for their massive friend. Professor Sprout led the first years up the center aisle to the front of the Great Hall. standing steadfastly as ever.” Ginny mused. the three of them had indeed been sorted safely into Gryffindor House. Harry felt at home again. First. ”Wait ’til I tell Ron. but headed to the staff table to talk briefly with Professor McGonagall. As he finished the last bite of his favourite dessert.” he chuckled leaning down to press his lips to hers. wrapping his arm around her waist.” Applause rang out across the Great Hall.” Harry asked her. I mean really kissed you. ”No. Harry waited eagerly for the Prewett and Templeton girls to be sorted. ”Thought so. ”I suppose we’d better get inside. Harry left Ginny with Hermione at the Gryffindor table.com :: 65. I think we’re due. Professor McGonagall allowed the Gryffindors their little celebration and then quieted them all again.. and Harry stuffed himself grandly. please welcome back Rubeus Hagrid as our Care of Magical Creatures professor. He smiled and nodded at Hermione. ”Oh. ”Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! We have a bright future ahead of us that shall not be overshadowed by fear and darkness for the first time in many years. much to the joy and approbation of their Housemates. The food was excellent..” They strode up the aisle between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables. He loved the Burrow.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. then sat down next to Ginny. ”About an hour ago. it seemed to joyously welcome the students back with the promise of a bright future.that would have been this morning at the Burrow.php?mode=story&o.” she purred. a sumptuous Hogwarts feast appeared on the tables. warm light emitting from its hundreds of windows. Once the sorting was finished. Harry pulled Ginny aside for a long-overdue kiss. ”He’ll be gob smacked!” ”He doesn’t know what he’s missing. ”I doubt he’ll fit through the portrait hole!” They all laughed at Ginny’s observation as they cheered and applauded with their housemates.harrypotterfanfiction. ”We would 96 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Just before they joined the rest of the student body in the Great Hall.” he corrected her. He was with his Ginny and he would be training his friends—with his friends—in the DA.harrypotterfanfiction. He couldn’t be more content. Professor McGonagall rose to deliver the customary opening address.

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also like to welcome Professor Amelia Bones as our new Transfiguration teacher,” she said. Harry stole a look over at Susan across the Hall seated at the Hufflepuff table. She beamed as her classmates welcomed her aunt to the staff with cheers and applause. ”Unfortunately, we have not filled the Defence Against the Dark Arts post as yet.” She paused as the sound of low voices buzzed through the Great Hall. She raised her arms again to silence them. ”Therefore, Defense Against the Dark Arts shall have a team of teachers comprised of Aurors, members of the Order of the Phoenix and members of Dumbledore’s Army.” Harry could feel the eyes of the entire student body upon him. Bloody hell. ”Professors Flitwick, Sprout and Slughorn shall continue to serve as Heads of Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin Houses, respectively.” The student body applauded them as well. Professor McGonagall quieted the student body again as she continued. ”Let me also remind you that our caretaker, Mr Filch, has posted a list outside his office of items not allowed in the castle. You may peruse it at your convenience.” She paused again for the titter of laughter that rolled across the Great Hall. ”As if,” Ginny said, rolling her eyes. ”You know,” said Hermione, ”I almost feel sorry for the old sod.” ”Why,” Harry asked, clearly amused. ”Well, it’s just that I’ve spent a lot of the summer with Ron and George and...well, I’ve been helping a bit with the...ah...merchandise, and..” Her eyes darted between Harry and Ginny as she began to blush. ”Sales have been brisk,” she said with a smirk. ”This is going to be a very interesting year,” Harry said with a new twinkly in his emerald eyes. ”Too right, and when we’re done at the end of this year...” Ginny grinned wickedly. ”I know nothing,” Harry said looking blankly at the enchanted ceiling. Ginny giggled and gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek. ”Liar.” You’ll be right in the thick of it along with the rest of the DA. ”Furthermore, the Forbidden Forest is exactly that. Forbidden. Students are prohibited from entering it for any reason. Finally, we shall have guests with us at Hogwarts this year. Dumbledore’s Army shall be training as Aurors here, led by Harry Potter.” The student body erupted in applause once again. When it died down, Professor McGonagall continued. "A few former students will be living here with us on a part-time basis, and shall sleep us in the dormitories within the houses they belonged to as full-time students. When they have finished their training, they will be ready to take their final exams for their Auror licences.” The Great Hall began to buzz once again. Once quiet, Professor McGonagall excused them to their common rooms with instructions to the Prefects to see to the first years. Harry was about to follow Ginny and Hermione with the other Gryffindors when he realised he didn’t know if we was supposed to sleep in the dorms in Gryffindor tower or if other arrangements had been made. ”Wait for me,” he said to Ginny. ”I need a quick word with the headmistress.” Harry approached the staff table where Professor McGonagall had sat down to wait for the Great Hall to clear. ”Excuse me, Professor,” Harry said quietly as he leaned across the table. ”I don’t know where I’m supposed to sleep.” ”Oh, I’m so sorry, Mr Potter. Of course you don’t,” she apologised for the oversight.”Your office is next to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Tap thrice with your wand on the cupboard on the left wall and choose a password. Please come to my office tomorrow first thing after breakfast.” ”Thank you, Professor,” Harry said. ”No, Harry. Thank you,” she smiled, patting his hand. Harry didn't feel much the wiser, but he left the Great Hall to meet Ginny, who waiting for him at the foot of the stairs. He leaned over a gave her a quick kiss, took her hand, and led her up the stairs to the Defense Against

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the Dark Arts office. ”Come with me,” Harry said as he opened the door to his office.” Actually, my bed is supposed to be in here. I thought you might want to tuck me in.” Or join me. He pointed at the cupboard. ”Now watch,” he said as he tapped it three times as Professor McGonagall had instructed him. A disembodied voice asked for a password. ”Lawnmower,” he said smiling at Ginny. The cupboard opened and revealed steps leading into a bedroom. ”I wonder why I never thought about where the staff lived all these years, but this is somewhat like the entrance to the common room.” The room was small but pleasant. There was a fire place, a bed and a wardrobe. Harry's belongings have already been brought up. Next to the fire place was a cup of Floo powder. ”Great. I guess you can Floo back to the common room if you want to stay for a while.” ”Try to make me leave,” Ginny said as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close. Looking around the room a little closer, they found Ginny's trunk standing right behind Harry's. They hadn't noticed it at first. Stunned, they looked at each other slyly as their hearts beat faster. Does this mean we both live here,” Ginny asked hopefully. ”I don't know, but I’ve never heard of any trunks ending up in the wrong place. I’ll ask Professor McGonagall tomorrow morning. She wants to see me after breakfast,” Harry said. ”For the time being, then,” Ginny said with a sultry voice. She rose on her tiptoes and gazed into his eyes, her mouth an inch from his. Perhaps we should just take advantage of the situation while we can.” Their lips met in a passionate kiss; they parted them simultaneously and their tongues engaged. Their hands began to roam over one another’s bodies as the heat of their passion exploded. Molten lava shot through their veins once again as they hastily undressed each other and fell onto the bed, making love until they collapsed, spent, and fell asleep in one another’s embrace. The next morning after breakfast, Harry kissed Ginny goodbye as she left with Hermione for their first class. Harry headed for the headmistress’ office. ”Mr Gargoyle. Professor McGonagall asked to see me but I don't have a password yet.” Apparently, the gargoyle had been expecting him because it jumped aside revealing the spiral steps. Harry ascended them to her office and knocked. ”Enter,” Professor McGonagall called. The office looked very much the same except for some of the decorations. Harry stopped in front of professor McGonagall's desk. ”Good morning, Professor.” ”Ah, Harry. I hope you slept well,” she said with one of her rare smiles. ”I did, thank you,” Harry blushed. ”Uh... are you aware of the... uh...sleeping arrangements?” “Are you referring to Miss Weasley's quarters,” Professor McGonagall asked. ”It's a school policy that married or engaged professors naturally live with their beloved. Of course there was the question as to whether this applied in your case as Miss Weasley is a student and you're not an actual professor. The staff and I agreed that it will be necessary to ask you to teach lessons in Defense Against the Dark Arts from time to time this year in order to have a teacher for every lesson, since we can't count on the Ministry to schedule Aurors. Anything might happen on short notice at the Auror office, so we thought that without bending the rules too much, you could be considered what the policy defines as professor. As for Miss Weasley, we thought there would be less sneaking about in and out of Gryffindor tower if she lives with you. After all, there are no specifics in the policy as to whether the beloved is a student or not. Since you and Miss Weasley are engaged to be married, we placed her with you.” ”Of course. Thank you, Professor,” Harry answered with a smile. This is getting better and better. ”I would advise some discretion though,” Professor McGonagall said handing him a parchment. “Hogwarts is still, after all, a school.” ”You can count on us, Professor,” Harry promised. ”I’m sure we can,” she said pointedly. ”Now, Mr Potter, before lunch, you will begin meeting with those members

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of the DA who wish to join the program. I must also ask that you take this afternoon’s Defense Against the Dark Arts lessons.” ”Yes, of course, Professor.” Harry agreed. ”Everything is in the parchment. Thank you, Harry,” she said nodding at the scroll in his hand. Harry looked at the parchment. He would teach the first year and seventh years for that afternoon. The lessons had been prepared ahead of tie, so all he had to do was to follow the lesson plan. That seemed easy enough. ”Do you have any questions,” Professor McGonagall asked. ”Not right now, but I guess I will while I'm adjusting from being a student to being a...guest. If there's nothing more, I need to find Mr Filch.” ”Oh? Why,” Professor McGonagall asked. ”I need to find a Boggart for DA in a couple of weeks. Mr Filch might know better than anyone where to find one.” ”Good thinking, Mr Potter. I will advise the rest of the staff that if they find a Boggart they should check with you before doing anything with it.” ”Fair enough,” Harry replied and took his leave. He returned to his office to read the parchment. He saw there were a few things to prepare for the first years. Satisfied that he had all in order for that afternoon’s classes, Harry headed out onto the grounds where he met Hagrid stomping around Professor Sprout's garden. ”Hello Hagrid! What are you doing,” Harry asked. ”Mornin'! I'm helpin’ Professor Sprout wi’ de-Gnomin’ the garden,” Hagrid said, diving under a bush. ”Fast li'l buggers, garden Gnomes.” Hagrid arose with five Gnomes shouting angrily in his great fist. He tossed them away mightily with Fang running after them, chasing them into the forest. ”Fang might be a coward, but he loves a good de-Gnomin’ 'Arry,” Hagrid laughed. ”All the way into the ruddy forest. That'll hold 'em buggers off for a while.” Harry chuckled at his large friend. Hagrid was the first member of the Wizarding community Harry ever met and the first person, other than his parents, to have been kind to him.”Can we come for tea this afternoon after classes, Hagrid,” Harry asked. ”Yer always welcome,” Hagrid replied. ”Great. We’ll see you then,” Harry promised. He continued on toward the lake, where he sat down to think about his life since the battle. He was free from Voldemort, he was engaged to Ginny, he had spent the most incredible summer with her and now he was back at Hogwarts facing a new challenge. He started as he felt a pressure on his shoulder. He turned around and there stood Witherwings, the Hippogriff formerly known as Buckbeak. ”Witherwings, old friend,” Harry said and bowed. Witherwings bowed in turn. ”I’m free too now, and I’m actually facing a challenge that isn't lethal for once. Life’s pretty good, isn't it?” Witherwings tossed his eagle’s head, swished his horse’s tail, and chirruped, scratching at the ground with his great bird’s feet. Harry and Witherwings walked around the grounds together until they reached the white tomb of Albus Dumbledore. Harry looked at it and thought about all the good and all the bad that had happened at Hogwarts. Professor Dumbledore would say something like, Keep the good close to your heart, but remember the bad so it may never happen again. Seeing the tomb also reminded Harry he still had the Elder Wand. Not that he would consider using it, but he had to figure out what to do with it. Harry returned to school in time to meet Ginny outside the Great Hall. He greeted her with a tender kiss, but she could tell he was deep in thought. ”I took a stroll along the lake and visited Professor Dumbledore's tomb,” Harry said, ”and I guess I got lost in memories. It was good, though, because I realised everything I have to be happy for. Most of all for being with you, Ginny,” he confessed, taking her in his arms and pressing her against him. ”Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my life could ever be this...good.” He kissed her again. Me either, my love. Ginny smiled appreciatively. ”So...do you have time to join me for lunch after my next

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class,” she asked, picking microscopic lint off the front of his robes. ”Yes, but I'm off to meet with the DA right now...Oh, and I met Hagrid on the grounds today. We're invited for tea after class this afternoon. I suppose he invited Hermione, too. And after that...about supper together this evening in our room—just you and me,” Harry suggested with his signature sly grin. ”Tea at Hagrid's and supper in...did you say our room,” she asked, intrigued. ”Yes, our room. Professor McGonagall gave me a lecture about school policies and engaged couples. Bottom line, she thought there would be less sneaking around the corridors at night if she put the two of us together.” Harry could see that Ginny was thoroughly enjoying that. ”And I have the first years’ and your classes in Defense Against the Dark Arts today at Professor McGonagall's request.” ”Oh Harry that is so great,” she squealed, throwing her arm around his neck. ”I would go spare living in that dorm, knowing you are so close, but out of reach. And having you, Professor Potter, this afternoon...” Her eyes flashed mischievously. ”Don’t even think of calling me ’professor again,’ or I will have to ask Professor McGonagall to let me take house points,” he said as he pulled her closer and planted a noisy kiss on her forehead. Just then, Harry saw Mr Filch coming from the dungeons and winked at him. ”Mr Filch.” ”Yes... sir,” Filch answered. ”I will need a Boggart for my group in a few weeks. If you come across one, please let me know. And please, for both of our sakes, don't call me sir.” Mr Filch grinned and relaxed. ”Oh, I’ll let you know, all right. Nasty buggers, those things. I would probably have come to you anyway. You have proven yourself quite good at ridding the school of dark creatures, Mr Potter. I'm almost glad I never got you expelled,” his smile looking more like a grimace than a grin. ”Thank you, Mr Filch,” Harry nodded and turned for the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Harry entered the classroom prepared for Dumbledore's Army. All of the members had received an invitation to join this program in order to prepare for an Auror exam. Harry expected many of the members would have other plans for the future. When he entered, there found six of them waiting. Terry Boot had answered the call, who had suffered badly under the Carrows, as well as Anthony Goldstein, a Hufflepuff friend of Terry’s. Seamus Finnegan, a friend and fellow Gryffindor from Harry's year, had one arm around Lavender Brown, Ron's old girlfriend. Harry looked at them questioningly. ”No, it's nothin’ like that,” Seamus said chuckling. ”I got the invitation at St Mungo's,” Lavender told him. ”I'm still a patient, but I wouldn't miss this for anything. I'm still having trouble standing for more than a few minutes at a stretch, so Seamus is just helping me a bit.” Behind them sat Cho Chang. Harry wondered if it was the loss of Cedric that motivated her to pursue a career as an Auror, or if she was just here out of the pure loyalty to Dumbledore's Army. Susan Bones sat next to her. Harry nodded and addressed the group. ”Welcome. As you know we’re officially here as Dumbledore's Army. Unofficially, we’re the Auror Training Program. Each of us is here because we’re considering a future with the Auror Office. I want to be an Auror because I want to make a difference in Wizarding society. The Minister for Magic has praised our efforts during the war and said that we performed far better than the Order of the Phoenix and the Aurors combined. And I think I know why.” ”We didn't get into Dumbledore's Army to pursue a career. The other members were not competitors for promotions or just colleagues. Dumbledore's Army was a team that fought for freedom and survival, and every member was a friend to each of the others. All of us here experienced battle, and we know that we need to and can trust our own skills as well those of the friends beside us. What made us better than the Aurors in the war was love – the loyalty and friendship we all have through DA. What made us better than the Order was perhaps that our enemies underestimated us because of our ages. ”Apart from hard training, we need to work to strengthen our friendship, because we will never win another duel

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because our enemy underestimates us. Now since we all know each other, tell us, your friends, why you decided to come here today. We’ll start with Terry Boot.” Terry stood and faced his friends. ”I suffered here last year. I am here because I want to be an Auror and make sure no one will ever suffer like that again,” he said resolutely. Anthony rose next. ”I was never the most skilled wizard in DA, but I want to develop my skills and join the Aurors to help make sure that no dark wizard may rise to power like that again,” Anthony said. Seamus stood before his friends and folded his arms across his chest.”I'm a fighter, pure and simple,” Seamus said. ”I promised meself I’d fight the dark arts where I find ’em for the rest of me life, and there’s no place better to do it than outta the Aurors Office, I reckon.” He returned to Lavender’s side. ”You’ll forgive me if I don’t stand,” Lavender began. ”I was almost killed last May,” she said. ”I've been recuperating at St Mungo's for four months. I'm scarred but not broken. I want to make sure no one else will suffer the way I’ve had to.” Cho stood and looked around the room. ”The night Cedric died a piece of me died with him,” Cho told them.”Fighting the dark arts will never bring Cedric back, but if I can, just once, save the life of one wizard or witch, I have spared someone the pain I have lived with and Cedric will not have died in vain. When Riddle died I finally felt at peace with myself. I want to be an Auror to prevent anyone else having their loved ones killed or hurt.” Finally, Susan stood, but looked straight at Harry. ”I never thought I would consider becoming an Auror. I hoped I would find a man and raise a family. But last year, I found out there are those willing to do horrible, evil things to get what they want. I still hope I will raise a family one day, but I also know I want to be a part of the Auror Office to protect not only the family I hope for, but other families as well,” Susan told them. ”I want each of us to remember what was said here today, because it’s important that we understand why we do what we do. We will use our time here to push the limits of our dueling skills and study for the written Auror examination. We will work on maximizing our spell work and repertoire, developing our skills with non-verbal magic and for those of us capable, wandless magic. We will also spend time at the Ministry, learning about its organisation, familiarise ourselves with the Auror Office. Each of us will receive an owl inviting us for an interview at the Auror Office. For the next two weeks, we will read the Auror Field Manual and learn it inside and out. I will schedule times for dueling practice. Any questions so far?” Hearing none, Harry dismissed them for lunch.

Harry met Ginny and Hermione outside the Great Hall for lunch. ”How did your first meeting go, Harry,” Hermione asked. ”There were six: Terry, Anthony, Seamus, Lavender, Cho and Susan,” Harry replied, glancing at Ginny as he mentioned Cho. ”That's great, though I'm a bit surprised about Susan,” Hermione said. ”Yes, but on the other hand, Seamus wasn't a surprise,” Harry said as he took a bite from his sandwich. ”I would have expected no less,” Ginny agreed. ”I’d have been shocked if he hadn’t come.” ”Mr Potter, I didn't have the pleasure to introduce myself yesterday,” said a voice behind Harry. Startled, he turned around. ”Professor Bones. I’ heard a rumour that you were killed, but I'm glad to see that wasn't true. I'm training your niece.” ” I was almost killed, but narrowly escaped and went into hiding. I returned as soon as the news of Voldemort's death reached me. I must thank you, Harry. You made it possible for me to return home to my family. And I

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understand that congratulations to you and Miss Weasley are in order.” ”Yes, thank you, Professor,” Harry said. Professor Bones took her leave and headed toward the Hufflepuff table to visit with her niece. After lunch, Harry gave Ginny a quick but loving kiss as a group of giggling third years watched. ”Time to face my first years,” he said with mock trepidation. ”I’ll see your lot later on.” ”I’m counting the moments,” Ginny said dreamily as they parted. Harry studied the eleven-year-old students before him. He recognised only the twin sisters, Emma and Erica Prewett, and their friend, Patricia Templeton. He still couldn’t get over how small they seemed. Did I really face Voldemort at their age? They seemed so young. The class settled into their seats and it was time to start. ”Good afternoon,” Harry greeted his class.”I'm Harry Potter and I am your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher today.” ”Good afternoon, Professor Potter,” the class replied looking up in awe and reverence at their famous teacher. Although he didn't like it, he could understand why they would think of him as a hero. After all, they’d heard all the tales about the Boy-Who-Lived from their parents, friends, and older siblings all their young lives. The first-years from Muggle homes had probably heard everything about Harry Potter from their new friends by now, so he’d just have to grin and bear it. ”Right. Please call me Harry. I'm not a professor. Seven years ago, I sat in your place. I had learned only a few weeks before that I was a wizard. Just like many of you, I thought, Can I do magic? I soon learned here at Hogwarts that I could. Defence Against the Dark Arts will teach you about the dark arts and dark creatures and how to prepare you to face any dangers they might present in your lives, if at all. You will also learn the basic art of dueling so you can more effectively defend yourselves. Let me ask you. What lessons did you have before? ”Charms with professor Flitwick,” a Hufflepuff boy answered after a nod from Harry. ”Charms, good. That means you used your wands. Were any one of you able to accomplish anything?” Emma and Erica giggled. Harry looked at them. ”Well, it's just that Joseph, here,” they nodded towards a blushing fellow Gryffindor boy, ”set a feather on fire that we were supposed to levitate.” ”Ah. Wingardium Leviosa. Incineration is at least something. My friend, Seamus, did the same thing and now he’s training to be an Auror,” Harry grinned. ”Anyone else?” ”My feather flew up in the air but fell right back. And most of us at least had the feathers move around a little,” said another Hufflepuff boy at the rear of the classroom. ”Good. That's about all I managed at my first lesson. Now, today, we’ll start by learning a basic defensive spell used to disarm your opponent. It's called Expelliarmus.” ”I heard that’s the spell you used on Voldemort.” Erica said. ”That’s true. It's a useful spell and not too complicated,” he assured the class. The class concentrated very hard to learn the actual spell that defeated Voldemort. Harry had prepared a couple of sticks about the same size as the average wand. He told the class he would demonstrate the spell and then distribute the sticks for everyone to try. Harry drew his wand. He had used it only for a few times for any advanced magic after repairing it. He remembered the non-verbal Patronus, though. He had Apparated a lot, but otherwise the magic between him and Ginny was enough. Whoa, down boy. He demonstrated how to move the wand and say the spell at the same time. Then he prepared to cast it on the stick. ”Expelliarmus,” Harry said. The stick crashed into the wall and shattered on impact. Harry tried to hide his surprised reaction to the power of his spell. ”You can also, with a slightly different movement, try to affect the direction of the wand, in order to snatch it right out of the air.” Harry cast the spell again at the next stick more carefully, and it flew to his free hand. ”Like that... Now, each of you take a stick try to cast Expelliarmus on it.”

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Everyone spread out and soon there were shouts of Expelliarmus throughout the classroom. Harry walked around adjusting wand movements and correcting stance. He assured each of them that it would take a bit of practice before they got it right. After about five minutes something happened. The boy named Joseph made his own wand fly across the classroom. ”Well done, Joseph! You made something happen, if quite the opposite of what you intended,” Harry encouraged him, asking him to try again. Joseph cast his spell again, but his wand flew away once more. ”Joseph, you moved the wand in the opposite direction, causing the spell to backfire. You will all learn that the secret is not to make magic happen, but to make what you intend to happen, happen. After thirty minutes of hard work, some of the students had caused their sticks to at least move. Still, they all looked pretty discouraged. ”You did well, all of you, really. Before next class, I want you to review the first chapter of your books. It describes this spell and the purpose of Defence Against the Dark Arts. Please write a six-inch summary of your review to hand in to the teacher of that lesson.” As they left, Harry heard several of them exclaiming excitedly about having caused his or her stick to move. That was more than most of them were able to do with the feather in Charms. Harry cleared the classroom and went to his room hidden behind the cupboard for a cup of tea before his N.E.W.T. class. Harry returned to the classroom and sized-up some twenty sixth- and seventh-year students. He knew half of them by name and recognised the rest. Feeling nervous, he looked at Ginny, whose smile lent him a boost of confidence. Hermione sat next to her watching him and encouraging him with a nod. "Good afternoon," he started. "Good afternoon, Professor," a chorus replied. He noted gratefully that neither Ginny nor Hermione called him Professor. "Okay, first of all, please call me Harry. Today, we’re here to assess everyone’s abilities, so we will engage in series of practice duels today. We'll take it from there for the rest of the year, working you all towards a great examination. As Professor McGonagall told your, DA member and Aurors will be your teachers here, at least for the time being.” Harry thoroughly enjoyed teaching this class because it felt just like the old days in the DA. "Pair up and try to disarm you opponent. Only disarm," he repeated. Once everyone had a partner, he told them to begin. He turned his attention to Hermione and Ginny, who had really launched into a rather heated, but controlled, advanced duel. Shaking his head and smiling to himself, he approached them. "Please, keep it to disarming for now," he whispered, "or I’ll have to take points from you." ”You wouldn't dare,” Hermione said smiling. ”Can I opt for detention instead,” Ginny whispered. She and Hermione giggled as Harry blushed scarlet. ”Disarming, please,” Harry said again and strode off to observe the rest of the class, instructing the pairs when necessary. "Harry, is Expelliarmus really any good against a dark wizard," a Gryffindor girl he didn't know asked. "I used it several times against Voldemort, but of course, there are more powerful spells you’ll learn in this class." "The book says there is no defence against the Unforgivable curses. Why don't the dark wizards use them all the time,” a Hufflepuff boy he didn't know asked. "Well, the book is correct. There are no counter-curses against them; however, you can resist the Imperius curse. The Cruciatus curse is a little bit different. The effect of the curse depends on the wizard's or witch’s desire to torture the victim. You have to be consumed by evil and hatred to be able to inflict that kind of suffering on anyone."

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"But Voldemort could?" "Yes, he was known for using the Cruciatus curse until his victims begged for death, or were driven incurably insane. I would say that most dark wizards will use it against their enemies, but only if they’re certain they can cast it strongly enough." "And the killing curse?" "Like the Cruciatus curse, it takes a lot of determination to cast. Focusing heavily on using the killing curse for an attack in a duel will weaken your defences, leaving you vulnerable—especially if you miss. It’s rarely used in a duel. It’s a coward’s curse because it’s used only once the victim is weakened to incapacitation, disarmed, or his or her back is turned. But a few dark wizards, like Tom Riddle, are so evil and so driven by the utter lust for blood, that they can use it with confidence in a duel. If you should ever find yourself face-to-face with such a wizard, duck," Harry warned. "So even if they are powerful curses, they are not so good in a duel," a Ravenclaw girl asked. "Exactly. I guess dark wizards would rather rely on other spells during a duel, saving the Unforgivable ones for the defenceless. Harry knew they wanted to ask the question and that it was a matter of time before one of them did "Anything else," he asked the class. "How did you survive then, Harry," the Gryffindor girl asked softly, clearly rattled by the things Harry told them about the Unforgivables. Bingo! "That was due to a series of generally unlikely circumstances and magic that neither Riddle nor Professor Dumbledore fully understood. I'm sorry, but I can't tell you anything more other than Professor Dumbledore said that it had to do with love, something Voldemort couldn't understand at all." He could feel Ginny’s intense gaze as she listened to him fighting to stick to the truth without revealing anything beyond what appeared in the Minister's statement. Harry had rigged a statue-like device used for training that could produce various curses. He told the class to form a line, and as they were attacked, they were to counter-curse and attack in turn. They were allowed to use more powerful spells on the statue than they had used on each other. In the end, there were two relatively serious incidents. A Hufflepuff girl failed with her counter-curse, so she got hit and had most of her hair burnt away.

"Off you go to Madame Pomfrey, she'll grow your hair back in no time," Harry promised. The other incident involved Ginny's last attack. She put everything she had into it, literally vaporising the statue, leaving only grey ashes in a pile on the floor in its place. "Oh... good, strong attack Ginny," Harry said. Powerful and sexy—a deadly combination. The rest of the class had been looking on in abject terror, except for Hermione who grinned openly. Harry told them to pair up again and duel attacking and defending, but asking them to go easy. "I would appreciate not having to send anyone else to Madame Pomfrey." Soon the room shook with spells and counter-spells. Again Hermione and Ginny dueled fiercely. As the others managed to disarm or defeat their partners, they stopped to watch in fascination. None of them had seen the battle because they had been evacuated from the castle before it began. The class watched, mesmerised, as Hermione and Ginny dueled on, their movements and spell work all a fury of leaps, swishes, flourishes and flicks. Rarely did either utter a word, neither of them using spells that might cause either of them serious injury. Hermione fought using all her wits, casting her wide range of spells, attempting to get around Ginny's defences. Ginny proved more powerful with each of her spells nearly penetrating Hermione's defences with the mere force of them. They took greater risks as their duel progressed. It finally ended when both of them dropped their defences simultaneously to attack. Ginny spun and fell to the floor, taking Hermione’s spell to her shoulder. Harry felt disoriented for a moment as she fell. Hermione took Ginny’s spell sending Hermione three metres backward, crashing into the wall. The rest

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of the class stood stunned as two star duelers retrieved their wands and hugged each other. "Shall we call it a draw," Ginny asked, panting and flexing her shoulder. "It’s a draw," Hermione moaned as she tried to catch her breath and steady herself on her feet. Relieved that his sister and his fiancée appeared uninjured, Harry turned to the class and took in their expression. ”You were all evacuated before the battle?" All of them nodded. "What Hermione and Ginny showed here gives you an idea as to why the evacuation was necessary. This is pretty much what the battle looked like, but on a much grander scale and involving deadly curses. Switch partners and try again." The two students paired with Ginny and Hermione stared at them, terrified. "Do what you do best and keep it simple. Focus," Hermione instructed her partner. ”That’s right. Don’t ever try anything fancy or unproven. That’ll get you into trouble every time,” Ginny warned her own partner. Harry could see that they already dueled better after working with Hermione and Ginny, who went easy on their new partners. Ginny disarmed her opponent who made a fatal mistake, but Hermione was taken by surprise when her partner caught her with a Jelly Legs jinx before ultimately disarming her. "Great work. You kept it simple by using a prankster jinx. However, I wouldn't recommend repeating it too often because you lose the element of surprise,” Harry said. He remembered how he had been identified at the Battle in the Sky by casting Expelliarmus, which had long-ago become identified with him. Soon, the class period ended. ” Well done! You may go,” Harry dismissed them. The class packed up their gear and left the classroom, some of them glancing back in awe at Ginny and Hermione. Harry estimated this class was a lot better-prepared than the DA had been when they first started. The Gryffindor girl who had asked about Expelliarmus approached him. "Harry, will we be able to fight like them one day," she asked, nodding toward Ginny and Hermione. "That’s entirely possible. When we started the DA in my fifth year, many members couldn't even disarm properly. By the end of that year, most of them could produce corporeal Patronuses. Those who were of age joined those who returned to fight in the battle against Riddle," Harry explained. "By the way, what's your name?" "Jessica Spinnet." "Ah. Alicia's sister?" "Yes, I am." she said, and left. Ginny and Hermione had been waiting for him. Harry put his arm around Ginny and gave her a kiss. As they left the classroom, Hermione huffed in disgust. ”A Jelly Legs jinx,” Hermione muttered, looking furious. ”I could have taken him.” ”I know you could Hermione,” Harry replied. ”Didn't you see their faces after your duel? Jessica Spinnet, the girl who left, just asked if they could learn to fight like you.” They headed for Hagrid’s. On the way down, Harry wanted to ask them about what had happened to him at the end of their duel. ”Something strange happened. When I had the first years this afternoon, I demonstrated Expelliarmus on stick and almost blew it up. And during the summer I had to modify the memory of a Muggle lady in the park, almost sending her to St Mungo's. Did something happen because of the way I repaired my wand?”

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”Learned how to make ’em from Olympe. their wand work and reflexes had vastly improved.” he said. ”You’ve faced loads of previously-unknown magic. Harry. but one girl had to have some burnt-off hair re-grown. ”You’d better ask Ginny and Hermione.” ”Oh. Hermione. we’re talking about previously-unknown magic. something even more could very well have happened to cause this surge in your powers. but Ginny accepted. Hermione.com :: 65. as if your spell had hit me.” Hagrid said 106 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . come in! Tea’s just about ready. 'Arry. You’d better explore this carefully. By the end of class. ”So how did yer first day go. I had them in class this afternoon. ”No one went to Madame Pomfrey with any serious injuries. Both Harry and Ginny felt warm inside at the mention of their future home.” Ginny said animatedly.harrypotterfanfiction. By Hagrid's standards.” Hermione answered guardedly." Although a unicorn's horn was better used in potions. mostly out of politeness." Ginny asked. "Thank you.” Hermione said. ”’Arry.” Harry said gratefully. Both Arthur and Bill think there might be some kind of bond between us. Hagrid served tea and some odd-looking biscuits he had baked himself. When Ginny fell at the end of your duel. I never sent ye a present. Of course." they both said. blushing.” Hagrid asked. I felt disoriented for a second. ”Harry paired a couple of them with me and Ginny. Hagrid reached behind and produced a present wrapped in an old issue of the Daily Prophet. lovely ladies. They never knew what Hagrid might give them.harrypotterfanfiction.” he said..” Hermione added. ”Come in. they have a long way to go. ”Hagrid’s waiting for us..” ”Thanks..” ”As I said.” he said. I can do some research about this bond of yours. actually.php?mode=story&o. "Is it a unicorn's horn. there’s more. I blacked-out for a second when I hit the wall. I wouldn't want just anyone digging into this. So much has happened to you already to affect your magic. that stunner you hit me with was the most powerful I've ever felt.” Harry replied. If you like.” Chapter 6: Love and beyond [View Online] [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter] Chapter 6 – Love and Beyond Hagrid met them at the door with a hearty welcome and a Hagrid-sized hug.” he boomed. ”So. Hagrid’s cooking left much to be desired. it was a very romantic gift. ”And Ginny. ”Hello.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Harry and Hermione followed suit and found that they tasted rather good.” Harry and Ginny opened the gift with both fear and anticipation.” ”'Arry’ll train up Dumbledore's Army well 'nough ter take out every ruddy Auror who dares ’em.com/printerfriendly. Congratulations. this is fer you. and everyone’s catching on quite quickly. Found it in the forest. offering both of his arms. but they’re off to a good start. ”Harry did really well. Harry’s a natural. ”Harry. but that magic worked only if the horn in question had been found or given as a gift. Hagrid. ”Good ter see ya! Good ter see ya.” a broadly smiling Hermione said to her enormous friend.” ”Yes. so ’ere ye are.. Hagrid.come along then. and they told him so. it was popular to have one for good luck and happy life over the door to your house. "That it is. Thought you might like to put it o'er yer door when ya get a home. Not to mention that spell you vaporised Harry’s statue with. Ginny.

”Who could that be. they had just launched into a pre-coital snog when a knock came on the door. ”Is that really your kind of reading Hermione.” Hagrid chuckled. burying his face in her neck. I’d better get inside. I want you now.” he answered huskily. ”Aren’t you hungry. ”Yes.” asked Hermione. his head began to spin. now. Merlin. We’ll pick this up later.” Hermione said wistfully. It was Hermione.Witherwings and then I’ll be along..000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. but Harry and Ginny made for the stairs. ”I need to talk to you. as he opened his mouth to take a bite. He continually marveled at how beautiful she was and that she loved him. A lovely candlelit dinner awaited the couple in their room. Lily was so proud of it. still slightly annoyed at the interruption. ”I love you. Aff with ye. ”Harry.harrypotterfanfiction.harrypotterfanfiction.” Hermione asked them. picking up her fork and taking a bite of the salmon. She apologized for the intrusion but asked if she could come in just the same. tears the size of marbles welled up in Hagrid's eyes. I have interrupted something. I love strawberries and chocolate. ”The strawberries were mine. ushering her through the door.” Hermione said and put a book entitled Magical Myths and Legends on the table. When Ginny showed him the ring. Harry pulled out a chair for Ginny to sit down and then took his seat next to her.. ”I’ve got ter feed Buck..” she said as she hurried up the aisle to the Gryffindor table..” she asked as her stomach took that familiar flip. how did you do this.” Ginny asked. ”Mmm. Now!” Strawberries forgotten. a mixed-greens salad. Oh and that curry smells wonderful. her lips lingering over it before she pulled it into her mouth with her tongue. I’ll spend the rest of my life making her happy. this is. he strutted about like a right peacock after yer mum said yes. But she’s pulled it back. Harry’s eyes widened as she placed the broad end of the fruit into her teeth and then leaned forward so he could take a bite from the chocolate end. ”I remember when yer dad gave that ring ter yer mother.” she said as if in a daze. Harry watched in fascination as Ginny seductively bit into the strawberry he held to her mouth. He swallowed the strawberry and crushed her in his arms. They spent the rest of the afternoon chatting about what they had all been doing over the summer.php?mode=story&o.com/printerfriendly.” he replied. ”I want you. the shadows grew long and it was time to head back to the castle for supper. Ginny.” she said. Between the wildflowers and strawberries scent in her hair and the chocolate strawberry Ginny held for him in her perfect teeth.” Harry intimated. When they finished eating dinner.” He gazed deeply into her chocolate eyes as they shone in the candlelight. Soon. emerald eyes glittering.. There was salmon on a cedar plank with lightly curried pilaf.com :: 65. ”Oh my. Potter! ”The salmon was Kreacher’s idea.” she purred as she chose one for Harry. well. love. they cuddled up in front of the fire to feed the strawberries to one another. with the same air of conviction that he had when he said that Harry would win the Triwizard Tournament. ”Nah. His desire for her grew into outright lust.” Ginny growled as they broke apart. Enjoy.” The three friends made their way back to the castle. ”Well. this looks delicious. He stole a glance at Ginny. ’Arry. ”Of course. green beans amandine. Oh dear. Hagrid. warm Butterbeer. you go on.. Kind of like a dinner date.” Harry said.. ”Coming. I want to find out how our three Munchkins did today. ”That’s so romantic. Hermione turned to toward the Great Hall. Harry and Ginny told him about how Harry proposed to her. but we’re going to have a quiet supper in our room tonight..” Ginny replied leaning into Harry’s shoulder. 107 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .and James.”Oooh it is! Oh Harry. the things she does to me. waving a trash bin-sized hand. and something very near and dear to Ginny’s heart for dessert—strawberries dipped in chocolate.it’s so romantic.

” Ginny grinned. Like theirs. the magical powers that should have created the protection must have ended up doing.harrypotterfanfiction. It's a beautiful fairy tale about eternal love beyond mortality. but maybe it somehow marked them. ”Look at the circumstances. And even more interesting is that those who have seen you this summer say you are shining. willingly given for love.com :: 65. ”So what does this mean? That our souls are fused together. ”I'm not sure.” Ginny said and hugged her goodnight. despite that he was the master of the Elder Wand. ”Well. Ginny.” Hermione finished.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. I don't feel complete without you. Riddle rips his soul apart to create his Horcruxes. Harry. ”I don't really know.” Hermione said and opened the book.” Harry asked her. Harry didn't die. Harry and Ginny cuddled up again in front of the fire place once again.. magic at work doesn't dissipate into nothing. Harry. your love transcends life itself.” ”Hermione. when Harry survived.” Harry asked. When Harry chose to return to life. Maybe something similar is happening to the two of you. Normally I'd Bat-Bogey you. After Hermione left. but I sure wouldn't find anything about your bond in my normal books.php?mode=story&o.” Hermione admitted.” Harry asked Ginny. I looked that up. The ancient magic claims one life. but what she says makes sense. Thank you for letting us know what you think about this bond. However. by the way. but you need to explore it. As far as I know. had walked into the forest to protect Ginny with your life. ”Look here. Ginny.harrypotterfanfiction.” Harry and Ginny tried to understand.” ”What do you mean. She closed her book and rose to leave... ”I have never felt a stunner that strong before. When Harry went in the forest. No one has ever produced a non-verbal Patronus.com/printerfriendly. Harry. and I think all your magical powers were too. as he held her close. I don't think it's a bad thing. the ancient protection magic was already at work. ”What do you think about this soul thing.” ”You've found something already?” ”Maybe.. but whatever this is between you. It tells of a mythical couple who were so much in love they actually merged their souls and became as one. and that is not like me at all. the connection became permanent. since you. It sure didn't rip your souls. I think there was a magical connection created between your souls when Harry met Dumbledore at the astral King's Cross Station.” Harry asked. Not even Dumbledore was able to do what you did. still trying to get his head around such an hypothesis. ”Anyway. The anger I felt after your return was washed away the moment I laid eyes on you. there are things we don't understand. it was created out of love. but I do know that you have been given a unique opportunity to become closer than any other couple in the history of the Wizarding world.” Hermione paused to allow her friends to absorb this portion of her profound explanation.something else. ”Not normally. it always either backfires or causes other phenomena. see through each other’s eyes. Now. you never intrude. Harry had only to look at you this summer to produce a non-verbal Patronus. Both of you were possessed by him at one point or another. in order to create and seal the protection of another. Since the last thing you saw was Ginny before you ”died. ”Yes. knowing Hermione probably did. I think your souls are fused together by love. and that the ”marks” on your souls made it possible. but I thought this was important.” all your love was directed at her. ”And how can you be sure. I didn't want to intrude. I have homework to do and I want to send an owl to Ron yet tonight.” Ginny asked. It's like we understand each other.” ”Are you saying this connection gives us greater magical ability. but Harry did something never heard of before. 108 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Hermione’s words causing her to blush slightly. have you noticed anything in your magic?” ”I have never sent anyone three meters into a wall with a stunner before. ”Do you have any idea what. We didn't really argue once all summer. ”Harry was affected today in class by a spell that hit you. Ginny asked. Ginny. I don't know if you will be able to share each other’s minds.

” he confessed rubbing her back as he held her. ”Ginny. It seems his terror can't enter Hogwarts.. He told us to think about what he had told us. our souls were connected and merged when you came to see me after the battle. and opened it. settled back down next to Ginny on the floor. He said he could tell I thought he was willing to join out of childish ideas of glory and honour. it's all about knowing each other really well. but I see little alternative to fighting You-Know-Who.. he must be defeated. Of course for Muggles. I can’t imagine Sirius sitting something like this out. My only wish is to be as close as possible to you. How do you feel about this. I guess Professor Dumbledore must’ve seen brilliance where no one else could. when he called us to his office.Ts are getting closer..” she agreed.” Harry laughed. but if we are soul-mates. I still find myself thinking of him as an immature prankster.harrypotterfanfiction. you somehow knew. ”Sounds like a wonderful idea. ”I want to explore this. He is concerned You-Know-Who is about to strike. A new week and a new month.” Ginny said softly. ”I have an idea. ”So do I. Not dreams of their careers.but I’m glad he did. When we were finally alone. but I know he is.” Harry said. and yes. but didn't understand. I haven't thought that much about You-Know-Who.W. ”Now. You-Know-Who rose to power about the same time I started here and according to professor Dumbledore. He simply informed us of the organization in case we might be willing to volunteer. we talked. await your apology. it’s been a while. but really thinking about what they would face after Hogwarts. brow furrowed. He is a much more brilliant wizard than he likes people to think. that sounds like you.harrypotterfanfiction.E. How about we concentrate really hard on how much we love each other five minutes after we've gone to classes tomorrow.. Maybe unconsciously. I couldn't be happier. Professor Dumbledore said that it was far too much to ask anyone to join. Even after seven months with James. who are fighting You-Know-Who.com :: 65. there would be no peace. ”What is it supposed to mean?” ”Muggles say it about friends or couples who seem to know what their spouse or significant other is thinking. he's loyal to his friends. but that was just a cover.” Ginny said. he has slowly worked his way into Imperiusing people at the Ministry as well as terrorizing those who stand against him. even though there were no words to express it.” Ginny grinned. I have no reason to doubt Professor Dumbledore. This soul thing could explain all of that. have you ever heard the Muggle expression soul-mate?” Ginny shook her head. so he made him Head Boy. and if You-Know-Who indeed controls the Ministry.php?mode=story&o. Harry. Of course James wanted to join. my love?” ”I don’t think there’s a word or combination of words to describe how I feel about it. We thought it had something to do with us being Head Boy and Girl.com/printerfriendly. Dumbledore told us he is the leader of a secret organization called the Order of the Phoenix. He likes a good practical joke. He said he considered it because he had hopes of raising a family in peace and with You-Know-Who around. like Dad’s to play professional Quidditch we read about the other day.” Harry replied thoughtfully. and then make you beg me to return to you. How about reading a bit from your mum's diary?” Harry stood up and crossed the room to his trunk to retrieve the diary.” Harry suggested.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. sharing my life with you. ”Yes. quite literally.” ”I remember you said you were sorry for leaving me. Then James surprised me. The whole thing was sure a mystery to me. but there is so much more to James than that. I guess all of the Marauders will too. ”1 May 1978. ”But if Hermione is right. In seventh year. if only to deepen our love.” 109 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . James doesn't seem too concerned. James asked the professor if he had called us to recruit us.” ”She was really worried when she wrote this. There is no one except James I trust more than Professor Dumbledore and he seems really worried. a bit of a smart-arse. you can tell N. He brought it back. I may not be as adventurous as my dear boyfriend or his best mate. James was surprised to hear I considered volunteering for the Order. We had the strangest talk with Professor Dumbledore today. I can't live in a community ruled by a dark wizard. I also remember I told you I knew why you did it. ”I think it's the first time she really thought about what they would do after Hogwarts.

the hat cried. ”There isn’t really any time to waste. or your healing draught could become poison. Letter. ”Gryffindor!” In spite of herself. ”You’re feeling a little homesick? I did too. ”Oh it was nothing.. ”He looks like such a nice man.. Along with the letter was a form excusing him from checking his wand. Hermione.” Ginny began. Ginny. The next morning at breakfast. buttered another slice of toast and turned his attention to Ginny and Hermione.” Professor Sprout called. She had already become attached to her during the trip from London on the Hogwarts Express.I felt. my first few weeks here. ”They’re not wasting any time. Ginny’s..” he assured them. Soon it was time to head for class. ”Templeton. handing the letter and form back to Harry. Gin. ”But don’t worry. ”You’ll learn all sorts of wonderful things from him.” Ginny said.” chimed three little voices. but if you want to talk about it. okay?” Patricia nodded gratefully and attacked her breakfast with a will. Hermione bit her lip in anticipation. Hermione knew that she felt overwhelmed at the same time. but you still have to pay close attention to what you’re doing and follow the directions To. You won’t be doing anything that big for a while yet..” Harry warned. Patricia.” laughed Hermione.” ”That’s right.. ”I supposed if I’m to train new Aurors. At the base of the stairs. ”So. He poured her a glass of juice. Milady. He 110 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Patricia released her and slid into an empty seat beside her. and Hermione’s sight went dark. ”Good morning.harrypotterfanfiction. ”are we ready for another exciting day at Hogwarts?” ”Oh yes! We have Potions today with Professor Slughorn..” Harry said cheerfully. ”Harry? Could you please help me with the orange juice? The pitcher’s a bit full. She imagined how difficult this must be for Patricia as she replayed her sorting in her mind. grabbed their gear and headed out of the Hall.” All of a sudden. ”And how are our three favourite firsties this morning?” ”Good. Erica and Emma released Harry and Ginny in kind and took their places on either side of the couple. so Hermione and Ginny. Hermione could certainly understand.” Patricia blushed into her eggs and bacon.” Hermione felt a protective surge of sympathy. just come find me in the seventh-year dorms.” Ginny agreed. ”Why? What happened. who were still chatting with Patricia. Harry took Ginny aside allowing the stampede to pass. an owl delivered a letter for Harry from the Auror Office inviting him for an interview as well as to take a practical exam the following day. ”Guess who. Hermione’s affection for the little girl felt like that she might harbour for a little sister. it might not be a bad idea if I have at least taken the practical tests. Please let us have her..” Hermione asked Patricia. ”He’s a very nice man. are they.com/printerfriendly.I.” she said. Five minutes later.I’ve never been this far away from home before and I felt.” Emma said as she served herself from a large bowl of porridge. Munchkins.harrypotterfanfiction.” Patricia replied excitedly. really. ”Only. ”A Munchkin. She took Patricia’s hand. Kingsley said their ranks are really decimated. ”Your wish is my command. and the Prewett girls all crossed their fingers as Patricia squared her shoulders and bravely marched forward and sat down on the stool.” Erica asked..php?mode=story&o.” Hermione told her. Harry’s.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.com :: 65. The poor thing’s homesick. together with the Munchkins. While she knew Patricia was excited and curious about all things magical.. looking up at the jovial professor at the staff table. but Patricia had a rough time getting to sleep. Professor Sprout placed the ancient relic on her head and the hall went silent. The. Harry. ladies. ”You’ll get used to it.. Hermione leapt up and gave Patricia a whoo-hoo as she joined her applauding housemates at the table...” he replied.” He bowed his head reverently at the blushing little girl.

”That’s for me to know and you to find out. leaving a lingering kiss in its place.. directed Emma. and began to serve themselves. They approached the Gryffindor table.harrypotterfanfiction.” At lunchtime. ”Mmmm. ”Hello.com/printerfriendly. ”C’mon.” Terry laughed. Gorgeous Girl.. and Patricia to the dungeons for Potions class and then took Ginny in his arms.” he replied.” she said as she pulled away from him. ”It looks as though Ginny Weasley can hold her own against the scathing wit of Seamus Finnegan!” The Munchkins had been completely enthralled with the DA members seated at their table. They were all laughing at Seamus’ banter with Harry and Ginny. Even though you’re so close. saying he would wait for Ginny and that they would join them at the Gryffindor table as soon as she came down. what are you doing now.” Ginny raised herself up to lick a bit of stray butter off Harry’s lip. ”What could you possibly have to tell him after half a day. ”I’d better get going or I’ll be late for Charms. And I have a free period after that. Ronald Weasley. flirting with her. but a bit jealous that he kept his arm around the pretty blonde he called ”Lav. ”Well if it isn’t the lovely Ginny Weasley gracin’ us with her dazzlin’ presence. your touch. He’d been thinking about dessert when she finally appeared from behind and wrapped her arms around his waist. gesturing toward Harry with a fork. your marvelous blue eyes. The DA and food await. gazing into her eyes. Emma couldn’t help but stare. Can you come up to Hogwarts for supper tomorrow night? I’ll square it with Hagrid and McGonagall.” he teased.” Harry chuckled.” she promised. Harry sent them along.” ”You just wrote him last night. ”There never was a truer Weasley.” she replied. hold that thought. I arrived before any of you and I’ve eaten already. I love you. I feel so desolate here without you. Erica. tracing around his lips with her fingers.” Seamus said in his lilting Irish brogue. but I’m free for an. took the customary seats the twins had saved for them.” Terry Boot was just plain cute with his dark hair and eyes and boyish good looks.” he said.” clutching her growling stomach. ”I wouldn’t miss it for all the Firebolts in Britain. And if you must know. Seamus charmed them completely with his sense of humour and twinkling blue eyes.” He offered his arm and she took it.” ”So do I.extended lunch.” Harry asked her.” Harry leaned down to give her a kiss. ”Hello. then turned around with a broad grin plastered across his face. ”Touché.” she teased.” laughed Lavender. ”I’ll never tell. They were all having a good laugh.” ”Oh yes I have. except for Hermione. seemingly oblivious to what was going on around her. ”Hermione. I don’t 111 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . I miss your arms around me.com :: 65. ”Cloak and dagger intrigue.. I miss your kisses. First let me start by telling you how much I miss you.” Hermione said with a sniff..000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. My Sweet Ron. I’m starved. ”I’ve got the DA all morning and classes of second and third years later this afternoon. ”What’re ye doin’ with that grinnin’ fool anyway. this is. ”You haven’t touched a bite. ”See you at lunch.” Ginny said knowingly. I’m writing a letter to Ron. She was scratching busily away on a bit of parchment. Harry waited anxiously for Ginny at the foot of the staircase. ”You’ll just have to use your imagination.” he asked. and returned to her writing.php?mode=story&o. Gorgeous Guy. giving her a kiss. and Patricia giggled at their friends’ antics.harrypotterfanfiction. He jumped a little. He’d been working non-stop with the DA all morning and they were all famished. Emma. Erica.

Suddenly his trousers felt rather tight. Lavender. ”I almost didn’t make it through lunch... I love you. Harry dragged Ginny through the door to their room and closed it quickly behind them. Harry’s eyes had gone dark for a second and then brightened again. ”But yesterday was fun. peeking behind her.” she whimpered tearing at his robes.. his hands working at her robes. ”What was so fun?” ”I had the sixth. Your ’Mione Hermione read over her letter.how’s the training going. the other two send their congratulations. First Class. ”And a lovely arse it is.com/printerfriendly. ”You were brilliant. You were in quite a.. Just to see where the class stood skills-wise.” he asked as he unclasped her bra with one hand.harrypotterfanfiction...” Hermione muttered... Harry kissed 112 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Breathlessly. Gin. clearly interested.” ”I know. She kissed around the edge of his mouth. The DA had promised to escort the Munchkins to Herbology on their way out.oh my. Anyway. there are three lovely little Munchkins who are dying to meet you.” Hermione said to Ginny.. And I’ll. I want you. but the headmistress might be a bit more difficult to convince. One of them finds you quite handsome.and seventh-year Defence Against the Dark Arts class yesterday and we did a little practice dueling. driving him mad with desire. let me know if you can make it for dinner so I can talk to Professor McGonagall this evening after supper.” Lavender asked. you’ve gotten good at that.” ”Yeah. ”I could.Oh gods.a sight. we’re all a bit rusty. ”Ginny and Hermione were brilliant!” ”I don’t know about brilliant.. expect any objection from Hagrid. I could barely concentrate. Besides. over there. ”Merlin... She had good taste..” Harry told her. ”And if you call nearly becoming a permanent fixture on a stone wall graceful. The group of laughing Gryffindors shuffled toward the Entrance Hall with the rest of the students.. then I’m a ballerina.” Harry moaned into her mouth. ”Fine.” ”You are amateurs. aren’t we.. ”Ooh.” Ginny shot a warning look at her. fine. Harry. He shuddered as Ginny’s hands left his back to caress his chest.” Hermione said.” she purred.” Harry moaned again as she raked her nails across his back.We’re having lunch with Seamus.state.easy.” Harry said.would have been.” ”If you call landing on your arse graceful.harrypotterfanfiction. ”And Cho. I could have taken you right there on the table.php?mode=story&o.” she asked no one in particular. He took her in his arms and captured her lips in a desperately passionate kiss.” she cooed as his trousers dropped to the floor with her bra. shaking her head.. and Hermione climbed the stairs. I think. ”We worked on a bit of dueling this morning just to loosen up and get back into the practice. ”Too right. although I don’t see a problem.. Lavender sends her love. I need you. Ginny. ”If dueling could be graceful.” she grinned.com :: 65.mmm.. then I’m a work of art.tell when I licked the butter off you. ”Need some help. rolling her eyes..” Harry countered.” Harry replied.” Harry had been nibbling the spot just behind her ear and the sensation drove her insane. They all howled with laughter at Hermione’s rare show of self-deprecating humour.. wasn’t it.” Ginny snickered. Their robes fell at their feet. is quite on her game. but for what I haven’t a clue. Finding it acceptable.. After all. it was time to return to classes.. All too soon. that’s nice. Who could resist that? I sure can’t.. You had the class’ attention.. and Terry. ”But Cho’s always been good in a fight... Harry and Ginny turned for their room while Hermione continued up toward the owlery. I remember watching her against a few Death Eaters during the.” Terry agreed.” Ginny replied. you do hold the Order of Merlin. Potter. though. ”What about yesterday. ”That.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. I miss you. ”Well... She made the rest of us look like ruddy amateurs. Gin! I’ve been holding this thought all day.” Hermione said. ”So. She reached down and began to loosen his belt. she folded it and placed it in her robes to take to the owlery later on.

”Yes. Forever. but now.. as he entered her. ”Care for a bite.” she said as she began to rummage for a pair of jeans and a shirt. He flicked his wand at the fireplace and it burst into flames. She loved to rest her head there and listen to his heartbeat. ”I want you.” he said.” Ginny cried. She took a bite and nestled her head into his chest. ”She’s probably waiting for me. ”See you later? Maybe take a walk down by the Quidditch pitch for a fly before supper?” ”Sounds like a plan. although he’d grown a few inches to his current 6-foot height. She pointed her wand toward the wardrobe. my heart. Gorgeous Guy.com/printerfriendly.” They had a quick snog before they had to dress for their afternoon classes.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” he challenged. Soon.I should. They would serve this purpose.” he whispered into her hair. ”How was your day?” ”Busy. ”I can’t get enough of you. Potter. my sweet Harry. pulling her jeans on.” she sighed into his chest.” The two of them shot out the door.” she laughed back at Harry. tossing her broom and picking up his own... Harry flicked his wand at the fireplace once again and the fire died down. ushering her through the door. She walked over to Harry and kissed him. Ginny ran toward the staircase at top speed. ”Hello. Lots of homework. ”All the bites I can get. ”Ready?” Harry’s face lit up at the prospect of taking to the air again.” she laughed as she sprinted toward the door. ”I love you.” Harry pulled her in closer. He retrieved their Firebolts from under the bed and changed out of his heavy school robes into his lighter Quidditch robes saved from his sixth year and they still fit. that’s good.it was just fun. ”You wish. ”See you then. I’m yours.” They shared a quick kiss and she strode off just as the third years began to arrive.. ”I love you. In the afterglow of their lovemaking.” He captured her mouth and tongue in a scorching kiss. He hadn’t called her that since the morning she accepted his proposal.” he asked her as his hands rubbed her bare back. ”Mmmm.” she said reluctantly. and the dish containing the chocolate-dipped strawberries sailed across the room into her hands. ”Third years for me. He chose one from the dish and offered it to her. Harry locked up his classroom and passed into the suite he shared with Ginny..” he groaned. ”Take me. ”I love you. ”Harry.php?mode=story&o.harrypotterfanfiction. When the final bell rang. ”Slow poke. He loved to fly. ”My Ginny. Gorgeous Girl.. it was the only thing that made him feel truly free. ”Accio.” she commanded.” ”Then you should go.com :: 65. When they reached the almost-deserted corridor. Something he loved to do and there was no one he loved to do it with more than his beloved Ginny. ”Race you. In the past. down her neck to her pulse point. the door opened and Ginny came into the room and dropped her books on the table. 113 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”Hermione and I have Transfiguration.harrypotterfanfiction.” He lifted her face and kissed her tenderly and lovingly. Ginny remembered the strawberries.” he said leaning into another kiss. Harry Potter. The world melted away again as they fell to the floor in a fury of dancing tongues and roaming hands. She chose one and offered it to Harry.” Ginny replied. my own.” she replied with a sultry giggle. She matched his rhythm and they set to finish what had been interrupted the night before. There was something comforting in it that she just couldn’t put her finger on.” she sighed. running his hands through his thick fiery mane.” he answered. You fill my dreams and my every waking thought. ”Hello.” she moaned. taking a slow bite.” Harry agreed. ”Just catch me if you can. Gin.

taking to the sky.. ”Git. surprising a pair of Ravenclaws having a right snog. Having the wind in his hair as he flew filled Harry with a kind of joy surpassed only by the joy he found with Ginny. picking up speed as they flew. They swooped and rolled. He was a natural... It’s almost as if he had been born on a broom.” Hermione seemed to promise. She was so beautiful as her long ponytail blew behind her in her wake.” she said as they passed through the gigantic doors to the outside. A tiny something flew through the doors of the Great Hall and landed with a little crash in front of Hermione. ”That was bloody fantastic. She could watch him chase a snitch all day. her pony tail half out from the flight. but she preferred he chased her instead. though not out aloud.” he called. ”or I’ll Bat-Bogey him! Is Ron coming for supper tomorrow night?” ”If he can. ”He’d better. I’ve already cleared it with Professor McGonagall. He pushed the stray locks behind her ear as he gazed into her eyes. Harry and Ginny entered the Great Hall for supper. they buzzed the Astronomy tower. ”You were bloody fantastic.just in case. That evening.” he asked with his signature sly grin.php?mode=story&o. Pig quickly righted himself and held out his leg to her so she could remove the scroll from around his leg. Harry had to work a bit harder to catch her.. Screaming with laughter.” she retorted in mock disappointment. exchanging tiny kisses and talking about Ginny’s plans for the team.. He’s fine with it. In fact. green eyes blazing. and raised his head to kiss her.. I talked to George. but he loved to chase Ginny even more.. if you can get away. they mounted up and kicked off. bent over in like manner. Hermione read it. They both leaned forward on their brooms. Soon.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Harry replied. Harry stopped running.” she said against his lips as she claimed them. still flushed after their glorious late-afternoon fly on their Firebolts.” said simply.and perhaps he’ll be here for supper tomorrow night. Ginny loved to fly with Harry. mounted his broom. Hagrid said he’d love to see him again. which was what was happening right now. They decided they should head back up to the castle to clean up for supper. ”I’ll get you for this Harry Potter!” ”Promise. Her heart skipping a beat. ”. her robes billowing behind her. but his strength matched her. low against the handles. Gin. Flying with her was almost like making love. Ginny leaned over Harry. ”I love you. he had hold of her tail.com/printerfriendly. There was something about it that fulfilled her in a way flying with her brothers couldn’t. there was no doubt about that.com :: 65.harrypotterfanfiction. They dismounted amid gales of laughter. They found Hermione engaged in an animated conversation with the Munchkins as they sat down. Since Ginny was lighter. Mum. so they mounted their brooms and raced toward the castle. slowing then both down until they descended in slow circles and landed on the Quidditch pitch.” Hermione replied. He loved to chase a snitch. looped and chased all over the Quidditch pitch and over the castle grounds.harrypotterfanfiction. ”Cheat.. She had bent over with her hands on her knees taking great gulps of air in order to catch her breath.snowball’s chance in a dragons cave!” They both fell to the ground laughing again as Harry quoted his mother.” Ginny interjected. Good one. ”I love you too. ”Gotcha. Harry. “The other house teams don’t have a. Halfway across the grounds. kicked off and flew past her to the Entrance Hall with a smug look on his face.” Erica asked hopefully. ”Do you think he’ll sign our Chocolate Frog cards. he’s invited you to spend the weekend here with 114 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . My Beautiful ’Mione. weaving through the rings and then skimming the lake.” Ginny exclaimed. watching the gold flecks that danced in the chocolate irises. They lay there in one another’s arms for a while.

” Harry laughed to himself.com/printerfriendly.” Harry mumbled into his pillow as her always-warm hands worked the knots. Miss Weasley... aren’t you. ”I think I’m a bit out of shape. his ears’d be redder than beet root. that’s the spot. I’m really knackered after our fly this afternoon. guiding him to the bed.com :: 65. my best mate. It’s only been a couple of days. Mr Harry bles-sed Potter.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” he grunted. ”It’s only the truth. his breathing evened out and he was asleep. I have a big day tomorrow and so do you. but he sure knew what to say to Hermione to melt her heart.” ”How do you reach to kiss him..” Harry asked. Ron was never one to share his feelings openly.” ” You know the drill..” Harry asked her. to be exact.” ”Oh he is.. but then again. ”Sorry.” Hermione teased. ”I’m sure Ginny could tell us some stories. Your Ron Hermione shared the important parts. You are my every daydream and my every inspiration..” ”’Night. ”Wow! Ron’s coming tomorrow night.. ”Would you mind. you’re wonderful. thoroughly embarrassed. And so bloody HOT.php?mode=story&o.harrypotterfanfiction. ”I suggest we get to bed. I can’t wait to see you and hold you and kiss you and touch you. Six feet. ”Yes.” Erica squealed. She ceased her ministrations. Fred usually did that and you know what an idiot I am when it comes to figures—except your figure. ”And he can turn a pretty phrase when he wants to. I just don’t sleep well at night.so romantic. Soon. Ginny noticed Harry wincing and rotating his shoulder. right. picturing Ron’s embarrassment.” ”I suppose so. what isn’t there to like? The best part is that I not only get to like you. I love you. but I got used to holding you close while we slept and now I feel so empty without you. ”Ohhh that’s good.” ”All I will tell you is that Harry is sweet and kind and gentle and thoughtful and. I’ve seen him do it!” ”We are talking about Ron Weasley. he wants to know if you’ll help him with the books. She began to work the muscles in his sore shoulder. I want you..” Hermione said as she began to shepherd the Munchkins up to Gryffindor Tower. 115 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . He really likes you. I get to love you. ”If he could hear the five of you chattering on about him like this. ”Gin. Until tomorrow night.” Harry blushed crimson and ran his hands through his hair. climbed into bed next to him and drifted off herself. I miss you. Besides.” she asked. Hermione. touching his face. ”Goodnight. us. ”Need a rub down.” Hermione told her. When they arrived back in their room.” Ginny said.” She kneaded and manipulated the muscles of his upper back and the base of his neck.” Harry cut across her. George threatened to call Mum for some of her ’special’ tea.” she said. leaving out his words of love..” Ginny sighed. It was fun. ”He’s quite handsome.” she said as she got up from the table.harrypotterfanfiction. ”Laying on a bit thick. ”Oh. but I don’t want to be the least bit groggy when I gaze at your beautiful face tomorrow night.” he asked. five inches.” ”That’ll do. And I could have told them about.” Patricia blurted out and then blushed. love.. ”There’s a side to Ron even you don’t know. I need you.. ”He must be much cuter in real life.and tall. all.” ”Sometimes he picks her up. bewildered. eyes twinkling..

. ”Indisposed? What do you mean.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. her kiss. all the love for her he carried in his heart as he prepared to die. Her face. ”Minerva.harrypotterfanfiction..” she advised the headmistress. I shall Floo the Minister immediately.. She stuck her head into the green flames. He felt an overwhelming surge of love and of being loved.” Professor McGonagall asked. but if anything changes. ”Minerva! I was just about to contact you! Where’s Harry.” Kingsley thundered. ”Fair enough.php?mode=story&o..only of Ginny. After an initial urge to resist the tide of emotion washing over him. he closed his eyes and thought of Ginny. In turn. He could taste her lips and breathe in her flowery scent as though she were right there with him.” she argued. but he also her fleeting moment of intense anger that had dissipated when she came to him in the dormitory. he concentrated on the nights he sat watch in front of the tent as he watched her dot on the Marauder’s Map. but Mr Potter and Miss Weasley are. Professor McGonagall cleared Harry’s schedule for the following day. He kissed Ginny goodbye and he mouthed in five minutes. He then focused the way he had felt as he proposed. It could jeopardise.and fifth-year classes that day while the rest of the DA read and discussed the Auror Field Manual.. ”I think so.indisposed. They chatted with Hermione and the Munchkins until it was time for class.” she announced clearly. Poppy.” Madame Pomfrey promised.. Kingsley Shacklebolt’s bald head appeared in the fireplace looking frantic.” Madame Pomfrey left her and returned to the hospital wing. reminding her of their little experiment with their connection. He saw himself proposing to Ginny and from her point of view. He tried to focus on every last bit of love he had for her.com/printerfriendly. Then everything went dark. longing for her and missing her. She smiled and left for her first class with Hermione.” she replied. ”Kingsley Shacklebolt's office. the sight of his seemingly lifeless body in Hagrid’s arms the night of the battle. I’ll keep you posted.” Kingsley asked frantically.harrypotterfanfiction. In his mind’s eye. ”I would suggest that you Floo the Minister and let him know what’s going on. so it was all for the best. there doesn’t seem to be anything physically wrong. and Ginny's room appeared almost as clearly as it would have in a Pensieve. Mr Potter and Miss Weasley should stay here until I can figure this out and revive them or until they awaken themselves and we can talk to them. ”Are you sure. until we can determine the cause of their condition and wake them up. he saw flashes of their most romantic moments during the summer. indisposed? Are they all right? What happened. Professor McGonagall could clearly hear angry voices in the background saying something about young upstarts being irresponsible and this whole program is a mistake. he thought what she had thought at that particular moment and felt the joy she had felt as he produced the ring.. through her eyes.” she said. he let go. and some not-so-romantic.” ”Do you think Mr Potter will be able to report on Monday morning then. Minerva. ”Mr Potter was due at the Ministry this morning. 116 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Harry escorted Ginny to breakfast. He could feel himself enveloped in Ginny’s embrace.” ”Just tell him they’re ill and we haven’t determined a cause yet.” ”Mr Potter isn’t going anywhere for a few days. Poppy? I can’t tell them he and Miss Weasley have passed out at the same time in different parts of the school.” ”But what should I tell him. He conveyed his feelings as he passed her comforting the dying girl the night of the final battle as he walked into the Forbidden Forest to face Voldemort. ”That way you’re not lying to the Minister. but you’re not telling them anything either.” Minerva replied nervously. He felt her relief that he hadn’t died. ”I’m sorry Minister. He felt her terror and saw. Professor McGonagall arose and walked around her desk to the fireplace and threw some Floo powder into the grate. Neither she nor Harry had the slightest idea how long he’d be at the Ministry. After five minutes passed..com :: 65. while Harry remained in the Great Hall finishing his breakfast. but until we get to the bottom of this. Cho Chang had volunteered to take over the Defence against the Dark Arts fourth.

