Management Information Systems - ADL11-Ver1

Assignment - A
Question 1. What is the purpose of organizations, how do they achieve it? What is a system; explain the types of systems by giving examples. What type of systems are used in the management and why? Answer: Organization is a group of people who process material and informational resources towards a set of multiple common goals including an economic profit for the business by performing financing, design, production and marketing functions to achieve finished goods and their sale at a specified minimum per year. That means in nutshell organization is a group of people working together to achieve one common goal. Organization can also be defined as the formal structure of roles or positions. Organizations are open systems as they have an environment, which can affect the performance of organizations.
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Question 2. Explain the difference between Data and Information. Why different information is required by three distinct levels of management. Question 3. Identify and list any three responsibilities of the CEO of a manufacturing organization. Also list three decisions, which she/he has to take as part of this responsibility. Question 4. Do you agree that understanding Information needs is the first step towards developing a workable MIS? What are the various types of Information Needs, explain with examples of each. Question 5. What is the vision process named after Davenport, how does it help the systems analysts in developing MIS, which can be, related the organizational objectives?

Assignment - B
Question 1. Study the Case of a Departmental Store and answer the question given at the end of the case. Question 2. Explain the application of MIS by taking either materials management or production planning system in a manufacturing industry or service organization.

Case Study

Mr. Somani, Director (sales) of the Mohini Departmental Store Chain in Delhi is a worried person. The worries revolve around the number of complaints he has been receiving from the Store Managers about non-availability of the store information. The Mohini Stores chain was started about 6 years back. The then management thought it fit to install a Sales Information System (SIS) also. The present system, therefore, was installed at the beginning of the chain and became operational a year later. The system is operated on batch-processing mode and it generates monthly and quarterly reports on several aspects of Sale. The basic input document for the processing is the Sale Invoice. In fact the Store personnel enter the Sale Invoices of the day at the end of the day. The Store Manager is responsible to see that the input data is created and validated before the same is passed on to the Computer Department for further processing. Every Store was provided with a PC for this purpose, however, on persistent demands one more PC was provided to each Store. The Computer Department does the final processing at the Head Office, and then the Reports distributed to each Store. The system worked very well for about 3 years, however, for the last two years there have been several complaints from the Store Managers about the system. The Mohini started its operations with 3 stores. In the last six years, the number of Stores has increased to 8. The management has plans to open an additional Store every year during the next five years. During the last 3 years the sales of Mohini has increased by nearly 120%. Apart from the usual retail sales, almost all the Store in the chain cater to several bulk customers e.g. Government Department, Factories Canteens etc. Which make bulk purchases from the Stores on a regular basis. The individual Store Manager generally enter into the sale contracts for these on annual basis. These are credit sales and the individual Store Manager is responsible for collecting the outstanding. Question 1. The general conditions of the Chain now and in the immediate future. Question 2. What are the problems, the Chain is facing. List them in order of priority. Question 3. Suggest a solution to over come the problems as listed by you.

Assignment - C
1. What is the purpose of organizations? 2. How is the purpose of any organization achieved? 3. How are goods and services are produced? 4. Identify and List any three responsibilities of production manager? 5. List three decisions, which the production manager has to take as part of this responsibility.

6. Suggest a suitable name for the Database for any one of the decisions identified as above. 7. List three elements of the above database. 8. What is the difference between Data and Information. 9. Why different information is required by three distinct levels of management? 10. List two typical characteristics of the information needs at the three levels? 11. What is meant by Information -overload? 12. What is System, explain the types of systems by giving examples. 13. What type of systems are used in the management and why? 14. How is the information needs are identified? Give three methods. 15. What is the Visioning Process named after Davenport? 16. List four important characteristics of any MIS. 17. List four types of Information System. 18. What is EIS? Mention two important characteristics of EIS. 19. What is DSS? Mention three important characteristics of DSS. 20. Amongst three essential components of a MIS, one is Database, what are the other two? 21. What is a document? 22. Give three reasons to use computer for MIS. 23. IS MIS s strategic tool or tactical. 24. What are the advantages of conceptual Systems over the Real Systems? 25. What is Management by expectation? 26. How the decision making process can be automated? 27. Is there an optimum time to decide if so how can one know it? 28. What are Data Flow Diagrams? 29. Why a long-term plan is essential for MIS design. 30. Mention two important steps in MIS implementation.

31. What is a deterministic system? 32. What is a feedback system? 33. Give two examples of transaction processing. 34. Distinguish between Conceptual and Real Systems. 35. What are the three important components of IT? 36. IT provides freedom from three constraints, what are these? 37. List the RULES of Managing Information that have changed due to IT. 38. What is the capacity, in terms of A4 pages, of a 3. 5” diskette? 39. What is Price for a customer and for a manufacturer? 40. Describe an organization as a system.

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