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C 348/42 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 3.12.


of the financial action task force (the foremost world body dedicated to the fight against money laundering)
have not yet encountered cases of money laundering using electronic-money technologies but are aware of the
possible dangers and remain vigilant.

(1) OJ L 166, 28.6.1991.

(1999/C 348/051) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0241/99

by Ulf Holm (V) to the Commission

(12 February 1999)

Subject: Aid to Bangladesh following the floods

The very widespread flooding which hit Bangladesh in late July 1998 claimed nearly 1 400 lives and left more
than 30 million people homeless, as two thirds of the country was under water.

How much aid has the EU given to Bangladesh following the floods?

In what areas and to whom has such aid been given?

Has an evaluation of the EU aid been carried out? If so, what were the results?

Answer given by Mrs Bonino on behalf of the Commission

(22 March 1999)

The total response of the Commission to the floods that affected Bangladesh during 1998 amounted to
€ 40,2 million, the details of which are set out below.

As an immediate response to the crisis, the Commission cleared a package of humanitarian aid worth
€ 1 million in September 1998 and a further € 2 million in October 1998, focusing on food, medical support,
purification of water supplies and the provision of sanitation services. In December 1998, the Commission
provided an additional € 5,45 million, which provided further immediate relief for 50 000 families in the most
affected districts and mainly concentrated upon reducing dependence on emergency aid through crop
recovery; low cost housing for those whose property had been completely destroyed; occupational
rehabilitation promoting income generation; and the supply of clean water and latrines. The Commission’s
total contribution for the assistance of victims of the flood in 1998 was € 8,45 million.

The provision of this humanitarian aid was country wide with the identification of beneficiaries and the
allocation per district identified by the implementing partners of the Commission based upon need in co-
ordination with the local authorities. These partners report regularly upon the progress and effect of each
action and are monitored by a Commission correspondent. However no formal evaluation has been

Further financing of over € 31,75 million of food security and food aid was provided by the Commission for
some 175 000 metric tons of cereals and associated financial inputs. This food aid has been targeted at
vulnerable groups as well as for food for work in rehabilitation programmes. It was in addition to the
€ 21 million provided in October 1998 for development food security programmes. A joint evaluation by the
Department of international development and the Community of the ‘Vulnerable group feeding’ relief
programme, to which the Community contributes is expected in April 1999.

Finally, Member States humanitarian contributions declared to the Commission for the period August-
December 1998 amounted to some € 10,4 million.