It was so sweet.” ”Thank you. we ask that his appointment with the Auror Office be postponed until Monday morning. ”Gin. Arthur.” he gave her a wan smile. you don't have to worry.” Kingsley asked.” she said as she slowly raised herself up from the floor. They’re in the hospital wing at the moment.” Ginny smiled.” ”Very good. but for now.. ”Yes I did. ”Would either of you care to explain?” ”Are we all right. of course.” she said sympathetically. ”Minerva. Please pass my regards to Molly. but Poppy insists that they need to rest. Madame Pomfrey came swishing up the aisle in her matron’s robes and starched apron.. ”We think so.” he asked.after everything.. He lay in the hospital wing and in the bed next to him lay his beautiful Ginny. Minister. Even going into a Pensieve can cause 117 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. She was awake and watching at him.” he asked.” Arthur said. it and was incredible. Madame Pomfrey. now concerned as Arthur Weasley’s head joined his in the fireplace. suddenly sober. seemingly to know what might have happened to his daughter and future son-in-law. Ginny explained that they were trying to understand the bond between her and Harry that was evidently created during the Battle of Hogwarts. Madame Pomfrey. I was in a panic.” Kingsley assured her. Did you feel it too.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. please ask them to send me an owl. ”Well. I loved you so much then. especially the proposal. Good day.” Kingsley promised. except for passing out for no apparent reason.harrypotterfanfiction. both of you are just fine. I hesitate to let you go unless I'm certain you are both all right.” Ginny said.” Just then. I shall have Mr Potter owl you as soon as he is able. I could feel both my own feelings and yours. Minerva. ”Of course. You do the same. should be fine.” she said with an air of determination.” the concerned father asked her. And that’s what worries me.php?mode=story&o. ”You said yes before I even got the question out.” ”Minerva. ”You should know better than play around with your minds and memories.” ”We’ll need to count on your discretion. I love you even more now that I know how nervous you were. Meanwhile. I was so afraid you’d say no. ”I guess the experience was a little too overwhelming and we passed out. ”Wow. but nodded her agreement. what happened to us.” ”Really. ”I’ll set things right here. Harry opened his eyes. I shall keep you posted as Poppy keeps me posted. are Harry and Ginny all right.” she said. ”Will they be all right.com/printerfriendly. So much for a quiet term. We shall keep you apprised of the situation. Arthur.” Harry said.com :: 65. Mr Potter. Monday morning. same time. ”Please explain then.” This has something to do with that bond between them. ”Have a good weekend. when they’re feeling better. but Poppy has assured me that she’s doing all she can for them.harrypotterfanfiction. We know what happened. Madame Pomfrey raised her eyebrows in surprise. ”We’re not sure what the cause of their condition is.” Ginny asked. ”Minister. I’m sure of it. ”It’s important. She would not be bullied by the Minister or even a concerned father when the health of her students was at stake. ”Of course.

I entered professor Snape's mind by mistake once. but may I suggest you try when one of you is sleeping and part of your minds are inert.” Ginny suggested.” They both reached for their wands. This is the stuff of legends. and even Riddle's a couple of times.” After lunch in the hospital wing.” She paused for thought and continued.harrypotterfanfiction. A bond of love this strong. How much more powerful is the living mind than a memory preserved in a Pensieve? It’s no wonder you passed out. Madame Pomfrey.” Harry asked her. 118 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . perhaps we should take turns diving into one another’s minds.” Professor McGonagall’s voice invited them in. ”What you’re telling me is that you essentially dove into one another’s minds at the same time.com :: 65. Considering you are getting married.” ”I didn't think of it like that.” ”Yes.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. but still not knowing a password.” The gargoyle leapt aside. Ginny's Patronus took the shape of a doe. ”Professor McGonagall is expecting us. standing next to Harry's stag.” Harry said rubbing the back of his neck. I would advise caution. still a little dizzy from the morning’s events. ”You wanted to see us.. They could catch snippets of the lessons going on in each of them as they passed. but actually being there.com/printerfriendly. ”Can you believe this?” Ginny stared in disbelief. as this might have a profound impact on your magic. Mr Potter. gazed into one another’s eyes and cast their Patronuses.. They walked silently through the corridors. And I mean on the way back to your room. To Madame Pomfrey's surprise both of them produced a non-verbal Patronus.” Madame Pomfrey scolded. re-living it. She gave Harry a reassuring nod and they left the hospital wing for the headmistress’ office. Please sit down.” Madame Pomfrey said and looked at them with a new admiration for their love for one another. Imagine diving into a Pensieve and not only observing. Your secret is safe with me. ”I should have been there already!” ”That has already been seen to. Harry simply told it. ”But Madame Pomfrey. at least Dumbledore always said so. Madam Pomfrey let them go with the admonition that they were to go directly to their room and take it easy for the rest of the day. She wavered. Harry had arisen from a sitting position on his bed and took Ginny’s hand to steady her as she rose to her feet. Ginny agreed with the last part even if she hadn't performed Legilimency or been in a Pensieve. ”Come. ”That sounds more sensible. ”You are to stop by the headmistress' office on the way back to your room. both of you. ”Madame Pomfrey.” Harry said. Mr Potter.php?mode=story&o. ”Yes. do you think we really should pursue this? I mean. Mr Potter. might affect your magic in any number of ways.harrypotterfanfiction. Ginny knocked.” Madame Pomfrey offered. I’ve been in a Pensieve. but what I experienced with Ginny is actually real. I felt like Ginny and I were both there in the very moment of that memory. Both the Pensieve and Legilimency are more observatory. You have developed a greater magical ability and your bond has transformed Miss Weasley's Patronus into a doe. ”When we try this again. nausea on occasion. I assume closeness is something you desire.” Harry protested. ”What happened?” ”Merlin! There’s no doubt. But the dizziness passed almost immediately. look.” Professor McGonagall magically slid two comfortable-looking chairs opposite her in front of the desk. ”Have the two of you cast your Patronuses lately? Since they are closely-related to love and happiness. They arrived at the gargoyle.” she said in her usually efficient manner. both of us feeling each other's emotions.” Harry said grinning. as though I was living it. I have an appointment with the Minister and Kingsley Shacklebolt. ”Gin. closing the door behind them. ”But my Patronus has always been a mare. ”If you learn to control it. this is one occasion that indicates that one of your Patronuses might have changed. however.” she exclaimed. allowing them to pass through to the staircase leading to the office. passing busy classrooms along the way.” Ginny promised. ”Don't worry. I guess it will bring you very close together.

They had slept away most of the afternoon.” Harry smiled.” she said..com :: 65. however.” she whispered.harrypotterfanfiction. ”What kind of experiment. peering at them over her square spectacles. Miss Weasley? Ginny didn’t answer.. ”You dive into me..” she said pressing her fingers to his lips.com/printerfriendly. Gin.” ”It’s okay. As soon as they were finished. ”You first. A fire erupted in his belly as he experienced her climax the same way as she had felt his—in a way no other man could ever know. She has already. with all due respect...um. ”What happened this morning. Your test has been rescheduled for Monday morning.” Harry stammered. I don’ t know what to say. but shifted uneasily in her chair.” Ginny finished. Another knock. shooing them out of her office. when a knock came on the door. ”So should we try the experiment again. Ginny let herself relax this time as Harry concentrated on his love for her. ”She told us that you’d already spoken with Kingsley.” she said and they both closed their eyes. you two have two owls to send..000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.. It’s personal. They both closed their eyes again. that was beautiful. ”Off with you now. She looked up at Harry again as if asking for help.php?mode=story&o.. Harry let himself relax as Ginny concentrated on her love for him.. I can’t exactly force you to tell me.” Ginny asked. Just a bit. They arrived back to their room and Harry lit the fireplace. She could feel the power of his love and a magical surge throughout her body just as Harry had. you will owl the Minister assuring him that you will be at the Ministry at nine o’ clock Monday. Harry.overwhelmed.. ”I wanted you to be a part of that.. Harry started.. All of a sudden she was looking down on herself as through Harry’s eyes. ”Wow.well.at this time. but in the reverse.” Harry began.” she suggested.” she said thoughtfully. We’re not hurt.erm.backfired.” ”All right. looking at Harry as if for confirmation. Miss Weasley..” Harry said.erm.. ”We’d rather not say.. saying nothing at all. ”But you must promise me you will do as Madame Pomfrey has asked. Let’s just leave it at that—a beautiful experience just between us. you were a part of it. ”Harry. He realised he was about to experience what she just had. Harry and Ginny scratched out their dispatches.” ”I have.” ”My turn. They kissed tenderly and held each other close. She felt his climax as if they had physically been making love at that moment and then came to herself. ”Well. ”We didn’t do it right and it kind of.. 119 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . I mean.sent us to our room.” she said...harrypotterfanfiction.” she told them as a direct order.” she asked with piercing eyes. He squeezed her hand. Now he was looking up at himself as through Ginny’s eyes. between Ginny and me. but...” ”Well. but that we should be more careful. He also felt the power of her love and the same magical surge throughout his body. ”We’ve told Madame Pomfrey about it and she seems to think it’s nothing to worry about.” ”I know what you mean. ”You shared something with me that no other woman may ever know—how it feels for her man.” Harry looked back at her with a silly grin.. choosing his words carefully..” Ginny tried to explain without explaining.. ”Professor. Mr Potter. Soon. you will owl your father and let him know that you and Mr Potter are all right.” ”Of course... ”Only this time we’ll go one at a time.. She slid a piece of parchment and a quill toward each of them. Professor. ”You will do it now.. as he took her in his arms. Waves of love and desire permeated her being as she experienced their first time from Harry’s point of view. an owl swooped in to retrieve them and then flew out the window.” ”You don’t have to say anything.” Harry said with a sly grin.. they fell asleep on the rug in front of the fireplace. They changed into their pajamas and cuddled up on the rug before it. Professor.Ginny and I decided to try a little experiment and it.

com/printerfriendly.” Harry replied. a severely blushing Ron set an equally blushing Hermione back on her feet and she led him to the seat she had saved next to her and Patricia.” Ginny asked her as she yawned and stretched.” Harry asked. ”Beauty before age. Besides.” ”You both cast non-verbal Patronuses. There’s something else involved.” Harry asked. ”Yes. ”That’s your bond. There he was. ”Merlin’s pants! I need to get downstairs. ”This is just something inside me. ”Do you realise how important this is?” ”What do you mean. Madame Pomfrey told me she’d sent you to your room for the day to rest. applause. but Ron wasn’t there.. They told her about waking up in the hospital wing and their conversation with Madame Pomfrey. ”She also told me you had collapsed in the Great Hall. He took long strides up the hall toward the Gryffindor table.us?” ”Yes. ”She asked us to cast our Patronuses. Broken from their reverie. so I went to the hospital wing to check on you.” Harry asked. ”Mine has changed from a mare to a doe.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”What’s up. Hermione? Of course we know it’s important. ”Ron’s not here yet. ”It’s about our collapse. Are you all right?” ”We’re fine. ”No.” Ginny began again. but there was something different. 120 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” called Hermione’s voice through the door.” he said cheekily as he let her pass.harrypotterfanfiction.. He knows where the Gryffindor table is.” she said triumphantly. he can make an entrance. ushering her to the table. catcalls. ran to the door. The Hall erupted in cheers. The food had only just appeared on the table when Hermione happened to look toward the door leading into the Entrance Hall. Harry. ”Harry. She flew out of her seat and set out at a dead run toward him.harrypotterfanfiction. you and Ginny both cast non-verbal Patronuses.” Ginny laughed. glancing at her watch and looking thunderous.php?mode=story&o. They talked and held hands as they made their way along the nearly-deserted corridors toward the stairs that led to the Entrance Hall. Harry and Ginny changed back into their school robes and made ready to go to supper.. and wolf whistles. Are you two all right.” Harry and Ginny told her about their experiment and what they’d done to cause the collapse.” Hermione’s face told it all. Harry. sprinted down the corridor toward the stairs to the Entrance Hall. ”I hadn’t seen either of you since Ginny collapsed.. At the foot of the stairs stood a very anxious Hermione. Harry doused the flames in the grate and took Ginny’s hand as he opened the door. Ron’ll be here any minute! See you at supper!” Hermione jumped out of her chair. Tall and lean and gazing straight at her. I haven’t missed him. ”Who is it. That means the surge in your powers has nothing to do with the Elder Wand. He lifted her off the floor as she claimed his lips for a longing kiss right there in front of the entire student body and staff of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Now that I’ve got to see. rubbing his eyes under his glasses. Harry.com :: 65. Every eye in the Great Hall trained on Ron and Hermione.. threw it open.” she snarled. You’re truly soul-mates.” she cried and threw herself into his arms. and he was supposed to be here ten minutes ago. ”RON.. ”Why don’t you just come in with us.” she explained. Thank Merlin. ”Ron Weasley making an entrance.” Ginny said. This is about you. ”It’s me. Harry opened the door and let her in. but there’s something we should tell you.” Harry snickered. Hermione.” she said awestruck. ”All we did was look at each other and. not a ruddy wand!” Hermione glanced at her watch.” Hermione guessed.

.” Ron observed.” Ron said to himself. How’s it going.” he answered between bites. ’Mione. That’s Erica next to Harry. He’d been collecting these things for years.. ”Yes.” ”It feels good to be appreciated. Ron.. trailing a finger down his chest. admiring it. Erica and Emma had produced their cards as well. clearly flabbergasted.catch up. her eyes dreamy.” she replied. mate. ”Blimey!” Hermione smiled at Patricia.” she said brightly. ”this is Ginny’s brother. Ron opened the bag and took out the cards.” Hermione asked him.” he replied as he piled his plate with food. ”Ladies. We’re probably related. ”Blimey. ”It’s right on top. ”Hello..well..” Ron stammered. ”Here you are.” Ron exclaimed. ”This looks and smells wonderful!” ”Girls.” said Patricia. would you be so kind as to sign your cards for the girls. ”Does this mean you’re coming back to Hogsmeade with me?” Ron waggled his eyebrows at his girlfriend.” he corrected her. Patricia. Then she realised she had thought out loud and blushed furiously. ”Yes! Honestly. He couldn’t believe his eyes. ”Have you seen your Chocolate Frog card yet?” ”My what? Chocolate Frog card.” Ron said with his signature lopsided grin. ”Thank you. ”Ron. ”That should give us plenty of time to. Love. ”I see you’ve packed a rucksack. Love. Then she looked up at Ron and then back at the card again. I just have to be back for Supper Sunday night.com/printerfriendly. dropping her eyes to her plate.” replied Emma. He’s pretty shy about that sort of thing. sure. Patricia reached into her robes and drew out a little plastic storage bag she saved her cards in. Morgana.” Hermione began. I shouldn’t have.” Hermione said. awaiting a new Ginny Potter series. Ron. These are the Munchkins I wrote you about the other night.” she whispered. Ronald.” Harry said bumping his fist to Ron’s.. Ron signed them and returned the quill and the cards.” 121 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . She sighed and put it away with the others she’d collected.erm..harrypotterfanfiction.” ”Me? On a Chocolate Frog card. and now he found himself among all those famous witches and wizards he’d admired for so long—Dumbledore. do you or Harry ever read Lee’s dispatches? We’ve managed to land on Chocolate Frog cards. show Ron your cards.” she replied with a smirk.php?mode=story&o.” she said.harrypotterfanfiction. ”Hermione. ”See? I told you.com :: 65... ”Yes. ”Uh..” chimed the Munchkin chorus. Ginny’s is a Limited Edition Weasley. and that’s Emma next to Ginny.. ”Watch this. remembering her manners.” he murmured against Hermione’s cheek. My face on a Chocolate Frog card!” Hermione dug a self-inking quill out of her rucksack and handed it to him along with the girls’ cards.” she told him. ”can we ask him now?” ”Let me. ”Hermione tells me you and your sister are Prewetts.” ”He is so much cuter in person. ”Hey.” he nodded at the other two. Erica stared at her card. ”That was some greeting. I guess so. Almost makes me want to go back out and come in again. Ron. Ron.” Erica sighed. Ron. ”We’re keeping busy. Merlin.. ”Ron.” ”Hello. ”Sorry.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Mr Weasley. next to me here is Patricia.

”Ron.. He slipped his hand under the fabric and across the soft globe of flesh. He tore his lips away from hers and buried his face in her bushy locks.. See you all Sunday evening. then. Hermione tossed her rucksack into the corner and proceeded to attack her boyfriend. You should probably get going.” he cried as he entered her. ”I love you. They arranged themselves on the bed in a more conventional manner and began a hot snog. She let out a deep moan that drove his desire and he crushed her lips against his own. Finally.” he explained. Gods he’s hot. ”Well. ’Mione!” They continued to explore one another’s bodies as they helped each other with snaps and zippers. ”Neither I nor Ron have much of a head for numbers. He picked her up in his embrace and she wrapped her legs around his waist.” was all he could say as she ran her tongue across his bottom lip and their kiss deepened.” she cried as she fisted a handful of flaming red hair. ”Fred usually did that. Ron.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”That feels so. He growled and kissed her again—her luscious lips. no more world. so perfect. He twisted his fist into her mane of curls and crushed her body into his. Shockwaves began to course through their bodies as the heat of their passion consumed them. She then began to fumble with the zipper of his jeans.” she waved cheerfully to her friends. ”’Mione. I love you!” Ron’s desire for his ’Mione exploded out of control.com :: 65. ”Ron. who put up no defence. Not wanting to waste time walking.harrypotterfanfiction. They returned later that afternoon so Ron could help George run the store while Hermione pored over the books. ”I’ve missed you so much. She parted her lips to allow their tongues to meet in a furious Paso Doble.. Ron and Hermione spent Saturday shopping in Hogsmeade. both of them still clinging to one another. ”It’s been so long.” The heat of their passion burst into flame around them as each cried out the other’s name in climax. She slowly and seductively began to lower them down over his well-defined arse until he was free.oh gods. if not speed. ”You ready. ”Let’s go then. then helped Hermione free of her blouse. down her graceful neck. leaving nothing between them but their knickers. She wriggled free of the bra so he could remove it and toss it over his shoulder. All that existed was the two of them. There was no more Hogsmeade.” Ron asked Hermione.” she cried as she adjusted her body to receive him. no more Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes.” Ginny teased.” she moaned as he dropped his mouth to her neck and nibbled at her pulse point. He carried her the few steps to the bed and gently lay her across it.php?mode=story&o. I want you now!” His jeans had become very tight as his arousal strained against the heavy fabric.com/printerfriendly. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of her lace panties and literally tore them off her. locked in physical love. The clock’s ticking.” she whimpered as she pulled his red head down for a kiss. ”I want you. They had lunch in the Three Broomsticks and then stopped into the Hog’s Head for a visit with Aberforth. made one. I’ve been thinking about tonight all day. She took Ron’s hand and they hurried out of the castle. still kissing and caressing until they fell into dreamless sleep. Fire coursed through their veins as their rhythm increased in intensity. All that lifting he’s done all summer has paid off. “Oh Merlin.harrypotterfanfiction. across her soft cheek. George had asked her to have a look. ”You’re so beautiful. Ron claimed her mouth again and she shuddered. They collapsed in one another’s arms.” ”’Mione. He pressed into her and once again he strained against fabric. ”Oh gods. ’Mione” he moaned into her ear. Her lavender and vanilla scent filled his senses as he nipped at her pulse point driving her into a frenzy. leaving them in shreds. Harry and Ginny put their heads together and snickered.. now. he got up and tore his jumper and tee shirt off. pressing the evidence of his desire into her belly. Hermione cried out his name and arched in to his arousal. Hermione hooked her thumbs between the waistband of Ron’s boxers and his tight abs.” 122 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . He reached behind her and released the clasp on her bra. even though it was a pleasant enough evening. the Disapparated just outside the gates right into Ron’s bedroom.

There’s simply no way you and Ron cold keep up with this yourselves. ”Hello.com :: 65. His back was to her. ”Now.” ”But where do I find an accountant. ”I thought we’d go to the Three Broomsticks again.” She leaned in to hug him.and then come back here for. ”I’ll see what I can do. she found herself a willing prisoner. ”Okay.” she promised and set to work in the back office.. The sway of her hips held him entranced.. I’ll supply the whipped cream. Sounds like a plan. and your catalog sales. I’ll owl Bill and see if he can direct me.. Love” Ron replied.. giving her a nip.all 123 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . so she crept up and slipped her arms around his waist.. “I love chocolate. ”And the chocolate sauce. Hermione.harrypotterfanfiction. ”I’d suggest checking with Gringotts. ”So we have the place to ourselves. his signature lopsided grin covering his face. ”You were wonderful last night. reconciling invoices and sales figures. giving her a brotherly kiss on the cheek. They’d be able to help you find one. ”Hello Handsome. I smelled fresh bread baking. Grandmother Granger used to bake her own bread. Ron watched as she walked away. but kept his arms around her. the one here in Hogsmeade.” she promised. These books haven’t been touched since last spring! A few hours and a headache potion later. What a disaster.” he replied with a twinkle in those gorgeous blue eyes. turning toward the stairs leading to the upstairs flat. Hermione called George into the office.” Ron said.” she began to explain.com/printerfriendly. She pored over the ledger. The good news is that you’re turning a profit—a nice one at that. you’re swamped with paperwork. lifting her off her feet. Beautiful. they’re at least honest.. ”Any restaurant that serves freshly-baked bread has got to be a winner.. Between the shop in Diagon Alley. ”Goblins may be a bit intimidating. But just before she could lean in to kiss him.” George said. He and Lee are meeting a few of their friends for a little reunion.” she asked. “And whipped cream.. And you. He growled and buried his face in her neck.” she said cocking an eyebrow. kissing her again. I can’t believe that is mine. ”Mmmm.” he said. He turned and trapped her in his strong arms.” Hermione purred. ”Yes. What’s for supper then.” she suggested. Love.” He reluctantly put her down.” George asked her.” She kissed him and again and then broke his embrace. ”You need a full-time accountant.dessert. but when it comes to your money. There’s that new cafe that just opened and there’ve been some fine smells coming out of there. They were popular among Hogwarts students and they had nearly sold out the week before the beginning of term. caught up in his sapphire eyes. but he heard the swish of her robes as she approached.” George asked with trepidation.” he breathed into her ear. He turned and left her in the office. Hermione emerged from the office and saw Ron restocking Skiving Snack Boxes. but stopped and flicked her tongue at his ear lobe.” ”Thanks. or maybe they’d take you on themselves.every Monday.” she remembered. ”And the bad news.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www..php?mode=story&o. ”And what about George?” ”George is going to be out tonight..” ”I like the sound of that. pressing his lips to hers.” he said softly.harrypotterfanfiction. ”I’m hoping for an encore performance tonight. She thought she had caught him by surprise. I noticed that when we were out this morning. She squealed and pulled away so she could reposition her head to plant a passionate kiss on his smirking lips. I’ve got your books organised and the numbers straightened out.” ”Oh really. did you know that?” ”You were pretty wonderful yourself. I need to get back to work and you need to send an owl to Harry and Ginny to invite them to lunch tomorrow.

Pat him. ”He’s Ron’s.. as he flew them a few relatively speedy laps around the Quidditch pitch and around the castle. as usual. so have a little faith in yourself. Full to bursting. he’s so cute.” After lunch. She scanned it briefly and then handed it to Harry.. ”His name is Pigwidgeon. Harry and Ginny had just met the Munchkins at the portrait hole to escort them to supper. if my friend Neville could do it.” exclaimed Patricia. making kissing noises at the bird. They had just begun their third game when a tiny owl tapped impatiently at the window. ”I couldn’t agree more. ham. He smiled wickedly to himself and continued to stock the shelves and rearrange displays.harrypotterfanfiction.” The girls each took turns letting Pig sit on their hands as they patted and cooed. taking them on a whirlwind tour of the Hogwarts grounds and then stopping at Hagrid’s for a cuppa and one of Madame Maxime’s biscuits. Erica. he doesn’t bite. ”Go ahead. the five of them made their weary way to Gryffindor Tower for the promised rounds of Exploding Snap.” ”Don’t be silly. ” I’ve had a great day with four of the loveliest ladies a man could ever want to spend time with. and Harry’s favorite. he loves attention. Supper.” Emma cried.” cooed Emma. The diminutive scops ate it up. ”I’m exhausted myself.com/printerfriendly. I don’ think. ”I’d rather fly with Harry or Ginny.” Erica said shakily.” ”Yeah. pumpkin juice.” they agreed.I’m right knackered and could do with a nap. Maybe we can go a few more rounds of Exploding Snap before bed.. treacle tart. ”Pigwidgeon.. Harry.” The Munchkins voiced their disappointment. They want us to come to Hogsmeade tomorrow for lunch and to spend the afternoon. ”It’s Pig. ”Awww.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Harry promised. but Ginny reined them in.” Harry said scratching the top of his head.” 124 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .com :: 65.” Ginny chided her. mashed potatoes.” ”Yeah.” Ginny said as she rose up off the floor to let him in.” she asked excitedly. In fact. rolls. Deal?” ”Deal. mine. ”Then you’ll be able to take yourself up. you can.” Emma chimed in. ”Why is he called Pig. ”You’ll be fine. I’m so excited!” ”I’m not. They spend the day with them.. ”Wow. ”I have faith in you. but Ginny named him. There was fried chicken. ”We have our first lesson on Monday. among several other desserts. I’m sure you’ll be starting your flying lessons with Madame Hooch soon. ”Well.” he announced.php?mode=story&o.” ”I think it’s a cute name. ”We’ll be by to pick you up for supper tonight. ”That was fun! I’d never been on a broomstick before! Can we fly again sometime.” Harry said.” Ginny replied. But. hello Pig. ”Does he bite?” ”No. salad.” Erica asked.” Ginny yawned in turn. carrots. The girls each took turns with Harry on his Firebolt.” Ginny had removed the small scroll from Pig’s leg and unrolled it. was as fine as it ever had been. ”It’s from Hermione.harrypotterfanfiction. they hung out in the Gryffindor Common Room teaching the girls how to play Wizard’s Chess and Exploding Snap until Harry began to yawn and stretch..

harrypotterfanfiction.” She handed him the bottle of her favorite shampoo—the one that imparted upon her that special scent of wildflowers and strawberries.” he said. She gave him an owl treat from a packet she usually kept with her for the school owls.. pressing their naked bodies together as the warm water flowed over them. He handed her his bottle of shampoo with the woodsy spicy scent that drove her wild—the scent that was so completely Harry.” she grinned as he raised himself off her so she could get up. I could do with a bit of fresh air before I have to take those tests on Monday. running the soap gently over her favourite parts of him until he was covered with silky bubbles. ”Sounds good to me. love. and released him into the evening sky. He ran the soap gently over his favourite parts of her until every inch of her was covered in silky bubbles and then caressed it away under the stream of water issuing from the shower head. There was really no rush. then picked up the bar of soap in the dish and washed her body.. She caressed his chest as the water washed over him. She massaged it into his raven hair. He lowered her down slightly.” he moaned. She picked up the soap Harry had left in the dish and washed every square inch of his body. ”Your turn. Chapter 7: The Test [View Online] [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter] Chapter 7 – The Test Harry and Ginny decided they would have a lie-in on Sunday morning before they met Ron and Hermione in Hogsmeade. They lay in bed waking up lazily with gentle caresses and soft kisses. He leaned in for a kiss.” Harry said handing the note back to Ginny. ”Mmm. Pig.” She walked him over to the window.com/printerfriendly. drifting in and out of sleep.” ”That sounds like fun. It didn’t take but a few minutes for their climax to roll over them in one huge tidal wave crashing to shore. both of them leaving a trail of clothes from the bed to the shower. ”Please take this back to Hermione. running her nails across his scalp and then helped him rinse the lather away.harrypotterfanfiction. Harry lifted Ginny up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he propped her against the tiles.com :: 65. coaxing her out of her half-stupor.” she cooed as they switched places. Ginny turned on the taps and set the right temperature mix. ”Come. ”Harry! Oh gods. ”Here. ”Come on. We can save a few minutes if we shower together.that’s so good... Their mouths collided in a mind-blowing kiss as their hands explored every inch of their now-clean bodies. we’re showering together to save time. Try as they might. That single comment woke something up that he tried to ignore... they couldn’t ignore it. nor could they extinguish it. He squeezed a nominal amount into his hands and rubbed them together before he worked it into a rich lather. That’s a good boy. pinned Ginny to the bed and kissed her soundly. gently massaging her scalp. ”Tell Hermione we’ll meet them at the shop about 11:00. They remained motionless as the wave continued to roll until it quieted. Finally. They stepped in together and Harry immediately took her into a tight embrace. Harry rolled over. He pulled the soap from her hair until it squeaked. ”Good morning. ”Harry.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. It enveloped them and drew them together like a moth to a candle. wash my hair and maybe I’ll let you brush it out. They were 125 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”Race you!” Harry chased her into the bathroom. not make time. entering her. Morning. ”Gin.” she giggled. They tended to be more co-operative when bribed with treats. ”Ooh that feels nice.” Ginny borrowed a quill from Patricia and scratched their answer on the parchment. He worked the fragrant foam through her luxurious tresses. The simple act of taking a shower ignited a waterproof flame between them.php?mode=story&o.” she purred as he ran his fingers through her wet hair.” she smiled sleepily. ”Do we have to get up now?” ”If we’re going to shower and be in Hogsmeade in time to meet Ron and Hermione. kissing her again.” he said as he helped her lean back into the spray of water.” she cried.” she called. since they didn’t have to be there until 11:00.” he answered. rinsing the soap away. my love. ”Rinse. Gin.

” ”We did have a lie-in. Brother-of-Mine! TMI.. He began to brush. He cast a quick drying charm on it and stepped out into the room to get dressed. making sure she didn’t slip on the wet tiled floor of the shower. they had to forgo a leisurely stroll in favour of Apparition to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. Gin. the shops in Hogsmeade were quite busy. I thought you’d have a lie-in and..well. clapping his hands over his ears. ”She’ll be in a right state.” Ron cried. crossed the Entrance Hall.” he replied. both shaking as Harry set her down carefully.. ”Then we took a shower to. She gestured for him to sit on the bed. Harry remembered how dismal the mood of the town had been that night last May when he.. I really enjoyed that.” Ginny agreed..000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Since their shower escapade left them short on time. So much so that we didn’t even have any breakfast.” she asked silkily.” Ginny cried in mock horror. That done. Harry ran a brush through his messy hair.” They finished dressing and made for the door.. and then worked it all at once until it hung in one shiny flaming sheet.dessert. You know how Hermione is about that. ”Chocolate dessert.php?mode=story&o. He marveled at how the simple act of brushing his beloved’s thick long hair made him feel closer to her. He decided he would like to stop by the Hog’s Head before returning to Hogwarts that evening. ”I supposed we ought to finish dressing and get going or we’re going to be late. since Ginny had made it clear at one point that no barber would touch his hair without her approval..” ”I don’t want to know. Each taking a fluffy towel in their hands. The corridors were again mostly deserted as Sundays generally found the students in their common rooms hanging out or doing homework. so they all began to walk down the street toward it. 126 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . He cast the drying charm over it a few times until it was only slightly damp.com :: 65. ”You here on time. Lots of whipped. ”So what have you two been up to.” said Ron conspiratorially. I enjoyed it too.. loving her more and more with each stroke. The four friends had a good laugh at one another’s reports of their weekend escapades. while she dropped a pillow to the floor and sat down between his legs. Ron and Hermione told them about the new cafe where they would have lunch. He worked her hair in sections so as not to pull it and hurt her. They descended the stairs hand in hand. For a Sunday..com/printerfriendly.” ”Oi! TMI. Harry. I do not want to know.” She struggled to get up. Just let me pull on a fresh pair of shorts first. ”Sure.” Hermione laughed. ”Don’t I know it. Love. they set to drying one another off.harrypotterfanfiction. ”Um.. Ginny sat in her matching bra and panties waiting for him with her brush in her hand. He would be ever thankful for the bravery and quick thinking of Aberforth Dumbledore. ”Thank you.” he warned.. ”Do you mind. he took the brush from her. handing him her brush.harrypotterfanfiction. The clock at the post office chimed 11:00 on the nose when Harry and Ginny Apparated in front of the shop with a pop! Ron and Hermione had just stepped outside moments before. and walked out the door into the late-morning September sunshine. He held her in a warm embrace for a few moments before they rinsed themselves clean again and stepped out of the shower.” he replied. They had nearly been accosted by Death Eaters. She hates to be late and she really hates others to be late. ”I’m surprised. so Harry held out his arms for her to hold on to.. ”You’re welcome.” Ginny replied. It reached past his shoulders now and he figured it was time to start tying it back like Bill’s. People milled about and chatted animatedly. noticing how long it had grown. and Hermione Apparated near the Hog’s Head the night the Battle of Hogwarts began. Ron.” Harry asked suggestively.

”And after we had tea with Hagrid. They placed their orders and continued their conversation. ”Here you are. Tests.” ”Erica would be thrilled to be under your wing. An enormous fireplace nearly took up the rear wall and there was a fire burning brightly.. ”Harry tried to teach them Wizard’s Chess..” Ron asked. ”No.” Hermione told him. but. please. ”Yes. ”Are you ready to order. producing a parchment pad and quill..” ”She has good taste in men. She served them their food from a large tray she had balanced on her shoulder. ”He is quite the handsome devil. ”I suppose I’ll have to take them under my wing.harrypotterfanfiction.” Harry said. ”What were you supposed to have told me. They arrived at The Hearth and went inside. I flew them around the Quidditch pitch.. ’Mione?” Ron leaned back and put his arm on the back of Hermione’s chair. I. ”More Butterbeer.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”Harry? Teach Wizard’s Chess??? That’s a hoot.. Your Chocolate Frog card is her most-prized possession. taking a pull from his bottle. ”So you have to go to the Ministry tomorrow morning.I’m sure Hermione’s told you.” Harry retorted as though his feelings had been crushed.” Hermione said.no. Told me what.” she asked. I nearly lost a tooth on one of those!” ”Yes. ”So what happened?” She’s trying to kill me.I haven’t been thinking much about Harry and Ginny since we got back here Friday night.. Ronald. reddening. ”We spent yesterday with the Munchkins.” Ginny giggled. ”Erm. ”Well.com/printerfriendly.. There were picturesque paintings on the walls and oil lanterns for light.” laughed Ron. A few minutes later she returned and set them down in front of them.” Ron asked casting a side glance at Hermione.I guess not.. then. since she had never seen a flying broom.yes. ”You’re not so good either. I took extra time with Patricia. placing a hand high on the inside of Ron’s thigh. You’re telling me that Hagrid baked yummy biscuits. dears.” she asked. the matching Patronuses they both cast 127 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . It looked like an old country inn with its stone walls and rough-cut furnishings.” She blushed and took a sip of Butterbeer.” Ron stammered. Harry and Ginny told Ron about their experiment. All around. ”I. I’m not so bad.php?mode=story&o.com :: 65..” Hermione laughed.. practical tests. ”All I’ve ever tasted are his rock cakes. As they ate.” Harry replied.” Harry was about to launch into the story when the waitress reappeared.” she said wickedly.. dears. They sat down at a table near it and ordered a round of Butterbeers from a plump middle-aged waitress. I was supposed to take them Friday. isn’t he? Heavy on the devil..” Ginny began before Hermione cut across her. defending her Ron.harrypotterfanfiction. ”Erm. ”Hey. ”You should have seen their faces. ”We buzzed the Astronomy tower and scared the hell out of a couple of snogging Ravenclaws!” They all burst into laughter again.. They’re very good. ”I’m sorry.. Word gets around.” Ron asked incredulously. He got the recipe from Madame Maxime and she taught him how to bake them. on Friday morning.. visited Hagrid for tea and biscuits—those really yummy ones he learned from Madame Maxime—” ”Wait a minute. nobody will meet up there ever again..” Hermione said. let alone ridden one. ”She thinks you’re cute. mate. We gave them the Grand Tour of the grounds.” Harry answered.” the cheerful waitress sang.. Priceless!” ”They’ll think twice before they go up there again..” Ron said with a Cheshire grin.

. Ron. ”Because. We’ve had this discussion. ”I think what ’Mione is saying is that you—and possibly Ginny—have powers most wizards only dream of.” Harry said. if not slightly terrifying.. He hated that status and didn’t want it to progress any further. Bloody hell! ”Then we keep further chatter about any of this under wraps. 128 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”You’ll be great. non-verbally. or young fugitives on the lam. ”That’s right. Dumbledore’s Apprentice. but it sounds like I’m in for an all-day ordeal.com/printerfriendly.the connection.” Harry asked. If every Death Eater and petty criminal in the world is aware of his great power and the abilities to go with it. secretly a member of the Order. If word got out into the Wizarding world that Harry Potter.” ”Why. ”I have the utmost faith in you and your abilities. mate. which Harry insisted upon springing for. Armed with that knowledge. wielded the mythical power of Merlin. The two couples walked on together arm in arm.” Ron said.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”As if.. remembering he’d wanted to see the old innkeeper.com :: 65. ”He’s still Ab.” she scolded kissing his hand. I’d like to look in on old Aberforth.” she said. the criminal element will do all it can to either hide from you or come out and challenge you in the off-hand hope that they might take down the Great Harry Potter and make a name for themselves. Harry’s training to be an Auror. could be usually be trusted to keep his mouth shut. Harry opened the door for Ginny and Hermione to step through and Ron then held it for Harry.” Harry finally said and placed his hand. I have to be at the Auror Office at nine.” Hermione cut across him. throwing a fierce look at Ron. shaking her head in confusion. I think we need to not discuss your special abilities. Ginny. Ginny. let’s nick over to the Hog’s Head for a drink. ”Hey. not to mention the bond you share. But I’m sure he’d be glad to see you and Ginny. of course. She leaned in toward the center of the table. Then they told them about how they had repeated the experiment one at a time in their room that afternoon and how much better it worked.might make Ginny a target. motioning for the others to do the same. ”There’s an old Muggle saying that goes. defiant teenagers forming upstart paramilitary fighting clubs.” Harry said..” Harry nodded as he considered his friends’ words. So much so that one couldn’t see through the windows.” Ginny asked.” Ron agreed. They must have cut an impressionable. figure because all conversation stopped as nervous eyes rested on them.. ”So McGonagall fixed it with Kingsley so I can take them tomorrow.. palm down in the center of the table.. she’s been a target for years and for loads of reasons we don’t need to go into—our whole clan are targets. you and your abilities do more than fine.” They had to backtrack a little to find the side street that would lead them to the Hog’s Head.php?mode=story&o.” Ginny giggled. ”You’re bloody amazing with your.. They enjoyed the day together just window shopping and musing about Christmas shopping and unlikely possibility getting it done early. they raised their hoods to hide their faces. it could undermine his ambitions for the Auror Office and make your life together very difficult. Loose lips sink ships. ”So you’re saying that our bond. yeah.harrypotterfanfiction. That was the beauty of the place for the likes of lowlife thieves like Mundungus Fletcher... He’d been a legend since he was 15 months old and now a war hero to boot. I have no idea how long this is going to take. One could be sure to find all kinds at the Hog’s Head and Aberforth Dumbledore. ”Done. Just for fun. ”We saw him yesterday. or your bond with Ginny in public. ”Harry. ”And I know you’ll do just fine. and Hermione covered it with their own and nodded firmly in agreement. which filled Hermione in with the details Madame Pomfrey had left out.” They finished their lunch. It looked as dusty as grimy as ever. Harry. Hermione and Ron were right. Harry James Potter. and headed back out into the afternoon sunshine.” Hermione said urgently.harrypotterfanfiction.” Hermione said.” And trust me. closing it behind him. His special abilities will make it possible for him to be a very successful one.

” he called. shaking the old man’s hand. ”Hey mates. Harry raised the hand he’d been holding under the table and brought it his lips and kissed it as he gazed into her eyes.” he demanded. that’s right. Dad’s still at the Ministry and Mum’s still holding down the Burrow.php?mode=story&o.. what have you lot been up to since. Ab. Shacklebolt. finally able to release their laughter. Mr Boy-Who-Lived-RuddyChosen-Saviour-of-the-Wizarding-World.” Aberforth turned back to Ron and said pointedly. NEWT-level.. Ron cocked his head wordlessly to a table. I haven’t got all day!” Ron reached into his pocket and pulled out the gold.com :: 65. as Old Ogden’s was rather strong stuff. it was time to go.that they knew of anyway—returned to their own hushed conversation. I am and we’re hoping you’ll be there.harrypotterfanfiction. are involved in some kind of Auror training. jerking his thumb at Harry..” She conjured a fifth glass and asked Ron to pour out as if the alcohol were tea.since the recent unpleasantness. ”Have a good day?” 129 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”It’s the Minister’s idea. right?” ”Yeah. Al would be proud. snickering like the pranksters they were.. ”That’s right. ”Smart bugger. ”Please.” Ron grunted. ”Merlin’s earmuffs! It’s you ruddy brave bastards. ”Of course I know this lovely little lass.” Aberforth said with a huge grin. A few members of the DA and I are part of a new training program for the Auror Office. they all nodded and dropped their hoods. ”Sorry. They made their slow way back to the shop as a chill wind began to blow. ”And you.” ”Ah yes. ”Fine business. Then he cast an embarrassed look at Ginny and Hermione. Good man. ”How’re Arthur and Molly?” ”They’re well. The rugged old innkeeper approached their table.harrypotterfanfiction..” she answered him.” ”We’ve been called worse..” he replied. join us. The others had to hold their collective breath to keep from shaking with mirth. The four friends shook hands with their old friend and took their leave. There’s nothing wrong with having an education. fine business.” Aberforth asked haltingly.” Aberforth asked Harry.” Ginny said. ”Yes. Finally. Getting married. They stepped inside to find George at the counter. but they worked well together when the situation warranted it. ”How are you. and don’t even think of coming over here and bothering this boy!” The other patrons. He and his brother hadn’t been on the best of terms. The nervous eyes followed as they all sat down and put their heads together. ”It’s good to see you again and under much brighter circumstances! You know Ginny. Albus. So then.” he asked Ginny.” Hermione giggled. ”That’ll be five galleons.” Ron answered with a smirk. I think.” Aberforth growled slamming the bottle down on the table with four glasses. but Aberforth missed his brother. ”You’re with that brother of yours in that damnable joke shop. ”Firewhiskey. He hated to admit it. ”What do you lot want here. tossing it on the table. leaning into her fiancé’s shoulder. ”You could take a leaf from her book.” Aberforth pulled up a chair nicked from an empty table.com/printerfriendly. ”I wouldn’t miss it. too.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. I am. trying to control his laughter. are you? To this reckless git. He then cast an angry eye at the other customers.” he said with a faraway look in his eyes. lad. relieved that they were not in the presence of Death Eaters—or Aurors. He looked at his companions. And what’s this I read in the Prophet that you. if only for a moment.. ”Hurry it up. ”Mind yer own business ya ruddy fools..” Harry asked. You’re finishing your studies up at the school?” ”Yes. so I can sit the exams and graduate.” Aberforth nodded. ladies.” Soon the bottle was empty and the four friends had quite a buzz on.” he said pointing at Hermione.

” he joked.” ”I don’t know and I’m not about to stick my head out that door to find out either.” Ron warned his brother with a sly twitch around his mouth..php?mode=story&o. Georgie. He returned less than a minute later with her rucksack slung over his shoulder. ”So you must be about ready to head back to Hogwarts. Katie and I will grab a quick bite at the Broomsticks.who knows?” ”Well.” Ron said shaking his cloak free of lingering raindrops. ”Anytime. Little did Ron know that that was the second time he’d been referred to in that manner today. They’ll be serving supper soon.” George called. Ginny and Hermione hugged George goodbye. aware of the double entendre in George’s remark.. ”We’d better get you two back to the school before McGonagall slaps you with detention and hangs Harry and me off Gryffindor Tower. pointing to his girlfriend and his sister.” Hermione said. You staying for supper.” ”Ron.” he replied. He blushed but smiled to himself. said Ron sprinting toward the stairs. ”I wonder if the lightning struck something. Any girlfriend of Ron’s is a girlfriend of mine. They took their places at the table where the Munchkins and the boy Harry knew as Joseph from his first-year Defence Against the Dark Arts class were huddled together in deep conversation. little bro.” ”I’m sure he does. a few charms. but Ron caught phrases like engaged. All eyes were on Ron and Hermione and whispers followed them. ”You’d better get going if you’re walking.erm. ”Oi! You’ve got your own. and a goat. I need. their Chocolate Frog cards clutched in their hands. This beautiful creature belongs to me. so in love. The four friends cast warming charms on their cloaks and drew them up around them as they set out on their walk toward Hogwarts castle.. The wind had indeed picked up and clouds began to gather over Hogsmeade.. Lightning flashed followed almost immediately by the deafening crash of thunder. ”Let’s get into the Great Hall. ”I’ll get it for you. the old goat. Lucky bastard. his long legs covering the distance in half the time it would have taken his girlfriend. love. ”Get out of here. ”It was a great day. Another lovely evening in the Scottish highlands blowing to hell in what was shaping up to be quite a storm. ”Blimey! That was a close one.” Harry replied.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. each couple hand-in-hand. soon. Ginny rushed over to give her older brother a squeeze.” George laughed..harrypotterfanfiction. ”So noted.” They strolled into the Great Hall toward the Gryffindor table. ”Ab Dumbledore sends his. Hermione ignored them for the most part.harrypotterfanfiction. you daft prat.com/printerfriendly.. It’s getting late. ”What are you doing for supper?” ”Oh. Heavy raindrops began to fall as they approached the gates. you ruddy gossips.” he said with a wink.. married. each planting a light kiss on his cheek.. Ron and Harry pushed the great door open so they could go in without being drowned.regards.. They hurried the some-200 yards across the grounds to the doors just as the deluge began in earnest.. Ron?” ”Yeah. Soon.” she said brightly.. Ron opened the door to the shop and ushered the others outside..” Hermione began. lofting a balled up bit of parchment at Ron. There had been an incident with Aberforth.” he said.just so you know.” George said. She’ll be here in a tick or two. I won’t be late because I’ll have to leave after supper. McGonagall invited me.com :: 65.” Ron called from the door. 130 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”Then. The others joined in. A lesser man would have developed a complex. ”Thanks for letting me stay.

. Patricia..” she said breathlessly. ”Um. Hermione collected the now-signed cards and handed them back to Joseph with the quills. That did it. Patricia wandered over. and Ron cottoned on to what was going on and did all they could to keep from laughing out loud. Did you have a good weekend too?” ”Oh yes! Harry took us flying and he and Ginny played Exploding Snap and Wizard’s Chess with us.” she asked. ”Ask Hermione first... ”Well done. at least. blushing so red he glowed. ”Ron. Patricia whispered something in Hermione’s ear.Miss.harrypotterfanfiction...php?mode=story&o.Hermione? Can I ask you something.” Hermione urged him.. I haven’t seen them all day. who gave him a reassuring nod and gave him a little shove toward the quartet. Wanna see?” ”Of course we want to see! Don’t we..” ”What was that all about. squeezing Harry’s thigh under the table. They won’t bite you.. ”Of course we will. ”Um.Miss ’Ermione...I mean. causing her to break in to a smile. ”I wonder where our Munchkins could be. She whispered back to Patricia..” Ron said.. We can do Wingardium Leviosa rather well.” Ginny replied.” he said. Harry cleared his throat.” he nodded.” Ron congratulated her as he raised the bun toward her. What is it. stealing glances over her shoulder at Joseph..and thanks. Go ahead then.um. we did. Gryffindor House..harrypotterfanfiction.. Erica beamed as Ron accepted her gift. who nodded her head as if agreeing with her.. ”Wingardium Leviosa. ”Of course. "I was so hoping to have supper with them tonight.” Ginny asked.I was wonderin’ if. could you. I’ve rather missed their shiny little faces... ”She wiggled her wand and sent it floating to Ron. Ginny.. ”Um. especially one Miss Erica Prewett. Harry.” she advised.” Joseph slowly rose from the table with four Chocolate Frog cards in his hand.would you mind.” Hermione replied. the four of them erupted in gales good-natured laughter. Harry. She hadn’t realised that the entire House had been watching.. biting her bottom lip.” Erica squealed as she jumped up out of her seat and ran to him..com :: 65. hugging him around the neck. ”Today Emma.” Ginny said. Patricia whispered something back to Hermione again and Hermione nodded.” she 131 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”There you go. Hermione. He looked at Patricia..I. ”Yes. Miss Prewett.” Erica drew her wand and screwed her face up in concentration and took aim. trying to keep a straight face.” The children lent them quills so they could sign Joseph’s cards. and I hung out with Joseph practising Expelliarmus and Wingardium Leviosa and finishing our homework.” Hermione replied with a smirk..” she commanded and the bun rose into the air.yeah. ”They’re really nice..” they all said at once. Just wait. Joseph. Unable to hold it in any longer. They all stood and applauded her success.com/printerfriendly.erm.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. now.” ”What is it. ”Well.” Joseph stammered in obvious London Cockney.. ”It’s okay. was united under a banner of friendship and support. ”Did you and Hermione have fun?” You have no idea. ”Ron. ”Uh. ”Go ahead. ”Here.” Harry said loud enough for the whole house to hear.. also loud enough for the whole table to hear.ifyoucouldsignmyChocolateFrogcards.. Joseph? What can I do for you. ”Yes. Harry. Patricia walked away from Hermione over to Joseph. ”Let’s see you levitate that bun over there.” she said to him quietly. ”You’ll see.” Hermione added. Pat. and proceeded to eat it.

looking around at her three friends. ”I think he’s got his eye on our Patricia.. ”Does anyone care to let me in on the joke?” Harry considered trying to start the fire without his wand. I will walk you to Gryffindor Tower and go on to McGonagall’s office once I have you.” How did I land such a hunk? ”I’ll walk with you to McGonagall’s office. It was much better when Ron told it. ”Night.php?mode=story&o. Munchkins. Good night. mates. Sure enough. Note to self: Tell Ginny about that later.” ”Oh that! Mum was furious.” and the latch clicked to admit them. Harry.” Ron answered gratefully. Harry muttered. due to the storm blowing around out there. ”I need to be going. Miss Ginny! Thank you Mr Weasley.. ”Lor’ Miss ’Ermione! Thank you! Thank you.” Harry said..” Hermione asked. He rejoined the Munchkins at the table.” asked Ron..harrypotterfanfiction. ”Good night. A couple of hours later. Professor McGonagall approached them unnoticed. come on up to our room and we’ll chat a bit without this lot to disturb us.com :: 65.uh. sir! Thank you ’Arry. ”What a little cutie.” Harry assured her. ”Fred and George had to work in the garden for a month!” ”What are you on about. We’re fine.com/printerfriendly.” They all stood and stepped over the benches..” Ginny said as she snuggled close to Harry. Joseph. I assume you and Miss Weasley are well?” ”Yes. ”Lawnmower.” Ginny explained. Love. ”Oh no.. when you leave tonight. They settled down on the rug as couples as Ron began to tell the lawnmower story from his point of view. there you are. ”We can.” Ron remembered with a chuckle. come to my office and you may Floo back to Hogsmeade.right there 132 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. Professor.” The four friends talked more about Harry’s upcoming tests the next day. When he was finished. again giving him encouragement. ”Harry thought it was funny.” Joseph simply gushed as he stared down at his cards in wonder. Ron.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Hermione offered. Thanks. ”Mr Weasley. ”That’s weather fit for neither man nor beast.” Ron said as they made to leave. he pretended to tuck his wand into his robes.harrypotterfanfiction. and Hermione left the Great Hall and climbed the stairs toward Harry’s and Ginny’s room. He looked to make sure the others weren’t watching.” he announced. It’s late and Harry’s got a big day ahead of him..” She shivered and seemed to draw her robes closer around her. ”Lawnmower. Hermione. Ginny. said with a wink.” she offered. Professor.” he said backing away as if from royalty.” she said simply as she made her way back to the staff table. ”I will..talk freely.” ”Mr Potter. fire erupted in the grate with a whoosh! When the others turned toward him at the sound. ”I appreciate that.” they replied. Ron decided he should leave. clutching their sides and falling all over themselves.. ”What kind of a password is that?” ”Bill told Harry about the lawnmower incident with the twins when I was little. He concentrated and then waved his hand before it. Harry thought as he listened.well. sitting down next to Patricia. standing up to his full height and stretching his muscular arms above his ginger head revealing a patch of matching hair that ran from his navel into the waistband of his jeans. ”Thank you. ”Very well. the four of them roared. so. ”Ron.

Ron and Hermione left the room and headed for Gryffindor Tower. Finally... what’s all this.. ’Mione! I love you. "Excelsior.” she said panting. love. that’s five whole days without your touch.so empty. ”I’ll send Pig..” Her lip began to tremble. her tongue tangled with his in a wild fury.. but he kept walking. It’s just that. Ron’s sapphire eyes had long since gone cobalt with his passion. He stood right next to her.safely inside. pulling her in closer as they walked. She knew Ron didn’t do well with weeping women.” She began to cry again.. She was sobbing before she got to her bed. She tore her lips away from his. “’Mione. on a night like this. ”I know. without your kisses. ”Gods.” he said as she burst into tears.. I’ll be practically living on it!” He took her in his arms again and kissed her tenderly. but we haven’t much choice. Hermione tried hard to stifle choke back her sobs and blink away her tears.” she said. She sadly changed into 133 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .I just lose control sometimes. setting his brain on fire. I feel so. but we have to try to keep ourselves under control..php?mode=story&o. don’t.. Now.” ”No. He couldn’t bear to leave her side... Don’t send an owl out. he couldn’t hold back. I’ll carry what we shared over the weekend with me all week until I can be with you again. Hermione had been taken by surprise at Ron’s ardor but responded with only a moment’s hesitation as her knees turned to water. She loved the very feel of him under her hands.I. Don’t start crying. I love you..” he murmured into her mouth. Granger. She slid her hands under Ron’s shirt and ran them wantonly over his broad chest and around his waist to his back.” she said. NEWTs are tough classes and you need your wits about you. love.. I’ll owl you as soon as I get back. stroking her hair and planting gentle kisses on the top of her head. Ron noticed.” she reasoned.. ”I don’t know what’s the matter with me!” Ron felt tempted to stop right there and press her against a wall to snog her senseless.harrypotterfanfiction. a tear stealing down his own cheek. ”All right then.harrypotterfanfiction. trying to convince herself as well as Ron. I know you love me and that you’re thinking about me. as least here. Ron.com/printerfriendly. without. He ached for her almost constantly and to watch her cry like that just broke his heart.com :: 65. my love. turn around and don’t look back. They glowed in the torchlight as he cast a stillblazing look at her. Just give the pink lady the password and climb inside. You get to bed and get some rest.” Ron’s heart melted as she confessed her love for him. hugging Harry and Ginny in turn. I need you so. but she missed him already. Hot tears streaming down her face. “I’d better go. Hermione whispered the password.” he confessed. ”I know it’s difficult.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. he stole a glance back over his own shoulder in time to see her pass through the portrait hole.well. It swung shut with a click. ”’Mione. It’s not so bad. I. her face flush with desire. He claimed her lips in a blistering kiss as a wave of desire coursed through him. ”Ron. ”I just can’t get enough of you.. on the sofa in front of that huge fireplace.” he promised.” Ron said defiantly. especially such little one.. the realisation of where they were struck her like a rogue Bludger..” she sobbed.” The portrait swung away allowing her to enter into the common room. Ron never found out because his heart swelled with so much love for this weeping angel in his arms. Remember. ”See you at breakfast.don’t look back.” ”I know. Ronald Weasley. ”See you. ”Please don’t cry.just miss you already! When I’m away from you.” Ron suggested.” Ron said as he slapped his best friend on the shoulder and kissed his sister’s cheek. but it was no good. don’t cry. It felt so right.” Hermione nodded and turned around as Ron walked away. Only his strong arms kept her on her feet. his tongue slipping between her pouting lips. we can’t do this.” Hermione didn’t bother to argue. Aw. Tears began to well up in her cinnamon eyes. ”You can come over to Hogsmeade again and we can spend some time together then.” she whimpered back into his lips. ”Merlin.” Whatever the third item on her list was.. now or I’ll never get out of here..so alone.” she said softly as Ron slung her rucksack over his broad shoulder. but she just couldn’t help it... Damn. Although he’d forbidden her from looking back as he walked away. but you do something to me.” ”I know.. ”I won’t have Filch harassing you. She didn’t want this glorious weekend to end in bickering. but he couldn’t stay there either. urging her to the portrait hole. ”That’ll have to do for now. ”We have next weekend. ”Night. ”Ron.

what was the one thing you told me I wouldn’t need for these tests. As have already been told.harrypotterfanfiction.” Harry said pointing his wand at the man. The other person was either hiding and the test was to see if Harry could find him or her. Sir. This room is finished.” Harry stepped through the door with his wand raised and found himself in a completely empty room. pulled the curtains and cried herself to sleep and dreamed. If he had been wrong.” ”Yes. ”Polyjuice potion. ”Thanks. he would 134 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . I presume” Harry determined. ”I told you there will be no need for lethal spells. There was a recent photo of himself smirking back with his birth date. ”What happened Harry?” Harry felt a tingle of suspicion. but if you discovered me.. at the stunned Robards on the floor and the one standing in the doorway talking with him. height.” Harry said and passed through to the lifts and rode to Level Two where the Auror Office was located. Our purpose is to estimate what kind of support your training program needs to meet Auror training standards for those of you who wish to take the Auror exam. somewhat confused. there will be no need to perform lethal spells. You are cleared to react in any manner you find necessary. Well done Harry.php?mode=story&o. Robards stopped.” Harry looked. Harry decided to go for a stun. I understand. everything we say to each other is part of the interview. Gawain Robards himself. He was welcomed by the Head of the Auror Office. He then used Incarcerous to tie the unknown man and approached him. Only a few minutes into the tests. ”Welcome Mr Potter. so keep your eyes open and your wand ready. from this moment on.” The door opened and Robards entered without his wand in hand. It was attached to a lanyard he slipped over his head. I was to attack you. her nightgown.” he said. Robards smiled and pointed towards a door. weight. He thought for a moment about what he should do.” Harry asked. ”Correct. ”Stupefy. ”Ah. Of course.” Harry asked. No need to check your wand.” Robards’ voice boomed. who opened his eyes. Potter. These tests where certainly going to be demanding. Harry stepped confidently out of one of the oversized fireplaces into the chaos of the atrium. Harry looked at the ID badge: Harry J. he had already stunned a person who appeared to be the Head of the Auror Office. A man became visible and fell unconscious to the floor. ”Yes. Auror Training Program. crawled into her bed.harrypotterfanfiction. This seemed too easy. Why are you hiding here?” The man blushed. we will conduct interviews and tests today.” Robards answered him. hair and eye color listed below it—much like a Muggle driver’s licence. ”I was supposed to stay hidden.” Harry answered. who fell to the ground. ”There will be no need for the Unforgivable curses.com :: 65. ”I'm here for my Auror test.com/printerfriendly.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Harry could sense the presence of someone on his right. we will also have to evaluate your mental and emotional fitness to become an Auror at all. ”Ennervate. only larger.” Harry yelled and a red bolt shot away and hit its target. his eyes narrowed. and then decided to try a non-verbal Homenum Revelio. ”Your test begins when you walk through that door. ”Very good Harry. Here are your credentials.” Harry hesitated for a moment and then shot off a non-verbal stunner at Robards. Remember Harry.” ”Everything is a part. or it could be a test to fight off a surprise attack. Harry had time for only a quick bite with Ginny before he trotted up to McGonagall’s office to Floo to the Ministry. Harry shook his head.. Mr Potter. He approached the Welcome desk and showed his form to the Wand-Checker. but as you probably understand. Sir. ”If you are Gawain Robards. probably under either a disillusionment charm or an invisibility cloak.

That time I won. Have you any experience there?” ”I successfully entered Hogwarts undetected by the Death Eaters who had a stranglehold on the school. By now.” Robards said forcefully. Professor Lupin taught me how to produce a Patronus to defend myself against Dementors. though. I dueled Riddle for the first time. a Werewolf. ”Yes. Nagini. I was the most wanted person last year. eyes glinting. concealment. and in my fourth year. in fifth year and again last year. Have you any experience with dark creatures?” ”Apart from the ones I learned about at Hogwarts. Auror Robards cleared his throat.” Harry said flatly after a moment's consideration. ”Er. I must say. Tree Dragons—one a baby—Inferi. In my third year. ”I faced Riddle for the first time when I was eleven.” ”By Riddle. It wasn't until last year that I was able to successfully use it against Riddle. I suppose you mean Voldemort. They all greeted him with nods.” Robards told him.” Dawlish said. ”During my sixth year. I have also sneaked into the Ministry twice. I have used Polyjuice potion for disguise on several occasions. Next.com :: 65. Next. but was still able to escape. Williamson and Smith. I trained Dumbledore's Army to duel. That time. Robards grinned slightly. But even if I did work for you. a three-headed dog. ”I was taught Occlumency and Legilimency by professor Snape.” All four of them looked at Harry and he supposed he should say something. I broke into Gringotts and escaped with what I had gone there for.. I order you to tell us about them. I also managed to shut him out of my head to prevent him from doing the same. In my fifth year.” Williamson looked at him. Harry paused.php?mode=story&o. and finally Riddle himself during the Battle of Hogwarts. ”Do you have a criminal record. thank you Mr Potter.com/printerfriendly. I was captured once by Snatchers. Tom Riddle was his given name. Mr Potter?” 135 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . But I never actually did any dueling until my second year in Professor Lockhart’s dueling club at Hogwarts. That's all I can tell you. I guess you could call it a draw. sometimes using disguise. The only one Harry had ever seen before was John Dawlish. I had to disarm Professor Snape. It is also necessary for an Auror to be able to track his quarry.harrypotterfanfiction. but I was heavily outnumbered by Riddle and his Death Eaters. I had managed a couple of narrow escapes before and since then. Further questions about them should be directed to him.” Harry replied. I used Legilimency during the Battle of Hogwarts to keep track of him and his movements. Last year. you will yet need to learn to become a fully-fledged Auror. Mr Potter. I am bound by orders from the Minister for Magic regarding those objects. I dueled Death Eaters Again on several fronts. we must ask if you have any experience defending your mind.” Williamson asked. How did that turn out. probably have ruined any chance of become an Auror. I don't work for this Office. unless the time when I was a baby counts.well. ”They were tracked down and disposed of. In my fourth year at Hogwarts.harrypotterfanfiction.” Smith asked. ”I guess that sums it up. Mr Potter. if anything. I fought in the Battle of the Astronomy Tower the night Professor Dumbledore was killed. respectfully acknowledging the Senior Auror.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Harry nodded his response. gesturing for Harry to sit. the room had gone silent. professor Dumbledore intervened and fought him off. ”Potter. ”As Head of this Office. They sat in a circle and Dawlish presented Aurors Dawlish. he was led into another room.” ”What about those dark objects you just told us about.” ”Very impressive. and Riddle's snake. and stealth.” As no one interrupted him. he continued. ”As far as I'm concerned. so I am not obligated to obey that order. a 60-foot Basilisk. but stayed concealed.” Harry said. He nodded. Last year before the Battle of Hogwarts. and engaged in a lot tracking last year in a search for several dark objects. a nest of Acromantulas. among other things and then dueled Death Eaters and fought Riddle in the atrium of this very building. and inside sat three Aurors. We wish to discover a little bit about your skill level to determine what. we need to ask you about your dueling experience. Mr Potter. I have faced a fully-grown mountain troll. so all I could do was get out of there by Portkey. Two very heavily guarded and protective places. Robards followed him. I managed to throw off the Imperius curse and in my third... ”First of all. ”Now. ”Very well.

php?mode=story&o. I'm here for an interview and tests at the Auror Office.” ”Really now? How is it coming?” ”They’re demanding tests.” Gawain told him. I was acquitted because it was a life-threatening situation as the thing had been attempting to kiss him. yes.” No one else had anything more to ask or add. You can perform Legilimency non-verbally.. ”Good work.” Robards asked him. It was a house-elf.” ”Calm down. Harry felt his hand go for his wand. I believe I can make a difference as an Auror. the man who outsmarted Voldemort. ”Well. I have never been prosecuted for breaking into Gringotts or the Ministry. small voice told Harry to stun Auror Smith.com :: 65. ”Let me get this straight. ”Finally Mr Potter. Finally.harrypotterfanfiction. I did. much like that which spared my life as a baby. I don't have a criminal record.” ”Well.com/printerfriendly. came into play at the battle. both of whom were master Legilimens. ”But I'm not sure how. ”Hello Harry! I didn't know you were here.” Robards asked. Did you use Legilimens non-verbally? I was taken altogether off guard by it. ”It was after the Battle of Hogwarts. who is a Muggle. there had been warrant issued for my arrest last year. ”Hello Arthur. followed by an attempt at non-verbal Legilimens. receiving the image from his mind revealing that it was he who had cast the curse.” The four men sat down again. I have never heard of such a thing! I thought you might be a good Legilimens and Occlumens considering you were taught by Snape.” 136 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . so they broke for lunch.” Robards seemed rather amused. Mr Potter.” Harry replied.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”He wanted me to stun Auror Smith. ”That will be all. Harry waved his wand and stunned him.” As they stood up as if to leave.harrypotterfanfiction.” ”Do you have a theory. How do you know it was Dawlish?” ”He was the only one using his wand and I read the actual casting from his own mind. Dawlish cast the Imperius curse on me. so Harry drew his wand and cast the Protego charm. Harry met Arthur in the Ministry restaurant. But I thought I might be able to because I can cast my Patronus non-verbally. why do you wish to become an Auror?” ”I’ve pretty much dedicated my life to the fight against the dark arts.” his surrogate father called. ”I performed some unintentional underage magic at my Aunt’s home. whom you also managed you shut out. although it wasn’t actually me who did it. ”But when did you master non-verbal magic on that level?” Harry considered how he would keep his and Ginny's bond secret without telling an outright lie. but quickly recognised the sensation of being Imperiused. That depends on what you define as a criminal record.” ”Thank you. then: No.” Harry said indignantly. Harry threw it off and looked at the Aurors. The other three looked at him in shock and disbelief. and I wish to do so among the best there are. it was actually the first time I ever tried it. ”All I can imagine is that very ancient magic.” Dawlish got up and looked at Harry. Further questions must be directed to the Minister for Magic. but I think it's safe to say wasn't for any crime I committed.” Robards said. Dawlish appeared to cover a wand in his robes. Harry.. so I honestly don't know how I'm doing. He caught Dawlish off guard. To answer your question.” ”Harry. a still. ”Mr Robards. I had been accused of casting a Patronus in the presence of my cousin.

eh? If they are related. ”Of course not. we’re going to test your dueling skill this afternoon. the training program.” Arthur asked. we haven't sent you an owl yet. Two against one. He ended the duel with a stun that sent Dawlish flying across the room. Harry Apparated to a point behind the Aurors and stunned both of them. studying hard. and after a few minutes Harry felt he had managed to gain control over his increased power. He also told Arthur about the Munchkins. have we? Ginny’s fine. Ginny and Ron seem to think you might be related. Don't you forget that. ushering him into a study. Furthermore. Harry chose to disarm the one he had confunded.harrypotterfanfiction. Arthur. So. On each other. no lethal spells will be necessary.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” ”He was Dumbledore's apprentice. With Harry. Robards had been taking furious notes. he seemed a bit uncertain and mostly defended himself for a few minutes before taking out Dawlish with one attack. Outside the room. it’s hard to tell sometimes. the duel began. is it? After the proprietary salutes. Next. if you ask me.com :: 65. Clutched tightly in his fist. ”Duel.” Robards asked. ”Impressive. ”Prewetts.. We do this in order to see what he needs to learn.” Kingsley said. He also cast off the Imperius curse and revealed who cast it. Stuns and curses flew against him.” ”Uncertain or cautious.” ”A gross understatement. ”So. he defeated three Aurors in an instant and didn't even seemed to be pushed to his limits. that helps us focus. Harry held the wands of the two defeated Aurors. He put up a non-verbal shield at the same time as he confunded the first wizard to buy some time. ”Judging from what I’ve seen. ”They’re Prewetts. And he defeated Voldemort. he used non-verbal magic not even Dumbledore was able to do—Legilimency and the Patronus. ”Like the Potters. ”Harry.” Kingsley looked amused.” 137 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Next he took out two of us in a mere flash. We never stood a chance against Potter. Harry went easy at first. ”Robards complimented him. Smith and Williamson entered.” Robards commanded. Harry felt less concerned about causing injuries. ”Does he know this test is the actual Auror exam.harrypotterfanfiction. We all want to be able to walk out of here in one piece today. His record of achievement is of course outstanding. the two men chatted about school. Next. And the dueling test was unlike anything I’ve ever seen! First.php?mode=story&o. not certain how strong the magic his wand would produce might be.” Over lunch. and the visit with Ron and Hermione at Hogsmeade. How’s our Ginny. ”Aurors are supposed to be good at dueling. This time Harry felt a little nervous and decided to fight to his full capability from the off. He told Harry to follow the instructions inside. as he distracted Smith with a non-verbal Levicorpus. landing on his back on a mat placed there for safety.” Arthur told him.” After lunch Harry returned to the Auror Office where he was shown to a room were Robards awaited him..” Harry told him. He released Smith onto the mat. summoning his wand as he fell. how is it coming.” Kingsley asked. And he stunned my Polyjuiced double without hesitation. Mr Potter. Gawain. Kingsley approached the Head Auror and sat down.” Dawlish entered and he and Harry saluted one another. Harry. disarming Williamson a split-second later.com/printerfriendly. ”Well done. Anyway. I’m telling you. I think she's planning Quidditch tryouts for next weekend. The Prewetts and the Weasleys are very old Wizarding families. He has already faced situations most Aurors never do. they’re Molly’s people. Finally.” Gawain exclaimed. and Harry and Dawlish began. ”Right. His shield held back Dawlish's spells. We have a room together. three Aurors Harry didn't know entered. how is he doing so far?” ”He beat the record in the first room. probably cautious might be the better word. ”I'm sure you're doing fine. As before. King. the man never broke a sweat.

Friday. but I try to limit that to children who have suffered the loss of family members during the war. thank you Harry! Well. but you will have only to re-take the elements of the written exam you failed as soon as Gawain decides you’re ready.” Gawain said.” Inside the room. beating even Mad-Eye's..” Harry said. He worked diligently until Robards entered and stopped him. In the first room. I can only say that proves his loyalty.com :: 65.sorry.harrypotterfanfiction. I can't escape publicity. which means that you are not yet a licenced Auror.php?mode=story&o.. which Lee responds to with answers I have already given him regarding a number of frequently asked questions. ”I get a lot of requests for autographs. of course. ”You are finished with your test. and I can guess which ones.” ”If I may ask. I appreciate what you have done to give us some privacy.” Kingsley continued. ”The parts you failed are those you possibly couldn't have had time to study.” Kingsley sighed. I’m a ruddy Auror! ”Thank you. But then again. and Auror Field Manual. I don't know what you did with them. you set a new record. We didn't expect you to do this well on any of it. I will now let you know that you have taken the Auror exam.com/printerfriendly. what do you respond to personally.. but I can't tell you what it’s about either.” ”It's all right.” Harry looked at them.” ”What questions are most common.” Robards confessed.” Kinsley finally spoke. Your written test was fine except for the elements concerning Ministry organisation.” Gawain asked out of curiosity.” ”Harry. Gawain. now that you're back at Hogwarts?” ”Fine. allowing you to gain some field experience. Minister.” Kingsley asked. Magical Law. here's your and Ginny's official invitation to the ball. I don't like asking you to participate in these sorts of things because I know you like to keep a low profile. Kingsley. Had they put him through the actual Auror exam? ”Harry you have done far better than we ever imagined you would.” Harry had a hard time believing what he heard. ”Well. ”Ginny and I will be there. Harry. ”Yes. however. I also want to inform you about an international convention. and I know you wouldn't ask this of us if it wasn't important. ”How is the situation with owls. there's an Kick-off Ball and I would really appreciate if you could come. ”There were a couple of questions he refused to answer and told us to direct them your way. Your dueling skills have set new records. I need to learn how to handle it and keep it at a reasonable level.” Kingsley continued. Then. Harry had to sit a written exam and brew a complex potion. ”The most common right now is when Ginny and I are getting married. ”Harry. I suppose everyone will expect a speech. We haven’t set a date yet.. On the opening night. thank you. Others write personal letters. And before you ask. and of 138 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . I’m fine that way. Sir.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. and Ron. Now I would advise you to prepare a speech. he was transported by Portkey to various rooms to face different creatures and get past them before he could Portkey back. Hermione and Neville will be invited too. They sort them out and respond to a lot of them. but I won't put you up as a featured speaker unless you want me to. interns are unpaid. I'm sorry. but it would mean a lot if you could be there. For that reason. Ginny is welcome.” Kingsley laughed. Your interview clears you as fit to be an Auror. stunned. We've been giving Lee instructions as to what they can send on to us. Harry was escorted to Kingsley's office and waited until Robards entered and gave Kingsley a parchment. And it’s okay about the paycheck. ”Several of my colleagues around Europe seem eager to talk about further international law-enforcement co-operation.harrypotterfanfiction. ”We have decided to appoint you an Auror Intern. the convention will be held in three weeks. Minister.” ”Thank you Harry. It will also allow you to tag along on missions. Except for a few written elements. but all owls except the ones from people on my list come to Lee Jordan's team. I promise you will know when you get the invitation.

”Hey.” Harry asked. the one that takes three years of Auror training.harrypotterfanfiction. 139 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM ..php?mode=story&o. Harry told Hermione about his day and that she and Ron should expect an invitation to the ball. Gorgeous Girl. ”I'd put both you and the wench in St Mungo's. though.” he said. ha very funny. ”Now tuck in before the food disappears!” She began to pile all the foods she knew he liked best onto his plate as he grabbed the last piece of treacle tart. ”Ha. Harry stepped into a Ministry Floo and returned to Hogwarts. He strode up the aisle between the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw tables and slid in next to her.” Ginny asked.” Ginny’s face broke out in a huge grin.” Ginny said.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. or as in pure fascination. Hermione appeared at the table just as supper was about to be cleared.. ”That would be the one.” Kingsley said and handed a parchment.” Harry grinned.” she asked. kissing her again. course.” ”Of course I will come and you wouldn't dare take another date. ”Harry. Harry didn’t realise how hungry he really was until he began to eat. How did it go today. ”You're not going to believe this.” Hermione replied.” Harry asked sardonically. ”So how did it go?” Harry blushed. Gorgeous Guy. ”I sort of passed. He pulled her close and kissed her soundly. ”Permission granted. I don’t want to do anything this public without you by my side.” Hermione said grabbing some food while she still could. Kingsley told me I’d beaten some of Mad-Eye’s. ”Are there anyone but you studying History of Magic at NEWT-level? I thought Professor Binns scared everyone away after fourth year.” he said into her eyes. Mister. Kingsley wouldn't ask us if it wasn't important.” Harry said ”My practical results set some new records. ”Where in Merlin's name have you've been. Potter. ”Hey. it’s dress robes. In fact I already told Kingsley that I’ll come and I would really like you to be my date. that’s wonderful!” Ginny read the parchment and then at Harry again. but keep it down.” Ginny smiled. the man is dead! It’s a wonder no students have died in class and joined him. ”Hermione.com :: 65.” ”The Auror exam. Gin. ”Professor Binns is an excellent teacher.” Harry admonished her just above a whisper. The meeting was over. I lost time reading about the history of the Wizengamot.. ”Lost time.harrypotterfanfiction. the Auror Field Manual and Ministry Organization. but they put me through the actual Auror exam and I didn't know it until afterwards. ”I think we should.com/printerfriendly. ”Are we going.” Ginny asked..” Hermione said. Actually there's a lot to learn from history. The others aren't supposed to know. It's was dinner time and the Great Hall it was already full of people. Hermione shook her head in mock disgust and let the subject drop.” Ginny said. ”Oh. He scanned the Gryffindor table and found Ginny sitting there. and he actually lived during many of those events.” ”I’d like to buy you a new dress. except for Magical Law. as in fell asleep out of boredom.

waving his hand across the fireplace. She stopped massaging him. I must ask that thou dost not interfere with my methods lest thou find thyself face-to-face with my Bat-Bogey friends. ”I’ve noticed that too.. He drew in a hissing breath as he leaned on his sore shoulder. I just did what I needed to do and that was it.harrypotterfanfiction. that feels good.” Ginny said.wow. I just did it while none of you were looking. Thy wish shall be my command. ”That is so good. ”Ohh that feels wonderful. my love.” she apologised.com/printerfriendly. I would beg a boon of thee: couldst thou find it in thine heart to allow me. Harry rotated that shoulder and winced.” he said. She worked his back and shoulders until her hands ached. She continued to knead him like bread dough.. gently at first. love. don’t you? ”My beloved lady. ”A massage. ”Milady. he told her in detail about the magic he had performed and the duels he had won. Dumbledore knew that too. I find that I am sorely out of shape as thou hast seen.” You know you could never do that to him. It never even occurred to me that I was outnumbered by three of the best dueling wizards in Britain. For all his excitement.” ”I did it yesterday when Ron and Hermione were here. ”That’s.” ”Could I ask you something. which she massaged in ever-increasing circular motions. Harry groaning as each knot in his aching muscles unraveled. but that wasn't our task and far be it from me to show off.” ”Then yes. but he believed in its power too. Charms today was so easy.” ”Yeah. but my hands are aching and I have to stop. it would be our pleasure for thee to train with us.” he moaned.” I want you now. She began to work that bad shoulder.” Harry said.” Harry began. He not only spoke of love. however. It instantly burst into flame.” he groaned as she worked a knot out. Harry James Potter. She climbed up and straddled the small of his back to gain a better angle at his neck.” ”Harry. I would not presume to be so bold as to impede thy progress with the team by forcing upon thee my wretched opinions. ”Merlin. I shall remain forever in thy debt. ”Sorry. Gin.” I’ll dedicate the rest of my life to your heart’s every desire. It’s kind of important to me. ”Yes. ”And it was almost scary that I defeated three veteran Aurors at the same time in a duel. love. don't worry.” she cried.com :: 65. Love?” Harry removed his robes and shirt while Ginny stripped off to her bra and knickers. What is thine heart’s desire?” They had taken to using courtly language with one another from time to time in their private banter.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. hence thy ministrations. to train with thee and the Gryffindor team?” ”Good Sir Knight. ”Wow.” Harry said.” ”Thou art too kind. You know Dumbledore fought off the Aurors too when the DA was uncovered. a humble and devoted knight.” Harry said. She began to massage him again. Thou mayest train with the team in order to return thy body to top form. I think I could have done it non-verbally too. When he and Ginny were finally alone in their room. It’s like wandless magic has become second nature.. nor would I presume to bar thy way by flying like a king’s fool. I guess that's why he was so powerful.php?mode=story&o. Harry. ”Gin. ”I seem to be able to do everything both verbally and non-verbally. putting on more pressure as he adjusted to her ministrations.. Love. Watch this. leaning over to kiss her.harrypotterfanfiction. I think this bond of ours somehow lets us channel greater magical powers into our spells. My biggest concern was to not hurt them because I’m not sure I’ve quite got a handle on this extra power yet. I love you so much. ”Anything. and guess I’m becoming a believer too. Gin. good knight. 140 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . he seemed tense.

” ”I love you too. He unhooked her bra and turned the straps aside. so Harry stayed out of her way unless she approached him first.” Ginny lay down on her stomach in Harry’s place..does it hurt. He stared at her beautiful red hair thrown over her shoulder and her milky white back.. my own.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” he asked. You didn’t hurt me.. he got the hang of it. he knew.” he asked coyly. and dueling practice with the DA. She captured his lips in a sweet kiss. You are my whole world.. ”It’s more comfortable.that’s wonderful.. though. but kept his weight mostly on his lower legs. How could you know if I didn’t tell you. just kind. homework.” she said as she rose from the floor. It was silly. ”I.oh my. full of all the love and longing for him that filled her heart..com :: 65. tears in her eyes.. it’s.com/printerfriendly. they could 141 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”That we can do! Let’s get to bed. Lips parted and tongues entwined.harrypotterfanfiction. It’s just that.. ”No. At first. my heart. we can’t tonight. but it wasn’t desperate. breathing in the familiar scent of her that drove him mad with desire. ”That’s it. They snuggled down into the bedclothes facing one another. That’s.” she said. Ginny had been swamped with homework. as he nipped at her sensitive spot right behind it. my every wish.. He leaned down and buried his bespectacled face in her exposed neck. love. my Ginny. Harry held Ginny’s face in his hands and leaned in.” No wonder she likes to do this. A loving respect for the beauty he shared his bed with.” she said as she placed a warm palm against his face. You’re not making mud pies. It just seemed to him that a woman going through what Ginny was going through at that moment should be treated with kid gloves. He straddled her. ”Not so hard. but with a little coaching. A warm something that began in his chest spread through his entire being as he pressed his lips to hers. baby.” Harry asked a little embarrassed at his ignorance. It wasn’t the volcanic fire that accompanied their lovemaking. ”You know the drill.” he breathed into her ear. ”Can we still snog each other senseless. ”Harry. hoping that he was mimicking her technique properly. my sweet.. He began to massage her. flecked with tan freckles. she winced when he put too much pressure on her.” Harry picked her up and carried her across the room and laid her on the bed as if she were a tiny child. I love you so much. ”Of course you didn’t know. ”No. He had hoped to be able to teach them how to put up basic wards by Christmas break. His libido kicked into overdrive.” Harry apologised.” she teased. It’s amazing! As Harry worked her neck and shoulders and continued down her spine.” she said. please stop.” Harry took her in his arms as though she were a china doll...that time of the month.... as he helped her roll onto her back. except for a few muscle cramps. She snaked her arms around his neck and drew herself closer to him.” ”Ginny.. no. Harry had introduced a few new spells to the trainees and worked with them on strengthening their shields.php?mode=story&o.. They fell asleep in each other’s arms and dreamed. ”Harry..harrypotterfanfiction. More than life itself.” she declared in a whisper. ”I love you. what’s wrong. ”Did I hurt you? I didn’t mean. but Madame Pomfrey gave me a potion to take care of that. Her graceful neck screamed for him to kiss it. a little hurt. By Friday at supper. The week passed quickly amid a flurry of lessons.” she assured him. ”Oh Gin. my sweet Harry. I. ”Then it’s my turn.um. I’m so sorry..” Ginny cried. averting her eyes.well. I didn’t know. he could feel her relax under his hands.. ”Ginny. ”Um. Harry let up a little and she began to groan. but a sort of homey feeling.” he said as she climbed off him. but he wanted to do it because he loved her. Harry. noble Harry.

” Harry 142 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . That’s their job. I accept thine assistance with our young Mr Creevey.. Dennis Creevey made a fair tryout and became the new Seeker. Dennis had a bad habit of wanting to be everything to everyone on the team. I offer thee my assistance in the training of thy young Seeker. but I remain forever a Gryffindor. For the rest of the positions. barely hold their heads up. ”Dennis. teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts. ”I feel pretty good about the team.” Ginny called.” Ginny told Harry.” ”But Harry. Ginny held tryouts. During the weekend.” Harry coached. He could never be as good as Harry. ”Sorry Gin. After all.. ”Both the Keeper and the Seeker work mostly alone and the rest of the team has already played together. The only thing you need to concern yourself is finding and catching the Snitch. He wanted the Gryffindors to win the Cup. ”Take five.php?mode=story&o. ”shouldn’t I want to warn the Chasers if a Bludger is coming at them?” ”No. He wanted to make Harry proud that he had trained him. I harbour no doubt that the Gryffindor team hath a merry chance at the Cup. milady.. I may not be a student.” ”Milady. he was grooming Dennis Creevey to become the next star Seeker for Gryffindor. Let me be the first to offer thee my favour. so they retreated to their room and collapsed on their bed.” Dennis argued.” Harry said in their favourite courtly demeanor. Then thou mayest work diligently with thy Chasers and thy Beaters. He wanted to make Ginny proud that she had chosen him as the Seeker. giving them ample opportunity to hammer Miss Spinnet into a Keeper thou mayest be proud of.com/printerfriendly.” he said to his scowling fiancée.” she said as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him passionately. as promised.. she either had her nose buried in a book. what with Auror training paperwork. thine offer is bold. He wanted Colin to be proud of him.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. the Beaters will cover you when you spot the Snitch and go after it! Now. ”And a lovely favour it is. let’s try again.harrypotterfanfiction. Harry wanted Dennis to pay attention. She needed a new Keeper and a new Seeker. or a quill in her hand writing desperate teary love letters to Ron or lengthy essays for her professors. At the end of tryouts. you’re too easily distracted. There wasn’t much time for fun and frivolity. ”But. he asked her what she thought about her team’s prospects. but when they did.com :: 65. Harry had been observing from the stands. yet sensible. The rest of the team descended to the grassy floor of the pitch while Harry hovered aloft to rein Dennis in. but I need to coach my Seeker. The Beaters’ll defend the Chasers. ”Good Sir Knight. When Harry wasn’t just working out to get in shape. Jessica Spinnet was by far the best Keeper in the tryouts and made the team. Nor have I forgotten my heart’s promise to thee that I would not presume to interfere. no one could outstrip those still left from Harry's team. dueling practice with the DA. but he had potential. ”Don’t worry about what the Chasers are doing.” Harry explained. offering no opinions of his own.” ”Dennis. Ginny’s schedule was just as full with Quidditch training and a pile of homework of her own. He blew his coach’s whistle and play stopped. They’d hardly seen Hermione at all. for professional teams often employ separate Seeker and Keeper coaches.” Harry smiled broadly as he snogged her senseless right there in the Gryffindor box. and Quidditch training. team. I think we have a good chance to win the Cup. but if thou mightest accept.harrypotterfanfiction. Sir Coach. I can see that thy sincerest wish is to only aid me and the team in our quest for the Cup. Chapter 8: Ball and Quaffle [View Online] [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter] Chapter 8 – Ball and Quaffle The following three weeks passed in a blur.

Pay attention.. ”Usually just looking around or hoping to fake-out the opposing Seeker. fair lady?” ”Because thou art a prat.” she growled as she kissed then end of his nose. so Harry’s greater size provided Dennis a slight advantage. The Snitch still flitted around the middle hoop where he had first spied it.com :: 65.” Harry said...” Ginny said with a smirk.com/printerfriendly. ”I’ve got a stack of Auror evaluations to study. ”You have to remember. Potter!” Care to join me? Showered and dressed in their school uniforms and robes.. Dennis’ Cleansweep was really no match.” Ginny asked. signaling the end of practice. ”By our middle hoop!” ”Now go get it. ”Now. Dennis. Sounds like someone else I know. ”Now shower.” Dennis watched carefully. Firebolts on their shoulders. ”Anyway. Showers. What say you we stow this gear and get some food in us before we think about tackling 143 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM ..” ”It’s almost lunchtime. insisted. much. Gryffindors!” The team descended in a spiraling pattern to avoid slamming into each other in the air. you!” She gave him a little pinch on his side..” Ginny’s whistle blew. but he still managed a right head of steam.php?mode=story&o. ”Yeah. ”What were you doing? ”Any number of things. He reached out his hand and was about to close his fingers over the Snitch when Harry edged by and snatched it first. ”How did Dennis do up there today.. ”This is an excellent vantage point. weaving to avoid Bludgers and Chasers.” Harry replied. and at this height. when you popped out of the mould. they shattered it. It was a merry chase for Harry on his Firebolt. followed by Harry and Ginny. watch the field.” Ginny lamented. Harry led Dennis to his own favourite spot to Snitch-hunt. Harry and Ginny landed last and met in a quick kiss before they walked arm-in-arm to the locker room. pointing to the action below. Perhaps we can get in some private practice—just you and me—and I’ll teach you a few of my trade secrets. ”Pretend to spot the Snitch and then act on it.” Harry agreed. Harry. ”Hmm.” Harry called.when I watched you play. Dennis..” Harry said.and love. Each player landed safely and out of one another’s path.. ”Ouch! Why dost thou abuse me. sometimes you’d fly around. love. ”Um.harrypotterfanfiction. Dennis crouched down low against his broom handle and took off like a shot toward the middle hoop.” Dennis asked. you stay well clear of the Bludgers. ”The real battle for him is focus. ”I maybe be buried in it for life.harrypotterfanfiction..” Harry said.” Harry teased. with a little more work and maybe a private session or two.” Ginny had released the Snitch and it was flitting around Jessica’s middle hoop. I can mould our young Seeker into mine own image. yeah. It helped that Dennis was relatively small for a fifth-year. ”I’ve got loads of homework to do. ”Now watch for the Snitch. Harry gave him a head start and then raced after him.” Harry warned him. Ministry paperwork is. ”But that was some excellent flying. You’re learning to pay attention and that’s half the battle. It’s like he wants to be everything to everyone.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. You’re one of a kind. that the opposing Seeker will follow you if he or she notices you’ve seen it. He to the ground for Ginny to send everyone up for another go. yeah.” ”I know what you mean.. You can see the whole pitch from here.” Dennis said.” ”Right. mostly.” ”How do you do that. the Gryffindor team trudged back toward the castle. ”There it is.. ”Showers...” Dennis cried.

He calls that out of shape? Her eyes followed his retreating behind until he disappeared into the shadows above.com/printerfriendly. As soon as they were inside. Ginny lifted it out of the box and held up the emerald-green taffeta gown in front of her body for his approval. She didn’t slow down to hear the rest. She picked up her dress.” he said.” she replied.” And out of it. his breath almost taken away. Harry had been anxiously awaiting delivery of their formal attire for the Convention Ball since they ordered them the previous week. She couldn’t wait to get into that gorgeous gown for Harry. ”Here you go. mates. By the end of classes Friday afternoon.” she replied. ”Let’s see that dress then. I’ll take this stuff up to our room and you go on in and save me a seat.” Harry breathed with a sigh of relief.com :: 65. ”I’m all for that. ”Damn. putting his arm around her shoulders and giving her a squeeze. with mulled cider to wash it all down. ”Let’s eat.harrypotterfanfiction. She grabbed her kit with her free hand and left to meet Hermione in Gryffindor Tower for the mutual beautification ritual before Harry returned. eyebrows raised. They were coal black with deep green detailing that brought out the emerald of Harry’s eyes and set off Ginny’s flaming red hair. ”Hurry back.” They tucked in to a lunch of hot chicken noodle soup with crusty bread and salad. ”You’ll turn all the witches’ heads.”They’re here.” Harry grabbed the packages and Ginny her satchel and they made for the stairs leading to the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom and their living quarters. ”Wow. She just smiled to herself and kept on walking until she found their usual places at the head end of the table.” Ginny said as she inspected Harry’s new dress robes. Then she went to the bureau and took out another package she had hidden under her clean underclothes. She put them on and then pulled a pair of jeans and a shirt over them. ”If they’re not here by supper tonight. they retired to their room to try and get a little work done. She opened it.” Harry said. so she decided she would wait for Harry. I’m famished and we have work to do.” Harry asked. She handed them to Harry as he poured some cider into a dish for them to drink. They landed on the table in front of Harry and Ginny. ”Tell you what. ”We’d better take these upstairs so they don’t get messy.” Harry said.” he said. Deal. four owls swooped into the Great Hall with two large packages slung between them. Coach Potter. ”Harry. two days hence. By lunchtime. Just then. ”Hey. Gin! It’s beautiful. ”They’re magnificent. feeding them some treats. Ginny was at the end of her rope with worry and Harry was fit to be tied with it. She removed her gown from the wardrobe and laid it out across the bed. revealing a delicate cream-coloured lace camisole and matching panties. he came bounding up the aisle and slid in next to her. It was to be held on Friday night. and the robes and gown hadn’t arrived yet.” She watched as Harry took the stairs two at a time carrying both their brooms and Ginny’s sports bag.php?mode=story&o.” Harry agreed. carefully draping it over her arm and held her shoes in her hand underneath. The owls hooted their appreciation and flew back out of the Hall. they began to unwrap their packages. they’re here!” ”Thank bloody Merlin.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Hermione wasn’t there yet.” Ginny squealed excitedly. 144 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM ..” Ginny heard another fifth-year say to Dennis as she passed. Soon. ”I can’t wait to see you in it. I’m going to raise some hell.” Harry promised her. Captain Weasley. ”Deal. When they finished. all of that. Coach Potter..” Ginny suggested. She arrived back at their room before him and took a quick shower. Ginny’s excitement had built to fever pitch. ”That’s a load off!” Ginny rummaged around in her robes for her ever-present packet of owl treats. Creevey! Potter’s training you personally. then turned and entered the Great Hall. ”Hey.harrypotterfanfiction.” But I get to bring you home.

thou art most gallant. I’m going to make love to you. shall I. He felt as though he’d been hit with a Bludger. The hall had been magically enlarged as most of the Ministry staff and international guests were there.harrypotterfanfiction. Around her neck. They left for Professor McGonagall's office. His eyes glowed bright green as they conveyed the love she felt radiating toward her in waves. I won't be able to take my eyes off you the entire evening. By this time. He felt her love and her nervousness through their bond. the Danish Troldmand og Hekse.com :: 65. ”I haven't seen Ron in three weeks!” They Flooed to the Ministry and were immediate escorted to one of its many banquet halls where the ball was to be held. but caught himself on the bedpost. Potter. She looked perfectly enchanting—exquisite in every way. He pulled on his fresh underclothes. Not bad at all. both from the Prophet and international press such as the French Magie Aujourd'hui. ”Mr Neville Longbottom and Miss Hannah Abbott!” The crowd went silent as a page ushered them to their table. She approached him and took his hands. ”We're making it official today. but it really didn’t. her eternal love. Take thou mine arm and I shall escort thee safely to the ball. are you in here. Everyone in the hall seemed stunned for a moment by Ginny's beauty and the glowing love beaming from her and Harry. Harry leaned in to kiss this vision of loveliness. she wore the locket he’d given her for her birthday. they found Hermione there waiting anxiously for them. He shook his head violently. you are so beautiful.” he said offering his arm. ”Mr Ronald Weasley and Miss Hermione Granger!” The crowd began to murmur as another page ushered them to their table. gazing lovingly at Hannah. Kingsley approached them and escorted them to a table where the prominent international guests were seated and introduced them to several other Heads of Wizarding communities from abroad. You’ve taken my breath away. every reporter had shifted his or her attention towards the entrance. When he was finished. thy beauty surpasses none other. As she crossed the room. Her hero. and the delicate tiara she wore in her gracefully upswept hair. ”I can’t wait to get there.” Ginny said with a smile as she momentarily lost herself in his soft eyes. Her scent was intoxicating and it was all he could do to restrain himself from ravishing her on the spot. Immediately cameras began to flash again as the crowd resumed its buzz of conversation. Her gown hugged every perfect curve as it gathered at her slender waist and hung luxuriously to the floor. He guessed she must be with Hermione getting ready. She looked stunning in a warm brown strapless gown that set off her hair beautifully. When they entered the office. A number of reporters were also in attendance.” Hermione said excitedly. and a leading American paper called The Wisconsin Witchcraft Herald. ”Gin? Ginny.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” she smiled and took it. Several younger students stopped and gaped at them.harrypotterfanfiction. “Not bad.” he told them. ”Sorry. took a deep breath. but it still came out the same as always. Its emerald green matched her engagement ring. he tried to beat his unruly raven locks into submission using his brush and a drying charm. the matching emerald earrings.” Harry whispered to Ginny ”I wouldn't be able to do this without you.php?mode=story&o. They could have been royalty. ”No. Arthur and Molly had already arrived with Percy.com/printerfriendly. I felt it too. hoping that might help. her taffeta gown rustled as she moved.” 145 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. and turned around. a Ministry herald announced their arrival.” he asked the room. ”I'm so happy you’re here with me. They met up with Neville. because there was a wet towel hung over the chair at the table and Ginny’s satchel lay next to the bed where she left it.” He felt her presence before she even came into the room.” he said. ”Mr Harry Potter and Miss Ginevra Weasley!” The room fell silent as they crossed the floor. ”Milady. They all knew who would enter next. who had Hannah on his arm.. Ginny stared at the young man who stood before her in his robes of black and green. ”Sir Knight. The entire effect would match Ron’s ginger hair and fair complexion perfectly. who had asked Fleur to be his date. He closed his eyes.” Harry asked as he closed the door behind him. As they entered the hall. And when we get back here. You look so very handsome. He felt dizzy for a moment and even wavered a little. His Light Goddess stood before him. her prince. ”I’ll just shower then. chose an appropriate pair of black trousers and laid his new dress robes out on the bed.

sir. Ginny.. shaking both their hands.com/printerfriendly.something. We are happy to announce our engagement.php?mode=story&o. or powerful spells that won the battle. Neville asked for everyone's attention.. Tonight. I believe in this wholeheartedly and place my I trust in the wise leaders gathered here and that they will strengthen their friendships and create a strong foundation for peace.” Kingsley said. Despite his wishes. Miss Weasley. danced with the several high-ranking wizards. ”It's a great honour to be here tonight and my thanks to you. I had to get used to everyone staring at me. ”Harry.” Harry and Ginny returned to their seats under a round of applause.” Kingsley said with a look that said. Following the program of speeches. Ginny gave his arm a reassuring squeeze.” Hannah stood. ”Mr Sheldon has asked if you would give him a short interview. ”Mr Sheldon. Harry turned to Ginny and took her hand. Harry had never enjoyed dancing. this convention could never have been possible. He’s here all the way from a small town in the states covering the convention. I earlier today accepted an invitation to become the new Assistant Professor of Herbology at Beauxbatons Academy this coming year.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”If there is anything I learned from fighting Tom Riddle. The ball started with a dinner.” Sheldon said. I also wish to congratulate you and Miss Weasley. ”In the same spirit. It’s a new closeness—a new. Before we came here tonight. ”During the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry breathed deeply as he felt her love embrace him. and to Mr Longbottom and Miss Abbott. ”is Miss Hannah Abbott.” she smiled dreamily. ten minutes at the most. ”No.but I love you more tonight than ever before.”May I have this dance. 146 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Ginny. It's incredible. an orchestra began to play. Kingsley approached them accompanied by a middle-aged wizard holding a clipboard and a quill.harrypotterfanfiction. In the spirit of co-operation. ”Ever since I returned to the Wizarding world. I’d like take this opportunity to express the gratitude of the American Wizarding community for freeing the world from a great evil. Let me introduce Mr Douglas Sheldon of the Wisconsin Witchcraft Herald.harrypotterfanfiction. Pleased to met you. This lovely lady here with me. he couldn't dance all evening with only Ginny. Without your steadfastness and diligent work. ”Are you sure you didn't spike your perfume with a love potion. ”I have an announcement to make. approached the American wizard. Harry got up and with Ginny by his side. ”Mr Potter. he asked Harry to come forward.. after which Kingsley declared the convention opened and expressed his hopes for increased co-operation in the Wizarding world. please do it.com :: 65. you are the centre of attention. I think that’s what this convention is really about too—building friendships and strengthening relationships between the great Wizarding communities around the world.” Ginny asked.” Temptation.” Applause broke out all around the hall as the French representative shook their hands. The news of your engagement has also reached America. An American head of state stood to address the assembly. Therefore. In closing. thy name is Ginevra. After a while. it wasn't skill in duel. He took her in his arms and they began to move in time with the music.” Neville said. ”This is all so new tonight. She knew Harry didn’t like to do interviews. but this time it felt like floating..” Ginny held tighter to Harry and sent a short burst of her love through their bond. mastery of magic. ”Mr Potter. I witnessed the Triwizard Tournament as a student at Hogwarts..” Harry said nodding to the American head of state. I wish to propose a toast to this lovely couple. He stepped back and applauded and with a nod from Kingsley Harry understood he was expected to speak. I asked her to accompany me to France as Mrs Longbottom.” Harry couldn't help taking Ginny's hand and looking at her. it’s the value of friendship and of love. On a personal note. Ginny. Your deeds here in Britain echo throughout America. but I feel it too.. He had to dance with several international guest-witches. Congratulations! Cheers!” The American wizard raised his glass and the crowd answered in kind.” he asked her.” Harry asked coyly. ”Of course. welcoming them to France.” Harry said a little stiffly.” she said and he helped her to stand. When the two sat down to rest. It was friendship and love. ”Whatever do you mean. She took his arm and he led her to the floor. Harry had eyes only for Ginny and her scent once again intoxicated him. in her turn.

While Harry and Ginny talked with the reporter. but Ginny stays. ”No problem.” he mumbled into her mouth.” he said.” Doug rose and headed back toward the press table amid looks of shock and awe from his colleagues.” Ginny asked.” Harry began. stealing kisses as the cameras flashed once more.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. isn’t it. Mr Potter.” Sheldon sat down and pulled out his list of questions. ”it’s been a real pleasure. ”Sit down. We just love our cheese.. but a split-second later. ”And he even took his own notes. Is that right?” ”Right in one. taking out his quill.” Ginny said gesturing to an empty chair. Ron and Hermione slipped away from the ball and found an unlocked room just off the main corridor. Ron pulled her into the room and cast Colloportus and Impervious charms on it. He looks honest enough and he’s been very polite. Harry couldn’t help but laugh as he got a mental picture of the people of Wisconsin wandering about with cheese on their heads. ”How I’ve missed you.” he chuckled. with the quill in his hand and everything!” The two of them laughed a little. We Cheeseheads don’t hold with a lot of formalities.” he said. ”That’s quite all right. ”’Mione.” He felt his stomach flip over as a warmth began to course through his body. This is going to be a human interest piece. They arose together and returned to the dance floor and held each other as they danced.” Harry smiled. please. Harry sought Ginny’s opinion with his eyes and she gave him a slight nod indicating that he should. he had her in a crushing embrace and his tongue dancing around her mouth.. It was indeed a short one.” Harry agreed. ”Okay. ”Wisconsin is known as America’s Dairyland. let’s get this show on the road so you can get back to the party.com/printerfriendly. Ron had been taken by surprise. it went on for a good half hour before Douglas Sheldon took his leave.” Ginny said. Ginny. ”I love you. ”He seemed nice enough. ”Enjoy the ball. The interview felt so comfortable. Harry then. He asked his questions. no problem.” ”Well. There are several hundred cheese factories all over the state.” ”Please. We’ve heard all the hype and legend about your life.” Harry said.” ”Yeah. ”Mr Sheldon. ”Harry. thanks.php?mode=story&o. but found themselves caught up in one another’s gaze. most of which are family-owned. please. filling him with that familiar primal need that invaded every fibre of his being. ”All right. no digging for dirt. but I think you’re just a regular guy in an irregular situation. ”No embarrassing personal questions. Sheldon seemed to notice.harrypotterfanfiction.” Sheldon replied. taking notes as Harry and Ginny spoke. ”Cheeseheads? What does that mean. He’d no sooner than turned back toward Hermione that she leapt into his arms and claimed his lips in a scorching kiss. ”Harry. slightly amused. extending his hand.harrypotterfanfiction.” ”Sure.com :: 65. She could see that Harry was still uncomfortable.” Harry said letting out a sigh of relief. ”So Mr Potter. She just couldn’t get close 147 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” he grinned. At first. ”Doug.” Doug said. ”Right in one. that’s a nice change of pace. Doug.” Hermione had wrapped herself around her man the best she could in a formal gown.” Doug began.

I can fix it.” she moaned arching in to him the best she could in her current position.” ”’Mione. She had only to get him out of the rest.” whispered Hermione. ”I can’t hold out much longer. not really protesting. Love.” ”It’ll. Their rhythm.” He began to pick up the pace. She let go of him and climbed seductively onto them. at first frantic like a Baroque symphony... She buried her fingers in his thick ginger hair and began to moan under his kiss and hot caresses.harrypotterfanfiction. ”Ron I love you so much. I need you to take me now.com/printerfriendly. and after three weeks.” His body stiffened as she cried out on the edge of the abyss. No crowd. Take me!” His brain exploded with desire as he tore his lips from her neck lifted her out of his lap onto the pouf. ”You. Ronald Weasley. love.” she growled as she tore open his shirt and began unfastening his trousers. They became lost in their own world. ”Ron. claiming her lips with his own. Her body shuddered under the touch she’d dreamed about those three lonely work-filled weeks and she began to whimper.” Hermione snarled as she continued to undress him.” she asked. It drove him wild. Her hair had been pinned up exposing her elegant neck and soft shoulders. ”Please take me.. I know. He buried his face into her neck and took in her lavender and vanilla scent.” she cried as he filled her. ”Your hair.” he groaned in release as a wave of ecstasy rolled over them.harrypotterfanfiction.” ”What about it. No ball. You’re so beautiful. They lay there in a gentle embrace for only a little while.” Ron said. Hermione conjured a mirror and with a flick of her wand. He took her in his arms and cradled her against his chest. ”But ’Mione. your makeup.com :: 65.” he mumbled as he reached around and began to slowly lower the zipper that held her gown on her body. He positioned himself above her and locked his mesmerising blue eyes on hers. Right here..php?mode=story&o. ”It’s been too long.” he whispered as he ran his hands down her body and latched on to her hips. please. enough to him. leaving no evidence of their tryst. As he finished fastening his robes. ”They’ll miss us if they haven’t already. She was stark naked having worn no knickers.” ”Ronald.” he breathed into her neck. ”Ron. The abyss welcomed them home. Ron kissed Hermione’s flushed face over and over. I can’t. her desire for him had once again reached fever pitch.. They had gone cobalt with his passion. Love. Ron’s robes had long since fallen to the floor with his trousers. Ron stared at the beauty sitting the pouf before him. gazing contentedly into one another’s eyes. Ron blinked as his head began to spin.” Ron stammered. He kicked off his shoes and socks. Ron helped her back into her gown. right now!” She began to unfasten his robes. then slipped off his boxers and crawled onto the pouf with Hermione. ”Please what.. ”I want you now. ”I love you so much. Her dress dropped to the floor. ”Coming.. teasing her as he placed tiny kisses down her neck and across her throat. aren’t you. He gazed into her cinnamon brown eyes and leaned in. one leg drawn up with her arms wrapped around it. ”Oh gods. Hermione reached up her free arm and ran it across his broad chest and around his neck. drowning them in the glow of their intense love for one another. shut up and help me out of this damned dress. caresses.” he replied.” They shared one last passionate kiss and then arose to dress. ”You are quite the little temptress tonight. With another flick. his voice reluctant... Hermione didn’t answer. ”We should get back.. Ron released 148 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . She simply picked up her wand and conjured a huge fluffy pouf. ”You don’t have to tell me twice. stroking her hair. settled into a romantic concerto of kisses. She’s just so beautiful—I can’t get enough of her. and sensation.” ”Yeah. loving words of encouragement. she banished the pouf. her hair redressed itself. ”Ron. She adjusted her body to receive his. her makeup returned to order. Not yet.they’ll. She longed for him every minute of every day.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Ron answered. Just them—Ron and Hermione. ”I’m a witch. No Ministry.” she cried softly.

. What’s happening at school?” Molly Weasley could change direction faster than the Golden Snitch at the Quidditch World Cup.” Molly said and turned the paper so they could read it. the accompanying article: ”The Brightest Star At the Convention Ball The convention for International Wizarding Cooperation. we scored high on the practical tests. opened with a ball last evening. However. Those in attendance all agree that all activity in the hall came to a halt at the presentation of Mr Harry Potter and Miss Ginevra Weasley. Ginny looked absolutely stunning in the picture. Overall.” Susan asked. Following a brief morning snog.. but you make the headlines.harrypotterfanfiction. Miss Weasley's beauty can only be compared in grandeur with Mr Potter's courage. Following a truly enchanted evening. I include myself—I’ve petitioned Head Auror Robards and Minister Shacklebolt to send us an instructor from the Ministry to teach us. hosted by the Ministry of Magic. the two descended the stairs to breakfast. ”Thank you.” Next. ”As you are aware by now. The headline said The Most Beautiful Witch In the Country.harrypotterfanfiction.” He put his arm around Ginny’s waist and gave her a kiss on the cheek.. And Ginny's first Quidditch match is coming up in a couple of weeks. though. the charms on the door and they returned to the ball just in time to join Harry and Ginny in the last dance of the evening. Harry. waving a packet of parchment. Below it.” There was a satisfied buzz among the trainees. they put us through the actual Auror exam.Legi. ”Here. Today. but our scores were weak on the theory. The couple stunned the hall as love radiated from them. The next morning Harry and Ginny awoke in their room at the Burrow. As they entered. ”You two. Since we are so lacking in the theoretical aspects of Ministry structure and Auror Office mandate—and when I say we.” Molly said.” Harry grinned his Harry grin. we’ll just continue drilling and dueling.. ”Tea?” On Monday afternoon. There was a big picture of him and Ginny dancing.” ”Well then dears. the Daily Prophet spread out on the table before her.” she advised.what are those exactly. have some breakfast. You are the news to them. ”I have the evaluations from everyone’s interviews and tests here.com/printerfriendly. both Head Auror Robards and Minister Shacklebolt are impressed with our work and report that we have exceeded their expectations. Molly showed the front page of a special issue of Witch Weekly emblazoned with a picture of Ginny at the ball.. ”Well there's something.” Harry protested. ”There's a convention to promote international Wizarding cooperation.” ”What? We didn't do anything. Harry met with the Auror trainees from the DA again. 149 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” Molly said. so I'll keep working with them. ”Dumbledore's Army have been interviewed. Molly sat at the table. Professor McGonagall had granted permission for Ginny to stay at the Burrow for the weekend.. pointing at the paper. ”It was Neville who announced his engagement.” Harry said.” ”You didn't do anything? Look for yourselves. while I try to schedule someone from the Ministry to work with us on theory. we finally understood the meaning of Albus Dumbledore's never-ending talk about love.com :: 65.. ”What is Occlu.php?mode=story&o.. But until I get an answer.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Lee Jordan will take care of that. there are high hopes for the negotiations today. focus on that and don't mind the press. But don't those reporters have any news to report?” ”They did. ”This is the first time I agree with Witch Weekly on anything. Ginny smiled. we’re going to try something new—Occlumency and Legilimency.

clearing it and closing it to keep the partner out.” Harry told her.” Harry said. ”but what’s the problem?” ”It's necessary to master both disciplines to become an Auror.harrypotterfanfiction. ”I know that he was murdered with the killing curse on Voldemort's orders.. It was exhausting. too.. No one was able to use Legilimency.” Harry said as he stepped into her office.” Harry asked her sympathetically.for Cho. personally. and this takes time to learn and even longer to master. You have made a great effort for the first time. but I thought I was over you.com/printerfriendly. Mr Potter..” Ginny glared at him. I will perform Legilimency on each one of you and you will shut me out. and Lavender's. I’m fine. He could tell she was feeling a bit awkward herself. ”Hi. there's something I need to do. ”Cho. ”I'm sorry. and Susan’s—the lot. but my teacher for these disciplines was Professor Snape. ”I think I can help you. ”Cho.” ”No Harry. Ginny. you’ll team up.” She started to cry. ”I'll try to let you know at supper. He met no resistance as he entered her mind. at least until the others caught on.” The group winced slightly at the mention of that name. Cho. But listen. it was impossible to practice Occlumency.” she replied over her square frames.” Harry worked them one by one until finally. practice dueling with those new spells we learned last week.” she asked sharply ”You've been in Cho Chang's mind?” ”And in Seamus'. ”I can imagine. it was Cho’s turn.”You okay?” ”Yes. For this exercise. it embarrassed him. fight me. ”While you wait your turn. Professor McGonagall considered Harry’s request and could think of no reason not to allow it. When Harry's and Cho's first kiss played in her mind. Having secured permission. you look troubled.” he said.” she sobbed. I don't have those feelings for you anymore. You’re right. Now. calming Ginny down. Harry realised this wasn't working. I need to control this if I'm ever going to pass the test.. It's just. sending his love through their connection. The other must try to discipline his or her mind. I must tell you I have never taught any of this. ”Legilimens” Harry said and pointed his wand at her. Shut me out. ”I had to practice these disciplines in order to keep Riddle out of my head. I'm really sorry. He decided he’d have to do this himself. As he drew images and feelings from her about their crush. He went into it with some trepidation because of his failed relationship with her. ”I thought I was over the loss of Cedric and don't misunderstand me. Control your emotions. ”Could I have a word?” ”Certainly. ”Legilimency is the act of entering the mind of another person to gain information. but also to find out about his own plans and movements.” Fifteen minutes later. Harry stopped.. so he encouraged her to control her emotions and close her mind. wiping her eyes. Cho completely lost control as images of Cedric lying dead emerged.” Harry said. If I had been your enemy. he hurried off to his and Ginny’s room. ”All right. but the only way to learn this is the hard way. but I have to do something first. ”What. you would have been putty in my hands at this point. I had used Legilimency all afternoon on all of them.php?mode=story&o.” Ginny said. So was Tom Riddle—Voldemort. Occlumency is defense against attempted Legilimency. What can I do for you. It's going to take time.” she replied shakily. and he was a master of both.harrypotterfanfiction..” At the end of class.” she nodded. but I started practice in Legilimency and Occlumency today. but I think you just remind me of Cedric. and for that reason. He explained what had happened during the Auror training class with Cho and asked her permission to use her office for about an hour. do you know what happened to Cedric.” He told her as he ran his hands through his hair. One of you must attempt to enter the other's mind. Harry dismissed the DA and made a bee-line for Professor McGonagall’s office. and in order to have them trained.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. as she rose to give him a kiss. 150 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . don't be sorry. ”Professor.com :: 65.

” Emma leaned in to Ginny’s ear as if to tell her a secret. ”You looked so beautiful. and I need you there by my side to face it again.php?mode=story&o. ”Cho.” Erica said with a big smile. She still looked weepy and shaken from the events of the afternoon. they stopped by the Ravenclaw table to have a word with Cho. Joseph. Joseph brought up the rear. pouring all of his love into it. ”Harry! Ginny. ”So what are you going to do to help her?” ”I want to take her into the Pensieve and show her what happened the night Cedric died. ”Of course. and it won’t arouse suspicion or even curiosity.” ”I know you would. They didn’t know how long they had stood there like that. I need you to come to Professor McGonagall's office after dinner. ”I can’t do this without you there. ”We saw your pictures in the Daily Prophet and on the cover of Witch Weekly. He doesn’t want to revisit that awful night.harrypotterfanfiction.” he asked her hopefully.” Ginny’s breathing evened as she calmed down. Erica spoke up. Munchkins! Hey. ”Hey. Gin. ”Joseph is carrying your picture from Witch Weekly in his robes. ”She looked stunning. breathing in her intoxicating scent. but working with me is a daily reminder of his death. and Harry.” Ginny said. in tow. ’ello Miss Ginny. She had her hair all pinned up and everything. ”What’s new in Firstieland?” The girls began to giggle while Joseph blushed. they realised it was time for supper.” he said in his signature Cockney.” Ginny nodded and took Harry’s hand. my sweet Ginny.” Harry replied brightly. ”Um. you looked so handsome!” ”Just like Cinderella and Prince Charming.com/printerfriendly. Harry and Ginny turned back to the Gryffindor table just as the Munchkins arrived with their new friend. Ron looked quite dashing in his dress robes. tousling his hair.” Patricia added. ”All right then. He’s counting on you.” She turned sad eyes to the plate in front of her. Harry?” ”Works for me. He’s afraid. It looked as though she hadn’t touched a bite of food..” he whispered as he took her face in his hands and kissed her tenderly. When they entered the Great Hall. He drew her into a tight embrace and buried his face in her hair.. ”We’ll signal you as soon as we’ve finished eating. He thinks you’re beautiful.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Ginny answered. I can feel his doubt. I'm sorry I overreacted. You’ll understand when the time comes. staring back down at her plate. Professor McGonagall has already approved it. love. they were. Erica. ”Of course I will. reaching up to place a warm hand on his face.com :: 65.were Hermione and Ron at the ball too?” ”Yes.” 151 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . She needs to let go and move on. Neither the Pensieve nor Legilimency are anything like our connection. ”’Ello ’Arry. She responded and a warm tidal wave broke over them as they stood there holding one another sending their deep love for one another through their bond. ”Just let me know when you’re ready.” Cho replied a bit raggedly. Joseph. holding fast to Ginny’s hand. She needs to see. instead just moving it around on her plate until it was all jumbled together like a casserole. Be strong for him. I can’t live without you. ”Just watch for us to get up and leave..and this really has nothing to do with Cho.. Is that okay. then follow a minute or two later. and Patricia cried as they ran to greet their friends. Ginny. so will you please. We’ll be by the gargoyle waiting for you. ”Cho has mourned Cedric.” ”There's nothing to forgive.” Emma. ”I love you.harrypotterfanfiction.. but when they came to themselves again.” Harry said..” Cho said. Ginny gave his hand a gentle squeeze as she sent a shot of her love and support to him.” Harry agreed. I'd do the same for any one of the others.” she replied softly. Harry.

It can’t be that.” Harry smiled.” Harry asked... ”We mustn’t tell Harry.. Em.” Ginny asked only loud enough for her and Harry to hear.” she whimpered. I’d die.com/printerfriendly.I don’t know. Finally. ”Don’t you dare. ”Don’t cry. Ginny. eyes wide with horror..” Ginny asked her little friend. Emma sobbed harder. The voice of experience..can it?” ”Emma. She looked up at the other three. ”I…I couldn’t!” ”Why not? He’ll never know if you don’t tell him.” Emma asked. I’ll try that.” Ginny assured her.” Ginny suggested.” Ginny whispered. wiping the last of her tears away. then. ”That’s more like it!” Emma went around the table to sit with her sister and her two friends to eat.” Emma looked up at Harry. Harry held her hand to his lips and kept kissing it as he admired her radiance.” Emma kept her eyes firmly on her feet. Ginny helped Harry comfort a sobbing Emma. ”Did you tell him?” Emma shook her head.” Ginny said in mock horror. Emma’s eyes began to water and her bottom lip began to tremble.” Harry countered.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Harry began. but Ginny cut across him. Miss Emma Prewett. I’m just a little. ”It’s better than nothing at all.” ”I know. ”Then you should tell him. The world had once again melted away and there was only the two of them under the artificial night sky portrayed on the ceiling. ”It’s just that. Harry looked at Ginny as if to ask if she knew what Emma could be crying about. ”Joseph’s carrying the picture of me from Witch Weekly in his robes. ”Or she could take a leaf out of your book and. ”He might be jealous. ”Thanks. Ginny broke the reverie..worried. wiping her eyes.” Emma’s face fell a little.” she added in a whisper.. 152 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” Ginny said conspiratorially as she stole a glance at Joseph. ”What is it. still a little weepy.. ”Now.” he said sadly. ”Do you think it’ll work. They were busy eating and chattering away about their Potions homework. She gazed transfixed at the way his face shined as he watched her. ”We really should get this over with. love? What’s wrong.. ”Then write him a note to slip into his book bag when he isn’t looking.that. It’s getting late. princess? Tell us. ”What’s the matter. ”But he might laugh at me. His gorgeous green eyes glittered like gems in the light from the floating candles above.. Harry and Ginny sat at the table gazing into each other’s eyes.harrypotterfanfiction... ”Does he know you fancy him. Harry James Potter. Chin up and give us a smile.harrypotterfanfiction. Harry. a grin spreading across her face. Then he’ll know how you feel and you’ll know how he feels. ”He has fine taste in women.” Harry said.. Thanks. then. her face still hidden in Harry’s chest..” she couldn’t finish because she began to cry.” Emma said. If the little git mans up and reads it. Harry. do you fancy Joseph. Harry happened to notice and took her little hand and pulled her to him. ”She’d be mortified. Emma nodded into Harry’s chest and began to sob again. Emma smiled weakly.php?mode=story&o.com :: 65.

A bleeding Harry sat pinned to Tom Riddle Sr’s gravestone as Wormtail severed his own hand and dropped it into a giant cauldron.. his face grey as death. S-so co-cold. The memory dissipated and Cho found herself back in McGonagall’s office.harrypotterfanfiction. ghostly figures seemed to climb out of Voldemort’s wand—Cedric.harrypotterfanfiction. ”Tartan. sending calm feelings through their bond. Her heart broke for him as her tears flowed like tiny rivers down her face. They watched as Harry and Cedric appeared in the cemetery with the Triwizard Cup clutched between them.” Cho asked with wide eyes.” she said. ”I’ll be right there. I can feel it—I can feel how much just thinking about that night hurts you. Cho watched in horror as the memory Harry threw himself onto Cedric’s body and summoned the Triwizard Cup. Just as they turned to climb the great stone staircase.” and the gargoyle jumped aside allowing them to pass. ”We’ll go into this Pensieve together into my memory. C-can’t feel. and finally a man with messy hair and glasses who bore an uncanny resemblance to Harry. but seeing nothing. She held his icy hand in hers and willed him all her love in great bursts and waves.” Harry began. ”I couldn’t have survived that without you.php?mode=story&o.” Harry told her. The scene shifted. They watched as Harry pelted through the graveyard. ”Go on then.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. A formless hominid mass erupted from it and began to take on the shape o a man—a man with a snake’s face and glowering red snake’s eyes. extracting a fine silvery thread and then dropped it into the stone vessel on the desk.. I have also asked Ginny to join us.” Cho sobbed.” Harry replied regretfully. The scene shifted yet again. ”No. ”Please ho-hold me. The Pensieve was already prepared and waiting for them on the headmistress’ desk.” ”He didn't stand a chance.com/printerfriendly. while Cho looked on in wonder. a red-haired woman.” He put his wand to his temple. ”Ginny. anguish clouding his handsome features. 153 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . A ball of light traveled between their wands. They landed on their feet as they watched the horrors of that night in the graveyard unfold. As soon as strength returned to his body. dodging spell after spell. All at once. but I want you to see the events leading up to Cedric's death. They heard the snakelike voice of Voldemort give Wormtail the order to kill the spare. it doesn’t hurt.” She pulled his upper body into her lap and cradled him in her arms as a mother would a sick or frightened child. moving slowly toward Voldemort. Cho nodded and followed him into the Pensieve. Harry and Cho watched as Harry and Voldemort were locked in a battle of wills.I need your lo-love.” ”I couldn’t do this without you. We will see Tom Riddle return to life—it’s one of my worse memories—but I think it will give you what you need to finally get on with your life. Harry took Ginny’s hand and they began to walk back down the aisle toward the Entrance Hall. Each of the ghostly figures seemed to be talking to him as Harry held off Voldemort while his Death Eaters hung back. He was just murdered in cold blood.” Harry replied trying to keep his courage up. This is harder than I thought. Harry sat up and took Ginny in a loving embrace. Cho began to shake and sob as Cedric’s lifeless body fell to the ground with a dull thud. Ginny could feel Harry’s pain and anguish. The air around them crackled. The liquid in the cauldron changed colour until it became blinding white. ”No. simply because I need her to help me face this again. ”this might be difficult—this will be difficult.” They stood up to leave. placing comforting kisses on his tormented brow until the colour returned to his pallid skin. Cho rose to follow.com :: 65. charged with some unknown power. shivering in a cold sweat. ”Cho. further comforted by her scent. Voldemort screaming for his Death Eaters to leave Harry to him. Harry gave the password. ”I think you need to see this.” ”Does that hurt. Cho thought they must be his parents. an old man. ”I know you are. did he. his soft eyes staring.. I promise. Ginny caught Cho’s eye and gave her a slight nod. Harry lay on the floor. It shimmered and swirled inside it. Gin. Harry and Ginny were waiting at the gargoyle when Cho arrived.” Cho said as her hands began to shake. You’re my lifeline. a woman. I.. They stood beside the memory Harry and appeared to be talking to him.. followed by a flash of green light.” Harry moaned. The scene shifted again.

excuse me for saying this Ginny. I can let go of Cedric and let him rest. ”It's all right. it was three hours later.harrypotterfanfiction. Kreacher wouldn't forget. and they made ready for bed. She said the liked a lot of sports. Mum has of course visited me.” Kreacher had a hard time not using the title. As Kreacher is commanded by Master.” she said.” ”Kreacher.. Pathetic. Harry started a fire with a wave of him hand. Harry extracted his memory from the Pensieve with his wand and placed it back into his mind. Before I knew it. I can focus on the good times we've had. I’ll be able to concentrate. They strolled to their quarters in silence.harrypotterfanfiction. but Mistress Ginny is Master's fiancée and Kreacher's new mistress. My new address is last in this letter. I would rather like you to call us Harry and Ginny instead of Master and Mistress. but there was no escape for him. I’ve met some of her friends and she has asked me about mine. brightening a little.” ”As you wish. I don't really have any friends. First I must tell you I have moved out. I would really like to see you again. Harry.com/printerfriendly. I asked if she was interested in boxing. Mistress. She's a year younger than me and studying to become a sports reporter. could you please call me Ginny?” ”Kreacher. I see that now. We met the day after your birthday. Harry glanced at Hermione. he and Ginny left the office quietly. I’ve asked myself over and over if he could have made it.look after him.” ”Certainly..” Harry said. Enough about my dad. near my new place.and Ginny” Kreacher said. Come to think of it. At breakfast on Monday. Harry. He Disapparated with a loud crack! Harry opened the letter and read: ”Harry. but not Dad.” ”Thanks again. but when I returned from your birthday. It's been a long time coming. isn't it? I was there to get the latest boxing magazines. He's becoming more and more paranoid and blames everything bad in the world on your kind. Anyway we started to talk about sports and then we went to a coffee shop and continued talking about almost everything. at least that's what Mum tells me.. Dudley” 154 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. ”In my mind. They stepped inside. If you both decide to become Aurors. leaving the Pensieve on the desk where he found it. Her name is Penny and we met at the supermarket. ”And Ginny. ”Yes Harry.php?mode=story&o...” She opened the door and was gone. ”I'm not ordering you Kreacher. but it would please us. Mast. bowing. In fact the only time I’ve felt halfway decent lately. A lot has happened. I wouldn't want an old crush to make that awkward for either of you. Harry. ”Thank you. we have met before. Kreacher Apparated with a letter for Harry.” Ginny said.com :: 65. who gave him an approving smile. The Quidditch games.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Kreacher turned to Ginny and bowed ”I am most pleased to meet Mistress Ginny.. ”Master's Muggle cousin wanted you to have this. Happier news is that I have met a girl.” Cho said as if explaining it to herself. Harry gave the password and the door clicked open. okay?. but. and.” Harry felt gratified that this exercise in terror had been worth it.. Hand-in-hand. except for being with Penny. I told him I wished Hermione had turned him into a toad and moved out that night. at least for Cho. They nestled wearily under the covers.” Cho said as she stepped toward the door. I can't believe it's almost two months ago we met. It would be great to introduce her to someone I know for once. falling asleep in one another’s arms. was at your party. so I’ll leave it up to you to set a date if you would like to meet me and Penny. and you could meet Penny. and this cute girl was there browsing them. Dad freaked out. He is totally unfair but he doesn't care. Of course.our first kiss. she doesn't know about your kind.” ”Kreacher. but her dad was particularly interested in boxing.. ”You should remember it as one of those good times.. as you probably don't care anyway.”In class. I have weekends off. both too tired to speak another word. he delivers it. you’ll work in the same office. I can only imagine what this must have been like for you. I told her I used to be this complete prat. training with the DA. Now that I understand what happened that night. We’ve been dating ever since.

when you see the Snitch.” ”Only just. He just kept sending her bursts of love and positive energy through their bond when she looked as though she might falter.” ”I want that Cup. I’m fine. but Harry assured him he’d do well without it. Cho had gained a new confidence as she continued to train.harrypotterfanfiction.” Dennis said.. do they?” ”No. No one else will be flying a Firebolt. Say.com :: 65... Harry.” Harry said one evening in their room. Well.” Harry scribbled out a quick answer and called for Kreacher once again. ”Do you think it would be possible to invite them to the Quidditch game?” Ginny looked at him. Her dueling skills sharpened and she was the first in the class to actually enter another’s mind. Now.harrypotterfanfiction. Maybe we can pull some strings. you’re going to kill yourself. You’ll make an excellent Seeker. but they all paid attention and took notes because they had to learn it to pass the Auror exam.” Dennis asked hopefully. ”Only once. We’ll start with you pulling up at twenty-five feet and then go from there. “That’s called the Wronski Feint. ”The trick is all in knowing when to pull up. ”A girlfriend? I’ve got to meet her.” Harry replied darkly. ’Harry. Percy’s lectures were only slightly less-boring than Professor Binns’ History of Magic lessons. don’t you?” ”I didn't used to. Kingsley owled Harry the next day saying that arrangements would be made for his cousin and his girlfriend to attend the Quidditch match at Hogwarts. could you teach me that diving thing you do—where you nearly crash and then pull up really quickly. Ginny would not relent and Harry gave up arguing with her.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. you nearly outstripped me. Finally. You’re working five sessions a week with the team. but you’ve got nothing to worry about. then hurried off to class with the DA. but even then. Ginny drilled the team five times per week.. Kingsley sent Percy Weasley to teach Ministry Organisation. though. I’m worried about you. On top of that. Dennis! You finally beat me to it. releasing a Snitch and then racing Dennis to catch it. I don't really count Uncle Vernon or Aunt Petunia. co-coordinating the Chasers with the Beaters and giving Jessica a real workout. Harry. I’m keeping up. We will probably never be close.. but it would be nice to see him from time to time. but he has changed and he's the only family I have. but Dudley already knows about us.” ”You really care about Dudley.com/printerfriendly. Harry worried that she would wear herself out between the grueling training sessions and piles of homework. ”That’s what I’m afraid of.. love. ”Well done. ”That’s beside the point. your homework load is staggering.”They don't usually invite Muggles. ”Don't worry.php?mode=story&o. ”Gin. You’re not getting enough rest..” Harry called in congratulations.. I think I'll write Kingsley and find out if we can figure something out.” Harry said. during the last practice before their first game. You’ll be brilliant!” 155 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . and maybe it's all right for his girlfriend to know about us too. so he wouldn’t be using it in the first game. and it’ll take an act of Nature to stop me. Deal?” Dennis would have to gain some upper body strength to master this manoeuver. Harry scratched out the invitation to Dudley and sent it by school owl. too. Harry handed him the reply to take to Dudley. When the old house-elf appeared. Ravenclaw has a new Seeker.” ”Thanks.” she said determinedly. Harry decided it was time to teach Dennis the Wronski Feint. After all.” Harry went on to explain how the Wronski Feint worked and then demonstrated. Dennis beat Harry to it fair and square. and you have been using one of the school's Cleansweeps. he agreed to stay in hiding last year. He continued to work with Dennis.

she could be a great Seeker too. On the day of the match. ”You'll see. as Dudley had written. I proposed to Ginny.” Dudley asked. They agreed it was better that Harry arrived before Penny as it might come as a bit of a shock to her if he just popped in out of thin air. ”Dudley tells me you have a surprise for us today.harrypotterfanfiction. When he arrived.com :: 65.” he greeted her. 156 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Dudley brought Penny into his only room from the small hallway. And where’s Ginny.. They continued talking and soon there was a knock at the door. Harry left the grounds to Apparate to Dudley's flat. and I can guarantee it will be the first time you’ve ever seen this sport. ”I want you to meet my cousin.” ”So. I'll tell you all about it when that girlfriend of yours arrives. Harry! Me.” Penny said. Harry watched Ginny and the rest of the team co-ordinate their flying and create a list of plays. He jumped when Harry Apparated in front of him.” Penny said sympathetically. you could say that. but with her flying skills.” Penny said. I didn't get around to study last year.” Harry said. ”Hey there Harry! You scared me! Anyway.” Harry heard him say.” ”Now I’m curious. ”Hello. ”I'm leading a training program for future Aurors. They looked strong and Ginny flew so fast. ”I'm so sorry.. Harry checked the clock.” Harry paused and thought about how he would go on. Harry heard Dudley telling Penny he had a surprise for her. She was. She was a brilliant Chaser. Harry. what’s going on? You sounded rather shady when you said you had a great plan. dinner.” Harry smiled. we'll be meeting my friends at the match.” Dudley grinned. ”Really?” ”Yes. but he told me you attend a school in another part of the country. Dud.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Penny changed the subject.com/printerfriendly. it’s good to see you again. And of course the best of them all. Harry gave Ginny a firm kiss for luck as she left the breakfast table to gather the team. Harry stretched out his hand. It's nice to finally meet the only person Dudley ever really talks about. It was still two hours until the match and half an hour before Penny would arrive.” ”Lovely. so I'm working on getting my grades up so I might get into police training.” Dudley asked. I'm Penny Taylor.” ”Yeah.” Harry said ”And my fiancée is captain of the team we are cheering for. Muggle bad guys catchers. ”Wait here.harrypotterfanfiction.” ”Scotland.” Dudley answered the door.” ”Good to see you too. ”It's all right. actually. I was planning on taking you to a match and after that. ”Are we waiting for someone else?” ”No. He told me you want to be a sports reporter. ”What have you've been up to so far. He made the plans for today but he said he didn't want to say anything before you got here.. the two of you must be close. Dudley was lying in his bed watching TV.. ”. ”Hello. I was raised by Dudley's parents after mine were killed.” ”Oh no.” Harry found it very strange and a bit refreshing to talk with someone who didn't knew everything about his past.” Harry shot a surprised look at Dudley.php?mode=story&o. What about you?” ”Really? You're getting married? Congratulations. The rest of the practice. ”Dark wizard catchers. quite cute. I'm Harry Potter...

”Wingardium Leviosa!” The broom lifted off the ground and hovered. right Harry?” Penny was still convinced it was a prank and mounted a broom she found in a corner of the room. Dudley and Penny looked confused.” ”Penny.harrypotterfanfiction. another house in the school. the Keeper protects the goal.php?mode=story&o. We are wearing yellow and red and will cheer for Gryffindor. They emerged outside Hogwarts where Professor McGonagall stood waiting for them. ”A wizard. waving his wand to conjure two Gryffindor mufflers.com/printerfriendly.. My fiancée's house team. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” 157 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”Scotland. but we need to go. Bludgers are really nasty charmed iron balls about the size of Cricket balls.” Harry said. Gryffindor. ”He’s not joking. ”Where are we.” ”Whatdidyousay? Brooms. the Chasers pass the Quaffle and throw it through any of three rings. ”Dudley.. Flying on brooms. She was speechless. ”I'll tell you all you need to know.harrypotterfanfiction.” Penny asked incredulously. didn't I mention? Every team member flies on a broom. ”You know. Chasers try to score. and Beaters protect their team.” she said thoughtfully. No going back now. Penny.” Penny laughed ”Dudley. ”Yes. Professor McGonagall waved her wand at both of them and both of them saw the ruin turn into a castle. Harry held Dudley and Penny and spun. ”We're going to a Quidditch match. She’s the Headmistress here at Hogwarts.”Wha-wha-what. the fastest brooms accelerate from 0 to 100 in less than. because it's really fast and intense. Dudley. I wouldn't really call it flying. ”You could make it fly all right.” she said cheerfully.” Harry said. but he's not joking. ”Welcome to Hogwarts. trying to memorize.” Both Dudley and Penny listened.” ”Hold on? What. trying to pull a prank right away. I'll tell you all about it. you'll love it! I have a special permit from the Minister for Magic himself to bring you along. Harry’s a wizard. for all they saw was a dilapidated crumbling ruin and a big sign warning them not to enter. it's all right. ”So you mean this will fly? Then show me.” Penny said.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ” Harry said getting really excited about the match.. unlike any other they’d ever seen. ”It's the greatest sport there is. ”Yes. ”Never heard of it.” ”All right. To score goals. this is Professor Minerva McGonagall. but compared to my Firebolt.” Penny said. It’s sort of like a football.. is playing against Ravenclaw. one of the things I fell for was your sense of humour. ”Penny.” Penny asked draping her muffler around her neck..” Penny looked at Harry and then at Dudley. Well. three Chasers.. Harry looked at Dudley and they seemed to think the same thing.” she teased. Hang on tight and relax.com :: 65. Imagine a seven-person team: One Keeper. Trust me.” ”And Quidditch is the most popular sport among wizards. I already like Harry too. two Beaters and a Seeker. The Seeker tries to catch the Snitch. you know the drill. I’ve never seen Quidditch.” she said. Penny screamed as Harry moved her carefully around the room and then gently set her back down.” Dudley assured her. Penny also realised she had a book to read.” Dudley said seriously. The Beaters mind the Bludgers by whacking them out of the way with small clubs.” Harry drew his wand. charmed balls.

but as I watch. You've all met Dudley. hugging his best friend. Penny shivered with anticipation as she first laid eyes on the Quidditch pitch with its six towering rings and the spectator stands that looked like giant medieval siege towers decked out in colourful banners. The game announcer presented the team. a new version of the familiar song.” Harry turned to Penny. ”Come on. the score stood at 90-0. everyone. Ten minutes later. ”It's time for the teams to take the field. ”Really. I knew he went to this school. with Ginny at the centre.brought us here.php?mode=story&o. The game announcer called. and Penny's genuine interest in sports really showed.” Penny tried to collect her thoughts ”And that ruin is gone. There were close calls.harrypotterfanfiction. and Lockhart tried to fix it with some 158 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . knocked out. Ron and Hermione. especially after one of the Gryffindor beaters crashed into the goal post in a desperate act making a save... They ducked.harrypotterfanfiction. ”Not usually. Ginny’s and Ron's parents. Following presentation of the Ravenclaw team. Ginny's team flew faster and with much more co-ordination than the Ravenclaw team.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. the stood at 140-0. ”Will he be okay?” ”No problem.” Harry shouted. ”It's a lot to take in.” Harry urged. ”Ron.” Arthur said.” Penny replied exuberantly. He fell to the ground.com :: 65. even though they really didn’t need to.. Penny.” Harry whispered to Penny and Dudley. A few broken bones.com/printerfriendly. nothing serious.” Dudley asked.” Ron snorted. To show off her speed on her Firebolt. Kingsley gave me permission to bring them here. Hermione.” As they walked towards the Quidditch pitch. Peakes whacked a Bludger perfectly towards the them as Ginny fired the Quaffle past the Keeper through the left ring. ”Harry broke his right arm once. but this is his girlfriend. and this is Molly and Arthur Weasley... ”All right. and the elder Weasleys.” Dudley replied. Madam Pomfrey fixes that kind of thing in a heartbeat.. ”Ginny. Molly watched nervously every time a Bludger screamed too close to Ginny or as she fought for control of the Quaffle. ”10-0 to Gryffindor!” Only twenty minutes into the game. ”Flying a Firebolt.” she asked. I find myself wondering how a Muggle aeroplane stays airbourne.” Harry replied matter-of-factly. ”These are my best friends. ”Unless Lockhart’s around.” Are you all right dear. Molly gave them one of her signature warm smiles.” Molly said. the captain of the Gryffindor team and Central Chaser. The Gryffindor section went wild.Ginny Weasley!” The Gryffindor section roared and began to sing Weasley is Our Queen. Madame Hooch released the balls and blew her whistle to start the match. By now. The Snitch disappeared immediately.” they all cheered as she passed them. Molly gave her husband a sharp look. He'll be up in no time. ”Doesn't anyone get seriously injured. Dudley and Penny were captivated. ”My friends are already at the Quidditch pitch saving seats for us. Harry explained all about the game again.” The Gryffindor team flew over the pitch in a V-formation. ”Mr Weasley is very interested in Muggles—non-magical folk—and it makes Mrs Weasley a little crazy. but I've never been here.” Penny shouted. ”Hush.. Weasley is Our King. ”Oh my gosh. ”You really are a wizard? We're not even in London anymore? You. a cracked skull. Molly quickly gave Harry a bone-crushing hug and Arthur shook his hand. she broke away and flew so fast and close to the audience.” Harry said. Ginny last. Harry led them to the Gryffindor section and met up with Ron. did you know about this Dudley?” ”I know Harry is a wizard. first sang for Ron three years before. I don't want to miss my only daughter's first presentation as captain of the team.. but this is really exciting. Quidditch is thrilling. I. Ginny caught the Quaffle and raced toward the Ravenclaw goal. but Ginny was too fast and too skilled to get into any serious trouble.

” Hermione said with mock disgust.” Ginny said and turned around.” Harry said. The others looked and sure enough. and her smile breathtaking.harrypotterfanfiction. ”I'm Gwenog Jones. ”All right get a room. but Molly didn't want to let go.” Harry focused on the game again. He spent a very long night in the hospital wing.. Ginny and her Chasers didn't allow Ravenclaw to attack.” Gwenog asked. ”Hello.of the Holyhead Harpies. The Ravenclaw Seeker passed Dennis and continued diving. ”Hey.” ”You watched us play?” ”Yes. ”How do you know. The Ravenclaw seeker was twenty meters behind him. Coach. you are so good. I was very impressed by your team. Ginny hugged all of them. ”Come on. ”Hey. still breathless. Dennis dropped into a dive. discreetly pointing it out.” Harry yelled to Penny and Dudley ”If Ravenclaw catches the Snitch now they’ll win by a score of 150-140. ”Gryffindor wins 290-0. ”I'm so proud of you.” the game announcer shouted. They made their way down to the pitch. Harry was right. ”Dennis is faking. 159 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” she gushed. And this is his girlfriend. Penny. Pleased to meet you too. Penny. Fireworks depicting the Gryffindor lion filled the sky over the pitch as the team flew celebratory victory laps. Then Dennis immediately pulled up and shot off against Jessica. ”You remember Dudley. ”Anything can still happen. ”Miss Weasley. It’s nice to meet you. let's go down and meet them when they land. nutty jinx that removed every bone in Harry’s arm. Few Chasers are able to match the speed of a Seeker.. Dennis made an easy catch in his first game. but even more by you. and in an instant. I’ve never seen her more beautiful.com/printerfriendly. rather than going for the Quaffle. Ginny’s co-ordination drills paid off as the accuracy of the Beaters made it necessary for the Ravenclaw team to busy themselves dodging Bludgers. ”Yes. ”Yes.” Penny asked. ”Don't remind me. There are brothers and parents here.” Harry replied as he kissed her soundly.” Harry groaned. followed by Ravenclaw Seeker. her hair in a mess.” Penny and Dudley looked at each other in mild horror. He hasn't seen the Snitch down there. her forehead bruised. Miss Weasley. Ginny landed and threw herself into Harry’s arms.com :: 65. you two..” she said breathlessly. Harry and Ginny got up and he introduced their guests. The Snitch hovered around the very ring Harry pointed out. Captain.” Ginny screamed.” Ginny said. How are you.” Harry said. Ginny broke away from her mother. knocking him down and peppering his grinning face with kisses. and I'm so very happy you didn't end up in the hospital wing. Holyhead was her favourite Quidditch team..” someone called. ”Because it's right over Jessica's left ring. Suddenly. ”That potion Madame Pomfrey made me drink to re-grow my bones tasted awful! Skele-Gro has got to be the most-disgusting stuff on earth.” he told her. Jessica Spinnet had not been really tested in this game.harrypotterfanfiction.php?mode=story&o. Dudley. while Gryffindor section exploded in red and gold.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Have you ever thought about playing professionally. She was sweaty.” Ron shouted.

but I never thought I'd ever be good enough. hugging him for all she was worth. They were interrupted by a flock of children who had been at the match. You could meet the team and get an idea what professional Quidditch is about. Hermione and Ginny signed fan photos they figured must have been torn from Witch Weekly. Harry sighed heavily. and another friend of theirs. ”Harry is always so modest. As fast as Formula One. They count laps and whichever driver completes the designated number of laps first. who sat transfixed. That must be like a dream come true. and those three. Arthur Weasley was a brilliant man. They. but a bit like rugby. looking hopefully at Ginny. can I please have your autograph? And if it's not too much to ask. throwing herself at Harry again.com/printerfriendly.” Penny started to talk Muggle sports with Arthur.. He planted a little kiss on the top of her head and nuzzled her hair with his cheek.” Ron muttered.. The drivers drive very fast around a set course.” Harry whispered. ”There was a dark wizard we defeated last May. What’s your name.” Harry shrugged. ”Formula One is a special auto racing series.. I’m so excited. Ron and Hermione ”. He just couldn’t help himself. ”I've only dreamed about it all my life.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.harrypotterfanfiction. ”What else is new.harrypotterfanfiction.” Ginny admitted. Come and practice with us anytime you have a chance.” Harry said ”The Holyhead Harpies..” ”It is.. We were at war the last three years. if you continue to play at this level. the most prestigious honour our world can bestow. no problem.. ”It was amazing.” Hermione teased as she wrapped her arms around his waist. But these were children and he just didn’t have the heart to turn them down. ”A Muggle sporting match.. ”Formula One? Rugby.. were all awarded the Order of Merlin..” Arthur accepted in a sort of rapture. while Ginny led a resistance at the school. He wasn’t in the practice of signing autographs in public because of his aversion to a load of attention. Half an hour later. ”Arthur is very interested in Muggles.” Gwenog said as she handed Ginny a parchment.” Penny offered. he turned to his fiancée.php?mode=story&o. wins. Rugby is a bit more complicated.” one of them asked. so maybe sometime Dudley and I can take you all to a match. ”Mr Potter.” Arthur asked their Muggle guests. Oh Harry.com :: 65. Harry. ”I'm so proud of you Ginny.” Penny asked when the children had left. I'm hungry. ”Did you enjoy your first Quidditch match. ”Come on.” Harry asked as he took the child’s quill. Ron and Hermione. can I have all of yours too. a powerful wizard. Sounds fascinating.” Arthur asked. Anyone can have their picture taken.” Molly pointed at Harry. His surrogate father and soon-to-be-father-in-law never ceased to amaze him. Harry defeated the most evil dark wizard in centuries. When he finally collected himself. and a kid in a candy shop when it came to all things Muggle. ”Miss Weasley. but to have it plastered to a Chocolate Frog card. ”I'm going to practice with the Harpies. you’ll have your choice among many offers.” Penny said. Ron especially enjoyed signing Chocolate Frog cards.” she said again as she clutched his arm. made it possible to end it.” Ginny cried after Gwenog left. mouths agape. Ron. ”What was that all about. They stopped talking and Dudley and Penny stared back and forth between the children and their friends. ”As I told you before.”Sure. they all sat around a huge table at the Three Broomsticks talking about the match and Ginny's opportunity to practice with the Holyhead Harpies. Harry laughed.” 160 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .

dessert please.. still in school. I understand now why you didn't tell me about all of this. Dudley. Harry saved my life from a horrible soul-sucking monster. Did you notice something. Ronald. With Harry gone. It has been a truly amazing day. ”Great? Blowing up your parents’ door and threatening to turn your dad into a toad? She was mental!” Hermione blushed at Dudley’s compliment and Ron’s outburst.” Dudley stated flatly. that his hatred of wizards finally got the best of him. My dad wouldn't let me go. What do you mean?” ”They seem older somehow. Dudley?” ”Only bits of it. Penny gaped at them. Hermione was great. torturing you for his own amusement until he saw no purpose for keeping you alive. but had fought in a war. My parents hated it. which makes you relive the worse moments of your life. Mum’s visited me a couple of times. ”Honestly. Harry left them with tentative plans to get together again. I went to Harry's birthday party. Thanks to that. ”He doesn't want to understand and I've had it with him. I met you.” Hermione rolled her eyes.” ”Doesn't he understand it saved his life when the Order had you hidden? Doesn't he know what Voldemort would have done to you. She deepened his kiss by allowing Dudley’s tongue to meet hers in a right Muggle snog.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. only what Harry told me and the things I heard from the wizards looking after us while we were in hiding. Is that all you think about? Food?” ”No. they have wonderful things like Quidditch. All last year.unusual about Harry and Ginny. he would either have tortured and killed you on the spot or kept you as prisoners.” Ron said.com :: 65. Dud. ”Did you know about this. ”Harry’s my age. They were her age.” Dudley said as he leaned down to claim Penny’s lips.. Ronald Bilius Weasley. He never thought it was necessary to go into hiding and when I wanted to go to Harry's birthday party it was too much for him.harrypotterfanfiction. but I guess winning wars or leading resistance factions changes a person. but you know what? I like you even better.special or..” ”Still. but Ginny’s a year younger..harrypotterfanfiction.” Ron snorted. ”I guess after all the horrors they have been through they really value being alive. ”Now.php?mode=story&o. How old are they anyway?” Dudley had to think a minute.” Harry Apparated Dudley and Penny back to Dudley’s flat. He gave her a wet kiss on the forehead. Arthur and Molly had said their goodbyes in Hogsmeade. trying to gather their thoughts about their magical day.. Hermione decided she would stay at the Three Broomsticks with Ron. Harry was hit by some killing curse no one but him has ever survived. In fact that's why I moved out. Then he’d have tortured you until you begged him to kill you. ”I haven't spoken to Dad since then. ”I think about you most of the time. They hate magic. but you’re my prat and I love you.. ”You see. the day before I moved out and met you. ”He would have come to your house on Harry's 17th birthday.. ”Dudley. like you.” Penny said as she snuggled into the crook of his arm. but this lot got me out. but I like them. are we having any dessert?” ”Well said.com/printerfriendly. And Ron seems to like food as much as you.and monsters like those soul-suckers I told you about. and Harry and his friends are wonderful. She's worried about Dad.” Molly asked. ”Madame Rosmerta.” he whispered. my parents and I were in hiding so that dark wizard couldn't attack Harry's only family. They sat cuddled together on Dudley’s sofa. You may be a prat. Quidditch was so great. pulling her close to him.” Penny smiled. Penny. ”You mean that war they talked about?” ”I don't really know that much. ”Yeah. They don't fight wars like us—they use magic instead of bullets.” Dudley told her putting an arm across her chair. 161 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . It was after that I started to change my attitudes about a lot of things. putting his arm around Hermione’s waist. ”you’re so beautiful.” he smirked. and obviously done great things..” Penny stared at Molly in stunned silence.” answered Dudley. There are other horrible curses.

but it’s nice to know I have at least one blood relative.” Harry said thoughtfully. It will probably increase your magical abilities. ”I love you.” Ginny asked. Bill has been kind enough to help me with this letter. She will never love anyone again as long as her beloved is alive. ”If you and Harry were apart as much as we. Although I am but a quarter Veela I remember the fury I felt when Molly thought I would not marry Bill after his injuries.php?mode=story&o. it’s been a long time coming. Honestly Ginny. Harry ushered her inside and they made for their room. your powers may do much more damage than you can possibly imagine. I’m staying here with Ron tonight and if McGonagall or Hagrid want to slap me with detention. Ron’s sapphire eyes darkened to cobalt as he felt a mild shockwave pass through his body in anticipation of impending possibilities. I hope you will visit us again at Shell Cottage.” Ginny grinned.” Ginny said. ”I mean. reading her brother’s expression. that fury can be very dangerous to provoke.. I'll be sure to have my stag thank it as he drives it off. Love is such a beautiful thing. you wouldn't care about the rules either.” Harry and Ginny walked on in contemplative silence. ”Dearest Harry and Ginny. and the Herbology greenhouses.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. so that we may talk further.”You told me about Dudley. 162 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . The very strong feelings of a Veela also reflect in the way she loves. From what Bill tells me. ”Are you allowed to stay here. She had studied the Veela magic and wrote to them what she had learned about love and bonding. They undressed and climbed onto the bed. What a woman! ”Don't forget the silencing charms. I had help from my mother learning more about Veela magic. she gives it completely. I'll gladly take it. Captain Weasley.” They passed through the gates and made their way past the now-silent Quidditch pitch. I apologise for not writing sooner.com/printerfriendly. Veela magic is powerful because it is so based on emotions that it also makes it hard to control. about when you were growing up. ”Yeah. finally arriving at the great doors.” Hermione said resolutely. A Veela has very strong feelings. Coach Potter. snuggling down together under the covers.” ”And I love you. They reached the castle gates and stopped. My mother was told by my grandmother that some Veela loved so much they died as their beloved died. there seem to be similarities between Veela magic and what happened to both of you.com :: 65. Harry waved his hand at the fireplace where a warming fire burst into the grate. Hagrid’s hut. and if you indeed develop this bond you seem to have. In a Veela.. It's hard to imagine he’s the same person. Chapter 9: The New Chaser [View Online] [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter] Chapter 9 – The New Chaser The following week Harry and Ginny received a letter from Fleur. it will most likely strengthen you both as long as you stay in control. and if you ever act out of fury. Fleur” ”She’s pretty much confirmed what we already know. Harry took her into his arms and leaned down for a passionate and long-overdue kiss. When she gives her heart. Harry and Ginny bid them goodnight and headed for the castle arm-in-arm. I believe my best piece of advice is to explore this with caution.harrypotterfanfiction. Hugs to both of you. They fell asleep in one another’s arms. Once inside. and if I run into a Dementor.” Ginny said.harrypotterfanfiction. I'm glad I can have some sort of contact with the last of my mum's family. but you may find it harder to control.

. ”I also want us to do some physical training as well.. We need to pay attention to hand and arm movements and watch our opponents’ mouths.harrypotterfanfiction. in fact. Harry. ”Well. Since he had been training with the Quidditch team. She worked herself to the limits learning everything she could and setting to master it in the bargain. DA. and the rest of us have non-verbal spells down to a fine art. ”Yes. We also need to be able to outlast the ”bad guys” in a fight. I think. ”You’re the devil at it too.com/printerfriendly. “What is it you’ve been thinking about. but he had also managed to get his hands on a Boggart thanks to Mr Filch. really. and could leap away from spells now. Nobody wanted to take him on. he had begun to tone up rather nicely. I’d like us to be able to react a bit faster because it’s the best way to get the upper hand against an opponent. Actually. which helped him immensely in a duel because it extended his endurance. Harry continued teaching the DA Legilimency and Occlumency. but he wanted them all to be able to do something more. a champion-class dueler and essentially unbeaten among the DA—the whole school. He wanted his group to be elite—special—with unique talents.” Lavender said chuckling. especially Cho. but I think you. but their skill and speed improved. Harry let the Boggart face him and take the form of a Dementor. we need to work on our reflexes—our reaction time. which was rather hard for him because he needed to train too. then the members of the DA had something to practise with.. The others nodded in agreement. He decided to include some physical exercise into the program for endurance and stamina. Harry was.. They were pretty fast. so they were able to practise casting their Patronuses. she trained like a woman on a mission.” Harry agreed. Susan’s a bloody acrobat. Wandless magic had proven to be a bit more difficult.” ”Listen.. but we still need to work on our reflexes.” Seamus asked. The week passed quickly.php?mode=story&o.” Seamus asked. ”As I said before. Harry. ”Cho and I can do the wandless magic you’re so keen about. ”Do you want to be the best. as only Cho and Seamus had been able to pull that off. Harry. He had humiliated his class. If we can exhibit physical as well as magical superiority over the criminal element.harrypotterfanfiction.” Harry replied.can do more. although not on purpose. ”Let Harry talk. We could be literally THE BEST. I'd love to go to Shell Cottage again. What do you mean when you say we can do more?” ”I mean that we need to learn how to read body language.” Harry asked them slyly. After her foray into Harry’s memories. it’s your favorite thing.. so that was part of his motivation for making them elite. It was demanding on all of them. I’ve been thinking a lot about dueling. ”Nice work. Harry got an idea.” Cho shouted above the chatter.” Harry said enthusiastically.. but Susan had managed some simple evasive tumbling manoeuvers Harry decided he might have her teach the class.” The rest of the class laughed at Lavender’s observation. we could become the most-elite fighting force the Auror Office. That’s it! Body language! Reading body language could give us the edge we need! Harry clapped his hands and called the class to order.” The class let out a soft groan and Harry held up both of his hands as if to ward them off.--hell..” ”Yeah.” 163 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . you lot. But there was something more he felt they needed to become the best team of Aurors the Ministry had ever seen. As the group continued to duel.sure.com :: 65. ”What more could ya want us to do. Harry watched as the DA warmed up with some dueling practise.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. but we'll talk to her next time we meet.we.” said Terry. the Ministry—have ever seen.” ”What do you mean. ”We all do. The ability to cast non-verbal spells was invaluable and they were coming along with that.. ”We’ve really done well. mate. On the following Monday morning. The tumbling would certainly help with that. you’re all doing a great job.” added Anthony.. including himself. something he couldn’t quite put his finger on.

”Harry.” ”That’s the idea. 164 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . After about half an hour. ladies. slowly at first so as to learn to recognise how the mouth moves.” ”We might even be able to side-step the Cruciatus curse or even the killing curse. and our credo. thanks again for the Pensieve thing.” Harry told them honestly. Harry screwed his face up and scared the pants off his class.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. but now you understand what goes into those nasty curses. although he knew now that it wasn’t hatred for Dumbledore. ”For a moment. Frankly. ”Damn. I hope to hell I never find myself on the wrong end of your wand. sorry. He was about to say more.harrypotterfanfiction. but it usually is. he or she has to open their mouth slightly before they can. ”Keep reading your manuals. He instructed the group to pair off across the table from one another and say the names of strong spells. and I’ll see you all on Wednesday. I’m glad you’re feeling better. DEs—Death Eaters—when they cast it.” ”The what. they screw their faces up into a grotesque mask of pure hatred. ”Before someone speaks. ”So how do we do this..at least the Cruciatus and killing curses are. that in mind.” Anthony added. we couldn’t do anything in the name of hate or revenge. When the DEs. It shows in your work.” Susan said. Potter. ”Sorry. So.. ”If we can get a fix on what it looks like when our opponent is about to cast his or her spell.php?mode=story&o. but hatred for what he was doing.” Cho said with a twinkle in her eyes. Cho stopped and waited for the others to leave.” Terry said jumping aside with a horrified look on his own face. ”Oh.” Lavender asked. That look burned itself into Harry’s memory and he’d never forget it..com/printerfriendly. ”Now the thing with the Unforgivables is that they’re spells cast in hate. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me. by either using a shield or a stronger spell.” Harry replied. He imagined that perhaps Snape had poured his hatred for Voldemort into that look. What did we agree to on Day One? We agreed that everything we do—everything the DA would ever do—would be in the spirit of friendship and love. ”Then we really could be the best.” Cho said. and the girls squared their shoulders and lifted their chins defiantly as if imagining their success as the best. equally rattled. That’s what you’ll be looking for. Here. Harry could see that he’d managed to get his team’s blood up.” The DA picked up their gear and made for the door.” ”I get it. but the bell rang signaling the end of that class period. ”Then it was worth it.” Harry conjured a conference-size table and some chairs. since it was the spell of choice among Death Eaters. Terry and Anthony looked conspiratorially at one another. I even sleep better now. I doubt there’s a soul in this room who could hate anyone enough to do it—not even to a DE. The first spell Harry chose for them to practise recognising was Crucio. Imperio isn’t necessarily hate-motivated. The only thing I can think of is that I’ve watched their faces as well as their arms and hands without really realising it..” Seamus laughed nervously. That being the case.” ”Different. I’ll try to show you. ”Is it something you do?” ”It looks like it might be the thing that’s keeping you from besting me.” Harry paused to allow that to sink in.” Harry admitted.” Lavender asked. Didn’t mean to scare you. ”And that’s what’ll make us so different.. ”You scared the shit out of me!” ”Yeah.. there.” Harry replied. a bit confused. intending to show them the look Severus Snape had on his face when he threw the killing curse at Dumbledore.” Harry said. ”Different. ”It just kind of came to me while you lot were warming up. I though ya were really goin’ ta curse us.” Harry explained. and then speed up. as Parvati would put it.harrypotterfanfiction. the group was saying it as a normal part of speech. yeah? That’s been our mantra. so I have an idea as to how we might practise this. We do what we do in the name of justice. Seamus’ eyes flashed. we can maybe beat them to it. Harry knew that the scrappy Irishman would be the first to latch onto the best. It’s something I think I’ve done all along and never really thought about until now.” she said.com :: 65.

According to Harry.harrypotterfanfiction. through the use of a strong personal shield and a simple disarming spell. but hadn’t received a reply yet.php?mode=story&o. ”I wonder what this could be.” Ginny said. The memory pained him and Ginny knew it. Wisconsin Established 1848.and the fact that you’re red as beet-root. untying the string..” Harry removed the brown paper from around the parcel and sure enough. Harry Potter defeated the darkest wizard in history last spring.” Mr Weasley (Ginny’s older brother) and Miss Granger are Harry’s best friends. I couldn’t have done. Staff WriterPhoto courtesy of The Quibbler At the International Law-Enforcement Convention Ball held in London in September. ”Go on. We simply wouldn’t be here if not for them. I was able to sit down with Mr Potter and Miss Weasley for a chat. Harry. I’ve created a monster. He sent us a copy of the article!” ”Really. but he doesn’t really think he deserves them. obviously surprised. They stuck together through thick and thin at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I couldn’t.” ”Watching people?” ”Of course. ’I did what I had to do—we all did.. He still had some paperwork to finish before he met Ginny for lunch. ’I didn’t do this alone.” Harry said.” she said slyly. Love. ”How do you know that.” Harry said.’ he says.” Cho said with another giggle.” Ginny asked. Underneath the masthead. ’Without the help of my two best friends. ”It looks like a newspaper of some kind. I could never have done it. Ginevra M.” she giggled.. ”If you could’ve seen that from our point of view. saving the magical world from a most heinous evil. ”Now you’ve given me something else to focus on—watching people.” she said. it was. ”I didn’t mean to. where Harry.” Harry began. they’d been involved in fighting the dark arts since their first year at Hogwarts and it all culminated in a nine-month quest to defeat the dark wizard known as Lord Voldemort. Thanks to his friend. Love.” Ginny observed. ”See you Wednesday.” Harry asked nervously. ”I know.” Cho left the room as Harry stood there chuckling to himself and rubbing the back of his neck.’ is how he sums up the entire affair. you know. Let’s read on. Expelliarmus. but not the Prophet. I had the pleasure of meeting Wizarding Britain’s greatest hero.’ ”It’s true. when a large tawny owl flew into the Great Hall and dropped a rolled parcel in front of him.. The search ended with a final battle at the school on May 2 of this year. Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt. ”That was nice of him.” Gin said. then. I’ve embarrassed you.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. She was lamenting this to Harry over lunch.com :: 65. What does it say?” Harry read: ”Interview With a Hero by Douglas Sheldon... Harry let out a laugh. Britain’s institution for magical study and learning. I know.” ”Yeah. aka Tom Riddle. ”I’m doing it right now.. Potter and his lovely fiancée.harrypotterfanfiction. ”They never wrap it. shall we?” 165 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”I can feel it myself..” Ginny said. ”Body language. The Wisconsin Witch Herald the masthead read.com/printerfriendly. Ginny had written Gwenog Jones to find out the best time to come to camp so she might ask Professor McGonagall for permission to practise with the Harpies. ”That was something else. (Ginny) Weasley.. ”It’s from Doug Sheldon.” ”I know. killing himself instantly. I can imagine. Harry has received many awards and accolades. Harry J. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. it was a newspaper. managed to cause Ridde’s killing curse to rebound. Gin.. For his efforts. looped back over the staff table and flew out. Whitewater. ”You all right. He banished the conjured table and chairs and set to tidying up.

torture. Harry knew better. we did what we had to do. Neville Longbottom. The Order of Merlin. whether he cares to admit it or not.. He decided to let it go for now and read on. ’None of us could have done what he did. as an old friend used to say. but I was only doing.. both for the article and the issue. But still. ”I think I’ll send him a thank you note.” ”That was a really nice article. That qualifies you as a hero. Ginny. Harry. help or no help. brushing a stray lock of raven from his eyes.. ’We always thought: What would Harry do. and they plan to marry once she finished school at Hogwarts. Harry was glad they didn’t use any photos from the Prophet. a brother and sister team. brutalized any and all students who dared defy them. Mr Weasley.” Harry replied and read on. In the midst of what our English cousins call The Second Wizarding War.’ Ginny disagrees. ’Again. ”I thought my modesty was something you found.” she lied.” she said.’ If and when evil rears its ugly head in Britain again. Good luck. so we need to maintain constant vigilance.com :: 65. but they haven’t set an exact date yet. Harry Potter will be there to rein it in. Ron’s life. Harry’s personal ambitions involve the desire to become an Auror. that publication had been rather good to them. rather than the editors of the Daily Prophet.. but you are a hero—you’re my hero.. my father’s life. Miss Weasley. Mr Potter.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. He and Ginny both approved of the photograph of them that Luna took at Harry’s birthday party. honest young man who shies away from the spotlight and prefers to be just Harry. but he has come through it all a better man.sexy. Harry is a hero. as did several others who aided them in the resistance. believes in family.” Ginny said gratefully.’ He’s annoyingly modest.’ Harry says. he’d sure get it. He admits that he is hopelessly in love with Ginny. It’s never going to go away entirely. and takes none of it for granted. Dad told you all of this..’ ”Annoyingly modest.” Harry asked with a Harry-grin. ’I want to make a difference. Harry is a kind. I know. All the best to a couple who truly deserves it. If I were to attempt to sum up Harry James Potter. Harry is a regular guy thrust into some irregular circumstances.harrypotterfanfiction. reveres the power of love. ”Even though.” ”I suppose. but his heart was in the right place. 166 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . he was grateful that Doug went to Xeno Lovegood for a photo. There are still criminals out there. Miss Granger. His life has been fraught with tragedy and pain.’ ”We need to talk about that. Miss Weasley and Mr Longbottom suffered beatings.” Ginny said. Mr Potter.php?mode=story&o. Ginny led a student resistance effort at the school alongside another close friend. ”Is there more?” ”Yeah. ”Apart from the rest of the world.. and deprivation for their efforts. If Doug Sheldon ever wanted another interview with him. ”Constant Vigilance! I can still hear Mad-Eye’s voice echoing through my mind. 'I had to do things that I’m not proud of.” Harry said pointedly. Harry felt good about something written about him in the press that he didn’t write himself.’ Ginny says. ”You still haven’t told me much about that.. and probably Bill’s life too. He could feel her apprehension through their bond. ’Some time next summer. According to Ginny. and Mr Longbottom were awarded Wizarding Britain’s highest honor.” ”.” she cooed.com/printerfriendly. but we did it the way we thought Harry would do it.what you had to do. Amycus and Alecto Carrow. no doubt.” ”There isn’t much to tell other than what I told Doug for this article. but this is simply not the case at all... and on behalf of The Wisconsin Witch Herald. One could imagine that all the glory and accolades heaped upon ones so young as Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley might cause them to become full of themselves. He says he wants to fight the dark arts wherever they are. Love. and that’s what we did.’ he says resolutely. ’Heroes do things they can be proud of.” Harry mused. Their clandestine raids and rescue missions saved the lives of several of their friends and classmates who dared defy Voldemort’s minions. He values his friendships. Keep reading. the Death Eaters (Voldemort’s most fanatical followers). pressing her fingers to his lips. just a couple more paragraphs. you saved my life.” ”He was a grumpy old soul.” For the first time.” ”Good idea. I would first have to say don’t believe the hype. For their bravery and valor.’ she says of her fiancé.” ”It is sexy.harrypotterfanfiction. brutal lunatics who had taken control of the school.’ he says. He doesn’t think of himself as a hero at all.’ There are still Death Eaters on the loose out there. although lately. I’d like to extend our congratulations to you and Ginny on your engagement.

Dean began to shift on his feet. as usual. Ginny sat with Harry for breakfast the next morning.Harry. He had said some truly awful things to and about them. inviting her to Harpies practise whenever she could get permission from Professor McGonagall to leave school. everyone. ”And.” Hermione answered cordially. ”So Luna. ”Erm..” Ron asked. She leapt up and threw herself into Harry’s arms in front of most of the student body.” Harry stood and shook hands with Dean... Of course we're still friends. ”Hello.” called Luna in her usual airy manner. ”Hello. And I wanted to see Dean again before I leave.harrypotterfanfiction.. but they’d also been through a lot together during the war. We got to be really good friends last year.. He had a lot of explaining and apologising to do and he wasn’t sure how to do it.” she replied. He wasn’t sure how to go about it. and over their bacon and eggs. He sounded hopeful—even remorseful. right?” Harry hesitated as he considered Dean Thomas. Among the many familiar faces at the popular inn. Ron came to Hogsmeade and had lunch with Harry and Ginny at the Three Broomsticks. too. It’s time to forgive. ”I admit I was jealous when you were together with Ginny..” Dean called trying to hide his nervousness. He nodded and looked back up at Dean. Her eyes said it all—let go. but Harry held Ginny as close as he could without pulling her into his lap. They’d both been on the run all those months.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. but I'll be back. Harry narrowed his eyes and stared daggers at his former school dorm mate.” she squealed. I'm soon off to South America.com :: 65. so he decided that maybe the best thing to do was to dive in head first and hope for the best. The first few minutes were tense as Harry became very protective of Ginny. ”Harry.” Dean stammered. so I guess we're even. It was from Gwenog Jones.. Ginny squeezed his thigh again and he looked at her. but paused. Ron. ”I'm seeking out unknown plants and creatures. I heard something about Harry and Ginny planning their wedding for next summer. She landed on his lap and kissed him square on 167 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . though not together or for the same reasons. ” I just want to say that I'm over Ginny and wish you happiness. She had enclosed the training schedule to make it easier to schedule the practises around her responsibilities and academic obligations. He jammed his hands into his jeans pockets and took a deep breath.. They’d fought on the same side at the Battle of Hogwarts.” Ron grunted.. ”Hello. that day in the common room. We lived in the same dorm for six years and we’ve been through a lot. His eyes darted nervously to Harry and Ginny. who pulled him into a man-hug. it’s from Gwenog Jones! I really get to train with the Harpies.harrypotterfanfiction.” Harry said..php?mode=story&o. but we're friends.” he said flatly. His eyes softened and he smiled. There was bad blood.” ”Of course you’ll be invited Luna.. expressionless. They’d both survived capture and imprisonment at Malfoy Manor and recovered at Shell Cottage. ”Dean. leading to a lot of bad blood. They all sat down together.” Harry promised. what are you doing now.. his hand hovering near his wand. Dean.com/printerfriendly. Harry. He went to hug Ginny. ”’Lo. Hermione. Time to heal. Ginny squeezed his thigh and sent him the support of her love through their bond. a large barn owl flew low over the Gryffindor table and dropped a letter into Ginny’s plate. I was hurt that day. so I'd like to be there if I'm invited. Dean and Luna arrived together and came over to their table. in sixth year. Harry nodded his approval—as if it was necessary—and she hugged Dean. we never really talked after. Hello. That weekend.

. We need more theoretical instruction and some updated copies of the Auror Field Manual to study. it’s just that I have to fight my own battles sometimes.. In addition.harrypotterfanfiction. Do you want me to come with you. ”All right. am I distracting you?” Ginny said unbuttoning her blouse. placing her hand over his own heart. ”You’ve had a letter from Gwenog Jones. ”Wish me luck. ”I may be Headmistress. ”Now off with you. Love.” she answered. finding it devoid of Professor McGonagall... Ginny! I’d love to come with you. Thank you. ”I will permit you to practise any day you see fit this week. I can work while you're gone so I won't miss you as much.com :: 65. Taking amused note of the surprise on Ginny’s face.. She took a few deep calming breaths and knocked. ”No. She shot a panicked glance at the staff table..and the world melted away again.” Harry repeated between kisses. he was an Intern and would be expected to go on missions even now. She wanted Harry to go with her. but I’m advising you to learn some good play strategies to make the House cup ours.” she asked. you know that.. That meant he might be in the field for days at a time. the mouth. I’ll go this evening. trying not to laugh.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. She met Harry back at their room. Professor. I need to plan my upcoming lessons and write a report to the Ministry. ”That’s really great and I’m proud of you. Miss Weasley. They came to themselves amid wolf whistles and catcalls from the other students in the Great Hall. resisting the temptation to hug the stuffing out of her headmistress.com/printerfriendly.. ”Bloody hell.may I go. I need to do this myself.” Ginny cried.harrypotterfanfiction. bewildered. if only for a fleeting moment. Plus. It leapt aside and let her pass. Love. looking over her spectacles.” she asked. ”So. is that right.attention.. ”What can I do for you?” ”H-how did you know it was me.” Harry said looking up from a parchment on the desk. blushing furiously amid a wave of light laughter rolling over the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor tables..” he grinned. placing his hand over her heart.” he said looking her straight in the eye. He was going to become an Auror. while the Hufflepuffs were trying to figure out what was so funny..” she said to the gargoyle. ”It’s not that I don’t want you to come with me. The Slytherins were neither impressed nor amused. But I’ll take you with me here.” Ginny smiled and eagerly promised to do her best. Professor McGonagall looked at her sharply.” Harry’s face fell a little and she felt his hurt through their bond and returned it with a burst of her love. Love.Gin.” ”Always.erm. she went on.php?mode=story&o. She breathed a sigh of relief... Gryffindor's.” he agreed. Harry hitched in a breath and stared at his beautiful fiancée. and I’m supposed to remain unbiased.er.” she said.” Ginny said. but you know I can’t. ”Enter.. ”That's great. ”I have to check with Professor McGonagall before I give the Harpies an answer. It's a lot easier getting those things done if you're not around...” Ginny trotted down the aisle to the Entrance Hall and then literally sprinted through the castle on her way to the headmistress’ office. we’re working on some new dueling techniques that I’m hoping will make our team of new Aurors a real force to be reckoned with.. ”Gin.” ”Thank you. ”You’re evil. but she knew he couldn’t get away. but you’re snogging me in the Great Hall in front of practically the whole school.” Ginny told her about meeting Gwenog Jones after the game and the invitation to practise. biting her bottom lip. Harry had to admit that he did tend to want to be everything to her.. ”Tartan. He couldn’t very well expect her to stop making day-to-day decisions just because he wasn’t there. She was bursting with excitement and anticipation. but there were sure to be times in their life together that she’d have to deal with things on her own. Harry felt her excitement and couldn’t help but return her kiss. but he 168 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”I had such a letter myself about you.” Harry asked.commanding my.” she said.” Ginny asked. ”Mr Potter.

” ”No. I can’t say it enough.. We were just getting changed.every iota of your love for me. leaving little nips here and there as he breathed in the scent that drove him to real distraction.” ”I know what you mean. If you're given the chance it's me you'll be replacing. ”Be careful and have a good time. Glenda Stockwell and Seeker Geraldine Hill. perhaps it’s just one of those things we can let go unspoken.. They lay there kissing and caressing until it was time for her to go meet with the Harpies. this is the talented Chaser from Hogwarts I told you about.” Harry carried her to the bed. ”Miss Weasley. I could feel every little spark.. They were glistening. you’re crying! Are you all right? Did I. But since you feel it too. baby. Gryffindor’s Lion roared its approval from somewhere in Harry’s chest. He gulped. and her shoulders. and as they kissed he was yet again stunned by her beauty. Griselda stopped in front of Ginny. Harry had already dived under the bed to retrieve her broom for her. love.” ”No words.” Ginny followed Gwen to the dressing room where the rest of the team were dressing.I love you. They never made the short distance to the bed. beautiful as they are.” Ginny said blushing.” she said through her tears. Miss Jones.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.. He watched transfixed as she picked up her wand. Those three words. Ginny took a quick shower. Before they knew it.” Ginny murmured against his still-swollen lips. let's introduce you to the rest of the team.” he promised..” Harry moaned. wrapping her creamy legs around his waist and claiming his lips in a mind-blowing kiss. They all greeted her and Gwen ordered Quidditch robes for Ginny. our Keeper Gwyneth Lee.that I. handing over her broom.” she said as she kissed Harry goodbye and Flooed from their room to the Holyhead Harpies practise pitch.” Griselda told her...harrypotterfanfiction.” They looked at her. but I'm sure you all recognise Miss Ginny Weasley.” ”Sure. it’s frustrating. dressed.. Griselda Rose. ”I'm the one retiring after this season. ”While we were making love just now. ”I’ll be back later tonight..” ”Thank you. Chasers Gabriella Brown. ”Everybody. you drive me mad. Are you joining us today?” ”If it's all right with you. ”I love you so much. wasn’t complaining either. You didn’t hurt me.. their clothes lay on the floor and Harry had Ginny pinned to the desk.php?mode=story&o.. kissing her lips. Staring into his darkening emerald green eyes.” She pressed her lips to his once again as he gathered her into his arms gently and lovingly. and grabbed her equipment bag. ”Hi. He raised her face and kissed her tenderly. It’s just. ”Gin. I'd love to. She launched herself onto him. ”I’ll be here.harrypotterfanfiction. she cast the contraceptive charm and began to walk seductively toward him. Gwenog Jones turned around as Ginny stepped out of the fireplace. they held each other closely. Come. ”No words. There are no words to describe this and in a way. ”I felt that too. ”It's a bit overwhelming.. She snuggled up close. sending bursts of love and joy in the moment through their bond.” she promised. I can't believe I'm practicing with you!” 169 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” Gwen told her ”Meet the team. Harry. then gazed into her eyes. And please call me Ginny. just don’t seem adequate. As they lay there in the semi darkness.com/printerfriendly. It was a strange feeling for Ginny. since there are no words. I've been a Harpies fan forever. her neck. how nice to see you. my fellow Beater Grace Gordon. my love. It was so overwhelming. I didn't tell you who it was. it brought tears to my eyes. The members of her favourite team were looking at her as if she was the celebrity. as if she couldn’t get close enough. ”Ginny. ”Ginny.com :: 65.” he said as propped his head on his hand wiped her tears with his free thumb. as long as you call me Gwen.

Gwen stepped to the front. she let the shot go to the left goal. She’d flown hard with Harry. Gwyneth had to move back making a desperate save. It took a lot of co-ordination from each player. who could careen around a pitch like lightning.” Griselda asked Ginny.” A while later. As soon as the Quaffle was thrown off. and did get the contract. especially because she had to shoot against the real Keeper. The three of them were flying right at Gab. they know you are a good player. take notes. you begin by playing two on two. the team gathered in the sitting room of the club house. they all know you're marrying Harry Potter. but Griselda stuck to her like glue. keeping their Seeker safe. Everyone in the team flew Firebolts. Gwyneth couldn't save a shot coming from so close up at that speed. but Ginny had scored two goals against a professional Keeper. Ginny quickly tried to position herself to allow Glenda to pass to her. After practise and a well-needed. Ginny made a quick dive. but happier than ever. I'll be your Keeper.com :: 65. Ginny gained a few feet in the last second and made a roll. ”I've seen many new players over the years.” Griselda encouraged her. you're Keeper for Griselda and Gab. Ginny still had Griselda right on top of her. Ginny you're with Glenda. It was clear to her that this was Quidditch on a level far beyond that of the Hogwarts matches. After the brief hesitation. It appeared they would crash. the speed at which these women flew took Ginny’s breath away. snatching the Quaffle. and the way Gwen talked about the match at Hogwarts. who had to turn. practise wrapped up with the practise of various flying skills. She took a blow to her shoulder.” After a while. I fell off my broom after just five minutes. and manoeuver with a Chaser she never played with. She tried to think about the way Glenda used to play. you’re with Griselda.. Ginny brought her Firebolt. After thirty minutes. They all know what you did last year. ”Since we have four Chasers today. but Ginny gleaned loads of new ideas for her team at Hogwarts. She tilted right making Gwyneth uncertain as to where the shot might come from. Ginny did a rough break almost falling off her broom. Gabriella. ”How are you feeling.harrypotterfanfiction. She learned very quickly that professional Quidditch demanded speed. ”That's exactly the way you should feel. Ginny maintained full speed until she was as close to the Keeper as she dared. if not welcome shower where Ginny noticed a nasty bruise on her shoulder. The other three were yards away. who was not a Keeper. They continued playing. so it was Ginny alone against a professional Keeper. and coming back up. Gwyneth. This gave the Chasers a chance to catch their breath. Ginny made a full roll again.” she told them. but after a while.” Ginny was impressed by the authoritative tone in Gwenog's voice.com/printerfriendly. Let's get dressed. Ginny flew after Gab. Ginny watched the Quaffle pass through the ring. ”It was a present from the family when I came of age. Griselda was soon mere feet behind her when Glenda passed forcing Gwyneth to move sideways. Ginny. Ignoring Griselda. Ginny threw the Quaffle at the far ring. Glenda caught the Quaffle just inches from crashing into Gabriella. pushing her Firebolt to its limits before racing up against Gwyneth. Ginny's team had lost 90 to 50. I was heartbroken. intensity and hard concentration.” Ginny answered.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. and they nodded their approval at Ginny’s. 170 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . and how the others paid her the strictest attention. It turned out that I only broken my collarbone.harrypotterfanfiction. No one has commanded more respect on their first visit. believing I'd never play professionally. ”Exhausted. It was like a dream. while Gab still headed for Gwen's goal posts. Gwenog let the Seeker practise and Grace along with Gwenog worked the Bludgers. Ginny had read all about the team and each of their individual playing styles..” Gabriella told her. but remained on her broom. Grace and Geraldine. Gwenog was tough but not accustomed to the Keeper position. ”At my first practicse. and shot off towards Gwyneth. She saw Glenda coming in on the left. they emerged from the dressing room onto the pitch. ”Don't worry.php?mode=story&o. too. but exhausted. Glenda flew straight for Griselda. Before Ginny could catch her breath. the better coordinated Chasers scored on Gwen. She was excited. The six players would begin play using only the Quaffle. Ginny immediately understood this would be tough. but these women could fly a Firebolt and make it worthy of its name. Gabriella took control of the Quaffle and raced back across the pitch.

His eyes fluttered open sleepily. But she welcomed me back to practise again with them.harrypotterfanfiction. so the board should be easy to convince. I love your flowery scent. you need professional training and more experience. focus. don't touch my shoulder. she’ll score a lot for us. ”I almost asked her to join us right away.com :: 65. Sure. I know it’s killing you. ”I was lost the times you scored. climbed into the bed next to him and cuddled up.. ”Faster. ”What are you doing?” I’m going to do something about that shoulder of yours.” he replied. I want to see you a couple of more times.. We don't expect Chasers to score at all during the first practise.” You’re making me crazy. made wincing sound.. Love. I scored twice while playing two on two. more physical.” Gwen told her. You played against two coordinated professionals. but you are a natural talent. let me see. undressed him.. and slipped out of bed.. but at your age. ”First of all. She'll earn the club a fortune. talent and understanding of the game. the girl is a phenomenon. Ginny levitated him to the bed.many more they will try out. where are you going. ”I did okay. I did my best. now I'm talking as if the contract’s signed already. ”I'm so proud of you.” The others looked at her. but I have so much to learn..” ”Ginny. It's a great result.” Ginny Flooed back and Gwenog looked at the fire place.com/printerfriendly. The board will love the publicity that is sure to come with her on the team. and a stunning beauty.mmm... Still you scored twice.. Harry looked at her shoulder.” Ginny sighed contentedly. half sitting up in the bed..php?mode=story&o. That’s a right nasty bruise you’ve got there and since you don’t want me to touch it. He padded into the bathroom. Harry stirred. we test the skill of every player we consider for the team. “What was it like..” she said with a hiss. you are a great player. ”Harry.” Then he kissed her neck again. ”So what else happened?” 171 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . before turning to her team. ”I don’t think we’ll ever find anyone better.their top candidate. Harry gingerly applied the ointment to the bruise.. Harry had fallen asleep at the desk. Gwen said I'm. and when you hurt. We want to see flying skill. Merlin. still kissing her neck. and yes. with his head resting on his stack of reports for the Ministry. playing with them?” He began to rub her upper arm with the palm of his hand.mmm. what experience you have coming only from playing at Hogwarts.” Harry replied. my Queen of the Quidditch pitch. ”Here... and tucked him in. how did you like your first practise.” She involuntarily cocked her head aside to give him better access to her graceful neck. You are welcome any time Professor McGonagall allows you to come. she's the future Mrs Harry Potter. Thirdly. ”Ah! Here it is!’ He returned to the bed with a dark blue jar in his hand. skill-wise.” she asked him. but I think I speak for the team when I say we have a top candidate in you to replace Griselda. ”Just doing my job. Secondly. ”So Ginny. ”Mmm.” ”Thanks for coming today..” Gwen asked.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” he whispered ”How did it go?” He buried his face in her neck and kissed her pulse point.” Ginny stepped out of the fireplace. she's the country's most famous witch.” he said as she rolled a little to expose her shoulder. I think. ”You take such good care of me. You have it all. But most importantly.” ”You really think I'm that good?” Gwyneth looked at her. She undressed. ”And keep your robes until we either sign a contract or agree not to. I’ve met many Chasers in my time. Harry kissed her tenderly.” she said. and a professional Keeper.. but I don't know how many there are and I don't know how. setting the jar on the bedside table.harrypotterfanfiction. ”It was amazing—so fast and intense. Mmm. Ginny. I hurt. You just about pushed me to my breaking point a couple of times. more intense. ”That should take care of it overnight.

and Ginny's enthusiasm showed in the way the Gryffindor team played during practise. Over the following month.. The world melted away as they embarked on a bender of kisses.. ”All right.com :: 65. but he knew she understood. still conveyed his love. aren’t we. I’ll behave. Gin.” she said. He ran his tongue along her lower lip. and manual exploration. for bringing me here.. We are a bit randy this evening.. he watched from the stands with Hermione... your laugh.this. ”You must be Ginny's fiancé. caresses. His kisses. though intense...” Hermione spent a lot of her time studying.. Soon. coaxing her mouth open. It came through the bond. your. now darkened with desire. and she's coordinating her fellow Chasers better. you’re being very naughty and I think I like it. She felt his intensity through their bond.” Harry said. his voice quivering.. Hufflepuff don’t stand a chance. but it also lay in his glorious emerald eyes.” she teased some more. I love you too.” ”They let me keep a set of Harpies robes during the try-out period. ”I missed you though. go on. ”In fact. that feels heavenly. they met Gwenog Jones. I can feel it. It's hard spending so much time apart.. who was there with a woman Ginny didn't know.php?mode=story&o. your touch. but she's getting better. ”I'm glad you’re happy. ”So impetuous. The other Harpies encouraged her. but Ginny did feel she could make a professional career of Quidditch with the Harpies...” ”Hey.. so fine... tears born of the unspoken thing streaming down their faces as they gazed lovingly into one another’s eyes. ”I do like it. I really miss him.. I. but. you are just so beautiful. ”Do you like this too?” Harry rolled her over on top of him and twisted his fist in her hair.” 172 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” Harry said cheekily..” Hermione asked.” He couldn’t finish. ”She's faster. ”They.I. a smouldering look on his face. It's almost unreal wearing them. ”Merlin.” Harry stopped kissing her.. They snogged one another senseless until drained of energy.I’m trying to tell you. ”Good afternoon Ginny. The practise was extremely demanding.” she couldn’t finish either. but Harry had forced her out to get some air. ”Yes. and the unspoken thing between them that only they could understand. I know. they cuddled up and fell asleep.” ”I thought you were going to behave. beaming. yeah?” Three days before the match against Hufflepuff. The greatest difference between House Quidditch at Hogwarts and professional Quidditch lay with the requirement to fly as close to top speed as possible at all times.now who’s a distraction? Harry. Upon arrival.. She's also working her Beaters in a new way. ”Harry. She obliged and his tongue slipped in and engaged hers in a merry oral copulation. still coordinating passes and avoiding Bludgers.” Ginny teased.” She captured his lips in a mind-blowing kiss.and. overcome with the intensity of that unspoken thing. and I really need that after a boring but necessary evening of paperwork.. They lay in one another’s arms. She gave him her signature blazing gaze and then leaned down until her lips were mere millimetres from his. Mr Potter.and these.” Gwenog greeted cheerfully. aren’t you” Harry asked.. right. I missed your voice. his ultimate respect.com/printerfriendly.. The unspoken love they shared coursed through their bodies through their bond.” He began to kiss her again. Professor McGonagall summoned Ginny to her office and bring Harry with her.. but.mmm.. Harry. Harry nodded.” They continued watching the practise.harrypotterfanfiction. I needed the break. During one practise that Harry wasn’t working with Dennis.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.harrypotterfanfiction. that's what friends are for. ”You're missing Ron. she slid off him onto the bed.oh my. ”Thanks Harry. At this rate. ”Flying is not my thing.” ”Oh is that so. and I also want to get my NEWTs.. ”I love you so much. Ginny practised once per week with the Harpies and got to know the girls on the team.

” Ginny said. ”I want only for you to be happy.” Harry said as he tried to get air between Ginny's kisses. That was a decision she definitely wanted his input on before she accepted.. The Harpies hire Ginny as a Chaser for the coming season. Gin. ”Gwen has told me about your outstanding performance during practise. ”You and the Harpies have my full support.harrypotterfanfiction.com/printerfriendly. ”but you’re my dream too... The only thing it means right now is that Ginny won't be able to accept any offers from another club for next season. proud.” Harry asked her.” ”Congratulations. After a look at a very proud Harry and a nod of encouragement.” Gwenog said. she signed the two identical parchments.” Harry and Ginny read the parchment. All the details will be negotiated later.. and.” Ginny said and looked at Harry. Miss Jones.” ”It’s been my dream since I was little. Ginny agreed to play for the club. I guess you're getting tired of people thanking you for winning the war. Miss Weasley.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. So right to the point.” ”If playing for the Harpies will make you happy.php?mode=story&o.. ”Please read it and feel free to ask any questions..” ”Great. Ginny trembled a little as she held the quill. ”Is this what you want. ”Thank you so much Ms.com :: 65. ”But. ”I want to play for you. such as so many complimentary tickets and medical care in case of injury. Ginny!” Gwenog gave her a brief hug.. be detailed contract negotiations.. but thanks.” They all greeted one another cordially.” Harry said as Ginny and she threw herself over him. Carpenter. ”I'm. She promised to ask. but today we sign the parchment that makes you a Holyhead Harpies Chaser. sending love and support through their bond. Ginny has told me all about you and about pratcising with the Harpies.. pay for equipment. pleased to meet you.” She looked meaningfully at Harry.. He greeted her. Mrs Georgia Carpenter. we want you to play for us next season. cover travel expenses and other benefits to be specified. Our life together is my dream—our dream. Gin.. and the club agreed to provide a salary to be negotiated. President of the Board of Directors for the Holyhead Harpies. then I’m all for it. Somebody’s getting lucky tonight.” ”Welcome to the Harpies. ”Harry Potter. Let me introduce my friend. ”How about you?” He nodded his agreement.” she said.. happy.. ”It looks all right to me. love. It was a concept she understood well from her association with the DA. Everyone was quickly on first name basis in that organisation. shaking her hand. you.” he assured her. Had she just been offered a place as professional player on her favourite team? After meeting them a few times.” ”Pleased to meet you too. for.harrypotterfanfiction. sliding the parchment across the desk toward Ginny. 173 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . They broke apart and Gwenog asked Ginny to talk to Professor McGonagall to see if there was a chance for Ginny to practise every week with the Harpies. of course. Georgia signed for the Harpies and gave one copy to Ginny. ”As President of the Board of Directors for the Holyhead Harpies. Fees generated from product and services endorsements and personal appearances on behalf of the club would be negotiated as well. He sent another wave of love and pride her way. Is it all right to call you Ginny?” Ginny nodded. Well... love.. let me be the first to welcome you as our new Chaser.. so. It was a simple contract between Ginevra Molly Weasley and the Holyhead Harpies.. as you can see it's a National Quidditch League standard draft contract.” Georgia told her.” Ginny couldn't find any words. she knew friendship was important to the club. Mr Potter. ”I knew you were our new Chaser when I saw you playing here. there will. ”Yes..

make no mistake.” Joseph said.” ”What do you mean. endorsements and merchandise with the future Mrs Harry Potter on the team. ”It means.com/printerfriendly.” Ginny asked. ”You’re a good player. ”You saw it for yourselves! Ginny. Ain’t she Em?” Ginny turned around to face two of her favorite firsties to find them holding hands. The Holyhead Harpies don't deny the benefits of having a famous player. cuteness. The Holyhead Harpies will certainly see an increase in its fan base. ”Ginny Weasley Signs With the Harpies Holyhead Harpies' President Georgia Carpenter confirmed last evening that they have signed a new Chaser replacing Griselda Rose who is currently playing her last season. putting an arm around her. my love. Soon after. I enjoy playing for Gryffindor and it's been a dream to play professionally. ”He’s going to flip!” ”Ginny! This is so awesome.” He gave her a lingering kiss on the cheek. ”Top box at an ’Arpies game!” The whole of Gryffindor House congratulated their team captain and even the Hufflepuff captain congratulated her. ”At least she knows how to handle the media. again.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. The new Harpies Chaser is none other than Miss Ginny Weasley.harrypotterfanfiction.” ”I think I like that Mrs Carpenter. Miss Weasley's contract will be an exciting one. ”You might be able to sit in a top box with Harry and my family.harrypotterfanfiction. ”That’s right.” Joseph said.” Ginny said. coming up behind her. and instructions how to handle Quidditch-related owls.” Harry said with a snicker. that she’s making it clear to the public that you made the team on talent and ability.php?mode=story&o.” Harry said to her. Erica stepped forward and stood by Harry. On the other hand. She is a rookie player. ”I guess they had to slip that in. I have loved playing Quidditch from the day I first broke into the shed back home where the family’s ancient Comets were stored.” Harry said with a half-grin. Emma stood their grinning like the cat that ate the canary. 'Miss Weasley is joining the Harpies because of her skill as player. ”Wicked. ”Hey. I am proud and happy to have my dream come true—playing for the Holyhead Harpies next season. According to Gwenog Jones. The following morning. Ginny had made the headlines. sponsorships. ”Oh my gosh! Ron.. Harry and Ginny entered the Great Hall for breakfast. Miss Ginny. didn’t they. Immediately the Gryffindor table stood and cheered as her team ran toward her. ”Or the Chudley Cannons.' Mrs Carpenter clarifies. Miss Weasley is a natural talent born to fly.” cried Patricia and Erica as they rushed up the aisle. not because she's a war hero or because she is engaged to Mr Potter. 174 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Harpies captain Gwenog Jones tells us she spotted Miss Weasley at the first Hogwarts match this season. not because you’re the love of my life.” Ginny gasped. Hermione. She wrote a statement for Harry to check over before she sent it.com :: 65. ”She wants it understood that hiring you wasn’t a publicity stunt. My favourite team has always been the Harpies and as I’ve been practising with the them. you flew circles around the Ravenclaw team!” ”We’ll see how many circles I fly around Puddlemere United or the Montrose Magpies.” Ginny promised. awestruck. ”That’s pretty straightforward stuff. The draft contracts are signed and negotiations for her player contract will begin soon. Patricia and Erica each hugged Ginny.” Harry said with a resigned sigh. they have all made me feel welcome and part of the team. They held up the Daily Prophet. but also this country’s most famous witch.” Harry said. currently finishing her studies at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and captaining the Gryffindor House Quidditch team. Miss Weasley has practised with the Harpies for a tryout period.. ”And I’ll make sure you four get tickets to my first game.” Harry said. an owl from Lee Jordan delivered a note asking for statements from her.

He was engrossed in paperwork when he heard a knock on his door. ”So what brings you to Hogwarts. since the other DA members were to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts. Some of the former followers of.. ”Malfoy. Tom Riddle. The DA still had lecture periods with Ministry instructors..and seventh-years. representing some Death Eaters still on the run. Harry worked in his office while Ginny and Hermione were still in class. First of all my mother asked me to thank you for telling the truth about the forest. Harry only had a few lessons with the sixth. ”You can scan me with Legilimency if you don't trust me. ”But let's say I believe you. ”I was approached to learn about the new Minister and take part in a plot to overthrow him. I’m satisfied. Perhaps you might agree to be a spy. ”Let me get straight to the point.” he said.” ”I’m sure you understand I didn’t enjoy coming here. but you are in fact the only one I can turn to.harrypotterfanfiction. but can I offer you some tea or something. Draco..php?mode=story&o. ”Actually some tea would be great. ”I have nothing to hide. Percy Weasley. turning to welcome his unexpected visitor. I told them the truth..” Harry looked at Draco.. namely..” ”Of course. still consider the Malfoys loyal.” Draco replied. ”Of course I had a reason to. She was as entitled to a fair trial as anyone.” Harry said. Ginny Weasley ”Looks good to me. He would be less strained the next few weeks. ”It’s short and sweet—like you—and to the point. love.” Harry told her.harrypotterfanfiction.or trust.” Draco said.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. but now a couple of other officials would be teaching from the Auror Field Manual. I was approached yesterday by some middle-hand. ”Enter at your own risk.” Harry did and he found no lie in Draco's mind.” That November Friday. I might be able to convince the Auror Office to look into this. I walked from Hogsmeade and it's really cold.” Draco replied.unless you're blocking me. but my assistance comes with a price.” Draco sighed.. You had no reason to.. ”All right.” Harry asked. Draco noticed.com/printerfriendly. ”I assume this isn't a social visit.” Harry asked not unkindly.” he said. The door opened and Draco Malfoy stepped through.. handing the note back. Malfoy.com :: 65. 175 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . He was trying to determine if Draco was lying or not. what's on your mind?” ”Since the trial and my father’s imprisonment. ”Potter.” Harry admitted.” ”I can understand your reluctance going to the Ministry to tell them about this.” ”I might.. ”All right.” Harry said. with a voice as neutral as possible. I'm the head of the Malfoy family. Harry conjured a tea service and made tea. He poured a cup for each of them.” Harry asked.

you have some important news for us.” Kingsley said.php?mode=story&o. ”but ultimately.harrypotterfanfiction. After waiting a short while. can I have some more of that?” Harry obliged and then told her about the Draco’s visit.” They nodded to each other. our young Mr Malfoy seems to be our only connection. Ginny was sprawled across the bed reading a Charms book. He scribbled a note for Ginny and then headed for Professor McGonagall’s office. I will ask to watch his memory of when he was approached in a Pensieve. hot stuff.harrypotterfanfiction. If there indeed is a plot. the Minister’s secretary ushered them in. her loyalty. Something really odd happened today.com :: 65. but if he co-operates.” Professor McGonagall agreed with Harry's opinion. He wouldn't settle for a simple job unless there was something else on his mind. Harry will look good. What is your feeling about this. ”Harry. it's good if we make it look like Harry's influence made us accept Draco. Nothing fancy. so they Flooed to the Ministry.” Kingsley said.. Ginny. ”I want a job. She suggested they report this to Kingsley in person. Her willpower.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Harry said and explained about his visit with Draco Malfoy. Let's play along for a while. I can't say for sure. Why were you at the Ministry.. I realise that I only can do that through hard work. so I might have a chance to build a decent reputation. Kingsley and Gawain listened carefully to him. I got your note. there’s an ulterior motive or a catch when Draco’s acting friendly. The Draco I know would join the side he considers the strongest. The most beautiful witch in the country was Witch Weekly's headline about her. Potter. I’ll explain when I get back..” Ginny asked.. ”All right.” Kingsley said. that leaves us to decide what to do. but something within the Ministry. Right now. that’s our first clue that his is in earnest. we need to learn as much as possible.” ”I never believed I would ever tell you this. or act as a double-agent working for us. Harry asked that Gawain Robards be privy to this meeting. her courage. ”I can’t force him. When Harry returned to his room. ”Hi. ”Usually. telling her about Draco's visit.com/printerfriendly.” ”Yes. independent of my father.or someone from the Ministry will. But whether he wants to gain our trust and spy on us. I love you. I’m in McGonagall’s office. He couldn't agree more but when he looked at her he also saw her irresistible personality. the decision is theirs. ”You've been at Hogwarts for six years with him. I had a visit today. ”He appears to trust Harry. of course. ”Yes.” ”I'll be in touch. He stroke her cheek and took her hand.” Gawain suggested. The first thing we need to learn is if there really is a plot. Harry Harry was soon sitting with Professor McGonagall. Harry waited until he was sure Draco was gone.” Harry promised. Everyone seemed comfortable with this agreement and Harry soon returned with the headmistress to Hogwarts. so Kingsley sent for him immediately. I think we could offer him a simple desk job in a low-ranking office.” Kingsley said. but thank you. Ginny looked at him and Harry got lost in her warm brown eyes for a moment. we'll state that Harry was working with us as an operative to apprehend him. ”Mmm.” ”It's maybe best if Harry delivers the message to Draco for us.” ”I'll talk to Gawain Robards and Kingsley Shacklebolt and see what can be done. receiving a kiss.” Gawain asked Harry. ”Did I tell you that I love you today?” 176 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”If he’s sincere. If he isn’t. Draco emptied his cup of tea and left.

”So it’s a bit of a game. where is there..harrypotterfanfiction.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.. but let's give the exclusive rights to The Quibbler. 177 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . sir.” she said and called for him. And our friends like Neville. I'm so proud of you. the unspoken something passed through their bond. your relatives.” Ginny asked. The press will go nuts about your wedding. with a bottle of Sangria wine. but I waited for you. Luna.” Harry said. please.” Harry said. can we avoid it?” Ginny looked at Harry.” Kreacher said bowing. I want to invite Dudley and Penny.” ”Dear Ginny. stroking her cheek with a crooked finger. but of course I'd enjoy sharing our wedding with our friends and family.” he finished.” Kreacher said. yeah?” ”I’m afraid so.” Harry said as he held a chair out for Ginny to sit. Harry told her about the resolution to go along with Draco's plan for now. This was a dangerous game he was about to play and he knew she was afraid. ”Thanks.com/printerfriendly.” ”I know. It goes with Auror territory.. Ginny smiled and kissed him passionately.” Harry said. ”Oh. and that includes Hermione. Hannah.com :: 65. All my love to both of you Mum” ”Wow. but I'm so proud and Dad as well..” she replied.php?mode=story&o. I asked Kreacher to prepare something for us here. old friend. I guess we must arrange for some kind of representation from the press. ”What do you think? For me. A lovely candlelit dinner of Beef Wellington and all the trimmings appeared on the table.” Ginny said politely. and to do so I want to know what kind of wedding you are thinking of. a couple of times. I guess I need to get used to this. They couldn’t get enough. By the way—I got this letter from Mum today. Do we want that? If not. the DA? Our Quidditch team? The Harpies? Representatives from the Auror Office? Hogwarts staff. but it would be great to have a plan formed by Christmas in order to pull off the wedding next summer. small.” he replied. if you haven't done so yet. ”So.. ”Don’t worry. getting married to you is quite enough.harrypotterfanfiction. leaning over to kiss his fiancée. What about guests? The Weasleys of course. there's really a lot to consider. ”I think we should have the kind of wedding we want.did I miss dinner?” ”Yes. gets hurt. including Malfoy. ”Anything for such a good and kind mas—friend. Also start to consider your guest list and what how to handle the publicity. ”It is nothing.” ”I like that.. and not always eating in the Great Hall.” Harry said ticking off each one on his fingers. You need to set a date. A shot of her apprehension coursed through their bond.” Kreacher bowed again and disappeared with a crack! ”Thanks for waiting for me.. ”I enjoy sharing dinner with you. but I never tire of hearing it. where you want it to be. love. now. I want to arrange it for you. Mis—Ginny.” ”Do you want to ask Kingsley to cast the wedding charm..and Hagrid of course. ”How may I serve you?” ”You can serve our dinner. I would like to ask you and Harry to start talking about your wedding. ”That would be great if he would agree. Big. Even though the words were inadequate. dear. ”I guess this could get huge.” Kreacher replied and snapped his long crooked fingers. But apart from those. You read it too. Why not Doug Sheldon? By the way. Harry. thinking about what he said. Kreacher.. I don't want anyone from the Prophet or the Witch Weekly there. and so on. ”Of course. Chaser for the Holyhead Harpies! Of course I'll be nervous every time you play.” Harry asked. Gin. ”Ginny. I guess we'll be murdered if we don't invite Aunt Muriel. Do you want a wedding in Wizarding tradition or does Harry wish some Muggle traditions? It's no hurry.” ”Of course I waited. ”We’re playing this very close to the vest so nobody.

where he met with Draco. Malfoy. Harry left for the Three Broomsticks. ”Either would be fine. Hogwarts or the Burrow.” Draco said as they sat down.” Harry said.” Harry asked. ”Oh.” ”Would you blame them. my family name is tainted. with poor visibility.” Draco concluded. She’s good. you know. but three humiliating hours for Hufflepuff. ”Well?” 178 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” Harry asked.” ”So I take it you have talked to the Minister. ”And the guest list?” she said ”I'd really like all our friends to be there. you were there. I suppose. One of her servants entered her room and she glared at him. ”And I thought that since I had to meet with you here in Hogsmeade. I'll tell her. I have nothing to gain by the Ministry being overthrown. I also suspect they'll keep a close eye on me. It’ll give him another story for the Herald.” Draco asked. let's not waste more of each other’s time.” The weekend meant Quidditch against Hufflepuff. I hope learning about this plot and assisting the Ministry in taking it down will build some trust.” Draco smirked in return. Potter. Ginny's team is by far the best this year. amid cheers and catcalls from the student body.” Harry said. Please tell her I wish her luck with the Harpies. ”I agree. ”All right. a match by whose end Hufflepuff wanted to forget.” Harry nodded. probably a pretty boring desk job without any security clearance. which made it hard for the Seekers. It was the greatest margin of victory in House Cup for decades.harrypotterfanfiction. The match lasted for three hours.” Harry had not really thought about Draco being the one to watch a game of Quidditch for fun. I'm sure we both have things we’d rather be doing right now. Slytherin will probably lose against Gryffindor too.” Draco admitted. ”And yes.harrypotterfanfiction. When Dennis Creevey finally caught the Snitch.” Ginny smiled and cuddled up close to Harry. ”You know. I might as well take in the game beforehand. Hogwarts is bigger and safer. ”We can invite Doug.” ”I expected something like that. ”All right.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. You’ll be offered a job at the Ministry.php?mode=story&o. what happened to the arrogant prat I used to know.” Harry smirked. I can only think of two places... ”Don't push it. ”No. After the match. the final score was an astonishing 540 – 30.com :: 65. ”Yes.” Draco nodded. he engaged her in a short celebratory snog right there in the center of the pitch. ”Nice match today. The weather was horrid. Report to the ministry on Monday. she is good.com/printerfriendly.” ”Me too. Harry felt so amazed by the team effort and so proud of Ginny. Maybe the professors or the Ministry would be willing to provide some stronger wards for the Burrow? Being Harry ruddy Potter must be good for something. Ginny and her Chasers scored a lot.” ”Blimey. The two of them found a quiet table. They shook hands and parted. ”I do love the game. trying to decide whether I'm really on their side. mildly surprised. but there's really no place I love more than the Burrow.

The ones you send out are cannon fodder. ”He's probably trying to decide which side to support for now.harrypotterfanfiction. Let me know when he does.” she continued.” Ginny wasn’t complaining—the workouts were doing him a world of good and they were looking really good on him.” Harry said. Her only real concern was time spent with the team versus time spent with Harry. they have a device called a cannon that shoots exploding projectiles over great distances.com/printerfriendly. There were no big issues left other than merely finalising the agreements and signing off on them.” she said coldly. ”Of course I don't! Do you take me for a fool. Money meant very little to Ginny. I admit it would be good having the Ministry focusing on their own safety. She loved to run her hands over his developing pectoral muscles and tight abdominals. ”The Malfoy boy got a job in the Ministry.” the servant told her. whatever his true intentions are. since Harry was comfortably well-off. There had been less than usual for him to do and the dueling practice he always had with the DA was mostly fun. She considered joining him after the holidays since she was to become a professional athlete. If they don't believe him. cannon fodder.” she snapped.com :: 65. In the middle of the third week. clear of opposition.” ”I know. misinformation or. how are Occlumency and Legilimency developing?” ”Improving. He'll do as any of those. Salary seemed to be the Harpies’ biggest concern. Kingsley visited unannounced to dueling practice to observe their progress..000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. I don't need his loyalty and I don't care if he's a double-agent loyal to the Ministry. The last week before Christmas break. 179 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . negotiations were called to a halt until after Christmas. but we will pull this off anyway. other than the frantic revising Ginny and Hermione had to engage in for their term finals. That way he wasn’t as much of a distraction to her and he could work off some of his ”nervous energy. and since her name had been added to his accounts. ”Harry. in Muggle warfare. it doesn't really matter. you can send out people to draw fire and let your main force defeat the enemy. she was more concerned about just playing the game for the sheer love and fun of it. Ginny began negotiating her contract a couple of weeks before Christmas. When she wasn’t playing or practising. He is a Malfoy and he will ask to meet you. it's good. When Harry wasn’t training the DA. a rather interesting Muggle expression I came across.very good.php?mode=story&o. Harry had never felt more relaxed this close to Christmas. ”That's good.” She thought about her own cleverness for a while and then glared at her servant once again. ”Cannon fodder?” ”Yes. he was training himself while Ginny studied. Harry had been drilling the DA on their reflexes and finally had to resort to using the Room of Requirement as a sort of gymnasium for weight training and tumbling exercises.” Chapter 10: A Very Weasley Chistmas [View Online] [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter] Chapter 10 – A Very Weasley Christmas December passed uneventfully. When you want to hide your true intention. He thinks I'm planning to overthrow the Ministry. He asked to speak with Harry privately.” ”He won't be satisfied meeting our lower-ranking people for long. ”So Malfoy is bait?” ”Bait. I don't intend to give him any vital information.” ”Do you trust him?” he dared ask. ”If I can feed the Ministry false information through him.. she wanted as much time with Harry as she could get.harrypotterfanfiction..

She must have run all the way from our room. baby. ”Don't worry. Harry. I know. It’s just not our credo.” ”How is Draco settling in?” Harry asked. And yes.” ”I know you don’t.harrypotterfanfiction. Was there a new nameless enemy and a plot against the Ministry? Would some supporter of Riddle still be seeking revenge? His thoughts were interrupted by a crashing sound and he spun to his feet in an instant with his wand ready. for Aurors only..” Kingsley said gravely. The text is under a Fidelius Charm. Now the Ministry would teach him how to do it. we work for justice and right.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. and since I’ve told you about it. a true desire and lust to kill can't be countered any other way than with unconditional and selfless love. but not the killing curse. but you can tell them about it. The only way I can see someone survive being hit by the killing curse is a total acceptance of death and unconditional love.” Kingsley looked at Harry almost fatherly. Harry.” Harry grinned. ”You have to mean it. but he had never actually cast the killing curse. I know the concept of using the Unforgivables troubles you. She seemed to relax when she saw Harry. We’ll gladly learn about them.” Harry said with an empty voice. It may come in handy some day. ”Are you all right. he had used two of them. but I had also accepted death. The Department of Mysteries would like you to write a report about your exact feelings and sensations getting hit by the killing curse. There are regulations governing an Auror’s use of them. Kingsley. No complaints from his colleagues. but knowledge. you’ll be able to read it. understanding and practical use of them is required. I'm just finishing a little chat with the Minister. Imperio and Crucio. ”Very well. I'm still trying to decide whether I should be glad or worried. Harry.php?mode=story&o. I don’t think we could hate enough to want to hurt someone that badly.” ”I'll tell them.” Harry said and added with a sad grin. ”Knowledge and understanding I can appreciate. Kingsley nodded. Harry felt a shudder of despair and dislike. Death Eater or not. Here's your manual concerning them. slowly shaking his head. Potter.” ”Well. She put it away and threw herself into Harry's embrace. I don't think there's a right time. performs his tasks perfectly without complaint..com :: 65.” Harry looked at Kingsley and nodded.com/printerfriendly.. ”The Unforgivables. Harry nodded. ”The thing is. and yes. ”But those curses are cast in hatred. afterwards I had a really pounding pain where I got hit. ”I did use them in the war. But we don’t work for vengeance or hate. but we must learn to cast them with the intention to kill.. he's hard-working. and Merlin knows I’ve had them cast at me. ”Maybe this is the wrong time. but feared dying. cause pain. Kingsley. I don't know what the Department of Mysteries can do with that.” ”All three of them?” ”Within very specific regulations all three can be used by Aurors. I don’t like it. that’s something to hope for anyway.harrypotterfanfiction. My mum had the unconditional love.” Kingsley said. Ginny realised she had her wand pointed at him. but on the other hand.” Harry sighed and put his wand away. They want to research the possibility that they might be able to create a counter-curse. actually. Ginny entered the room with her wand raised. That killed her but protected me. He had fought for seven years. It's true my mother's sacrifice still protected me in the forest.” she panted. love. Thank you. and exert control as well. ”I guess you are aware of the next task to work on. ”Of course I am. It's not as bad as it sounds. 180 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . of course.” Harry asked her.” Harry heard Bellatrix’s voice in his mind.” Harry sighed. ”What is it. This is. He felt the same way. but I must insist that you read that section and learn it. but I don’t think you could pay any of us enough to use them.

”Did you tell Kingsley that.. ”I’m sorry. Harry tried to fight back the pain that transferred through their bond into Ginny. Minster. my love. Gin! We just don’t.” Harry said. I know.” she said as her heart broke for 181 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” ”You felt that? And knew I was still here. I don’t like it.com :: 65. It’s all about the rules and regulations concerning controlled use of the Unforgivable curses.” ”It will go no further. and physically.. He thought for a moment and then added.” she asked. Ginny nodded and then realised what just had happened. so I won't keep you away from your lovely fiancée any longer.” Ginny said kissing the corners of his mouth and massaging his chest.” she soothed him. ”You two are amazing.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Harry slammed his fist into his own thigh. ”I'm honoured and I would be happy to. ”I felt despair. Harry.” ”I know.” Harry replied.” Ginny said. Harry felt so many things at once because Ginny had come running top speed to his rescue. mentally. but this was something entirely new. Love.. He just the same as told me that Aurors can use them legally under certain circumstances.. ”Do you think we can learn to know each other's minds all the time. If it’s part of the training program. ”in your unique case I will allow you. ”There's one thing we want to ask you.” ”It is. He gave me this book to read. Harry and Ginny returned to their room talking about the new discovery with their bond.” Ginny didn’t like the sound of it and figured out that that might be the cause of Harry’s despair.” Ginny put one of her warm hands on his cheek. ”I promise. caressing his raven locks. ”Well Harry. She knew he was going to brood tonight and it was going to take all the TLC should could muster to bring him out of it. ”Maybe.” she smiled..” Kingsley smiled. I didn’t mean.harrypotterfanfiction.” ”I love being close to you.” There it was.. we’re finished here anyway. but I’m worried. Gin.I was afraid something horrible had happened.” ”Would you cast the wedding charm for us. to share the knowledge concerning Auror usage of the Unforgivables with Ginny. biting her bottom lip. Harry turned to Kingsley.” Harry asked.” Ginny gave Harry a kiss and whispered something into his ear.. ”Of course I did.. legal or not” Harry’s eyes darkened and began to glisten. ”And that too. We don’t hate. The brood and now the tears. Her chest hurt with the heaviness of it. ”I don’t want my team using them at all.php?mode=story&o. They had never connected to each other at a distance unintentionally before..” Kingsley replied with a wide grin. I already told the DA that those curses are cast in hate. ”I love being close to you too. ”Worried about what. he sent a wave of all of it to her. Gin. ”This business with the Unforgivable curses. That’s what caused you to despair when you were talking to Kingsley.” Harry said. but only under the strictest of confidence..” Harry asked..” Harry snapped.” Harry said just above a whisper and looking deep into Ginny's eyes ”Emotionally. They had ended up with Madame Pomfrey as a result of diving into each other’s minds.” Ginny asked. This isn’t good. ”I'm listening. shaking his head. Harry.. Ginny. She could tell through their bond that he was headed for a first-class brood. Let the frustration out.harrypotterfanfiction. isn’t it?” ”Yeah.” Ginny said.com/printerfriendly. I can take it.from you. ”Don’t hold it back. ”But you can’t let this get to you. ”I'd like that. ”Dammit.

Your love for him and your hatred for Voldemort drove you to want to save him. I know you and I know your heart. ”Now you listen to me. He couldn’t bring himself to look into her loving eyes. you became—for good and all—my Knight in Shining Armor. I’m not sinless. Ginny. maim.” ”Gin. ”Our decision to come with you was just that.you have a conscience.. I know that... because it’s just not who you are. ”Harry. but you couldn’t make it work. It’s part of the ruddy curriculum so there’s nothing for it.. How could he. The anguish you’re going through right now—the anguish that I’m feeling right along with you—tells me that even though you will learn and know those horrible curses inside and out. You are full of their love and bravery and goodness and I love you. And there’s the answer to your dilemma. All that’s left is. Mr Chosen Boy-Who-Lived Harry James Potter! I will never walk away from you. Harry. I hated Bellatrix for what she did to Sirius and Hermione and Neville’s parents. Why is that?” ”Bellatrix said I had to mean it. love. and kill—face such an angel? ”Gin. You are nothing like Bellatrix or Voldemort or bloody Barty Crouch Jr. ”Merlin. son of James and Lily Potter. with the shame he harboured for that hatred coursing through the bond into Ginny. You could have followed school rules and left my fate in the hands of Tom Riddle. and you alone fought off a 60-foot monster to save my life. I hated Amycus Carrow for nearly killing Professor McGonagall in Ravenclaw tower the night of the battle. You can’t perform those curses because you can’t imagine hating that much.php?mode=story&o. while Ron had to babysit Lockhart. ”When you rescued me from the Chamber of Secrets.. I will never be disgusted with you.. You don’t have to like it—hell. look at me. Harry. you were led to believe that Sirius was under torture. tears streaming down her face. You’re going to have to face the Dragon head on and do what you know you have to do. Harry. ”Gin...” ”Exactly.com/printerfriendly. but above all..our 182 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . causing Cedric’s death. You’re just too damned noble—and that’s something I always loved about you.regret. I crucioed him to keep him from killing her and torturing a lot of innocent students…and I felt good about it at the time! I even said that…that Bellatrix was right!” Harry began to sob. I don’t know if I can.” Harry sniffed...and Remus and Tonks.” she said. ”I’m going to look like a hypocrite!” ”No. ”Oh gods. let alone your lives—and came looking for me. Ginny. I couldn’t live. But no! You and my hard-nosed brother broke every bloody rule in the book—risking expulsion. a man about to teach his team to cast Unforgivable curses—curses used to torture. damn near dying in the process. ”That part of your life is over. I. No one with that kind of noble courage could ever cast an Unforgivable curse on another creature. I hated Barty Crouch Jr for turning that damned trophy into a Portkey.” Ginny reasoned.” ”Exactly.” Harry ran his hands frantically through his hair. She was so good.. You’ll have to teach it. I’ll not think less of you for it and neither will they...” Ginny said forcefully. you would never—NEVER—use them!” ”But Gin..” ”Harry. The DA are your friends. They’re all gone and the hate’s gone with them.harrypotterfanfiction..” she said louder.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. You. I hated Wormtail for his betrayal of my parents and the Order and sent Sirius to Azkaban.com :: 65.” Ginny confessed.” he sobbed.” Harry said darkly.” Harry cried into her shoulder. human or otherwise.” Ginny placed her hands on either side of his face and pulled it up so she could look straight into his red and swollen eyes.. look at me. I make mistakes. so kind.. Look at the whole Department of Mysteries fiasco.... ”Torturing yourself isn’t going to make this any easier or make it go away. him again. so loving. emptiness—emptiness that only your love can fill.” ”It always sounds better than it is.” ”Harry.harrypotterfanfiction. my darling Harry. you don’t even have to agree with it. I hated Voldemort for murdering my parents. ”But they’re all gone. I did use. You. You’re not a hypocrite and your friends all know that. Gin! How can anyone mean something like that? I can’t imagine.” ”You tried to use the Cruciatus curse. Gin! How am I going to teach this to them. They know you too well. You are Harry Potter.. Who you are won’t allow you to use those curses. ”I can’t stand the thought of you being so disgusted with me over even knowing how to use those curses that you’ll walk away.

”I’ve packed for you. cutting through the fog.” he laughed and pulled her onto the bed with him. Gin. Teamwork means a lot to him.” Ginny slid off him and set to finalising the packing.harrypotterfanfiction.her office.. I also packed our matching nightshirt and pajama bottoms.” ”It’ll just be long enough to get undressed and into the bed. We went with you because we wanted to—because we knew before you did that you needed us. Then you can hold on to me all night.oh wait..” She sent a gentle burst of love through their bond and kissed his furrowed brow.by Floo. love.” she shouted over the water. Mum ought to get a charge out of that on Christmas morning.. decision. ”Oh okay. ”Rest your head.” she said as he pinned her to himself in his embrace. Just relax and go to sleep.”There was this beautiful redhead with the most glorious chocolate brown eyes. Professor McGonagall has graciously given us leave.” Harry held her in a tight embrace and buried his tear-stained face in her hair. woman.. We’re.” Harry finished between kisses. Neville and Luna were firmly ensconced in the DA and they weren’t going to let you go alone..” ”C’mon then..com :: 65. I couldn’t let you go alone..” Harry protested..” Ginny said with a 183 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . love.” ”All right. They sat there like that for what seemed like hours. Mum’s liable to have kittens if we don’t arrive at the exact moment she expects us. the developing muscles of his chest and torso rippling as he reached for the ceiling while Ginny stood there smirking. ”Especially where your youngest big brother is concerned.” she said softly. it’s not a dream. so I can shower and get dressed. Let’s get ready for bed.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.. ”Harry. my raven boy. ’m up. you tried to talk us all into staying at Hogwarts while you went alone.. reluctantly letting go.from.” There was that voice again. Harry. ”But we don’t have time right now. We’ve both had a very long day.. Ginny helped him undress and they climbed into bed together... He returned her love and wrapped his arm around her waist. we’re going to be late and you know how Hermione hates to be late.harrypotterfanfiction.. Her scent comforted him as she wrapped him in her love. ’M up. ”Now get off me. I kind of thought you might like something a little dressy. ”Harry. ”Flattery will get you everywhere. rubbing his back.. ”Harry. ”I’m afraid. already... That’s right. Ron and Hermione sure as hell weren’t going to let you go alone—you’d been through too much together. ”Harry James Pot. ”I don’t want to let go.com/printerfriendly.” Bollocks. you!” A musical laugh. ”All right now. We mustn’t keep Her Anxiousness waiting.” Harry groaned and rolled over.. great. Besides. wake up.” Harry sniffed again. She’s right here.” Harry and Ginny broke down together and cried until there were no tears left. As I remember it. now.” Harry mumbled. ”Okay.php?mode=story&o. ”Come here. He’s still that scared little boy looking for the platform at King’s Cross Station. Ginny shrieked as he pulled her off balance. Did you pack my black trousers and jacket?” ”Yes. ”Ginny. ”All you need to grab is your kit!” ”What?” Ginny sighed and walked into the bathroom.. ”I said I’ve packed for you and that all you’ll need to grab is your kit.” ”To leave.dream. They were both asleep in a matter of minutes.” Ginny cooed. We’re going to be late and Hermione hates to be late.” Harry finished rinsing his hair.”You spoiled a wonderful dr. I loved you so much then. okay?” ”Okay.. I’m here and I’ll never leave you.” ”I know. giggling. what would I do without you? How could I get through this stuff without you there acting as my conscience and giving me your strength? I love you so much. covered his head with his pillow and mumbled something completely incoherent... a warm touch.just in case. but only minutes had passed.” Harry said with mock disappointment.” Harry sat up and stretched.

cover yourselves!” ”Who knows? She might like what she sees. Miss Weasley. and Hermione made their way to the headmistress’ office.com/printerfriendly. Miss Granger. ”Uh oh. It leapt aside. my. ”Stuff it. Ginny.. collecting herself. We’re running a bit late this morning because waking Harry is like waking the dead.. Your Anxiousness.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. you two! Don’t you think we should be off? We wouldn’t want Molly to drop a litter right in the kitchen.” ”Harry’s just getting dressed.” Molly cried and squeezed the air out of their lungs with bone-shattering hugs. I’ll be ready in a tick. ”You’re not ready yet. Mr Potter. ”Mum’s probably about to have kittens. ”And stop calling him that! Besides. Soon.” The good-natured banter continued as Harry.” Ginny teased. ”Happy Christmas..I was..” Harry said to the gargoyle. I think we’re more than anxious. bouncing on the balls of her feet.php?mode=story&o. Professor.but I wasn’t surly until I had to deal with you two this morning...” Ginny replied. Ginny and Hermione joined the headmistress in a good chuckle at Harry’s expense. ”Shut it. turning off the water.” Professor McGonagall said once they had all come into the office.” Hermione huffed. 184 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” Harry smirked. Hermione knocked on the door. I haven’t seen Ron for more than a week.com :: 65. with Ginny bringing up the rear with the Firebolts. ”It’s about time.” ”Your every wish is my command. you can deal with Molly.not to mention Professor McGonagall. trunks and brooms in hand. ”Oh wait.” The headmistress looked at Harry and smiled. laughing like hyenas when a knock came at the door.Women. I can hear it all now.” Ginny said. I’d suggest you stay right here until he gives the all clear.. ”The Burrow!” ”Welcome dears. Potter. ”Having a lie-in..harrypotterfanfiction.” ”Just come on.” Harry stepped in first with the two trunks and disappeared in a whoosh of green flame.you’re right.” Harry laughed. revealing the steps leading to the office. ”We’re due in Professor McGonagall’s office in fifteen minutes.” Harry warned. she’ll love it..” ”My. ”Harry James Potter and Ginevra Molly Weasley! What do you mean coming down those stairs in that state! For crying out loud. She hasn’t seen Won-Won in over a week.” Hermione called. Someone got up surly this morning... I’ll be right back.” Hermione all but shrieked. Hermione followed with her trunk.harrypotterfanfiction. ”It’s Her Anxiousness.. Harry shot a narrow glance at his fiancée and her best friend. bare-chested and you in an oversized pajama shirt and your knickers. was it. ”A nice dream.er. Harry and Ginny reappeared.. dragging their trunks behind them. so let’s move it.” Hermione said in mock indignation. ”You’re ready to Floo to the Burrow.. ”Me. They were all laughing as they bid the headmistress. Mr Potter?” ”Well..” Ginny smirked. If we’re late.” ”You better get it. wicked grin. ”We’ve got five minutes. ”Oh yeah.” Harry stammered.” Harry launched into a mock impersonisation of his surrogate mother.” Harry laughed.. He’s not wearing anything but a towel and that’s going to have to come off. are you?” ”Yes. ”Tartan. ”Professor?” ”Good morning.” Ginny said with a wicked smile as she turned back toward to bedchamber.” Professor McGonagall giggled uncharacteristically. ”I know I do!” The two of them stood there in the bathroom. ”Hurry up.

000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Halfway to the scones. you see. you know.with Ginny’s permission.. George has been here with Katie.” ”See.. shall I?” ”Nonsense. ”Ronald Weasley. ”Morning..” ”Arthur Weasley. I’ve gotten a bit out of shape. ”I've missed you.” he said and took her in a firm embrace...” Harry said taking her hand and raising it to his lips.” Molly scolded. so I train with the Gryffindors.” ”I know they do. don’t even think about it! All you’d need is to pick up one of those things and pull.something. Arthur welcomed them heartily. ”Some.” Arthur said. giving Ginny and Hermione hugs and shaking Harry's hand before giving him the pat-on-the-back kind of hug men are allowed to give one another.” Ginny snickered under her breath. who had arrived a few hours earlier. Are you putting on weight? A grin stole across Harry’s face as he looked up at Ginny and winked.” she added with an appreciative glint in her eyes.. but this is just some scones with jam and tea. my boy..” ”Enough to feed a starving army. Growl. Mollywobbles? I’ll be fine. Molly. reddening.” she said softly and shyly. mate!” Ron. brunch is ready. Eat first. having heard the noise and Harry’s voice.” Hermione grinned dizzily.” Hermione sighed. He patted his future son-in-law and made to push him down onto a seat at the table. ”Now dears. that would take some time. ”If your brain were as big as your appetite you'd be the smartest wizard in the world. a bit weak in the knees.I could show Arthur how to do it right so he doesn’t hurt himself.” Molly said.” ”Ah yes. Yes. stealing a glance at the woman’s husband. I’ll help you with those—and Hermione’s—after we’ve eaten. and when I’m through. like the one on Christmas Day. flexing a slightly flabby bicep and putting on airs as if he were Mr Universe.. you’re just the smarmiest wizard in the world. what do you reckon? Surely the girlfriend tops some tea and scones. you really look much healthier than I’ve seen you in a long time.” Harry said. Lavender and vanilla.. dear..” ”And he’s working out with the DA—weights and everything. ”Harry. Oh my gods.” Ginny added proudly. but you know. I’ll be fit and fine. ”So I am more important than food. ”Harry. but you love me anyway and. ”Hey you. sir. Ron visits every now and then.harrypotterfanfiction. ”Really! And just what are you doing? I’ve gone a little soft. Tuck in!” ”Mum.. steering Harry back toward the table by the shoulder. but a full dinner.” Ginny protested.php?mode=story&o.” ”I prefer to share that dinner with Ginny.. At this point.er.com/printerfriendly. bounded down the stairs and strode quickly into the kitchen. Harry dragged his and Ginny’s trunks toward the stairs.. and Percy.” Arthur boomed. The trunks can wait... Hermione. son...harrypotterfanfiction.com :: 65. Bill and Fleur of course too. shaking with silent laughter. it's not the same as having you all here together.. that is. ”It's been so empty here. In fact. ”But Harry. The Burrow and everyone in it disappeared as he claimed her lips in a passionate kiss. The others seated at the table buried their faces in their hands. He turned and locked his blue eyes on the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen.. ”Um. sir. ”Thanks. my mum’s flirting.. ”Well. Ron looked at her. ”They do feed us at Hogwarts. dabbing at tear with her apron. when he squeezed the younger man’s shoulder. You have to start off slowly. he stopped. ”I’ll just take these to our room. a little at a time.” Harry stopped talking when thunder seemed to rumble from the staircase.” 185 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Of course.

”Ginny’s been heard to warble a bit herself.. ”I didn’t know you were there! You didn’t say anything.” Arthur said. ”We’ve sold a lot of Carol's Candy. ”I.” He showed them a labyrinth game.. ”May I?” ”Go ahead. Dad.” he confessed looking around the table..com :: 65. Ron can sing. but since Hermione let the Kneazle out of the bag. ”I have absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever. ”Is that so. there were spells that transfigured the ball into a cube and small monsters.. Our first attempts were a disaster. and he has a beautiful voice. ”And I wouldn’t have you any other way.since Kneazles have been escaping bags. giving her a warning leer. ”Uh.php?mode=story&o... And I will have you.” Hermione answered in Ron’s defense. eh Harry?” Harry fixed his gleaming emerald eyes on his fiancée. It’s horrible..com/printerfriendly. ”Yes. just in time to catch her ogling him. In addition.” she smiled wickedly..and every possible moment in between.harrypotterfanfiction. As soon as she swallowed it. like the ones in wizards chess. Ron. your disarming Potter charm.” Harry said.” ”Well.. ”Wow.. ”I had no idea until then. I’d give anything to be able to sing. I’d have had you singing me to sleep. He presented a colorfully-wrapped piece of candy.” Ron handed her a Carol’s Candy and she took it.” ”I don’t settle. women melt when men sing to them. ”It looks like fun..” he continued. still snickering. try one of these out. You’ll just have to settle for my dashing good looks.” Ron groaned. suddenly interested in his surrogate sister. And I like your dashing good looks. He turned to Ginny. ”Ron sings?” ”’Mione. If I’d known that was you.and waking up.. it’s all right. ”Eat one and you can sing a Christmas carol with a remarkable singing voice. It was like the Muggle hand-held game.” ”What’s this.harrypotterfanfiction. ”is one of our top-selling gift items for Christmas. ”This is Carol's Candy. From all I’ve ever heard. ”But since you want to sing so much.” Hermione said pointedly. reaching for the game. Harry. I can’t sing.. though.. Over scones and jam. ”Forget it. but you’re only the smartest witch on the planet..” Hermione interjected. walking two fingers up his arm to his shoulder...” Ron began slyly.” Ron said showing off different sorts. ”And this. no.” Harry asked.” Ginny said. staring at his sister. that was beautiful. ”And it has a anti-cheating 186 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM ..” Ginny said. But the maze changed every now and then in this version. I don’t know what you’re so embarrassed about.” Harry smirked. In the middle of the song the voice died and you sang with your own voice again.” she finished. she began to sing Deck the Halls as though she were born to it..000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Let’s see what you can do with it. son. ”Yes. he does. ”I was sworn to secrecy.” ”Ron.” ”No. Just you wait.” Ron said. Love. It took a while to make them last the entire song.” ”Ginny.” ”It couldn’t have been too bad for you.” Ron replied handing it over. ”So that wasn’t the wireless playing when you were in the shower the other night?” Ginny’s face went crimson. your. ”You have a fine. kissing his cheek. lurked about trying to eat the ball.. coming to her brother’s rescue.” Ron said.” Ron complimented her as he put his arm around the back of her chair. though. Ron told them about the Christmas specials at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. Love..” ”Because I thought it was the wireless. Ronald Bilius Weasley. at which the player rolls a little ball through a maze by tilting the game back and forth.

. but you exit with your clothes transfigured into something much more fun.. If you try to use magic to improve your game a Weasley version of the dungbomb goes off and those little monsters will yell. Harry.. this one wasn’t inspired by. trying to collect himself. coming to Harry’s defense. so when you Floo.” Ginny demanded.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.er.. ”Oh yeah!” Harry was already doubled-up laughing. ”But our real masterpiece is this Funny Floo Powder. ”Neville. Infection. Potter.” He showed them containers of something that looked like Floo powder.com/printerfriendly.” she muttered.affect you.” Ron urged. even though he tried to look innocent..harrypotterfanfiction.” Ron grinned. The tickling effect gives you or your victim the sensation of being mercilessly tickled during the trip. He had managed to trap one in an old wardrobe and hid it in an empty classroom.” Ginny laughed. Then he asked Neville to think about his gran.” Hermione giggled.” Ginny asked.. Hermione had to bury her face in Ron’s shoulder as she shook with mirth.” ”Snape.” ”That’s what I’m afraid of. Remember the Boggart lesson third year. Cheater! at you until you figure out how to reveal the hidden text in the instructions to reset the game.” Molly scolded good-naturedly. I love you too. ”Kingsley’s a good sport and he’s got an infectious laugh. ”Anyway.” Harry began to howl. 187 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .com :: 65.” Harry began. ”So let us in on the joke. ”George's favourite is the spinning effect. yes. ”It's just for harmless pranks.” Harry asked dubiously.” ”Another one is the arse kick effect. ”Go on. ”What. he took us all in there to teach us Riddikulus.” ”Ron. young man.is she that old biddy with the vulture hat and the huge handbag.” Harry asked in mock surprise. ”Thanks. charm on it. ”Oh I don’t know.” Ginny warned. You enter the Floo dressed normally. Neville’s gran. you get a friendly kick in the pants sending you out of the Floo a little quicker than normal. Once out of the Floo. trying to contain himself.. One day.” Ron said. but the funniest by far is the clothes transfiguration effect.” ”That thing will haunt Mr Filch’s every nightmare next term.” Arthur said. you feel quite dizzy. He asked Neville what he was most afraid of. Now. Somebody’s laughter is guaranteed. She could feel his impish nature through their bond. Ron. When you exit the Floo. ”We can always hope. ”Remus was our Defence Against the Dark Arts professor that year and one of the first things he taught us about was Boggarts. ”Go ahead.” Ron asked Harry.” Harry began.” ”So Remus told him that that’s the shape the Boggart would take when it came at him out of the wardrobe. one of several interesting effects might.” ”Don’t even think about it..php?mode=story&o. Remus called on Neville first.” ”Harry could appreciate that one. You add this to real Floo powder. Hermione. Molly.” Harry began to break up again. ”Wait.” Harry replied with mock hurt on his face.” ”Don’t you dare. ”Neville was terrified of Professor Snape. ”Okay.harrypotterfanfiction. ”I was actually thinking about leaving some of that in Kingsley’s Floo powder supply. you know Neville—at least then—so shy and all. ”What does that do. You tell it better...

”No way! Now every time I see that painting in McGonagall’s office. ”Remus opened the wardrobe and. I’d never seen Neville laugh so hard!” Molly began to scream with laughter. ”And..com/printerfriendly.php?mode=story&o.” Arthur said.” She collapsed on Harry’s shoulder. All at once. even though she had begun to giggle a bit at Harry’s mirth as it flowed to her.harrypotterfanfiction.” Arthur cottoned on and joined in the laughter. he’d have tried to pin a medal on Neville just for the glory if it!” Harry broke into fits of laughter again Way to go. I’m going to see. ”Harry. calming..”If one of you adds that to our Floo powder. and cast the charm. Hold your Hippogriffs.” Harry snickered again. ”I’ll bet Remus got a right charge of out that.” she said.” Harry couldn’t find the words. ”Oh. shaking like a leaf on the Whomping Willow. Remus coached him about Riddikulus while the Boggart-Snape came nearer and nearer to Neville.” Ginny proclaimed on Sirius’ behalf. Ron saluted and they broke into new gales of laughter.” Harry choked on the laughter that he had to hold back for a few more seconds. Sirius would want you to remember him as the sly old dog he was. Ron.” Molly said. ”She’d just sent him another wave of the unspoken thing... The laughter had worn them out and they wanted to be alert when the rest of the family arrived. Neville raised his wand. Harry and Ginny set to moving themselves in for the couple of weeks they’d be there and then collapsed on the bed for a quick nap. Harry seemed to notice Molly’s embarrassed gaze. he was so caught up in the gales of laughter issuing from Arthur.” Ginny said. and Hermione.com :: 65.” ”I’ll have to admit I was a little worried there for a moment when Mum mentioned Sirius. you will see what an arse kick effect is really about. I award you the Distinguished Pranksters’ Cross.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.Snape climbed out.” Ginny cried in frustration. ”After our discussion the other night.. You’re going to be all right after all. looking at an equally clueless Ginny.” Molly demanded. ”He did what.” Harry said. Molly?” ”I think Sirius would have enjoyed it immensely.” Harry said. okay...” Harry couldn’t contain himself. giddy with laughter. still chuckling. ”I thought you might break.. wiping tears from his eyes. and Hermione could only nod because they couldn’t breathe for the laughter.. ”I can see it all now—Neville Longbottom. ”He would have loved it! Hell. my love. Molly’s eyes went stern. ”The Boggart-Snape spun around and found itself dressed in Mrs Longbottom’s lacy old dress and that god-awful hat. ”He didn’t. ”I wish I’d thought to hell him about that. ”You handled it beautifully. ”When Neville cast that charm.” he said looking at Ron..” ”I almost did. Oops. ”You mean to tell me that that Boggart looked like Severus Snape in Augusta Longbottom’s clothes?” Harry. Ron. Love..to see..” Harry said. for your meritorious service against foul gits. Neville looked like he was going to faint. ”That’s Augusta Longbottom. tracing circles on Harry’s chest. Then she looked apprehensively at Harry... but twinkling. ”So what happened. ”Let me tell you. ”It always feels good to laugh. I feel like I can begin to let go a bit.harrypotterfanfiction. taking Ginny in his arms. who. ”Okay.” After brunch. but I felt the burst you sent to me and I just. Gods. Arthur and the boys hauled trunks and brooms upstairs and deposited them in their proper rooms. My. 188 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . my raven boy. Once the howls and screams of laughter faded and they’d all collected themselves. the Boggart-Snape spun around..” she said smirking. tell us what’s so funny!” She sent a burst of mild frustration through their bond. by now had tears rolling down his face.” Ginny cried. ”Eh.. ”He did!” Ron and Hermione had fallen all over one another. holding that stupid handbag.

He couldn’t wait until she was finished unpacking. closed the drawer. 189 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. burying his face in her bushy brown hair. Your hair. He crossed over to his dresser and slid open the bottom drawer.” Hermione giggled when they were finally alone in his room.. He looked back at the pile of lace in his hands and then shoved his cotton boxers aside to make room for Hermione’s delicates. He gulped. ”Good old Snuffles.. Sure.. ”You’re all I’ve thought about all week. you loon. I’m sure that when she does everything will explain itself..” Hermione giggled again. All that lifting and carrying has certainly paid off.” he asked.” she whimpered as his hands began to wander. He captured her lips and tongue in a searing kiss. ”I haven't seen you in well over a month!” The others shouted out their greetings. She wanted to store her lacy little knickers with his boxers.” Ron about collapsed on the spot. He pulled his wand from his back pocket and cast an imperturbable charm on his bedroom door. ”Can a girl get settled first?” ”Let me settle you.” he whispered. That’s so hot. Bill raised his hands to silence the din. Damn.. some backslapping. is that... I’ve missed you so much. but let's just wait for Fleur.” ”Take me. since George.. Their passion exploded all around them and the world melted into nothingness. ”Sweet dreams.. ”Uh.com/printerfriendly.” he asked. We have something to tell you all.” he said as he glanced southward.harrypotterfanfiction. your lips. ”’Mione.” Harry said as he pulled her closer for a kiss.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”I love you. ”Prat. ’Mione. He and Fleur were the last to arrive. running her hands across his tight stomach. Ron growled and turned to face her..how did you say it.” ”Ron. crushing her in his arms. your eyes. you. ”I’m yours.right.harrypotterfanfiction. Shortly before dinner.. his sapphire eyes already turning cobalt as he gazed at her greedily. Mum. my ginger god..” Molly cried. ”Bill. holding up several pairs of her knickers.erm.” She wrapped her legs around Ron’s waist as he lifted her lithe body off the floor and deposited her on the bed.” Ron said.” she said cheekily. attacking her eldest son with hugs and kisses. Percy.com :: 65. my only love. some hugging.” A pair of gentle hands wrapped around his waist and a soft cheek nuzzled against his back. the fireplace erupted in a whoosh of green flames as Bill stepped out.” Hermione purred. ”I love you.settle me?” ”Can I help. ”Just let me finish putting my things away and you can.” he growled into her mouth.” she said breaking his reverie. I’ll bet she noticed.” Ron turned around to find Hermione handing him the matching bras and a couple of camisoles.. Wow. your. Ronald Bilius Weasley.php?mode=story&o.” ”I get the picture. ”Here Ron. ”In the bottom drawer with yours.” Less than a minute of total silence later.. too. and Charlie Flooed in at various times throughout the afternoon while their younger siblings napped.” she moaned. ”That's right. ”Where does this go. and stood up straight.settled now. ”’Mione. I must have you.” ”They’re the only dreams I have when I’m in your arms. ”Put these in there with them. ”You drive me mad. Fleur arrived in another whoosh of green flame.. He turned to place the delicate garments into the drawer with the others. ”I’m ready to be.

Harry” Charlie said.” Harry whispered. Molly still didn't understand and a dangerous look set into her eyes. When he finished. Harry looked at George and Ron. Hermione had her eyes on Fleur. hugging her big brother around the waist. as he began to feel the effects of the Firewhiskey. because you’ll never hear it again.” George explained to his family about Carol's Candy. Sis.” Now everyone looked at Fleur and noticed a hint of a expanding belly under her loose dress. The Weasley assemblage broke into a cacophony of cheers and congratulations. his eyes telling them that he could really spill the beans if they didn’t clam up. Bill.” Molly asked Fleur. She banished it to its proper cabinet muttering something about it being the best thing before Arthur became toast-happy and began to invent things to drink to and have them all properly pissed on their first evening together as a family in a very long time. ”Fleur..” Ginny said. Ginny. ”To Bill. ”Ask those two about it. ”And I hope you enjoyed it.” she whispered. He no sooner than swallowed it when he burst into song.” Molly said looking around for the promised explanation. to their new Chaser—Slaínte!” The family returned the toast and they all emptied their glasses. her beautiful face splitting into a toothy smile. The love and laughter of the opening night of the annual Weasley Christmas Celebration continued well into the evening. So now. Without paying attention. That we are. and my first grandchild... Mollywobbles.” ”Thanks. Harry gazed stupidly at Ginny.php?mode=story&o. Charlie played with the Labyrinth game and 190 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . kissing her temple. ”We are truly blessed. He opened it and popped it into his mouth.com :: 65. exhaling the mandatory aaahhh.” Arthur said beaming with pride. ”And you two getting married. he took a piece of candy from a dish that he’d been passed..harrypotterfanfiction. having made himself abundantly clear to at least Ron. ”We have so much to look forward to in 1999! You two becoming parents. you'll be a grandmother in May. Bill looked at his sister.” Bill said. Yes. ”Slaínte!” They all replied and drank.” Harry said.to each other!” Molly sighed happily. you're not. Gorgeous Girl. two toasts were definitely enough. ”We are all very proud of you. ”So.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”Mum. aren’t we. ”Congratulations. ”That we are.” he replied as his wife took the bottle out of his hand. Fleur. ”Zat was amazing.” she replied. Arthur poured another round of Firewhiskey.. ”By the way. Fleur accepted a cold glass of fresh pumpkin juice. ”We were sure zee end of October. singing some Christmas carol he’d never heard before. Molly walked over to her husband and gave him a kiss on the cheek. ”So when did you know. Chaser for the Harpies! I'm so proud of you. except for Ron and George who were literally dying of laughter.. congratulations on your contract. thank you. We know you’ve supported the Harpies since you were small. ”Oui. ”I didn't know you sang.harrypotterfanfiction. but we decided to keep it to ourselves until today so we could tell you all togezzer. realising his mother hadn’t caught on. Pumpkin.com/printerfriendly. Arty.” Fleur said. afterward.” Arthur produced a bottle of Firewhiskey and poured everyone but Fleur a glass. the entire clan stared at him in utter disbelief.” Molly said and turned to Harry and Ginny. I am.

. Sirius and James left for a few hours in the evening 'having urgent business to discuss'. one had given this ring to his bride. We all had lunch together before we left for James' parents’. ’It's a puzzle. It was incredible to learn a little about its history. 'YLMRULIROIEMWALYY?' it said. ”Let's read on. engagement celebration party.” ”25 June 1978 Today we broke the news to our parents. My dad explained to Vernon that James and I are magical people and that is why we showed up the way we did. To open it. I didn't know the ring was that old. Late that night. He shrugged 'If you hadn't learned before the wedding I would have. Harry and Ginny. it had stayed in the family.” George explained. He picked it up and put it on my finger as he kissed me. the Weasley assemblage began to feel the effects of a very long enjoyable day. We Apparated to my parent’s first. thinking I might make some sense of out those blasted letters that way. James was enjoying every minute of my frustration. ”It seems to be pretty much the way he did things.. James Apparated me to a beautiful spot for a picnic. I asked James if he'd ever planned on telling me about it himself.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Harry said. For centuries. and when we told them about the engagement. but Petunia didn't want me to know about it until she could tell me in person.com :: 65. but I’ll try. But no. it always backfired and reduced the whole thing to ashes in an instant. It had a jumble of letters that made no sense on top of it. ”We did have a couple in an earlier version. I looked at James and he told me the ring was an old Potter family heirloom. Lils. I asked what urgent business they had discussed. Harry opened the diary to read the next entry.” Harry said. but this night seemed the perfect night to resume their old ritual.” ”Merlin. he handed me a locked box. decided to read from Lily's diary again..” I told him. It still made no sense to me at all. because when we cast it. Sirius was there too. Sirius-being-my-best-man-party. the letters might rearrange themselves for me.. after lunch. Remus and Peter would probably expect Sirius to be James' best man anyway. I must confess I didn't really like him. Hearing his dad tell me about the ring made my knees shake. sometimes. Both of them totally agreed.' I absolutely love James and I'll treasure this ring every day for the rest of our lives.. To our surprise. I’m engaged to James Potter! I don't know what else to write today. even though I should curse him for letting me work that puzzle for a solid hour.harrypotterfanfiction.. Somewhere along the line of Potter men. ”Your dad really was a prankster. Anyway. 'My stag night. but complained that there were no Dragons. cheering-up-Moony-and-Wormtail-not-being-my-bestman-party. We gave them quite a scare popping into the living room out of nothing. I must remember to ask him where we were. so I told them to shut up. He looked so hopeful. No. boys. Amid stretches and yawns.. Inside was this beautiful ring—a gold ring with a flawless deep green emerald.com/printerfriendly. you must arrange the letters in the proper order. I turned the box around in my hands. I love the way James didn't make a big deal about the ring being this unique heirloom. ”24 June 1978 Today James did it! He proposed! Of course in a very James-esque way. Mr Potter was delighted to see the ring on my finger. Somehow we couldn't combine a fire-resisting spell with all the others. They hadn't read from it for a while. she took Harry’s face in her hands and kissed him passionately. soon became hooked on it. They are such little. the family hugged one another goodnight filtered into their assigned sleeping quarters. but also thought it was a good idea to throw a party. cuddled up in her yet-again enlarged bed. I'm so happy. He couldn't even propose without making a bit of a joke of it. I shook my head. but they kept setting fire to the game.php?mode=story&o. But I could also tell he was dying for me to solve the puzzle. And by the way. As Lily had done. but I knew dad would tell you. ”I’d love to marry you.’ James told me. of course. hoping that if I stared long enough. Petunia was there and she had a boyfriend with her. Of course. 'You gave her my mother's ring I see. When I said that. Her boyfriend is called Vernon Dursley. That probably meant browsing the Firewhiskey assortment at the Three Broomsticks because their collective breath would wake the dead when they returned. the tiny lock clicked and the box opened.. ”It just makes me value you 191 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Mum and dad are overjoyed about our engagement. I can't think of a better way for him to propose. I took his handsome face in my hands and kissed him soundly on the mouth.' he said to James. He let me work it for an hour before I finally got it to 'WILL YOU MARRY ME LILY?' I was dumbstruck. they wanted to know all the details.” Ginny smiled.” Ginny sighed and studied the ring Harry had placed on her finger much the same way his father had placed it on his mother’s. I couldn't begin to express what I felt then and how wearing it makes me feel now. My mum told me they had been together for a couple of months. but I wouldn't have had it any other way. his eyes fixed on Ginny’s.harrypotterfanfiction.' They were both obviously smashed. So I stared at them.

”I know.harrypotterfanfiction. The owner of the Burrow had the right to rent the land for as long as they lived there. Ron seemed to read Harry's mind.” Ron said putting one of his large hands on his friend’s shoulder. ”Making her the richest ever in the Weasley family. Ron gasped when he saw the contents of Harry's vault.” Harry asked in a near-panic. They have always been happy to rent the land for a low price. and since I'm here. and there hasn't been a raise in rent since Fred and George were born.” ”Me too. ”You are disgustingly rich. Harry. ”Hey there.. ”Half of this is Ginny's.” Ginny said. but the glistening in Harry’s eyes and the slight quiver of his bottom lip said it all. since they earned a small percentage of whatever profits they made for him. all the more.” Harry whispered as they kissed each other softly and faded off to sleep. Bloody hell was right. I added her name to the vault. I'm not my mum.” Harry asked. Harry read the deed and the contract.com/printerfriendly. Me too. But I was going to look at my estates today.com :: 65. Ron. ”First stop. but I need to go through all my stuff in the Potter vault. I grew up in a big family. Hermione and Ginny had gone earlier to do some holiday shopping without them. ”I hope so Harry.” Ron grinned. The Potter family owned a lot of land in the Ottery-St Catchpole area. along with the contract my parents signed renting the land. ”Well. ”Of course I'll come with you. love. It was a good business for the goblins too. but you own the land it's on. Maybe seven children is a little more than I imagine for myself. but I do want a couple of children.” Ron asked. All of the Black estates were added too but lay in a different file on a different set of parchments. The next day found Harry and Ron headed for Diagon Alley. and what she writes after giving birth.” Harry told Ron as they walked up the crowded street.” Harry replied. Do you think we'll have a family one day. Read the deed for yourself. swallowing back new tears.harrypotterfanfiction. Arthur and Molly Weasley have been paying rent to me every month and I never knew. All they know is that the owners of the land are a Wizarding family. After our engagement.” Harry replied.” Ron said looking over a parchment. I want to have some idea of exactly what buildings and what land I own. which was fine with the boys because they needed to do the same. but they have always dealt with the goblins.” They started to read through the deeds and contracts covering the Potter family estate. Arthur and Molly Weasley had rented a piece of land and built the Burrow. ”Need more money.php?mode=story&o. You couldn't possibly have known you owned it. ”I'm looking forward to reading about their wedding. but I'd sure appreciate the company.” Ron agreed as they ascended the white stone steps to the bank. And I make more money than I spend. You don't have to come with me if you don’t want to.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.. ”Bloody hell!” ”What is it Ron?” ”Did you know you own the Burrow?” ”What? Don't your parents own it. handing Harry the parchment he’d been reading. Peace had increased business and the goblins invested Harry's money wisely. when Lily finds out she's expecting you.” 192 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Harry's wealth had increased by several percent over the last six months. Gringotts..” ”I love reading this diary. though. brother. the house is theirs. making a tidy profit for him. Harry felt ashamed. ”And I'm sure Mum and Dad don't know either.” ”Me too.” Ron said.. They told us they rent the land. ”No. don't feel bad about it. Before Bill was born. It's a ridiculous amount of money.

and that there had been no oversight. Before Ron was born—right after you and Fred were born. ”What is it. all right. ”Ron. It's time to open presents. ”Well. Ron and Hermione were already up.com :: 65. Once the shock wears off and the tirade is over. Actually. I can’t and I won't accept another Galleon from them.” Ron began to protest.” Molly knew her husband was right. ”Look. To me. ”About the time my grandparents died. what's this all about?” Arthur. my friend. not a little concerned. The continued low rent we’ve paid for this land has really helped us over the years. but I'd like the transfer to occur the moment Mr and Mrs Weasley open the deed. ”Was. And my lips are sealed. as were the elder Weasleys.. ”And Harry.” Harry declared. she in the pajama top and he in the bottoms. I want to do this. I promise.” Ron hugged him like a brother and patted his back.” Ron said.” All of them looked at Harry. there were eleven people in the house this Christmas. They reluctantly got up and headed downstairs to the living room. ”I can't believe you just did that. shaking Harry’s hand. Mr Potter. so we rented it from an unknown Wizarding family. this deed to this land was transferred to Arthur and Molly 193 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . When his daughter and surrogate son appeared at the bottom of the stairs.harrypotterfanfiction. Dad. I want to transfer the deed to this of land to Arthur and Molly Weasley. Arthur rose to pull Molly from the kitchen.harrypotterfanfiction.. Well. Please support me in this because I know there’s going to be a tirade when they open that envelope. Everything is prepared. Harry awoke and received his first present—a very intense snog from and with Ginny.” George asked.. Ginny looked at him. Harry plucked up his Gryffindor courage and handed an envelope to Arthur and Molly. On Christmas Day. I have to.” Ron stared at his friend in amazement.” Charlie said. Ron volunteered to act as distributor. mate. The moment Mr and Mrs Weasley open this envelope. He and Hermione began to sort out gifts as the rest of the Weasley clan joined them. ”Just wait. we won't die if we have breakfast an hour later. He hadn't told her about the discovery at Gringotts. ”Dad. clearly curious and sent a burst of that curiosity through their bond. almost pleading with his friend. George—our rent stopped going up every year. slipped a pair of red shorts on under it to allay her mother’s wrath.” Arthur opened the envelope and read the contents together with his wife. however.you’ve all been so good to me. Anyway. James never had any real chance to deal with family business. Harry and Molly.. it seems Harry is the owner of the land. I didn't know the Potter family owned this land until a few days ago. The conclusion of the deed transfer had been too emotional for both of them. actually. with Hermione as his able assistant. it's time for some changes. ”Weasleys. She had. It’ll be the best Christmas present you could ever give them.” he told her. I feel like I owe it to them. clearly emotional too. I think. We couldn't afford to buy this land. Mr Potter” the goblin said. they’ll be overjoyed.thanks. After the business with the Burrow.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.php?mode=story&o. We’d always dealt with the goblins and never knew who the family was. It's Christmas after all. asking Harry to sign a parchment. neither Harry nor Ron had any more ambition or motivation to read through any more deeds and contracts. Now that I know about this.” ”Certainly. ”There you go. The pile of presents under the tree appeared bigger this year as they splayed out from under it in all directions reaching halfway across the room to the sofa. ”Dearest Molly. Harry..” ”Why not? It's not exactly like I need their rent to survive. ”Just wait and see. By now everyone looked at Arthur.” Harry said. She grabbed him and gave him a hug. The goblins told us everything was in order. They left Gringotts and headed for the shops for Christmas presents.com/printerfriendly. Harry signed it and the goblin performed a series of spells before handing an envelope to Harry. Molly looked at Harry with tears in her eyes and broke into a big smile. ”Mum! Harry's going purple. ”They’ve. ”All right. it’s only right. cleared his throat. After all. the moment you opened that envelope. Once all the presents had been distributed to their rightful owners. the land is irrevocably theirs. but Harry raised his hands to silence him. love. They both looked at one another stunned and read the parchments again. In fact I'd like to return all money they paid me..” Harry said. prising Harry free so he could breathe.” Harry called the Goblin who assisted them. you all know your mother and I built the Burrow as our home. wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

php?mode=story&o. but I've learned one thing becoming part of this family. and you don’t have to answer if you’d rather not.” Molly said.” Arthur asked.” Harry said.us. including Harry and Hermione. Harry received a photo album from Ginny that was filled with pictures of their time together. ”Molly. I don't mean to intrude on your privacy. of course I did. ”And you added Ginny to that vault after you got engaged. but the fact that he was among the wealthiest wizards in Britain was news to them. ”Harry. ”There are no words to describe what that has meant to me over the years.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”A little over thirty million Galleons. who nodded for her to continue. superior. I don't know how to thank you. ”It’s my present to you..” Bill read over the deed and contract. ”Please don't tell anyone.” With that.” ”Harry. Arthur. tore into their individual mountains of gifts. so if you don't want to keep this land. I couldn’t go on accepting rent from you. Arthur gathered Harry up in a bear hug much like one a father would give a son who’d returned after a years-long absence. ”Harry doesn't have to worry about money. ”Yes. clearly embarrassed.” ”And I'm glad your Mum and Dad accepted it before I had to threaten them with paying back every Galleon they ever paid me.com/printerfriendly.com :: 65. ”He inherited both the Potter and the Black vaults. They’d known for a long time that Harry had more money than the Weasley family. I'd have done this ages ago if I had only known. The goblins handle the investments and I learned a few days ago that our wealth has increased by nearly ten percent the last six months.. had shared it all with Ginny was also news to everyone but Bill.” Harry said. If any one of you ever need anything. ”Trying not to think about it. Harry blushed. ”I don't want to appear.” Harry looked at them.harrypotterfanfiction.” Harry replied. don't you have to worry about your finances.harrypotterfanfiction.. ”You don't need to thank me.” Molly asked. but mine and Ginny's vault contain the Potter and Black fortunes. Happy Christmas.. a huge grin stealing across his face.” Everyone gasped at this revelation. Eleven Weasleys. though he didn't know the amount of gold involved.” Ginny said. To tell you the truth we wouldn't have to work if we didn't want to.” Harry explained. She stole a glance at Harry. my family. without a doubt. I'd rather share it with you.” We are not going to become high-class snobs like the Malfoys.” ”Harry. That he.” George asked. and that is that we help one another..” With that. Ginny is negotiating her salary and I'm trying to become an Auror. In fact in a very small way I want you to consider my gift to you as a token of my gratitude for taking me in as a part of your family.. The ownership is already irrevocably transferred. Weasley.” Molly said.. you'll have to sell it and I won't buy it back. wrapping paper flying in all directions and thank yous filling the air. All that’s mine is hers. ”I actually feel a bit awkward having all that gold. George. but just how much money do you have in that vault. ”Harry. but we don’t want to live like that. The family still hadn’t recovered. He explained that they contained a stunning spell and could be thrown at a 194 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Molly had nothing more to say.” Arthur said. the talk about gold was finished and everyone returned to their presents. Besides. ”How do you handle that kind of money. Harry is a millionaire..” ”We absolutely can't accept this Harry. this is a fantastic gift. please don’t hesitate to come to me. and I didn't have to do anything. you don’t have any choice. Hermione received books from everyone for which she was very happy. Ron gave him a set of experimental stunning bombs.

you need to set a date for the wedding. Sure enough. but the big surprise came from Percy.” Harry said slyly. birthdays. but I need to check with Ginny first. and Hermione chipped in together to present Ron with an all-season ticket to the Chudley Cannons matches. 195 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Christmas Day continued with the extended Weasley family enjoying just being together in the same place at the same time. since it was such a rare occurrence. His ”brothers” urged him on. victim. you great prat. George and Charlie sat in the living room over Butterbeers and man-chat. Her hands stole up his chest and around his neck.harrypotterfanfiction. ”It covers everything a family man needs. Ginny stood in the kitchen. ”G’on.” Ginny teased. ”Yes.” Ron grinned.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Something we’ve got to decide. ”I need to plan the stag night. Ginny. who just smiled at her.” ”What’s that.php?mode=story&o. Ron. Firewhiskey odour vanishing spells after a boys’ night out. It covered all kinds of repair spells for a house. He stepped right up in front of her. It was a dinner reservation for one of the finest Muggle restaurants in London. love. of course. put his arms around her and crushed his mouth to hers in a mind-numbing kiss.” Charlie said nudging Harry off the sofa. twining themselves in his messy black hair. ”But there’s something I need to talk to you about. Molly had prepared an unhealthy amount of food that had even Ron waving the white flag of surrender. ”Harry and Ginny. That evening Harry.” Arthur explained. and Kreacher would have all of next term to get the place back in order.harrypotterfanfiction. ”Of course I'll be there to see you lose. ”Got any more like that?” ”I do. ”I wouldn’t miss that for the world. but I’m saving them for later. smell-reducing charms for nappy changes. both of them weak in the knees and dizzy. and even a section covering Upset Wife Reducing spells. please let me know if this interferes with your honeymoon plans. ”I have an idea. saying nothing.” Ron said excitedly.” ”That would be great. She’s waiting. useful for forgotten anniversaries. It might be handy in that Auror training. given them all tickets for the first Harpies match next season. Reluctantly.” Ron said. Harry. ”I also thought about getting all our friends together at Grimmauld Place for New Year. ”Harry. mood-enhancing spells against PMS and other situations an unsuspecting husband may encounter.” The others nodded. their love for one another coursing through their bond. She’s out in the kitchen.” Harry said.com/printerfriendly.” Ginny asked suspiciously. The pompous git maybe felt he had to do something in return after his family forgave him. Ginny had.” Ginny breathed.com :: 65. Harry approached her.” George said with an impish grin. ”I hope this is for two. ”So I expect you to be there when the Harpies humiliate the Cannons next season. He gave everyone a one-week’s stay at a Hotel in Normandy next summer. Harry. nibbling on a biscuit with a glass of milk next to her on the counter.” Ginny saved her present from Harry. pressed her against the counter. Ginny.” Harry grinned. Harry heaved himself off the sofa with a mock groan and pretended to drag himself to the kitchen as though he were going to his execution. Go talk to her.. dazed. Charlie had dragon products for everyone and Molly had knitted scarves and pullovers for the entire family. ”Well then. running his fingers through her fire-red locks. He was speechless. by Epstein Ebenhart.. they came up for air. She opened it last.” George said. ”Wow. Arthur and Molly had given him a book called Household Magic For Every Wizard.” Ginny said looking at Harry. Harry.

weren’t quite ready to go to sleep yet.” Arthur announced. ”Yes. The week until New Year’s passed quickly. On a lark. and they all bade each other ”Sweet Dreams” as they ascended the stairs to bed. once again weak.” ”They'll try to get us pissed and embarrassed us. it does.” ”Ginny. ”Harry Potter. ”Harry. Come here. It was like being truly home. Miss Weasley. only this time he rolled himself over and pinned her to the mattress. and a sweet tribute to them. Molly managed to sit them down and talk about wedding plans. ”I want you now!” Before he knew it. more than once creating utter chaos in the house. Weasleys. you handsome devil. table for two. you did and I’m holding you to your promises. ”All right. ”You know.. ”Love. I want you now.” Ginny replied. engaging her in another all-out Christmas snog-fest.” Harry crushed his lips against hers just as he had done in the kitchen earlier that evening. I love you for that. she had slipped out of her pajama top and had them both stark naked. you know. They Apparated into London and walked the short way to the restaurant.” Ginny nodded. ”To June 24th. ”So.” Ginny giggled and rested her head against his chest. because that's the day I marry Harry!” Christmas Day could hardly have passed on a happier note as the Weasley assemblage drank one more toast.” ”Yeah. having finally set a date for their wedding. and despite her outbursts. slipping the Maître d' a ten-pound note.. Mr Potter. Harry picked her up in his arms and carried her back to the living room where everyone else had gathered. ”You know Ron is planning a Stag night. ”With her. They made love and finished just as Christmas Day passed into Boxing Day.” Ginny sighed. This was the night Harry had planned for Ginny's present. Spent. her arms still wrapped around his neck.harrypotterfanfiction. Potter. Harry set her down carefully and they asked for attention.php?mode=story&o. you are so brilliant. It was exactly the way it should be at the Burrow. ”You’d better make sure you’re free on June 24th. ”That puts you one step ahead of Hermione. they fell asleep once again in one another’s arms. Ron and George were working on new products.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”I don't want to know what Hermione has in mind for my Hen night. hugging her tightly. Harry presented Ginny with a beautiful Muggle evening dress and put on a dressy sports jacket. though completely exhausted after the events of the day.com :: 65. it was like everything happened everywhere constantly.” ”It's perfect. the Maître d' eyed the young couple with suspicion. Molly loved every minute of it. Harry and Ginny had sent out party invitations to all their friends.. Harry and Ginny.” Ginny replied with a smirk. Harry and Ginny felt as though a weight they had no idea they were carrying had been lifted from their shoulders. She loved to listen to his heartbeat. there’s a potion that increases your tolerance for alcohol. you can never tell. I thought June twenty-fourth would be a great date for our wedding.” Ginny said.” Harry answered. dreaming of wedding rings and Sealing charms. after reading the diary the other night. ”Slaínte!” ”Slaínte!” Ten glasses of Firewhiskey and one glass of pumpkin juice disappeared into the Weasleys. no doubt.” Harry said. since it was the date my dad proposed to my mum..” Ginny asked coyly. On December twenty-ninth.” Harry told her cautiously. ”Ah yes. I did promise you those.” Harry laughed.harrypotterfanfiction. Maybe we should brew that one. pulling her closer. doesn’t it? Imagine that.what about those mind-bending kisses you’ve been saving for me. but with so many people at the Burrow. Beautiful. didn’t I.com/printerfriendly. At the entrance. 196 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” ”Never has man been so eager to keep his word to woman.

” he bowed slightly and turned to Ginny.” he said as he set the dish down between them.. ”My own love. the great Harry Potter fined for illegal Apparition.” she said.” He backed away with a wistful smile of his own.” she replied dreamily.” Harry said. it suiteth thee well.. they didn’t notice the other restaurant patrons watching them with wistful smiles on their faces. The dinner was outstanding. a young couple slid closer together in their booth. it was only for thee. The combination of flavours enhanced by the choice of wine made by the sommelier made this dinner unforgettable. raising his glass to hers. fair lady. ”I really need to get my Apparition licence. Thy beauty but enhanceth the ambiance of so plain a setting.” They drank to one another and then. Harry left a generous tip to the staff. Sir Knight. Monsieur.” ”Maybe Percy could help me out.” 197 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . still kissing her hand and gazing into her eyes. ”What would you recommend tonight. ”I so love thee. still gazing into one another’s eyes.. caressing his cheek. and poured some into each of their glasses. They walked together hand-in-hand to the place where they had Apparated.” He showed them a table and helped them get seated. and a middle-aged couple looked on as they felt their love for one another rekindle.” Harry whispered.” Harry said as they made their way to the door. Harry and Ginny fed one another.it’s.” Harry asked. staring deeply into her fiancé’s eyes. dear lady.” Harry replied. I can't bother Kingsley with that. Harry took her in his arms.” Harry decided it was time for courtly speech. and returned the unspoken thing through their bond.” he said as he kissed her hand. the waiter reappeared with the halibut and refilled their wine glasses.harrypotterfanfiction. please follow me. ”Certainment. The sommelier brought their wine. the most beautiful witch in all the land. Harry and Ginny were so locked up in one another’s love.” They nodded in agreement at the suggested menu and the sommelier asked if they had any preferences. An elderly man suddenly took his wife’s hand as it rested on the table. ”We trust your judgment.” Ginny laughed. For in it thou shineth brighter than all the stars together in the heavens. ”I drink to thee.harrypotterfanfiction. my love. Soon. the very beat of my heart which sustaineth me.” ”If I have hung the moon and stars. more than thou couldst ever know and more that I could ever tell thee. ”Good Sir.wow.” she replied as she sent a burst of the unspoken thing through their bond. ”Thank you so much for all of this. ”Your mussels. and turned to Disapparate to the Burrow.. The waiter didn’t want to interrupt this beautiful scene..” Harry whispered again. These lovely young people just made his night. without as second thought. ”Then let the sun be worthy of thine. ”Bon appétit. For only thou art worthy of their glory. ”You know. ”I love thee. ”We have a lovely halibut Bougionne served with pommes château with herbs. For thou completest me. The Maître d' left them and the waiter gave them the menu. Milady. ”Thou takest my very breath away and givest it back with thy love. The Maître d' looked at the guest list and found the Potters. this is.com/printerfriendly.. ”It is thy noble goodness that suiteth me well.com :: 65. Another wave and the sommelier joined them. With a wave of his hand. joined their lips in a tender kiss. thy love is my very breath. my love. ”Harry. ”That would be something. a waiter approached. ”Ah. ”Mademoiselle. a lovely white to accompany the seafood. thou hast hung the moon and the stars on this magical night.” Ginny stammered.php?mode=story&o.” He sent his devotion through their bond and she drew in a breath.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. I can recommend blue mussels boiled in white wine as a starter and our own apple ice cream with cardamom sauce for dessert. too. kissed her.

yes. The Weasley brothers had all accepted the invitation. She's brilliant. ”Sorry. ”I guess I’d better come and watch a game at Hogwarts to learn your playing style.” ”You’ll have one to our wedding too. ”We haven't set a date for our wedding yet.” Ginny said. Last I heard.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. By eight o'clock. but I have no idea about George.” Harry nodded.com/printerfriendly. then. ”She's a feisty one. Oliver grinned and turned to Harry. Harry and Ginny exchanged a surprised look. Harry. Harry had also invited several Hogwarts friends. about thirty people had arrived... despite Molly’s concerns. ”Ginny. which placated Molly. I don't know if either of them wants a relationship. Harry and Ginny continued walking around greeting their guests.” Angelina seemed distracted. It was great having so many friends gathered in his home. I haven't seen some of them for some time.. He was the Keeper for Puddlemere United. ”June 24th.” Harry could see how happy Ginny was and there was nothing Harry liked more than making Ginny happy. of course. ”But you'll get an invitation. ”Is that so.” Harry replied. no problem.” Harry said as he gave her a quick hug.. Harry's original Quidditch team was coming. I loved my present tonight.com :: 65. including Neville and Hannah. but you're of course welcome to come cheer on Gryffindor. ”I'm dead chuffed that all of you from my first Quidditch team could make it. Angelina seemed a little more eager than just avoiding embarrassment.php?mode=story&o. Ron finally got it together with Hermione. ”The Weasley boys are hopeless.” Harry said proudly.” Hannah told them.” Chapter 11: A New Year [View Online] [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter] Chapter 11 – A New Year Ron and Hermione helped Harry and Ginny plan and prepare their New Year’s Eve party at Grimmauld Place.” Angelina said and excused herself..excuse me Harry. ”Ask him tomorrow.” ”Hey. but turned her attention to Harry and Ginny. However there were more guests to greet.” ”I just wanted to know so I don't make an arse of myself when I greet them. including the winning team from his sixth year. ”I think he would love that. though. Almost all of the members of the original DA were coming. they’re just spending time together for the most part. Kreacher was delighted about having so much to do. Thank you for inviting me. ”Angelina! Hi. ”Be sure to come and watch her play.” ”And with good reason. One of the first to approach Harry and Ginny was Oliver Wood.” Ginny said confidently. They were leaving for France the next week. ”I’m glad.” 198 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . kissing her hand.” Ginny said. including all six in Harry's current Auror Training class. I liked your present too.” Oliver replied. ”All you’ll see is the Quaffle passing through your rings. She calmed down quite a bit when she learned that nothing stronger than Butterbeer would be served. casting a look at Harry.harrypotterfanfiction. I guess I'll have to watch out for you next season.” Ginny grinned.harrypotterfanfiction..” Oliver smiled. congratulations making that contract. ”Erm. but are Katie and George a couple?” Harry shrugged.” ”It won't help you. Neville was starting his job at Beauxbatons and Hannah had found a job at a nearby pub. great seeing you.

. ”Go on. ”I need to talk to you. I thought you’d be safe at Hogwarts.” ”You’re a good friend.com/printerfriendly.. so we'll be there.” Neville replied. They gave each other a man-hug.” ”Okay. Harry. Ginny had been good friends with Neville after the Yule ball.. thank you for keeping her safe and.” ”If I’m honest.alive. You saw it. though. I've been meaning to thank you. I. eyes narrowing.. but living in the same dorm for six years had built a firm friendship between Harry and Neville. mostly cuts and bruises. I would have come 199 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . but I’m going to anyway. They went a little easier on the girls. Seamus had his skull cracked at least once.” Harry cut across him.hurting you. Potter. you know. Sometimes. none of us would have survived without her. I believe that she wouldn’t have survived it without you by her side.. She hasn’t told me anything about it and I won’t press her. You saw how we lived in there. ”We'll be back in England for the summer holiday. She did it all for you.. Not my heart and soul.” ”I know. and instructions for spells to fix us all up.” ”Healing? Neville.com :: 65.. She was the one who learned all the healing. what do you mean. but what you’ve done.. and Corner and MacMillan suffered burns and a few broken bones—all kinds of horrible stuff. but I know it’s affected both of you...” ”Um.. though. taking a swig from his Butterbeer.” Neville promised ”Wouldn't miss it for the world!” Both Harry and Ginny considered Neville among their closest friends. Harry.” Harry felt himself beginning to seethe and tried to fight it back.. Keep in touch.sure.harrypotterfanfiction. Ginny and I looked after each other. It was Ginny that kept us going.” ”Harry. ”What can I do for you?” ”It’s not what you can do... You’re a good friend. I just did what I could to help her..harrypotterfanfiction.php?mode=story&o. If I’d have known you were in danger.. too. I. ”I want to thank you for looking after Ginny last year.” ”Neville.” Neville replied. yeah?” ”Absolutely.. a bit confused. I’m listening. but it was especially leading Dumbledore's Army at Hogwarts last year that had formed the kind of friendship in which they could trust one another with their lives. guiding him to a corner. She was the real foundation for that whole thing. Ginny included. but I think we should to leave it here for now. Nev. Harry.. ”Listen Neville..” ”Neville. ”When we weren’t allowed to go to Madame Pomfrey anymore. but I just want to thank you for all you’d done for her. They hadn't seen each other much lately. his brow furrowing.” Harry asked. She’s a tough little lady.” Harry explained.” Harry said. ”Good luck in France. Harry. Nev. thanks for telling me this. bandages.” Harry asked pulling him away from their women. she’d have to bring Madame Pomfrey back with her—sometimes to the common rooms.” ”Harry. herself included.and you’re good for Ginny. He didn’t want Ginny to know he was becoming angry during this party. but usually the Room of Requirement.” Harry began. ”Yeah. but there were times. ”Neville. Ginny would nick up to the hospital wing for potions. Easy..” Neville recalled. Again. ”And I’m not asking you to tell me for her. ”I’m just not sure how to say this. Harry. could I have a word.” Neville said. I know you and Ginny led the resistance against the Carrows and I know some horrible things happened to the both of you. ”I don’t know any specifics. shaking his friend’s hand.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Ginny! My sweet Ginny! What happened to you? I can’t bear the thought of those sick animals touching you.” ”Herself?” Not my Ginny.. What did those bastards do to you? ”There were loads of nasty injuries to a lot of us..

but I'm not interested in George that way. ”I know you and George have spent a lot of time together.” Harry said. Katie walked over to Oliver Wood and he hugged her enthusiastically. Katie. and were free to get up to get more and move around. ”I'm sorry I didn't know. seeing him flirting with Angelina. Kreacher has certainly shined tonight. but on the way back he noticed that George and Angelina had left. K. I'd be happy for him.. Good. but that was months ago. Harry strode across the room where Katie sat. The buffet is in the same league with the Hogwarts feasts. Anyway. Wonderful party. ”Yeah. they cheered each other up with a bit of snogging. thank you for being concerned. she’s having a good time tonight. I want—I need to know what exactly earned you your Order of Merlin. perfect for a social evening. ”George and Katie have never been a couple. but it seems my dear brother is having an even better time.” Harry said.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Ginny. Harry.” ”Are you referring to George pulling Angelina off?” Harry nodded. He was older than me and had left Hogwarts before you started. no evidence. His fists began to unclench and he checked his palms for blood. relieved that she was all right. ”What about Katie. ”She’s the best. and since many hadn't met for a while. sipping her Butterbeer.” Harry said ”Molly said you've been at the Burrow too.php?mode=story&o. and taken you away from there myself. He and Ginny stood and he wrapped his arm around her waist.” Harry said. Katie.com :: 65. you don't have to.harrypotterfanfiction. Sure. You look a bit lonely. He had prepared a variety of courses served buffet-style. But that over there looks serious.” ”Harry. It looked quite romantic. mate. Everyone gathered in the living room as Harry clanged a spoon against his bottle of Butterbeer. baby. Harry. I swear to you that nobody—and I mean NOBODY—will ever hurt you again! Before he could find Ginny and make further rounds. it was a great evening for catching up with old friends. We're just friends who shared some really well-needed snogs. Kreacher had outdone himself. It’s over and she’s safe now. I think I’ll go and catch up with Oliver. George and Angelina sat together in deep conversation. He closed his eyes against the sting of tears forming behind them and took deep cleansing breaths. Almost everyone at the party knew everyone else. I lost a brother too.com/printerfriendly. ”Thanks again for your concern. no questions. ”Having a good time. Harry returned to the sitting room.” Katie assured him.” Her voice trailed off as if caught in a memory. He turned his thoughts to his love for Ginny and the joy of the moment.. Harry found Ginny and before he knew it.” Harry replied.” ”I see Katie over there by herself.” she said as she stood up. Everyone had been able to find a seat to eat..harrypotterfanfiction.” Harry asked him. and Angelina is a great girl.” ”Yes. ”Thanks. It’s been a long time. I just wanted to see that you’re all right. and he's not interested in me that way either. in any case. as long as I live. ”Oh. sending a burst of his love through 200 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . He was killed before the Battle of Hogwarts. ”Hi K.” Harry asked. George has meant a lot to me during this time of mourning and if you worry about me.” Speaking of the best. he had to collect himself.” Harry replied. The clock had long-before chimed ten when Harry finally met Ron again. George will remain one of my closest friends. I’d better see if she's all right. If you’ll excuse me. hello Harry.” Ron said nodding into a room.. you know what? I don’t think I congratulated you and Ginny on your engagement!” ”Thank you. No blood. Thanks for the invitation. getting through our losses in the war. ”Anytime. Easy. ”Oh. it was almost midnight.

harrypotterfanfiction. ”Finite incantatem. Tom Riddle did his best to trash this year for all of us. stop.” Ginny could see Hermione and Fleur approaching from behind Harry.harrypotterfanfiction... it seems like there's sparks from somewhere other than fireworks tonight. ”Happy new year. ”Can't stop. Did that happen tonight. laughing. but Ginny made this year the best so far in my life. Been saving that one up?” ”Since last year.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.. ”As far as I know.” Hermione called. ”I understand.php?mode=story&o. ”10.” she said a little tearfully as he hugged her tightly. ”Thanks Hermione..” Hermione said and Harry breathed deeply. Katie was all right with it too. yeah?” ”Countdown. Harry put down his bottle and wrapped his arms around Ginny. I can't find my wand among these.” Ron called.” ”’Arry! ’'Appy new year. She snuggled into his shoulder.. I can always count on you.” ”Happy new year. seemingly oblivious to the rest of the party.” he murmured into her mouth..” Fleur cried as she kissed Harry on both cheeks..” he said.. clothes. ”Happy new year.. 2. We have company.. holding her tightly in his embrace... ”Well. We’re glad to share this evening with all of our friends. everyone. Hermione. 5. and gave her one of his newly-patented mind-blowing kisses.. 3.. Harry. Harry pushed of Ginny gasping for air. I think. it!” Harry cried as tears flowed down his face. Fleur.. their bond. ”Hold that thought. now standing about two feet tall... hugging one another and clinking their glasses and bottles together. please. Ron came out of the Floo with clothes that looked like Professor Trelawney's and finally Hermione had encountered the shrinking effect. 6. After midnight. ”And there’s a few more left. 201 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . 1998 has been the worst and the best year of our lives. ”Look. 4. We all sure deserve one.. ”Bloody hell.happy new year... and Harry decided to come back after a good night’s sleep to clear the mess.com :: 65. the guests began to leave one by one. Harry exited the Floo laughing madly. it should be enough time for everyone to make sure they have a something in their glasses. Ginny. chuckling. my love. Happy New Year!” The friends began to make the rounds.. Ginny got arse kicked and landed on top of a still laughing Harry... Hermione cast a spell on herself returning to normal size. ”I would ’ug you. Is there someone keeping track of time who can tell me when it's midnight?” ”Two minutes. ”Very funny. He thought the kisses looked rather intense.. 1..” Ron moaned.com/printerfriendly.. but... Someone had added Funny Floo Powder during the party.. ”Well... 9. catching his breath. ”Happy new year.” ”George and Angelina...” Hermione wrapped her arms around her surrogate brother and planted a wet kiss on his cheek. love.” she said with a high-pitched voice reminding of the way someone sounded after inhaling helium.” Harry said..” Ron asked. He told Kreacher to leave it until they returned and they Flooed back to the Burrow. Harry.” Harry replied.” Harry grinned as the others snickered. 8. They could hear fireworks and cheers from celebrants outside in the streets welcoming in 1999. good for him. ”Thank you all for coming tonight to celebrate with us. Harry elbowed Ron in the side.. 7.” Harry noticed George and Angelina were still kissing.” Ron shrugged and put his arm around Hermione. ”Mmm..

Ron. family.” Ron and Hermione yawned and started up the stairs behind them.” Ginny yawned again and laid her head on Harry’s shoulder. They sat at the breakfast table with Bill.com :: 65.. is probably still.” Harry said looking at Ginny with pleading eyes.. Ginny. Arthur and Molly had spent New Year’s Eve with Aunt Muriel.” Molly said looking quite amused.. shoving him. ”Accio.” Ron said.harrypotterfanfiction.” Harry snickered at his friend’s appearance.. It was a rather nice set of robes. O Wise Arse. ”Nobody forced you to get up with me. ”Well.php?mode=story&o. ”Harry new year. thinking about his horribly transfigured robes. Happy new year. but we have work to do at Grimmauld.” Harry dropped down onto the seat next to Ginny and poured a cup of tea for her and then for himself. Harry drew his wand and summoned Ron's wand.. ”Is that a promise?” ”If you so desire it.com/printerfriendly.” Ginny heard the sound of feet tromping down the stairs. Harry snickering into his tea. my love.. ”If you still tired. Ron told them about the Floo Powder incident.” Ginny whined and turned to Harry to kiss him. ”Of course. ”Well. I really shouldn't wear out your wedding dress. Fleur.” Ginny giggled. ”.” ”I can massage it and make it all better. ”But I enjoyed my landing. you invented that stuff.” Hermione said firmly. that’s all.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”Promises.” Ron retorted. Goodnight. Hermione giggled. Bill. Hermione followed at his heels. ”Morning. ”George better tell me how to return my clothes to normal. the way I see it you had it coming.” Ginny yawned.” Harry offered with a wicked Harry-grin. ”Night. go back to bed. It was just a late night and I’m still foggy. Charlie. I just pictured Harry watching Ginny walk up the aisle wearing.. Ron said. remember? It’s trashed and you told Kreacher. ”What do you mean you think? It’s not like you had anything alcoholic to drink last night.. but didn’t elaborate. ”I’m still waking up. Charlie and Percy when Harry and Ginny came down the stairs. Fleur and Percy snickered into their breakfast as they formed a mental picture of their brother in Sybil Trelawney’s loose clothes.” ”Harry. It will be my pleasure. ”He.” Harry replied picking her up off the floor.” she retorted.” ”I know that. Ron looked like a cross-dressing imbecile in Sybil Trelawney’s clothes. Night.I think. rather than a ghastly heap of rags. 202 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”Did you change clothes Ron. promises. Hermione. ”Goodnight. Ron’s wand!” ”I won't help you transfigure your clothes back though.. Molly looked sharply at each one of them..harrypotterfanfiction. yawning and stretching. whatever that was. Arthur said that it hadn’t been optional. you’re a good old soul.. The youngsters of the family blushed and smirked at each other. ”I'm sorry.. She looked up to find Ron just appearing in the doorway and burst into laughter..” They began to climb the stairs to their room. wide-eyed and looking at Harry. ”Where is George anyway” Arthur asked. but here's your wand. so I won't help you. Gin.” she teased.” Prompted by the quizzical looks from his parents and older siblings. Harry. ”Bitten by your own dog!” She began to laugh.” Harry suggested. ”That kick really hurt..

” George said. anything. and we talked. and she was so wonderful. She was at the party last night.” George said dreamily. snapping George out of his daydream.” Hermione said.. Give it a rest.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. yes. ”All right you pack of vultures. ”Well.” Ron asked in surprise. ”Angelina Johnson. you are pathetically in love. No one had seen him like this since Fred's death.. I think we got together like falling in love at first sight.” George asked. Bill shook his head and cleared his throat.” George asked.” George replied with a distant voice as he rose from the table and headed toward the stairs again. ”She was the first one to congratulate me yesterday..php?mode=story&o.” Molly repeated. ”But he can't go on like that for long.. and we talked about Quidditch.. slipping back into his dreamlike state..” Molly asked..com :: 65.. ”Yes. Everyone stared at George in anticipation now.do they?” She sent him a burst of the unspoken thing.” Molly demanded.” George went to the table and sat. I'll do it for you. ”I have seen you in action. dreaming.” George's voice drifted down from the stairwell.” ”You know how to do it. ”Angelina who. and we hugged and by midnight..com/printerfriendly. ”Did you know Angelina means messenger from an angel.” ”I'll do that. ”But for all of our sakes. ”Did someone give him a love potion.” Ginny grinned wickedly.” Molly asked. ”Congratulations brother.and I was too.” Harry whispered. ”If you haven't figured it out by noon.” ”Basically. ”Angelina. ”. of course. Hermione looked at him. They watched his back as he mounted the stairs in a haze.” Ginny said as she leaned into Harry. my love. pull yourself together. 203 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . I am. ”Sadist. I won't help you.” ”It's nothing a good Bat-Bogey hex won't fix. ”And nobody knows that better than you.harrypotterfanfiction. and we looked into each other's eyes. you two.harrypotterfanfiction.” Ron said irritably.. her mouth less than an inch from his ear. of course I do. returning her burst. sounding like a Howler. mate.” she added. ”. Write her a love letter. you want the details. but if you don't shut it and let George tell us about last night. ”All right. George nodded. ”I want to know how to transfigure my new robes back from rags..” Charlie finished for him. and we connected. and we talked about feelings. Some of us are still eating.” Ron said. even though we’ve known each other for years.” ”A girl.” ”WHO.” Percy said glaring at them. Everyone was quiet. ”Yes. ”He did spend the entire evening with Angelina. looking happy. it looked serious.” Harry smirked. ”What about Katie?” ”Katie and I are very good friends. ”He met a girl at the party..” Bill said.

”Well then. George’s mind is at stake. George got that dreamy look for a moment. ”What do I tell her? Everything sounds ridiculous. in trouble.” Harry finished.” Ron said.enough sleep. He’d been working at the Ministry gaining confidence.. ”. You’ve got it bad.. ”Take this to straight to Angelina. ”Psst…Draco!” Draco got up and looked into the fire.” George lamented. He was ever haunted by the defeated look in Narcissa’s eyes during those horrible last months of the war.com/printerfriendly. his dreams punctuated with scenes of his family’s trials before the Wizengamot. All right. ”You're sure of that.” George sealed the letter and handed it shakily to Ron asking him to send it before he changed his mind. He knocked and entered at George’s invitation. his ”wand” snapped. but a little kick from Harry stopped her. ”Leaky Cauldron. I know her. ”Somebody didn’t get.” ”You are so. Ron! You got together with Hermione after all these years.” he said. ”So.” Arthur concluded. They all nodded. Draco thought about the message.php?mode=story&o. There were about twenty parchments lying all over the floor. Ron captured Pig and sent him off. ”This is crap. one hour..000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www..” I will deal with your sister later. George seems to have fallen in love with Angelina Johnson. ”You really lost your heart and fell for her yesterday?” ”I did. ”Deal. He promised himself that he would do everything in his power to restore some degree of honour to his family name and make a life for himself. She'll love it.. holed up in that mausoleum they called a home.. Someone was there. Stupid question..” Ron snickered.” Draco Malfoy slept fitfully.. ”We. ”I got plenty of sleep. it's Angelina. Was it possible at all? Meeting with this representative for the 204 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .harrypotterfanfiction. you know that. I mean.. ”Of course you're sure.” ”So what’s your situation? I mean. for Merlin's sake.. but he was nowhere near having established a good reputation.” Percy retorted. I'll try to help you. I'm lost. I can’t keep her off my mind. He had dutifully promised to look after his mother.” Another hour later George read his letter..harrypotterfanfiction. I called her Chaser girl.” the voice hissed and disappeared. if you tell me how to fix my clothes. ”I tried to rescue you... And now what? Love? Dear? Sweetheart? Help me. ”Yes. brother. Ron heard a grunt from George's room. I saw that snog at midnight. he relived the shame he felt as his father was sentenced to ten years in Azkaban. An hour later. little brother.” Harry said. ”You’re on your own now. but it's unique because it expresses your true feelings for Angelina in a very honest way. Again. you know? I can't even crack a joke about it.” Ginny began a rude comment.com :: 65. ever. ”How did a pathetic know-nothing-about-girls prat like me end up with a goddess like Hermione?” Ron’s belly did a little flip-flop as the taste of Hermione’s kisses blossomed in his head.” George grinned. I’ve never felt like this. let's write your letter. mate. thank you. told each other we've fallen in love.. in a glorious attempt to create a romantic letter with no skill at it at all.” Ron sighed and sat down...” George asked. and how empty her life had become since the trial. you must know what I'm going through. ”That's troubling. even though he’d long ago lost respect for the once-proud Lucius Malfoy.” Ron promised.

His future lay with the Ministry. Tom Riddle had destroyed the family he’d already promised himself he would restore. At the appointed time. Harry was on the lift before long. Kingsley made a show of ascertaining that what he’d just said made some modicum of sense. He knew nothing about this Death Eater. which meant he needed justified motivation to support the Death Eater. Mr Malfoy. "We know that they know what we know. but he hadn’t had much luck so far. He was supposed to be spying on the Death Eaters for the Ministry.” For his part.” ”Yeah? Know what. ”Yes. He considered the facts.” Harry answered. Draco. you count on Draco betraying information to the enemy?” Kingsley looked troubled. and you too. I'm here to give you answers. ”I'm the closest to our leader. ”I’ve had a report from Mr Malfoy yesterday.harrypotterfanfiction. it's good to see you.” the unknown man whispered. Both the Ministry and the Death Eaters are aware of the fact that Mr Malfoy is a double-agent. ”It's a Portkey.” Harry asked trying not to smirk. although he did know a lot about the Ministry. ”Harry. ”Why am I here. ”Kingsley. ”Come.” Draco asked. know what we know. He met with his contact and it appears that it’s quite a situation we’re in. Hold on. He had learned from Percy that his Auror internship granted him access to the Ministry and he didn't have to check in at the Guest Desk. Kingsley invited them to sit down.” he hissed. and the Death Eater would of course expect to get reports from the Ministry.” ”And both sides know that the other side knows that we both. Kingsley and Gawain were already there waiting for him.” After breakfast the day after New Year.” Kingsley said with an air of confidence and then continued without pausing. I'm sorry to ask you to come on such short notice. 205 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . This place will be deserted after our meeting. He didn't have to wait but a few minutes to be shown in. Right. there was no doubt about that. ”That we know Draco is a double-agent with questionable loyalties.” Kingsley greeted him.” Robards replied. Harry received an owl from Kingsley asking him for an instant meeting. Auror Robards. Draco followed him and was given an empty Butterbeer bottle. mentally making sure of his own statement. ”No need trying to find out where we are. Harry Flooed right to the Ministry and hurried through the atrium so quickly that the wizards there hardly had time to notice him. Draco Malfoy entered the Leaky Cauldron and was immediately approached by a hooded man. Kingsley Shacklebolt's administration was gaining strength.” Draco felt the customary tug behind his navel and found himself transported to a cottage in some forest.com :: 65." This time. He decided the best he could do at this point was to pay attention and hope for the best.and possibly stave off a pounding headache.. ”But I must point out that we don't know with absolute certainty that they don't necessarily know anything more than we already know that they know. Harry seriously tried to follow this line of Ministry double-talk. and are using that fact to mislead each other.” Kingsley said. mysterious Death Eater seemed harmless.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.harrypotterfanfiction.. ”Right.” Gawain stated emphatically.php?mode=story&o. ”So. and I suppose we’re all trying to decide how trustworthy he really is. whichever side he chose. ”Potter.com/printerfriendly. He certainly couldn't afford the losing side again. It will activate in a minute. Despite a somewhat strained situation. shaking both their hands. To thine own self be true. He needed to stand to gain more than he’d lost.. heading for Kingsley's office. in fact. it's good to see you. knowing that we know that they don't know who to trust—Draco least of all..

Both sides try to set traps for the other. ”Harry. so use Legilimency to detect lies.harrypotterfanfiction. it's a game of tactics. His heartbeat increased as he continued to kiss Ginny’s neck and shoulders. still trying to decipher what the hell his colleagues were talking about. burying his face in her hair and neck. He must be seen with you. With the Horcruxes. ”We want to make him more interesting to the Death Eaters. almost regretting doing so. I love you.” Kingsley said.” she replied. or even if he has any.harrypotterfanfiction.php?mode=story&o. Harry sent an owl to Draco. Harry. A couple of hours later. Mental. He's brilliant at Wizard's Chess you know. So we try to learn what we can based on the facts.” Gawain told him. He wrote that Kingsley suggested that he'd turn to Draco.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” she purred.. and both sides know that. The official reason you meet is that he is handling some files you need for the DA that you’d planned to get during the holidays. making dead sure you are seen together before you return to Hogwarts. so if you're seen together. This ought to be good.” Kingsley said. Gryffindor’s lion began to awaken deep in Harry’s chest. The intoxicating scent of wildflowers and strawberries filled his senses and set his brain whirling.” Harry asked dubiously. but he couldn’t put his finger on it.” Gawain said. love. but at the very least we want this Death Eater arrested and put to trial. Everyone knows you're not friends. ”I love you.com :: 65. imperturbing it. ”Reviewing Mr Malfoy's memories in a Pensieve convinced us that there is a Death Eater.” Gawain said. we can't be absolutely certain that he does anything for either side. Have I told you lately that I love you?” ”Not in so many words.” ”And the fact is you don't know anything. otherwise you lose. returning his love. that’s nice.com/printerfriendly. I think I will. we don't know. Talk to Ron if you need tactical advice.. observers’ll think there's a good reason. She tilted her head back to allow him better access to her neck and shoulders. because he was port-keyed to a deserted cottage in a forest somewhere for the meeting.” Harry asked. at least he knew what to do. he took her into his arms and pressed her to him. Yet.. running her hands across his chest and around to his back. ”You’re one smart witch. Play your hand in the right moment and you win. He’s free to do anything he wants. ”The problem is we don't know who we’re dealing with. Gin. trying to make it sound as though he followed their line of reasoning. asking to meet with him at the Leaky Cauldron on DA business. ”At least we're certain of that. Mr Malfoy isn't much help.” ”That's right. I'd prefer a straight duel over tactical mind games. I can feel your frustration. Gin.” Harry concluded. and Mr Malfoy just might be a lot more interesting to the enemy. ”Contact him in any way you see fit.” What? Mixed metaphors now? Bloody hell! ”So what do we do. He lingered at her pulse point and then nipped at her throat. There was something really disturbing about this situation. How great the threat might be.. Instinctively. Harry. His thoughts swirling. he’s a Ministry employee.. ”Exactly. this is.” Harry replied thoughtfully. Her moans of pleasure spurred 206 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . If there indeed is a plot against us we must stop it immediately.” she replied. ”We have to remember that Mr Malfoy might be truly working for the enemy. Harry left the Ministry and Flooed back to the Burrow thinking about the best way to contact Malfoy. We don't know where to start searching. ”Mmmm. brushing her lips with his as he sent a burst of the unspoken thing through their bond. Officially. She reached for her wand and flicked it at the door.” Harry nodded.” Harry said softly. ”I know. ”Auror work can sure be strange. ”Any instructions as to how I should handle this. A few hints in a comment from the Ministry. At least being close to Ginny made him feel better. ”Oooh. he received Draco’s reply that they could meet for lunch the next day.” Harry told Ginny.. he is our only lead. ”As no side really knows where Draco's loyalties lie. What a mess! He had to co-operate with Malfoy to uncover a supposedly existing plot against the Ministry. while Harry blinked his eyes in thought.” Gawain smiled nodding his head.

He growled wantonly as he crushed his mouth against hers. they might check it out anyway. Mad waves of the unspoken thing crashed into them like the tides breaking on the shore. She cried out his name as the lion took over the man..” he whispered as he kissed.” Ron summarized Harry's story.. her eyes.they might suspect a trap.... Harry. 207 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . They had already gone dark green with desire.” Harry said hopefully.” Harry growled into her mouth. ”I love you so much. If you meet him a couple of times.. Harry nodded and Ron thought about what Harry had told him. their clothes disappeared and they found themselves naked in their embrace. Harry!” She shot a blast of the unspoken thing through their bond as she teetered on the edge of the abyss and allowed herself to fall. ”He knows you don't trust him. ”Harry. He felt his muscles begin to relax as his body melted into hers.” ”And if it contains a location the Death Eater might check it out. When Harry realised what had happened. But if it's interesting enough. Harry. She clung to him as tears of ecstasy coursed down her face. ”I can’t hold out much longer. How he loved this woman! ”.. tightening her legs’ grip around his waist. You’re always more willing to sacrifice a man to take out a Queen than a Knight. She pulled his face away from her neck and stared into his eyes.” She wanted mind-blowing kisses like the ones he’d first given her in the kitchen at Christmas. ”. so do what you're supposed to do—be polite.” Ginny cried.” she moaned into his sternum. Gin.” Harry said. The real game begins when the Daily Prophet reports about the two of you meeting in public. Ginny. Harry set his hands behind her—one flat against her back and the other full of her thick hair.” she cried. ”Kiss me hard.harrypotterfanfiction. ”Now. he threw her into the mattress and attacked her neck and breasts with renewed ardour.” she whimpered into his shoulder. She needed him desperately. ”I want you. It’s like a game of chess. him on and the lion began to growl. pulling him in deeper. He kissed her gently—her face.php?mode=story&o. you can drop some worthless information later on. ”Now. She’d become addicted to Harry. ”Kiss me. her hair.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. so basically you don't know anything..” he growled again. Suddenly. oh gods. Ginny’s breathing became ragged. If you're right. automatic—so much so that there was no longer any need for conscious thought. ”Ginny. Any awareness of a world outside their room faded away as Harry lost himself in the warmth of her mouth and the heat of the white-hot passion flowing through their bond. Gryffindor’s lion roared his approval as Ginny parted her lips to admit his tongue. She couldn’t get close enough. that Death Eater doesn't trust Malfoy either. Harry. She tore his shirt off him and began to kiss the moist skin of his muscular chest and belly. At the same moment the abyss claimed the love of his life.com :: 65.” He tore his lips from hers and buried them once again in her neck. Say nothing more.. After all these months. The salt-taste of his pheromone-laced sweat drove her wild. That's when you declare that you had Ministry business with Mr Malfoy. my Ginny. but he just couldn’t wrap his head around the wonder of it all. but now that addiction had become an obsession.harrypotterfanfiction. ”I need you. Volcanic fire ripped through her being and across the bridge of their bond into Harry. She was not disappointed. Their rhythm had long-since become natural. Harry stiffened and called out her name as he plunged over the edge. The unspoken thing passed between them in a gentle stream as they basked in the afterglow of their reaffirmation of their love for one another. my love!” Nature took its course and Harry plowed into her with a hissing intake of breath.com/printerfriendly. ”The heat—it’s too much. They’ll be tempted to confirm whatever he reports. He caressed her face and hair as he gazed into her blazing eyes. She had given herself to him over and over. Their breathing became more ragged and laboured as they approached an explosive climax. ”Harry. her now-swollen lips. he still couldn’t believe that this exquisite creature was his completely. She set her hands on his shoulders anticipating the crushing embrace preceding the kiss.” Ron said.. She couldn’t get enough of him.” she moaned. How could you get more reliable information without any trustworthy sources? ”Do you have any ideas? I'm meeting Malfoy tomorrow.

partner. Harry. he’s pretty much good old George again. And I hate to say this. ”I’d really appreciate it. And the fact that his friend might join the DA training had lifted Harry's spirits exponentially. Now it's different. ”That would be either stupid or very smart. There was too much to work out.” Harry explained. neither of them liked the idea of being seen together. and so on. let's get straight to business. I'm not all that special.harrypotterfanfiction. Harry felt buoyant. and you're relying on Muggle devices to get information. it's an honour. Harry. Muggles hide cameras for security purposes in all kinds of places. Mr Potter.harrypotterfanfiction.” Malfoy said. I’ve thought a lot about it. Despite meeting Malfoy. you know. ”Malfoy. Harry Flooed to the Leaky Cauldron..” Ron answered. As soon as he stepped through the fireplace.. Harry ordered a Butterbeer and waited for Malfoy. It's only slightly more tolerable than History of Magic with Professor Binns. ”Et tu. which forms to fill out for different situations.” Harry replied as he reached Tom. internal procedures.com :: 65. ”But what if we don't set a trap?” Harry said. ”Think about it. ”Potter.com/printerfriendly. Five minutes later.php?mode=story&o. ”Now. 208 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . thoroughly frustrated. ”I know. her parents. Both of them exchanged glances. but I think we can work together one on one outside classes.” Ron explained. ”All right. ”I guess Hermione would love it if you stayed at Hogwarts. Harry made his way straight for Tom. and even if he still mourns Fred. but you'll manage.. but I think you'll lose a lot of duels the first weeks. do you think it's too late to get into your DA training program?” ”Well. Ron. Clearly. if Hermione agrees to help you with Ministry orientation that’ll help a lot too. I'll talk to Gawain when I report my meeting with Malfoy. I don't think the Death Eaters would think you'd do that even if they are aware of those cameras.” ”Certainly. George has Angelina. the patrons recognised him immediately. Weasley? You sound like Kingsley and Robards! What the hell is that supposed to mean. It would be easy to confund those Muggles in charge of the recorded information and check it for ourselves.. but if you really wanted to do it. getting together with Hermione. he just smiled. You should consider becoming an Auror. He felt a lot better about this meeting after his discussion with Ron. I'd like a table and lunch for two. It's everything about how it's organized. working the bar.” ”Thanks.” Malfoy sneered. Ron. as usual. You'd have a lot of Occlumency and Legilimency training to catch up with. we can work together outside class to catch you up. George needing help. I’m not keen on this little lunch date. you’re a lucky bastard.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Harry mused.” Harry hinted with a slight grin.” Ron said gratefully. It was a good table to talk without being overheard. but really. Tom served their lunch. Again.” Anytime.” Harry replied. ”Thanks. Malfoy arrived and sat opposite Harry. Fred's death. who was. mate. and we could still help him with ideas for new products. but still very public. ”Hello Tom. Weasley. for most people.” Tom led him to a table by the wall.” Harry promised. ”Thank you. ”Good. The wizards and witches in the tavern kept stealing glances at him. ”Mr Potter. casting a sidelong glance at his friend. ”So the trap is that there is no trap. Ron didn't answer.” Harry suggested.” he heard someone say. By lunchtime the next day.” Harry replied. you'd make it. I couldn't do it after the summer. Harry. as if they couldn't believe that the person they've heard and read about so much was truly real. The shop is doing great.

Harry. You haven't dueled since the battle.” she asked.php?mode=story&o. and they're really good. The office you're working in stores files where the Muggleworthy Excuse team had to assist the Auror Office.” Gawain said. ”I wondered how long he’d hold out. will you help me with all that Ministry stuff. and that we met on official DA business.” ”Right. Gawain. ”Really? Honest? Oh Ron. ”Come in. Harry headed straight for the Ministry and Gawain Robards. ”Well?” ”Mission accomplished. we better practice duel every day until we get back to school. He’ll have a lot to catch up with.” ”Yes. ”What’s all right. this is wonderful. but if he's willing to work hard. ”I love you!” I want you.” With a handshake.” ”That will be so much fun.” Harry nodded and finished his meal. Ron grinned and kissed Hermione soundly as Harry closed the door. Potter. who expected him. In class the DA duel several times per week. I know you will. Gawain has authorized me to get those files and I want you to dig them out of the archive. ”I have loads to catch up on without loads of time to do it in. they parted and left the Leaky Cauldron. ”We’ll be together again at Hogwarts. Harry and Ginny looked on with twinkles in their eyes. ”I'll be at Hogwarts full-time.” ”Ron Weasley wants to join the DA Auror Training Program. Oh. Gawain. the possibilities! ”Ron.harrypotterfanfiction. ”Ron.com :: 65.” she gushed. Gawain said it was all right.” ”Good..” ”Thanks. ”I think our business is finished for now.” he said in answer to Harry’s knock. I have a question for you concerning another matter. but we left before any reporters caught up to us. Once inside the room. ”I'm so happy they accepted you! I missed you so much last semester. he is a most welcome addition. Her eyes opened wide with delight. ”I'm listening.” he told her. Hermione. ”But I'll get you those files.” His sapphire eyes danced as he watched Hermione’s reaction.” Malfoy said ironically.harrypotterfanfiction. We were definitely seen.” 209 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” ”Great work.” ”I'll send an owl when I have them so we can decide how to deliver them. Kingsley can use his influence at the Prophet to make sure there's a small article about your meeting.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.. Potter.” Harry left the ministry and Flooed back to the Burrow.” Harry said.com/printerfriendly.” She threw herself into his arms and planted kisses all over his face.” ”This is a good start. ”If anyone heard us they won't be able to tell the reporters anything other than that there was a polite hostility in our conversation. He.” ”Thanks. He’s eager to get started. Ginny. Ron and Hermione headed to Ron's room. May I accept him?” Robards smiled broadly.” Ginny said excitedly. ”The DA will study Auror Field work among Muggles.” Ron asked hopefully. love. ”I'm joining the DA Auror Training Program.” Harry told him on the way up. I need you.

” she grinned. he’s been up front with us. So far. you can get any job you want.” He told her. The DA is independent of the Ministry and having no affiliation. Since the DA was not part of the Ministry.com :: 65. not really.harrypotterfanfiction. for whatever reason. ”Old Enemies Meet at the Leaky Cauldron Yesterday afternoon. that’s exactly what the Ministry wants. ”I'll apply to work for increased rights for magical creatures.” Harry confirmed. but it’ll cost you. I know it’s hard to believe.com/printerfriendly. and that Mr Potter. Harry. right. he’d improved over a short period of time as his stamina increased. but the surge in his powers and all that practice with the DA last term made him virtually unbeatable. ”Moody’s—er—Crouch’s pet ferret?” ”The same. But only time will tell.. What would bring these two drastically opposed young men together over lunch at the Leaky Cauldron? Upon further inquiry with the Auror Office. even though he’d buffed up with all the heavy lifting he’d done for George at the shop.” Ron said darkly. ”Not exactly.. ”No. money is no object. ”We’re talking about Draco Malfoy—The Platinum Prince of Slytherin. though.” Ron said. Harry wasn’t rusty.. there was nothing strange about them meeting at the Leaky Cauldron.” ”Harry.php?mode=story&o. I'll work on behalf of all magical creatures. out of breath himself. 210 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” Harry encouraged him. he was merely a little rusty and definitely out of shape. though. I'm prepared to negotiate how much snogging you'll have to do. ”Nothing like stating the obvious. ”So. not just house-elves. This cloak-and-wand stuff is pretty dangerous. Ron also dueled at a distinct disadvantage.” ”Yeah. strained as it may be.” Ginny asked. but from all I’ve seen. he’s trying to turn over a new leaf since his dad’s safely tucked up at Azkaban. Draco Malfoy. ”They’re putting up a front for the investigation. have a lunch meeting at the Leaky Cauldron on official DA business. ”Ya think? Ginny. To Ron’s credit. What will you do after graduation Hermione. They’re usually right. but so was I. The morning Prophet had indeed printed a small article about the meeting between Harry and Draco. ”Just go with your instincts. Harry beat him soundly every time. in fact. mate. hoping to keep Malfoy honest and this Death Eater person interested. He even let me use Legilimency on him once to prove he wasn’t hiding anything.’ says Mr Robards. In an ”official” statement. has placed his trust in Mr Malfoy. Head Auror Gawain Robards made this statement: ’Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy did. that Mr Malfoy and Mr Potter have formed a working relationship. handing the paper to Ron. Hermione sighed. Hermione.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” she said. ”You are getting back into shape. ”You know I will. Robards commented that their meeting had to do with the DA.. ”Taking up SPEW again. it is therefore our opinion that there is nothing untoward about them meeting there. disbelieving. Ron and I are becoming Aurors and Ginny is a Chaser on a professional Quidditch team.” Ron replied. He was definitely nervous.” Ginny asked. embracing her again. His reflexes definitely needed work.” Harry and Ron had taken to practice dueling for a couple of hours every day before they returned to Hogwarts.harrypotterfanfiction.” Ginny said. ”In that case.” Harry asked. but it wasn’t for Ron’s lack of skill. We can safely assume. ”I guess the prospect of becoming a guest at that little country club and then avoiding it might’ve adjusted Malfoy’s attitude. but we have to be careful. then.” ”With your grades and your fame. did Draco say or do anything that would make you not want to trust him.” Ron assured her. Harry Potter was seen having lunch with none other than his schooldays arch-nemesis.” Hermione said.

” That’s going to be hell. once again out of breath. Let me think on it for a bit and then you and I can Apparate to London and order it all to be delivered.. special trainers. that’s not a bad idea.what. mate. ”You’re a genius.” Harry replied as his own stomach growled.. dears.” Harry said. ”Great! I’m starved.” ”What? In fact. all done” Ron suggested. boys!” She had to have cast Sonorus for her voice to have reached them that clearly all the way down to the orchard. ”Hey. mate!” Harry and Ron dueled for another hour out in the orchard before lunch.” Ron asked as they trudged toward the kitchen door. so you’ll be in top physical condition in no time. When the weather breaks. yeah? When we first saw her doing it.. ”There you are. ”I could eat a hippogriff!” ”Same here. Ron... ”Now wash up. Stuff exclusive to the DA in Auror Office colors—maroon and gold. bending over with his palms on his slightly bent knees. ”Okay. ”You should be able to catch on pretty quickly. canvas equipment bags.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www..” Ron asked. ”Why not your cousin’s place? Just owl him and tell him to expect the stuff and then we’ll go pick it up. mate. but not easily.. ”Ready for some more?” ”Bring it on. You'll be amazed at how much they’ve learned. Harry demonstrated how Susan’s tumbling manoeuvres greatly improved one’s chances of avoiding a deadly curse allowing for a return volley at the same time. so. ”Yeah? Are the rest of the DA this good too.” Harry said. I think.. But if she did.” Harry exclaimed.. mate. Ginny and Hermione had just started eating when their men came through the door. we can work out outside of class. I might present the DA with an after-Christmas Christmas present. ”Where do you think? The Room of Requirement serves as an excellent gym.” Harry laughed.” ”Exactly. ”I was just thinking.. In fact. we are a team and all. that’s wicked! You say Susan Bones came up with that. ”Where do you work out? Hogwarts doesn’t exactly have a weight room. what. ”Blimey. quickly now! Your 211 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. since we’re all so hell-bent on getting fit and fast.com/printerfriendly.. Ginny even wants to get herself into better shape before she goes off to Holyhead.” Ron said rubbing his now-hardening stomach.harrypotterfanfiction. We ought to be quite fit when we take our exams. ”Lunch. There are Muggle sports shops that sell equipment for athletes—workout clothes. yeah? I mean. yeah?” ”That’s the idea. a shrinking charm. Let’s eat!” Molly was bustling about in the kitchen making sure there was enough food to feed her hungry sons. It’s not really that hard.” ”Oh I get it.bollocks! Where. Like we’re our own sports team.” Ron asked.” Harry suggested. Stunned! I immediately implemented it into our training regimen. Besides. ”Those practicals are brutal!” They were just about to launch into another series of hexes and jinxes when Molly called from the house... That’s the idea. water bottles. As Ron fired spell after spell. ”Impressive. ”I think we need to remember to bring refreshments down here with us when we train—especially something to drink..” Harry replied.php?mode=story&o.” Ron asked. stuff like that. not catching on yet. We also do weight training. a rucksack. ”I usually beat them.com :: 65. though.” she scolded good-naturedly.” Ron gasped. we can run laps around the Quidditch pitch before breakfast.harrypotterfanfiction. they heard her in London. too. we were stunned. ”I was thinking that maybe. I was just about to send out a search party for you two..

.. my girl. ”Harry.” Ron muttered to Harry.” she replied and began to snicker. if you’re sure. lunch is ready. inst. I will get you for this.” Harry repeated. ”She wouldn’t do that if Dad was here.. instant. He didn’t want to stand up unless he had to. Molly had made them all some hot chocolate.. James.” Ginny giggled. ”I’ll get you for this.. giving her a chance to catch her breath. Ron had just reached for a fifth sandwich when his best mate began to take revenge on his snot of a sister. Potter!” ”Hmmm. ”And speaking of growing boys. not in front of them!” Ron and Harry blushed crimson as Molly.. finally cottoning on. ”You’re in big trouble.” ”Is that so.” Harry teased as he tickled her. ”Yeah. but let’s not go overboard.” Molly said in her youngest son’s defense. since they’d been out training in the cold. P-potter.” he said calmly and let her breathe again. Molly smiled knowingly as she smirked privately at her daughter.” Harry asked..com :: 65. Ginny.. ”All right then.. mister! 212 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Ginny..000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.harrypotterfanfiction.. and Ginny had a good laugh at their expense. ”Molly. Great idea.. He returned to his lunch.” she cried trying to fight him off.” He resumed his attack on her ribs and belly. ”Yes! Yes! Anything.” his sister teased. Harry dear. She waved her wand over the pot. ”Do you give. Hermione. ”He’s a growing boy!” Hermione looked over at the ginger-haired man seated next to her..” she said determinedly.” ”Enough. he is growing isn’t he..” She cast an appreciative look at Harry. this is fantastic! Hot chocolate never tasted so good. Help yourself.” ”Okay. ”Gods. ”I’ll get you for this. ”Feckless hens. ”Do you give?” ”Never!” ”Well..” ”Erm. ”Then I shall be on my guard. ”Harry! Stop! I can’t breathe.” Harry grumbled. that’s odd..com/printerfriendly.” he said.php?mode=story&o. Harry James Potter. stole a look at Harry’s lap and fell over in fits of laughter..” Harry countered.. ”Hermione.. this.” Ron agreed as he shoved a third sandwich into his mouth. Harry sighed contentedly as the smooth chocolate slid down his throat. I’ve been doing some reading and I have a big surprise for you. just please stop. At his fiancée’s silent appreciation of his body. J-jame. Forget I said anything. ”At least. ”Just look at those. ”Sadist. you two.Molly? Is there any more hot chocolate in that pot.harrypotterfanfiction. Our men are quite handsome. ”Yes.” Molly chided them.” Ginny protested amid screams of laughter. ”Oh leave him be.” Ron and Harry washed their hands and splashed water on their sweating faces before they returned to the table. ”So you thought you had me. Mum..” Harry grabbed her and began to tickle her mercilessly. have you noticed.. is that right.. Ron! Are you eating those sandwiches or inhaling them.” she begged. It seems to me that the one in trouble is a certain beautiful redhead screaming for mercy. stop it.” she said silkily. the lion began to stir. ”Of course.” Ginny teased.... okay. Hermione and Molly held each other as they howled..

I'll manage.” George said. ”Uh..” Molly said.” ”Yeah.harrypotterfanfiction. I’m just beginning to understand what it feels like to have someone in your head.” Harry complimented Ron..” George asked. aren’t you. I. little bro. but over those last days at the Burrow before the new term began. relaxing a little. Ron. ”All right. And this way I can offer your job to Angelina. You’re getting better.. But I don’t want you to think I’m abandoning you or. His prowess at the game honed his tactical skills to a fine point.” Harry said. no worries.” ”Again. What’s on your mind?” George thought he knew what his younger brother was going to say. ”Sit. ”Sure. Looks like I’ll be bulking up now. making it more and more difficult for Harry to break through. you should be able to shut me out completely. Hermione would work with Ron on the theoretical and manual-related material after supper each night. brother.. but he had scanned Malfoy's mind under consent. Molly had asked them to help her with supper. He’d often watched as he trained with Harry in the orchard and he knew he’d been studying something with Hermione after supper every night. When they weren’t dueling.” Ron asked. It’s like having a little snake wiggling through your brain. The last day at the Burrow found Harry. ”Creepy as that sounds.” Ginny and Hermione arose and began to clear the table and wash up. children.” ”No worries. ”I do hope you plan on helping her with the stocking chores. they can tell them what to look for. Harry had lately tried only to break into the minds of DA members.” Ron observed. Ever since Harry and the girls came home for Christmas break. It’s what we’ve wanted to do since fifth year when Umbridge told Harry he’d never make it. and Hermione packing their trunks for their last term at 213 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . and Hemione’s been helping me study the theory every night after supper. but the real motivation was to keep the girls from distracting Harry and Ron while they worked to catch Ron up the best they could before the beginning of term. ”I have to. ”Simple. If they teach someone else.” George asked with a slight grin. ”I saw this coming. telling him why he was leaving his job at the shop. you’ve all but interrogated him about the DA class. we met. I’m quitting.” ”You’re really keen on this.. Let’s clear away so Harry and Ron can get back to work. you know.” Ron asked. mate.php?mode=story&o.. Ron knocked on his brother’s bedroom door. ”Erm. He noticed how much easier it was to enter Ron's mind than those of the members of the DA. Harry had begun to teach Ron Occlumency. I guess. ”With a little more practice. Ron had begun to get the hang of it.. He’s the Head Auror at the Ministry. ”You’re right.” Ron grinned.. well.” George smiled.” ”Yeah? How’d you know. uh.harrypotterfanfiction. Ron had a talk with George. Harry also guessed that Hermione inspired Ron to become more organised during their study periods after supper. you’re going back to Hogwarts then. ”She wrote back.. but Harry’s been training with me in the orchard every morning. ”I’m a bit behind.” George said. Harry worked it out with Gawain Robards. wiping her eyes with her apron. I want to be an Auror like Harry. ”Good job.” George laughed. that’s about the best description of the sensation I’ve heard yet.” he said nervously. You made me work for it this time. That’s when we both decided that’s what we wanted to do.” Ron’s skill at Wizard's Chess came in handy.” ”So.” Ron replied. ”She’s a bit smaller than me.” ”Speaking of Angelina.. whatever happened after you wrote that letter. ”You’re joining the DA trainees?” ”Yeah.” Ron asked.George? Could I have a word.com/printerfriendly.. ”You need to bring that up to the rest of the DA in class. George. Harry knew his friend’s sharp wit would be invaluable in planning raids and executing manoeuvres... Ginny.com :: 65.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.. and we're together now.

It’s our wedding after all.” Harry asked ironically. the Imperius curse was authorized for use only as a planned part of an operation.. he came across the manual on the legal use of Unforgivable curses by an Auror. ”Did she have the list.. Harry didn't like that he had to learn to cast them and then teach the DA to do so as well.” The next name on the list was Dudley Dursley. No answer..uh. ”I’ll be Hermione still has it.” Ginny added. ”And here is a long list of suggestions for the feast. don’t you. It was recommended that the use of Unforgivable must include at least two Aurors. reddening..com :: 65.” Ginny said as she sprinted up the stairs to Ron’s door..” Ginny agreed. She knew he was torn between mercy and justice. ”Is she going to invite them?” ”I think she put them on the list for us to consider.” There was no doubt that Molly was going to give them a grand wedding. so he sat down to read it. Realising what was happening. ”You never know anything for certain with aunt Muriel. ”They.harrypotterfanfiction. she crept away from the door and back down the stairs.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Please look at it.but they treated me worse than a house-elf. I think the guest list from the New Year’s party sums it up rather nicely.. ”Well. What do you think about it. ”What about our friends?” ”Well. Hogwarts. I don’t know yet.. She's quite good at being rude and mean to everyone. Still..well. ”All right. ”Oh..oh.I guess we’ll have to just add names and check them against Hermione’s list after supper. Kingsley had told him it wasn't as bad as he thought. should there be any doubt as to the propriety of the use of an Unforgivable.php?mode=story&o.com/printerfriendly. She knocked.” Molly said. All Aurors involved had to agree to having their memories scrutinised in a Pensieve or submit to questioning under Veritaserum. ”Uh.. Finally..uh.harrypotterfanfiction.. She knocked again. His turmoil coursed through their bond. because that person would not be responsible for his or her own actions.” Harry asked.. While he was emptying his dresser drawers. This was important because Imperiused persons could not be held over for trial for their actions under an Imperius cast by Aurors. ”I guess that’s it for family.” Harry said.” ”Pretty much.. He was interrupted by Molly who demanded his and Ginny's presence in the kitchen immediately. but you must add your friends. Harry read the guest list and stopped at Vernon and Petunia Dursley. We don’t hate. They probably won't come anyway. rolling her eyes.” Ginny asked him.” 214 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” Harry was about to get up and go see for himself when dawn broke over his horizon once again. I guess the proper thing is to invite them. Veritaserum could be administered or the Cruciatus curse could be implemented.” Harry said. ”But isn't it a good thing that the famous Quidditch star marries the famous Chosen One. I’ll be right back.. they are my aunt and uncle.. The killing curse could be used as a last resort against a criminal in order to save innocent lives.and Penny. This meant the Head of the Auror Office had to approve the use of Imperius curse beforehand and had to be aware of what the Auror intended to coerce the Imperiused person to do. No answer..” she replied. ”I actually want to invite him. ”And we have to invite Aunt Muriel. It was never to be used in a duel under any circumstances. If lives depended on getting immediate information. and she probably wanted to make up for Bill's and Fleur's interrupted one.” Harry asked. Here is the guest list for the wedding. I don’t want this for my team.. The Cruciatus curse could be used very much under the same pretenses as Veritaserum.didn’t answer the door when I knocked. He had completely forgotten about it.. but Harry couldn’t imagine how casting an Unforgivable curse couldn’t be as bad as he knew.

Kreacher..” Harry said. As if no time had passed at all. Would you like to come. dears. Molly had included all of their favourite foods on the list.” The House-elf disappeared with a crack! Since it was her last chance to stuff her children before they returned to school. House-elves are efficient little creatures. the old clock struck ten.” Harry said with a worried look. this is going to be a big job.” 215 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” ”It’s settled then. her eyes especially falling on Ron and Harry. Mum. Mas—Harry. Molly and Arthur had repaired to the living room where they listened to the wireless while Molly knitted baby things for their unborn grandchild.” Molly sighed and looked at them. invite. ”Here it is.. You’ve got a long day ahead of you tomorrow.harrypotterfanfiction. including as many of their favorite foods as the old scrubbed oak table could hold.” Molly admitted." Molly asked him kindly. Crack! ”Yes Mas—Harry. Goodnight." Harry said. Whichever you prefer.Kreacher is glad to assist Madame Weasley in any way he can. ”Kreacher shall return home. She couldn’t be prouder. ”Nonsense.” ”At least let Kreacher help then. Ginny asked Hermione for her guest list from the party so they could finalise the one for the wedding. You may return to Grimmauld Place or join us at Hogwarts. Her two youngest boys were training to become Aurors—the elite of the Ministry’s Law Enforcement Division. She and Harry sat at the table and made whatever adjustments needed to be made while Hermione and Ron studied Ministry infrastructure. ”Molly..” he said with a huge elf-grin.. You called Kreacher?” ”Yes. ”Bed. presumably with Angelina and wouldn’t be home until late.” Harry told him. I suppose you’re right.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. I want to do this. ”It’s all ready to go. are you sure about this? There’ve got to be two-hundred-fifty people on that list at least... ”Kreacher is honoured to serve. Kreacher. He’ll feel bad if he isn’t included in the preparations. "And I would also like to ask you to assist Molly with the preparations.” Harry called. Perusing Molly’s suggestions for the menu turned out to be lot more fun. Harry.. I did.” ”Very well. bowing. are you really going to be able to pull this off? It's a huge undertaking. that’s for sure. all right.. ” he said with his house-elf smile. After supper.” Ginny said.” he said. you answer her. Ginny and I want to invite you to the wedding. "This wizard does. George had gone out for the evening..php?mode=story&o. Listen. she prepared a veritable feast for supper that night. ”Kreacher.com/printerfriendly. when Madame Weasley calls.” Molly called from the living room. Would you mind helping me with the preparations.” ”Molly.Wizards doesn't invite house-elves. ”Kreacher will answer. I could use his help. Once they’d added their friends’ names to the list.com :: 65. ”All right. they realised it was shaping up to be a big event.” Hermione and Ron closed their books and Harry and Ginny handed Molly their finalised guest list. old friend." "Kreacher. She dabbed at her eyes with her napkin throughout the entire meal.or more worried. ”Thanks. ”All right.” Harry asked the old elf. ”Kreacher looked at Harry.harrypotterfanfiction.. ”Madame Weasley has only to ask. "Kreacher is honoured to attend.

I’m a bloke. Payback is a bitch. ”Goodnight.” ”Yeah. She took her wand in hand once again.harrypotterfanfiction.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Then she turned it on Harry. Potter. ”Harry.” ”Uh oh.” ”Well. She could still feel a little bit of conflict through their bond. That way.” Harry sighed. Harry. I’m always feeling a bit randy. She began to run her hands over Harry’s chest and belly as she moved further south with her kisses. ”I’m sure Kreacher and I will manage just fine. Ginny lay her head on Harry’s bare chest and listened to his heartbeat.” ”What’s bothering you?” ”Why do you think something’s bothering me?” ”I can feel it.” ”But you’re my conscience and I certainly don’t want to keep you at bay. Harry and Ginny undressed and climbed into bed to cuddle a bit before they went to sleep. but I still don’t want my team to resort to it.. That simple. ”Good girl.” Ginny sighed. remember?” ”This is true. you know.” ”Come on. keeping your conscience at bay.” Invisible bonds held Harry immobile.” Molly replied patting his cheek.” ”And.” ”Is it that obvious?” ”I’m afraid so. She drew her wand and imperturbed the bedroom door. 216 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .php?mode=story&o. ”Gin.com/printerfriendly. Gin. Why do I feel like I’m in trouble?” ”Because you are.there are some pretty strict rules and guidelines that go with using them...com :: 65..” ”Gin.” Harry said with his Harry-grin. what are you doing?” ”You’ll see. You know what? I owe you for lunchtime the other day... There’s no point in arguing. but you’re feeling a bit randy.” ”Night. The conflict is gone.oh. ”Incarcerus. I could feel it while we were working on the guest list. Love.” ”What manual. ”You’re feeling better. you satisfy the training requirements and still maintain control of your team.” she purred as she began to kiss him from his lips to his chin and around his throat.” ”So you learn them and then forbid them to use them. Love.. ”I found that manual today while I was packing.. I read it. ”Don’t you worry about a thing.” ”Yeah. dear.” they all chimed in chorus as they disappeared into their respective rooms. shepherding them toward the stairs behind Ron and Hermione. That manual. ”Evanesca!” He was naked and at her mercy.” Molly said.harrypotterfanfiction... too. That manual. pulling him toward the stairs.

He thought a lot about the plot and the mysterious Death Eater. displaying outstanding leadership qualities. She glared at her servant. However. he was important to causing the Ministry to focus on the wrong objective. Potter was too well-protected to Imperius someone close to him. Ask Malfoy for details about his meeting with Potter. That meant she had to play along with Malfoy. and it seemed nothing rattled her. Terry had made great strides with the theoretical subjects. Yes. Potter spent a lot of time with the Aurors.B. just like old times. he was expendable. or is it a possibility. she had found the emotional control needed to train with focus. Lavender was still girly. Seamus had learned so much control—he had become much more focused and less cocky. thinking about a small notice about Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter meeting at The Leaky Cauldron. Lavender.com/printerfriendly. ”Yes. Yes. because he had been living alone in the Gryffindor DA boys' dorm. Harry had promised to visit them later on.com :: 65. ”I thought those two hated each other. but very dangerous if underestimated. Harry felt loads better now that Ron was back at Hogwarts. the best thing he could do was to wait for Draco to find those reports.. They would notice. Cho was the one who’d come the farthest since the program began.php?mode=story&o.” she mumbled mostly to herself. but don't make him any promises. It had taken a long time for her to recover from her wartime injuries. but he had really become quite good at dueling too. like an arm. Is it something to catch our attention and a ministry trap. and that filthy Mudblood Granger girl was too intelligent to miss even the tiniest detail. Weasley than a certain H.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. She was among the 217 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. but apart from that. she couldn't deny that Malfoy might serve another purpose if he had access to Harry Potter. the DA gathered around Harry. Potter was the one she wanted to hurt more than anyone else. they shared that dorm again. ”We can't risk doing anything hasty. The longer the Ministry thought she was planning to take over the Ministry of Magic. With Ron back. Everything depended on her true goal being kept secret. Once she was finally able to come to terms with Cedric Diggory’s death. Harry stared out the window from his and Ginny's room at Hogwarts.” her servant said. being a Ravenclaw. Following the Beginning of Term feast.harrypotterfanfiction.” she ordered. much of it owing to the expert tumbling skills she had been able to implement into her duelling style. His absence last term left Harry often feeling as though a part of him was missing. and work harder with DA. this is troubling. such a girly-girl. Susan was a very down-to-earth girl. At this point. She was one of the best at Occlumency and her fighting skills had improved a lot. Chapter 12: Silence Is Golden [View Online] [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter] Chapter 12 – Silence Is Golden She read the Daily Prophet. Granger. But no one was happier with the return of R. Ginny and Hermione included. Anthony had proven why he’d been a good prefect. so any knowledge she might glean about him might help to make his suffering greater. who beamed with happiness almost constantly. On the other hand.J. Despite a warm fire he felt chilly. Of all the people she knew who had contact with Harry Potter. Terry still needed to focus. was now so different from the ditzy blonde who had constantly wrapped herself around Ron in their sixth year. Malfoy was the only one who ever expressed sharing Death Eater values. the better. Hogwarts just wasn’t Hogwarts without Ron Weasley. Auror work demanded a lot more than skill at duel. Seamus had been happy too. but she was a seasoned veteran now.harrypotterfanfiction. as Harry took stock of his team.

I didn't know that. ”And just between you lot and me. Finally Ron. especially after the discussion we had about the Cruciatus and killing curses last term. ”Merlin.” Ginny looked at Seamus.. ”Yes. and eventually.. Both Harry and Ron tried to hide. Ron was his best mate. ”Now.strictly verboten! This team does not operate like that. ”Madame Pomfrey would have to brew something stronger than Skele-Gro to put you back together. I expect she’ll give it to me tomorrow so I can give you your teaching assignments. I missed dueling practice. ”And it will be so much better with Ron living here.” Ginny said. no one had faced more dark arts than Ron.” Harry added.” Ginny said accepting the smarmy Irishman’s challenge.” Lavender agreed. ”It looks like a smaller version of our old dorm. Harry looked at Seamus and shook his head in warning. Harry. I don’t like it either. seeing the fire in Ginny's eyes.” Harry explained. too. we’re done for tonight. Seamus..harrypotterfanfiction.” There was an uncomfortable silence.harrypotterfanfiction. his best friend. ”You’re the only one who ever has. but additional dorms or classrooms can always be added. The basic layout of the castle can't be changed.” Harry said. ”If you could convince Ginny. The upside is that there are very strict rules as to their use and strong repercussions for not adhering to those rules. But there are circumstances in which an Auror is authorized to use the Unforgivables.” Anthony said. ”It's so good to be back at Hogwarts. the familiar impish twinkle in his eyes. ”Did they somehow add the dorm this year. had anything to say about it. but he was also a seasoned veteran.php?mode=story&o.. All of them had seen. but added strength to the group. ”We’ll continue dueling as usual. that’s probably true. Harry.” ”What. we still have to learn them. ”No.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. but there's a lot more to cover in the Field Manual..” Seamus challenged. We’ll begin with a special section covering the Unforgivables.as the Germans would say. ”The rules are very strict.” With that the informal meeting ended. However. Finnegan. her spells were powerful because of her strong emotion. looking flattered rather than intimidated by Ron's remark. ”Me too. Cho looked around and smiled. if anyone has no further questions. ”So do you think you could defeat an almost-Auror in a duel.” she said.. It’s part of the training curriculum and we’re stuck with it. the Unforgivables in use and knew perfectly well why they were classified as Unforgivable curses. ’Mione love. half-joking.” she explained. His size alone was intimidating.” Ginny asked. or observations. ”We resume training tomorrow morning. In fact.” Hermione asked with a sigh. Haven’t you read Hogwarts: A History. on my team they are. ”I don't have a lesson tomorrow morning. I know. To voluntarily place oneself at the receiving end of any 218 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”One more thing: I think Professor McGonagall has our teaching schedule for Defence Against the Dark Arts. Ginny and Hermione joined Ron and Seamus in their dorm.. comments.” Ron said patting her hand.” Harry told them. was still a bit out of shape. I’d rather not use them at all. You sure you don't want to join us.com :: 65.” Harry said. I could join the DA class and wipe the floor with you if you like. half-serious.. ”Which I can guarantee you won’t.” Harry said ironically. he would become his partner if he. best in both Legilimency and Occlumency and in a duel. changing the subject. many been targets of. Harry. Bollocks.” ”Judging by you lot. shaking his head. Harry trusted him more than any other in the DA.com/printerfriendly.” Susan asked in shock.or removed.” Seamus grinned. ”I know. Except for Harry.

kind.” ”Good. stroking his hair. He recalled how. ”And I am your most humble devotee. roaring beast. creating the illusion that he glowed. both knowing they dare not go any further. and if I’m a god. Ronald Weasley... You’re kind.” ”What do you mean. ”Oh Ron. you shine like a god..harrypotterfanfiction. Hermione moaned as Ron nibbled at her pulse point.. he’d be sure to come down and investigate. She slid her hands under his jumper and tee-shirt.” His blue eyes sparkled in the firelight.. I’m not. The firelight played on his red hair. You put them all to shame.s and Ron had vigourous training in the morning with Harry and the DA. She whimpered softly and arched into him. Hermione would be diving headlong into her studies to prepare for her N. beautiful.” Seamus said disregarding Harry's and Ron's warnings. ”’Mione. brave. twisting her fist into his flaming locks. Ron walked Hermione to her dorm while Harry and Ginny headed back to their room..” Ron didn’t know what to make of this. returning her kiss with the fierceness of a great. Ron moaned like distant rolling thunder and grabbed a fistful of her brown locks. ”All right. ”Ah! A sofa—a rather large sofa. ’Mione.com :: 65. strong. Harry. This beautiful creature in my arms—a goddess in her own right—really thinks of me as a god. ”And how much I love you. looking around... but there’s really no contest. ”among other things. The Prefects would be returning from rounds soon and they both needed to get to bed. Shall we?” They sat down together on the sofa.” she said. you’re not. And when the firelight plays off your hair.T. ”I love you so much. 219 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. kissing and biting.so mine. almost-Auror or not.. tossing her curly mane over his arms as they held her.” she groaned.” ”Well let’s see.” She pulled his head down and pressed her lips to his. Ron pulled Hermione into his lap to stare into her eyes.” he groaned as he slipped his free hand under her blouse and caressed her stomach. ”You are an absolute god. You’re smart.” ”I was thinking about how handsome you are.” he said. in the throes of passion.php?mode=story&o. He ran his tongue along her bottom lip and then slipped it into her eager mouth.harrypotterfanfiction. sexy. He is Apollo. then you’re my goddess. my ’Mione. his voice becoming raspy with emotion. ”What are you thinking. my ginger god. ”So beautiful. gorgeous... ”Gods need goddesses. ’Mione.” He leaned in and claimed her lips with his own.” Ron asked her.” Ginny said snarkily. gallant.” ”I got used to being held.com/printerfriendly. She threw back her head. love. one of Ginny's curses was not wise. because you'd find yourself in the bed next to Seamus' in the hospital wing hoping for your bits to grow back if you did. Miss Weasley. A while later. since everyone else had either turned in for the night.” she confessed laying her head against his chest.” Ron whispered to Hermione in front of the huge fireplace in the Gryffindor common room.all the qualities of a god.E.” They were firmly ensconced in a full-out snog.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. She could feel his defined chest muscles ripple under her touch. ”You’re on. Besides. The common room was all but deserted.W.” Ron replied. Seamus was upstairs and if he didn’t hear Ron come up sometime soon. Ron’s face was screwed up in an expression like an Acromantula had appeared in the room.” she said softly. ”And what else?” ”How fascinated I am that you’ve competed with your brothers since birth. She growled softly and crushed her mouth to his and all conscious thought left her.. loving. ”Ron.” Harry smiled.that feels so good. Hermione had called him her ginger god. ”I’m going to miss you tonight. ”I got used to holding you all night. ”This’ll be fun. funny. ”You’ve got the most peculiar look on that lovely face of yours.. But to be clear about this: I'd never leave Ginny's and my room.

. stroking his cheek. it chilled me to the bone.” Harry declared... It had been a lot of fun working with George.” ”I love you too. that night was horrible. ”You’ve got a lot of work coming on.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. and becoming an Auror his dream.he was like a caged animal. It’s over.especially from Ron.” Harry began to shake.” he whispered as he let her go. ”I had never heard a human being cry like that. Gin.” She felt a surge of panic through their bond. ”It’s all right. He entered quietly so as not to disturb Seamus. He crossed the room and ascended the stairs to his own dorm. ”I hated Bellatrix Lestrange for what she was doing to Hermione and it tore me apart that I couldn’t stop it. Ginny. ”Then this is goodnight then. When Harry and Ginny opened the door to their room.” Ron said kissing her forehead. Bellatrix was still torturing Hermione. Ron was in his own private hell.harrypotterfanfiction. She shivered and ran her hands up and down her goose-pimply arms.” she replied. Ginny sent the unspoken thing through the bond to calm him.” He choked up a little. ”So I just decided to tell it like it is and hope for the best. no shouted protests. Hermione lay in Ron’s arms on the sofa. ”In fact. When we finally got to her—I’ll tell you how that happened another time—When we were freed from that dungeon. A blazing fire erupted in the grate.” Me and my big mouth. Ron watched as she climbed the stairs and disappeared from view. ”Goodnight..” Ginny smiled slightly and shook her head. ”Allow me. ’Mione. my ginger god. Gin.. I could tell you were struggling with it. He hadn’t shaken like that in months. No explosions.com :: 65.php?mode=story&o. They shared a few kisses and caresses as they came back to themselves and grim reality.” Harry suggested. He looked around.” ”And you’ve got some very physical training ahead of you.” Harry said as he sat down with her before the fire. ”Ginny.com/printerfriendly. ”My hands could warm thee. ”’Tis wondrous well that thou wouldst do such magic as to remove the chill from these wearied bones. Harry drew her into the warmth of his embrace. love. ”I suppose you should get to bed.harrypotterfanfiction.if you don’t mind.” she said. Ginny felt a chill in the air. Harry. She told me. but I didn’t say anything. but Hogwarts was Hogwarts.” Hermione replied as she reluctantly slid off his lap. He stood and escorted her to the staircase that led to the girls’ dorm...” Harry said as he waved his hand in front of the fireplace. ”Thou are most gallant. ”Harry.” Harry said a bit calmer...”Actually. but that was just play. I’d like to just talk a bit.” ”I just kept thinking about what you said to me that night.” ”Sure.. he literally tried to tear that cell apart with his bare hands to get to her.” ”Perhaps a kneading then.” she replied as she rested her head on his chest. It was good to be back.” ”And it worked out. They were going to toss her to 220 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . I know what happened to her. my goddess. You were right and I knew it. I was surprised you didn’t get a little argument.” Ron said as he leaned in for a goodnight kiss.. Hermione’s screams. ”All through supper.” Harry’s emerald eyes flashed and darkened. Hermione was here. See you in the morning. with Hermione there. dear lady.. kind sir. ”I love you. who was sleeping in the other bed.” she whispered and returned his kiss. It sounded as though his heart and soul were being torn from his chest with every scream. ”What would you like to talk about?” ”I’ve been thinking about how you broke the news about the Unforgivables to the DA. ”I’d never seen Ron like that.

us? You said that even though they. Ron. we’ve been over this.and then we found ourselves in the garden at Shell. I had never had any real friends before.. Harry.” Ginny asked. He ran Hufflepuff House down miserably. ”I know. ”Yeah. obviously. I had made a friend Dudley couldn’t do anything about and I wasn’t going to screw that up. when Malfoy and his goons invaded our space. Harry?” ”Your family. Ginny. I didn’t have the first clue what he was talking about. I can’t quite remember anymore.” ”And so what happened on the train. ”He couldn’t. Ron had Hermione in his arms.. ”What... your. ”Do you remember what you said to them. When I walked in there to be fitted for my first school robes.. I’d already met your family. I almost shook it.. And then Kingsley handed me that manual... I could never put my finger on it until just now.” Harry said.” he said. I was afraid that accepting that manual and what it taught was going to blow it all away. He offered me his hand. Ron was explaining it all.. he was there being fitted for his. ”Ron told us about this! Didn’t Malfoy say something about associating with the right Wizarding families or something. ”Because of mine and Ron’s first ride on the Hogwarts Express. something occurred to me. Ron went ballistic—mean-angry-mad. ”They couldn’t!” ”Ginny.. so I just let him talk.but something stopped me.” Harry recalled.. truly puzzled as to why Harry would bring Malfoy’s name into the conversation. It’s like he was just realising that the whole Death Eater thing wasn’t quite the fun and games he thought it would be.” Ginny protested. ”Gin.” Ginny cooed as she brushed a lock of hair from his dampened brow. What happened next happened so fast.. She could feel the love Harry sent through their bond. Of course.harrypotterfanfiction.. thanks.. but the things he said weren’t very nice.our family—Ginny.. I couldn’t bear it. Just to be polite.. I could have become.we had to learn those curses and be able to cast them. He had to get over the famous Harry Potter wicked scar thing.I know.when Dobby.. let alone heard of. but after that it was like we’d been friends for ages...a Death Eater. When they brought us into Malfoy Manor that night.. throwing spells and shouting invective like a madman.. you forbade them..” Harry said..” ”I know.. Tears began to well for his friend. He said that some Wizarding families were better than others and that he could help me there. That’s why I was able to tell them.” Harry confessed.. they wanted Draco to identify us. because you straightened me out. Gin. ”That told them what Ron..that’s why I felt like a hypocrite. He was cordial enough to me.” Ginny asked.. ”I had met Draco in Diagon Alley when Hagrid took me there on my eleventh birthday.got to me first! Everything I am I owe to your family. It was obvious he didn’t want to be there..” ”But Harry.. ”Well. but for the first time. but I knew already I didn’t like him. I shudder to think what I’d be if I’d shaken Malfoy’s hand that day on the train..” Ginny’s eyes began to glisten.or wouldn’t. looking into her eyes. you would still love me and never leave me. ”Looking back—way back. It was at Madame Malkin’s. it told them where you stand and that what you say is more than just words—it’s who you 221 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” Ginny gasped.com :: 65. We began to talk. Grayback. so I invited him in.com/printerfriendly. I was sitting alone in a compartment when Ron asked if he could sit with me because the other compartments were full. ”I was able to confidently tell them what we had to learn and why. That’s when. Gin. Hermione.php?mode=story&o..” ”And this is relevant because..and Ron. I told Malfoy and his goons that I could choose my own friends.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www..” she said. Everything I’d fought for..” she asked. your mum’s kindness.because no matter what.us to ever use them on your team.harrypotterfanfiction. I bought a bunch of stuff off the trolley I’d never seen before.” Harry said slowly shaking his head.. and I already knew. but spells and wands flew.” ”Grayback! Harry. especially about Chocolate Frog cards. tell me you’re joking.. the dear house-elf who had taken Bellatrix’s knife in the chest to save Harry and his Wheezy. Dudley chased anyone off who even tried. the values I’d embraced.

harrypotterfanfiction. he or she is placed in a gaol cell or prison cell apart from the general inmate population and guarded twenty-four seven. 222 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . If the witness is also a suspect. ”Yes.com/printerfriendly.” ”And protective custody is. Let’s get you ready for bed. ”Pretty much. She cuddled up to him as he wrapped his arm around her waist.sometimes too much for your own good. If that didn’t work..” ”What does that mean.” she murmured into his chest.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.always a choice. And if confessing or passing information might put that person’s life in danger. until the fire began to die and it was time for bed.” ”You’ve really given this a lot of thought. Muggle America has something called the Witness Protection Program.” ”I meant it. like Tonks and Kingsley.” Ginny asked. Sometimes. The difference is that the Order of the Phoenix aren’t associated with the Magical Law Enforcement Department.harrypotterfanfiction. then I could petition the Ministry to take him or her into protective custody. I could coerce the person into spilling his or her guts. Sometimes they pose as family members. I will not allow it for any reason. There’s always a better way. No pain.. yeah.” ”Goodnight. You’re all in.” ”It depends.” Harry said thoughtfully. He picked her up and carried her to bed as a loving parent would carry a sleeping child. it’d be Imperio. Professor Dumbledore taught me that.. I love you. but I’m not sure about Wizarding Britain.. in a way. ”I love you too.” Harry explained.. He helped her out of her jumper and jeans. no maiming.” ”Yes.” Ginny asked. Muggle Britain has something like it. but usually they work in shifts.” Harry said. teasing and laughing between kisses and caresses.” They held one another in front of the fireplace. They were both fast asleep in a matter of minutes. I love you. no death. It might preclude us from ever having to use the Unforgivables. There would be classes tomorrow and for Ginny. sending the unspoken thing through their bond.” ”So you want to start something like this through the Ministry. Gin. but sometimes it isn’t..” Ginny concluded. ”If the witness is not a suspect.” ”Will you marry me?” ”I thought you’d never ask. ”Come on. ”Someday. Merlin forbid. but I love you for it anyway. He changed into his flannel pajama bottoms and slipped in beside her. Gin. he or she is placed into a lesser form of the Witness Protection Program and taken to a safe house where that person—and sometimes his or her family—are protected twenty-four seven by plain-clothes law enforcement officers. Harry. when I’m a fullyfledged Auror and in a position to do so..com :: 65. That one’s a bit more complicated because sometimes the safe house is in another city. It’s meant to protect witnesses for super-high-profile court cases. ”There’s something I read a few years ago about the criminal justice system.” she said as she sent a wave of devotion through their bond.” he whispered and pulled her close.” Harry urged softly.” ”Isn’t that what the Order was doing with you.. ”But if I had to use one of those curses.php?mode=story&o. are. they have to give the witness a new identity and everything. ”Harry. even though a few of them. haven’t you? You care so much. She would need every ounce of love and support Harry could give her to get her through her studies and the Quidditch season. Gin. I’m going to propose this to Kingsley and Robards. were Aurors. I’d use Veritaserum. dressed her in one of his old tee-shirts and tucked her into bed. Ginny. ”Goodnight. Gin. the workload was sure to intensify.

both of you. deftly caught Seamus wand in her free hand.” Ginny replied and returned his wand. The two shook hands and parted.. As he watched. Blimey! When did my sister become a warrior queen? ”Stupefy!” Ron was snapped from his thoughts as Seamus flew backward a few metres and landed on his arse. Seamus took a side stance. ”Seamus didn't know. Irish? Not what you expected? They fired hexes and jinxes at one another in rapid succession.harrypotterfanfiction. my brothers and I learned it the hard way. Ron. Despite not having as much practice as Seamus. She took a side stance like Seamus. but having to move around so fast kept him from maintaining his shield as efficiently as he would have liked. and raised it in triumph. Just because 223 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . What’s the matter. leaping and spinning to dodge one another’s volleys.and they do have impressive skills.com/printerfriendly.” Cho said. ”Great duel. much to her fiancé’s—and her brother’s—delight.” ”I agree. Seamus stared back at her with equal ferocity.. Ginny.” Ginny asked as she extended her hand to help him up. Terry raised his hand. Harry could see they wanted to discuss it amongst themselves. ”I think they’re evenly-matched skill-wise.php?mode=story&o.” Ron confessed. but Ginny’s more powerful. She’d beaten an almost-Auror in a fair duel. stood like a warrior. then turned to each other. his eyes still a little out of focus. Ron.. seemingly emotionless. Her eyes blazed as she focused all concentration on her opponent. ”Good fighting. Ginny cast a non-verbal Expelliarmus.” ”I know my sister is powerful. Harry nodded. ”Right in one. ”Seamus and Ginny are equally matched in skill and agility. Ginny stepped forward to meet Seamus now-intense glare.” Harry announced. The force of Ginny’s spell shattered Seamus’ shield. Jets of red and blue light flew across the room as Ginny and Seamus battled on. here. So to settle this. but that wasn’t the exercise here and they knew it. ”You ruddy well kicked my arse. ever the tactician.. I have never felt a charm shake a room like that. In the next instant. Seamus began to get nervous. ”Duel!” On Harry’s command. What the bloody hell have I got myself into? He continued to spin. though.” Ginny and Seamus nodded in agreement. it was a lot of fun. It seems that Seamus.” Seamus said. so I think Ginny beat him because he underestimated her.but I think Ginny won on raw power in the end. The shouting from the sidelines had stopped as the class—Ron included—looked on in stunned silence. knees slightly bent. Seamus' shielding charm held off any of her curses that might have hit him.. Irish. the duel began. This is a very important lesson.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. however. No spells that’ll keep either of you in the hospital wing longer than a few hours. ”All right there.harrypotterfanfiction. but he couldn’t help but marvel at her speed and grace. and sidestep Ginny’s volleys. Ginny proved she could hold her own in a fight. with her left arm straight out in front of her. vigourously shaking his head. ”All right. Then he stepped closer to her and said. She was calm and focused. and there was a power growing within her that felt much like his own surges several months before. Harry homed in on Ginny's emotions. people! We had a little challenge issued in Gryffindor Tower last night. but the raw power behind them shook the room. her knees slightly bend. why did Ginny win?” Everyone kept silent for a few moments as they analyzed the duel. they’ll begin today's class with a friendly duel.”You know the rules. ”Now.” Bet you’ll never do that again.com :: 65. Harry called the DA class to order. with his wand at the ready. Ginny. and saluted.” ”Yes. people. He also had to admit that that warrior stance she took at the beginning seriously turned him on. leap. betraying none of his thoughts or feelings to the class.” Harry said and turned to the class. but she drew her wand back over her head. bowed. thinks he can defeat Ginny in a duel. their mouths agape.. His classmates shouted encouragement at him as he continued to hold off Ginny’s advances.

you heard the man. It turns their stomachs. I learned that from Tonks a couple of years ago.” Harry called. slapping Harry’s back. They fired spells in rapid-fire and dodged them ably. If he didn’t know better.php?mode=story&o. Each raised a hand in reply.com :: 65. Time to get back to work. Terry Boot.” Ron squared off opposite Harry. so I practiced it in front of my mirror in my room at the Burrow. About a half hour into the drill.” Robards said to him just over a whisper. Harry stopped her before she opened it to leave. Harry turned back into the classroom where he was met with wolf-whistles and howls from his team. if ya don’t mind me askin’?” ”Thank you. but they’re willing to learn it since it’s required. Robards arrived. Gawain. ”Now that I have your attention. Love. Seamus Finnegan.” ”I’ll be counting the moments. I figured this would be a great opportunity to try it out. won’t you?” ”Okay.” she whispered and walked out the door. this is the DA. You’ll snog her anywhere.. Lavender Brown. and rolling when they weren’t using shields. mate. This Potter kid is bloody fantastic! He let them go on for a short bit.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Once they settled into their seats. Harry leaned against the desk with his arms crossed and stared at the floor. we are not invincible.” He leaned in and kissed her. spinning. ”We’ve agreed to learn them and understand them. we fought Death Eaters and are in Auror training. well. BANG! All activity ceased as Robards fired a cannon blast from his wand. Ron stood there with his arms crossed on his chest just snickering.” ”I did underestimate Ginny. I understand. Seamus. Pair off and start dueling. ”Honestly. ”Call it a necessary evil.” Ginny gathered up her things and headed for the door. ”Ya beat me.” ”Good man. Now. That noble nature of yours might get you killed..” Seamus admitted and turned to her.” he looked at Harry. Since Harry had been training Ron himself over the past two weeks to catch him up. I don't know if I could beat you even if I hadn't. ”I was watching her drill with Moody and Remus at Grimmauld Place.” Harry pointed out each one as he called his or her name. who nodded. Head Auror—our boss.” ”Evil is never necessary. It’s nothing new. Anthony Goldstein. but he wanted everyone to be safe.. he’d swear the eight people in that classroom were fighting a full-scale war against one another..” he said with a hint of amusement in his tone. We must never underestimate an opponent in a duel because there’s always somebody out there better and more experienced than any one of us..com/printerfriendly. ”Kingsley said you didn’t like this. he decided that he should continue that until he was sure Ron was polished enough to take on the others. Potter. sir. ”Potter. you have to understand what this lot has been through. ”Before we go any further. ”That’s why the rules are as strict as they are. Susan Bones.” Robards explained.” Harry snapped. He couldn’t believe his eyes. And where did ya learn that pose.harrypotterfanfiction. he had few doubts. Harry introduced them. you know that don’t you? That warrior-like stance of yours. but quite honestly. call the class to order. Robards watched in utter disbelief at the speed and agility these young people displayed. and Ron Weasley. ”You were brilliant.. Nobody who’s trained to be an Auror yet likes it. but be careful. The thought of using these on another. I want you to read it.we’ll discuss it after classes before dinner. ”This is Gawain Robards. but decided it was time to get down to business..harrypotterfanfiction.” Robards said. ”What do the DA think?” ”They don’t like it either..” Harry answered. Cho Chang.” 224 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. ”This is the supplement to your Auror Field Manual Potter should have told you about.. ”Gawain. leaping.” Ginny said with a slight smile.” Harry levitated one to each of them and they settled down to read. but we’ll be hard-pressed to ever resort to using them. fun’s over. Harry.” ”I know. will you?” ”DA. Actually. Most of them have been Imperiused and Crucioed. ”See you at lunch.

Harry and Ron told the girls about Robards’ speech designed to convince the DA that use of the Unforgivables in some situations and under certain guidelines was acceptable.” Harry said confidently. ”Well then. ”I'll be back tomorrow with another Auror. ”There has to be another way!” 225 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM ...com :: 65. Harry thought of Frank and Alice Longbottom.” ”Very good.” he whispered as they signed the permit..” Harry and the others read their individual parchments. Ron noticed Harry’s reflective mood.uh.php?mode=story&o..” He surveyed the class. I can’t tell you how many good people we lost to the Unforgivables—some killed.Harry? Auror Robards. that’s all—about Neville’s parents..000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Ron thought about Ginny." To protect and to serve. ”Class dismissed. if you have nothing to add..” ”No. Isn’t our use of them rather. Potter. What did Ginny endure? ”Excuse me. Now. ”I know this is hard for you.. Ginny. our main objective is to provide and maintain the safety of our community from the dark arts. ”This is the most difficult and most arduous part of Auror training and it is taking place now.com/printerfriendly. That might involve setting personal feelings aside and doing what must be done. With a good plan and a good team to execute it. both of them leaning against the wall with their arms crossed over their chests with identical facial expressions—like brothers. copies of the parchments they’d all just signed. ”First of all I want you to read and sign these documents. I was just thinking. ”Geminio. ”And we’ve had those exact points raised in every training group for as long as I’ve been with the Office. You must understand that there are situations where the lack of time and the ultimate protection of the innocent collide and require desperate measures.some driven to commit suicide or murder under the Imperius curse. some driven mad. and sometimes. It just strengthened his resolve to never use them—at least if he could help it. ”We learned the hard way that. ”Keep these copies with you at all times. Weasley. his parents.hypocritical?” ”Good points.” Hermione said angrily as tears began to glisten in her cinnamon eyes. just as it’s stated in the regs. He tapped them with his wand and muttered. but believe me.harrypotterfanfiction. We’re not asking you to like it or even agree with it. nothing. ”I have Ron Weasley on my team. But why do we have to be able to cast these curses? Aren’t they Unforgivable for a reason? I mean.” Ron called. ”He’s one helluva tactician. very good. it involves the use of these curses. Ginny’s and Ron’s uncles.” he said as he distributed the copies.” Robards replied. there won’t be much need for necessary evils.” Robards announced. we had to fight fire with fire. mate.. Ron. this is a necessary part of your training. Thank you. Remus and Tonks. There will always be two of us for this class. Those two are natural partners. although rarely. ”It's horrible that you have to cast them at each other. while supervised by the Auror office. sir.. They were the permit that allowed the DA members to cast the Cruciatus and the Imperius curse at each other in class. You just have to learn it. in some cases.” Harry said unfolding his arms. ”Uh..harrypotterfanfiction.” Gawain paused for effect. including Harry. and all the people he knew who had been lost to those horrible curses. Weasley. Harry had moved across the room next to Ron. sir. so we have a lot of time to discuss and deal with it afterwards.. I know what some of you endured here last year. I don't think we’ve ever had so many in one Auror training group who’ve seen and experienced the Unforgivables as much as you have.” He took a stack of parchments from a file folder and distributed them among the class. and Hermione met together at lunch.” Harry. wizards and witches have been handed life sentences in Azkaban for using them. ”Yeah.” Soon there was a rustling of parchment and a shuffling of feet.” Another pile of identical parchments appeared next to them. sir.. ”You all right. As Aurors. Auror Robards.” Robards told them. ”We’re all finished.” Robards collected the signed parchments and piled them on the desk.

. I don't really like the idea of feeling you taking the Cruciatus curse. ”How was your Christmas?” ”It was wonderful! Emmy and I told Mum and Dad all about you. Casting the Cruciatus against Ron or any of our friends is both horrible and necessary. ”Hermione.” Ginny said as she began to tremble.” ”You know what? I haven’t seen the Munchkins since we’ve been back! Hermione. Ginevra. Ginny looked at him and smiled weakly. you know us.” Ron assured her. There was no one in the DA class nearly capable of that kind of torture. Shut it.. ”What are you doing here. ”We feel each other's emotions. ”If you say so.” Ginny interjected. Harry. I’ve taken all three of those curses. That lunatic had an exceptional skill for inflicting pain. I’ve thought of little else today. Little Love. A hot shower and maybe a shot of Old Ogden’s and we’ll be right as rain.” Hermione said. ”None of us relishes the idea. This all sounds rather dodgy to me. pulling her into a big-brother hug. I mean. We’ll get through it.” I hate to see her cry.” Ron said ”But Gawain is right. what if you send all your love through our bond when you feel it? You should feel it a split second after I do.harrypotterfanfiction.com :: 65. but we’ll get over it. but Ron knew she was going to break at some point and that point was now. I mean. ”Ron.” ”Ron! Ron. Harry caught her slip.” Erica asked. ”Love. ”I saw them for a few minutes this morning as they were climbing out of the portrait hole on their way to class.. We’ll be under close supervision.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. but we know it must be. What if I might be able to withstand the curse that way?” Both Ron and Hermione looked up at Harry as if they hadn’t heard him right. but the concept terrified her. honest.. ”Didn’t you have a nice Christmas?” 226 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Good. Promise me!” ”Of course. I don’t know where. She had kept quiet the night before when Harry explained to the DA. She knew that. But almost immediately.” ”Look.” ”I'm a bit worried about how we’ll deal with it—you and me. If just knowing how those curses work would help me—and Harry— prevent another twisted bastard from ever doing that to you or Ginny or anyone else. Then he leaned over to whisper in her ear. ”I don’t know.” a voice cried. Bellatrix Lestrange had tortured her mercilessly.” she said.” Ron grinned. Joseph—Ron’s here!” ”Hello. and if you can do that against a friend. I just don’t want anyone to get hurt—especially you and Ron. ”Patricia. breathless. and they were really impressed that you signed our Chocolate Frog cards and that we’re friends with Harry and Ginny. We might be a bit sore when it’s all over.” Oops. but the regulations limiting Auror usage of those curses are very strict.” Hermione said. Hermione cottoned on.. We must be able to cast those curses without hesitation.” Harry said.harrypotterfanfiction. ”It’s your love that keeps me safe. She understood but still didn't want to admit it.” Harry explained. it's easier to do it against an enemy. Ron drew her close to his side. Love. I was dying inside knowing that that evil bitch was torturing you like that. so nothing horrible is going to happen. ”Gin. Professor Dumbledore was always on about how love is the greatest power in the universe.” Emma said.” Harry promised and then leaned down to kiss her cheek.com/printerfriendly.” Hermione sobbed softly into Ron’s chest. Ron’s so busy with Hermione. Love. I know what it feels like. Harry—promise me you’ll be careful. ”Yeah. her fingers entwined with Joseph’s. ”We gods are quite resilient.” Harry asked. have you seen them. I know this is bringing back some ugly memories. he didn’t hear Ginny’s comment. ”Emma.” he whispered. very explicit. I know what this must be like for you. I’ll be fine—we’ll be fine. you’re awfully quiet. but he let it go because he got an idea at the same time. Hermione. ”Gin.. ”We’ll be safe. Patricia. cutting through the din in the Great Hall. I promise you. she knew who it was. ”Yes..php?mode=story&o.. As soon as she had spied Ron’s red head above the crowd. I’ll do what I can. it might work. Harry.

has fine taste in women. ”Oh Christmas was all right. you’ll find something interesting. though. mate?” ”Oh. but I missed.” Harry asked with a sly grin. Now tuck in before all the food disappears!” The Munchkins dropped into seats at the table and began to eat. Joseph.harrypotterfanfiction. R..we spent the ’olidays with my grandparents in Cambridge. At the bottom of the locker was a canvas bag. it read R. Goldstein.. ”How do you do it. ”As you can see. inspecting the lockers: S. sweat bands.well. socks.Emma.” Hermione asked.. ”Is it that obvious. ”We’re all back together now.. C.. Harry?” They stopped outside the place in the wall where the door to the Room of Requirement was hidden.” ”Yeah. though—if that’s what you’d call it.” Ron replied. Boot. S.” Ron groaned.Joseph. everyone has a locker and gear.. But you’ll want to change into something appropriate. trying to look into her face.” They moved along the row. He took Ron around the ”gym” and explained each apparatus and what it was for. though obviously distracted.com :: 65. but. and 227 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. mate!” The eight Gryffindors chatted and laughed and caught up on all the news they could until the bells sounded the end of lunch. ”. Weasley.” Harry called to his first-year friend.. Inside. L.”Harry.. WEASLEY.. Muggleborns almost never have anyone at home to talk with about the magical world. yeah?” Ginny and Hermione had Transfiguration right after lunch..” ”Happy belated Christmas. sweetie.” she replied. great. Bones. ”But what. H.” Harry replied. ”So. ”Good on ya..Weasley. so we have plenty to talk about and loads of people to talk about it with. Ron. is this. ”This is the one that’s the most fun. so Ron and Harry walked them to class. H.” Harry said.” He began to chuckle. ”You know what. rising from his seat.. If you look over there. Since Harry and Ron had the afternoon free. ”What is this stuff?” ”Exercise equipment. ”I couldn’t tell anyone about you—about Hogwarts—except Mum and Dad. that’s our cue. ”It was fun enough.. It looked as though Joseph wouldn’t be carrying Ginny’s picture around anymore. Mum’s from there. that’s pretty tough.. I sent him a thousand pounds and told him what we needed and where I wanted him to get it. a water bottle—also with his name on it—and a pair of brand-new trainers. raising his glass of pumpkin juice toward the Cockney first year. the respective couples kissed goodbye and Hermione and Ginny disappeared through the door. T.. like you suggested. Chang..” Harry called..” Ron strode over to the lockers and found one with his name on it. Potter. It was maroon with gold straps. he found a surprise. A. He took it out and looked at it.harrypotterfanfiction. I picked it up at his place.. ”Well. Harry decided to the opportunity to show Ron the ”gym” in the Room of Requirement. but I’d say our good mate. Harry noticed that Emma and Joseph ate one-handed and he was able to guess why. The food disappeared and the tables stood empty and shiny. isn’t it.at least not exclusively. Brown. ”Well. Weasley. He opened it and found tee-shirts. ”So.php?mode=story&o.” Ginny began. but not at the same time.com/printerfriendly. AIT. R. Ron.” Joseph replied between bites of sandwich. ”Bloody hell. ”What’s the good word.” Ron exclaimed.I don’t know about you lot.. Outside the door.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. since secrecy had to be maintained. ”See you all at supper. eh mate. shorts. G.. but they don’t really understand any of this. ”Can’t get enough. mates. Finnegan.. Harry concentrated while he paced in front of it three times until the door appeared. It works your upper body and your legs.” Hermione completely understood. He opened the door and they walked in. ”I owled Dudley from the Burrow. Granger.” Patricia looked a little sad.” Harry gave him his signature Harry-grin.” Ron said. ”Would you like to see the gym?” ”Oh yeah.” he grinned. On either side. It’s a weight machine. Soon all of them were laughing as Joseph and Emma blushed and stole glances at each other.

Mr Hardbody. ”Tell you what. thy name is Hermione. ”You can work out with the team if you agree to be my Keeper Coach.” Hermione asked Ron.. ”Uh. Ginny... ”So what were you two up to this afternoon. ”Since we’re on about working out.” They came out of the changing room in tee-shirts and shorts bearing their first initial and last name with Auror in Training underneath. was this your idea?” ”Well. ”We’ll be unstoppable! The House Quidditch Cup is as good as ours! Oh thanks.” he said gently.not anymore. shall we?” ”You’re on. ”It was fun. Gin. brought it here a couple of days before the beginning of term. Gin?” Ginny sighed heavily...” Ginny asked..yeah...erm. ”Who.. You can work out with the team on one condition.” Hermione felt his biceps.sure. Why. ”Now let’s go see to those lovely women of ours. pretending to be surprised.php?mode=story&o. I set that up the same day I owled Dudley. 228 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM ..com/printerfriendly. reddening at the ears. Harry and Ron spent the afternoon in the weight room working with the various equipment before retiring to the dressing rooms to shower before they met their women at Harry’s and Ginny’s room...harrypotterfanfiction.. ”Kreacher. knowing exactly what that condition was going to be. blue eyes twinkling. stroking her hair. Ginny and Hermione were waiting for them.. He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her off the floor.yes...” Ron exclaimed. ”Listen..com :: 65.. Deal.. brother-of-mine.” she asked.er. Next morning.” Ron asked.. would it be okay if. ”Please. really.” Ron answered.. If you really want me to. ”So.” she teased as she reached up on her tiptoes to kiss him. I promise.” Ron began as he set Hermione down.” Ginny muttered. They tossed their sweaty clothes and towels into the hamper on their way out. ”I. thinking out loud.” Harry agreed. ”Harry’s the Seeker Coach and professional teams have Seeker coaches.well. with Ron trying to calm her down.” she whispered into his ear. ”Harry.” she exclaimed.” ”And that is. eyeing her brother. Hermione was already in a right state.” Ron replied. ”Erm.. We had a workout. sort of. Ron looked over her head at Harry.. ”Kreacher cleans DA laundry and towels. ”My ginger god is pumping up.” he replied defensively. But I told him it was up to you.. ’Mione.harrypotterfanfiction.I workedoutwithyouandtheteam?” ”You want to work out with the team? Is that what you said. but don’t get in the. ”I’m impressed... ”Oh all right.I’m out of shape and.can I. right?” ”Uh.” Ron asked. Harry and Ginny met Ron and Hermione in the Great Hall for breakfast.Harry showed me the gym. and winked. ”Uh. Desire.” ”Brilliant. as if he didn’t know what she was driving at.. The corridors were crowded as classes had just let out for the day.. That’s right.but they also have Keeper coaches. ”Keeper Coach? Me.” Ron asked... ”I’ll be all right. mate.” Ron began.. Ron! You’re the best big brother in the world!” Ginny hugged him tightly around the waist as if to squeeze the life out of him.hang on! You’re a ruddy Keeper.” Ron asked hopefully..000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.. When Harry and Ron arrived.” Harry replied.” ”Want you to? This is going to take a load off! I’ll be able to concentrate on my Chasers and teach them more of the brilliant stuff I learned from the Harpies. and they made for the Defence Against the Dark Arts office.” Ginny looked up at Harry and raised her eyebrows..

They’ll come out of it wif ’ardly a scratch!” ”Th-thank you.” ”We’ll be fine. Erica. Miss ’Ermione. ”Oh now thass not goin’ to ’appen. 229 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Hermione.well.” Gawain raised his wand and pointed it to Dawlish. They kissed them goodbye. Mr Dawlish. promising a full report at the end of the day. They all jumped. ”Don’t you worry none.” Harry pointed toward the great oak doors of the Great Hall.” Harry promised.com :: 65. That’ll be enough. ”You know why we’re here today. After lunch.. wiping her eyes.harrypotterfanfiction.php?mode=story&o.” Cho answered. ”Besides. We have some specialised training exercises this morning and they’re a bit. ”Crucio” Gawain said and Dawlish yelled out in agonizing pain. I guess that’s the real trick today. Hermione’s worried about Harry and me. Joseph. ”Now. Ron cleared his throat as he ran a large hand up and down Hermione’s back. ”You will try casting it at each other. but stop after a few seconds.tough.. Harry and Ron arrived at their classroom to find the other six members of the DA already there with looks of trepidation on their faces. as none of us here has any desire whatsoever to inflict pain on any of the others.. The others winced and stole dubious looks at one another. ”We’ll will start with the Cruciatus curse and get it over with. Harry and Ron walked Ginny and Hermione to the dungeons for their Potions lesson with Professor Slughorn.” Ginny said.. ”Woss she cryin’ for. ”Don’t worry.” Joseph declared. There weren’t many words exchanged between them beyond one.. falling to the floor. ain’t they? I’ll wager there ain’t nuffin’ too ’ard for the likes o’ them.. ”Why ain’t it our business. including Harry and Ron.” Joseph asked in thick Cockney. ”They ain’t come up wif nuffin’ yet tha’ll put ’Arry Potter an’ Ron Weasley down. ”That’s very k-kind of you. here. and the other three girls appeared to agree with him.or two-word acknowledgements. His noble heart couldn’t accept abusing them for any reason.harrypotterfanfiction. kids.” Emma scolded him.. you need to buck up unless you want to explain to the Munchkins.” Even though Harry had made peace with the necessity to learn and understand these necessary evils.” Hermione began to sob again. and Patricia were bounding up the aisle to join their housemates at the Gryffindor table.com/printerfriendly.. especially his best friend and surrogate brother. that’s none of our business. Joseph. Ron?” ”Joseph. has been kind enough to let me show you what I want you to achieve. After a short break. ” Miss ’Ermione! Woss all this abou’ then.” Gawain told them. you’ll practice the killing curse on our special targets.” Hermione stammered. ”Correct. ”They’ll be all right. what can you tell me about the Cruciatus curse?” ”It leaves no physical marks. but causes an unendurable pain.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Now. Make no mistake!” Hermione couldn’t help but snicker into Ron’s shoulder.” Robards called. Hermione. we’ll work with the Imperius curse. Em? They’re our friends. I’m sure Madame Pomfrey is standing by just in case. Ron Weasley.” When the bell rang. ”You have to mean it to cause pain. he just couldn’t help resenting it. Harry raised his hand and Gawain nodded towards him. but really.. They got about as much sleep as Harry and Ron and that wasn’t much. and he was definitely on about something. Whether they were tears of worry or amusement was anyone’s guess. She’s afraid we’re going to get hurt. ain’t they?” Ron and Harry couldn’t very well be offended by Joseph’s straightforwardness because real concern was written all over the boy’s face. ”You see. Joseph’s Cockney seemed to become thicker when he got on about something. Emma. The other seven members of this class were his friends..” Gawain said. Miss ’Ermione! Not to ’Arry an’ Ron! They’re ’eroes.

” Susan said. Sirius. but this one kills people. both are terrible curses. who shrugged in resigned defeat. Remember. but all they felt was a weak tingling sensation. If you cast a proper killing curse. Harry threw it off every time.com/printerfriendly. The other DA members took a leaf out of Harry’s and Ron’s book and summoned their most horrid memories of the war to strengthen their killing curse. where Gawain and Dawlish had prepared person-size white blocks..” First lesson! We have to do this again? Ron shuddered and looked over at an equally-horrified Harry. They were both exhausted and wanted to rest for a while before dinner. Hermione was waiting for Ron in the common room when he stepped through the portrait hole. Ron cast the curse. ”You must forget who you're casting it at.” ”Miss Bones is right. ”That actually hurt a bit!” I’m glad Hermione can’t feel this like Ginny can with Harry.” After class.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.. as time passed. After lunch. The drill continued and. the block will go black. and Lupin instead. Ron tried imagine Harry was Bellatrix Lestrange and managed to give Harry a little twinge. Harry tried to recapture the anger and horror he felt when Bellatrix almost hit Ginny with it. There was no pain. ”If you can hold it for a few seconds. His best friend’s eyes told Ron that. It's always like this in the beginning. After a short break. ”You’ve done well.” Dawlish told them. they would have to tell the girls that this was not the only lesson for this part of the course. ”The killing curse is easier to cast than the Cruciatus. They cast the curse on each other in turn. they returned to their classroom. they will darken. ”Ow.. ”I thought of how I felt when Bellatrix almost killed Ginny. I'd have been quite worried if any of you actually cast it successfully on your first attempt. The risk of causing mental illness is too great. ”I mean. If struck by the killing curse. After only a few seconds. She’d be catatonic. but they still had a long way to go. ”These blocks are magically-charged.” Jets of green light shot across the room into the blocks with shouts of ”Avada Kedavra!” Gradually. Summoning the memory of Hermione's agony and painful screams. 230 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . and thought about Tom Riddle. The pain must be so severe that you will extract whatever information you need quickly.harrypotterfanfiction. both Susan and Cho were able to as well.harrypotterfanfiction. the murders of his parents. but needed more practice.” Harry replied. He channeled those emotions full into his spell. We can never use the Cruciatus curse for extensive interrogations. Gawain stopped and a sweating Dawlish took a few deep breaths before getting up again. Harry and Ron started. it's used only in extreme situations when lives depend on retrieving information. they did manage to inflict real discomfort to one another. because that alone makes it a great temptation. ”The trick is summoning the willpower to kill the block. ”How did you do that. are you all right?” She ran at him and threw herself into his open arms. ”Ron! Oh gods. Gawain stopped them.” Dawlish said. We’ll leave it here for your first lesson. Ron took Harry’s advice and thought of how angry he was as he had to listen helplessly to Hermione's screams as Bellatrix tortured her. Ron. they continued with the Imperius curse.com :: 65.or hysterical.” Harry focused again and tried to forget it was Ron he was about to torture. ”It's scary that it's so much easier to cast than the Cruciatus curse. the blocks grew a little darker as the horrible spell struck them.” Gawain explained. He tried to channel that anger into his spell.” Everyone was well aware of the seriousness of this particular situation as they all paired up..” Ron cried.php?mode=story&o. You’d better remember that. Ron and Harry headed for their dorms. After an hour. like it or not. ”But don't worry. The others made good progress. It seemed it was like that for all of them.” Ron asked. and after about half a dozen tries. His block turned jet black and smoked a little in the bargain. breathing heavily. The block turned pitch black and heaved as if it might blow apart. you can hold it longer.

the damned thing not only turned black. ”I didn't want to tell you until I was certain it would work. ”Why doesn't the Cruciatus curse work as well on you as it does on the others.’Mione. It’s scary. in fact. His eyes went all dark.” she asked a bit calmer. ’Mione. Ginny did feel when Harry was in pain and. the Cruciatus curse is not something you master overnight.” she asked.harrypotterfanfiction. as agreed.” ”How did you practice the killing curse. ”Speak not too soon. We barely got a sting out of each other this time. The killing curse. Love.” she purred... He did feel a bit nervous taking a full blow of the Cruciatus. protecting him from the 231 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” she demanded. the pain did. it smoked!” Hermione was flush with admiration and a little lust at the thought of her man coming to her defence in so powerful a fashion.’Mione.intensely angry.” Gawain promised.php?mode=story&o. not even at Malfoy.” he explained. but apparently Ginny responded immediately. He felt her love surrounding him and he imagined it as a shield..” ”So how did you do it. A way to block the Cruciatus curse? Extraordinary! If that was indeed what was happening. Robards and Dawlish brought in tall white blocks that were charmed to turn black when a successful killing curse struck them. As soon as the Head Auror cast it at him. diminish to a point that it didn't bother him. except when Harry was their victim. Gawain noticed that each trainee’s Cruciatus curse produced the desired results. That one is so easy to do if you can summon the right memories... By the second week. When Harry received her love through their bond. I can cast a powerful Cruciatus on you to see if you're able to block it. ”How? Did you kill spiders like Mood—er—Crouch?” ”No Love..” Harry said. Harry nodded. since you can use it without actually hurting someone. ”You mean there’s going to be another time?” ”Probably a few other times.” she asked as tears spilled down her face.” Ron never got to finish because his minute had expired and his girlfriend’s tongue was snaking its way down his throat.” he assured her. please. ”Really? What happened. It turned black as pitch and sort of expanded—like it was going to blow up! It was. he felt the unbearable pain at first..” Gawain was intrigued. Harry was the only wizard ever to have countered all three Unforgivables. she immediately tried to send him all her love to protect him.. I’d never seen Harry become that. because you should have seen what Harry did to his block. nothing like that. ”Yes.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. as his heart began to race. ”I'll stop after a few seconds if it doesn't work.” he said. it’s too easy.” ”He. ”How did you summon hatred?” ” I thought of that night at Malfoy Manor when that evil bitch was torturing you. the Imperius curse is pretty easy. my goddess.” ”Let's try it. ”I summoned all the anger and frustration I felt as you suffered and I couldn’t stop it. ”I mean. Ron. the Cruciatus curse was becoming painful when the DA cast it at one another.” Harry said. We're trying to counter it. ”Ginny is helping me to block it. ”He said he summoned the memory of Bellatrix almost having killed Ginny at the final battle. ”Then you’re mine.” she purred again. Love. that’s nice. since he knew Ginny would feel it too.. you have one minute.” Ron said with a shudder.” ”All right. ”That silly block should never have incurred the wrath of a god.” Ron said. It scared the hell out of me. planting little kisses across his chest..he glared daggers at the thing.com/printerfriendly.com :: 65. ’Mione. ”’Mione.” he asked Harry after class one day..harrypotterfanfiction.. though. but if you don’t slow down. I aimed my wand at my block and shouted the curse at it. then he literally threw the curse at it. ”If you like. I’m fine. ”This time? This time.

Harry hoped they would be spotted and with Kingsley's influence. so could we meet at the Three Broomsticks in the morning? I’ll have more for you then. they’ll be in for a big surprise.” Harry replied.” Ron said mysteriously. Should any one of those mad bastards attack you. They nodded warily to each other and sat down.” 232 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . The curse became thoroughly ineffective. She was a lot happier now that Ron was back at school. knowing the importance of that meeting. I think you’ll find that they’re well worth the effort it took to dig them out of the archive. carried a book around with her.php?mode=story&o.” Draco said.” Harry said. Ginny's love shielded me. ”Believe it or not Potter. this must remain a secret at all costs. That was good. Both Gawain and Harry looked at each other in surprise. ”Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.” Harry said and sent an affirmative reply with a specific time. DM ”All right.” she said.com/printerfriendly. Potter. He let Ginny read it: Potter.” Harry asked. Harry received an owl from Draco. No Death Eater would even consider that the Cruciatus curse could be ineffective. You may be able to save lives with this skill. ”Harry.com :: 65.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Was Draco sharing something other than strict business? ”You have a date. There were loads of people in the tavern.” Draco shook both their hands and made ready to leave. ”So. ”I have no secrets from Ginny. Of course. ”You countered it!” ”Yes.” Harry was stunned for a moment. she still studied like a madwoman and as usual. putting them away too.. Let's make your meeting with him the first thing we do. and disarmed his boss. The pain disappeared and Harry turned to Gawain. they headed to Hogsmeade and the Three Broomsticks to meet with Draco. ”Good idea. Draco looked at Harry and then at Ginny. ”Something interesting come to light.” Harry received the vial and hid it in his robes.” Draco shrugged and placed a pile of files on the table. have a blurb in the Daily Prophet again.” Ginny asked Ron and Hermione.” Gawain laughed.. ”She can be trusted. He pulled his wand and shrunk the files. I think you'll find the Muggleworthy Excuse Office’s co-operation with the Auror Office more interesting than you might hope for. but she didn’t bury herself in her studies as she'd done last term. pain. ”Yes” Draco said and nodded to Ginny ”I’m sure there are loads of things you’d much rather be doing.” Harry asked. ”I have something planned. Harry woke up next to Ginny on Valentine's day with a special kiss on his lips he’d saved up just for her—one of her favorite mind-blowers. Hermione gazed romantically at her boyfriend with a very un-Hermione-ish look. Then we can spend the rest of the day together. ”Expelliarmus. The first week of February. Draco slipped Harry a phial containing one of his own memories under the table as he nodded to the files. After breakfast. I dug through the archive and gathered all the files I could find about Muggleworthy Excuse Office co-operation with the Auror Office. And as a matter of fact.harrypotterfanfiction. but yes. I have something planned today too. I do.harrypotterfanfiction. I know Valentine’s Day falls over a Hogsmeade weekend.” Harry asked. Gawain was outright gob smacked. is our business for today concluded. ”Here are the files you requested. Draco had already arrived and was waiting for them at a table. you two.” Harry told him. ”Yes. ”What are your plans for Valentine’s Day.

Outside the gates.” Ron smiled lovingly at her and she felt a wave of affection and anticipation. Hermione gazed curiously at Ron.harrypotterfanfiction.” Hermione asked silkily. Ron and Hermione left for Hogsmeade. but I don't mind. Ron left the dorm with a stomach full of butterflies. because they would have eaten in their room before heading off to meet Draco. Hermione stood waiting for him outside the Great Hall. She gasped a little when he gave her a red rose with a note attached. let’s get some breakfast. A tear stole down her cheek as she took up the quill and the parchment still floating in mid-air. yeah?” After breakfast. I want to spend this day with you. Ron took Hermione's hand and spun. ”Hermione. He still didn't say anything. but pointed behind her. Beautiful. but I have something very important to ask you. my love. ”Thou brave Ronald. and wrote her reply. ”Come on.com :: 65. She slowly turned around to face Ron. and then once more to really be sure of what it said. It was rather cold.harrypotterfanfiction. 233 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . the intellectual touch with the notes and the quill—Hermione’s heart began to flutter and then skip a beat. Hermione understood Ron had something planned and she could see he was nervous. hast captured my heart with beauty and wit. She was about to say something. The surroundings.. he knew he had a knack for messing things up. did I tell you that. Great Merlin.” Ron replied with his heart-melting lopsided grin.” Ron said softly and kissed her. Still.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. especially when he was nervous. An ancient-looking quill and parchment appeared in mid-air before her eyes and wrote a third note with gothic letters in red ink. I have a way of messing up important things when I'm nervous. What is he playing at? He flicked his wand and conjured a second rose with another note. She melted. It was still early and the sun had just barely peeked over the mountains. ”I'm so happy you’re back at Hogwarts. fair Hermione. I write thee my answer with this quill. I know I’m in love and right now. He had dropped to one knee. my love. It was so romantic. This vulnerable insecurity of Ron’s was a wonderful part of him. his blue eyes shining with love and devotion.php?mode=story&o.” Harry said kissing his beautiful fiancée tenderly.” Hermione was intrigued by Ron’s air of mystery. Harry looked at Ginny in disbelief.” Ginny said. holding a tiny box containing a ring in one hand and a third rose in the other.com/printerfriendly. dressed for Valentine's Day. This was his first Valentine's Day as Hermione's boyfriend. ”Thou.. ”Happy Valentine’s Day. ”Almost every day. He headed downstairs to the Great Hall to have breakfast with Hermione. he’s proposing! She had no idea Ron could be such an incredible romantic. ”What was that all about? Why would he tell us he's going on a date?” ”Maybe he's in love. He had planned the day carefully and wanted everything to be perfect. Harry and Ginny wouldn't be there. She looked sweetly down at him and held it so he could read it. She turned around as he waved his wand. How could he have needed all those years to understand what he felt for her? ”Good morning. my love. but Ron put a gentle finger to her lips to silence her.” ”Well. but it was an otherwise perfect winter day. ”And just wanted to tell someone about it. He looked so hopeful. Ron was perfectly enchanted. so long as it didn't turn him into the greatest prat on earth. please answer my question: Wilt thou marry this insufferable git?” Hermione read the note as it wrote itself. They Apparated to a hill outside Hogsmeade with a breathtaking view of both Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. the beautiful Valentine's morning. Now.

Tears streamed down both their faces and into their kiss. As they approached. Ron and Hermione approached them hand in hand. Hermione took a closer look at her engagement ring. join us. Of all the ways she’d ever imagined a man might propose to her. ”Ron has a lot of qualities his sister wouldn't notice. or unnamed Death Eaters.com :: 65. making eyes at one another. They knew Harry and Ginny were meeting Draco Malfoy at the Three Broomsticks before starting their Valentine’s Day date. It felt like it belonged on her finger from the moment Ron had placed it there.php?mode=story&o. kissing her soft lips tenderly and warmly.” Hermione told her. It was a beautiful gold band set with a single diamond. Neither of them had yet spoken a single word. in fact I've never been happier. Unforgivable curses. He hadn't shared his plan with anyone. ”It’ll be so well-kept that it’ll be all over Hogwarts by noon. Rather than having separate dates. Rosmerta!” Madame Rosmerta brought them Butterbeers. they saw Draco leaving. they decided to spend this day together without thinking about school. beaming and blushing. Come. ”Are you ready to walk down to Hogsmeade now?” Hermione nodded and they headed downhill towards the village. but on this day they really wanted to tell them Ron’s and Hermione’s happy news. will it. They felt like everyday people for once. It was already dark as they approached Hagrid's hut. ”I will treasure this moment every day of my life. rather than one of him making an arse of himself. Then she accepted the third rose. that people didn't feel the need to mob them anymore. Very happy. ”Did you pull yourself together and propose. ”This won't be a secret for long. since when were you such a romantic.” she whispered ”I love you.” Ron replied..” he told her softly.” Harry looked at her and then at Ron.com/printerfriendly. not even Harry.harrypotterfanfiction.. for there were simply no words for this moment. She took Ron's hand and gazed into those hypnotising blue eyes. This is perfect. ”We are happy. ”Ron. ”Ron. since they couldn't have a Firewhiskey because Mr Filch would go mental if he caught them smelling of Old Ogden's. he and Hermione were actually engaged to be married. they stopped by Hagrid’s hut.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Ginny said.” Ginny asked with a sly smirk. ”This calls for celebration. ”Please. It was true. I'd like to tell them in person.” Harry said. Marry thee? Of course I will. NEWTs. dragging Ron along by the hand. The four of them toasted and enjoyed their Butterbeers.” Hermione nodded. They entered and immediately found Harry and Ginny sitting at a table. holding her in a firm embrace. He wanted the proposal to be something romantic to remember for the rest of their lives. As they approached the pub. first at her hand with the ring. and then into her eyes.” Ron asked Hermione with a nod toward the ring.” Hermione said.” Hermione smiled and looked at her two best friends. ”That I did. Like he’s incredibly hot. ”Congratulations to both of you. ”You look happy today. nothing like this had ever crossed her mind. They had spent enough time in Hogsmeade recently.” Hermione rolled the parchment with the quill inside and hid it in her robes. Hermione told them how he had planned it all. On their way back to Hogwarts. ”I guess Harry and Ginny might still be there.” Hermione laughed. She was going to keep that forever. They visited him as often as they could. ”Maybe we should find Harry and Ginny. rather than have them hear it as gossip. they could see other couples walking through the streets. Ginny suspected what had happened but was still surprised when Hermione showed them her hand with the ring. He knew he would be even more nervous if he had. This intolerable know-it-all loveth thee. When they finally had to break the kiss to breathe. He gazed at Hermione.” Harry asked Ron.harrypotterfanfiction.” Ron breathed his relief. Light shone warmly through the windows and smoke puffed 234 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . Ron stood and slid the ring onto her finger.

Harry.” Hagrid said. wiping a huge tear from his beetle eyes. since he was now Head of Gryffindor House. When Hagrid. it became quite evident that news of the engagement had made the rounds of the student body. ”Let me get yer all a cuppa. ”Good on ya. She didn't get any studying done 235 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”To the newly-engaged couple and their happiness. They all sighed and gasped in all the right places as friends congratulated Ron with handshakes and backslaps. because at dinner. Had a good Valentine's Day.harrypotterfanfiction. but still the professor noticed the ring on her finger.” she called. smiling up into the tall man’s face.” She said pausing. ”I don't know—probably in the library. Everyone rose from their seats. showing him her ring. ”O' course. ”I heard a rumour today.” he said. It’s been me an' Fang today.harrypotterfanfiction. They chatted together about the old days over their tea. ”Where's your fiancée?” Ron looked up from his eggs and bacon. Hagrid decided to trudge on up with them. Seeing Miss Granger entering the Great Hall I noticed the rumour was true. A ruddy meeting or summat. he seemed to be out of the homemade biscuits Madame Maxime had taught him to bake. He served them tea as Hermione told him how Ron proposed. but Hermione was conspicuously absent. ”Let me propose a toast to Mr Weasley and Miss Granger. he was still amazed sometimes that they wanted to be friends with him. telling them her happy news. He’d never doubted their friendship.” the big man replied as he ushered them in.” Hermione said with a tone that even Hagrid understood meant something special. I think everyone else’ll know already. Hermione had been walking as casually as possible. Professor McGonagall clapped her hands and the food appeared. Nothing escaped professor McGonagall's sharp eyes. Harry and Ginny found Ron busy with his breakfast in the Great Hall. who showed them her ring and told the story numerous times. but soon it was time for supper at the school and they needed to get back. The next morning. yer always welcome. mate.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”Hey there mate. ”Can we come in Hagrid. Professor McGonagall rose and tapped her goblet. He just wasn’t used to so much positive attention.” Professor McGonagall said raising her cup. Ron sat down and wrote a quick letter to his parents.com :: 65. and raised their cups too. while Joseph pumped his hand furiously.. This turned the attention from Ron and Hermione. who’d befriended and trusted people and creatures the rest of the Wizarding world would not. Hagrid was an emotional man. The hall went silent as the five of them headed for their seats. ”We wanted you to hear it from us. Hagrid shook his head. ”Oh.” Ron added. Olympe’s in France. ” I've never had a better Valentine's Day. They knocked on the door and Hagrid opened it.”I’d better send an owl to Mum! She'll never forgive me if I don't tell her today.” he asked. ”What have you been doing today.” Harry asked. ”Tha's wonderful! Congratulations ter yer both. a very happy piece of news.” Harry called. He liked being about the castle because it enabled his students to contact him regularly without having to troop down to his hut. they’d understand the urgency..” Hagrid said and patted his dog. Unfortunately.” Ginny asked. Hagrid? Have you seen Madame Maxime.php?mode=story&o. including many of the Slytherins. ”Why’s ’at?” ”Ron proposed today. and Ron's face returned to its normal colour at the sight of all the food. The Munchkin girls hugged him tightly around his waist and neck.com/printerfriendly. At the same time. After supper. a crowd of girls gathered around Hermione. from the chimney. did yer?” Hagrid put a kettle on the fire and set the table with cups. but if they had known Molly Weasley. Once the hall was seated. Hermione also wrote a letter to her parents. They reminded him a lot of Professor Dumbledore. even though he was half-giant.” Ron gasped. Ginny. When Hagrid was seated at the head table.” she said. ”Nah. ”Merlin. Hermione composed a press release for Lee Jordan to feed the press.” Everyone within earshot laughed at his respect for his mother. Ron blushed crimson. Ron and Hermione entered the Great Hall.

catching Ron's and Hermione's attention. they can open it anywhere they like. Ginny needed to go to the library to write a Potions essay. they’d have the best possible start. ”There's only one problem. She found Hermione crying on her bed.” Ginny nodded. Do you want to come along? I need to see my parents. ”That's a great idea. However. ”That's great news Ron.” Hermione looked at him as though he’d grown a second head. even if it means taking out a loan. Gin! Let's talk to her at lunch.harrypotterfanfiction. and Ginny had lunch together. Ginny headed towards Gryffindor tower to see if she might be in the dorm. ”Ginny and I are investing some money in a new business.” Why the bloody hell would they tell her something like this? ”Just give me a moment. Following morning classes Ron. they keep everything they make. Harry. Ginny knocked on the door to their dorm and stepped in.” Hermione asked. ”Do you know any who might be interested?” Hermione stared at them in astonishment.” Harry said kissing her. and after expenses. what’s wrong? Are you all right?” Hermione didn't answer.” he said conspiratorially.” It was a guess as good as any other. but handed her a letter. and congratulations to both of you from the bottom of our hearts. he spied Draco’s phial on the table. feeling her close to him.” Harry headed back to their room after lunch. ”Tell him I’m all right and I’ll be along. ”But Seamus won’t be too thrilled. sorry for telling you this. we have found work. waking up in her arms every morning. When he walked through the door. ”Ron. When she reached Harry. she whispered something in his ear. and this way. We need two dentists to run it for us. ”You mean they could have a clinic in central London. but we haven't enough savings to give you and Ron the wedding we wish our only daughter to have. ”I'll be gone for a few hours. ”You know how she can be.php?mode=story&o. Ron leaned in toward Harry.Mum and Dad” ”Oh dear.” she said. He nodded in agreement. I’m really sorry. She kissed Ron soundly and headed for Professor McGonagall’s office.” Harry was so used to living with Ginny that he couldn't imagine being without her. Your father and I are very happy for you. you don't have a class until later.. ”You want my parents to run a dental clinic for you?” ”Yes. 236 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . We know how deeply you love each other. but Ron’s worried about you.com/printerfriendly. ”Professor McGonagall told me that Hermione and I will have our own room.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. It's wonderful that you and Ron are engaged. We can't wait to see you. ”Anywhere they like.” Ginny added and turned to Hermione. Again. she didn't even look at Ginny. but hugged both Harry and Ginny for all she was worth. yesterday. all those little things in everyday life meant so much to him. ”Dearest Hermione. She couldn't get a word across her lips.” Harry said. it couldn’t be construed as charity. returning about twenty minutes later. ”We're opening a dental clinic..” Harry said. ”Hermione. love.” Ron replied.” Harry repeated. Hermione. Since returning to England. gazing at her in the soft morning light.” Ginny said giving Hermione a hug.” Hermione said.com :: 65.harrypotterfanfiction. but ten minutes before the seventh-years’ first class Hermione still hadn't shown for breakfast. but with Harry's and Ginny's resources. There is one thing we must tell you. Harry winked at Ginny and then looked at Hermione. Cuddling up together every evening. similar to yours.” Harry agreed. but I’ll be back for afternoon classes. She understood they did this to give her parents the means to make more money to afford the wedding. your father and I will give you the wedding of your dreams somehow. Now you better hurry to class. Her parents would still have to work hard to build a patient base. ”Hermione. As she returned to the Great Hall she got an idea. Hermione was suddenly speechless.

”She’s a fine young lady who can keep him in line!” He took his wife in his arms and rested his chin on her head. or.php?mode=story&o.” she complained. my lovely. I have some wonderful news. looking disgustedly down at the pile of heaving feathers and bird feet lying on the scrubbed oak table. what are you standing there for? Read the letter.” Molly said wiping proud tears from her eyes with her apron.harrypotterfanfiction.” 237 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . but George seems serious about Angelina. ”Just my views? It wasn’t my dynamic personality or my stunning good looks. knew meant something drastic had happened.” he answered and put away the spark plug he was studying.” Molly demanded. isn’t it. It served some kind of function in the motorcycle on which he still had some repairs left to finish. Errol is getting senile. Errol’s been in our family as long as we’ve been married.” ”Our children are all grown up. but will do that as soon as possible..” Arthur said with pride in his voice. it was hard to determine whether she was happy or angry about it. the Weasleys may soon take over the world.” ”That will do. His guess—or hope—was that whatever it might be was good news. and Ron’s marrying Hermione. from experience. the most talented.” Molly sniffed as Arthur handed her his handkerchief.” Arthur answered as he gently gathered up the rugged old owl and stroked his ruffled feathers. after all their years together.” he said softly. ”Both of our babies are getting married! I can't wait to hear all about it. He’s pretty worn out. ”We must get a new owl! Clearly.” Arthur joked. ”That’s what made me fall in love with you!” ”Is that all. isn’t he. Ginny’s marrying Harry next summer.. too. He cleared his throat and began to read: ”Dear Mum and Dad.. The poor bird looked more dead than alive. this is wonderful.com/printerfriendly. Mollywobbles.com :: 65. Harry’ll take good care of Ginny and Hermione’ll take good care of Ronnie.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.. for Valentine's Day.harrypotterfanfiction. Molly dear. Love from your son.” she chided. We haven't talked to Hermione's parents yet. kissing her nose. He sighed resignedly and headed for the kitchen where Molly stood waiting with a bit of parchment clutched in her hand. ”Now. but with the new grandchild. I don’t know anything about Charlie or Percy.Preparations ”Arthur!” His wife shouted to him in a way that he.” he smirked. ”Bill’s soon to be a father. ”I guess you're right. Mr Weasley.” Molly wept into her husband’s chest. shaking the letter at him. Ron and Ginny’ll be very happy with their chosen ones. there-there.” she cried. Chapter 13: Preparations [View Online] [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter] Chapter 13 . Arthur took the letter and slid his reading glasses onto his face. ”We knew this was coming someday. Yesterday. wisest and wonderful witch of our age will marry me. We got permission from Professor McGonagall to leave the school next weekend to see both you and the Grangers.” Molly laughed. ”Coming dear. and Harry and Hermione officially joining the family. But there was some anger in her voice. ”Arthur. ”Well. She said yes and we are now engaged. I asked Hermione to marry me... you have such an interesting view of the world. ”This is great news! And Ron chose well when he chose Hermione. Still. it’s all rather a blur. ”Yes. I'm still trying to understand that she.. We have nothing to worry about. Ron sent this letter yesterday and he’s only just arrived with it today. so all he could do was drop everything and go to her. Ron” ”So he actually did it! Oh Arthur. ”You know all the reasons very well—especially that night in the Astronomy tower when we..

” Harry muttered to himself.” ”No. and a sullen Draco seated between his parents.” he assured the headmistress. Professor.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” ”Very good. ”You seem concerned. ”Yes.” Harry said respectfully. Thank you..” ”Oh Arty. McNair. But we’re learning a lot in quite a short time. It leapt aside and he ascended the stairs to her office and knocked. Crabbe. Harry found himself at Malfoy manor in what appeared to be a formal dining room because there was a highly-polished mahogany table twice the size of the Weasley’s scrubbed oak one. Harry also recognised Bellatrix Lestrange. holding up the phial. it’s good to see you. we’re not. her eyebrows raised. gesturing toward the cabinet where he’d first found it by accident in his fourth year.” he chuckled.” Harry replied. ”You may use the Pensieve.. many of whom Harry recognised. ”It’s hard work. ”So what brings you?” ”Well. Harry leaned forward. ”I’ll be just a moment. How are the DA coming along?” ”Very well. ”Harry.” Professor Snape.” he told her. He had a feeling she wasn't elderly.” Harry began. allowing himself to be drawn into Draco Malfoy’s memory. Around the table sat a core group of Death Eaters. what with all the tough physical training and the—er —advanced magic..harrypotterfanfiction. Harry. Voldemort closed the door and after that Harry returned to the office.” Harry said as he made to leave. Harry.php?mode=story&o. ”If you don’t mind. Mrs Weasley. Goyle. Professor. Very good. ”You and Mr Malfoy aren’t exactly the best of friends. Professor. and Nott.” he said as he strode over to the cabinet and carefully removed it to the desk. He poured the memory into it and it shimmered and swirled in the stone vessel. I trust you know where it is. ”Come. She brightened when she saw her visitor.. a very nervous Narcissa.” she answered. is that right. At the head of the table Voldemort presided over the dark assembly. ”Damn! I almost forgot about this. Professor. pulling up a sleeve.” he said to the gargoyle. But I don't know if I can trust Malfoy or not. ”Tartan.. I wouldn’t change a thing. Professor. Snape was absent from this meeting. ”I do.” she asked..” she said. ”The memory revealed a dangerous possibility. Mulciber.” ”Indeed. Yaxley. ”Thanks again. but he wasn't sure. I am. I can nick up to Professor McGonagall’s while Ginny’s in the library. He gave me this memory.” Harry turned to Snape's portrait. With a jolt of anger. ”That will do. He snatched the phial from the table and hurried off to the Headmistress’ Office.” she said. touching his nose to the surface of the silvery substance lying in the Pensieve. can you offer any advice as to Malfoy's trustworthiness?” 238 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . but the meeting had to do with an investigation. I still have a trace of the scars on my wrists.” he replied. There was a knock on a door and Voldemort arose from the table and opened the door and exchanged silent words with someone who appeared to be a woman. She raised her face to her husband’s and pressed her lips to his in a kiss filled with love and nostalgia for their younger days. stopping him mid-stride. Harry thought about what he had seen as he collected the memory and returned the Pensieve to its place in the cabinet. ”I had a meeting with Draco Malfoy and.” she said nodding thoughtfully. ”But it was worth every minute and if I had to do it all over again. ”So you would like to view it. The memory was not very long. including Lucius Malfoy.com :: 65.” Professor McGonagall said.” Molly sighed.com/printerfriendly.harrypotterfanfiction.

No one will ever threaten my family’s safety again.. Potter. He thought it might be possible that men reminded Voldemort of his Muggle father. Harry highly doubted anyone else could. Still. After all. he was able to learn a most important fact—Malfoy was indeed a talented Occlumens. is that he obviously wanted you to see this memory. they might also do something hasty. Gawain allowed Harry to continue working with Malfoy as he saw fit.harrypotterfanfiction. the only one in touch with the enemy and he was willing to talk. they needed to know about it. They also 239 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . he had to clear that with Robards. Draco must think this might be the mysterious enemy.com/printerfriendly. Harry had a feeling that the rumours about some dark force seeking to take over the Ministry were false. ”Thank you. depending on his loyalties. On the other hand. It's likely he might play a role similar to mine. Whatever the case. for allowing me to use the Pensieve and talk with Professors Snape and Dumbledore. However. But before letting Malfoy in on anything. ”Malfoy is a gifted Occlumens. so he tended to be quicker to anger with them. Harry.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Professor. If his friends couldn’t come up with a better idea. Had Voldemort had any other disciples besides Bellatrix? Was there a reason she was taught things none of the male Death Eaters were? Harry turned all he knew of Voldemort's life over in his mind. self-centered nutter most of his life. I don't doubt it. Professor. Another one like her would throw their world into another nightmare and he intended to stop it one way or another. if anything at all. couldn't stay in power. for he truly respected his former Potions Master even though he hadn’t ever been on good terms with him over the years. Harry realised he would need someone outside Hogwarts to keep his eyes and ears open. No matter Malfoy's loyalties. Professor. he might still serve their purposes. after all. they might do something hasty and inadvertently reveal some pertinent information about their leader and her intentions—if in fact their leader was the woman in Draco’s memory. Voldemort didn't consider Bellatrix an equal either. ”Thanks again. but provided no answers. But perhaps women somehow represented something uniquely special because his mother was a witch. Ron and Hermione.” Snape sneered. if Voldemort. but I honestly don't know about his loyalties.. He turned his attention to Dumbledore's portrait. Harry planned to returned Draco’s memory to him and discuss the mysterious woman while the Aurors read Malfoy's mind minimizing the risk for deceit. On the way back to the quarters he shared with Ginny. If there could be another Bellatrix roaming about.php?mode=story&o. Their thoughts might be relevant. he knew he needed to talk with Ginny. That was it. it would be pointless to try and make a case out of it because he’d have to convince his superiors first. and as far as Harry knew. That could be a very good thing or a very bad thing. Harry could never be certain what Voldemort could be thinking about anything like that because he’d been an evil. Could he trust Malfoy? He was. Bellatrix was a powerful and brilliant witch. ”Professor?” ”All I can say. If the Death Eaters learned that the Aurors weren’t buying into the notion of an attack on the Ministry. Ron and Hermione about the little bit he’d found out from Draco’s memory.” ”You're more than welcome. if they did plan to attack and were convinced that the Ministry considered it a false alarm. he would talk to Gawain about using Malfoy.harrypotterfanfiction. Had he been able to shut me out? Bollocks! He turned to Professor McGonagall again. He would share these concerns as well when he spoke with Ginny. If he was right. Bloody hell! This cloak and-wand-crap lies in Ron’s area of expertise. I taught him myself.” Harry said respectfully. Voldemort also had the habit of treating even his most devoted Death Eaters like servants rather than equals. As for his trustworthiness. however. He continued to wonder who the mysterious woman might be and what she was up to. And could you please ask Mr Weasley and Miss Granger to come to my office when you see them?” ”Of course.com :: 65. Harry continued to turn Draco’s evidence over in his mind. But without proof. Harry. Harry sent an owl to Malfoy requesting a meeting with him at the Auror Office the following week. but evil and completely insane.” Harry replied and exited the office. it was a woman. but why? To give you a clue to defeat the enemy or to set a trap? Or to confuse you and focus on non-essential matters?” Harry carefully considered the two former headmasters' words.

The week passed quickly with classes. Love. ”They are so perfect for each other.” Ginny grinned.” The four of them had a good laugh at Percy’s and Arthur’s unwitting expense. good luck. He had to admit. Maybe he did know more.. I have procured an appointment with Wilie Twycross for your for tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 9. but to take Ron’s mind off meeting with his parents and future in-laws about his engagement to Hermione. but wanted Harry to watch the memory first and talk about it in a more appropriate place than the Three Broomsticks. ”But you’ll pass. I assume you have been Apparating without it. Ron and Hermione headed into Hogsmeade to Apparate to the Burrow.were better at it. I guess I’d better get it over with and face Percy’s pompous diatribe about illegal Apparition.” Even Hermione had to laugh. ”Oh yeah. though. the Ministry has very strict regulations concerning Apparition. ”Yes. and although I don't approve of that I realise it wouldn't look good if it reached the press even if I did. they’d end up this way. It’s hysterical. ”They know Hermione is happy.” ”But I thought they liked you.com/printerfriendly.. that should be enough.. Accidental Magical Reversal Squads are stretched to their limits every day. Ron and Hermione to read as well. but will they accept me as Hermione's husband. You’ve been doing it almost daily for over a year.” Ginny asked. Harry opened it. I didn’t know you were a mimic!” ”I can only do Percy well. You really shouldn’t be doing that because you could splinch yourself.” Ron speculated.” Ginny said wistfully. ”That was really good. Quidditch. Sincerely. Friday morning.” Harry calmed him. that he had calmed down considerably since his and Hermione’s meeting with Professor McGonagall. ”Or argued about everything. There wasn’t any doubt that both sets of parents would be happy for the couple. ”Well.harrypotterfanfiction.” Ginny offered. homework. ”You should ask George to put them on sometime. ”I suppose.php?mode=story&o. And Dad a bit.” Harry sighed.” Ron said. and with Ron’s status with the DA as a sort-of Defence Against the Dark Arts instructor. an owl arrived with a letter for Harry from Percy. You’ll have no trouble earning your licence. but then I was just the boyfriend. Harry and Ron worked with Dennis Creevey and Jessica Spinnet respectively and worked out with the weights when they had the opportunity. Now I'm the future son-in-law.” Harry encouraged him. Ron. The headmistress informed them that. and for Ginny. Not even Seamus' remarks about being alone again would detract from that happy development. blah. as a part of their family.. ”But you know Hermione's parents. but Fred and George are. Percy Weasley Harry passed it around to Ginny. they would have their own private quarters together.” Ron said slowly shaking his ginger head and wishing he could believe that. Harry and Ginny watched their friends walk hand in hand towards the gates.. needed to decide what Malfoy's next step should be. You asked me during the holidays about a discreet way to test for your Apparition license. blah. ”Who would have known that when she asked us if we had seen Neville's toad on the Hogwarts Express. the father of their grandchildren. as an engaged couple.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. 240 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. They're going to be stuck with me.00 AM.” After classes that Friday.harrypotterfanfiction. ”I can see it all now: Harry. blah. so they might learn more without putting him in unnecessary danger. Like you should care. ”Well. Much of the working out was designed not only to get into and stay in shape. ”They liked the boyfriend. kissing his cheek.. Harry.. pursed lips and all. it was just the enormity of it all that made Ron more and more nervous with each passing day.com :: 65.” Ron snickered and drew himself up to impersonate his stuffy older brother’s snooty demeanor. Somewhat surprised.” Harry asked rhetorically.

I was just too much of a prat to recognise it as the need to rescue the girl I loved rather than Ron’s little sister.harrypotterfanfiction. horrible as it was. We have each other and our love and our precious bond forged in that love. the Valentine was kind of nice even though I wasn’t smart enough to say so. ”I remember that morning at the Burrow after Ron and the twins rescued me from the Dursleys.. Ginny. Of course Ginny had been telling her family she would marry Harry Potter since she was four years old... I truly fell in love with you—with Harry Potter. you were a cute little girl.” Hermione and Ron enjoyed walking together and didn't Apparate to the Burrow until they reached Hogsmeade. ”I fell in love with you when I saw you lying on that cold stone floor in the Chamber of Secrets. ”How are you feeling.” Since there were no words to describe his love for her. ”I had been enthralled by all the stories about you when I was little. but when I saw you there that day. resting his chin on her head. I fell in love with you.” Ginny laughed. stopped. baggy clothes and all-around polite nervousness at King’s Cross the year before.” Harry asked her. As I remember. but horrified at the same time... 241 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . not the mythical Boy-Who-Lived I’d dreamed about since I was four years old. I was still in my pajamas—I was a mess. she broke from his embrace and took his hand. ”Um. held a look of desperation and fear for her life as he relived those horrible moments. ”Come on. ”Or me messing up everything and losing the ability to speak whenever you were close?” ”It seems like a million years ago and only yesterday at the same time. breathing in her intoxicating wildflowers and strawberries scent. ”Harry. You were just a skinny kid with the most alluring green eyes and hauntingly tragic smile I had ever seen. has made us the people we are today. I love you so much. love. ”When? In the common room after the game.” Ginny cooed. ”Or when I sent you that god-awful Valentine?” Harry began to chuckle.” Ginny sucked in a deep breath at the magnitude of Harry’s emotion.” she said. he sent her a wave of the unspoken thing through their bond to convey it. I thought so even then. Ron and Hermione are probably already in London by now. but you were still the prettiest thing I’d ever seen.I'd love to.” ”You know when I fell in love with you. It was the winged dwarf sitting on my chest singing it for all the world to hear that I wanted to kill Lockhart for.com :: 65.since we’re on the subject of the past. I froze. It’s all in the past. and the moment I saw you sitting there eating breakfast with my brothers.harrypotterfanfiction. how about reading from Mum's diary in front of the fire again tonight? It's been a while and I'm curious to find out what happened after the engagement part. Reluctantly.” His spicy woodsy scent filled her head as she listened to the comforting sound of his heartbeat. ”Yes.” Harry said. I was glad to see you there.. ”But you’ve grown into an extraordinarily beautiful young woman and I can’t keep my eyes off you. You came down the stairs looking for your jumper. ”Mmm. ”But there you were—good-looking even at twelve—and you spoke to me as kindly as. ”But you’ve grown into my devilishly handsome green-eyed god who earned legendary status for your intense ability to love and be loved. brushing his unruly hair away from his eyes. Harry looked lovingly at Ginny.” She reached up and pulled his head down for a kiss. When I first saw you with your wide eyes.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ” All that stuff.” Ginny gave Harry another kiss and laid her head on his chest.” ”I know.” ”Yes. I was.. ”And who would have thought you and I would ever be where we are now when I first saw you on King's Cross that day?” Ginny remembered Harry having been lost at the station without knowing how to get to Platform 9¾ on that September morning seven-plus years ago.” she asked.com/printerfriendly.. Your hands were so cold and your sweet face was deathly pale. ”Actually. No one can ever hurt us or drive us apart again.” Harry agreed. kissing her hand as they walked.” Harry’s eyes. tightening his embrace. love. even now.” he snarled in mock indignation. I just didn’t know what to do about it or if I should have back then.” She broke off because she began to choke up at the fond memory.” Hermione asked. I felt so embarrassed.php?mode=story&o... ”And you were not a mess. before entering the Burrow. and stepped into his arms.

this is my home and my parents.” Ron said with a dubious tone. love. literally..000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Welcome to the family. giving her a firm hug. We're going to the Grangers’ tomorrow. it’s just that this time they're stuck with me. ”That too.. To the Grangers. your parents have always been so wonderful to me. ”I heard you'd be here. Ron. your future in-laws. Hermione hugged him tightly around his waist. when did you become such a romantic.” Molly asked.” George added bluntly with his familiar mischievous smirk. I'm not just the boyfriend anymore. and a little later that evening.” ”But I know them. Ron was glad to hear that George was truly moving on. as usual. Let me save you this time. so it was a stretch. Fred’s death had been hard on him. ’Mione.” Ron looked at George with an element of surprise. sweetheart. I couldn't wish for better in-laws. stuffed themselves with Molly’s excellent cooking. And trust me. ”Come on. but Angelina appeared to be filling the void.harrypotterfanfiction.” Hermione said thinking back at the proposal. ”And I hardly know your parents.” Ron grinned. Ron wrapped his strong arms around her and kissed the top of her head. It's meeting Mr and Mrs Granger I'm nervous about.. but they have that bond of theirs. until I became the boyfriend. ”Ron.. George gave Ron a brotherly hug. Molly beamed at her son’s creativity. ”Nervous?” ”Yeah. but Ron stood 6-feet 5-inches tall. but I love this man. ”Thanks. ”Romantic? Is that what that was? I just didn't want to make an arse of myself with nerves. I was that bad influence Weasley boy. less disturbing. touching his face.. for Hermione to get her arms around his neck. but a part of the family. my not-so-little brother. She wasn’t tiny like Ginny. I hope you’re right. Merlin. let's not be late for dinner. ”It's so wonderful! Hermione. Ron took George aside.” George said.. George had taken Ron off-guard by offering 242 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . the smell of his mother's cooking wafting through the door certainly improved his mood.” Hermione said matter-of-factly. George and Angelina dropped by. ”It was very romantic. I mean. but this time you are quite the pathetic prat.” he said. In addition. They had. father to their grandchildren. Ron blushed.” Arthur joined them and hugged his son and surrogate daughter. ”Ron! Hermione!” Molly greeted them with her signature bone-crushing hugs.. Hermione couldn't help smiling as they headed for the kitchen.com/printerfriendly.harrypotterfanfiction. I've met her family. Mum and Dad have considered him family for years. ”Well. Hermione told them how Ron proposed to her. ”I'm sorry. Aren't you nervous?” ”Ron. After New Year. you and Angelina are serious?” ”Yes.com :: 65. too. let me see that ring first and then tell me all about the proposal. but still blubbered into her apron. Congratulations..” George said. making the idea of them shagging. they like you. I know Mum and Dad were uncharacteristically calm about Harry and Ginny. I’ve met them several times. Hermione.” she assured him. you saved me by helping me write that uniquely crappy letter to Angelina.” ”The one most certainly shagging their only baby girl. ”So. More than once.php?mode=story&o. No wonder I'm nervous. While their parents chatted with Hermione and Angelina. She's been here and met Mum and Dad a couple of times. I'm glad we came here first.” George laughed.

” ”Honestly. a group of Order members cover the area from above. Harry felt her emotional battle as her eyes filled with tears. I wish them—Remus and Peter that is—all the luck in the world. James drew patrol duty because of his skill on a broomstick. ”Let it out.harrypotterfanfiction. Professor Dumbledore told us that You-Know-Who has Imperiused people in almost every Department and Office at the Ministry (lovely). ”You knew it would be hell for you. and both Ron and Hermione knew too. Ginny’s emotional dam broke and she burst into pitiful tears. ”They knew what they were getting themselves into. if you're not ready. Harry. but it's very encouraging to know that not only is Professor Dumbledore in the fight. James is so impetuous and Sirius is just plain reckless sometimes (bless him). The Order has a few members we know and others we only heard of. not Snape.com/printerfriendly. But Harry could understand his mother's reasoning. He knew she’d become uncomfortable. We didn’t know about Death Eaters having anything to do with Hogwarts until we got here. thinking about both his and Ginny's last year during the war. Over the last several years he has slowly and methodically strengthened his grip and more or less controls the Ministry now. we didn’t know what to expect. James and Sirius wanted to attack You-Know-Who as soon as possible. Whenever there is suspected Death Eater activity. Gin—you and me. but Harry sent a wave of his love and strength and she felt it wash over her. Professor Dumbledore is planning something that calls for a complex potion like Polyjuice.php?mode=story&o. I know you went through hell. Professor Dumbledore was his usual self. he just couldn't help being nervous. I knew I had to face the Horcruxes and finally Tom himself. he’s a very friendly sort and easy to get on with once I got to know him. but also Aurors Frank and Alice Longbottom. because the Weasleys were blood traitors in the eyes of the Death Eaters. into her eyes. James and Sirius are quite keen to put him away immediately. We learned that the situation is far worse than the reports in the Prophet. You're not a leaky hosepipe.” Harry thought seriously about this particular entry because in a way that day led to his parents’ deaths.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Despite the seriousness of the Order meeting.” Harry looked at her. It felt good and right joining the Order. He did like Hermione's parents. Evil must be defeated. ”Hermione chose you. an occasional pearl of wisdom one would never expect from him. You knew that Hogwarts would be in the hands of Death Eaters. Clearly. ”I mean. There are things and situations worthy of a good cry. I can feel it 243 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . but she didn’t choose her parents.” Ron admitted. The last entry they read was about James' proposal and the day after when they told their parents. Gin. but now it felt right. The man stands nearly seven feet tall and he’s very fit with a low voice—very scary at first. On the other hand they might have died anyway. so Dumbledore’s assigned Remus and Peter to keep them grounded.” Harry said. love.com :: 65. ”The idea was born out of pure survival instinct when Angelina introduced me to her father. ”I never thought of it like that.” Harry took Ginny's hand. Personally. rather than hiding her head in the sand. but I'm here for you. But really. just like we did last year. ”You don't have to tell me. My first mission for the Order is to brew loads of Polyjuice potion. I see no alternative but to fight. but Professor Dumbledore stopped them. He is quite a good flyer. ”28 July 1978 Today James and I met with Professor Dumbledore for the first time after our exams. Remus and Peter have joined too.” With that. feeling good about at least doing something. opting to cuddle up in their bed to read Lily's diary instead. He congratulated me and James on our engagement.harrypotterfanfiction.” Ginny's memories began to surface. Because of the intensity of their studies. Harry and Ginny decided to forgo the fireplace. We are now members of the Order of the Phoenix. I'm more motivated than ever before as I’m learning about the power You-Know-Who has been amassing.. ”I meant us.” Ron seemed to relax a bit.” she said guardedly. Sirius. She hated crying. which is giving Professor Dumbledore fits. they hadn't read any more since then. ”You did. She relaxed a bit but still remained guarded. we had all assumed that Professor McGonagall would be Headmistress.” Ron went to bed that night feeling better about meeting with the Grangers the next day.. but she had to admit it felt good. We’re at least trying to do something about the Death Eaters. sobbing and wailing much like Harry had done in her arms in the dorm after the battle.

” Harry recalled his life with the Dursleys and how he was often locked in his cupboard and denied meals when he performed uncontrolled magic he couldn’t explain or if he breathed too much. Hufflepuff House had been contacted through Ernie 244 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”I know it was horrific. Right now she needed him. It had to be done.” Ginny shuddered at that recollection while Harry stroked her hair and held her as tightly as he could without crushing the wind out of her. Harry. we talked about resurrecting Dumbledore’s Army..well Loony Lovegood.” Ginny asked him.. She lay her head on his muscular chest in order to hear his heartbeat. ”I didn’t ask him or anything. she was less suspect because of her reputation as. ”Neville told me a little bit at the party. He loved her so very much. I was like riding in rolling morgue. ”Beaten up and locked in the dungeons without food. ”They almost always get lost on their way to class during the first month or so.. Harry rubbed her arm as he held her.. ”We took it upon ourselves to look after the younger students—they were easy targets for the Carrows’ and their henchmen. and I suppose both you and Neville got your share of it. Luna.” ”Ginny. and I could tell already that something was up... ever.. Luna.” Harry admitted. Voldemort himself had thrown it at him. ”There were horrible detentions.harrypotterfanfiction. it happened immediately in September..I just didn't want to burden you. He’d been sending a continuous wave of love and support through their bond as she talked. At that point. they were punished for that. ”She started in her own house with Michael Corner and a few others and then word just spread from there.” Ginny began to cry again.... you could never be a burden to me. and I had the first DA meeting amongst ourselves to decide how we were going to call everyone together without alerting the Carrows or the good squad. ”Besides. especially when those ruddy staircases take a notion to change. She knew Harry was well aware of how it felt to take the force of a hate-induced Cruciatus. ”How did you know. instead focusing on sending Ginny all his love instead. Luna volunteered to make the rounds by talking to people on the sly. Ron and I got lost loads of times. ”In our compartment.” Harry asked for clarification. Harry suppressed a surge of anger. Neville. A tear slid down his face as he pulled Ginny into his lap so he could hold her closer.” ”What do you mean. trying to add levity to her gruesome tale. there was no more need for talk. eerily calm. Harry. ”We did all we could to keep them safe—to tell them how not to give the Carrows any reason to harm them.” She began to tremble as she tried to snuggle even closer into the safety of her fiancé’s arms.chains.. Alecto Carrow and her Slytherin goon squad cast it at me as punishment several times.com/printerfriendly. ”Yes.” she cried.. ”Neville. The usual activity and chatter were non-existent.” ”Harry. through the bond. and his love.I don't know where to begin. I know they used the Cruciatus on students. Ginny. ”I know you are..” she continued. jerking her head up to search his face.. ”What infractions?” ”You know how first-years are.” Ginny said. ”Yeah.” She just couldn’t get close enough to Harry. On the train. When we got here. right?” Harry remembered how he and Ron had arrived late to Professor McGonagall’s Transfiguration class and her threat to turn one of them into a pocket watch. ”You know.. After all. especially once we found out Snape would be Headmaster with the likes of Amycus and Alecto Carrow teaching the Dark Arts and Muggle Studies. love. not his anger. Soon.” Harry said emphasising his promise in every syllable.” Harry said to calm her down.” Ginny smiled a little through her tears.php?mode=story&o. A disturbing mental picture of their beloved Munchkins chained to the slimy wall of some filthy dungeon filled his mind and his heart broke.com :: 65.” Ginny sighed. ”I.” Ginny recalled.” she began to explain.” Ginny nodded and lay her head back down on his chest.. It just came out while we were talking about something else...000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. part of loving someone is sharing their pain as well as their joy. I just.harrypotterfanfiction. I just couldn’t let those kids be hurt for even the slightest of infractions..

people were disappearing left. You did what you thought was right. We found out from a couple of students we had to hide that the ones who were disappearing had been taken to the dungeons and beaten severely.. we were taught the Unforgivables and forced to cast the Cruciatus curse on one another for practice. I swear to you that Neville and I never cast that curse on anyone. my love. I can go on.” ”No. I’m listening.” he asked. She had been thinking about the Munchkins too.” Harry told her. you know—Ernie MacMillan and Hannah Abbott argued with Amycus about something he’d said about Muggles being inferior and fit only to serve wizards..” Ginny began to shake again. Neville and me. ”And because none of them bought the story that you and I. still confused.who-knows-where. right.. I told Mum and Dad that I’d slipped on the stairs leading into the Entrance Hall on the way to supper one night. we did things to drive the Carrows—and Filch—crazy. Neville saw them sneak back through the barrier. I could’ve told them the truth..” Ginny stole a look up at Harry’s face. That’s how we found out about the firsties. neither of the Creeveys were there.. ”Harry.com/printerfriendly. Of course. and center.. ”They were two of our most enthusiastic members!” ”Because they were never allowed on the Hogwarts Express.harrypotterfanfiction.” ”Why not. and Hermione had broken into the Ministry and watched Umbridge’s inquisitorial tactics against Muggleborns. He couldn’t hold it anymore..” she took a couple of cleansing breaths and allowed a new wave of Harry’s love to wash over her. ”At first..com :: 65. We had our first meeting in a week. Harry began to sob.well. ”So that’s when we began the raids. we realised we were going to have to do more. so he and Dennis scarpered off. ”You all right now. or something ridiculous like that. you know. ”How. ”We hid him and Dennis the Room of Requirement. The Carrows didn’t notice them and Snape. ”The main targets for retribution were the Gryffindors—namely.harrypotterfanfiction. Ron.” Ginny explained. But as time went on. You had a job to do. One Muggle Studies class—we all had to take it. Colin. the Carrows turned up the heat.” she said.” Ginny said. He held them after class and called for his sister.php?mode=story&o. When we arrived at King’s Cross.” he cried ”I should have been there. ”Then how did he get to the battle.. It appeared to have turned to stone. So one night while we sat in the common room—just he and I—we plotted our next moves.” Harry had begun to seethe again and had to fight it back. I went home with a couple of bruises. He sent another wave of love through their bond to help Ginny go on.. The just lay there and held one another for a short while. but nothing too severe. He recalled the day that he. so we did too. ”It got worse and worse. After Christmas break..” At that.” Harry asked. ”Go on. I broke it off with you to keep you safe.” Ginny soothed.. If a student’s name wasn’t on the list.” Ginny began to sob. accusing them of ”stealing” magic and throwing them in Azkaban for it. MacMillan. They hit them over and over with the Cruciatus curse until they could barely move. Some of us refused and paid for it. I’m so sorry. Harry?” ”Never mind me. We couldn’t do it. In the Dark Arts class. confused. He hated injustice and intolerance. You couldn’t have known this would happen. I’d managed to heal the worst of them thanks to Madame Pomfrey’s help. baby. I was surprised that so many still had their fake Galleons so we used them... you know Colin... namely Muggleborns.. At Luna’s suggestion and in your absence.” ”Through the Hog’s Head. He had an idea something wasn’t right. Neville told him through the coin to get to Hogsmeade and come in that way.” ”Yes.” Harry asked. ”Oh Gin. Harry. By Christmas break.well.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.. the DA decided that Neville and I should be the leaders. but a fat lot of good that did. Gin. Nothing of real note other than hiding students at risk and leaving graffiti on the walls. there were Ministry people checking the students’ names against a list. ”I won’t interrupt anymore. but I knew the DA needed me and I had to go back. Are you all right to go on. they were taken away to. Gin.but Neville often acted as though I was in charge since most of the plans for the raids were my idea. stroking his agonised face while they cried together. Then they called in Crabbe and Goyle to drag them to the 245 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .

. swearing to Merlin we’d never give up. ’Harry would keep on fighting. His beloved Light Goddess was a true warrior and he loved her more now than he’d ever thought possible. sending his love—all his love to her.” That feeling slammed into him through the bond and she knew she couldn’t deny it. ”Oh gods! Harry. we ended up like Ernie and Hannah... ’Harry wouldn’t give up. Luna Incarcerused them for good measure and we blew the cell open. They’re so stupid and slow. Anyway. Harry couldn’t seem to hold her close enough.. ”They used the Imperius curse.. Neville broke their chains and Michael and Seamus picked them up and carried them out. Ginny nodded. I couldn’t tell you how long we were down there in the dark... the Creeveys. I know now that it was thanks to Professor Snape.. I knew that we were saving lives and that that’s what we were all fighting for—what you and Ron and Hermione were fighting for. and I held fast because we knew you would have. He was more than proud of her—he now worshipped her..” She continued to sob into his chest as he held her tightly to himself. but we kept talking to each other between beatings and torture.. Ginny took a deep breath. The miracle in all of this was that no matter how evil the Carrows were or how brutally they beat us. But he knew there was something else that she held back.. He rubbed her 246 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . They were gone for several days and that’s when Neville and I formulated a plan. ”I could take it because I knew what I was doing was right..” she confessed. drenching her hair... with Luna and I blasting hexes at the Carrows and Crabbe and Goyle on our heels. Luna..” Ginny said with a weak voice. Luna got tortured and released.. We knew we were going to need a team of trustworthy people to pull this off. Her tiny body shook in Harry's arms and he held her tight. She had me cast the Cruci. Muggle.well. really. but Neville.holding a frightened. We were all taking quite a beating. We always considered what you would do.. We just managed to get away from them into the Room of Requirement. The Carrows knew who their chief troublemakers were now. We couldn’t blame them.’ Neville always said.” Ginny's voice broke..” Ginny cried out her agony and desperation. Harry’s heart broke again. Neville had such a way with that room. He nuzzled the top of her head with his moist cheeks.Harry. ”I. All I know is that they stunned me and I woke up the next morning in my bed.. we were able to stun them without any noise at all. that made noise. She clung to him as if she were clinging to life itself.. He’d know about us all along and supported us.I wasn't prepared when Alecto sneaked up from behind...” Ginny went on. so we had to work fast. worse than the hardship and the pain. Those inhuman Death Eater monsters! ”The Carrows?” He couldn’t say anymore for fear he’d break out in a rage and Ginny surely didn’t need that.. ”I could take it. I can feel there's something you're holding back.just an object they used to torture me.. Michael Corner.” Harry held her even tighter and shed a few more tears for her pain and for Severus Snape. The unspoken thing he sent to her through their bond became holy to him... ”That little girl. dungeons.” She broke into new and more pitiful sobs. I had to torture.. sacred and pure because blood—each of their blood—had been shed in the forging.php?mode=story&o.I don't know who that little g-girl was or wh-what happened to her.Cruciatus curse at that child for an hour. nobody was killed. ”They all but d-dragged me to a classroom and Amycus was there holding. It was uncanny the way he could get it to produce whatever we needed with little more than a thought. the unsung hero in all of this. Seamus and Michael were taken and worked over pretty badly. We were down to only a core group because so many had fled the DA out of fear.harrypotterfanfiction... ”Ginny.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.com :: 65.com/printerfriendly.. I’m so sorry! I let them. almost screaming as she cried. we sneaked down to the dungeons where Pansy Parkinson and another member of the Slytherin goon squad were guarding the cells. but they were released. but Neville and I.. we had a regular hospital set up in our headquarters in the Room of Requirement. Harry couldn't hide the anger that dwelled inside him. she wasn’t a human being to them. His sweet Ginny had been beaten and tortured and still wouldn’t give up her fight because she wanted him to be proud of her.. Imp. By this time.’ Harry. We had to get them out of there. but we had still been caught. I..Imperiusing me.. Of course. in his own way. Seamus... We set the Creeveys as lookouts and set to break Ernie and Hannah out of the dungeons..Muggle child a Snatcher had t-taken from somewhere. and forced me to. his own tears coursing down his face as he felt her pain through their bond. child.harrypotterfanfiction.. Terry Boot. my love for you burned just as strong then as it ever did and I wanted you to be proud of me. Harry..

I want to tell you more.” she replied. but it wasn't your fault. still taking deep ragged breaths. son. Ron had to fight back rising panic. very happy indeed.. Ron.. consciously hoping to shield her against any nightmare that might plague her rest. Hermione. Ron.” Ron said with a chuckle. He could plainly see that they were happy.” As they entered the house. arms and planted kisses everywhere he could reach.com :: 65. sir. I get a case of the nerves at important moments in my life.” Ginny breathed a sleepy sigh and fell asleep in his arms. steeling himself against his own nerves. ”It’s almost as perfect as she is.harrypotterfanfiction. Mum. he and Hermione left the Burrow to Apparate to the Grangers. grinning at his future father-in-law. and the floating quill and parchment.. flashing his blue eyes at Hermione and giving her his heart-melting lopsided grin.harrypotterfanfiction. her beautiful head over his heart.” The Grangers began to laugh. but still my goddess.” This young man truly loves our Hermione. I love you.com/printerfriendly. exclaiming her joy at their engagement.. Let’s see what we can find to 247 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . you may not want to or be able to believe me.” And I will have this cute one tonight... ”Ready. Harry. He finally fell asleep as Ginny still lay sprawled out between his legs.” he replied.. ”I tend to stick my foot in it a lot. though. ”All right then. Ronald. turning to Ron.” Mr Granger said to his wife. I could do with a nosh.” I’m going to teach her to throw that damnable Imperius curse off if it’s the last bloody thing I do. Ask Hermione.I had to come up with something that didn’t involve opening my mouth.. ”Come.php?mode=story&o.yeah. her eyes glistening with tears. love. Hermione. feeling closer to her than ever. she’ll tell you. ”You’re going to keep that?” ”Of course. but you’ll make peace with it.. ”Ready.. ”Let’s do this.” Mr Granger said.” Harry meant every word of it. it’s beautiful! Ron this is just so perfect. It wasn’t your fault. love. it is. She’s beaming.” Mrs Granger said. ”I want to remember that moment for the rest of my days.” he replied.” she said almost breathlessly.” Ron said.” Hermione blushed and mouthed. ”You’ve made my baby girl very happy. and if she’s happy. as he finally accepted that he wasn't responsible for all those killed before he was able to defeat Tom Riddle.” he boomed. ”I wondered what happened to them. it wasn't your fault.. ”Welcome to the family. ”I. ”I kept the quill and parchment. Mrs Granger hugged her daughter and her fiancé warmly.. Daddy. ”How ever did you come up with such a sweet idea?” ”Well. reaching for her daughter’s left hand. I think it’s actually cute. dear. eh Ron?” ”Uh. ”It’s true though.” ”It’s true. exhausted. ”Look. and I’m going to put them in a scrapbook to show our children. but one look at Hermione's parents and he relaxed.. slapping his future son-in-law on the back.” Ron blushed scarlet. considering he doesn’t look like someone who’d be nervous about anything.. ”Thank you.. ”Hermione. Harry lay awake.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Mrs Granger exclaimed. ”Oh how perfectly romantic. and mouthed I love you.. but I don't have the strength right now.erm.” Ron said.” she smiled as she ran her eyes over his gorgeous physique. I'm even glad I told you. She’s barking. After a hearty breakfast.” Mrs Granger said as she rose from the sofa. taken aback. I’m happy!” ”Now let’s see that ring.” she asked. ”So what’s for lunch. ”I find myself a big peckish. Ron woke up feeling surprisingly good about his impending visit with the Grangers. Mr Granger beamed and shook Ron’s hand firmly. ”Ginny. squeezing his hand. ”You’ve done well. And that goes for the DA and Hermione too! ”I want to believe that. ”Yes. baby. Isn’t it lovely?” And to think we accused him of having a bad influence on Hermione. ”It’ll take time... She and Ron told her parents about how he proposed to her with the roses. the notes.” she said between her tears.

”Have the two of you talked about your wedding?” ”Not really. What more could a man ask for?” Mrs Granger took their hands and looked at them. so he wants to use it to help people.” Ron added.harrypotterfanfiction.com/printerfriendly. ”It’s just the way Harry is.com :: 65. ”Tuck in. ”We’ll accept Harry's offer. That’s just how Harry is. and potato soup. Also. Every dentist dreams of opening his or her own practice. ”Harry’ll be so happy! This means so much to him!” Ron shook Mr Granger’s hand vigourously.harrypotterfanfiction. While they ate. And because of that.” Mr Granger continued and Ron opened his mouth. ”This looks wonderful. Plus. then followed her mother into the kitchen. Hermione.” ”He was like that before he even knew he was rich. It does feel strange. When I first met him.” 248 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”Dad. I think Harry offered you this for two reasons. I learn that my daughter is marrying a fine young man from a fine family.” She stepped over and kissed her husband. ”Why would Harry feel responsible?” ”Harry would say that I was a major target for the Death Eaters because I’m his friend. you two!” Mr Granger and Ron all but leapt out of their chairs and made for the kitchen. ”Of course opening our own clinic would be a dream come true.” ”Should we even consider accepting his offer. ”Yes. I had to send you away. his stomach growling. I promise you. Hermione breached the subject of Harry’s proposal. ”You won’t’ regret this. he means it all right.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” he declared.” Mr Granger said. so my dream as a dentist is coming true. And can he afford it? Harry is a very wealthy wizard.” Mrs Granger looked questioningly at her daughter.” Hermione stepped over to Ron and kissed him tenderly. for him. which they might have believed.” Ron exclaimed. but I’m not sure how I feel about allowing Harry to subsidise it. And at the same time. Within fifteen minutes. In fact. ”And we will give you a great wedding. Mrs Granger.” Mr Granger looked at his wife. about the clinic? Can he afford it.” Mr Granger asked.” Hermione cried. ”We’ll have lunch ready in a tick. but I can't deny that I’m thrilled.” ”Oh.” Ron told them. ”Lunch. Daddy. Does he really mean it.php?mode=story&o. Mr Granger nodded. it makes him kind of uncomfortable to have all that gold. ”All right. where Mrs Granger and Hermione had prepared a lunch of green salad.. but he doesn't care too much about it. He feels responsible for you ending up in Australia last year and there’s nothing within his power he won’t do for his friends.” ”You know him a lot better than we do. He had only known me for about an hour. They’ve set their date for the twenty-fourth of June. there have even been rumours for years that Harry and I had a more than friendly relationship. Dad. At least that’s his line of reasoning. lunch was spread on the table and Mrs Granger called the men in to eat. making it ultimately Harry's fault..” she replied and they began to eat.” Hermione admitted ”I guess we're focusing on Harry’s and Ginny’s wedding first. this is a way of helping Ron and me as well. who nodded. ham and cheese sandwiches. feed these hungry men of ours. ”He won't stop offering you this until you accept. sir. he bought a bunch of sweets from the trolley on the Hogwarts Express and shared it all with me.

You see. I must be off.” Percy said as he left. I have the honour of presenting you with this.com :: 65.” Twycross told him. With Aurors stationed in the Muggle security office.” Malfoy said ironically. so what’s this all about.. ”I trust you’ve checked out the memory. ”All right. He thought about his plan to use the Muggle surveillance cameras. He kept her secret and there must have been a reason for that because he never did or didn’t do anything without a reason. King's Cross? You can owl me when you have it ready. taking Twycross’ hand. which surprised Harry. extending his hand. ”Thanks. And speaking of that.” Draco said tentatively. Nothing gets past you. He turned and spun down. she's the only Death Eater the Dar.” Harry asked again. It stood mostly empty because today was a Saturday and most of the departments and offices were closed.” Harry replied. ”And please—call me Harry. handing Draco the phial. I thought you might like it back.” ”You’re so smart. Harry left the school after breakfast to Floo to Ministry atrium. Percy lead him to a room were an Apparition instructor waited for him. Can we meet at. ”I think it might. ”Thanks. his gray eyes on Harry..” Percy said. ”Potter.harrypotterfanfiction.” Draco replied and tucked it into his robes.” ”Well. ”My Apparition license. He’s going to test you today. ”Yeah. Mr Potter.” Malfoy said flatly. introducing him to the merry-looking old wizard.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.php?mode=story&o. does it. ”Please Apparate there.” Draco reminded him. ”A pleasure to meet you too. Harry.” ”Of that I'm certain. Now. Draco.. Appealing to Malfoy's sense superiority seemed to be a good move..” Harry said. ”All right. ”So you think that woman is the enemy. why are you really here. He would have to file that tactic for future 249 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . staring down on it as if it were his passport to the heavens.Voldemort never allowed into the room with the rest of us. ”A pleasure to meet you. found Draco Malfoy waiting there for him.” Twycross said merrily. sir. then.” Harry knew he needed more leads on this and remembered the plan to get them.” Harry replied tucking it into his wallet. He didn’t ask why he’d want to meet at King’s Cross.” Harry said.” Harry said. Malfoy? Certainly not for the sole purpose of handing me my Apparition licence. You can remember things I didn't notice. There's a room on the other side of that wall.” ”Sure. ”Malfoy. if you think it'll help.com/printerfriendly.” he said with a smirk and handed Harry a wallet-size bit of parchment. He hoped that the Death Eaters would follow Malfoy and be caught on camera. I would like a report on everything you can remember about this instant. and I did. Potter.. ”Yes.” Harry asked him point-blank. this is Wilie Twycross.harrypotterfanfiction. ”She’s the only one I can think of. He Apparated into the designated room and to his surprise. He isn’t asking for particulars. You’re supposed to keep it on you at all times. Good luck. ”Harry.” ”Yes.” Malfoy said without any enthusiasm. sir.. Harry couldn’t help but chuckle a bit a Draco’s attempt at humor. they might be able to nail one of them and get him or her to talk. Harry hurried towards the Office for Magical Transportation and found Percy waiting for him. That’s a good sign that he very well might be trusted after all. Potter.

He won't be prepared for an attack.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” Harry reminded her.” Ginny said with forced levity. Ginny was already there when he stepped into the room. They wouldn't notice until they try to Disapparate.” On Sunday evening Ron and Hermione returned to Hogwarts. the scent so undeniably Harry that it drove her wild. We're just hoping he’ll be followed.” Hermione explained. ”Congratulations. Besides. ”You're right. Harry.. I’m just not used to.com/printerfriendly. and for Harry.” she breathed into his mouth. Ron. ”I know.” Harry agreed. Harry realised the risks involved in this operation and the value of an expert tactician. ”I want someone ready to get Malfoy out of there if things get dodgy.” Ron agreed.php?mode=story&o. we have to follow Auror procedure and do our best to keep him safe. since we'll need Ministry approval to cast any type of wards around a Muggle-infested public place. Harry and Ginny sat together with them to talk about the plan to catch any minor Death Eaters. that's all. At this point. She could feel the trepidation he held for his team mixed with a smidgen of doubt. She caught a hint of wood and spice on his robes.. I never thought I'd agree that it's necessary to keep Malfoy safe. Harry told Ginny about the Apparition test and meeting Malfoy. but Ron noticed and saved everyone a headache by adding ideas to the plan..and the DA. Her parents have accepted your offer. feeling really good about his plan to get more and better leads.” Harry said smiling. ”I don't think they’ll even consider that we might be using the Muggle cameras..” 250 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .. We'll get Robards and the Aurors to care of that.” Harry said. ”Right. We’ll need people stationed all over the area.” Harry explained. ”Great. yeah. Without another word. ”Anyway.” ”We need to talk to Robards tomorrow. and he could feel Ginny’s good mood too.” Harry said only just realising. ”No. I keep forgetting you added me to the vaults. provided Malfoy would be followed..” ”Of course. I hope we’re ready. reference. Death Eaters generally don’t work alone. ”You know. They could feel each other most of the time now. Malfoy doesn't know. Ginny agreed it was a good idea. a plan to learn more about the mysterious female Death Eater. Harry. we’ll want to have our arses covered if there's a fight. Gin..” ”Our offer. She ran to him and welcomed him with a deep kiss.. ”Or ones. He had his Apparition license. ”It’ll be the first mission for the DA. he trusts us and he's likely to get caught in the crossfire if there’s a fight. ”You’ll do fine. She understood from the way Harry felt that he’d earned his Apparition licence. Harry.harrypotterfanfiction. Harry left. it's so much gold. Harry reached out his hand and Malfoy shook it. covering our every move. ”It seems like a good plan. Harry returned to his and Ginny's room at Hogwarts in a good mood. Hermione's parents want to meet us. ”So. you’re a treasure. And of course.” Harry said and then turned to Hermione ”Can anti-Apparition wards be set up without the Death Eaters noticing it when they arrive at the station?” ”Yes. ”We’d better have a back-up plan to protect any Muggles who may get in the way or see something they shouldn’t.com :: 65. I’m sure as hell glad you’re on my side.” Ron agreed.harrypotterfanfiction.. his loyalty doesn't matter..” Ginny said. They want to work out some kind of contract. I try not to think about it. that was an amazing feeling. Let's just hope the one who follows him knows anything of value. ”Just make sure everyone is straight about their part. ”We’ve had a message from Hermione.” Hermione nodded and was about to launch into a lecture regarding the use of magic in areas where there were lots of Muggles. That's why we need good jobs. the smug bastards.” Ron asked.” Ron pointed out.or rather. so it makes sense that the Death Eaters would have him followed. ”He can't be trusted. and even if I don't like him.” Harry said pointedly.” Ginny assured him.

I know.that Ron. it must be Ron’s turn to take it. Ginny had just helped Harry throw Ron’s assault off and relaxed. coordinating with Robards and the Auror Office to finalise the plan. Hermione is expecting me in the library.” she assured her. Ginny knew what was wrong. ”What's that Ginny. She felt Hermione stiffen next to her as she began to shake and cry. ”Miss Granger. ”I know he’s in horrible 251 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . ”We'll celebrate my contracts tonight in our room.” Hermione began to sob again.” She couldn’t speak anymore. Harry’s not going to let anything bad happen.” Harry asked. We’ll go to our room and you can lie down for a while. Harry explained the plan to the DA. but all I can tell you is that it has to do with something Harry and Ron are doing with the DA. She handed a cup to Hermione. Ron was back in top form and just as good as the rest of the DA in a duel and his agility. except for Harry who continued to counter it through his and Ginny's bond. Harry was very clear in pointing out that there were no guarantees that anyone would follow Malfoy and that. Professor. Miss Weasley is going to take you out so you can calm yourself.. The coming week was intense.php?mode=story&o. ”Ron’s okay.. Ginny helped Hermione onto the bed and conjured a tea tray..” It was very likely Harry already knew. love” Harry said hugging her. Collect your things and go with her. but didn’t feel she should tell Professor Bones and run the risk of being overheard by the rest of the class. ”Just drink your tea. ”It's my contract with the Harpies! They're finally signed and complete!” ”Ginny! That's great.harrypotterfanfiction.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. but I’ve just had enough time to tell you all the good news. With all the working out with Harry and the grueling duelling drills with the DA.” Professor Bones continued the class as Ginny and Hermione left the room. You know that. she broke down. because they didn't think the Death Eaters trusted him.” ”Thanks. ”I’ll just take her out. waving a parchment. wasn’t taking it at all well. Professor Bones looked to Ginny for answers.” Hermione wailed. She knew when Ron was taking the curse. ”You’re a good friend. She knew because he paired with Harry and if Ginny wasn’t concentrating on Harry. Ginny!” ”I'm sorry. since Ginny had already sent worry through their bond. and taking the Cruciatus was getting really painful. One day Ginny came rushing into a DA meeting.” She rushed out of the classroom and turned toward the library..com :: 65. ”but I know what that feels like and it just kills me that Ron. It’ll calm your nerves. ”Miss Granger. The DA offered there congratulations with hugs and exclamations of ”well done” and ”good one. steering her friend toward the room she shared with Harry. Hermione.” Ginny said. We have an important essay to write.com/printerfriendly. now.” ”I. leaving Harry with his mind on something other than NEWT essays. it was a guess. ”I’ll see you all later.” Harry sighed. Hermione.” Ginny said. ”I’ll make sure Harry knows there’s something wrong. The work on the Unforgivables was paying off. Miss Weasley. They all grinned and snickered at the irony of it all.” Professor Bones replied. Her knees gave way and she slumped to the floor in a sobbing heap in the middle of the corridor. All they could do now was continue to train while they waited for a message from their contact..harrypotterfanfiction. who could barely hold it steady. Ginny. however.. touching her fingers to Harry’s lips. Ginny let her lie there for a few minutes and then helped her to her feet.” Hermione sniffed..” Professor Bones said softly. During Transfiguration.” Ginny whispered. ”Up you get.” Hermione began to sob outwardly. shall I?” ”Of course. ”NEWT classes must be pretty demanding. ”I do know. ”Is there something wrong?” When Hermione couldn’t answer because of her sobs. dear.. ”Hermione. When this class period is over. Harry and Ron’ll come straight here. to say the least.

. but I’m all right.com :: 65. eh. it seems to work very well. Ginny let go of her so Ron could take her in his arms. She seemed upset about your DA activities. mate. equally unnerved. even the powerful Queen. ”Lawnmower. And I think we both know why. as it is the first time the DA are put into action. ”Well. I’m a little sore. Miss Weasley took Miss Granger out of the classroom about half an hour ago. we do practice some co-ordination in normal Auror training. ”Dismiss the class. Class dismissed.. and stun in order to create cover for any number of battle scenarios.” she cried. I was so scared for you. it just kills me to know. ”What happened? Is Hermione all right? Where did they go.” Ron’s training regimen included coordinated Apparition.” Hermione cried.com/printerfriendly. ”Yes.to know.harrypotterfanfiction. it was his own nerves he was trying to calm.” ”Is everything set up at the Auror Office. Hermione. I.. ”'Mione.” 252 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . but we need to improve on it and make it second nature. The door clicked open and they charged inside to find Ginny holding a sobbing Hermione on the bed.” ”No pressure. ”They should be letting out about now.. talk to me.” he whispered. ”Mr Potter. ”You’re all right. The rest of the DA will be covering you in various modes of disguise.. Ron. Ginny climbed up on Harry’s side of the bed to hold her friend while she cried. you meet Malfoy. But in reality. ”And if it goes bonkers at King's Cross. pain. No pressure. the DA had engaged in tactical theory and practice.” ”Shhh. every piece by itself is basically useless..” Ron called. ”I love him so much.” Ron asked in a panic. pressing light kisses onto her tear-stained face. I might add that Kingsley is most eager about this operation. coming together as a precision team.. he stood nothing short of amazed. On Ron's initiative. but by Merlin. She knew what he was feeling too. He took Ron and Harry aside after class. Mr Weasley. You need cover.” Ron said nervously. Harry. pulling Ron toward the Defence Against the Dark Arts office.” Harry said. you lot. Ginny! I know how it feels. ”You know. I promise.” Harry replied.” She fell over on the bed to sob into Ginny’s pillow. diversion. mate.. in Wizard's Chess. ”Don’t cry—it’s s all over. Harry. we’re all set.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www.” ”Ron! Oh gods. ”You know.” ”It’s all right. ”Sorry. handing the cup back to Ginny. and the entire group looking after each other for protection.” she told them. coordinated attacks.” Harry asked.” Harry said. I got carried away. I know we all understand that. tapping it.php?mode=story&o. ”If that’s all then. We’ve pretty well mastered it now.” Harry shouted. hoping a little levity might calm his friend.” ”All right.” Harry and Ron hurried to the Transfiguration classroom where they found Professor Bones waiting for them. what’s wrong. He lifted her up into his lap and held her. ”I used a lot of ideas from Wizard's Chess strategy. The Aurors will be looking after the Muggles and will move in at any sign of trouble.. ”Probably to our room. When Robards got an eyeful of their intense precision training.” ”That’s all I’ve got. attack. ”They’ll be all right.” he admitted.” Robards said. ”’Mione! ”Mione.” Ginny said as a tear slid down her cheek for her brother. Harry.” Robards said. They listen to you anyway. Let’s meet the girls at Transfiguration. this is outstanding!” Ron blushed. skidding to a stop in front of the cabinet. ”Come on!” They headed to Harry’s and Ginny’s room at a dead run.harrypotterfanfiction. and the casting of a varying series of spells to shield.” Ron cried as he sped to her side. Love. ”Oh yeah.. this tactical ability you’ve instilled in your team will be quite helpful.

sir. "Have you ever noticed anything unexplainable happening around Hermione? When she is angry. Miss Granger." he said. He has asked to see all three of us. and not any gift.com/printerfriendly. Mum had made her all favourite food. there was nothing more to be done but to wait. but were very career-minded. they would go to the beach. Hermione entered the living room to join her parents and a very odd-looking guest she never had seen before. So much so that her parents always provided her with books. She knew Ginny wasn’t pleased about the letter they’d written about her engagement to Ron and the lack of funds to give her a landmark wedding. but those events were accidents.. "Hermione. Now they were all bound by common ground—they’d all suffered torture under the Cruciatus curse at some point in their lives. Miss Granger. perhaps?" Both the Grangers kept silent. she loved to.php?mode=story&o.I. Dad. Harry talked to Hermione about meeting her parents to get started on the dental clinic. and he continued talking directly to Hermione. since they keep no secrets from one another. Hermione and Ron would accompany them and this time. Professor Dumbledore looked at her." Hermione began. and the Grangers would meet and plan and draw up a proposal." "She is very gifted and studies hard. "Coming." her father told her. but Professor Dumbledore raised his hand. holidays were the only time Hermione felt they really were there for her. Dad and she would swim together for an hour and then join Mum for lunch. Harry and Ginny stood holding one another while Ron calmed Hermione down.. Holiday! Her parents worked so much. sometimes they seemed perfectly satisfied if Hermione didn't leave her room at all.harrypotterfanfiction. ”I couldn’t take it.. your daughter has very special talents. The first meeting was decided to take place over the coming weekend. "Good day. but I wasn't aware of. Her mind wandered off. Apart from school work. It.." he said politely. Yes.harrypotterfanfiction. this is Professor Dumbledore." For a moment Hermione imagined she heard professor Dumbledore's voice in her head. I couldn’t bear it!” Hermione buried her face in Ron’s neck and held on to him for dear life. But still. always concerned about her schooling. Ginny. Hermione knew she needed to talk to Ginny and Harry before they went to meet her parents. "I am here because of your gifts. and she also knew Ginny would have told Harry about it. Do you know what gifts I am talking about? "Sir? I mean Professor Dumbledore. The next step was to have a contract prepared by Gringotts allowing the Grangers whatever resources they would need to start their business." Both Hermione and her parents were intrigued by his introduction. First of all. Harry and Ginny did indeed celebrate her contracts in a most pleasing way on the rug in front of the fire. Miss Granger. but sometimes Hermione thought that they were more comfortable if she stayed in her room reading her books. Not that Hermione didn't like to read—in fact. "Good day.oh gods. Harry.. back to the summer before she turned twelve years old. Hermione blushed. Strange things had happened every now and then from 253 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . She needed her friends to understand that her parents loved her. knowing what you were going through. "May I get straight to the point?" Hermione and her parents nodded.. Later this day. weren’t they? Hermione also understood what he was talking about. Ron felt relaxed about meeting the Grangers.. His warm scent of spice and chocolate filled her head and comforted her. July was a good month. I’m Professor Dumbledore. July was one of the best months of the year. "I am the headmaster of a school called Hogwarts—a school for students with special…gifts. Hermione was about to return to her book when her dad called to her from downstairs. he sounded friendly.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. sad or frightened.com :: 65. encouraging her to study and read. Of course they were there every day. Since preparations for the mission were all in order. closing her book and placing it carefully on her nightstand.. "Mr and Mrs Granger. They did know what he was referring to.. Was she a mistake." "Please. and the reason she never had a brother or sister that her parents never intended to have a child at all? Hermione shook off the unpleasant thought." Hermione returned. She loved them for that." her father began.

The Grangers began to make preparations for Hermione to board the Hogwarts Express on the first of September. Hermione didn't want anyone to think she had hit him. about the time she turned seven years old. where Ginny poured out." Mr Granger asked. But in every year.php?mode=story&o." "Hogwarts is a boarding school. I’ll be right there. "Miss Granger. "What you have seen is unintentional magic. it all made sense." Professor Dumbledore explained.. love. Hogwarts is a school for witchcraft and wizardry. and her parents. You see Mr Granger. “Gin. Once she had been so angry with her bushy hair.. Fortunately. one a redhead and the other raven-haired with round glasses. but what Professor Dumbledore had told her made more sense than anything else. there are those born without magical parents. You're a witch. “Thanks. and had no logical explanation other than the one provided by Professor Dumbledore." Mr Granger asked his wife. All young wizards and witches do that. There was a bully at school who had teased her about her teeth. it's just.harrypotterfanfiction. all unexplainable. the mirror in her room shattered. C’mon in.. according to the professor. Hermione and Ron would like a word. we live in secret and it is only after a child turns eleven years old can he or she start at Hogwarts. stroking her cheek.. She had no idea how her life would change when she decided to help a chubby boy her age search for his missing toad.. At Hogwarts a young witch like Miss Granger will learn to perform legitimate magic and control her powers. Their daughter was a witch. He had somehow been knocked out without her ever having touched him. Once or twice. "Where is this school. “Tea?” Harry conjured a tea service with a few biscuits and they all sat down to the table. "Oh." Professor Dumbledore strolled through the Granger's garden with his hands clasped behind his back. "I. What’s up?” “Harry.. A new world had opened to Hermione. So what’s up. "Typical Dad. no one knew about that. She came out with a towel on her head. I shall leave you for a few minutes. "You see.” Ginny asked." Professor Dumbledore continued. Are there any more questions so far? If not. but all the times together she." she replied thoughtfully. She knew it meant leaving her school. always thinking about money. had knocked him out. her class. I want to go. but a single look from the old professor changed his mind.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. 1991. "Are you interested in my opinion?" "Sorry dear." Mr Granger seemed to want to say something. and what would it cost to send Hermione there. "It does explain one or two things. but part of felt was sad as she got seated alone on the train. children like your Hermione. Because we haven't prepared you to fund schooling for Hermione at Hogwarts it is also our Ministry's responsibility to assist you.com :: 65. She had no idea how special she was when she slid open the compartment door and met two boys." Hermione said in her typical matter-of-fact way. her friends. Of course we are.com/printerfriendly. overwhelming. seemingly fascinated by the lawnmower standing on the lawn. having just washed her hair. and the bully didn't want anyone to know a girl. There were at least a dozen similar events. To Hermione. Professor Dumbledore looked at Hermione again. "What about sending Hermione away to that school?" Hermione looked at her parents. and there are funds at the Ministry of Magic assisting families like yours. “I know about the letter. could we have a word with you and Ginny? It’s about the letter my parents sent when I told them about our engagement.” Ginny called from the bathroom. Ron." her mother said. there could have been a reasonable explanation. “Hermione. it just broke into a thousand pieces. Ginny didn’t like it and…” Hermione stammered.harrypotterfanfiction. She hadn't done anything to it. a bookworm nonetheless. Ginny told me. "What do you think about this. Hermione knocked on Harry’s and Ginny’s door. Harry answered." Mr and Mrs Granger began to understand that this Professor Dumbledore fellow was quite serious about being headmaster for this school of witchcraft and wizardry. 254 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM .” “Okay. because she felt that her parents were relieved to send her away to a boarding school.” Harry said as he ushered them in. had performed unintentional magic. it's nothing to worry about. most wizards and witches are born in families in which at least one parent is magical.

Her plan was slowly coming to fruition and she hoped to have the element of total surprise on her side. money is a really big issue.. or he would have used his knowledge to demand a meeting with her..com/printerfriendly." Hermione explained.” he bowed.” Harry said with a smirk. I learned of a secret meeting between Mr Malfoy and Potter at the Ministry. “Tact and diplomacy have never been my parents’ long suit. my lady. was that really necessary?” "Their focus on their careers combined with the Granger matter-of-fact. that’s all.” Ron said in the Grangers’ defence. Ginny.” ”Something strange is going on. not all families are Weasleys.” He bowed again and left the room.” she ordered. They’re really nice people.” “Yeah. simply to be kept busy. so that he might know who destroyed his world. No. ”There was no one else present. But Dumbledore's Army needed to be attacked. Chapter 14: Surprises [View Online] [Printer Friendly Version of This Chapter] Chapter 14 .” she asked. ”And if he encounters Potter?” ”Gather information. Gin-Gin. it’s just that they’ve been careeroriented most of their lives and they felt bad because of everything that’s happened that kept them from building a savings for a wedding for me. Harry.” Ron said to his sister. I think they just panicked. Malfoy was the only person she could use to get close to Harry Potter if it need be.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”So. it would either be in the Prophet if Malfoy was loyal to the Ministry. when she would reveal herself to Potter. I just didn’t like that it upset you so much.” Hermione said. Take no action for now. that’s all... -ness is sometimes very blunt.” She considered the significance of this information. “Ginny.harrypotterfanfiction. Malfoy couldn't have seen her. ”Yes. coordinated with other attacks.Surprises 255 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . am I right. Hermione?” “Right in one.” Ginny said shaking her head. There could be no mistakes. She thought about Malfoy again. Malfoy didn't know about her.” “Well.php?mode=story&o. She had visited Malfoy manor a couple of times while the Dark Lord was there. my parents didn’t mean any harm when they sent that letter. “They’re really happy for us.” “Ginny. “It’s a status thing for people like them to be able to throw lavish weddings for their daughters. If he knew her identity. even insensitive. “You’re just used to people taking everything in stride.” “Just give them a chance. I suppose. That is.com :: 65. “I mean. But it was unacceptable not knowing what he was doing. love. To professionals like my parents.” he reported.harrypotterfanfiction. “They really love me.” Hermione tried to explain. “You’ll see. ”Have him followed. Some people struggle with that. Report back to me when you learn something. We don't know what they talked about. Hermione decided the best thing to do was to dive right on in. They’re really all right.

” Mr Granger greeted them. Harry knew he could face anything. Harry seemed more secure and had emerged a confident leader figure.” Ginny said. and knowing that she constantly felt his.” ”And you Harry. ”I admit starting our own clinic has been our dream. Mr Granger had learned about the accomplishments of these remarkable young people. We know why you kids had to go on the run. The Grangers hadn't bothered to learn much about the Wizarding world. ”Actually. and it was hard to imagine that these four teenagers were war veterans and the greatest heroes in the Wizarding world.” Ginny explained. who was reputedly one of the richest wizards in the land.” Harry told him. Besides. When the Grangers were alone together again. and it isn’t because of you.” Harry asked.” Mr Granger said. Harry seemed to accept the role more readily. if not frustratingly annoying.harrypotterfanfiction. and everything needed to run a clinic. Mr Granger seemed to feel a bit awkward. Hermione’s was not the only life that changed that day. their thoughts and conversation turned back to the day Professor Dumbledore knocked on their door to explain that Hermione was a witch. ”Is everything well at Hogwarts. The final year of the war had changed them all. Harry never ceased to amaze Ron with his almost-flippant attitude toward money and how he suddenly became so confident and sure of himself. He gave Ron a fatherly pat on his shoulder.php?mode=story&o. Mr Granger blushed a little as Harry read the paper and took note of the amount of funds necessary to start the clinic. ”Well. rent. but none of us are actual professors. though. you wouldn't have ended up in Australia last year. ”You don’t have to say anything. He had always been a leader. ”I could add some more. The meeting concluded with Harry promising to get in touch with the Grangers once he had the contracts ready. I'm just glad we could help you. all of you.. The Grangers had found perfect premises in central London. there was a knock on the door.” Before the Grangers had a chance to protest. but still it feels a bit strange accepting your money to do it. Harry and Ginny also shook his hand.”We teach Defence Against the Dark Arts sometimes too.” ”I don't quite know what to say.harrypotterfanfiction.” The conversation continued for a while before shifting over to business.and you must be Harry and Ginny. Mr Granger opened to find his daughter.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. but over this past year. He showed them into the living room where Mrs Granger served lunch. I lead a group known as Dumbledore's Army. I understand it you're teaching. if it hadn’t been for me. 256 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . What Ron didn’t know. ”This is a draft of what kind of investment we’re talking about. ”We know. the famous Chosen One.. who's family were wizards and witches. what with leading the DA and facing his fame.” Mrs Granger said. ”Hello! Welcome. her fiancé. or at least the eight of us becoming Aurors. ”It's a lot of work..com :: 65. shaking their hands and hugging his daughter. He remembered how Hermione had told him that Harry didn't feel comfortable being treated like a hero.” Mrs Granger asked. was that Harry’s relationship with Ginny made him more comfortable with situations he used to consider awkward. We decided we should use some of it to help others. and two others he assumed to be Harry and Ginny on his doorstep. Hermione and Ron. She handed Harry a paper with figures written on it. ”but we really learn a lot. We are happy to invest some money in your dental clinic.” Harry said matter-of-factly. ”Are you sure this is enough. He looked at Harry. but now they realised it was necessary that they did.” Mr Granger asked. we'll take this to the goblins at Gringotts.” ”Ginny and I quite uncomfortable having all that gold in our vault as it is. Hermione explained it all. Since he was able to constantly feel Ginny's love. We know it was because of that evil Voldemort all of that happened. so they couldn’t very well arrange a proper wedding for Hermione and Ron without some understanding of their world and its customs. so he would do his best to remain cordial. Their daughter was marrying Ron. supplies. ”They’ll prepare a contract and once signed. At noon that Saturday. just in case.” The paper listed equipment.com/printerfriendly. you will have the funds at your disposal. Harry looked at Ginny.” Harry said pointedly.. lovely to see you. but still held on to that kind and generous nature that had endeared him to so many all these years.

the DA gathered in their classroom for a quick briefing before they reported to the Ministry. people. They wanted to be able to answer the most basic questions about Hermione's war experiences and understand the significance of their daughter having been awarded the Order of Merlin. Harry received an owl from Malfoy. ”No? Then let’s move out. He was an ordinary-looking teenager. and continued. he could see the other DA members disguised as Muggles milling about. No one seemed to notice the black-haired boy shuffling through the station. Harry surveyed the chosen location for the rendezvous with Malfoy. During the first week of March. They all recovered practically overnight. It would be possible to cut this area off with the wards. ”All right.php?mode=story&o. However. He stopped. and that made them more interested in understanding it. Just do your job. for the 257 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . but they had to admit that it was a sound business investment. After all. With the Aurors controlling the surveillance cameras. The Grangers still felt a bit dubious about accepting money from such young people. Ron.” Harry asked his team as he studied each of their faces. trying to dispel some of the nervous tension in the room. The Auror Office and DA were notified. Hermione had to modify their memories and send them to Australia because of her part in the war. This is our first mission. Hermione had been really nervous kissing him goodbye. ultimately resulting in Harry thwarting Voldemort’s plan to use the stone to revive himself. They couldn’t be happier. but his out-ofcontrol hair mostly covered that. they would nab him or her—he felt sure of that. people!” The eight future Aurors left their classroom and made for the headmistress’ office to Floo to the Ministry for further briefing and instructions.harrypotterfanfiction. that’s all we ask. surveying his team for one last time. good as new. sacrificed himself as a Knight in a violent game in order to allow his friends to advance to the next step.harrypotterfanfiction.com :: 65. as was Harry. ”You’ve been known to engage in a bit of recklessness yourself. Following some discussion with Ron as to the best day to meet with him. It wouldn’t be proper for Wizarding people they’d never met to know more about Hermione's life than they did. ”Yeah.com/printerfriendly. looked at something. Tony. and duelling training became more intense than ever all that week. and for some reason. and deal with Muggle memories later. they agreed that noon that coming Friday would be perfect.” Harry said pointedly. ”Stuff it. so that relieved much of the awkwardness. One of the obstacles in their quest for the Philosopher’s Stone was a giant chessboard designed by Professor McGonagall. ”Are there any more questions. He felt reassured knowing they and the Aurors were nearby to cover Harry and Draco.. I just want to stress that no one is to engage in any reckless heroics. Hermione was becoming part of the Weasley clan. seemed significant enough. if he was tailed by a Death Eater.” Harry thought back over the years to the night during their first year at Hogwarts when he. that sort of recklessness is reserved for Harry.” Harry smirked. Harry's and Ginny's generous offer to fund a dental clinic for them was the icing on a very many-layered cake. First Class. He was impressed with this plan that Potter and Weasley had dreamed up. Harry had to settle the DA down after sending Cho and Lavender to Madame Pomfrey with cracked ribs and bruises. Be safe. considering that the worst case scenario would be that no one would follow Malfoy.” Harry said.” Anthony Goldstein asked. in itself. He thought about he and Harry leaving Hogwarts this morning. there was no risk of revealing themselves to the Muggles at all. ”What we do today could make or break this program.” ”Is there anything special we need to know over and beyond what we’ve already been told. He had written his report and was ready to meet Harry at King's Cross Station. and Hermione went through the trapdoor. Ron. and focused intently on their first mission. It was still some time before Malfoy would arrive. They were all cautiously eager prove themselves a precision team of crack crime-fighters.” Ron snorted. Robards busied himself with setting up the anti-Apparition wards. Early Friday morning. ”Not that I know of. That gets people killed. From his table.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. except for a strange scar in his forehead.. if necessary. that. Ron sat in a Muggle coffee shop overlooking the area. Weasley. and Ron with a broken leg resulting from a tumbling mishap. so Ron let his mind wander a bit.

Gawain Robards was dead. Any Muggle sitting down there would suddenly remember that they really needed to check which train was scheduled to leave Platform Three.. ”Harry. the spellfire ceased. She was weepy and a bit clingy—he knew she would be. After all. He needed to cover him to keep him safe. Ginny didn't like it either. and by Merlin. He had probably tried to Disapparate. Ron evaded an attack directed at Harry's back with a shield charm. Spells and curses flew everywhere in rapid succession. He could still feel and taste her kiss lingering faintly there. He felt calm. Harry and Draco heard the sounds of Apparition. Knocking out the Muggles was the best way to deal with them until the situation could be brought under control.harrypotterfanfiction. he loved that part of Hermione as well as her wit and logic.php?mode=story&o. struck by the killing curse meant for Harry. Ron noticed his friend's focused face but hadn't heard the Apparition pops from the coffee shop. Malfoy approached Harry’s bench and sat down. but accepted it more readily. Hermione was. Harry had a hard time understanding what had happened until he turned his head in seemingly slow motion. and began to duel the attacker. 258 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM . looking after panicked Muggles who had no idea what was happening. He threw one into a group of Muggles and they collapsed to the floor. There seemed to be at least five of the enemy. beyond her logic and wit. passionate. The Aurors sprang into action.harrypotterfanfiction. Ron smiled nostalgically as he licked dry lips. but found himself engaged in a duel a split-second later. Ron dashed out of the coffee shop to cover Harry. and impulsive woman. Breaking Malfoy's nose in their third year or blowing up the Dursleys’ front door last summer had more than made that clear as well water. Harry remembered the experimental stunning bombs Ron had given him. This should be a rather short fight because there eleven of us and only five of them. Harry heard her warning followed by an unpleasant voice hissing. Right on time.” Harry avoided the curse as he spun to his right and stunned his attacker.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. Harry had sat down on a bench prepared with a Muggle-repelling charm.” Cho threw a badly-aimed stunner as a distraction. The wizard raised his wand and Cho called out. followed by the popping sounds of Disapparition. he could consider the possibility that studies wouldn’t be foremost in Hermione's mind today either. with the DA members prepared for battle. whereas Hermione wouldn’t have a clue as to his own. Harry watched as the Aurors closed in. a warm-hearted. Yes. or something else that would cause them to leave immediately. but awaited in disguise to assist whenever and wherever needed. she had the luxury of being able to feel Harry's state of mind. Cho observed the battle from her position. Suddenly. Ron stunned him from behind for his own safety as well as because Ron couldn't be certain whose side Draco was on. Everyone outside this area of the station would not be aware of anything strange goings-on inside this hall of King's Cross Station. Dawlish held the lifeless body of his boss in his arms.com/printerfriendly. on your right. Gawain Robards moved towards the stunned Malfoy. and heard Malfoy swear. sealing all the exits with magical walls and anti-Muggle charms. Harry had to duck to avoid another Stupefy. ”No. Of course. giving his team a chance to spot any Death Eaters who may have followed Draco into the station. to double-check their reservation with British Rail. Harry supposed it was Aurors Apparating in. though. Ron imagined his sister having a hard time keeping her focus on lessons today.. The bench needed to be empty for Harry and Malfoy to have their conversation. and there were still Muggles in the line of fire.com :: 65. Anyone who dared cross her today might very well regret it. despite Harry's great idea to stun them all collectively. Harry was merely trying to make this meeting last for a couple of minutes. first time not joining him and Harry in the fight against darkness. They must have seen someone and Harry's concentration spiked a warning through his bond with Ginny.” he heard someone yell in agony and moments later. The next moment all hell broke loose. because Disapparition wouldn’t be possible with Robards’ wards in place. to buy a newspaper. A small battle had begun. ”Avada Kedavra. He threw a few more at a spot where he knew none his team would be. who couldn’t see him. It seemed as if Malfoy was waiting for Harry's approval. She identified a Death Eater making his way towards Harry. Malfoy handed over a file and Harry opened it. from her instant response. ”Stupefy!” The first spell originated from the wand of a person disguised as a Muggle. In fact. Gawain couldn’t have seen it coming because his attention was fixed on the unconscious Malfoy. She wasn't under attack. He looked at Harry conspiratorially and neither said a word to the other.

Dawlish certainly wasn’t in any shape at that point. sans Seamus ”Irish” Finnegan. and the first major step in uncovering a mysterious plot. That meant some overtime and a lot of paperwork. The loss of Gawain Robards hit him hard because no one he knew would be a natural replacement for the fallen Head. but someone had to do it.” Malfoy didn't show any hint of emotion and Harry couldn't get anything through Legilimency either. The Head of the Auror Office was dead and two of the enemy had been able to Disapparate because Gawain's restrictive wards lifted when he died. An hour later. Mr Potter and Mr Weasley will collect your reports on Monday morning and represent you here at the meeting. You did well today—all of you did. Everything had happened so fast. but they had lost Gawain Robards in the bargain. I guess I look like shit though. Kingsley looked at the team.” he asked with a tremble in his voice. and once Chief Robards was dead. Get the Death Eaters locked up at the Ministry. He had hoped for some kind of emotional response strong enough for him to feel something that might have revealed Malfoy's loyalties. let the Muggleworthy Excuse Office do their job. who I want to interrogate the prisoners. I’ll have a decision on a replacement for Chief Robards.” Harry gave him leave and went to check with the others..” Harry said. ”All right. ”Thank you.harrypotterfanfiction.000 Harry Potter stories and podcasts http://www. ”. Harry had an idea and turned to Malfoy.harrypotterfanfiction. Cho. Harry breathed deeply making his way to Dawlish. ”That wasn't your fault. ”Are you all right. This was the most significant arrest of Death Eaters in months. ”But Gawain Robards took the killing curse in the chest. and not 259 of 452 10/6/2010 1:20 PM ..” Harry said. Harry took Cho aside.com/printerfriendly. Your warning saved my life. The Aurors left with the prisoners. ”Dumbledore's Army will return to Hogwarts. ”Seamus? Anyone else hurt?” ”I'm fine. Cho had saved his life. but he patted Dawlish’s shoulder reassuringly.” Dawlish said bitterly. Kingsley tried to perform a quick evaluation.” Kingsley decided. Dawlish was the last one to report. It was good news the DA had performed flawlessly. and we’ll meet at the Auror Office as soon as possible. ”But resulted in Chief Robards’ death. two of the Death Eaters escaped. but they had handled worse. and they did manage to apprehend three suspects..” Harry didn't know what to say.” It meant a lot to Cho that Harry was pleased with her part. But it does hurt that a great wizard like Robards died because of a stray killing curse.” Harry said.” Cho said. and the Aurors met in a conference room at the Ministry for debriefing by Kingsley Shacklebolt himself. He didn't like stepping up as the leader. more so than the DA. ”Those filthy Death Eaters we arrested better be worth it. ”He took it straight in the chest. All that was left was for Harry to check on and debrief his team. Harry sent a Patronus to the Muggleworthy Excuse Office to come and deal with the fifty or so Muggles who had witnessed the fight. Harry took stock of the aftermath. casting a silent Legilimens. except for Dawlish and Smith. Seamus was bleeding but standing on his own. which Dawlish seemed to appreciate. and in a meaningless way. your only task is to write your reports and meet back here Monday morning.” After the meeting. Three of the attackers were stunned and arrested. Harry immediately tried to get a grip on the situation. omitting the fact that it was Ron himself who’d cast it. ”We’ve arrested three people. The rest appeared to be unhurt. I’d better get to Madame Pomfrey. They had arrested three Death Eaters and would use every means available at the Auror Office to find out what they could from them.” he concluded. The rest of you. I took a Sectumsempra in me chest. The Aurors looked for someone to take charge after losing their leader and they seemed to be looking to Harry. Clearly the Aurors were in varying stages of shock. who confirmed that they were fit and fine.. ”The Aurors will this weekend off. The isolation of the area minimizing exposure to Muggles had worked perfectly. Ron ennervated Malfoy and explained truthfully that he had taken a stunner in the back.php?mode=story&o. the DA.com :: 65. Harry.

” Hermione said cuddling up close to Ron.” Ron gave her a squeeze as he leaned down toward her ear. either of you were hurt. The Ministry reports that a joint operation between Harry Potter's DA and the Auror Office led to the arrest of three Death Eaters.com/printerfriendly. dabbing at her bespectacled eyes with her handkerchief. it must have been Gawain's death. over seven years later.” Cho said. ”But we knew you would have sent a Patronus if. ”Seamus’ll be in the hosp